Photo & Video
4.8 (309)
33.9 MB
Age rating
Current version
John Parker
Last update
1 year ago
Version OS
11.0 or later
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User Reviews for Retrospecs

4.78 out of 5
309 Ratings
2 years ago, Zombie Jombie
Requests for new features
Hi, I really love your app I've been using it for a while now and I love how using the character emulation function to edit photos, its one of my favorite editing apps. I have some requests, please add more pixel sizes, so you can do 17x17, 18x18 so on. add an easy way to combine two character field things in a character set in a way similar to how a difference blending mode works on photos. + adding in more colors in character emulation (there is black and white blocks right now and when u use a character emulation it picks two colors for each square, varying values of gray (dark gray, light gray) added would add more variety and more than 2 colors could be in each square/character from the character set
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4 years ago, BBSTR2049
Better than the competition
If you’re trying to take videos and photos, throw a pixelated filter on it and -boom- it’s done, this app can do it. If you would like to take the emulated aesthetic of an Apple IIe or NES or even a Virtual Boy, tweak it by making it high resolution to fit your source image, follow that up by setting a scanline and chroma shift effect while adjusting brightness saturation contrast and even cropping until it’s perfect THIS APP can do that all of that. And that’s barely scratching the surface. You have so much customization and control you can truly make wonderful art here. Don’t pass it up for the other guys pixel filter stuff. The IAPs are more than fair they’re almost a steal.
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5 years ago, Lava dude
This app is good.
So a while back I was looking for a way to pixelize my photos in a rather cool way. I was slowly picking through photo editors and either they didn't do what I needed them or it was a bad app. Eventually I made my way to this app, I tried it out and it was really good. Even without paying for the full version (I have now), it a surprising amount of options to mess with attributes. And the full version is really good and I hope you keep this app going and adding systems.
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7 years ago, Dukester2000
Some good but not free
First the free version is unusable. It keeps words on the screen that tell you to upgrade. It happens when you click on something that is only available with the upgrade, but the words don’t disappear even when you try to go back to using the free filters, rending it unusable. It looked good enough so I paid. There are really neat filters here with loads of options and customization. Authentic replications of tech nostalgia. However, your field is limited to a square, so if your pic is not a square you won’t be able to alter the entire photo. Also if you save a photo you can’t re-open and edit it again. It will re-open in the app but you can’t re-apply filers or adjust the picture.
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6 years ago, schnoons
Sensational (and easy) art transformations
Retrospecs rules. So much! The paid version is mind blowing—so many effects, so many customizations, and so easy to use. And when I had a few questions, the developer answered right away, in friendly detail. (Thanks, John!) I am usually too lazy to review apps, but this one has so much love and care behind it. Consequently, I love and care about it, too. One of my most-used and adored digital art tools. A must-get! All the kudos to Retrospecs. 🙌
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2 months ago, m.e_e.k
Amazing App
Hands down one of my favorite apps to create with. I highly recommend spending some time with the free version before buying it to see if it’s worth your while. For me it TOTALLY is. Love the ability to animate your photos and save them as videos or GIFs. So many different styles and options to make your pics come alive.
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7 years ago, NoUserErrorHere!
Knew I'd love this app from the free version but had NO idea how much the small IAP would deliver: spoiler alert: SO MUCH. Yes the unlocked features are noted but until you're exploring the universe of fantastic options and applying them to your photos there really is no way of knowing how amazing this app really is. I love it when an app Over delivers and for a couple bucks this one delivers by the metric ton. Beautiful!
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5 years ago, TXUSA72
Needed to find option to “restore purchases”
Options were locked out, strangely I had to go to “restore purchases” to get functionality back. Not sure why this happened. Otherwise fun app to play around with.
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7 years ago, ZotDudot7
Most feature-rich well-rounded retro pixel app
As a long-time ConsoleCam user, I welcome this balanced approach to image editing a là retro pixel art. The numerous features are nice, especially dithering (none of the other pixel apps gives you half as much control). I would like to see an edge detection function for those many times when a head/face blends into the background (or is absent altogether). Also, the scanlines feature, while a nice bonus, is a little barebones. For instance, Gameboy doesn't use scanlines but instead uses a grid. Maybe some more consoles/units/systems could be added and the arrangement a little more logical and user-friendly. All in all, I thoroughly recommend this app (the IAP is worth it).
