Resident Portal Mobile

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Entrata, Inc.
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2 months ago
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13.0 or later
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User Reviews for Resident Portal Mobile

4.85 out of 5
161.5K Ratings
3 years ago, Estela R104
Good Customer Service
Happy 2021!!! Jacqui is always great in rendering an impeccable service. Well deserved promotion! I want to give a shout out to Jordan as well!!! He is always very cordial and well informative assisting me with my issue and inquiries. He is always warm, friendly and professional in dealing with tenants both in person and over the phone. Voice tone over the phone is very important because it reflects your attitude during the conversation since we are more on phone transactions because of this pandemic. He would easily pass the 24 Hr window in addressing issues given on your portal... even respond within less 30 mins. I havent finished writing this review ... he called and followed up in a heartbeat! Excellent customer service is not even just a skill, it is a gift. Either you have it or you dont.
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3 months ago, Someone is messing up
Awful customer service
I got a new phone. Transferred my old iPhone to my new iPhone and resident portal stopped working, saying that my password is invalid now. So I retyped my password in and it said I have 9 more attempts left. So I went to my old phone and tried, again “wrong password”. I then went to the “forgot password” screen and put my email address in. I have done that 3 times so far today and in 6 hours have not received a single password reset email. In all reality I should not need to reset my password to begin with because it has been the same password for 4 years. I also went into the resident portal website to try contacting support. There is no phone number, only a way to send a message, which I did and again, no response. Now I only have 3 attempts to use my right login information before it locks my account and rent is due on the 1st. ALL OF MY LOGIN INFORMATION IS CORRECT, I ONLY CHANGED PHONES AND NEITHER WILL WORK NOW. I shouldn’t need to change my password, but that doesn’t work anyways, they aren’t good at responding to their messages for customer support.
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2 years ago, betns
Property Managment
Ever since Rachel has been the manager everything for me has been so smooth so much respect and hospitality coming from her so much understanding she’s amazing I have dealt with all of them and she is by far the best she has took in this please above and beyond what it was when I moved in 2 1/2 years ago I hope that she stays longer and I hope that she continues to get the respect she deserves. Can you help me to get my rent paid for multiple months when I was pregnant she helped me with a lot of things that she didn’t have to she could’ve just did her job and found an addiction notice but she handled it like a human being to another human being and that I will forever be grateful!
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6 years ago, NoPantsParty
Good payment portal but clunky maintenance app
Honestly, it’s super easy to use for making payments on my rent. It saves multiple forms of payment and is free if you are using electronic checks by giving them a checking account to draft from each month. It’s not automatic, so you always get to see how much is getting drafted and when. I appreciate that because sometimes my paychecks don’t always land on the first. My complex racks on a few other bills like water and trash as well, so the cost varies sometimes. I receive a written letter of how much those extra fees are per month, but I can’t see total amount due until the amount is actually due. Since they send me out the letter a week in advance, I wish there was a way to see that in the app as well. I just hate checking my mail or wasting paper when an electronic notification within the app seems like it would be easy. The maintenance side of the app still feels clunky to me, so it’s a feature I don’t use much. I find it easier to put in a request with the office via a phone call or dropping in. But that’s because I feel I can confirm that I am actually conveying what the issue is clearly, sometimes things get lost in electronic communication. Overall still feels pretty solid though. I’m glad my complex utilizes this app.
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6 years ago, IanMusicManMusic
Good, but Maintenance Section Needs Improvement
This is a very good and easy to use app for rent payments and maintenance requests. HOWEVER, the maintenance request section needs improvement. When you select the area in your residence that needs work, the next field that shows the type of work needed should have some kind of filter applied based on the area you just selected. To elucidate, if I select “Kitchen“ so that I can have my garbage disposal fixed, I should not have to sift through options like “car wash“, “front door“, swimming pool“, and so on in the next field. Is there a swimming pool in my kitchen?! Is there a car wash in my kitchen?! I think not. These options should be filtered out so that I can go straight to the ones that are relevant to my kitchen. This seems like a very easy thing for the developers to do, but it has been this way for years. Other than that, a good app.
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4 years ago, lslee15
Not user friendly for visually impaired
The app font and lack of contrast of the font has made it extremely difficult for someone who is visually impaired. The white background with the light font cannot be changed. Before the font was so much bigger and the red backdrop gave contrast. Please if any one from support can see this please give options to help make it easier to see and use this app by allowing options on font size/boldness and maybe a dark mode option. I miss the version before the update and loved it. :( This app made my life so much easier before this change. :( it is no longer easily accessible.
