Reverse Audio

4.7 (4.7K)
33.9 MB
Age rating
Current version
Nobutaka Yuasa
Last update
7 months ago
Version OS
12.0 or later
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User Reviews for Reverse Audio

4.7 out of 5
4.7K Ratings
6 years ago, Scooter, The Valiant Reviewer
As Honest As I Can Be:
If you’re only looking for an app that’s free but doesn’t have a ton of ads blocking the screen, then this is for you. It has a couple of other features, (which would be awesome if there was a little button that you tapped on that would tell you when to use that feature, whether it’s there just for fun or if there’s actually a time when it is useful [specifically talking about the pitch feature]. Basically a little “info” button.) It could maybe have a slightly more modern color scheme, though at this point I’m just nitpicking. This app is very solid and works precisely like you imagine it should. It’s pretty great. (Especially if you’re playing a horror game and you want to know if what they’re saying in reverse is actually creepy or just random words put together.) Anyway, I doubt anyone other than the developer will read this whole thing, so I’ll summarize for those who look for a conclusion at the bottom of a review; This app is amazingly simple and easy to use, with advertisements taking up very little space. I recommend it to anyone looking for a quick solution to reverse any audio.
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7 months ago, Eve Severe
Love this app
As soon as I got this great app, I immediately spent the two bucks so I could remove the ads. I have to say that most of the apps by this developer are pretty good tools. They are easy to use. They get the job done. they are by no way shape or form overpriced. Definitely, always pick up these small, but powerful little apps from this developer. Honestly, I wish I could slow down the pitch a bit more but for two bucks it does lot and if I’m in desperate need of changing the pitch, even more, I can pull it into a DAW. love this app and very appreciative to this developer for making wonderfully affordable and useful apps.
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3 years ago, Blobittyblob26
I was looking for a game that has the feature of backwards voice recognition just for fun, and I came across this one with a good review. It is a good concept but it’s not working for me. I tapped allow mic and it’s still not working. I don’t know what it’s like for other people, but it was not working for me. And I would like to know why. I don’t know if it’s my phone type, but I was able to download it so I don’t know. Whoever works at support, if you/you guys even read reviews then can you respond to me some time and tell me what’s wrong. Have a nice day/night (EDIT) It now works for me so no need to respond.
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1 year ago, Hazelplayzz
It’s so funny 😂 I played this app with my brother a couple years ago and deleted it then a few days ago I got this because I’m sick 🤒 and bored resting and it’s funny I’ve memorized some words (easy ones but whatever 🙃) like my name and hello 👋🏻 it doesn’t even have adds or payment surprisingly anyways it’s so fun and funny 😆 so I recommend it if your bored 🥱 or just want to have some fun 🤩 it’s also better to do it with your friends or siblings but it’s ok if you do it alone🙂
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3 years ago, SparrowsEve
This app is amazing!! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
This app is amazing! I could spend hours on this game and NEVER get bored! His has, like NO adds that take up your entire screen. And it sounds JUST LIKE ME! With also very accurate words backwards and, backwards words said backwards. I would TOTALLY recommend this app if you are wanting to say words backwards! And if there were more stars bigger than five, I would DEFINITELY rate it all those other stars. %100.
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5 years ago, The Rin And Miku Show
Nice! Really funny to hear my sentences backwards, but..
It annoys me how you can’t reverse a screen recording on your device, or choose a song and reverse it. There’s also an issue, I’m just doing something simple to try to play music backwards, play it from my Apple Music and have it on the recording, but when I end it, I played it reversed. Right, I get just a screen recording turning off noise, very annoying! But on the other side without that, amazing and funny app! Very fun and simple to use! Much enjoyment! I really recommend it if your looking for some reverse fun!
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5 months ago, Teeny puffs
It’s so funny
So how I discovered this app is like my piano teacher had it and we were taking out GarageBand and I went into all of his apps. Sorry I’m a tech girl, but anyway, this app was really funny and I repeated some stuff and reverse it and it was just so fun. That’s my review I really don’t do long reviews because there’s not a lot of features. That’s why it’s not along with you but anyway bye bye from cherry puff.
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4 years ago, sdrawkcaB elppA
Works perfectly
It does everything it says on the tin, working as advertised without any unnecessary features/clutter. You can record and save audio (which can be loaded later), then you can play the audio forwards or play it in reverse. Once audio is recorded or loaded, you can raise or lower the pitch by 24 half tones, and you can change the playback rate between half speed to two times speed.
