Resideo - Smart Home

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Resideo Technologies, Inc.
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1 year ago
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14.0 or later
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User Reviews for Resideo - Smart Home

4.55 out of 5
427.1K Ratings
2 years ago, SoCal Rob OC
Not updating unless restarted
The app is visually appealing and logically organized, but there is a major flaw. When returning to the app, it doesn’t reflect current settings of the thermostat unless the app is terminated and then relaunched. For example: yesterday I changed the set temperature from 70 to 72 in the morning and when submitted, the app showed a set temperature of 72 and Hold until 3:45 PM. This is all correct. When I went back into the app today, instead of showing a set temperature of 70 and FOLLOWING SCHEDULE is still shows a set temperature of 72 and Hold until 3:45 PM. I can leave the app open and this will not change; there is no obvious way to force the app to refresh what is shown. If I terminate the app and then launch it again, it correctly shows a set temperature of 70 and FOLLOWING SCHEDULE I like the app but I cannot recommend it because of this behavior. When the app is already running and the user switches back to it, before presenting information to the user, it should always refresh the data since someone else may have changed the thermostat via local controls, someone else may have changed the settings via another instance of the app, or the previous app setting changes may be modified by a schedule, as in my example.
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5 years ago, Dalex2012
Used to work great
They have updated this app recently, maybe the 2nd to the last update basically messed this app up. Like what the others are experiencing, the scheduling function has been a nightmare since. I used to be able to change it and it will follow the schedule properly (or even if I leave the schedule alone). Now, the schedule won’t change until you go to the app and close it, open it again and maybe if you are lucky it will show “following schedule”, otherwise, you have to close and reopen the app several times. It is always showing “no schedule”. Also, before when I click and adjust the temp, it will give me an option to either hold for a period of time, hold temporarily or remove hold, now it does not do that all the time, sometimes I click out of the main page where you adjust the temp and go back and it will show up, most of the time I have to close the app out a few times to be able to get these options to show up. Also, I did not change any of the settings in the app nor the thermostats and the only thing that I change constantly is the temp and schedule which I used to do all the time and the app always follows the schedule. Obviously something got messed up on the updates, I wish they leave the app alone, I understand that it is necessary for security purposes but sometimes if it ain’t broke don’t fix it. Do not need the bells and whistles, just app the works because it used to. Please fix the bugs soon, its a great app when it actually works.
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7 months ago, ITguyShaun
Glitchy - Learn the loopholes
This app is definitely better than nothing! I enjoy being able to adjust the temperature and it does integrate with Alexa for temperature control, which is pretty nice. However, the app takes between 20 60 seconds to update with the current information on your thermostat. If you don’t realize this, which I did not for a very long time, you can often adjust the temperature and it doesn’t take. If you open the app and start adjusting the temperature, and then close the app… It just doesn’t work. When it finally downloads the current temperature, it will overwrite whatever you changed. I often work out of town and that’s the reason that I bought the thermostat. I would often remember that I had not adjusted the thermostat the day after I left, and it was very frustrating to think that I had changed the temperature and then come home and it was just running the normal schedule as though I was at home instead of being on hold for a week. All that to say… The base functionality of the app is to adjust the temperature while away. The fact that there is no indication of when the app is refreshing or that it may not take your changes… That just is unbelievable. Add a spinning circle or an hourglass icon, that says refreshing your data and then no one is confused. Also… Maybe work on how to get the information to flow a little faster than 20 seconds. That’s a long time when all you wanna do is adjust the temperature.
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4 years ago, AppBluesInCC
App no longer works
I have two T6 Pro thermostats that have bee functioning flawlessly with the Honeywell Lyric app for last two years. Then last week noticed app no longer gave correct status readings ( showed units running when in fact they were off , and current and set temperature values were reversed). Checked for new updates but none available last week. Decided to delete one of the thermostats from app and add it again. Big mistake. I cannot get through the install process. App gets to point to select network name and then nothing. iPhone setting shows it available but no options from there. I have tried deleting the app, backup data, reset thermostat to factory settings, nothing seems to help get the app to add the device. Saw new version yesterday and downloaded it but same issue. Not supposed to be this difficult to work with an app. It is now Friday December 4, 1:30 pm central standard time and have been on hold on phone with customer support for 1 hour and 55 minutes with no indication when they will get to me or if there is even anyone at the office. Not the kind of product behavior and customer support I expected.
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2 years ago, Gunslinger 4u
Decent, but has bugs.
If it weren’t for the two huge bugs, I’d give it 5 stars for ease of use. Thermostat is the T10. 1). The iOS version that I use on two devices won’t update the weather from my T10 thermostat unless I completely close the app via the app switcher, and reopen it! If I simply swipe away, and revisit the app later in day, which is normal on an iPhone, it still shows the weather from earlier, and doesn’t pull the current weather from the Tstat. 2). It seems to arbitrarily create a daily schedule alongside the group schedule that I set up. I have completely reset the schedule, deleted it, and started from scratch, several times, only to find a few days later that it spawned an additional daily schedule for Monday or another day. Very annoying. I have removed the T10 and replaced it to reboot it each time I reset and deleted the schedule, to make sure I was starting from a clean state. One more issue in the app, the humidification window protection setting feature is totally opposite of the written and online instructions! The app indicates that on its scale of 1-10, 10 is the most protective, ie. It will lower how much humidification the system allows to minimize frost buildup. However, all other instructions, written and online indicate the opposite, that a lower number is more protective. Which is it?
