Revolut: Send, spend and save

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Revolut Ltd
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3 weeks ago
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13.0 or later
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User Reviews for Revolut: Send, spend and save

4.68 out of 5
44.5K Ratings
4 years ago, Ryan's Tuneskies
Putting holds on my money with no explanation.
I used to love everything about Revolut. Until recently they held my weekly payment for unemployment to verify its origin. I thought that was weird since it’s issued by the government but I verified it and the rep said I shouldn’t have an issue. One week followed without a hitch but now, they are holding another. This time, it’s been over a week with no explanation on why they are holding it. Every customer service rep uses the same excuse that “a higher team is investigating this, contact us tomorrow”. Investigating WHAT? I’ve already verified it, it’s an unemployment check I NEED TO LIVE ON during these Covid times and you are holding my money with no reason given. And giving me the same excuse over and over that it’s being looked into and the relevant team will contact you. Looking into WHAT?! It’s an unemployment check! If you have important deposits coming in, DON’T USE REVOLUT. They will hold your money with no explanation and no timing given on resolution.
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3 years ago, a-over
One of the absolute worst apps I ever used
I signed up for revolut more than half a year ago. I was trying to play with it and was trying to transfer $20 but it was telling me that a $20 was exceeding my limit. I reached out to customer service and of course they never bothered to respond. I think only about a month ago they were like ‘oopsies there was an error now you can use your account’. I attempted it recently and it kept failing my transfer saying that the address didn’t match my bank address. I went to my profile and changed my address and also tried to find if there was a way to update my address for the connected account specifically. That app is definitely not intuitive at all to navigate. After a while I gave up and just used apple pay. I reached out to their customer service through the chat again today. I was waiting in line for 3 hrs, and then even though I requested help for that particular error message, I was told to clarify, which meant I had to go back to my transfer history, which I did, and then lost my connection with that agent. Tried to reconnect several times, and their chat just does not even work anymore . It’s a blank page. I’m just tired at this point. Too many errors for something that should be very simple and seamless. Creating a literal bank account took less effort than whatever this is.
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4 years ago, folderall
Idea-10, Usefulness-1
I am in Italy where this product would be a great help and convenience if it were possible to load money into the virtual card. I opened the account on May 2nd and transferred $20 to test how it works and found contactless payments to be superior to our primitive US cards which must be inserted into the payment terminals. Excellent! If there is no physical card, there is no possibility of skimming or reading the card details. Unfortunately, it is now May 16th and I am no longer able to transfer funds into the card and the error message is that I have exceeded the limit of my card account. My debit card has a daily limit of $1500 and I have been able to transfer less than $100 since May 2nd. Customer Service is basically non-existent except for a childish chat bot which suggests I use a different (unavailable) method to top up the card. I am offered the opportunity to upgrade to the premium version of the service but have no assurance it would would work any differently. Revolut may be useful if only inside the United States but in Italy, it is simply frustrating and annoying. Even if I were back home, I would still have only the one method of topping up the card from my debit card account. I don’t actually see the point of a service that is so restrictive it can only be used upt to a limit of $100 and fails forever after. One Star is too many!
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2 years ago, nyc4321
Account suddenly shut down, stay away
This is an app run by AI and hence offers zero support should you need it. Do not use if you travel a lot, you risk no access to your money. The short of it - my account was shut down for security reasons with no notification. Someone tried to send money and it was denied. A few days later I tried to use it and received a message to contact customer service. Got a message that they will respond next day!!! 2 hours later another automated message came that the account is closed. No live person, no reasoning. So it seems the account was already blocked days or weeks before that but there was zero communication. Imagine leaving for abroad relying on that money. The whole reason I needed it was because I’m a dual citizen and travel a lot. Even after my account was closed I kept getting marketing emails. The low or no fees can only be achieved by no customer service and relying on a poorly developed AI algorithm. You get what you pay for with this app. UPDATE: Several months after my account was shut down and I was told to move all my money out, someone who didn’t know actually managed to send me money. How is that possible with an account which was shut down months ago? This app is so mismanaged. I hope I can take this latest transfer out and never have to deal Revolut again.
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3 years ago, Jared bethell
Stay away!! The company is great until you have any type of little problem!