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3 years ago, Dipper Pinea
This app is great, it does exactly what it says it does and the only adds are small at the bottom of the screen. So far there hasn’t been any glitches for me and it gets the job done. It would be cool if the app could use the camera and rewind the camera as well but that’s the closest to a complaint I have
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4 years ago, Garen the average app goer
Great idea. Great work. Not so great sound
I think that this app works very well and I expected the reverse sound to be a little well, hard to listen to but not on this level. This might just be me and how I hear it but when I’m recording something easy to say backwards like zamasu then usamaz (I know this is not a word but it works well) it just sounds weirdly cut as if only the word was being recorded not the spaces between when you say it. Overall great app no other problems.
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4 years ago, AlexMatsick
Excellent App, great for musicians
I’ve been using this app for about a year now and it’s changed the way I experiment with my art. The only thing that would improve this would be to let the changes done in pitch shift save on recordings. I’ve tried to bring down melody a few octaves and they didn’t save in the final shared piece. I give it a 5 bags of popcorn out of 4! Great work 🙏🏻
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2 years ago, Roblox catcher
This app is so good he has zero and I don’t even know why there’s an ad option if I were Mike if this was my 10-year-old self sing this app they would be so surprised I can see everything is backwards it’s kind of creepy but cool at the same time I love this app whoever made this app is a genius 505 reading
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4 years ago, aayan☝️☝️🤙🤟🏾
I like it but...
I feel like this is fake no whatever I say I feel people can hear what I’m saying like Hello I said that and I feel like someone is watching YOU and going to kill I’m just playing good app works perfectly and no ads but the banners are in the way but you can remove them so I’m fine. Thank you!
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7 years ago, sasquatchtechnology
I like it so far.
I've had it for about 20 minutes now and I have no complaints. It's doing exactly what I wanted without covering work area or annoying me with ads. There are small banners at the bottom of the screen, but they haven't gotten in the way.
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4 years ago, googlerules735
This app totally works (on both iPad and phone) and the quality is great! No adds except for the banner adds, which don’t bother you too much, and you can watch an add to get rid of them for a few hours! If you are looking for a good reverse app, this is the way to go! ❤️❤️❤️
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4 years ago, Anntron X29488
All but one
I love the app but now it’s changed and can’t change pitches. Before I was able to change the pitch of the recordings, now I can’t. Now I’m a bit confused about why this happened but I’m not liking it, not one bit. Other than that slight update I like the app, I guess what I’m really trying to say is can you bring that pitch and speed changer back? Love Name and address withheld
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3 years ago, AfromanWTF
All star
I played all star into another phone that had this app on it then I played the reverse version into this phone that had the same app on it and when It came out it was clear as day.
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3 months ago, Swimming Fighter 735
Great, one small issue
I’ll get right to the point, I’ve noticed if someone sends you an audio file, you can’t insert that into the app to reverse… although that is the only problem I have. Great app.
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4 years ago, pretty fricken adorable
Helpful, fun, and creepy :)
From my experience, this app is good at decoding reverse speak both in videos or irl. I also like how this app has an option to remove the ad banner for a couple hours (you don’t see that option enough in other apps lol).
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2 years ago, CoconutTheRainwing
Works pretty well
Great at recording, playing back audio, playing audio in reverse, and even with playing audio from pre made files. Only downside is sometimes audio doesn’t get loaded in from files, but that rarely occurs!
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3 years ago, thgdhgghjrgfgyfkfhfggdjfg
So I got this and I was like ok I’m going to try that trend where you try to say the word backwards. And I loved it! Then I found out you can change the pitch and speed if your voice and I’m like, this is an amazing app. So this app is so worth it! (Not a lot of ads either!!)
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1 year ago, stevenfromchina
simple and elegant
I really like this app- being able to slow the rate and change the pitch is invaluable when listening to anything in reverse.
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3 years ago, Carter Lamar Hogans
Reverse play
So this is the greatest game because I just made a song called up by Cardi B but I Call it Carter b because I made the song that was by Cardi B but I made it and reverse and I made it by myself and I put the video in reverse so this is the greatest game ever
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3 months ago, Dwight Baney
This app helps me keep track of what I play on my guitar and it really helps so I don’t have to worry about doing it again. This app needs no improvements. That’s how good this app is.🤩
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4 years ago, ThePoorGroomsBrideIsASmore
The best reverse audio app around.
Hands down the best reverse audio app I’ve ever used. There’s no excessive ads, it’s very easy to use, and it’s really fun trying to say words in reverse! Try saying the words ‘server’ or ‘one’ and you’ll see what I mean! Hats off to the developer(s)
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8 months ago, the calub boy
I love it because now I can talk backwards
Talking backwards is so fun and sometimes i get bored so I just open this app and learn something new. As soon as my brother saw that I had this app he downloaded it too, and we both love it so much!