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2 years ago, BlackIllusion
Lazy developer response to my original review
Taking the star rating down to 1 from previously given 2 because of the lazy response from the developer. I got a response saying I was on an older app version. While technically true as the new app version was released literally the morning following the review I wrote, it’s lazy and shrugging off responsibilities to do an actual bug investigation. My apps get updated automatically and the Honeywell app did as well the morning the new version came out. I’ve had this issue SINCE WE INSTALLED HONEYWELL which was 14 months ago. Any decent developer or a QA team would have probably done a better investigation into the logs rather than just check app version. But I guess that’s the kind of quality we can expect from Honeywell looking at some of the other reviews as well. —-———————————————————————- I’m almost inclined to give this a 1 star rating. Every single time, and I mean EVERY SINGLE TIME I change temperature from the app, it does not register. I have to try multiple times and kill/reopen the app a couple of times for the app to send the message to the thermostat to change temp. I have 2 T6 thermostats and it’s the same issue with both. Changing temp directly on the thermostat works perfectly fine so it’s the app failing to communicate properly with the thermostat. Every other thermostat company has figured out how not to make this an issue. Why can’t Honeywell?
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3 years ago, Steve_is_my_name
Nice app and now it’s fast too
The app looks pretty good and setup was easy. Programming a schedule is a bit fidgety, but I don’t need to change it often so that’s fine. After that it runs the schedule and everything operates the way it should. Update: The issue below was bothering me for months, but customer support had me delete and reinstall the app and that seems to have fixed it! Original issue: The one big issue is that when I open the app it takes about 30 seconds to update to the current status of my T9 thermostat. Every once in a while it updates in just a couple seconds but usually it is slow. During that time, I have to keep the app open and just wait. If I switch to a different app and come back later it does not update in the background. If I quit the app completely and relaunch I still have to wait. So it does work, but it’s quite annoying when all I want to do is a quick status check or bump the temp up or down. I have a long delay where I just stare at out-of-date info and can’t use my phone.
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5 years ago, umarc2003
Terrible geofence and tech support
I’ve had a Honeywell Lyric thermostat for a few years now and up until recently, the interface between the app and thermostat worked like a charm. Recently however, (since they changed to the Honeywell home app) the geofence has been sporadic at best. When I get home after 9 hours away at work to find that the thermostat never turned down and my house has been toasty warm all day, it is beyond frustrating. If it only happened once or twice I would have an issue with it, but it has occurred many times now. I tried contacting tech support (because they were extremely helpful when I purchased the thermostat) only to be left waiting for a rep for over an hour with no response (three times now). I also tried chatting with a tech support rep with a similar hour plus wait with no response. My final attempt at emailing tech support was responded to after about a week (despite the fact that their web site says they will respond within 48 hours). Unfortunate the email response did not provide a solution so I responded to the email with additional information. That was over a week ago and I have still not received a response. I would have highly recommended the Honeywell Lyric and app in the past. However, after this experience I would recommend another brand with more stable service and more responsive tech support.
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3 years ago, brianbobcat
Has Promise but Lacks Many Features and Support
I came from a pre-Google Nest and chose Honeywell because of the large variety of thermostats to meet my various needs. The app was clean and simple, but after using it for almost two years, I’ve realized it’s too simple and their support doesn’t care. The app lately has gotten very slow. It takes a minute or two for the app to display the current temperatures or settings of my thermostats. Nest let you set a schedule but override that with geolocation. Nest also ran the fan for a forced-air system for several minutes after the burners or compressor turned off to push that bonus heat or cooling around, saving additional money. Honeywell has neither feature. When I’ve asked about why I can’t have both geolocation and a schedule for my thermostats, I’m told “you currently can only have one or the other” with no explanation why or timeframe for it to get added. In fact, it doesn’t sound like they have any plan at all to implement these features. Honeywell Home is not actually Honeywell anymore, but was spun off to Resideo. Maybe Resideo doesn’t have the resources to properly support the app or the motivation to care, but now I’m stuck with a worse and worse app that hasn’t added features in…ever? and support that doesn’t want to actually listen to its customers.
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2 years ago, Robthereview
Resideo has made this app worse
As most people have commented the Honeywell Home as was slow and occasionally had problems. I have over 20 thermostats for my house with radiant heating zones and air handlers, humidifiers and dehumidifiers all using the T10 thermostat. So I really rely in this app. Despite the slow nature in the last 6 months the app was working pretty well aside from taking time to update the current temperature when you opened it up. Now that Resideo has taken over it essentially is non functional. When you open the app it doesn’t show all my thermostats right away. Then some disappear and reappear again. With over 20 thermostats it becomes difficult to review the temperatures etc when the thermostat data doesn’t show up consistently. Then changes I make to the temperature are not registering either. I deleted the app and downloaded the latest version. That didn’t fix the problem at all. Half my thermostats still don’t show up. Amazingly on my other devices that haven’t switched to Resideo yet, the app works as well as it did previously. Resideo. If you don’t fix this problem within the next few weeks you are going to loose a lot of customers.
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2 years ago, rpinpv
This new version is horrible.
I don’t know what to say. Before they “updated“ this application it worked fine. Now I would have to say half the time it won’t even connect. I am at a point where I have to use the thermostat manually. The whole reason I bought this thermostat is because I can have the main unit wired in where it was originally installed an inconvenient location, and then have a remote unit in the room I actually spent time in. This has worked well for quite a while. However it is no longer the case. One of the things I dislike about this app is that there is no access to customer service. There is no email there is no chat there is no phone number how can I resolve problems if I cannot talk to customer service? I am actively looking for another way to interface with this thermostat. It looks like I may be able to do so through Ring, but I have yet to find out. If this application is all there is I’m probably just gonna stop using it completely and go find a different thermostat. This whole experience has changed from one of being very positive to one of being very negative simply because of an update to the application. These people need to get their act together they need to provide customer service access in the app. Even if they do it’s nowhere easily found. so, as for now I’m pretty much done.