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6 months ago, EverydayMomma
Filing a Maintenance Request Is Easy but Could Be Simplified
One question is issue location, and the only response is “Unit Wide.” Why ask a question if there is only one response? It also asks preferred contact method. It would be nice if you could pre-set your standard default response so that you don’t have to answer this question each time. In fact, I wish several of the questions would default to my standard (previous) responses since I always write the same thing: no, you cannot come in; yes, I have a dog; and additional comments always include that I have a yellow lab and to call ahead to schedule. It would also be nice if the additional comments section didn’t capitalize every single new word.
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1 year ago, FitnessFanLV
Important Update Needed
Please allow the ability to remove maintenance request if no longer needed or at least add comments. I put in a maintenance request because my garbage disposal was not working but then I fixed it about 10 minutes after I put in the request. I had no way to remove or update the request. Original review - This app is for an apartment complex company but it looks and feels like it was made by top tier company like Apple or Google. Hands down the best, most fluid and easy to use utility app I've ever used. Cox Cable could learn ALOT from this app...
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1 year ago, jthing133
Pools, laundry room
I enjoy living here I lived here for four years. The staff is excellent I think the new manager Liz is outstanding she doing a great job I have no problem with the maintenance guys. The pools are disgusting the one that attracted me to living here was one in the very back that has barbecues that is filled with algae for four years . Haven’t been able to enjoy it since I lived here.. The pool by the office is cloudy it’s never clear my suggestion to the corporate office to be higher a pool guy so they can test the water and they know what it needs because it’s not ever clearis constantly cloudy. My suggestion to corporateWould be invest in a pool man that knows about pools. There’s no reason why our pool should be so cloudy I mean
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4 years ago, DocBrown086
Love it! But...
I absolutely love the maintenance feature of this app. The only thing that is frustrating is there isn’t a way to know when they are coming. Would be nice if they could send a response with an estimated time the day they are coming, even if it’s an hour range. Example: I work 3rd shift, submit my request the previous night, come home and normally go to sleep at 8am. I have no idea if they are coming at 8:30, 10, 4pm... With an estimated time I could know whether or not to stay up, sleep, or expect to be woken up in the middle. (A requested time slot option would help with the woken up in the middle part 😣). Also helps with “If I go to the store now, are they going to show up while I’m gone...?”
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5 years ago, Patty in Chino
New resident
I’m a new resident, only 2mos new here. So far it’s great. The portal was correct with monies owed including a credit that I had from the previous move in fees. Office staff is FABULOUS (only one snag, one of the office girls came to my apartment to look at something and I asked for the manager to call me back, she said she would relay the message but no one called or came by) that was a little disappointing, it left the impression that 1. Your manager got the message and did not care enough to call 2. The manager never got the message to begin with. Maintenance Fantastic crew! Very friendly. Very professional. Very prompt. The maintenance supervisor (an older Caucasian gentleman) is a lil rough around the edges. One time he was at my apartment to look at something, and as I was trying to explain the situation, he checked his watch to look at the time, so I said to him “why are you checking your watch it’s not important what I’m saying?” And he said “well yeah it’s getting close to inaudible”. He was at my apartment approximately 3:15 PM. That was just very rude. Overall this app is a great feature! Thank you.
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2 years ago, ひつじ ロリタ
Constant crashes
App constantly crashes when doing move in inspection. Haven’t gotten anything to work since it crashes. All this while Not running other apps. No events or disruptions that would interfere with app. App crashed while typing in notes field multiple times. App crashed after uploading and “saving photos.” Which were not saved in the end. Even photos were lost after saving and moving on to another screen. Going back after going into photo upload makes the data in top level fields disappear. When app crashes after saving and going into a new section, data is lost even after “saving.” This might seem handy to see your monthly bill, but it is not useful when nothing it is supposed to do works without constant crashes and lost data.
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2 years ago, no spell energy cant play
Not useable since iOS 14.7 update
The app is easy to use and great for contacting my apt complex. However i just bought a new iphone the other day, instantly had an update to ios 14.7 and now when i go to open the app i get a notification that states “you cannot access this application on rooted/jailbroken device” when the phone was maybe a day old and never jailbroken, so the app is completely useless now, used the app for over 2 years now and first time ive ever seen this. Not sure if they just need to push an update or what but the app is completely bricked essentially cannot do anything because it thinks my brand new phone is jailbroken, which it is not. Pretty ridiculous.