I signed up for the metal plan awhile back and went with Revolut since they were suppose to be good for traveling to different countries and the exchange between currency's! I didn’t have any issues until I had a card stolen in Mexico! Not only did they not refund the money they argued with me for many hours a day over the course of two weeks on the chat within the app and gave me the run around! I not only lost the card and money that was taken out of my account and was stuck in a different country without a way to pull money out of my account. They prolonged this process greatly! I do not recommend you use this bank for traveling! Also they wouldn’t give me a refund for the money I paid to be a member since they didn’t provide any of the services the membership was suppose to provide! If you have any little issues like verifying a card they blame it on there security system and give you the run around instead of helping, terrible customer service not only from the general staff but also the managers as well! I’d give them negative stars if I could! Not worth the headache especially when traveling and needing a bank that actually is there for the customer and can offer real solutions to problems that come up unexpectedly!!
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12 months ago, Langlegend
I am Egyptian and lived and studied in The Netherlands. Since I am not a Dutch citizen, and before my residence permit expires on June 30th 2022, I contacted Revolut customer service (have a record of the chat as a pdf) and shared my concerns that they only had me scan my residency permit to sign up for an account not with my passport which is a permanent document and insisted to share my passport and National ID to make sure they don’t steal my money one day. What I thought about is happening. Revolut is keep asking me to update my residency although I explained myself that I am not a Dutch citizen and I have the exact same documentation I shared with them which are my expired residency permit (I can’t renew it as I don’t live in The Netherlands anymore) and the exact same valid Egyptian passport and National ID and they didn’t accept them! They have put restrictions on my account so I can’t deposit money, and can’t receive transfers. I was so happy with my experience with Revolut but they ruined it. Now they are asking me to close my account or transfer my funds although I did purchase crypto and was planning to hold it for a few years and not to sell it now and lose 50% of its value. So disappointed in Revolut and their service. Don’t recommend them, they lied, exploited me and now trying to steal my money!
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2 years ago, Free9dmc
Don’t use this app they will hold your money Hostage!
I’m in the midst of arbitration with these shady individuals. I ask to speak to manager and I’m denied that for hours. They are holding my money hostage despite me providing the documents they requested, then one of the employees tries to sabotage my verification by changing the documents that I had uploaded to one of the documents I had sent via the chat with him. There is no phone number only chat they have no address, I’ve filed complaints with the OCC and the FCC and the consumer financial protection bureau. This is by far the worst customer service I’ve ever experienced. They are causing unnecessary hardship to me and my 8month old son who I can’t get diapers or food for, I moved all of my funds into this account because I was going to establish it As my main account due to its great features but now me and my son are suffering because these people are unjustly holding my money hostage for absolutely no reason! Don’t get this app im going to take every legal action I can to Be compensated for this stress and suffering they are causing me and my 8month old son who I need to get diapers for within the next hour, who Needs to eat more than once a day. I don’t know how Im going to take care of him if they don’t resolve this problem soon.
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7 months ago, Sergey Gutsko
A major step back
It used to be so clean and simple, in the period of 2018–2021-ish. It kept getting overloaded with everything, even on the main tab you can scroll and see so many unnecessary things you can’t completely get rid of. But the last major update hammered it out for good. I’m glad it has the option to keep the old interface, but please, Revolut team, take some more time to actually research if the users like it. From the brand perspective, I feel like you’re losing it. All-caps text is now reminiscent of your rival “Wise.” It feels like you’re trying to be like them, but actually you had a great sense of identity before, it stood out. Also :) Why purple all of the sudden? The bank money interface should stay familiar and recognizable, moderately strict; I believe blue is the standard for a reason. You might have been a little too quick, that’s how it feels like. Some interface elements of the new design don’t align and don’t feel cohesive—like action buttons. Tinkoff got also overloaded with stuff over the years, but they somehow manage to keep it structured and easy-to-use, though I absolutely hate freaking Stories on the main screen. Don’t make that mistake.