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3 years ago, maxmotives
Huge Performance Downgrade from TC App
TL;DR: Keep the old app, Total Connect. Too much of a delay; massive headache. iPhone 13 Pro: Compared to the Total Connect app, this is a huge downgrade. Weather takes forever to update on the main page but my biggest gripe with the app is that it is VERY slow to update and respond to thermostat changes. For example, when I open the app, it will be stuck on the last known settings (mode, temp, etc) - even if the settings are outdated (e.g., I changed the temp on the screen since I last used the app or someone else changed them on the app). If I change the settings at that point and then close the app, no changes will be registered (even thought the app temporarily reflects the change). Instead, I have to open the app, click into one of the thermostats, go back to home, minimize the app and continuously navigate back to the app until I see the settings update. At that point I can finally make a change and it's a >50% chance that the change will successfully apply. It's a guessing game if I don't know what the current settings are. Instead, I went back to the TC app which updates immediately and shows the settings in real time. Hopefully, they don't fully retire the TC app. Otherwise, there are plenty of other smart home devices to choose from.
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6 years ago, fhicvnvbcjohn
T5 thermostat
Typically, we have zero issues with the app or our thermostat. Lately, it has been quite frustrating. The geofencing feature has a mind of its own and seems to work when it wants. The app stopped recognizing our thermostat resulting in me having to set it up again. Not a big deal, right? Well, I spent 30-40 minutes standing in front of the thermostat going through the setup process in the app a good 10 times. System still doesn’t work and the app shows I have no devices setup. I eventually gave up and will try another time. Extremely frustrating. I got to the end of the process several times and was prompted to configure the device and then register it (which I have already in the past). It would think for about 3 minutes and eventually give me an error message. Then would say setup incomplete and prompt me to start over... Honeywell, never had issues before. What’s going on and how can I make this function properly again? This is the second smart thermostat I have had made by Honeywell. First one melted and almost caught fire... thank you
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6 years ago, Expoke
Inadequate app alert. Settings menu limited.
By sheer coincidence I woke up and noticed a visual water leak badge alert on my phone. I never heard an audible alert from my phone. Went to the detector and heard the alarm on the detector itself (all was dry though, so either this is extremely sensitive or it was a false alarm). I then checked the app settings thinking maybe I’d muted something accidentally during set up, but this was not the case— I found no way to adjust or specify the alert types. In my view my phone should be blaring a loud alarm when a leak is detected. It’s an emergency, right? A badge alert does no good whatsoever, and if there was an audible alert, it was too short and didn’t even arouse me from sleep. This is very concerning, because if I hadn’t woken up by coincidence myself and happened to 1) check my phone and 2) notice the tiny little badge notification on my phone, there could have been thousands and thousands of dollars worth of damage taking place and I’d have no knowledge, being I was out of earshot of the alarm on the detector itself. Everything else has seemed to functions well and reliably, so this has shaken my confidence in the device.
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5 years ago, ajp1389
Pointless: It rarely works.
The app is fine, when it actually works. However, it is constantly disconnecting from the WiFi (multiple times a day). It only seems to remain connected to the WiFi when my phone is connected to the same WiFi. Now imagine if you have an upstairs and downstairs thermostat, with corresponding WiFi’s. Even if you try to access the system from home, one of them will always show as offline because you can’t be on two WiFi’s at once. Do I need to get into accessing it remotely, if I can’t even access it from home?? In addition, it has so many bugs. I will go in and change a temperature setting and the app reverts right back to where it was. For example: My thermostat is off, I will go in and turn the heat on via the app. The screen will allow me to change it and then seconds later, reverse it back to off, as if I never turned it on. Lastly, it will sometimes completely drop one or both of the thermostats from the app. The whole point of this app was the be able to control the thermostat remotely. If I have to be at home on the WiFi to access it, there’s no point. If I have to go directly to the thermostat to update it because the app is undoing my selections, again there is no point to this. It feels like such a waste of time and money. I regret this purchase.
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2 years ago, Mr Sube
Horrible App / Wonderful Devices/Thermostat
For some reason, the app is the most sluggish, buggy, and frustrating app out of all of the “smart” home apps I use. If the app is left open, it will freeze when you go back in, and then tell you it couldn’t log you in. Then other times you open fresh, and you need to log back in, again. As if this thing is so important, like move stock options from one account to another or locking down a democrat email server. Either way, it just is unreliable and aggravating. The integration with Ring and Alexa is also so poor, that they can’t make up the difference. If it wasn’t for the solid thermostat itself and the room sensors, I would have moved on to another platform two years ago. Fix the stupid thing please. Just use it for a few months and try to change the schedule a few times a month when you’re going to bed or other times, you’ll figure out these little ghosts in the machine.
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4 months ago, garciawisconsin
Multiple Lockouts with no recovery
Frequent incidents of msgs over the years that cause complete lockout of app - sometimes for months. Today’s repeat Example: “date & time of your mobile phone is incorrect”. The iPhone time is of course correct. But msg repeats and app can’t be used even after iPhone reboot or delete & redownload app. I have had another types of msgs with no recovery. Prior one Locked me out of app for many months thru summer and much of this winter. Reboots, Delete and redownload didn’t help. Issue disappeared last week after final of a long series of iOS updates. The problem didn’t exist on my spouse’s iPhone. No method to effectively contact app developers. Current issue resolved just now by setting iPhone to 24 hr clock even though it worked fine yesterday with 12 hr clock. And I don’t want to run phone on 24hr clock display. Reset back to 12 hr causes failure msg again. Thermostat and spouse’s phone are not 24 hr clocks and no issues for spouse. Frustrating to see the app working accurately behind the msg notice but no way to access app. Good reasons not to install Honeywell thermostats. Wife, however, was very happy with ultimate power. She likes the house 58° in Wisconsin winter. I bring winter camping gear to bed. App contributes to small family size.
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6 years ago, brgbldr
Great when it works
I’ve had this for probably six months now. My only complaint is that sometimes it doesn’t recognize that my wife is home. I set it to give me an alert and I keep having to turn the geofencing feature off until I get home. Aside from that quirk it is terrific. Second complaint is data logging, or the lack thereof. It’s not a comfort issue or anything like that but I find it amazing that there’s no way to see how many hours it’s operated or in what mode and what the temperature was say every hour for at least a day or a week. At one point I set the modes too close and believe that it would heat up the house then turn on the A/C to cool it back down. With a data log feature I’d have seen that sooner. My wife is disabled and we don’t leave the house at regular times each day so the competition’s device that “learns” your schedule was of no use to us. In theory this is a much better option however Honeywell needs to build in a data logger and definitely needs to fix the Geofencing reliability. At the very least give us a button to override the home/away and/or refreshing the search when we know for a fact that someone is home.
