Rently Tours

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4 months ago
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User Reviews for Rently Tours

4.79 out of 5
23K Ratings
2 years ago, QueendomMama
Great way too find homes (not with a housing voucher always though)
They have so many great homes in Arizona and I’ve seen some across the US too but most out in Arizona! Just know that most of the realtors discriminate against the housing voucher, and in my opinion they should be investigated and/or fined! Mains Street Renewal doesn’t but like I said many do, and it makes it so hard to find housing even when you can afford it, they make you out to be a bad tenant because you don’t make 3 Times the rent even if you make enough to pay their rent and pay all your bills and expenses too! I think a lot of the the realtors don’t follow the fair housing act law and should be held accountable!! But Rently is great for touring homes without an appointment and a great way to find nice parts of cities just not if the realtor doesn’t want to follow laws and discriminate in whatever way they feel they can! To be honest I can hardly use Rently because they allow these companies to use their platform and they allow them to treat none white collar and middle class people unfairly yet we are just hard working people like most people!! It’s sad!
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1 year ago, nikkiboo99
Account paused
I’ve never had issues like this before I enjoyed this app I still do but the service is ungodly, I cannot tour house my move date is less then a few weeks if that and since then I was told to email whoever and I’ve went 7 emails thought out the last week got one email stating I broke security protocols but how though. You take my money let me set yo tours allow me to drive an hour or 40 minutes away after working the 120 hours or more I work trying to find time and fit this in because property managers never get back or it’s phone tag but waste my time to tell me email them they’ll email you back within 24 hours to get a vague email stating I broke security protocols but nothin else after telling me on a recorded line they’ll give me full details and try to resolve it yet here we are still no refund still being told they can only be contact through email like that’s bull, every company has a phone work phone lf some sort of not then your expected to get back to someone asap. Not one email and then ignore the others I’ve sent!!!! Worst service I’ve had in a while. So I was told a manager was at a meeting conveniently enough and the same response I got the last time I call to try to deal with this. The app is great when your service people aren’t messing up or you’d app is locking accounts and you guys do nothing about it.
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3 years ago, dr0d86
Best way to find a house to rent
I used Rently to look at almost ten houses in a single Sunday and didn’t have a single issue. One home didn’t have a key in the lockbox, but that is not the fault of the app. Text messages with lockbox codes were delivered without issue and follow up from realtors on homes we were interested in were quick and efficient. We found the home we wanted thanks to Rently. Give this app a try and you won’t be disappointed. There is a 99 cent setup fee, but that gives you access to as many homes as you can look at for a month. Worth being able to avoid the awkwardness of having a realtor trying to sell you on a house while you’re with them.
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1 year ago, 🙂 🙂🙂
Great Idea, poor execution.
Ideally, the app appears to be the perfect solution to viewing properties at your convenience, but it causes more headaches, then provides convenience when viewing properties. The app serves as a middle man. The app scans your face and profile each time you view and saves your credit card and drivers license information. You have to pay a fee to view any other properties, but you don’t have any other choice because a lot of property managers utilize this app. Often times keys would be missing, serial numbers missing from the doors, or access codes would not work. The system locks you out for no reason at all, and when attempting to find a resolution, the only options you have is to be refunded. Even being refunded, I had to call back 3 times to convince the customer service team that the refund was never initiated. The same issues can be found mentioned on the Better Business Bureau website. Attempting to get the account unlocked is a black hole. You’re going to be referred to the security team via email and provided with some generic response that doesn’t resolve any issues. Emailing doesn't get you anywhere either.
