Retrica-Original Filter Camera

Photo & Video
4.7 (33.4K)
74.3 MB
Age rating
Current version
Retrica, Inc.
Last update
8 months ago
Version OS
12.0 or later
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User Reviews for Retrica-Original Filter Camera

4.7 out of 5
33.4K Ratings
6 years ago, nautiical-
app way better after last couple updates.
OMG.! ok so this a reedit of a old review. but for the better.! thank you so much for listening and getting rid of the on screen buttons from around the shutter button.! and thank you for also adding the auto save to photos app without the image review.! taking selfies with my kids now is 100 times easier and faster then before. o and the filters are on point as well. I can now say I would recommend this app.!
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3 years ago, blaqmoose
I paid for the app once to eliminate the ads and just recently discovered I have to pay again. I guess I’ll be using a different app. How many times do I have to pay to get what I already paid for? Edit: I must update my review for accuracy. I paid for the “Pro” version when that option was offered. This allowed access to the full library of filters. Recently, Retrica has updated the app to require a subscription to use the app with no ads. Although this practice seems to be a permissible practice for a company like this, and I understand the desire to make money, I believe it does a disservice to established customers who have been loyally using this product for years. By introducing ads to an ad free product I’ve already purchased, you’ve essentially said you no longer appreciate my years of being your customer. For this reason, I will discontinue to use Retrica and move on to a more ethically minded photo app company.
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3 years ago, RetricaSpectrica
Disgusted: I have used Retrica for over 6 years
I have been using Retrica for over 6 years. Back when it first came out I paid for add free and for “all” of the filters. Since then many changes have happened. More filters, different formats. But now I have adds that inable me to take pictures. When I go to take a picture, a 6 second add pops up and when it’s done then it takes the picture. 6 seconds too late. This happens with every picture I take. For having actually paid money for multiple upgrades in the past with this app and now I miss old filters and am blasted with horrible adds that prohibit me from even using the app, I am actually disgusted with this app. It has been dear to me for 6 years and now I just feel really disappointed. Shame on you for taking money and then treating a paying customer this way.
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3 years ago, tannalo
Option to customize percentage
I have had the RetricaPro app since 2014, I believe. This app has been the best app, but due to my current IOS update, the previous app no longer works. So I had to download this one, and while it is somewhat similar, it’ll never be the same. My only complaint is that on the original RetricaPro app, I could adjust the percentage of how much of the filter I wanted on there. Please add this feature. Some of the filters are incredibly too noticeable and I would like a more natural effect. Thanks. Update: Thank you for your timely response. This app is just like the original now. I can’t wait to continue to use and support Retrica.
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4 years ago, sjtryon
UPDATED: App, yes. Subscription, no.
The annual subscription model of making money with apps is a great idea if the apps are truly your regular, “go to” solution for whatever the app does. But as an app that gets launched only on occasion for specific needs, adding this to the ever-growing list of annual subscriptions just isn’t worth it. Thank you, but no. UPDATED: Developer responded and said I could simply watch an advertisement every time I wanted to use a filter instead of subscribing. That shows complete disregard to the value of my time and a complete misunderstanding of the point. Regardless, there are plenty of filter apps, many of which allow me to create and save my own filters. I’ll gladly select one of those options instead.
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4 years ago, iDan iKnight
They’ve jumped the shark
I was using Retrica app loooong ago, way back in its first days. For a long time I had whatever “pro” upgrade there was. I recently started to use my newer phone for photography a lot more, and so I remembered this had been one of my favorite go-to apps for in-camera design. Sadly, however, they’ve decided to jump on board the latest fad of “keep paying forever or lose all.” I’m aware that there are still free filters, but the proper way would be to have me grandfathered in with everything to which I had access to, and while it’s ok to offer me pro subscription for me to decline, it should be able to be locked away and out of sight so I don’t try to use one of those features and then have to deal with the subscription push.
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6 years ago, Non-creative name
Used to be one of my favorites...