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7 years ago, littlemisshorrornerd
So I got the paid version. I love this app and that the custom option is available. This is great because you can change height and width. I wish this could be done with the existing filters because a lot of them are so wide you have to crop the hell out of your photo or part of it is cut off. In my case I take a lot of selfies so my head is cut off!
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This a good creative app.
I am an artist and I know a good app when I see one, this is one of them. There are many options. So many ways you can customize the picture. One problem is that some options lack detail, I can bear with that, use fijutsu!
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6 years ago, craiggp
This app is so useful--so many possible variations, especially now with custom emulations--the range of old device palettes for these is just exceptional. Perfect for glitch, new aesthetic, nostalgic work. It's easy to use, just phenomenal. Congrats to the developers, who keep updating and adding capacities.
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7 years ago, captahar
An amazing app!
Unhesitatingly rated 5 stars. Plenty to play with for free, and super cheap for the full package. The fidelity and feature depth for the system emulation is staggering. I have a feeling every background I put up on my phone now is going to have a tour through this app. Top notch work!
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2 months ago, Nuff64
Amazing concept and execution
Every filter is very authentic to the original system. The creator definitely did their homework. Great execution and style. Very easy to use. I can't ask for anything more! Get this now!
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4 weeks ago, HiCGP
Two years
I’ve been using this for two years and it’s just the best you’ll find. Thank you so much for making this app.
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1 year ago, speednitsipad
Can you please fix this
Everytime I convert an image into a pixelated image with this app the picture zooms in a little bit and I want it to show the entire frame
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7 years ago, Suvxwgjcuyfwfvji
This app was "featured" in the App Store, so I clicked on it because I'm "old" and like retro stuff. Within less than two minutes of choosing a photo from my library on my phone to play around with, it put extensive text over the picture promoting the upgrade!!! Ridiculous. The people giving it five stars must either work for the company or be related to somebody who does. Either offer a truly free, basic app or don't.
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7 years ago, Ryguy7878
Amazing tool
I've only been toying around with this for 5 minutes and I'm already hooked. Strongly recommend paying the $2 for the full version; it's not a lot of money for all of the cool stuff you get
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4 years ago, TheMrMacintosh
Broad range of options, very nifty. You can export your work at massive resolutions too. I have used this as a part of creating artwork on a retail CD release, it is definitely worth your few bucks if you enjoy vintage aesthetics.
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7 years ago, MasterHand4444
A Lot Of Fun And Produces Some Great Photos
This app is a lot of fun to mess around with and discover, and I only have the free version. I plan to purchase the rest of the features. The filters are awesome and look authentic, and it made for some great wallpapers.
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7 years ago, Memex7337
Really liked it
I loved looking at the different representations of graphics. Really took me back. It has been really fun to share with friends. Lots of options.
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3 years ago, Eric Stratton (Rush Chairman)
This is awesome super handy
Love it it just works I’d love if I could do it to multiple photos at the same time tho but it’s great none the less
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6 years ago, GIULIO SCIORIO
Amazing but I don’t see the NES
This is a serious pixel art tool and I love it. Unlocked everything right away, the options are more than worth it. Not a biggie but I don’t see the good ‘ol NES.
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3 years ago, Brishen1
I love it!
The presets make it easy to use. The customization keeps it interesting. Thanks for making a great app!
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10 months ago, auaoeprbcosbehe
Good, needs max resolution added to it for really intricate detailed stuff.
Since getting an iPhone, I can’t use 8bit photo lab. I gotta use a tablet lol. But this is almost a winner, just can’t choose higher resolutions to get the creally detailed digital art filter I want & bought the app anyway, because it does most everything Hoping you are still able to work on this cause it’s almost there for me, just need that maximum resolution bar lol.
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2 months ago, Yoga model
Makes photos better
4k? No way.