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1 month ago, Ananda💗
Account Block with No Reason
Apparently, I’ve been touring too many homes although I’ve paid to have an unlimited amount of tours for 60 days. I’ve been blocked from viewing First Key and Main Street homes. Rently told me to call the two companies that blocked me because they cannot unblock from their end. Called the two companies and neither can do the unblock from their end with them sending me back to Rently’s support line. If you can avoid this company and app, by all means do that because at some point, they will ban your account. I’ve been calling companies all morning and trying to schedule tours in different areas of Florida. The convenience of self touring is not worth the hassle of being unable to schedule tours with two of the major companies after five days of having the app. Theyve informed me that I could tour other homes managed by other homes, but First Key Homes and Main Street Renewal own most of the homes on this app, meaning that if they remove those two major companies from their app, it removes basically all of the options or makes it extremely limited and not worth the money you pay to use it in the first place.
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3 months ago, laurencacarr
If I can never use this app again, I would
This is the worst app I’ve used in a while. The integration between this app and other management company sites is horrible. A house will say it’s available to self tour and then the redirect link won’t bring me to Rently. (Maybe more of a management company problem than Rently). But if I go to Rently directly to find the place, the login feature forces me to change my password every single time I try to login because it says invalid password/username. I use a password manager that updates whenever I change a password, so I know I have the correct login information each time. The webpage version of the site is terrible on a mobile phone when I’m using it to self-tour and access homes using codes, and it won’t even let me zoom in/out on the page to see all the words on the page. The search feature is not intuitive at all on the app or webpage. I’ll search an exact address and it will say “no results” until I search the neighborhood, and then the house will show up. I’m frustrated enough with this app to never use it again after I find our new place. Good luck with this one ❌
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1 year ago, Rylie.Roses
Frustrating Experience
*I downloaded this approx. March of 2023. Review is 2 weeks after initial download.* Before downloading this app, I had read the reviews. I wish I would’ve listened to them. I got this app to tour homes because I work late and it’s easier to do on my own terms, not to mention a lot of places require this app to tour their properties. ANYWAYS…I purchased the most expensive plan to tour unlimited properties for 60 days. It was great for about a week; no problems other than the occasional missing key or missing serial number, a non existent address, etc. However, about two weeks after using the app I received a noticed that I am unable to tour and my account has been paused. Weird, right? I always made sure to lock every door after exiting and keep everything the way it was before I left and went on my way to the next property. Obviously, I was confused so I contacted support. They advised to contact their security team via email. They replied and told me it was locked/held for security reasons, literally two sentences with no mention of what those reasons were and why I couldn’t access it. They also said I would be UNABLE to remove the hold. Seriously? Waste of time — I didn’t even bother escalating it because I noticed the other reviews with the same issue and knew what the ultimate outcome was. Don’t waste your money or time, and good luck to everyone looking for their next property!
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3 years ago, findmeharry
Needs better communication
The idea of Rently is great - I can tour houses or apartments by myself with an easy ID verification. The thing that I really dislike is that I can’t trust their integrity. There have been multiple times where I’ve had issues touring. One time, I went two different days to the same townhome, but there was no lockbox. The place was listed as rented the next day. Another time, the rental company never activated the lockbox. Another, I went out to a place 45 minutes away only to have the wrong key in the lockbox. Then today I go out to a place again about an hour away to not be able to find the actual home… I’m in the spot where it’s supposed to be and… ? I can’t blame it all on Rently because obviously this is a problem with the rental companies as well, but how am I supposed to trust a company like this when I waste my time constantly?
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1 year ago, erincollis
This app is a scam!
I don’t understand why so many property managers use this app because many would-be tenants can’t even get inside the homes to see if we want to rent them or not. Property managers, you are losing money by using Rently! Find another system please! Maybe do things the old fashioned way and set up appointments to let people in face to face? Like realtors do. Because people should be able to ask questions as they tour a home. It shouldn’t be this hard to rent! I had to have a friend tour a couple homes for me as I’m moving out of state and can’t be there to see it myself, just to have Rently block me from using their app for “security reasons” with zero explanation and no way to resolve it. They said maybe it’s because Im not in the state where the rental is but they couldn’t give an exact reason. Luckily they said they will refund my money but now I don’t know what to do. I need a home much more than I needed $2. Do better, Rently!
