Resource One Credit Union

4.9 (9.8K)
72.9 MB
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Resource One Credit Union
Last update
3 months ago
Version OS
14.5 or later
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User Reviews for Resource One Credit Union

4.86 out of 5
9.8K Ratings
3 weeks ago, This thing is awesome an
I have been using this app for a few years. I enjoy everything they’ve been adding and updating it to. There was a few glitches, but they have been fixed. This app makes things very easy and very useful. There’s hardly often I would have to do things at the bank.
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4 years ago, Tim McCallum
Great Improvement but needs work
The new app is so much better than their old version. So thanks for investing in it. That being said, it’s easy to tell they used lower cost developers and did not QA this app thoroughly. They also appear to have used a progressive web app rather than a true native app. For example, when you use bill payment and are prompted to enter a dollar amount the entire keyboard comes up. This is the same in several locations in the app. Most banking apps know that 100% of the time you will be using digits for a certain function so they default to the number keypad for digit entry. This would make it so much easier to use. Also they pulled in lots of old accounts and I now have all of them listed and my son has all my accounts listed on his app. That is such a violation. Better QA should have been done. So overall it’s better, but my fear with R1 is that won’t continue to improve it. Fingers crossed.
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3 years ago, Phantammeron
App is Full of Flaws
For starters there’s no way to do a simple wire transfer to another persons bank with a routing number. Second, if you own the old app, this one doesn’t update it but creates a new instance so you have multiple apps on your phone now. On the main screen it doesn’t even ask you to enter your account number before submitting. This new version has far less features than the old one. There’s also zero support or help info in the app. There’s also no support for debit cards. You have to get yet another app, MobiMoney, to even manage that and it also has no wire transfer feature like most debit card apps have now.
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7 months ago, KimboSlice2017
Good app
Why not do updates overnight instead of taking a whole weekend? Not having access to check balances by using app, calling or going to the ATM (because I did) is annoying. Most banks do things like that in the wee hours of the morning not a whole weekend. For that reason ONLY is why you get this rating.
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1 year ago, bold and blessed
Credit card
I would love to be able to view transactions from credit card without having to log in into another portal of the app
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1 year ago, AlexanderSerr
Love the new design to the app and the addition of Zelle finally!. However a major rework comes with bugs and boy is this version buggy all user settings lead to a 404 page or tells me I don’t have permission to access it!. Over all after this is all fixed up and polished it’ll be a solid 5 star rework!
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1 year ago, rfbinvdhbbkk
It needs a new update
It’s usually 5 stars but lately I log in and it says unexpected error and then I’m not logged in. I’ve uninstalled the app, refreshed the app. Same thing. It’s also currently updated. Yet I’ll log in from the web and I’m fine which I know it’s the actual app. It’s acting weird. This app needs some attention
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1 year ago, Freedom Lad
Electronic Check Deposit
I have been on iPad and Mobile trying to located where icon show for electronically depositing checks to new business account for almost 2 hours!! We have login in and out of app EVEN uploaded New App! We have read each menu options over and over! There is nowhere an indicator … The word “Deposits”, does not show anywhere . So will STILL drive to a location to deposit at least 20 Checks.. This is absolutely ridiculous !
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3 years ago, jaayfanklins
I love the app but
I just wish it was more updated like it’ll tell me when my card was used on my notification Lock Screen instead of always having to actually open the app
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1 year ago, Considered so
Can’t login anymore!
I have all my right login information as well deleted an redownloaded the app it refuses to let me use the app. It just says an error occurred every time I login in.
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3 years ago, Katina Snow
Upgrade system please
Needs to upgrade the app to more of a update system as well as atms and at least have it where you can transfer money from other banks and etc like Bank of America
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4 years ago, Feedback Star
When opening the app it promotes a message to update when you attempt to update it shows as if it has received an update of the new version. The bugs are not quit repaired yet.
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3 years ago, mbrown0772
Great Credit Union Friendly Service
I have been banking with R1CU for over 10 years. They are a first class team. I would recommend them to anyone. The app works great and is very easy to navigate.
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7 months ago, jaiuon7
Money goes missing
If you use this app make sure you keep track of your spending because you will have money go missing with this app. I’ve called and they say they are looking into it but I’m very sure they are going to say it’s a user error. KEEP TRACK OF YOUR SPENDING. They don’t show pending transactions and they take out of your savings as if you don’t have money in your checking.
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1 year ago, aka. Toby
R1 😜
This app is so kool I can do my banking any where & by having my loans like my car , motorcycle , home & credit cards the R1 apps makes it so much easier to pay my bills
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4 years ago, Snmadera
Since the last update every time I open the app it tells me there is a new version of the app even though it’s been downloaded. I even deleted the app all together and it still happens. Other than that the app works great.
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2 years ago, R1 long timer
Credit Card
I wish your R1 account transaction history would show up like the debit transactions do. Other than that great app!!
