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User Reviews for ReverbNation for Artists

4.01 out of 5
191 Ratings
6 years ago, ltownpoet
Great direction
The app provides fantastic opportunities to focus on the direction of my music. A ton of information can be gleaned!! The Press Kits are very impressive. Customer service is effective and efficient with answering questions. It can be difficult to navigate to certain things in the app. Like the Tools don't appear to be accessible from the profile page and finding how to develop my fan base. And many of my fans are confused on the process of becoming a fan. It is also confusing how to get to the websites that they provide for the artist. I can't find a direct link on my phone.. it's probably there . I just can't find it quickly from my profile page.
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6 years ago, RocWitChevySongz
The Basic Plan is good but you need a free account for brand new artist.
Most brand new artist are coined the term starving artist. I think it would be really dope if you still had opportunities (maybe not as many as the basic plan but still quality) opportunities that help the artist get to the next level of basic. SoundCloud helps you build a fan base for free. You wouldn't know this but artist pay out a lot of money. Yes, of course you should get paid too and that's where the free works up to the basic from the opprtunities you have presented. Look at it like this. Artist get gigs you get paid. Money is made to be spent but if you don't have it? How can you spend it? A free option with limited boundaries would probably make your company grow a lot more. Think of how many people would choose ReverbNation over another platform.
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6 years ago, Cognos Fan
Overall decent upgrade with v4.0.5, but...
The overall UI re-design is pretty nice. I’m able to quickly update various aspects of my Reverbnation artist page, check stats etc. I gave it 3 stars as the show entry changed a bit from prior releases where you had more flexibility to add a non-traditional show with a customized name along with a location. Now you enter a name or location and you are forced to select any found results from a list that is internally generated and you can’t change the text of the name of the venue. I can understand the simplification this was attempting to accomplish, but really prefer to have the prior flexibility. Also, shows entered under the old way and even newer ones cannot be edited. They must be deleted and reentered. Hopefully, the flexibility of the older show entry can be put back as I use this info in a widget to display in other web contexts so I can nicely maintain my show list in one place.
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5 Star Worthy, but major flaw...
If you guys could fix this soon it would be great! So I’ve realized when streaming it has bug glitches throughout the streaming process and it’s been kind of a pain. Like, when I checked (how my audience hears my projects) it’s been so continuous it’s noteworthy and was hoping you could send an update to make the streaming process more flossed. An [update] to fix that small yet nagging flaw would maximize my enjoyment! I didn’t want to have to switch platforms over something so small but it is a sore. Hope to hear back from you, thanks!
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5 years ago, ClaybayMarkley
Lifelong fan
Seriously, where do I?........ I’m a lifetimer of RN. Seriously this app (and service) is so underrated! Every time I login I feel a sense of nostalgia. I have grown up with revernation. All I got to say is thank you, I’m number 2 in songwriting in Memphis TN and I about to be number 1. Since I was a teen y’all have helped me tremendously. You have Encouraged me and given me the resources to be heard, as well as how user friendly the app is. I could say so much. Seriously though, fires on all cylinders, I cannot thank you enough RN. Thanks for the constant encouragement and support. It keep me going! Much love and god vibes
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6 years ago, Gofosomewhere
The app is so-so. The stats are based on algorithms that determine how good you "might" be. ReverbNation itself is just a place where you can spend good money so people can hate on your music. Artist tools are a joke and you can only promote if you have $1,000s of dollars a week to spend. Even so, the ad campaign is merely a banner on random sites. A banner that you could generate for free using HTML formatting. Fanreach is merely spamming people. Unless you're Metallica, Barrun/Runes or Lil Wayne, no one will read your emails. When people have nothing negative left to say, they'll use go-to tripe like, "you're out of tune" or "over processed". Good points exist, though. It's a great place to post your music. It's a great way to showcase your talent to your friends and family. I just recommend not using crowd review.
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5 years ago, pedroyyz
Adding songs is a frustrating mess since your “upgrade” last year...
The other version of Reverbnation was much better. Now it is extremely difficult now to upload a song using dropbox. It used to be so simple and it used to actually WORK every time. Since you made this new version, I have basically given up trying to add songs. Please fix you app! or, even better, just go back to the previous app version! It looked better and every time I saved a song to Dropbox, I could add it to my Reverbnation content. I just tried to do the process with new song and it just won’t post it. Please fix you app or allow us to use the previous one.
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5 years ago, Artist 502
Only reason I’m giving 3 stars.