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2 years ago, TechBoy7219
Has come very far from when we were first introduced to the app
The app was very fluid for our thermostats and with the introduction of runtime I think it was the perfect way to express a full look of heating and cooling over a period of time without having to wait for that email that was on the 20th of the month. If there could be a developer that would look into creating a way to incorporate into the app specific runtime based by the hour, it would make the “day” look of runtime a lot more detailed than just a solid bar indicating the total heating/cooling of that day. I feel the need of having that specific data will help with creating schedules for folks who want to save energy, letting them know the time of day that the most heating/cooling is done and letting them know ways they can decrease the amount of energy being consumed by lowering the temperature during those hours. There is so much potential having hourly data for runtime and I really look forward to it being incorporated into the runtime section of the app in the near future if it could be done.
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6 years ago, jessicahuntley
Terrible in all aspects!!
This thermostat was installed when we bought a new a/c about 3 months ago. On the colder nights we normally turn our heater on so that if the house temp drops to 75 or below the heater kicks on to maintain the 75 degree setting. EVERY time my husband or I do this we wake up in the middle of the night sweating!! The temperature turns up to 83!!! EVERY SINGLE TIME! The manual is useless unless you speak robot. My husband called the a/c company who installed it and they told him some directions on how to fix it, which didnt work because we couldn’t even find the buttons they told us to push on the thermostat. I downloaded the app thinking in may shed some light on the problem I am having. So I register my account, confirm my email. The app wants me to register my device by pushing the temperature on the middle of my thermostat screen for 5 seconds!! Of course this didn’t work because the thermostat is not a touch screen. I felt like a complete dolt for standing in front of the thermostat touching a screen over and over that literally did nothing. It was like touching a computer screen from the 90’s and expecting it to actually respond!! So frustrated!!! All I want is for my children to be warm in their beds at night and Honeywell sure can’t seem to make this happen. Very frustrated!!!
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2 years ago, ska397
Suddenly offline and my house is freezing
My thermostat decided to go offline at nine this evening. I live in Alaska. It’s currently zero degrees Fahrenheit outside and getting colder. This literally happened apropos of nothing. We’ve had the thermostat for years with no issues. I tried to reset the Wi-Fi on the thermostat and suddenly, my app is telling me to connect to a network beginning with a T, while my thermostat is telling me to connect to a network beginning with an F. I find the network displayed on my thermostat and am able to connect, but the app won’t connect. This thing keeps shutting my furnace off. I’ve given up trying to reconnect the thermostat-I’ve tried factory reset, deleting thermostat from my app and setting it up as a new one….nothing. I can’t even get this thing to stop telling my furnace to shut off! Which means I am unable to keep the heat on manually. And again, I’d like to reiterate here THAT I LIVE IN ALASKA. We may not be “off the grid”, but it’s certainly starting to feel like I live in an igloo. Customer support isn’t available for another ten hours, and there are no stores open within hundreds of miles so I can’t even run out and buy another cheap thermostat just to get the heat working. I’m beyond furious.
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3 years ago, jfh1971
First, the app works. I can control my thermostat from anywhere in the world (assuming my wifi works, but that’s a different review). However, there are really two things I don’t like about it. The two main advantages of this app should be maintaining my programmed ‘stat while away and quick reads in the middle of the night (I got chilly last night and wanted to know what the temp was in the house). Well, the programming feature is buried somewhere. I’d rather have it on the main page. Maybe it’s because I only have one thermostat to control that I’m annoyed by this. If I had more than one I’d want to know which one I was controlling so I can give the benefit of the doubt here. The biggest problem is that I wear reading glasses and have to fumble for them if I want to read the house temp in the middle of the night. Make everything bigger and more obvious. When you wake up at 2am cold and need to know these details, it shouldn’t require reading glasses and focus energy. The digits are too small even with my cheaters (and my eyes aren’t THAT bad, just bad enough).
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6 years ago, AngryBirdMan12345
As needy as a 2 year old
The thermostat itself is pretty good. I don’t have any complaints. The app? Well, that’s a whole different story. The constant alerts and notifications are as annoying as a toddler who is bored. They both are incessantly begging for your attention for no good reason. Why does the geofencing glitch out? Who knows! Why does the connection fail multiple times a week (and sometimes per day)? Who knows! The good news is I can just ignore the alerts and it usually resolves. However, my T5 device disappeared from my app device list. I have been through the “add new device” setup about 10 times and it gets right to the end where you answer some questions about your heating/cooling and then gives an error about being unable to complete set up or something equally non-explanatory. The app worked for a good long time with just the annoying notifications being the issue. Now the app refuses to let me add my thermostat. be the judge. If you want a nice touch screen thermostat, you’ve got it. Besides that, there I absolutely no guarantee it will be “smart” because the app has become useless. Sigh. Who has the time for this? Not me.
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4 years ago, Haley61792
App has tons of bugs, thermostat follows suit
We finished building out house about a year and a half ago and put in 4 of these thermostats. From the get-go, the app had difficulty recognizing the divides, syncing with them, and staying synced. After a few months of continual babysitting it seemed to straighten itself out for a while (merciful, considering it was wintertime). We shut them off for the season and have not been able to get them working again this year. I’ve reset our router, run the repair protocol through the thermostats themselves, factory reset the thermostats, deleted and redownloaded the app...all to no avail and each step creates a new sticking point. Sometimes it can’t find a network, sometimes it goes all of the way through setup and then errors out at the very end, and now it won’t even begin setup because the app shows the connection to my thermostat but won’t ever proceed to the next screen when it’s tapped (it just highlights gray for a second, signifying it recognizes the tough, but does nothing). It’s highly disappointing to spend so much money on brand new state of the art thermostats and have them fail repeatedly due to poor programming on the app side, and to have no way to set them up and use them without this hateful app.