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3 years ago, jnthn123
Impressive User Experience
I’m really impressed by how easy and beautiful this app is to navigate. It is really nice to see the itemized break down of your monthly payments — it is infinitely better than trying to figure it out on the desktop payment portal. I also really love how you can have multiple residences on the app — I’m a student and signed a lease for a different apartment at the end of the summer, and I am able to easily toggle between my current residence and with my upcoming residence. It makes it so much easier to pay deposits and fees without having to do it in more than one place.
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2 years ago, antiemk
Notifications not working after latest update
I was receiving email and text notifications from my property, and after last week’s update, the notifications stopped. I didn’t get any of the alerts from my property regarding the ice storm in Texas, and I didn’t get the texts stating my orders had been delivered to the Leasing Office. Thankfully I opened the app yesterday or I wouldn’t have known there were alerts for me. I have all of the notifications set to “on” in the app AND on my phone; however, nothing came through except on the actual app…TODAY, for an order that was delivered today. I need the notifications via email and text since those alerts are more apt to be seen by me immediately. This needs to be resolved now. I’m sure I’m not the only one experiencing this issue.
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2 years ago, Allnamesaretaken24568
Much better than desktop website
This app is a breeze for making gym reservations. Done in seconds instead of waiting minutes for the reservation system to load on the website. Deleting messages is also simple. There is a “select all” to delete messages on the app. Hopefully the app is not as buggy as the webpage. Will update later if more than the limited number of people show up at the gym since now there are 2 methods for making reservations. Hopefully they are synced with each other.
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5 years ago, SpawnOfVirtue
Use this app If the property management enables it
First, let me say (after reading some other reviews) that this app appears to only be as good as the property management setting it up for their company. I've have two maintenance requests so far, both done quickly and correctly, but that has little to do with the app and more with the on-staff here. Anyways, I enjoy this app because: 1- Push Notifications 2- Simple to link a bank and/or credit/debit card (I recommend taking that extra step to link your bank directly so that you aren't charged a convenience fee that comes with credit/debit charges.) 3- Swipe You can easily "swipe" through all your transactions, which is nice because it lets me keep up with my utility spending, letting me know if my spending is high in electric or water. Al I'm all, if the property you're living on lets you use this app, I recommend downloading it and trying it at least for one payment cycle.
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6 months ago, Beggarscoin
Just doesn’t work correctly
I like being able to pay online. But havj g to download an app that A) doesn’t work correctly and B) isn’t used properly by management or ain’t functional for them either is just bad. First, I currently have a lease offer to review and accept. It shows I don’t have one available like this in the app. But if I go to the residential portal website and log in, it’s there. I can look in both places and get two different results. And yes, the app is updated. This is a HuGE problem. Lots of red flags there. Also, if I message management via the app like they suggested I can, I don’t get a response and I’m told they didn’t get anything. So more red flags. Unfortunately you’re stuck with what the apartments use not what you would want to use so here we are.
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5 months ago, Carla Stearns
I normally do not take the time for reviews but it came to mind after I sent in a work order for my suite at Sagestone Village. I have been here for almost 2 years and I get service just like a 5 star Hotel. Anything I need is taken care of, by the staff or maintenence immediately. Such an easy process to request anything I need on the Resident Portal. Requests are handled with lightning speed and ease. Sagestone Village is an unstoppable team working diligently every day to make life here effortless. Highly recommend Hilltop Properties, Sagestone Village for a seamless life experience!
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4 years ago, Amy2542B
Super Easy to Use.
Easy to use. You have options to pay the rent. You can do e check or a card payment. You can set up automatics payments if you like too. The maintenance side works well too. I used it once. The only bad thing is that they take longer to process your inquiry when you do it through the app. I figured that if you go personally or call your management office l, they start working on your inquiry by the next busisness day. Overall is a great app and I’m glad my management office uses it. It saves me a lot of time and money.
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2 years ago, D2d2d2d
Management changed but can’t use
The management that used this app changed and therefore they made changes to accommodate the new management for this app. For some reason, although my credit card is still associated to my account for payments, my checking account is not. I tried using the link given by the management and also tried accessing it through the app but neither shows my checking account info nor does it allow me to add it. When I try adding my checking account info back in it says it is already added but it is not. App worked great before. I’m surprised such a great working app is thrown by a change in management. This must happen all the time so surprised the app couldn’t handle it. Please fix.