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1 year ago, LEW Laster
Frustrating Experience
I initially thought this was a great idea and we had no issues viewing properties. I purchased the unlimited tours and because the plan for us is to move out of our current city we toured homes further from our home. The first couple of days were fine; however, the third day (and not consecutive days) my account was paused. I was told to send an email and wait for a response. The only response I received was that there was nothing they could do since we toured homes in different areas? I mean if I paid for unlimited tours and the houses were locked back there shouldn’t be a problem…right? I guess I was wrong and there was no way to lift the pause on my account so I can’t use Rently. There really needs to be another way to do this. Unlimited tours stands for unlimited tours not unlimited tours in a specific area. We don’t know the area and have to see what would be the best fit for our family.
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1 year ago, Wytekenya
Used to be great, now scammers.
This app used to be great, actually used it 3-4 years ago go find a rental. Had no problems. Now it’s an absolute scam. Every “self viewing” asked me to request to view, ok no problem. Says the company will contact me, none of them ever do except one did. Told me I had “apply and qualify first” and I told them “I would never apply for a property I haven’t seen” then she mutter some cuss words then hung up on me. This company also allows HUDSON HOMES LLC (they’ve used different Hudson home variations) anyways this company is a downright scam. I’m still in a battle with them along with BBB for my application fee back, telling me I can’t rent a home in New Mexico because I am not an American citizen because I am a resident of New Mexico?!?! I WAS BORN IN NEW YORK STATE LOL DEF AN AMERICAN CITIZEN!!! AND SO EXPLAIN TO ME how you have a rental in the state of New Mexico but New Mexican residents cannot rent it?!?! Company is a total scam and will keep your money. AVOID HUDSON HOMES LCC AND RENTLY AT ALL COSTS.
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1 year ago, hsjbffi
Closed our Premium accounts and would not reopen!
Where do I start? We looked for homes in several areas for a little over a month (I had just paid for my second premium account). 3 of the homes had squatters living in them and were trashed. Several homes showed up on the app as ‘self guided tours’ and when we got there we couldn’t get in. I stop using it for a week and the next time I try, it’s paused. The chat feature told me to call customer “service”. The customer service people told me to email security and I’d get a response in 72 business hours. After 7 days of waiting and following up on the email, Security “apologized for the inconvenience” and said “we’re unable to remove the pause because it is in violation of a security protocol”. They STILL refuse to give me an explanation. We viewed many homes, paid for 2 months, and had a premium account. Now I don’t have an account. This app is a scam!!!
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1 month ago, SonjaLay
My account got blocked for no reason
I was using this app to look for rental I my area. The app glitched out after we paid for our viewings and when I called in the lady helping me deleted my account, refunded me and told me to create a new one. I did and now I cannot not look at houses anymore due to “suspicious activity” on my account. I have tried multiple times to get this fixed. But they will not tell me why I was blocked or what I did wrong. They told me to reach out to the property management to view properties, however, they sent me back to Rently. This app is ridiculous and I don’t recommend it. Also, most of the housing in this app is seriously overpriced. I found the same listing for one of the house I was looking at listed locally for much cheaper and decided to go with that one so thankfully it worked out. But do not use this app. It’s horrible and they will block you for their own system issues.
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11 months ago, dpc1991
Worst app worst costumer service!
Terrible app. I paid for the credits so I could schedule self tour visits. I went to see the first house and the lock did not work so I could never go into the property. After that I tried scheduling other self tours but my account was paused and did not let me. I contacted costumer service many times and when they finally replied they only said my account was banned because of a location error. I could not schedule any more tours and they did not refund me my money. I contacted them several times to at least get an explaination but they never responded again. I’m still sending emails because they don’t receive calls they don’t even have a phone number to contact. This is the worst app I have ever downloaded. Even the property management companies (their clients) asked for patience and they don’t understand how a small starting app like Rently is operating.