I just received an email from RN saying the app is Now Better, one thing it lists that “makes it better” is you can now submit to opportunities from the app/phone. I have Never been able to do this as when you hit submit it says “Song upload not available on mobile devices”. Fix that and I’ll update my review. Other than that it’s a nice app although I feel RN is being neglected by many artist. I still have a decent fan base using the platform, just doesn’t get the traffic it used to. Updated 6-6-18 I am now able to upload for opportunities via mobile. Therefore my only complaint was resolved. I thank the team for making this happen. Cheers
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6 years ago, kenogod
Mariano X. Rodriguez
Relatively new to this but so far I'm impressed with feedback over any questions I may have. The Dropbox allows seamless transfer of music files to site. For a basic (9.99) monthly fee one can seize as many opportunities as abound. From free mastering to airplay and exposure via interviews as well as potential slots all you need is desire and a little confidence. Keep up the great job!
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6 years ago, tricon0123
Horrible, horrible app
Do not download. Seriously the worst and most stupid app I’ve ever come across. When I sign in on my pc it only asks for user name and password so it’s already saved. Then I tried downloading this horrendous, flawed app and it asks for your email and password. I used my email and password from website and it says my password needs to be 8 characters long. My password isn’t 8 characters long and I log in everyday on website. Oh and I can’t even share anything on twitter because your technology can’t understand it. Please fire who is ever in charge.
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6 years ago, Dbmeaudio
Great app!
Love this app. It's a lot of fun checking my stats. C@@L ! Tons of listings for nearly everything you can imagine. From Management to airplay, film & tv sync, record deals, the list goes on. Great for any up & coming artist, writer or producer. Most of the big festivals require an RPK to even be considered for performances. Submit & forget. Get your band on Reverb Nation. It's a great site to give links to your prospective gigs.
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6 years ago, The Tone Searcher
True blue
ReverbNation is what you make of it. I have had a great time here showcasing my music. It is a great place for people to come hear what I have been up to. I don't sell my stuff here...... just a showcase. If you want to use the opportunities.... fine, they are here to use......but I just needed a place to send people to listen. They come and they hear. Great.
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6 years ago, jamiekey
I love this app!
I have been a Artist on ReverbNation for a few years now and it has been a help for me, I have been working on getting my own website but until I do, this is helping me get my music heard and helping fans and supporters hear me!!! Thank you for that!!! I wish I would land one of these gigs that they keep sending me!!!! -Andre Tyrone
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6 years ago, sad about stuff
Don’t fix what isn’t broken...
The calendar (shows) feature was way easier to navigate before the update and now doesn’t even say the day (ie: Monday, Tuesday, etc). For someone who plays 4-6 times a week most weeks, it’s easier to know the actual day, and you have to click through a few extra things to get there now. It looks nice but so did the previous few years. I have to use a calendar app to figure out what day these gigs are on now.
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4 years ago, Alascar
Why? Why can’t you get it right? Awful
So you had a bug that would put your typing below line of sight. You said you fixed it. Still does it. Next, doesn’t populate venues. Third, double tap period doesn’t work. And worst? You manage to get past all that and create an event. When you save it hangs forever with “saving...” at the top. And it doesn’t save. Ever. Can’t you guys get it right? It’s a basic app. Nothing complicated. Why is it so hard to make an app that works???? I’m going to find another app that actually works.
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6 years ago, djpuzzle
Can now access credit account through app!
Woot! Thanks I've been waiting a long time for this feature. Now I can see how much money I have in my account and transfer it to PayPal from within the app. Four stars.
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6 years ago, Malikcomrie
Very user friendly app that enhance the experience of the fan as well as the artist. It is easy to connect all my social media in one place as well as resources to use to get my music show and happenings out their. Awesome app that is constantly evolving. Irie'AC
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6 years ago, Tony Coleman "TColeman"
Great product
I enjoy using this app. Enjoy the functionality of the app. It allows you to upload your songs, photos, shows and it provides you with connections. It's a great tool.
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6 years ago, twainlo
Good mobile app.
Just wished we had the full FanReach HTML capability on the app. Other than that it's nice for checking your stats & fan demographics on the move. As well as viewing profile, playlist & sharing music.
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3 years ago, timgriffindrums
I can’t get the app to landscape view on my IPad
This is fairly useless when using the iPad and its normal position with keep pad and in every day use. If it is possible to change your settings somewhere, I can’t find it. Kind of defeats using it when showing it to people. And when demonstrating for potential expanding interest.
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6 years ago,
Great platform for music artist
Love the app keeps you updated on all other platforms without having to go through every social media !
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3 years ago, Austinwiard7
Site is great! App is broken
Not sure if it’s just me but I can barely use the app. Notifications don’t get marked as read when I open them, regardless of how many characters are in posts, I still get an error message saying I’m exceeding 140 characters, and scheduling a show on the app is almost impossible to put in the correct info where it actually needs to go.