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11 months ago, joslynb23
Don’t bother with the metal card for any of the benefits
I am a US cardholder. I’ve enjoyed using the card for transactions throughout Latin America without any fees. That and to withdraw. However, beyond those two activities the card ends up being useless. When one of my flights was delayed 4 hours, I was unable to use the “lounge access” benefit that supposedly comes with the card. The other perk that initially got me to join was the travel insurance. Well, if you take a look at the policy information, it’s all completely generic. There are no official insurance cards or certificates to be generated for official use, such as for visa applications. Although I have “active” travel insurance with Chubb allegedly, they informed me they are unable to generate or provide policy documents for individual policy holders. I spoke with support in-app as well as their Sure Assist through email. It’s very phony. Considering that I already have accounts in all of the countries I need, I will not be renewing my card for the following year. The highlight of this card was supposed to be the travel ease / international use, and unfortunately they don’t follow through with what they promise.
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8 months ago, unclesxirg
I recently was upset that they used prepaid cards and I almost didn’t use this service.. man would I have missed out on the best finance app in the entire App Store.. this product is unrivaled..I understand now why they do the things they do and why.. transferring money to yourself and others could not be done better.. I’ve Used every product from capital one to chime.. nothing comes close.. if I could I would do free advertising for them just because of how much convenience Revolut has brought to my life..I can’t give enough stars..I’m shocked that they are ranked 96 of the financial apps.. if people words just try it they would see that it is far And away the best…I’m not even getting to the fact that you can create multi use cards and single use cards for security.. and the information on each transaction is unparalleled.. please give it a try.. it is by far the best financial decision you will ever make…
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3 years ago, Frenzerelly
Idea is great.
But the app is riddled with issues. This far, the card has worked for me to make payments abroad and transfer cash at decent exchange rates without getting charged for additional fees like my bank will. However this morning I attempted to make a transaction online, which was initially declined by Revolut, thinking it was fraudulent. This I have no problems with, and rather see it this way than getting fraudulent charges. But when I acknowledge an email that it was me attempting to make this transaction, the card stays blocked, but it doesn’t tell me that. Next I have to “unfreeze” the card to allow the second attempt I made to complete, and this never happens. No matter how many times I try to “unfreeze” the card. Then I spoke with an agent, after first having to deal with an annoying chat-bot, who was very helpful but was not able to resolve my dilemma. There was also another issue with getting back in the chat with that agent after she asked me to logout of the app to see it this would resolve the issue, but this post would be twice as long to explain that too.
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3 years ago, sugarheartlife
Do NOT trust
This horrible app and business and their lack of ethics on every front has left me stranded in another country with no way to access any funds. It’s a totally nightmare and their customer support is just as bad. I signed up and ordered a card (which is supposed to be free but with shipping it was $23) and added $270 from my bank. They said the card would arrive at my destination, where I was traveling to, by November 8th. 2 days ago (November 6th) I checked the status to see where it was and there was nothing there so I messaged their support - there is no way to call this company. You can only chat with a bot! And they said it looked like the card was going to arrive on November 22nd! Which is after I depart form this location and the address where I had it sent. So today I checked again, and there was no card pending. So I chatted again with a bot and then finally with a person (again, you can’t talk to anyone on the phone) and they said they had cancelled my card order, would not give me a reason why, and still have my $270! So now I am stranded in another country with no card and no way to access my funds of any kind. And they don’t care at all. Do not use this company.
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2 years ago, TheIcarusKid
Absolutely awful and somehow getting worse
Can’t understand how the rating is above 1 star. Literally the worst app I have ever used from a UX perspective and now just straight up unable to perform the functions of a bank. Having been duped in by misleading offers, I’ll be transferring all my money out today and shutting down my account. Completely outrageous and their help function is 100% useless and basically built to keep people in a useless spiral of time wasting. They Recently started returning my salary without warning and for no reason, while casually letting me know my employer would get it back within 5 days. The only reason I Started using the app was for the savings bonus, which turns out to be complete nonsense (there really is no bonus no matter how much you have in savings / activity on your account). In addition, they just informed me that for some reason last May, they made an insane error which resulted in credits / debits from accounts not going through. Yesterday they just casually emailed me and today I have money missing from my account, without any actual rationale / explanation-as no transactions happened on the dates they advised. Avoid. Avoid. Avoid.
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4 years ago, Igrcman
Do not use Revolut.
