RentRedi for Tenants

4.8 (6.8K)
82.3 MB
Age rating
Current version
RentRedi, Inc.
Last update
3 weeks ago
Version OS
13.0 or later
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User Reviews for RentRedi for Tenants

4.75 out of 5
6.8K Ratings
2 years ago, houdinikay
Above all the other payment methods
This app is so easy to use! I literally did my appli a for my house on here, paid my deposit on here, and will continue to make all my future payments through this app. I can get renter’s insurance, report to my credit to boost my score, and once I had my bank account linked the app automatically knew how much money was there when I wanted to calculate my payment. 10 out of 10 it’s easier than any other landlord app I’ve used.
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1 year ago, Katwcat
Similar issues to other low raters
For starters it’s super effed up that this app sells your data and if your landlord requires you to use this app, you can’t opt out of having sensitive data WITH IDENTIFIERS sold. Just incredibly unethical. This app now has access to all of my accounts with my bank, rather than only checking. The autopay option that I set up weeks ago did not autopay today. At least it sent a notice that it didn’t pay I guess?! So I went in and paid manually. Got a pop up that the payment was successful but then the charges still showed up as unpaid for hours after that. I confirmed with my landlord that they did receive the payment but if someone paid twice because it didn’t look like it went through, that could financially devastate renters. Now the Autopay option says it will pay on 5/1 but the screen to edit autopay is completely frozen except to exit out and I can’t confirm which account the payment will draft from next month. Same as other users, long waits for responses and the response has nothing to do with the inquiry. I will not hesitate to ask my landlord to discontinue using Renredi if this does not get resolved. I don’t recommend this app because it’s too buggy for having access to financial info and shouldn’t be live yet. ETA, in response to developer’s response: it says right here in the App Store, contact info and identifiers may be tracked across other apps and websites by other companies. So…
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1 year ago, Memo89462
Awesome tools- Bigger Pockets’ choice
I have really enjoyed RentRedi so far, the platform has been great for sharing and saving documents with tenants and getting rent easily and automated with reminders. The REI hub has been a great add on to keep all my finance tracking in one place and even keep track of the pay down and depreciation amounts on my property. The Latchel add on needs some work, but has solid potential. They’ve made the customer service and maintainence work order submittal process easy, but overall project tracking management is faulty. The one ticket my tenant placed took several weeks, several mis-scheduled visits from contractors, and unclear communication on my end- still, I can tell they want to learn and improve, so I’m sticking with it for peace of mind during those 2am maintenance calls. Overall, I am excited to keep growing my portfolio and see how RentRedi develops to the gold standard for self-managing properties.
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2 years ago, callmekem
Applicant gets all of guarantors information
I wanted to cosign for my daughter an apartment and was waiting for a separate application for me as a cosigner. Imagine my surprise when she said no it’s all one application and I had to give her all my information (because she’s in another state and was doing it online) to put on the application with hers. That’s a huge breach and confidentiality. It’s not that I don’t trust my daughter, but I’m not comfortable with anybody on this planet having information about my banking, my Social Security number, my drivers license number and my employers information. other apps sent out a separate application for cosigners or if it’s on paper it’s a separate sheet of paper that only the leasing people see. We ended up using paper instead because I was not comfortable putting that information in for her or anybody else to see other than the landlord.
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3 years ago, stonehopper1067
No one to help you and they sell your information
I have been trying for weeks to pay my rent using my routing number and this company is purposely preventing me from doing that. They push towards using your credit card and charging a very high fee or you have to log into your bank’s website and trust that your information will not be hacked. Every time I pay my rent, I get way more spam text messages and phone calls. I have been messaging with customer service with no luck. They keep depositing and withdrawing from my account so he much more confirmation do they need? And there is no option to confirm those transactions as this company conveniently hides it. Seriously no one cares at this company and just want to constantly nickel and dime you when you want to pay your rent. I am forced to use this sub par app because that is what my landlord wants and I’m sure he’s getting a kick back from this app as well.