I used (the old) Retrica almost as often as I did the iPhones default camera app. I’m talking years... I was so disappointed when I went on a hike the other day and noticed ALL of my favorite features are GONE! I used the blur vignette feature on most of my photographs- even the ones I didn’t capture with Retrica. I can’t find a single app now that comes close to blurring backgrounds with the ease of the adjustable ring that they decided to ditch. Same with the regular darkening vignette ring. I can use Photoshop well enough for my regular vignetting but I still can’t fathom why they got rid of these two simple, highly effective, and perfect features. This app is now just another name in the sea of filter photo apps. Shame.
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4 years ago, Asalar96
Great app but could definitely use improvement
I love this app and some of its unique filters although it has several bugs and the quality and the resolution of the photos aren’t matching with the actual camera(iPhone camera) so it’d definitely be super nice to see improvement on that so it can be my #1 photography app. also the logo/icon of the app itself could use a redesign... I liked the combination of the black and orange in the past and this current one isn’t that impressive to look at. Overall very great app! Much recommend.
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4 years ago, tantekaykay
Update: thank you for the instructions on fixing this problem. I followed your instructions and the app works great now! I used to love this app but today I’m getting a message that says I need to give the app permission to save photos (which I’ve done before, but whatever). I tapped the button to take me to settings, gave it every permission asked for, and I still get the same message. Oh well, it was nice while it lasted.
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2 years ago, Dezzyikes
Subscription randomly stopped working
Hey I have been using this app for about 4 years now and out of no where today it won’t let me log in or restore purchases even though I paid for my subscription it keeps saying “status is not 200” I am very confused as to what is going on also keeps on randomly saving my photos before I can even select a filter and when it does let me select a filter none of them are working :(
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4 years ago, Hannahjane136
Amazing But Videos Crash App
I would absolutely give this app five stars, because the filters are amazing and simple to use! They look so good. The only reason I give four stars is because sometimes when I go to edit the filters on a video, all of a sudden it causes the app to crash to the home screen. It doesn’t matter how many times I try to edit it again. Sadly this has affected my experience and I have to go and use another app for video filters. 😢 I would love for it to be fixed.
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7 months ago, jasmine is mad at snapchat:/
Wanted my old photos back.
This was a long shot, but I redownloaded this app in hopes that my old photos would still be connected to it. Back in 2014, I downloaded this app and took so many photos with my friends, one that has passed away in 2020. I’m using the same iCloud account as before and was just hoping I would see her face again. The app itself works fine, I really just wanted it for my old photos. There’s been major updates since 2014.
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5 years ago, Suzanne T.
Poor customer support
I bought an annual “limited offer” Premium in September but the app still acts like I’m using the free version. I’ve traded emails about the issue but the rep’s English is terrible and no progress has been made. They are EXTREMELY slow to answer. They have told me several times to “Restore Purchases from the pop up.” There is no pop up. And what is a “limited offer,” anyway? No explanation that I can find. The latest update says “Premium subscription problem has been fixed.” Not for me it hasn’t. I even deleted the app then re-installed—and lost my favorites of course. Also, Settings should tell you exactly what the the two resolution options are—as in, pixel dimensions.
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7 years ago, Woo-hoo568282525271827
I love it honestly. It is great. But I lovvvvvve face filters and Retricia doesn't have any. Please make this happen. And also sometimes when you try to focus the whole picture, the outside edges will be blurry. But I am not allowed to have social networking, so I just don't sing in, then I have a fun selfie can to use when I am bored. It's cool though. For people who are reading this, I would test it out. My guts are saying that I definitely recommend it, so just try it out people😄👍👍👍
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6 years ago, sal MK
I need an answer from developers
why are the old pics not saved anymore?! I can’t open any of the old pics although the app is on autosave since i downloaded it and they used to be saved before I am bummed tons of pics i can’t open either giving me an error message or the circles keep rolling forever and the pics don’t open!:((((( how can that be fixed ?