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3 years ago, Abeck18
Could be so much better
This thermostat is pretty awful. Took me several tries and HOURS to get it programmed and I’m still not sure if it works correctly. It is difficult to program or figure out and the manual is not helpful at all. The programming doesn’t work by DAY as implied on the package. You can only set all the weekdays at the same program. So if you have a set meeting or something say on Wednesday, you can’t program Wednesday any different than all the other days of the week. Just got the app set up hut it took HOURS and it is completely unclear if a/c is now ruled completely by my geofence or if the settings are still in place and working. The technology exists to make this a much better piece of equipment but it seems more like people who don’t use a thermostat designed it. Suggest you get a real user involved and perhaps someone from apple when you design the next version because of apple ever decides to design a thermostat they will put you out of business
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5 years ago, Tuck R
Good idea. SUPER big riddled.
Go to create account. Can’t. End up calling tech support which is not accessible in app without sign in. They confirm it’s app error not allowing account creation. They make one for me. Go to set up water leak detector. Takes full app reboot twice in order to finally get WiFi to finish connecting on device. Then the device itself says it’s 20 degrees warmer than it is in room per other thermo device in room as test and humidity reads 20% lower. This is initial reading. Maybe it will update more accurately in a bit. But I go to update alert settings.... and it’s so buggy that when I go to back out of alert settings it gives me an alert that it may take 24 HOURS to change how I get alerts from the device... AND then I get stuck in a loop where it just reloads the same settings page after each time I try to back out of the settings and it gives me this alert... requiring yet another full app reboot... off to a bad start Honeywell... will give your product longer than a few hours to redeem itself. But, so far an underwhelming initial user experience.
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3 months ago, TunaE
Outdoor remote sensor values not shown in app
I have four of the new Honeywell T10+ thermostats, with various T10+ remote indoor and outdoor sensors paired with each thermostat. Each thermostat device on the wall does show the remote outdoor temperature from my actual outdoor sensor (not from AccuWeather) on their default screen. They also show that outdoor sensor in their "Devices & Sensors" screen along with the indoor sensors, displaying their temperature and humidity values. However, Residio app only shows the AccuWeather data on the home page, and only INSIDE temp from each thermostat. Going into the PRIORITY screen of any thermostat in the app shows only the temperatures (without humidity values) from only the inside sensors (should also show humidity% for each) and nothing from the outdoor sensor. Clearly, therr should be an OUTSIDE data line on that screen for any thermostat paired with such a sensor. Also, going into the SETTINGS, DEVICES & SENSORS screen in the app still only shows the indoor sensors, now correctly showing both the temperature and humidity for each. Clearly, the outdoor sensor should also be listed on this page with both values.
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4 years ago, Viper-Gator
Works great after powering off and on - update
Original post: This app used to work perfectly with our Lyric T5. Recently, the thermostat started to ignore the app. The thermostat is connected to WiFi because I can see the correct settings and current room temperature on my app. The problem happens when I try to change something on the thermostat via the app. For example, if I try to turn the thermostat from cool to heat, it will not accept the change. I open the app, select heat, select save, and it looks like it worked...except when I reopen the app, it goes back to cool on its own, the thermostat will not accept app changes, only manual changes keyed into the thermostat actually change its settings. Update: I removed power from the Lyric T5 (either take it off the wall or flip the circuit breaker). Leave power off for over a minute. Once powered back on my Lyric automatically found the internet, reconnected, and now this app works perfectly. Very quick response from developer and their solution worked!
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4 months ago, McPhee-Bell
Worked ‘fine’ for the most part, now not so much
The app has always had issues, especially in regards to saving temp changes I make manually. Constantly having to fully exit and reopen the app to make sure my changes took. Not a huge deal. However recently when I open it I get a pop up telling me the date and time on my device are inaccurate and to fix it before using the app. The date and time are not wrong at all. So I close the app, swipe it out of my background usage and open again. I don’t get the pop up after that, I get the pin request and when I enter my pin it goes to a forever loading screen, forcing me to close out of the app again. When I open it it asks for a full email + password login. I do that and sometimes it comes up with the date/time thing again, other times it does not. The only workaround I found so far (and it’s only worked the once, as I just tried it for the first time) is changing the time on my phone to 24 hour time instead of 12 hour time. I hope this (and the other random bugs) get fixed soon. Other than these issues it works well enough.
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5 years ago, Reckless Bill
Thanks for the improved notifications
UPDATE: looks like notifications can now be sent as text messages (if you use your phone carrier’s special email address that forwards to text). Thank you! Adding a star. Old review: A handful of houses in our neighborhood have had TENs of THOUSANDs of dollars in water damage from leaks. When there is a leak in my home I want to know! Here are long standing notification failures with this app: 1) push notifications are easy to miss. I get hundreds a day. Might as well whisper to me at a football game 2) no badge icon - ok, I miss the push notification but at least there is a badge icon to let me know there was a leak right? No. No there isn’t. 3) email notification - too asynchronous, I need to know NOW that my home is flooding 4) text message - this is the ONE way that would be useful but they don’t support it. “Oh, just have an email sent to your phone’s texting email address”, you say? Sorry, can’t. Lyric requires that the email address be validated and you can’t validate it because it sends an HTML message and the text app doesn’t like that.
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2 years ago, Timmerbee
Poorly designed, difficult to connect, repeated problems, slow
This app is really bad. The first part is the simple act of having a password that can be saved automatically by an IPhone. (Note to Honeywell designers: Hey dummies. All the other apps work with an iPhone so the login info is saved. It really helps the user, so using your app doesn’t mean a constant string of password resets. Do better.) It took two days to get a thermostat connected, and about twenty attempts. Frequent timeouts as the app was trying to connect to the thermostat. Much of the problem was just a poor design for the app interface to the user - very few instructions, and the important instructions are literally wrong, and poorly worded to induce confusion. The worst part is, you simply cannot use a LYRIC thermostat until it has been set up using the app. There is no option to work directly with the thermostat to run your house air conditioner or furnace. So for days during a nasty heat wave, I was unable to use the brand new air conditioner that had just been installed. Honeywell, you have a 24/7 hotline to help people with your app. If you just start from scratch and make the app better, you wouldn’t need the hotline. Do better.