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2 years ago, bbghdrjdryerjqtgqgxliiill
Find another option!!!!!
This app worked well in the beginning but the minute I switch time zones from where my property and tenants are it all went to crap. I tried to get help over and over again and I just get put off it is absolutely ridiculous. The customer service is so poor. They make you wait weeks to talk to technician and when you finally talk to someone there is no resolve. I can’t even tell if my tenants are paying rent on time based on the dysfunction on the software. They told me they would fix it still haven’t next month same issue. I tried to add a tenant and put the lease date as of July 1 and it charges rent starting in August. It doesn’t allow me to put the July rent in to be collected. I have been a landlord for 12 years. I switched to this software after using Apfolio thinking it would save me money you get what you pay for! Stay away if you want to keep your sanity!
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9 months ago, back45front
Duplicate rent payments.
I submitted my September rent using the RentRedi app and they charged me twice for rent. which was then put towards my October rent. I did not realize this till the bank charges where posted 4 days later and my bank account incurred an overdraft fee because I didn’t have 2 months rent in my checking account. RentRedi then proceeded to blame me and said I must have refreshed there app. I did not refresh the app. They continue to insist there is zero possibility there is a bug in there software that caused 2 payments to be processed within 1 minute of each other. There inability to simply cover my overdraft fee or give me a credit of some kind on my next rent payment is ridiculous. The app has worked well for a year up to this point for me but there customer service is awful. So in conclusion it’s fine till you have an issue because they will simply blame you for it.
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2 years ago, dennyrh01
Credit boost doesn’t work
I’ve tried dozens of times, chatted numerous times, sent numerous emails to support and I still cannot add my payment and order credit boost as a tenant. I’ve been given the run around and told to try numerous things. Nothing has worked. I think they get you to get your landlord to join and pay thinking he’s helping you but the tenant can’t even pay and order the boost. I order the monthly reporting for the entire lease at $3.99 a month, I put in my credit card info and hit submit. The next screen tells me an error occurred, I didn’t select an amount when I did on the previous page. Tech support can’t seem to fix this. I’m going to ask my landlord to cancel because there’s no sense paying money when I don’t get the credit boost which was the whole reason I bothered and begged my landlord to join and pay.
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3 years ago, Onlyher45678
Has potential but it’s a NO
This app has potential and they aren’t moving fast enough to make updates. 1. It’s takes way too long for money to post. 4-5 days, why does it take so long? 2. “Customer Service” is a joke. Takes them way too long to respond. It’s not like most chat customer service options, it can take 5-10 minutes to reply after the chat has started!! Then when they do respond they are not knowledgeable or send instructions for something that doesn’t apply to the problem! Support is laughable. 3. You can split rent charges however under the tenant list of charges it only displays the last updated amount NOT the total. So if you have section 8 who pays a portion and the tenant pays a portion you cannot create separate charges. If you do the total won’t appear on the tenant card or list of charges. Deal breaker. 4. FINAL DEAL BREAKER, once a tenant pays you cannot apply a portion of the payment to another charge. I added a pet fee after the tenant paid but cannot pay the charge. Now it appears that the tenant paid extra rent. I’m unhappy none of this was told to me in the beginning. I’ve wasted time and money.
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2 years ago, Terrible App and Service!
Bank acct info crapped out, no help
I have been trying to pay my rent through the app, have done so successfully for last 7 months. This time, it just kept saying it was trying to retrieve my account balance before it allowed me to pay. I used the chat function to discuss the problem with someone, and they told me to uninstall and reinstall the app, which didn’t work, and then to delete the bank info and reattach. PNC bank didn’t allow me to use Plaid to attach, so I had to manually request the small deposits and reattach that way. As soon as it told me “success” I tried to pay the rent and got the same “retrieving balance” message. I have asked to speak with a supervisor regarding my complaint and have not received any response. TERRIBLE APP AND SERVICE!!!