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6 years ago, CarrotJuice91
Only one bad thing
It seems to crash more than I would like, but this app is so amazing! Best app for selfies out there! It has so many filters and the black and white are sooo good! They actually added face filters but they aren’t super amazing yet although I know they will be. I’ve had this app for a long time and it’s the best trust me. You will like this app.
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3 years ago, Unusual critic
Money hungry app!! No family share
This app used to be great, now it has just become money hungry.. No free photos anymore…. And you can’t even share purchase with family!! - Adding to my review after developer response. Okay - you say it has so many free filters, then why isn’t there an easy way to know which filters are free and which aren’t… I can randomly select any filter and only after clicking a photo do I get to know I need to pay to use it !! This is pure evil design thought … meant to annoy anyone into purchasing!
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3 years ago, kelterskelter84
This used to be great, not worth it anymore
I’ve had this app for years, like 4, and loved it. Now in order to save ANY of my photos I have to pay for it? This was my go-to photo app, the filters are good but nothing worth paying for. I have Lightroom mobile, this was just my quick one. And I THOUGHT I was capturing some memorable moments, but unfortunately NONE were saved in my phone... after years of loyalty I’m disappointed and am unfortunately going to delete. You were good, but not THAT good to get rid of your free features. Wack.
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6 years ago, Jayleennzxc
Very good app buuuuuuut...
In my opinion I think this is a very good app I would recommend this to someone definitely But I have some advice if you take it or not Can you fix it where you can delete the chat Bcs it’s really annoying when you text a lot of ppl and and then there’s these other ppl you haven’t talked to in awhile and the chat is there🙄 I really hope you update this app and take my advice but other than that the app is amazing
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6 years ago, PhelineCat
I’m befuddled
I felt like this was worthwhile or I wouldn’t have it but every time i open it i basically shrug and walk away. No way I’d try to take a picture with anything but the native camera or an app specifically developed as a feature-rich camera but this was apparently supposed to earn its space in my memory. I’d never allow automatic updates so I see regular updates on this but they’re never improvements. Maybe I’ll check back if I’m reminded about it sometime... you have your chance, developers. Figure it out.
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2 years ago, Dkfma171
Bought the subscription but stopped working
I’ve been using this app for many years when it was free and now the app is set as subscription only. So I bought the subscription and all of a sudden the app stopped working properly. Either the screen to edit will exit out and save a photo unedited automatically to creat essentially duplicate photos of the original copy or if I somehow get to the screen to edit the photo filter won’t apply no matter how I adjust the % control bar. Disappointed. Will be asking for a refund.
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6 years ago, HardRockCandy
What even is the update?
Look, I don’t know about you, but I use the app for some “me” time. Like, when I’m feeling myself, or just having a rough day or whatever. Seeing 500 other people makes me turn right around, and regret my choice. I don’t get why EVERYTHING needs to be social media anymore. This was one of the only things I could keep to myself on, and there’s not even a way to cut that off. Legit, make it an options to see other people’s pictures, or to toggle it, or something of that nature. I don’t need that.
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4 years ago, lrgdaman
Love app, but 4 needed features
I absolutely love the app, but it would be better if it had... 1. The app needs STORIES! Retrica would be tons better with stories! 2. DMs! Retrica would be a lot better if you could message other people in the app. It would make for a more social and intuitive experience! 3. Comment feature. It would be great to comment on people’s posts and connect with people through the comment section 4. AR face filters. Retrica would be great if you could add face filters too! It would make the app so much more fun and accessible! Thank you so much for reading!
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2 years ago,
I loved this app but now it won’t stop crashing
I updated my phones software & deleted / reinstalled the app & I even bought premium because I was hoping that would help but the filters stopped showing up on the picture in app if I can even get to that screen, usually if I tap the add filter icon it immediately crashes and saves a version of the photo identical to what was already saved.. Ill switch to 5 stars once fixed :(
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4 years ago, 4ppleboy
Seems like a good idea, but UI/UX is beyond bad.