I have stoped using Revolut. The main reason is their chargeback system. it is based od AI robot, and filling with online form. Your options to explain situations when you are complaining about transaction are limited and predefined by Revolut (so they know in advance all possible reasons why something happened). This leaves you to only select what they think is correct. Selecting something different will lead you to loosing your chargeback dispute. Late presented transaction by Merchants even beyond allowd days by Visa will be charged to your account. I have received such transactio. 12 days after a purchase date. Merchant was on my vacation trip, 1000 km from my place. On trip I paid merchant in cash (becouse transaction was not authorized), and If I want my goods i have to pay merchant on the spot with cash. 12 days later Revolut charged me as delayed transaction. This is my second bad exporience with Revolut, and what I hate avoit Revolut service is lack of human contact via email or phone number. There is no such support, only via Revolut App and there will be after you pass AU Robot, a person who will just blindly repeat everything what AI did before. Pointless. Think twice before you start to use Revolut service.
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1 year ago, Julius Preloznik
The single best online bank. Period
Where do I even begin? There’s so many positives with Revolut. Low transfer fees, low to no ATM withdrawal fees worldwide, easily integrates with my Stripe, sending and receiving money is a breeze. But security and support have to be their two best features. Revolut automatically detects and blocks any transactions they didn’t think I made. This has saved me so many headaches on multiple occasions. Whenever I have ANY issues their live chat agent is a click away and they respond instantly and intuitively. And their chargeback policy is amazing. I don’t have to wait 90 days on the merchant. Revolut gives me instant credit. Can’t rave enough about Revolut. What a fantastic product. Oh… and it’s free???!!! Insane.
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3 years ago, KcajCousland
Fantastic alternative to traditional banking
As an immigrant, it’s great to have a banking solution when you first come to the UK, as traditional banks will have a set of requirements a little more complex. Revolut allows you to have an account you can use for everything in and out of the UK in minutes, including money transfers, FX, contactless payments through physical or digital cards, online purchases, receiving salary, etc. All of this with no fees. Additionally, you can freeze or unfreeze your cards through the app in seconds, making it easy to react in case you lose your physical card, or if the app freezes your card due to suspicious activities. The bad part? No physical cash management. At the date of this review, Revolut remains a 100% online and electronic transaction based bank. This is sad because there are direct competitors to Revolut who DO have some ways of allowing you to deposit cash into your account. If you have some cash you wish to deposit into your account, look elsewhere.
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7 months ago, SUPERK9TRAINER
It’s a Clown Show
Anybody who takes their banking seriously do not come here. The things that these people do would never be permitted in any branch location bank. I had an unusual circumstance with a few charges that I needed to dispute. I went out of my way to make sure to ask all the questions I could and get all the information I could before filing the dispute. THEY GAVE ME WRONG ADVICE!! Because of the advice they gave me about which category to file it under, the disputes were not even considered. I got an email stating that if I reached out to Chat Support I could review the evidence that they used to come to this determination.. yeah, that doesn’t happen. These people have no idea what they’re doing. after this, my account became frozen in which they didn’t even tell me I had to discover this, and will not provide me a reason why. don’t put your money here. These people take no responsibility and anything they do. I’ve actually been lied to misinformed and not help at all with any of my issues here. here’s an update these people are full of bull…They don’t wanna speak to me about these issues. They’ve closed my account because of them.
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3 years ago, Jesse Lasso
Data stored without your knowledge
I’ve been using this app for a couple of days now, added my first card with no issue. The. Yesterday I added my second card but my bank declined it and Revolut app didn’t add the card to my account. Today they asked me to verify my cards and surprisingly enough they had stored credit card information for the last card that didn’t go through. I verified my first card since it’s the only one I could see and knew it was there. The second card I contacted their support team and asked them what they’ll do with that information and why they want my card details for a card that was declined and wasn’t added to the app and I couldn’t see it from the card section. I asked Christian the support person helping me to delete all my card details since I found it shady and instead of doing that they locked my account alongside my stored credit card details. Word of advise don’t add your cards there. if they were open he would have convinced me as why I should trust them with my data and give me reasons as to why they even store credit card details even though they’re not visible in your account
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1 month ago, 1moreappplease!!
It’s a scammers dream. Fraud Alert!!