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1 year ago, Gee1224
Terrible app
Terrible app, not user friendly at all and always glitching. Stay away look for alternative app. This app also disabled my account because I didn’t have my tenants to pay with there unsafe platform after me using them for over a year. After they disabled my account they would not give me access to my financials or anything. If your a landlord and trying to run your business from an app like this stay far far away. As I am not trying to promote another platform but I’m currently using tenant cloud and it’s a much better clean platform again not trying to promote them but the experience I had with rent redi was so unacceptable and you should truly stay away. There are a lot of alternatives stay away from this one.
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1 year ago, Lazll
Great Choice!
There are a lot of solid platforms out there for property management systems. That being said, RentiRedi does a great job of having a lot of features all in one. I have had times where I have found the system hard to navigate at times and tricky to get it to do what I am wanting. That being said, I have not found a better option when it comes to customer service. They do a great job of getting back with you to solve any issue. I also like that they are always working to improve their systems.
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4 years ago, AC-tion
Good starter app, needs more work
I can see this app growing but right now it’s not for me. On the desktop you can not move or remove tiles, you are stuck with the ones they give. I don’t need my calendar taking a portion of my screen. Give me the option to move my tiles around. Also, payment is not 3-4 days. I tested it on various days and it takes about 5-6 days. Not a big deal but if I’m paying for this service, it should be 3-4 days. There are no notifications on your cellphone only via email, which in the demo it shows notifications on the person cellphones. That’s what is the deal breaker for me. I prefer a notification on the my screen than another email. I can see this app growing.
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1 year ago, midorin18
An amazing all-in one platform for landlords!
Been using RentRedi for a few months and have loved the experience. What sets them apart is their super helpful 24/7 chat support team. I’ve had any times of the day I have random questions on how to customize or do something on the platform and they are always ready to help. I love the integrations as well to add on on-demand maintenance support if needed.
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2 years ago, Icurleysoul
The app has a great potential but at the moment it’s a pain , you can’t put the info that is the most important for you on the first page so you need to go through many windows to find the information you want. They are too busy to return a call and you have to wait over a week for appointments, there is only one person that is really knowledgeable all the rest of the employees that help you through the app communication has limited knowledge. I was with them for a year never received the Refferal they promised both landlords. I can go on with many more details and I tried telling talking to a supervisor to explain my needs but no one bothered to call me.
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3 years ago, Mr_Headshot
No instructions
Was on the Realtor app and one of the rental listings said to use this this app (Rentredi) to apply. Downloaded Rentredi out of curiosity. Wow. Absolutely zero instructions on how do use the app. As soon as you open the app it has you log in or create an account. What? Why? I just want to look for a place to rent. Why can’t I just browse places? Create an account when I’m ready to apply? Even after I created an account I STILL couldn’t browse. I had to lookup online outside the app on what to do to use Rentredi. And there was no help button. There was a chat button sure. But why should I need to talk to someone just to use the app? All I wanted was to browse places. Deleted.
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1 year ago, Farmgal12
Well I lived in the same place for 7 yrs only used this app per my landlord for 1 yr..I wanted the extra boost for credit because I pay on time because it’s auto draft… once my lease was up the “closed” account came up even though online was every month on time! Then it dropped my credit score 41 points because my lease was up but I renewed and I was NEVER late. Plus to renew my lease not changing a thing I was told late payment which was untrue because I changed nothing. My landlord had to reconfigure the late payment because he knew I wasn’t and I proved it! So why invest into you doing credit screening?! For what? It’s crazy!