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1 year ago, Yilka13
I have appended an account with this company twice and twice for no apparent reason they pause my account just 10 days after paying the unlimited fee. I contacted their security team on April 15th, it is now May 4th and no one has contacted me back. I called customer service again, and all they can help me with is sending another email to the “security team” that apparently has no direct phone number or an email to a manager. I am extremely upset since it has happened twice to me and now upon checking my husband’s account that he has only used once, guess what? It’s locked!!! Come on do better it’s only $5 for unlimited if you want to take peoples money find a better way. Don’t waist their time driving to homes and then when you get there you can’t get in because your account is “paused” on top of that you do not return call or emails to anyone!!!!!!!!
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1 year ago, KaPon1
There needs to be Competition
When the app works it is ok, the biggest problem is the app charges you 4.99 for unlimited viewings but that is a big LIE. After about 5 or more views they put your account on pause, if you view more than what they think a person should view they will suspend the account. No Reasons given and when you ask questions by calling customer support you might as well forget about it they are clueless and will tell you to speak with the security team via email. They take 3 or 4 days to respond via Iphone mind you and give no explanations. If any property management company is reading this, do yourself a favor and find an alternative option. If you don’t believe me you can check the Better Business Bureaus website also and read all the “nice” reviews as well. If i could give this app 0 stars based on service i would.
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2 years ago, gd mnicjname
Would DEFINITELY recommend!!!
This app has saved me so much time in finding a place to rent! It’s so easy to use-I haven’t hit a snag yet. I’m able to tour 4 houses in the amount of time it would usually take to contact a realtor & set up an appointment based on THEIR schedule to view 1 home. If it’s in a neighborhood I don’t like or just not appealing from the outside, I have no explanations to give to anyone and can just drive to the next. I wish this had a bigger selection of available homes in my neighborhood, but overall I can’t recommend this app enough!
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6 years ago, mattfblue
Fails to deliver on its promises.
The Rently app promises users, in exchange for a 99¢ processing fee, access to lock boxes to enable self visits of your next place to live. During the onboarding process, I encountered multiple verification issues where the app spewed out API data and failed to actually verify. Their website told me to use the mobile app, while the mobile app pushed me back to their website with no solution in sight. Finally I got lucky and made it through the process. After finally managing to get my phone number and identity verified, I walked to the first property. No indications on where to find the lockbox were found, putting me on a ten minute scavenger hunt. The steps to open the lockbox are convoluted. Once inside the apartment, things went off without a hitch. On my way out, the keys were returned and the mandatory post-visit survey filled out. As soon as I “check in” in front of the next property, the app informs me that my account is flagged for fraud and requires additional verification. No more visits are possible. I don’t know what behavior triggered this alert, but visiting a single apartment shouldn’t sound off any alarms. Three days later a succinct email informs me that my account will be cancelled due to suspicious activity and my 99-cent fee refunded in 3-5 days. The refund has yet to arrive over two weeks later.
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3 years ago, Kiara Lusk
I love Rently
The only reason I gave it 4 stars is because sometimes you will drive all the way to the home and there’s no lock box on the door for you to view the home. So it’s a waste of your time and gas. Lastly, you complete the survey and have an option of expressing why you would or would not lease. You go back to visit to see if they change the small things you mentioned and they don’t. The homes listed are somewhat pricey, so if someone is telling you the smell of pets and/or smoke is deterring you from renting you would think they would try to fix it. (This isn’t on Rently’s part, 100% on the property management company/owner)
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1 year ago, Kenonna
It’s a 50/50
Rently is great when you want to take things i your own hand. I first started using Rently back in 2022. I took a break from Rently, and resumed my house touring journey , and they are now asking for $4.99 fee/charge to view unlimited homes. It’s no biggie.. it’s only $5 right? Wrong! If we pay for something, we should get it. Rently have sent me to homes that HAVE PEOPLE LIVING IN THEMMMM, and to homes that are off the market. I think Rently is great when you ACTUALLY have a house you can tour, but so many problems has occurred now that they’ve “updated” or whatever. Oh, and don’t try to get in touch with them… they are going to give you the run around and take forever to pick up the phone.