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3 years ago, Queen Deme Rue
Resource is The One
Banking with Resource One Credit Union, is the best. They treat you and your finances with care. Honest business. Great customer service from all Representatives at Resource One Credit Union. 10 stars.
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3 years ago, marchele
Easy to use
Easy to use overall. Would be helpful if you could see an image of a cashed check. Doesn’t keep track of deposited or cashed checks well.
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2 months ago, JamesFaughn
Better then any bank.
Personally i think this is better then any bank, also my mom works here
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3 years ago, dontflexc
Lots of room for improvement
This app is very convenient but very glitchy. Ever so often the app is “down.” It takes 5 days for a check to clear on this app but other banking apps do it with in a few hours. It’s a huge step in the right direction but needs work.
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4 years ago, ChloeRuiz
Latest Update
Even though I have the latest version of the app updated, it still gives me notifications to update. Getting a little annoying. Otherwise the app works great.
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2 years ago, brodyreed211*
On line banking feedback:
My only reccomendation is that it takes to long for deposits, and/or on line requests to post.
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3 years ago, mlb1971
App won’t open at all
Since the last update last night the app won’t open at all. Please fix I have a iPhone 11pro max
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10 months ago, S2crypto
Very convenient
This application makes banking at R1 a lot easier. I love the app because it’s saves the hassles that comes with banking with small Bank.
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3 years ago, roxzay
Best credit union ever!
This bank has helped me build my credit and save money I recommend to anyone who is trying start off with any banks yolo.!!!
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11 months ago, Barcelona for life
It glitches me out of the app
I really like the app specially after the update until it kept taking me out of the app once I try to log in. It does it every time. My iPhone is up to date on all updates, I’ve restarted my phone and still it does the same thing. It just glitches out and kicks me out of the app. Not sure why.
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4 years ago, dont want to put a nickname
App is now useless
Worked great at first. I really did like the new app but Now every time I use it it say I need to update it and it’s already updated and when I log in it says there’s been a problem retrieving my account information. Have to hit transfer fund to even view my balance and half the time that doesn’t even work. So the app is basically useless now
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4 years ago, Roperdude777
Fix app
Even after updating the app it still says to update. Once in the app it works but it’s irritating to have to keep fighting with the hoops.
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3 years ago, lucjel
Very Convenient!
I love the convenience of the app! I can see my available balance at a quick glance without signing in, love it!
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1 year ago, ixlekzi
Every time I try to open and sign it gives a error!
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4 years ago, P.O.S....
Something is wrong
Every time I open this app it tells me to update it when I go to the App Store to update it has no update
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1 year ago, bojolo5
App error
App crash to much and so much error while logging
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4 years ago, Ta809
I updated this app but every time I go into it it keeps asking me to update the app. I wish this message will go away. There’s a glitch and it’s annoying.
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4 years ago, Sassie276
This keeps telling me a new update and I click on it and nothing. Won’t update
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5 years ago, John B Hayes
Great improvement
Much needed update with tons of useful features and easy to use
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10 months ago, Stephen1108
Mr Stephen Hardin
This is a great financial institution would recommend anymore to open account with resource one credit union
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4 years ago, Jonesmsr
No Apple Pay?
When I realized at that we were not able to use this card for Apple Pay I felt like I was back in the 20th century! Let’s get on with the times! It should not be that difficult to include this bank card along the other hundreds of other bank cards for Apple Pay.
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2 months ago, REBJR 2
Ease of use
You can manage your account more closely.
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2 years ago, cleasta
Great quality
I just Love to see whether my money is going
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4 years ago, Mrs. BlaccBarbie
Apple Pay
Great upgrade but it still needs Apple Pay
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4 years ago, eltravelman
Just one more feature...
Put R1CU on APPLE PAY!!!!! It would literally make an impactful difference. It’s a shame smaller banks provide this feature and not Resource One.
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2 months ago, nick sa man
It’s simple to use.
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12 months ago, R1UserTX
App is down
App is down and there’s been no updates provided to users. There should be some means of communication and outages for maintenance or otherwise shouldn’t exceed (24) hour periods.
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2 years ago, rundmt3
Mobile Deposits
I'm unable to conduct mobile deposit, and the tellers at the location have no way of fixing my admission for me. I'm not sure what steps I need to take to be approved but if you guys could let me know i'd appreciate it.
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2 years ago, Shemybee
The app is getting better all the time!
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1 year ago, cury sue
App is user friendly
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3 years ago, KelseyyAlinaa
Would be 5 stars but no option to send money with zelle!
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1 year ago, Robert4110
Bill Pay - Insufficient Permissions
After latest update: Receive error message “Insufficient Permissions” when attempting to access Bill Pay via mobile app.
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4 years ago, mzsusanv
This app does not work. I tried to sign on using my face recognition but apparently there was a connectivity issue. Then I signed on with my actual password - app said it was loading my account but never did. 😕
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