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2 months ago, riceguard
Absolutely trash
First off this app never works correctly every time I try to pay rent on time it errors out. Every single time I have to attempt multiple times to get the payment to go through before I finally get a notification that I paid rent now on two separate occasions because of this error, I have been charged twice, I have reached out to the app to dispute the second charge and they told me it wasn’t their fault and to reach out to my landlord. Who was also unable to get the second charge canceled. I had to call my bank to get it canceled. If I could give this app zero stars I would
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11 months ago, Bossman#714
Great for new landlords
I have used property managers before but wanted to see if I could do it myself. RentRedi platform made the transition very smooth. Timely responses to questions, easy application process for tenants, and a maintenance option so I don’t have to deal with it. I would definitely recommend RentRedi if you are looking to manage your own properties.
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3 years ago, Organizedperson
If I could give this a 0 star review I would. This app provides no help when an issue comes up. The only answer that I get is “talk to your landlord”. When I got a new landlord at my unit that also wanted to use this app for payments, I tried to ensure that they were going to the new landlord not the old one. This problem is that nowhere in this app does it tell you who your payments are being made to. So I tried to reach out to support and got no help. So when my rent was due THIS APP PAID THE WRONG PERSON. Now I am having to bend over backwards and do all the work myself to get my money back.
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2 years ago, Mandecium
Frustrating error
I’m currently dealing with an error where the app is telling me to update it in order to add any payment method, but it is already up to date. I’ve experienced this for a few days and still no resolution from customer service. I’ve emailed and chatted online. Wish there was an desktop or web-based version available for tenants so I can work around this error. Otherwise, I can’t pay my rent for our new place. Frustrating.
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1 month ago, alayawoods
Terrible app
This is the worst app ever, they have very high debit /card credit fees, you can’t split payments and the app is very basic compared to other apps. This app is like walmart vs target the quality says it all. The documents link does not work it doesn’t open the file they say it just automatically downloads to your phone when you click it , like they didn’t spend anytime caring about their brand like update and upgrade lower your 100 dollar credit card fees give people multiple payment options some versatility like other apps do.
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1 year ago, datingappreview
Too many glitches poor customer support
The app and the website are full of glitches. When I put my property in the system it would not let me organize the photos and every time I tried it would lock it up and I would have to completely close my browser and log out. I spent the entire morning on the phone with customer support getting the run around. I held an open house for my rental and had 20 families trying to get into the app to complete pre qualification and it kept crashing on them. Both the owner and tenant app are a pain.
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2 years ago, chime hater
Literally the worst and most frustrating app to have to put up with just to pay rent. It never works and it’s “support staff” is a total joke. Never even respond in any way shape or form. Drop down menus or buttons or just trying to save your email address (which is absolutely crucial just to login, no backup way of course) simply just do not work. Nothing saves. Nothing uploads. Buttons won’t work to move around the app. This is simple stuff that is basic basic basic that they have not yet figured out how to make functional for users and it is a NIGHTMARE!!! HATE IT!
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1 year ago, Rentredi
Rentredi -highly recommend
I recently purchased Rentredi for several homes that I own. I highly recommend RentRedi. It is user-friendly and helps keep track of rent payments among many other features. Also, response time from Rentredi employees is quick.
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3 years ago, KWrited
Awful app with awful customer service
I've been trying to link my bank account with this app for weeks and been in a perpetual conversation with the supposed customer service for just as long but they don't seem to care to resolve the issue and care even less about the fact rent is due soon. They're solution is that they'll talk to someone and never seem to reply or if they do they send the same useless help article over and over again. Definitely don't recommend, especially speaking with Maricis.
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2 years ago, Me E H
Terrible App
This app has been nothing but a nightmare in the few short days I’ve been using it. The function to upload proof of insurance doesn’t work. The ability to download a copy of my lease doesn’t work. It’s constantly marketing things at you. There’s no way to pay for anything without fees, regardless of by debit/credit card or bank account. I will never again do a rental from a landlord that wants to use this app. Headache central and the lack of website or other ability to access things is terrible.