Alert!! This app is used by scammers for Fraud! If you are asked to get this app know it’s most likely fraud! Not only are scammers allowed to use the app they seem to be protected and supported. Victims of fraud committed within the app are not protected from Revolut. Revolut was used as part of a recent Etsy scam within the Etsy site messaging platform. They did nothing to protect the account from fraud even though the transaction was still pending and caught it right away. Thankfully my real bank stepped in, realized the app and activity was fraudulent and protected me from them. Apple please remove this app to protect apple users. Update. It’s interesting that after leaving this review there was a timely response to the review. That is far more of a response than the multiple cases I opened and requests for help against fraudulent transactions I submitted. Still unfortunately awaiting responses on those. I’m even trying to close the account and the system blocks you from doing that also. So I have yet another unanswered request submitted just trying to get permission to close my account and avoid more fraud! It’s so awful!!
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2 years ago, ReyonElle
Potential that is not fully realised
This review is given over a series of unfortunate events in this year. Revolut has potential as being a great solution to cross border payments without the hassle from traditional banks and you are in control. With that being said, being solely an online platform it has had many problems since it’s launch in the US financial space in prior to 2020. Firstly it took longer than initially stated to launch there and when it did, I am regretting being an early adopter. I have encountered numerous challenges from incorrect information being stored to being locked out of the system at various times. I understand the financial regulations that govern banks especially in the US market but there has to be a systematic change on Revolut’s end to provide excellent service products on a seemingly flawless system because customers will not be enticed to move to this system in the US. My experience of having some friends use it in Europe is what made me want to try it with its introduction into the US market but Revolut needs to fix its back end issues for this to be a truly excellence experience.
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1 year ago, Abonak2
Holding your money hostage in the name of security
Not even close to the worst banking app in the state. My in-law in Australia asked me to open an account so she can send me the money she owes me. After receiving the money I transferred $1000 to my bank account a few days ago. I was trying to send the rest today and it got declined. As you may have noticed, there is no number you can call to talk to a live agent and live chat takes FOREVER till someone gets back to you with a scripted response and when you ask a question then s/he ghosts you. Long story short, after 8 hours they sent me a text saying there is a scam going on and we need you to write some information ( provided by them) on a piece of paper and take a selfie with it (my face in the picture) to verify who i am. It reminds me those hostage movies that they take a photo with the today newspaper to show they are alive. Anyhow, it is sad they don’t know the basic of business and customer services. That’s how businesses get screwed and not take off. I won’t comply with such a stupid request and already provided all information that tells who I am.
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3 years ago, lluminat
Terrible & infuriating
This has been the worst banking experience I’ve ever had. There are a lot of really great features but lacks basic things like reliable access to your money. They lock my card at random times when getting gas in the state where I live. Super frustrating. They keep asking for verification for legit checks I’ve received and held the funds. Now they’re requiring me to verify my entire earnings this year before they lock my account. I don’t have time to continually justify myself to my bank just to use my money. Now they’re trying to charge me $20 to CLOSE MY ACCOUNT. I highly recommend you stay away. I ignored the bad reviews thinking they were surely one offs, but they are consistent. Customer service is terrible, as many have said it feels like you’re taking to a robot reading from a script when you’re not. No way to talk on the phone. Revolut could be so great but if they’re unable to be a constant hassle then they shouldn’t be in business. Maybe there are regulations or practicalities influencing how they function but it is completely unacceptable and a huge waste of time and energy.
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2 years ago, momat98
Be warned
Have used Revolut for just over a year and now having to close my account. App is real neat however the system just does not work. The cards only work at a very limited number of places. I have had to keep an additional account for all the times my card gets declined(the big two are Walmarts and any gas station pump, you have to go inside to try the card). There are several merchants who they accept their card however about 2/3 of places I go in my area (NE United States) do not accept the card. Customer support is possibly the worst I have seen. If you are lucky to get somebody in a day or two the answer is always “hmm try again and let us know” and then it’s a 1-2 day wait for the next available representative. I’ve also gotten completely different answers from CS. They told me once that instead of trying to figure why my card doesn’t work just to link it to Apple Pay and pay via my iPhone, I couldn’t connect the card and a few days later when I reached CS they informed me that Apple Pay doesn’t support a Revolut card. All in all a really really poor experience.