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6 years ago, Geoff Hill Elevator Musac
Rarely do I like an app more than the browser version. But this one does everything better. No problems so far. 5 stars!!!
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6 years ago, The Fallen ROC
The Fallen ROC
Love the app, many tools and nice features. Awesome for stats. Everything would mean more with better reach.. More time spent putting the app in front of music fans would expand the usefulness of the app.
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6 years ago, Guitarist1981
Overall cool, but.....
I think it's a great place to locate your band in the internet universe but! The opportunities feature is scammy and pointless. I stopped applying because i can create more real connections playing on a street corner in Atlanta lol ......overall helpful but definitely not perfect!
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6 years ago, youn tesla exodus
Got to love them
The move when you move and give you a platform to network
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6 years ago, Jay Dekay
It has helped me get noticed fast & i am greatful... i get calls txt & all sorts of mail because of reverbnation a big thank you to the administration!
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6 years ago, MelissaLycan
Good foundation
Needs a few improvements, but better than anything available to musicians.
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5 years ago, Jerialice
Hmmm please suggest to developers.
I do NOT like the vertical only view....I hardly ever use my tablet that way. Very awkward. Also how can I export my shows to my web site.....why haven’t we fixed that Yet! Wish I could go back to the version I had!
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5 years ago, Saxydoll
I can't change the order of songs and videos
I can't change the order of our songs and videos. The other app had that option.
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6 years ago, JohnnySGNorris
Good stuff
It's got good stuff There's a status thing for your charts and stuff And MP3 uploads are fast and redoable if you change your mind or mess up Convenient, fast, attractive, Reverb Nation
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6 years ago, twmrick
Been using the app for over 3 years! Always awesome and really keeps me in the now with the fans and shows!
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6 years ago, Lou Browne
Nothing is free!
It's ok but it does nothing for you unless you spend a obsured amount of money trying to get your music heard. They should at least allow one submission a month for free and anymore you pay for. I only use it as a platform to upload my music that's it.
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6 years ago, CyborgMind
I really love this website and the mobile app! I consider it an essential tool for artists in the digital age! Give it a try! 5/5 stars of pure awesomeness!
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6 years ago, Topperfan
Great networking app for bands & entertainers!
Create a great electronic press kit (EPK) for booking your act, network with other artists, submit to opportunities and sync with your act'ss other network profiles.
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6 years ago, Aaronzona78
Great app
Easy to use functionality with lots of perks. Great app for local artists to be found across the globe.
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9 months ago, CQuaLDaKreechur
Getting annoying now
This app is starting to get wack now. Won't even let me upload my new song which is the same format as the others. There's nothing wrong with my track. I hate this app now along with the stupid iphone
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6 years ago, RacChasinSosa
Great App
Even when you not working this app is working for you
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6 years ago, a1anorth
First, I appreciate what ReverbNation does as a networking platform for musicians. However, this APP doesn't help me with that. I can't search my connections (or fans), I can't find new connections (to fan). So, mostly useless. Please give us the functionality available on the website.
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6 years ago, Solace007@JBond
Love it!!
I love that I can show my music off to the world. Downloading the app is a must if you're a music lover!!
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6 years ago, Dokester
Doke Ford
I'm happy with the ReverbNation site. A little work each day has given me good results.
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6 years ago, SaxAssured
Very Convenient
Easy to use. Very useful when I'm out in the field.
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6 years ago, pudgette
ReverbNation has opened up a world of opportunities to me! I am gaining recognition for my music and I am thankful for this app.
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6 years ago, RogaDean
This app really help me get my music to the next level . With a single touch of an app
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6 years ago, Solo the Wiz
Thank you
Everything I needed all in one
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6 years ago, Urielpiano
Best Independent Musicians !
Finally we can comunícate our music to the world thought #ReverbNation Thank you guys !
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5 years ago, YungRod 2G
Demographics cut short
It’s really unfortunate that the demographic breakdown is not available on the Artist app as it was before. It makes it just a tad bit more difficult for artist who don’t have a PC or Laptop to see the most important information regarding their music career!
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12 months ago, MC42itus
This was a good site years ago. Now app and site lack
What a weakly written app. Equal to the quality ReverbNation is striving for these days. Bottom of the pile. And having to log in every time is ignorant. SoundCloud is better in all ways.
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6 years ago, Ftg757
Best app for indie
Love this app! I can manage my career on the go! I can see my strengths and weaknesses. I just love it
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6 years ago, Balla Dear
Make it easier to add music files from my phone. Dropbox as the only option is counter productive. I should be able to add straight from my bandcamp, noisetrade or iTunes pages. Please fix, I do not own a laptop or desktop.
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