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4 years ago, Bob'sIP6
Makes life so much easier
In theory, the apartment management company has zero obligation to make it easy for us to pay them what we owe them. So usually, the rule is, minimal effort is put into these FREE services. It is great to see that that this app appears to be the exception to that rule. Good job on the development and maintenance of this app. I guess it comes down to the security and handling of my personal information. PLEASE don’t ruin this beautiful relationship by selling my demographic data to the people who want to sell me a better toaster.
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5 years ago, lead foot granny
Very easy to use
We find the portal a very good tool for knowing the rent payment and checking on what our history is with things. It’s easy to use, although my spouse still likes handing over a rent check rather do it on line. We get our water,trash, and sewer amount through email so it hasn’t been a problem. My spouse still would rather go to the office for a maintenance request, but only to explain it better in person. When we’re out of town we don’t have a problem with checking the portal. The four stars is only because of the maintenance request.
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5 years ago, Romerdyl
Bad property management or tech issues?
It makes paying rent nice and easy, but my issue is that it never has my full amount of rent due, until after the first of the month. It can be frustrating when you want to pay a week before the due date but don't have a paper copy of the months rent yet in the mail, and property management has yet to input the correct amount due for that month. I'm not entirely sure if that's my property managements fault or the app doesn't update soon enough? BUT other then that great app, love the convenience of being able to pay on my phone.
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1 month ago, Lol Jimmy
When opening the app every time, you have to first indoor 15 to 20 seconds of “FETCHING CURRENT BALANCE DETAILS”, even if you aren’t opening the app for this. DEVELOPER: all I was to open the app without your silly software automatically checking for a balance. If we want to check a balance, we will click on that category. Also, I get alerts that “your maintenance request has a new note”, and when opening the app, no, no pops up, you can’t find a note… There is no note. I’m sure the developer doesn’t care whether we like this app or not since nobody takes this app voluntarily, you have to get it when you live in certain buildings.
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2 months ago, Purplegiraffespots
App is Broken
This app is normally okay-ish. It usually takes a while to load and doesn’t have the best UI, but usually it’s okay. However, as of the past 4 days it’s been completely broken with no fix in sight. I had to call my apartment complex to get answers because i submitted help requests through the resident portal website and never heard back. Resident portal doesn’t tell you they’re down, there’s no error that suggests it, it just tells you “you have 9 login attempts left.” You can’t even log onto the website and access your account right now, they aren’t responding to help request emails, and i couldn’t find a phone number. So there’s basically no way to contact them.
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5 years ago, NColletti
Very easy to use
This app makes paying rent very easy! The only thing that is a little frustrating is the maintenance request part. The section where you have to pick where and what the problem is instead of being able to type it yourself because sometime those options given aren’t actually the problem. For example if you pick living room and then hit what’s the problem your only options are air conditioning or carpet and it doesn’t let you submit the request without choosing the option.
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2 years ago, mlelask
Terrible- crashes constantly
This app is terrible. It’s constantly crashing- it’s next to impossible to upload documents/photos for documentation without it crashing. I have been trying to fill out my apartment inspection checklist on and off for two days, it has crashed over 15 times. In messaging, there is no way to delete multiple messages at once, so you have to delete them one by one- which becomes a problem when you are already receiving the message to your personal email and in the app. I don’t need two copies of every email. There is also no spell check function within its messaging system, which is just weird in this day and age.
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6 years ago, Cass1284959387!:&&:'s
Easy and convenient but could be better
The only reason I don't give this app all stars is because the convenience fee use anything other than a Money Gram is 25 dollars which I'm sure has something to do with the bank you use and not the app but it's still really annoying. I don't want to have to pay an extra 25 for things I need to pay for or have to go through the long process of getting a Money Gram account which includes calling the company to talk to rude people just to save 22 dollars on something that shouldn't cost extra.
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4 years ago, JHDD15
Great way to communicate with the property office
I enjoy using this app cause it’s convenient than having to log onto the website and entering in Work Orders or making payments for rent. Also the message system that directly emails or tells the management to contact you is very helpful as well. One thing I think to add would be documents to sign, if everything is already esignature on the website, than we should be able to sign on the app as well. Just something to add in.
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3 years ago, tallblonde1
Maintenance and overall Property
We recently moved into this property and so far we are very pleased beside a few issues with a upstairs neighbor. I think some people just don’t think of others but besides that this place is awesome! The office staff appears to be on top of things, Nat is wonderful. The maintenance staff appears to be great as well. I love how they keep the grounds so clean that makes a big difference! It’s a beautiful place to reside. I would highly recommend this property!