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4 years ago, Shelbykayh
Love this app!
I love this app! I love that it allows us to view multiple homes in one day rather than having to schedule with a bunch of different agents and meet them on different days. It also allows us to go after business hours so my husband doesn’t miss work. I also love the surveys! We can let them know what we liked and didn’t like about the houses. Yesterday we visited a house and on the survey said “we love everything about this house but the price seems a bit high”... ten minutes later we were notified that the rental company reduced the rent.
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8 months ago, Deessssssss
Account Pause for No REASON
What I thought was the perfect app to finding your next home turns out to be the absolutely WORST. I went from touring homes smoothly to being locked out of my account for apparently “security reasons” I emailed and called customer support and they keep saying I violated security protocols which I am totally unaware of! Then they are saying they can’t remove the pause off the account? Like what type of app is this? And as I’m reading the reviews I’m clearly not the only one. You guys are giving off scam vibes. How are you locking people out of their account and then proceeding to give the same exact reason to everyone and can’t do anything about it. My husband and I both had separate accounts and BOTH are paused. I DO NOT RECOMMEND THIS APP, YOU WILL BE LOCKED OUT AT SOME POINT OR ANOTHER.
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5 years ago, dawnbird711
Rently is a hassle free way to view rental properties
I love RENTLY! The only reason I only gave it 4 stars is because it is limited to only showing the properties that are signed up on Rently. While this makes sense if the property is occupied (who wants random strangers showing up at your home and letting themselves in at any given hour of the day) there are still a lot of vacant properties that don’t make the list for whatever reason. My advice to Rently is market this app to every rental management company and private owner looking to rent out their property with an incentive to list their vacant properties on Rently. This app could narrows the gap of a major problem in the property rental industry. The key is to bridge that gap Rently.
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1 month ago, Mivisia
Lots of issues recently
My first issue was my account was paused randomly, after viewing some houses since we are about to move again. I used Rently last year to find the house we’re currently in. Once I fixed my account situation, I had to re-enter all of my verification information again. Another issue I came across especially when having to re-enter all my information was I couldn’t select certain dates, it kept auto changing it, especially my birthday! And then when trying to select the size of dog I have, it would auto reset every time so I just gave up and left it blank because it was so frustrating.
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2 years ago, Jescar86
Not exactly an app issue
I love using Rently…it’s so easy and convenient! One recent issue I had with the app was arriving at a property and having my account suspended then deleted before I could even see the house. I had only been to one viewing before that one so I’m not exactly sure what the issue was but they claim suspicious activity. I ended up having to create a new account and uploading all my info again. Super frustrating. My biggest issue which isn’t necessarily the app, I’d arriving at a property and getting the box open to find the key is gone…It’s a waste of time, gas and views. Otherwise it’s a great service and I’ll continue using them when I need to.
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3 years ago, dl0p3z
Wanted to love it
Really was excited to rent a home through this app since my husband and I work late and odd hours, the ability to view a home at our convenience was the main reason why we gave this app a try. After paying the 99 cent fee and accessing the lock box, we were in. Minutes after leaving we were prompted to send the security deposit through Zelle that the home was on a ‘first come first buy’ then do paperwork afterwards. We didn’t want to miss out, so we continued with the steps. The account information that was provided came up with a random name of someone we never worked or spoke to. The home owner insisted the information was accurate. THANK GOODNESS there was a fraud alert on the account and REALIZED this was a scam!!!! Thankfully the payment was CANCELED! After speaking with the home owner they mentioned ‘that’s strange, that’s never happened before’ and told them we are no longer interested. We were informed this is the ‘new’ thing that scammers are doing. Taking advantage that the house market is at its peak. Very disappointed to say the least, glad they didn’t take our money. Unfortunately, WILL NOT recommend this app.