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5 years ago, S.Tydeman
Honeywell needs to get their house in order!
I have three (3) Lyric Round 2nd Gen thermostats in two (2) separate homes. Everything worked fine for a couple years with their App and HomeKit. In the last six (6) months, then Honeywell App (iOS latest) and via Apple HomeKit has failed with numerous problems almost on a daily basis! Customer Support is a joke with weird complicated “work arounds” to try to solve simple problems like thermostat being set to “Auto” temperature. Really? That was their main selling point two years ago along with Apple HomeKit integration. In the last six (6) months some of the thermostats would be seen and work on Apple HomeKit and others would not. I HAVE HAD TO RESET (factory setting and reconfigure) each of these three (3) thermostats numerous times! I think it’s poor Honeywell App integration coding with HomeKit, third (3rd) party customer support (Honeywell Corp selling Division) and lack of WANT by Honeywell to continuing to support said product, even though it has a five (5) year warranty! I have everything from window blinds, outlets, etc that is a whole Apple HomeKit “smart home”. The Honeywell thermostats and their App integration with Apple HomeKit is the ONLY problem devices I have. Hmmmmmm So Honeywell, in this environment, and stated above, who had the issue?
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6 years ago, MER6662
The Honeywell App for Lyric Is Absolutely Useless
We got the Honeywell Lyric thermostat because of the Honeywell reputation. Installed in our newly built home and it is a very nice looking thermostat that works fine manually. The Honeywell app for it is horrible. Can’t believe Honeywell would put out such an inferior, useless app for its product. VERY disappointed - we got the unit to be able to control it when we are away, but it doesn’t stay connected to our WiFi and the app is so basic and rudimentary - it does not have any features that mirror the device other than temp up or temp down. What a huge waste of money this thing was. Would return it if I could. Honeywell, if you care about customer satisfaction you should invest in better app technology so, at a minimum, all your devices features are accessible via the app. Would NOT recommend this device until Honeywell upgrades their app to have a stable WiFi connection and has significantly greater features on their app. Until that happens, this product is a waste of money if you’re need if flexibility and control when away from your home. Also, I rate customer service “0” because I called and waited for 30 minuets and was still “waiting for the next available representative” - VERY FRUSTRATED!!
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2 years ago, Keryne1908
No more trips downstairs!
UPDATE: My original rating of three stars got the developer’s attention. I received an email from them through apple. I followed their directions. Deleted the app and reinstalled it. So far I’m able to access the main screen without several attempts. The functionality is good. I’m able to modify the schedule, change temps and method, and update the filter reminder. It’s nice to not have to come downstairs to change the temperature. I’ve upgraded this to five stars due to the change in performance and the customer service. ORIGINAL: I am able to control my thermostat through the app. The only reason for the lower rating is the app doesn’t always open. I have to try 2-3 times before I’m in and viewing the main screen. I have the iPhone 13 pro max and all updates are current. My usage is mainly within my home or within a 10 mile radius.
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7 years ago, BobbyGWhiz
Mostly good
Installation was a breeze for me. I already had the blue C wire. Not as pretty as Nest or Ecobee, but nicer than my previous Honeywell internet thermostat, and much better priced. Set-up was a breeze, as well, with zero hitches. Obviously other have had major headaches. Not sure what accounts for the difference. Geofencing could be improved as the App only allows for one perimeter. I’d like it to change the temp when I leave and arrive my house, but also when I leave work so it can warm or cool the house by the time I get home. Apple Home (or HomeKit as many people call it) does this, but it’s a bit confusing to use two apps instead of one. My iPhone was consuming the battery quickly, until I turned off location services on the Lyric app and only allowed while using the App on the Apple Home app. It still knows where I’m at even even if I don’t have either app loaded, but battery usage is much better. Honeywell sent me a few “appreciate your comments” reply’s to my posting elsewhere. Hopefully this will translate into app improvement, and not just a corporate demonstration of responsiveness to make me feel good.
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1 year ago, hoodybffvhgdvhurf
Lyric round won’t work with Resideo
The resideo app and Honeywell thermostats, apparently don’t work together. I bought a brand new lyric smart thermostat, three months ago. It was installed properly with brand new heating and air conditioning system. When I go to set up the app with the thermostat, everything seems fine at first; The app and thermostat connect to each other. Then bring to the end. It says “ everything is connected” “now just register your device “But then, when you go to sign into your Resideo account and register the device it says” The resideo service is temporary unavailable at this time. Please check again later.” if I hit “OK “ again, it tells me “ the data cannot be read because it’s in the end, correct format”. This prevents me from registering my device. And if it’s unregistered, it’s useless. You can’t use the app, you can’t use the features and you can barely use the thermostat manually. You can’t change the temperature; it stays at 70 all the time. I’ve tried this numerous times. Tried all the tricks and tips in the book. Reset my router. Download Bluetooth most current firmware. And checked all the settings. Resideo and a Honeywell are worthless.
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6 years ago, MekaMia
Needs a lot of improvements and definitely the customer service is lacking a lot.
Goes offline a lot like everyday and of course my other devices like ring and nest do not go offline only this one. It usually comes back on itself but when it doesn’t then I have to call. After numerous calls they still have no info on me when I do call. They don’t know what device i have nor do they have any record of my name or phone number. I have to give all that info again only to find out on the next call they again have no record of me. Would not buy again. When it’s offline u cannot control it from your phone when your away which is why I got it. They can’t walk you through an issue cuz their unsure what’s going on. Needs lots of improvements. Since they keep no records or notes of their customer calls when you call they want you to remove the device from the wall to see if it’s installed right. It is because I had it professionally installed. They argue with you even though you know that’s not the issue. It’s so extremely frustrating it’s beyond words. When I’m able to I’m going to replace it with something that works and does what it says it can do. Would not recommend at all.