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5 years ago, Katieebug97
Great app!
This app really makes paying rent and contacting the office of our apartments super easy. The maintenance section is nice as well, since they’ve got a lot of options already laid out; like where the problem is, what it is, etc.. Paying rent is as simple as hitting a button. It also sends you notifications for everything, which is perfect for someone who forgets things easily (like me). I love the design and layout. Very smooth, and easy to navigate. Overall this is a very well-made app!
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5 years ago, Starimak
Nice Idea
I like the thought process involved in the resident portal. Paying rent monthly isn’t a problem with this app, like the previous post mentioned once you put your payment method in, the app does most of the rest. A feature that my building has started doing is listing a whole bunch of messages in your inbox: so whether it’s management trying to get you to come in early or a package behind the front desk, this app lets you know. It’s your one step shop for all things resident.
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4 years ago, Dpfehrer
Makes paying rent a breeze
Hate having to pay rent but this app makes it pretty seamless when I do. It’s straight forward, fast, and haven’t experienced one issue. Being able to contact maintenance change my account info or vehicle info, and quickly get any important messages from the front office are much easier through this app then I’ve ever experienced. I also like the look and feel of it. I rarely l give reviews and never good ones. So good job!
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5 years ago, Passion4reviews
Good app but need improvements
I agree with another review on how easy it was to set up and pay my rent. But just in the review, Maintenance function had a particular problem. You cannot modify or delete. There is no cancellation of the maintenance request during and after the request has been made, if resident finds a solution before maintenance comes out. Furthermore if you go to each area to make changes or further comments the program does not allow you to do so. Although the app provides add more buttons.
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6 years ago, cerhodes
Payments are frustrating
The app is well designed and generally good, but making payments is frustrating. Every month I get a notification from both my apartment management, and from the Resident Portal app saying that my rent is due. When I open up the app, it shows a zero balance and “no payments due”, every single time. The balance only appears a full day after my rent is due. This means that every time I pay rent, I have to go through like 10 extra manual steps of initiating a new payment and entering a custom dollar amount. The one time I decided to wait until the app actually reflected a balance in my account, I was charged a late fee.
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6 years ago, Zombies rock like hamsters
Works well, but not outstanding
This app is surprisingly simple, and takes off the stress of remembering when to pay my rent/utilities, or having to enter payment info every time. However, it’s still surprisingly simple. There’s nothing particularly enjoyable about using it, it’s just designed to be the quickest way to send the rent payment. Maybe something could be added to make it more engaging, like a chance to win a free month of rent for doing *something*. Either way, definitely use this app if it works where you live.
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2 months ago, resident portal hater
Horrible App
This is the worst rental app I’ve ever used in my life. Firstly, it doesn’t work 90% of the time. Every time I try to pay rent or check the notifications it simply crashes and won’t let me see anything. Secondly, when it does work, it runs at about the same speed that computers did back in the 90’s. I’ll sit there for 10 minutes waiting for it to load (which it rarely does). Lastly, whenever I experience difficulties with the app it just says to contact support, which is impossible to find, and if you do find it, no one is ever able to help. Overall a very useless, good for nothing app. If I could rate it at zero stars I would.
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5 years ago, Nykki nyk
I’m impressed.
The app is super user friendly, and makes for easy requests to be done as if it was on steroids! When we came to preview the property, we noticed the flyer for it and were pretty impressed. Now that we live here, we’ve had to put two minor requests in and they were done quickly and properly. Obviously the app doesn’t make the work done better, but it does make it easy for us all to communicate needs and they can set proper expectations.
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5 years ago, Thesisterboss
Worst App
I moved to a new unit and it won’t switch over to my new unit. I have emailed my leasing office as well as reached out to the customer service. All I got back from customer service is here is a PASSWORD change so you can get into your account. No! I have access to the portal but it won’t show me my new units balances, maintenance requests or anything to do with my new unit. I was told by my leasing office that this hasn’t ever happened before. I have logged out and back in nothing! It’s been going on for 2 MONTHS!! How am I supposed to know what my monthly payment is supposed to be when utilities change every month? Get your crap together with getting this updated to new units when people switch!
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6 years ago, AJM2011AJM
Only works to pay and do maintenance requests
You can't see your maintenance request history. The charges aren't itemized in the app, so you don't know what exactly you are being charged for. They ask you to review the app if you click that you like it on a pop-up, so that is why there are so many stars. I like being able to pay my rent by clicking a button, but only having a five day window to pay your rent is also annoying for anyone who travels. There is also no auto pay function. My maintenance request is closed, but not fulfilled. There is no history to view in the app, so that I can let the complex know when it was opened. It's quite frustrating.