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3 years ago, Ex-workaholic
Hugely difficult to get access to money
Opening an account is easy and flashy. Haviing money transferred into the account is a snap. BUT try and take your money out and it’s a whole other ballgame. I tried to transfer funds to my bank account and kept getting an error message. I succeeded to transfer 5K one day and nothing the next. After a week on chat (they have no live support) I was told that it “might be a technical problem”, that it was due to a limit but they couldn’t tell me the limit — but only that it was in place every 24 hours and finally that I can transfer 6500 but I have to wait till the last transfer went through (which takes 5 days). I asked to close my account but was told I have to have a 0 balance to do so. And their own help information says that there is no transfer limit. It feels almost like criminal behavior as they are holding my money and not allowing me access to it in a timely manner. Apple should not facilitate this behavior where they withhold funds from unsuspecting customers. I would highly recommend not putting your money into this “bank”.
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2 years ago, Molika4
Another bad review
Honest review: This whole app works so freakin’ quick & smooth….right up until the moment you try to actually FUND the account, which, if I understand thing correctly, is the WHOLE POINT of this app — to fund it, and then use those funds securely. Well. I’ve managed to get two cents in my account from my bank debit card from the verification process. So it obviously connects. But I can’t get any self-generated transaction to succeed. (Yeah, the “oops, we have a problem” issue). Fine. I’ll mobile deposit a check. Except that the app. Kearny has targeting issues based on the schizoid framing and inability to focus. So, after 4 tries I got the front of my check snapped, but can never get the back endorsement to focus. And guess what? Without that, it’s also wasted effort. The developers made sure to program things, however, to blame my lens being dirty for the lack of focus. What utter crap. Meanwhile, I’ve wasted half an hour. Why did I NOT just listen to the ton of negative reviews and forge ahead? Guess I just like to torture myself.
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11 months ago, Patricia Puente
Worst interaction I ever had with a company
I have been trying to verify my identity with this app for about 3 years. I submitted my SSN, picture of my ID and everything they requested and there is an e-mail that comes back every time saying they were not able to verify my account. I reached out to customer service that is almost non-existent, and instead of having a real person looking into this issue and verify me, they send me another robot generated message saying the same exact thing. This is just insanity. I have to ask my husband to use his Revolut all the time because it’s impossible for me to make an account for myself. I gave them all the documents they needed and they cannot verify me? Is this a bad joke? Despite the fact that this app is a joke and the whole customer service doesn’t exist, like they have nobody working there, I still recommended everyone I knew to get Revolut when they told me that they were traveling in Europe. It’s just crazy how I am the only person I know who cannot make an account like I am some sort of criminal. It’s humiliating and frustrating.
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3 years ago, study in sweden
Sounded like a good idea but does not work.
It sounded like a good idea. I am an American living in Sweden as a student. I never leave bad reviews. This is a first for me. I am quite frustrated. Everything seemed great at first. I got my new card fast in the mail. It was beautiful and I was able to top it up. However, I was only able to add money from a credit card. My bank would not let me add money for some reason. This meant I had to pay with my Revolut, then add money with my credit card, then pay off the credit card with my bank. That’s a lot of steps. Then after a couple weeks, even my credit cards would not let me add money to my Revolut card. I spent hours with Revolut, my bank, and my credit cards on the phone and virtual chat. Each of them blames the other for the problem that is related to 3D verification. No one has a solution. Now have a negative balance because the Revolut card is charging me for having the card even though I cannot use it. I will be canceling the account tomorrow. Maybe it works for others, but not for me and I am very unhappy with the service.
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3 years ago, themagyar
Nightmare hot garbage of an app and company
I’m now we’ll into my 3rd week of trying to cancel my 1+ year old heavily used metal account. Revolut decided I needed to be ‘reviewed’ which they said was random, and after supplying them all the detail they requested up to and almost including what seems like the blood samples of my firstborn, they said it wasn’t enough and asked for more. At this point I’d already given enough detail to their India-based team for them to steal my identity 20x over (tax returns! Bank account details! Details on EVERY SINGLE TRANSACTION!! And on and on!) and it still wasn’t enough. So I requested they just leave me alone and let me shut down this nightmare of an account I had used for one year and about 30k in transactions. And surprise surprise, they can’t accommodate my request because ‘your account is still under review’.. EFF THESE GUYS. A warning to all— beware this company and this app. If you are considering using it, go to an alternative like Transferwise, whose validation / verification process is there, but far, far less intrusive I to your life and personal data. RUN AWAY..