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2 months ago, alicetxjj
Amazing App
Could you please update it so that transparent parts of PNGs don’t get blacked out.
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5 years ago, wasp604
Video doesn't work
This app is super cool, but video import doesn't work! Please fix!
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2 years ago, Releasethedogs
This app used to be good
This app formerly used to be totally free and have all the systems unlocked by default. Then the dev locked it all away and decided to ask for money for the stuff they previously gave away for free and didn’t add any new features. That’s a NO from me dawg.
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6 years ago, Broterto
Great filter app
Easy to use and the results are just what I was looking for.
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5 years ago, ADVERGAMES INC
Just Love It!
This is a great tool, it will definitely be utilized on some of our visual projects!
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7 years ago, Meamye Celphandigh
From Today To Retro
Now I can get a good idea of what killzone shadow fall would look like on retro game consoles
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2 years ago, jricez
Worth every penny if ur into this type of stuff
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6 years ago, Trav76536
Very ingenious
Endless possibilities. The right pictures can be manipulated endlessly.
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6 years ago, The Shipping Queen
this app was my favourite photo editing app i could find. however, the app will not let me save my creations as photos anymore and only as a gif scrolling down. please fix this
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3 months ago, Justwool
Used to have it unlocked
Weird, used to be able to use full app. I remember purchasing it. Can’t restore my purchase though.
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2 years ago, Mister Seth
Awesome filters, lots of fun.
Does what it says on the tin.
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4 years ago, Alientropy
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7 years ago, Gaydies
extremely well done
incredible editor for retro pixeling effects - very well done, far more customizable than i could have imagined, pro grade - this dev rocks and cares
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5 years ago, McGuffy
Half-hearted attempt
The resolutions are pretty good, but the colors are wildly inaccurate. Would be better if the original system color palettes were respected.
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7 years ago, Kala22*
Amaze balls!!
I just purchased this app, and I am in love with it!! I highly recommend!
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4 years ago, chllbill
Amazing and Free
This app is worth your time.
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7 years ago, @elliot
Needs more modes!
What a great trip down memory lane. I’d love more Amiga ECS, EHB, AGA, HAM, SHAM modes. You had me at Amiga. Great app!
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7 years ago, Annacronistika
So bomb; I am floored.
Super-lovely, cool & fun. Such a neat way to spend an evening. Love this forever.
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7 years ago, AKI_GANJI
Show more
6 years ago, BrenoGirafa
Can't save videos?
why it doesn't save to my library?
Show more
9 years ago, Chuubi13
Fantastic app! Hits me in the nostalgia feels.
This app is amazing! I've been looking for something to fill in the Gameboy Camera void that I have so desperately wanted on my phone, and this app delivers. Not just delivers, blows it out of the park. The amount of customization is phenomenal and the filters really give an interesting and different perspective of the world. My favorites are the IBM DOS, Gameboy, and Amstrad CPC Green Screen. If you are an arty nut like me or just want your selfies to stand out like an amazingly nostalgic piece of magic, then I would highly recommend picking this up. It's pretty sweet.
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9 years ago, Loves Good Apps
An Absolute must have
I grew up in the 80's with Atari and commodore computers. The graphics modes back then were unique and specific for each device. Often today I see many people trying to duplicate those effects with 64rgb palettes (myself included). But nothing beats this program to get the true authentic look based on the actual math and restrictions used to create those specific render types. Hats off to this developer for creating this truly unique and special tool. get this program!!!
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8 years ago, Perrsun
It's good.
As of the moment I write this review, I will have had various versions of the iPhone for 5 years. In that time this app remains the only non-game app I have been willing to spend money on. There's a huge amount of variety to the systems and preset filters built in, and the customization options (for modifying the rules of an existing preset, or making your own rules) just add icing to the cake. I've especially liked being able to view current photos through a Game Boy or Virtual Boy lens.
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7 years ago, grmnd
Awesome polished app
I use this app mainly to create a retro looking timeline of photos from my camera roll that I find important. Scrolling through the list of photos I can't help but feel nostalgic for all the tech throughout the years. Very faithful emulations. Worth a purchase to unlock everything.
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