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3 months ago, Oceangame
One Hack Away
After filling in some info on Rentredi to apply for a rental and spending $50, then you find out there is another attached company called Plaid! And they expect you to fill in your bank userword and password and all personal info like account numbers and balances on THEIR site! No one should EVER do this no matter how “safe” it’s supposed to be!! How dangerous! Don’t allow landlords to force us to use these apps or systems! I spent the background check fee BEFORE I could even find this out! What a terrible company!! And I’m out $50!!
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2 years ago, User9193949495
Poor Technical Support + Lack of Transparency
The app was having difficulty retrieving my bank balance. When I reached out to the support team, they instructed me to delete the app, reinstall it, restart my phone, and then try again. Same issue, and, the help function in the app disappeared (or is not easily located). Poor customer service. But then again, at the end of the day, “customers’”information is an input, their real customer is who they sell our data to + the fees collected from processing payments… great model
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2 years ago, mamao220
Good tool but needs update
I need to upload my insurance to the app, but it doesn’t allow screenshots to be uploaded - only taking new pictures is allowed. I’m enrolled in paperless billing and don’t have any physical paperwork and no way to print the policy. A simple fix to allow electronic documents/screenshots to be uploaded would make this so much more convenient.
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8 months ago, Tyr3nT
Smooth interface
So far this has been the best property management experience I’ve had! No more paper checks & money orders for landlords who can’t be bothered to anything besides cashing checks. I can finally have some confidence in my property manager.
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1 year ago, hjm13
It can be better.
It’s fine when it works, when you finally have it all set up, but I always seem to have problems with changing any settings. The ‘next’ button doesn’t work when you click it, you can’t scroll down to hit continue, etc. Simple things that really should not be an issue.
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4 years ago, Lawncrestpapi
Easy to use and great support from company
Really enjoy this system. As a young and new investor I enjoy the simplicity of this product. Keeps everything in one place and easy rental management with rent and maintenance requests. Highly recommend.
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1 year ago, datasianchris
Needs fixing
One problem that I have with this app is it allows you to make MULTIPLE rent payments for the same month. A ridiculous design flaw and it doesn’t give you any option to void or move the payment to another month. It’s slow and autopay is unreliable. But the app charged me 3x the payments for the same month and the “help” couldn’t void a payment from their end.
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2 years ago, Millhouse4553
Good but landlord connections issues
Set up and worked great for a month or two until I got error messages saying my landlord was not registered with the app. This app was the only way I can pay my rent… weird for me relying on an app for payment. I’ve owned/rented properties. Renting short term. Not sure why a home owner would use this app but it short of works I guess.
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3 years ago, Mabelmont92
Frustrating customer service
I’ve been trying for three days now to add a payment method, but I keep getting recycled stock answers from the team on how to fix it, which are all steps I’ve already tried and explained that in previous messages. I’ve also been told they’re “escalating my case for help from a colleague,” only to never hear from them again. I have no way to pay my rent aside from the credit card option, which comes with a ridiculous fee.
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2 years ago, schedule issues
Re: stole money
This app was great and I had no issues until November when I sent up my payment like I had been and they never took the money out. When I followed up with them they claimed they did but when I checked with my bank the bank said they never took the money out . Then Rent ready charged me 64 dollars. Stay away from this app. Plus there is no one you can file a complaint with .
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4 months ago, congobeat14
Great until there is an issue
Their system gave me an error message and told me to try again later. When I did, it hit me for 2 MONTHS payments. When I notified them, they told me nothing they could do. Would have to pull from my account and be refunded. Problem is, I don’t have the money for 2 months. So going to my bank and notifying everyone on every social media site I can find.
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2 years ago, Thou will not create
Good app but takes to long
I like the app it’s easy to navigate, but the one thing I don’t like (may not be app developers fault) is how long it takes for the money to be taken out of my account
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3 years ago, Hotalien
Horrible App!!!