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2 years ago, ReviewedIMHO
Fix this bug please!!
I almost always have to enter the password now to access the app’s function. I can live with this, though I don’t understand that level of security for a thermostat, but what I can’t tolerate is having to log in, then see a home screen with no controls, necessitating me to close out the app and log in a second time to get the app to work. I see that others have complained about this recently. Please fix. Also, I keep setting my filter reminder correctly, but it keeps resetting to dates and frequencies that are incorrect. Annoying. UPDATE: After waiting for this to get fixed for over two months, I called Resideo Customer Service at the end of February and was told I should delete and then reinstall the app, so I did. THAT DID NOT FIX THIS ISSUE!! The rep I spoke to was nice enough, but when I outlined the problem of having to use the passcode twice each time, he said that this not come up before. REALLY? Almost every other review/complaint since the last update a couple of months ago has addressed this as an issue. PLEASE!! Just fix this and issue a new update.
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3 years ago, Rjva
Updated review
UPDATE: after I connected my WiFi to my preinstalled new home WAPs I have had no issues with my thermostat and the app. My guess is that it’s something to do with having a stable internet connection. Now if I make manual changes on the app or thermostat it does revert to schedule on time and with no issues. The only thing I don’t like about the app is that it is set up for multiple devices, so rather than just opening a thermostat app, I have to click through to make changes to the air’s fan settings. Every time a manual change or any change is made to the thermostat, it does not revert to schedule!!! Even a manual thermostat can do this!! It’s not just me, I asked my sister who has the same thermostat and she has the same situation. The thermostat came with the house and I appreciate being able to change my thermostat on the app when I’m upstairs and the thermostat is downstairs, but this is such a pain. I’m tempted to buy a Nest, which is much easier to use or just a manual thermostat.
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3 years ago, torresus
4-Stars for function but could use some innovation that Honeywell is known for
I recently installed 2 EA of 17 SEER 2-Stage Trane units and they work perfectly with the T9 controllers and sensors. The app performs as required to operate 2-stage systems, easy to setup, and easy to use. Coming from a Nest system, there is some functionality that would be helpful. (1) Capability to lock the panel with a pin from the app, (2) add Works with Vivint for basic temperature and home/away/vacation control and (3) set schedules to allow for the option to give priority to specific user geofencing. Since the units capture outside temperature and inside humidity, a useful feature would be to be able to set a unique Eco mode option to maintain an average temperature based on +/- of outdoor temperature. Maybe the same for humidity too. Besides these innovative opportunities, the app UX or user experience is slim to load fast and the controls you need most are easily accessible to change right up front. Looking forward to future updates.
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2 years ago, The walking letter carrier
Plane and simple
The app is plane and simple, so if you like that ,it’s for you. There is the ability to set it to heat and cool at the same time for those days that start cold and you need some heat in the morning but want to maintain that temperature throughout the day as the temperatures outside rise above your comfort level. I consider my self to have the ability to figure technology out, but this one had me stumped with out much direction within the app but thanks to a reply to my previous review of it I was contacted by a representative and got it all figured out thank you very much because I was about to go buy something else. I still think the app could you some work but I will give it a chance. as of today I still miss my nest, although I don’t believe they have their customer service level up to yours thanks again for the help. I miss my nest thermostat but it has its own issues with operating my new HVAC system, and the Honeywell pro9000 is what my installer recommended.
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3 years ago, theOriginalDrummerBoy
Customer Dissatisfaction = 5 ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
I have had my system for two years now. This month trouble trouble trouble. I’ve had trouble last year with the thermostat on the wall go blank but the installer Royal Air said they fixed it. Now the thermostat has gone blank three times this past week and dead today. So I updated the app. No help there. My last system in the same house worked great for 10 years in a house I bought brand new. I just thought it would be time to upgrade to a two speed system, Carrier. My wife is completely disappointed we got a new system. She freezes in the winter and I sweat now this summer. Why would the thermostat go blank???? This is high tech??? I would rather have the old mercury bubble thermostat and no other interference. We have not advanced anything by going wireless. We have gone backwards. Thank God no one has tried to reinvent the wheel by making it run on WiFi and logic language!!!! Someone will try! 👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻
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6 years ago, 1r0nc14d
Can you fix the issue with configuring your thermostat?
I am using the Lyric thermostat, and while I love the features like geofencing, and it does a great job handling the aspects of managing my AC/heating, the connecting to WiFi and configuring the thermostat is horrible! It is something that should take 5 minutes or less, but instead it has taken me over half an hour waiting mainly for the app to communicate with the thermostat, which the thermostat times out and I need to restart the process by force quitting the app, and relaunch, re-navigate to the WiFi settings on the thermostat, and start the never loading process about 3 more times until it finally shows my WiFi and starts to work. When it is working, I love the setup, and love the product. When it suddenly stops working on my network, or it starts to show the WiFi is disconnected symbol, or I get a message in the App staying that the thermostat disconnected from WiFi, I get really frustrated. That is saying a lot, because I am a tech savvy person, who is not frustrated easily. The setup is the only reason why I am giving the app a one star. If not for this glaring problem it would have a 5 star rating. So please! Fix this issue!