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4 years ago, Shalala1010
Cool story bro
Very happy with the app and my account thus far. Regarding the app, Ive been utilizing the budgeting feature and have some notes: If I change my budget for one month the app automatically changes my budget for the previous months as well. Fortunately, I’m able to personally keep track of when I do and do not stay under budget, but it would be nice if the budgeting feature took this into consideration. Also regarding budgeting and accepting payments from friends: it would be nice if you could assign the payments from friends to say, a restaurant charge. I’ve begun avoiding paying the bill with friends because it messes up my restaurant budget in the app. It would be cool if I could pay for a table of four, have my three friends pay me, then assign those payments to that restaurant charge. The app has all sorts of bells and whistles I don’t bother using. As the savings feature isn’t interest-bearing I don’t bother using it. I also don’t use the cryptocurrency feature since it seems pretty pointless when you can use other crypto-dedicated apps. I also don’t understand the donation feature—I just donate to organizations directly. I really think they should just focus on making the existing tools work extremely well with what makes Revolut unique and interesting, rather than bloat the app and the service in an attempt at appealing to everyone and no one.
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2 years ago, rogercbennett
Complete Nightmare Paired With Non-Existent Customer Service
I downloaded and installed this app because it was recommended to me on the App Store, however during the sign-up process I accidentally mis-keyed one of the digits in my Social Security number. Instead of allowing me to go back to correct the error it just proceeded to the next page and would not allow me to back up and fix the error. I continued with the process hoping I could change it once I got into the finalized account and of course I was not able to do so. And of course like most companies these days there is absentee customer service - no information is listed to reach a support agent by phone or email. So I ended up just closing my account and deleting the app less than five minutes after I installed it. God forbid you make an error during the sign up process, because you won't be able to correct your mistake! You developers need to fix your app and the owners need to hire some support agents so you can reach someone by phone. Again, I would not recommend this app at all.
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4 years ago, Veponces
Full-time frustration
I got a revolut account because it was recommended to me. At first I absolutely loved it. It worked smoothly. Until something went wrong. From then on it has been a total failure from their part. Back in 2018 I tried to open a personal account and business account (I work with people mainly in Europe). Initially I was put on a waiting list for both. After around 9 to 10 months, my personal account was opened. Then after a few months I noticed that the business account was finally launched in the US. So I tried to open an account and nothing worked. I kept getting the same message, “something went wrong”. I put it off since I was getting payments through my personal account. Until one of my clients was not able to find me. Since then I have been trying to resolve all the issues and have not solved one. Their customer service is absolute trash. I have spent more than 5 hours for the past 2 days trying to solve simple issues. I have decided to close my accounts. Do yourself a favor, if you have a business, open an account with PayPal!!
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10 months ago, Rarely Report
Hated it their is much better
Useless & misinformed customer service. When I was done & wanted to close the account they ignored me after contacting customer service. Wasn’t a fan of the app either looks like an amateur built the UI. Can’t tell you the issues I have a complaint to Financial ombudsman is on its way. I also can’t stand these woke companies that seem to want to promote their own ideas on everyone. Online banks (apps) are gender & colour blind money is money & that’s what they should be focussed on not promoting ideas that don’t need to be defended when it comes to what they do. Wokeness gone mad … I’ve closed my account. *Update * now they are asking me to contact them with a detailed explanation ( with a standard response obviously not reading mine)of the issues so that they can be resolved ..too late guys too late I’ve closed the account. Moved on & am happy banking elsewhere perhaps you should deal with complaints while people have their accounts not after they have left ! Because of that I’ve downgraded my review from 2 stars to just 1.
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3 years ago, MillionMiler17
Glitchy tech, horrible processes and customer service
In the few months that I have tried to use the service there have been many technical problems with the bank from verifying my identity, receiving money to sending money to how their customer service works. Sometimes it says you have to wait for a day for a response and then a person will respond in a minute and other times it says someone will be with you soon only to take a few hours for a response. Also with the technical glitches you always have to go digging for versus them being proactive about. I also have a US account but it gives its outage notifications in British Standard Time and any issues you have to report on, you need to put it in £. Maybe it’s not meant for the US market. If you are using small money values, have very simple needs and never need to contact customer service this might work for you. If you need anything else, this might not be the right platform for you. Had such high hopes based on what I had read from their UK business.