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2 years ago, Nate nignathy
A few tips on how to use it for paying rent
Have the patience that’s required to use this app. It’s fairly navigable, but you have to put effort in. Here’s a few tips if you’re using it to pay your rent. *Look for additional payment options. And add bank account. (Note): (don’t be afraid of the subheading that states, “For (your rental property) to have access to this account. Do they have your permission?.” They will not have access to your account other than the posted amount due.) It will definitely look a bit sketchy, because it will view/show your banks account available balance. But don’t be afraid. Its inaccessible to the lessor. Good luck. Trust, adding your bank account is the best option and you won’t have to pay an obscene convenience fee. Like I almost did. Put in a few extra minutes learning it. You’ll be grateful you did. Be kind to everyone
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5 months ago, Triscuit for two
I’ve been here at Daniel Island Village since December 2015. It’s been an amazing experience. My lease expires on June 30, and I am anxious to see the improvements to my apartment for the next 30 to 45 days before I move back into my apartment. The staff has been amazing and Kayla who is the manager is an honest and straightforward. Amazing GM for this complex. I’m looking forward to the renovations and moving back to Daniel Island Village the best apartment complex here
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2 years ago, Flex001
Rent Payment Issues
I currently rent at 5002 Thayer Dr (Thayer Point Apartments, Killeen, TX). I’ve installed the app, signed in and if I want to make a payment, it asks me to contact the leasing office (make a payment is grayed out) which I did but no one is picking up my calls or call me back either. I tried making my rent last week Saturday. I even tried the website, it was down Saturday and Sunday. Can someone tell me what’s going on. Am not responsible for any late payments. Am out of states right now and the only way is to make a payment online.
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6 months ago, Owen Kellogg
Used to be useful
My problem is with the Request Maintenance feature. Once upon a time, you started a Request by picking which room the problem was in, then drill down to the specific issue within that room by choosing from a list of issues for ONLY that room. Now, you get one long repeating list of issues and you have no idea what room a problem is in. For example, you could pick “Interior Lights” from one of several places in the long list. Speaking as a retired app developer, it has all the earmarks of a bug in either the keyword list or the way the keywords are parsed. Fix it please.
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5 months ago, PoliceFrank
Lexington Park Senior living
How property manager, Miss Kelly she’s the bomb she’s very professional very courteous. She talks to you you could be down the hall and she will still go out her way to speak to you. If you ever need anything done in your unit all you have to do is ask and she will take care of it for you with no problem. She’s just that kind of lady. Thanks for hiring Miss Kelly you did a great job. I think you Charles Robinson unit 114.
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4 years ago, Eml714
This app is a must for me
I love this app. It is so convenient to be able to handle everything through this one app. I will not chose an apartment unless they provide an online portal to pay my rent. So I have experience with different apps, so far this is one of the best. I love when it notifies me that the maintenance request has been pick up and which maintenance person picked it up. But I agree it’s only good if the property uses it correctly.
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4 years ago, mattsmith0622
Revised up to 3 stars, still needs work
Feb 26 update to review: They seem to have done something to make the annoying reminders to pay rent already paid. Thank you for that. Now please give me the ability to look back at details of all of my rent payments throughout the entire lease period, not just 2020. Can I have the previous version back, please?! Jesus! Stop alerting me that it’s time to pay my rent when you know my rent is paid a week early EVERY MONTH! Changing notification settings in the app does nothing to fix it.
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5 years ago, JoshuaB93
Good app 👍🏽
It’s a good app! Only reason not given the 5 stars is because it will show a badge number on the app logo (meaning I have a notification from the app) on my home screen but when I get on the app there’s no Notification Center so if I didn’t see my email notification (separate source) I wouldn’t know what the notification was for. I.e was it for a certain amount due, maintenance, package etc? It’d be nice to have a Notification Center in the app so I can see what’s going and has gone on
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6 years ago, Manati354
Live the functionality of the app. It's clean and organized. Love that you could add vehicles, emergency contacts, do maintenance requests, etc. There should be a way to also do guest request such as if family is coming to visit and stay for a few days, their vehicles, amount if people, etc. I think that would be a cool feature. Also file complaint section. Possibly add links to other amenities/perks the building/complex/management might have such as gym, resident calendar, newsletter, etc.
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