The problem is that it focus too much on the filters and the camera. But it seems you have a whole social media app behind, which seems much more attractive than the boring filter app. Sorry but this could be a commercial success, specially since Instagram/Facebook is failing to be a trusted platform, this could be an awesome alternative, but it lacks a focus on that. As a simple camera filter app, there is not much features compared to other filters apps. Great potential, but complete waste of time.
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2 years ago, Sam&Missy
Not working at all
I have had Retrica for years paid on and off for the subscription. I hadn’t used it in quite a while but I took some photos recently that I wanted to use some of the filter on. The app keeps crashing. Also I deleted and reloaded the app and when I opened it back up the app itself kept taking pictures on its own every few seconds. (The timer function was not on) That’s creepy. Please fix this otherwise I will delete.
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3 years ago, SierraEJIT12
I love the app but I have a few issues
You should put what filters are free and which are not it doesn’t tell me and it’s annoying trying to use one then I take a picture and then it tells me. Also where the add shows up on the bottom covers where you would adjust the intensity of the filter.
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3 years ago, lalababyyyyyyy
What’s the the screen getting darker
No other app I use does this. The screen gets darker when I take a pic. Is this something new to get us to actually make a purchase. Mad annoying. This app is becoming one of the worst.
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6 years ago, queen.unicornio💖💋
I hate this app 🤧
This app use to be better back in 2014, right now I don’t like it at all and everything is complicated and not as easy as the old version that they use to have. I would have rated it 5 stars but this new version just disappoints me and when i take a selfie it just saves to my photos or camera roll before asking and before showing me a preview of the photo which makes it even worse😤I wouldn’t even rate it a star if possible 🤧 that’s how disappointed I am! ):
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6 years ago, Halllaaayyyy
Love the app! I feel as though we should be able to have a password on our memories, and the new filters have become too much, they are also very hard to find. There should be a way to search your preferred filter without having to go through hundreds first.
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5 years ago, ScherieL
They don’t help you!!
I emailed them 3 times and they NEVER got back with me... for some reason I keep getting the alert that someone has messaged me on the app, but when I go to read the message I can’t find it! I even downloaded it on someone else’s phone and signed in just to make sure it wasn’t my phone and it did the same thing so it must be some kind of bug. I just wish they would get back with me cause I LOVE this camera app. The camera is amazing but, sadly, they are not helpful at all.
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2 years ago, Sweet_Tee_HTX
Love this app!
Easy to use and has the best filters and best GIF feature. Have been using for quite awhile and I sometimes will try the new apps as they come out but always come back to Retrica. ❤️
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2 years ago, So freaking FRUSTRATED!!!
Great Filters, Terrible App!!
I absolutely love their filters, but half the time I can’t even get the photos to save to my phone without them being pitch black. $1.99 a week is absolutely ridiculous when you can’t even get most of the filters to work. I tried to get someone to help me & it went absolutely nowhere!
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6 years ago, Celeste N.
It started off great. Until it stopped saving pictures into "My Memories" I take a picture and it says "saved!" But then I have nothing in my memories OR camera roll. What's going on :( Also, I used to be able to use the video option while playing music from my phone and I was able to hear the music like it’s part of the video. The video doesn’t record, it does for 2 seconds then the video freezes and you can only hear the audio. Boo!
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7 years ago, backyardphotographer
Great app:)
Kind of confusing on the buttons and where to click but once you get the hang of it it's awesome, I was taking pictures of me jumping in the air doing gymnastics moves and it caught the movement better than my photographers canon camera. Great excellent app, although it does help I have a good apple camera but good app many filters..:)
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6 years ago, PenReview
Love the update
Great for photography skills as well as communication. Only annoying thing is when it crashes 😩...I was on the edge of deleting this app before the update. I will never have that thought cross my mind again! ❤️
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4 years ago, kayasan289
This app has potential
So I think we all know Instagram has been destroyed. Reach is nonexistent and people are looking for alternatives to insta. I really see this app going places if they improved the layout and added the option to add captions and links on our bios. I really encourage an update to this app because if the updates suffice I see people flocking to Retrica
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5 years ago, Btrx1d
I want my old pictures back!!