This app is horrible and useless. Have a problem trying to pay rent and one knows how to help when errors arise that stems from the app itself which causes late fees. They want you to delete the app, take a screenshot of what the error says and email it to them … not once, not twice or even three times… but four times with the exact same error and they still can’t help me.
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2 years ago, stevehorrocks
This is my first month as a tenant using the RentRedi app. This morning I got an email saying that my auto-pay was paused, due to lack of a payment method (which is odd, because I was confident that I had set it up properly). I go to the app and attempt to edit auto-pay, but it requires that I pay any balance-due first, so I back-out and choose to pay May individually... and my payment method is still there, ready to use. One click. Paid. So the auto-pay was paused for no reason. I also noticed another potential hassle for the future: the check-box to cancel auto-pay is hidden beneath the SAVE CHANGES button.
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3 years ago, Doooke
Stay awayyy
If you want your day to be good and peaceful, do not download this app because they will start giving you gray hairs. Very unprofessional and useless. They really have a hard time answering their phones. They prefer text chat which is also useless and not helpful. This must been a mistake for them to have a 4.5 rating. This is a total mistake. The rating must be as fake as them.
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1 year ago, JackieLMT
Unable to open the app after recent update
Since the recent update, the app immediately closes when I try to open it. I’ve deleted and reinstalled the app, as well as restarted my phone and that haven’t helped. I wish there were an actually website version of the app to use whenever issues like this occurs with the app.
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1 year ago, Jaxjayhawk77
Insufficient Funds Message
I paid my rent today and the app stated that I had insufficient funds. I have sufficing funds, so I don’t understand why it said that. I submitted it again and it worked. Not very nice to about give someone a heart attack and make them think someone drained their bank account. Not cool at all.
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1 month ago, I HATE THIS APP SO So SO much
Bad software and now I have to pay $100 late fee
I don’t think their payment system is secure, it automatically generates new bank methods and doesn’t process payments properly, I am now fighting my landlord to remove a late fee. Horrible software that is going to cost me $100. You literally have function and you can’t do it correctly.
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2 years ago, Curtpertino
Retrieving bank balance makes app annoying
If I need to look at what’s in my bank account, I’ll just use my bank app. This new update takes forever to retrieve my balance before I can even submit a payment. Then if I have another fee to pay, like a water bill, the app has to retrieve my bank balance again. Annoying feature.
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6 months ago, 1973TX
Late Notice
My rent was due on December 1st. I have received the standard rent is due notices that day followed by thank you for your payment the same day. Each day since then I have received rent is late notices. Being that the request for payment was submitted to my bank on a Friday, it wasn’t processed until Monday, December 4th with the payment deducted from my account.
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1 year ago, ejbeau0912
Not Renter Friendly
This app honestly is the worst I’ve been forced to use. It only allows you to set up certain banks and if you use your debit or credit card it’s a large fee. For my rent, it’s about $20 per transaction. That’s insane. Now the app isn’t even opening and I have restarted my phone, redownloaded the app, and did a software update.
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1 year ago, LinRomir
Terrible app, autopay doesn’t pay full balance
This app is horrible, it was extremely difficult to set up autopay, I kept getting random errors. Finally got it set up, and it defaulted to only paying half my rent. Now they want me to pay a second ‘convenience’ fee to pay the second half of my rent
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2 weeks ago, Fatty Babe
Terrible Service
‼️‼️‼️RentRedi is a terrible service. I am refusing to pay my rent through them from now on. My landlord is going to have to accept my rent through a different method. The customer service is awful and my advice to everyone is DO NOT SIGN UP GOR THEM TO REPORT YOUR ON TIME PAYMENTS TO YOUR CREDIT BECAUSE IT WILL IMMEDIATELY MAKE A NEGATIVE IMPACT, IT SHOWED UP AS A NEW OPEN ACCOUNT AND DROPPED MY CREDIT SCORE BY 25 POINTS. IT HURT MY CREDIT AND NEVER HELPED IT. ‼️‼️‼️
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