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2 years ago, kriskbh
Great app
We love this app. It’s so much better to be able to tour homes and to be able to imagine how our stuff would fit in person. I give four stars simply because I feel the app could be better. I wish there was a way to remove listings - like a swipe left/right-that we have already viewed and passed on instead of constantly seeing them in the list. I sometimes forget which ones we viewed. I also wish we could sort from new listings so I don’t have to keep scrolling through all the ones I’ve seen just to see if there are any new listings I haven’t seen yet.
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6 years ago, Sweet_T83
Just what I needed!
I haven spent the past 3 months trying to find a rental. Driving past properties, leaving voicemails/sending emails with no response, being told I have to view the property during business hours... With Rently, I was able to get the information I was searching for, view it when it was convenient for me, and found exactly what I was looking for in 1 day! After viewing the property I “checked out” on the app and was able to apply for it right away. I will never go back to the old way of house hunting again. I love it! Thank you Rently!!
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1 year ago, JETLIFE4vols
This is the way!
This app is the best way to tour an apartment or townhome. At your convenience between 8a-8p, I bought the 10 tour bundle and toured 5 out of 6 . Didn’t make the 6th because someone snagged it right from underneath me. Then the app found a few more that weren’t on any other listings apps I have used. This will definitely be the future of touring apartments. I pumped as I just got off the phone with Ely who delivered my good news. He’s also local which is awesome because I like to support local but it’s Go Vols in sports SEC😜
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3 months ago, Confused person 345
Tired of the “coming soon”
This app is great for touring houses quickly and mostly hassle free. I give that part 5 stars. Where I hate this app is how many “waitlist” “coming soon” houses they allow. I narrowed my search to one city at one point, saw 7 orange marks, ONE house was available. The rest were coming soon. Rarely does it tell you when it will actually be available. For most houses you have to be ready to move in within 2 weeks, but yet this app is filled with houses you can’t tour that aren’t available for well over a month or more. It would be extremely helpful if y’all added a filter for “available now” houses for those of us needing something soon.
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4 years ago, wavealee
Doesn’t work
Multiple problems I wasn’t able to receive messages to access any properties. I sat in chat rooms for hours, texting a phone number multiple times, deleting my account, signing up all over again just so I can be right back where I started. They asked me to pay the 99 cents verification fee but why would I give you money to verify me when i still would not be able to receive codes to my phone. This is a cheaper version of the Opendoor app, they don’t even need your phone number because they track your location to their listings and they open the door with the push of a button on the app. Get your app together before you ask for money especially when you have reviews saying you never process refunds. SCAM ALERT
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3 years ago, MomosndBoo
This app makes House Hunting Efficient Convenient & Simple!
I hardly ever leave reviews but I have to say something about this app! It is SO convenient and simple, straightforward and detailed as far as the listings go. Rently makes things so much easier and we we’ve been able to view several properties in the time that it would normally have taken us to view 1 or 2. Being able to pick our own time & date for each property has given me the ability to schedule several viewings back to back, saving time by scheduling them according to distance from each other, cutting out the phone tag w/ property managers & eliminating the awkward conversations we feel obligated to have with the showing agent when we clearly hate the place but want to make a polite exit. Instant access to properties & nothing bad to say about this app. A MUST HAVE if you are currently or planning to be house hunting!
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2 years ago, A.ReNea
Self showing is sooo much better than guided tours
Rently is genius! I hate guided tours because the guides usually talk the entire time and rush you through the home then you feel like you’ve waisted their time if you don’t like the place. BUT…. Self guided tours you can take your time and visualize your furniture if you like it if you don’t like it you have waisted anyones time but yours. I love the freedom to choose when I want to go view a home at my convenience this is just genius and Rently’s site is SUPER easy to use.
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3 years ago, abkendrick
Rently could use a few updates
Firstly, I have loved using rently to tour potential rental homes. I like that you can enter and tour at your convenience without a realtor. However, you are only allowed to take 20 tours (or 60 days of an account) before your account gets suspended and won’t show any of your (liked homes, waitlist, already toured, yet to be toured, etc.) SO my recommendation is that Rently allow for account renewal. Id be glad to pay again to use their service (the initial 0.99), but really hate the idea that I lost all my progress and information so far.