Retrica is a good app, but I had it ever since 2014 and I had a ton of memories and a ton of pictures, they were always there for the longest time and now that I redownloaded, you guys are a whole different app and you don’t even have photo album where all my pictures would be :( so I lost all my photos and everything!! Please bring me back my pictures I had 😭
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5 years ago, CamrynCookie
Ok I liked this app until the update, how do you get to your account and why did you get rid of stickers and how do you get to everyone’s Posts and how do you get to your notifications!!! Please fix this or tell me how
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6 years ago, 21meyersa
Irritated With This App
I deleted this app, and downloaded another photo editing and collage MAKING app for the reason that Retrica doesn’t allow you to make collages out of pre-existing pictures. Now maybe you are able to do so, but even if that’s the case, it was too difficult for me to figure out, and therefore probably too hard for others to figure out as well.
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6 years ago, bear_bear41
I love this app
This app is amazing. I love how I can post stuff that my friends and everyone else can see. When I take a picture and post it I fell like I'm expressing my self to be me. It fells like no one's going to judge you and they don't. I love this app so much!!
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3 years ago, oDJECLIPSEo
I have The Premium and keeps asking for more money
I have had retrica for years, and recently, eventhough I have a whole 18 months of a fully paid subscription, it keeps asking me to purchase more filters. I am supposed to have over 180 filters AND I can’t even reach support since it says “mail services are unavailable”. I keep resetting purchases and nothing works. Waste of money
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7 years ago, Belladryl
Perfect buy 100% yes
I absolutely love this app, the quality can sometimes blur but besides that the app has done everything it has offered and has been a top hit on my phone for 3 years!!!
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6 years ago, iphone_is_shit
Bloated and slow. Crashes all the time.
This app was a great photo editor until it got all those “fancy” features like messages and mentions. It became bloated and takes too long to load. The authors try to copy Instagram is stupid. They better create something unique. When my recent version crashed 3 times in a row I decided to remove the app. Back in good days I began to edit my photos with this app. Now I suppose it’s time to say goodbye. Goodbye Retrica!
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3 years ago, MsCarnahan
Favorite app
I’ve honestly not found a better app for pictures for making memories please never get rid of Retrica I’m your biggest fan !!!! Thanks for giving us memories with our family’s
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5 years ago, lanenajani
I love the app
I love it!! The way it takes pictures is just amazing. Since I don’t have Snapchat I use this app and it is great. I would truly recommend this app for anyone who loves taking pictures.
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5 years ago, .:. Narges.:.
It's all about money !!
New filters have been added to the app and they are not free . The intresting part of it is that i once payed for this app and bought the pro version . It became free after that and users could save their photos without problem and extra payement . Now what happened to the money i once payed for this app ? The pro version that i payed money to have access to all filters and the whole app ? It's ridiculous 👎🏼
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5 years ago, AggravatedBuggy
35+ filters to 5??
I have been using this app for a while now and I took a break for a couple of months because I took a break from my social media accts. When I opened it up today I found that I could only access 5 filters and the rest I had to get with a “trial” and they came in “bundles.” What the heck?? This was an awesome resource before. I get that people need to make money, but none of the “updates” are worth it... 😐
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6 years ago, Imaboutin
Love! Just one thing..
So, I love this app! I've had it for years and it's worked great! Until the most recent update. Now every time I open the app, it closes me out. Maybe it's a glitch, but you should fix it; other than that my fave photo app!!!📷
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5 years ago, duecekane
Long time user
I’ve used Retrica for a few years now. But noticed the option to change the stamp or add stickers is no longer available?!? I mean u can add a stamp but only have 4-5 to choose from when there use to be lots🤷🏻‍♀️
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