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3 years ago, ScottyB37385837
Good thermostat, bad application
When I first got the thermostat it worked pretty well with the application. Where we live we basically don’t have any cellphone service so I blamed all of the little communication issues on that. Lately the application has basically stopped paying attention to my wife’s phone. It’s pretty good about recognizing my phone, but thinks that my wife is home all the time which defeats the purpose of it in the first place. At this point I’ve just removed her phone from the thermostat and now it’s back to working OK. Update: after a handful of updates it’s working better. I’m back to being generally happy with it, although very regularly I get a message something along the lines of “we saw you crossed the geofence but we couldn’t change your settings” which only requires me to open the application and then it’s ok. Edit: I’ve had this thermostat for 3 years and have had the same small, but annoying, problems the entire time. Still regularly logs me out and says “not responding”
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1 year ago, Habitat. pat
Good when it works
I use this app on my iPhone to monitor & control 3 thermostats. When the app works, about 80% of the time it works well. The other 20% of the time i need to shut the app down & restart it. I have 2 problems with it, possibly connected. Here is an example of the problems: I leave the app up in the background & when I click to bring the app back up, sometimes the displayed outside temperature is incorrect. Example: I just opened the app & it showed my local temperature to be 33°. It’s actually 62°, it was 33° a couple days ago when I last used the app. Restarting the app gets the correct temperature. Second problem I’m having is that the inside temperature & whether it’s heating or not is sometimes incorrect. Again, restarting the app fixes it. I’ve communicated with Honeywell/Resideo & the folks who supply the weather information & they both point their fingers at the other. Seems like they need to talk with each other & fix the problem.
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3 years ago, (Damo)
After many failed attempts
The app is designed to Geofence your location. Which it never does correctly. I have called opened and tickets on this issue. Support can’t fix it. I turned it off and it still sends alerts to me that I crossed the fence set. Lately the app has been not communicating with the Lyric. This is frustrating. Having to pull it off the wall and then back on to restart. I the app now deleted my device so I have to set it back up again. Get through setting up Wi-Fi and then when it wants to connect to the Honeywell server it says it’s not communicating or the server is down. I’ve tried to call support which used to be 24 seven. Now It has changed to a limited time which is central time and I am in a Pacific Time zone which doesn’t help when you work. I also tried looking up Self help support online the website only uses desktop view and no mobile view which is frustrating cause the app is on your phone/ tablet not a computer. The Honeywell team is dropping the ball on this device and service quality. Why Honeywell?
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2 years ago, Awnrycuss
The Honeywell Home App has a very nice look and intuitive feel, but it simply doesn’t work. An app should firstly, function as intended. This app has many great features, but they are useless if they don’t work. The Geofence is why we purchased the thermostats in the first place. We have 3 of them in our vacation/rentals and the geofence refuses to work properly. They continuously register Away and refuse to update without having to open the app, and navigate back and forth and all around just to get them to see that we are in range. We also continuously get messages stating that the Geofence has sensed we are away, but the app could not update the thermostat. So frustrating!! Other issues we also experience are long delays in the temps updating, as many other reviews mention. And now after 1-1/2 years of frustration, the app just logs me out and I have to keep signing back into my account. I understand the need for security, however if your logged out of the app, no features will work! There are great features in this app, but we simply can’t use them due to poor programming of the app!
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2 years ago, paaskanama
Recurring WiFi connection issues
Took forever to get two units connected to house wifi. An hour per unit from start-to-finish with what should be a seamless connection. The app repeatedly runs into “unknown errors” and can’t connect. The animation screens are TOO SLOW (preloaded animations with no skip option, especially when viewing for the 10th time on a single setup). December 2021 there was an app update (no discernible way to tell a push was sent because there’s no release log in the app), which disconnected both units, EXCEPT they were already linked to the house wifi, so attempts to reconnect each unit distinctively meant iOS saw them as an existing thermostat object, which means the app update did not properly account for iOS requirements, which are standard review for any app developer every six (6) months. In short, the app product is poorly designed, poorly evaluated, released without notification or intuitive design and lacks attention to necessary design and functionality, which is the only thing users expect from a mobile app.
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2 years ago, YotaYak
Latest Update Broke App
First I would like to say I have used my T5 thermostat along with the app for almost 6 years now. In that time I have had absolutely zero issues with the app. This latest update has broken the app. The app now freezes showing outdated info about current temp and settings anytime you leave it and try to come back, the only way to fix this that I have found is to force close the app and restart it. This has to be done almost EVERY TIME you want to use the app. It also randomly says too many login attempts causing you to have to completely log back into the app with your email and password about every day. This is just a couple of the new issues caused by this previous update. After testing with a few other iPhones I have, 3 out of 4 had the same exact issues all running the same app version (5.9.4) the one phone that did not have issues was running the older version (5.9). Until the app is fixed everyone is better off just using HomeKit to control their thermostat as is has not had any of these issues. Once a new update is issued to resolve these bugs I will update my review accordingly, Thank you. If anyone from app development team would like to get in touch with me to get more details about some of the bugs and what triggers them I would be more than happy to message them. Test devices and app versions used 2 iPhone 13 Pro Max - Both on 5.9.4 1 iPhone 12 Pro Max - 5.9 (Worked without issues) 1 IPhone 11 Pro Max - 5.9.4 1 iPhone 7 - 5.9.4
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10 months ago, uswcboy
Potential is there, but it just doesn’t perform well
I purchased a T10 stat when the first came out. My reason in buying the t10 was the IAQ options for dehumidification and the ability to have remote sensors. After having this system for more than a few years I have to say my original cheap bottom of the line M30 stat from Lennox was better. 1. App itself is slow to update: meaning changing it the night before and then checking/changing it the next day, it still shows what you did yesterday and will not update. Today I had the issue that closing it doesn’t help at all, still shows sleeping schedule and will not respond to commands from the app. 2. The stats Wi-Fi to sensors is terrible, again slow to respond to updates, cannot adjust the set points on the individual sensors. 3. No granular statistics are available. It says how many hours per day/week/month the system ran in a particular mode and nothing more. Where as my old Lennox stat showed granular data fan run, cooling run and heat in hours, mins, and seconds. 4. The sensor mixed program vs. schedule leaves very little in the way of customizing every run, such as fan cycle per hour in recirculating mode, or dehumidification + iaq ventilators. If I cannot get this thing to work, ti at least the bare minimum, like updating in a quick amount of time without deleting and reinstalling the app, I’m going to replace it as I don’t have the time to keep screwing around with something that should just work as advertised.
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