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3 years ago, shelzbee1
I like the app very helpful for entrance on your convenience but why do the 2 of the houses still had people belongings in them I saw a whole house and it was a mess the whole kitchen ceiling was on the floor wholes in the walls it was a mess I think these houses should be ready to be occupied before showing it be a turn off an the hose I was in today was very scary an dirty an with the COVID you shouldn’t be allowed in a dirty nasty house me and my 8 year old daughter was scared something or somebody was gone to jump out on us.
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5 years ago, Joehleen
I’m a fan!!
Let’s be honest, one of the worst things about trying to look at houses is finding a time that works for everyone. This system is awesome! I was able to quickly inter my info and get access to the property then and there. I was then able to walk through at my own pace without feeling rushed. I wish this was available more often, rather than my current situation of waiting for a week to look at a place because the Realator is only available to show it for one hour.
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4 years ago, scammer are real 2020
I almost got scammed through this app
A man told me to download this app to view a house that he did not own. He had it listed for a lower price than what it is originally listed as. Downloaded the app he was telling me how to navigate through it. The app asked me if I’m was trying to view a property I saw on Craigslist (I know I shouldn’t have went on Craigslist to find a house) I clicked yes and it paused my account. Told the man what happened he stated I should not have clicked yes. Then proceeded to tell me I could view the property with another family. I left and never viewed the house he kept calling my phone every minute trying to get me to cashapp him the money to take it off of the market. There needs to be a way to keep scammers from knowing how to navigate through the app
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3 months ago, y_xu
Some recent update messed it up. And don’t expect so called chat/phone support
I paid $2.99 for 30 day 10 tours. Tried to start a tour and the app prompt for TransUnion identify verification. After walking around the bugs that the app failed to save the correct info from date selector (-1/-2 day), I was prompt to pay for the 30-day unlimited tour for an increase price of $7.99. Okay, I really wanted to look at the house so I tried to pay but it says “Unable to generate your payment profile.” Idk how this could pass QA at all… Oh also don’t get tricked by their chat and phone support, tried it once with trouble entering house before, it simply as you to leave a message and you’ll never hear back.
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6 years ago, daisysimduke
So easy and no complications
Lemme start by saying I didn’t download for a while due to the reviews, but they were wrong (in my case). Downloaded, paid 99 cents and same day viewed 2 homes. Easy as clicking, “view property” and boom. No hassle or waiting for appointment. I’m only sad there aren’t more homes on it in my area!! Amazing, easy, every realtor office should do this instead of anything else! 100% real person and I wrote this since the reviews were so wrong and stopped me for a while, glad I went against them!
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6 years ago, Precious Prekinder Teacher
Great app!
I am really enjoying the app while I search for homes. I appreciate the opportunity to view the rentals without always having to wait until someone contacts me. My only complaint is that there is a home that doesn’t say “enter property”, but says “request showing”. I requested to see the house on Friday, and still haven’t been able to speak with anyone or view the home. When I do click “request showing”, the message states that I scheduled to view the house on Friday and give me the date and time, but won’t allow me to reschedule a new date.
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10 months ago, BethA747
Convenient and affordable
I was so happy when I found Rently. I was able to view a lot of properties in a short amount of time. I didn’t have to make any phone calls. It saved me so much time. It was great to be able to tour homes by myself so that I could concentrate on what I was looking at, and not having to appease a homeowner or real estate agent. I think everyone should use this for their properties. Thanks Rently
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5 months ago, ltd2brat
The worst self guided option
We were in town looking at houses, using multiple platforms to take self guided tours and every house that used Rently had a problem. If the house wasn’t missing the serial number on the keypad, every single house rejecting the serial number that was listed. I had to use the customer service chat every single time. Not the best when you’re standing in snow and it’s 10°. And the kicker is they charge you for this horrible service while every other company we used was free. Not that you’ll have another option if this is the company the rental company uses but hoping some of these companies see this and consider a different showing platform.