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4 years ago, Pkimmy
Hilarious App!!
Just the unseriousness of using this app is so hilarious that my friends and I cried laughing! Trying hard to pronounce words backwards make you look like an idiot. And the harder you try, the more like an imbecile you look!
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3 years ago, a.webby
Talking reverse but reverse.
I got this app because in my favorite show gravity Falls there’s a lot of talking backwards but when I tried to reverse the coil it just sounded like talking backwards again!!! I don’t know if it’s the quality or if I’m doing it but it’s annoying.
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3 years ago, eagledmasters
Amazing…it’s like a new instrument
Hi yes I am happy to write this as something I will use as a new instrument in my recordings on my albums! Also really fun to change pitch and speed with phrases with the kids and beats etc.
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4 years ago, AFTR | PARTY
Please do this.. please bro.
Can you make it to where this app can record from the internal mic. Like if I have audio playing in back ground app it can hear background audio from inside the phone?
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1 year ago, Yellingturtl2974
Awesome app
I use this app all the time, and it is so fun to use! I love how you can change the playback rate and the pitch, so you can use a high pitch voice to confuse your friends.
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4 years ago, Tiny tower problem
Great app
I am a real person and I have not been payed by anyone but I have to say this app is great. It works perfectly and doesn’t bombard you with adds, I really enjoy this app and thank the developers for it.
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3 years ago, kagkao
Good app 5/5
Nice it works perfectly I have fun trying to speak backwards trying to get it to say real words forwards using the backwards play feature.
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2 years ago, jfkclhxgkxitizt
It’s okay but it has very bad sound quality but is fun but on my phone it has a weird pitch and sounds weird for me but idk but the sound quality is bugging a lot and I can not hear the actual sound very clearly and was not very fitting for what I was trying to find in the first place but it’s okayish for a free app
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3 years ago, Crazy DJ dude
!Ppa taerg
Fun app weither it’s for practicing dark magic spells, or just freaking out your friends! You can even save your favorites and make them slower or faster! 10/10 ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
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3 years ago, yok_fortnite
Good game to fidget with but I think they need a mode where you can pick a video out of your gallery
It’s a good game and I love fidgeting with it but I think they need to add a sound that you can play back from your gallery
Show more
5 years ago, dancecentrallushcrew
I love this app, no pop-up video adds . One suggestion would be to make it so that you can listen to it when your phone turns off
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2 years ago, gamergoods12
So funny to do to songs and other sounds. I was looking for something funny and it had to be reverse. Looks like I found it!
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3 years ago, TekuGai
Simple and effective
Years later and has still got it. Nicely done!
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1 year ago, Bob Dylan1636
Friendly interface, quick uploads/downloads, exactly what I needed for my task.
Awesome app, does what is required well.
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3 years ago, 069136
The app is awsome, but when I reverse my voice, it kinda sound robot-y. But that's not that much of an issue, I say this is one of the best apps I've downloaded. You should download it now. I'm even learning to talk backwards!!! SUPER RECOMMENDED!!!🤩
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5 years ago, Quidcorpus
Connectivity issues
While the app works as described, it’s not allowing for the recordings to be shared through Bluetooth to my speakers , not even through aux. All the troubleshooting steps were taken and nothing worked. Hope they fix it.
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2 years ago, Larson1966
So fun
I’ve thought. Myself and friends how to speak backwards it’s really fun I love it but sometimes he can be a little creepy but fun
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7 years ago, Kurtb5636tddyjgtkggtiohtr
Works as expected
It works exactly how you expected. You can save your audio files. And it is very simple to use.
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3 years ago, Mavin.Malign
Good job
It’s easy to use the fact that you didn’t ask for money upfront was awesome thank you so much for being so straightforward good job!!!!
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5 years ago, Fly Tape
I’ve only had this for ten minutes, but it is amazing! There are almost no ads and is super easy to use. Best audio reverse app.
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5 years ago, kjkhsajsj
I hate it I just hate it the reason I hate it is because even when I allow microphone when I put an sound it’s just...static sounds and just...nothing of what I said the maker of this game if you are reading this please fix this problem if you fix it I would give you a five star but you need to fix it so I deleted it please fix! ;)
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7 months ago, Farts in the air
So good
I did a fart noise and it’s hilarious. I played it over and over again in reverse and it couldn’t stop laughing.
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7 months ago, Cat the app reviewer
Actually good!
Very fun to mess around with or have a song play on another device and reverse it!
Show more
2 years ago, Kendallison
Very good
I love you too and talk to you later tonight love the app thank you I’ll kiss you please, if you do you have no clue what me and my homie snoop dog will do
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