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1 year ago, toeheadpotato
Needs improvement
It’s a great app for self touring places that are available but a major issue for me is that you cannot filter out homes that are “off market”. Why would I want to see places that aren’t available?? It’s such a waste of time trying to sift through them especially because you don’t know it’s off market until you click on the listing. In bigger cities with a lot of competition it makes the rental search that much more stressful and disheartening. If it weren’t for that I would probably give the app 5 stars.
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4 years ago, Knock Knock, whos there
Old listings
I recently downloaded this app in the hope of being able to visit properties on my own and at my convenience. Unfortunately the second property I walked into was occupied. Yes, I opened the door and there stood three little girls and their mother. To say the least I was horrified so I can only imagine how she felt. I apologized and showed her the home was still listed on this app. She was extremely understanding but can you imagine how that could’ve turned out. I could’ve been shot dead on site. Literally. Worst experience of my life. To say the least I need my .99 cents back and wish anyone that uses this app the best of luck. Please knock before viewing properties you never know if someone has moved in or not.
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2 years ago, DoeDarah08
Talked to several different property owners, not very business savvy at all. In addition to that after speaking and doing my research on the PERSON AND PROPERTY, seemed to be a scam. If you look up Rently on BBB (Better Business Bureau) the ratings are very low. Also most people don’t recommended it. Mind you went to several properties and could not use the self guided tour portion. Ooh self guided tours cost .99 for 30ish properties if you can get it to go thru. I have the money wouldn’t take any debit or credit card. The so called owner had the audacity to ask what’s the name of the bank I bank and A lot other info. Anyway don’t do it, don’t try it, would not recommend.
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12 months ago, MO’BETTA
Mo’s opinion
Rently is a nice site to find houses. My experience when I was just looking for a house in Douglasville it was wonderful. I love the fact that they give you access to go and actually look around and get feel of the space and how you would decorate lol .How would you feel living in the space you know it answer all of those questions once you use their site thank you guys.
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4 years ago, Danette F
Always quick entry
I have gotten used to using Rently to enter homes. It makes it so much easier than having to drive a realtor around to look at dozens of homes especially if your person like me. I never want to see just one or two. It’s safe and it’s easy and all you need is your phone. If I’ve ever had an issue getting into a home they always corrected it right away and then in the home within minutes
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3 months ago, Perfect78
0 stars Get a refund if you use it :)
At this point the app deserves nothing but 0 stars because they don’t help at all. The entire application is glitchy. My account has been blocked simply for USING IT for its PURPOSE which is to view houses. They don’t tell you the limits to viewing the properties so one day you go view a house that you’ve been really interested in and all of a sudden you can’t get In. How wonderful to find out when you get there and already made the drive. They send you back and forth between their support and the property support and send you in a circle on a wild goose chase unable to fix anything.
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5 years ago, Me myself ich
Customer service
I drove over 2 hrs to view one of their homes only to arrive and not be able to access the key. The lock was not a rently lock and I had spotty cell service that made it frustrating to get help. I spoke with a young lady named Emily who was extremely patient with me and very friendly. Her professionalism went above and beyond to ensure I was able to access the property. I have viewed at least 2 dozen properties and not one bad experience!!
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4 years ago, Mil0h
Poor quality
After paying for the app, it won’t text me the information I need to get into the house nor does it update me when it’s past touring hours ! I’ve gone to more than a few homes just for the app to tell me the house is closed for viewing for the day with NO prompts of letting me know BEFOREHAND- making me waste gas and time to go to the homes in the first place. I have to go through a lengthy customer support line every single time I want to view which defeats the purpose of me doing a self viewing. If I wanted to be on the phone or text for 10 min before getting into a home I would just call the property management instead of paying for this app
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