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2 years ago, Ellliiieeeeb
Bad service
Post Revolut response: The customer service is indeed bad as the response is completely irrelevant to my problem! I had a card type that was suitable to my location, but when I was forced to change it, they put the default on a different card type which is useless in Europe and they refuse to replace it and tell me I need to pay for the replacement! Part of good customer service is to offer solutions rather than refusing to solve the problems that were created by your own procedure! I like their concept, but the first and only time after a few years that I needed support I was not helped. So, I think they’re good until you need them. I received a notification on my app that I needed to change my card and their default was a different card type than mine so they sent me the wrong card and I ended up being forced to accept a card type that is not in use where I live and now I’m forced to pay for the replacement to get what I actually had before.
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9 months ago, LibertyDoctoralStudent
Students Beware - Federal Title IV Refund Held, No LIVE Customer Service
I’ve been waiting on my student refund and they’ve held it to the point my cell phone/internet service is off and I need the funds to turn it back on. They asked for sender’s website and I sent verification and screenshots in-app and no response several hours later and now it’s after business hours. “Title IV funds are federal student aid funds, which are from federal student aid programs administered by the U.S. Department of Education.” No one responded to my support email or feedback email either. When I called the toll free number, it’s automated, and when I pressed 0 to try for an operator, it hung up on me. There’s no human. No way you can hold people’s money without timely support during business hours. They don’t even respect government issues funds. I do not recommend. I completely regret trusting them. I did not read these reviews until today. The business app is just as bad. I reported issues with screenshots upon establishing my account and no response. They don’t care.
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12 months ago, Виктор171635
Complete disregard for customers, useless support
The account was blocked, allegedly for verification. They didn't provide any explanation. 24 days have passed since the blocking, and so far there has been no explanation from the bank. The support service does not comment on anything and does not answer any questions. The terms of the check are increased every time without explaining it. The incoming transfer was canceled, not credited to my account and not returned to the sender. 22 days have passed since the transfer and the sender still has not received it. The bank refuses to provide any documents confirming the return of the transfer and simply ignores any requests and requirements. Bank employees constantly lie in the chat of the bank application (there are all screenshots), do not give any comments about the progress of the check, the reasons for the check and the timing of the check. The worst bank in the world. To date, 24 days have passed, so far all accounts have been blocked and I cannot use my accounts. Support ignores
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3 years ago, Real Louie
I use to really love your company, my Metal Plan & evennorfeted 2 cards. However, in the last few months, the service went from great to terrible & you even have representatives messing with my account & fraudulrntly blocking my purchases, so you could hold onto my money. I even have screen shots i sent you guys that prove the agent was manually locking my card so my pin would work one second & the be lovked the next. I even checked my balance in the atm machine & it worked fine, went back to tmobile next door & it locked me out of spending my own $1,000! It didn’t work again until I changed the amount from $1K to $1,025 & for them to put thecrest on my other card. Talk about illegal & subversive. What kind of fiduciary are you guys at REVOLUT? Have you foxed those issues? Were you shoring up capital due to an impending buyout or even a bankruptcy? Are you actually ready for us to trust you with our $ again? After all, its our $. You are not a credit card company. 🤓
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9 months ago, clairedvo
I got scammed and they wouldn’t give me my money back!
This is my last resort. I was scammed into putting my money into Revolut then someone hacked into my account and authorized payments to a cryptocurrency site and Revolut did nothing. I told them the transactions were not made by me and that I never received an approval notification because the account was hacked into, and when I tried to dispute the charges all they said was “you approved them so there’s nothing we can do”! But the whole point was that I DIDNT approve the charges, it was a hacker!!!! Now I am left with absolutely no money to pay for my life, not sure what to do because Revolut was able to get a hacker in and approve the payments, and miss the entire point of my dispute!! Please Revolut, at this point I just need my money back! I need someone to speak to because the robots don’t seem to understand, and while it usually takes a few days to weeks to look into these things they rejected my request after a few hours! Please help me, I need it.
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3 years ago, DMO1086
I have been trying for over two months to sign up or log into this app without luck. Having never used it before, when I sign up supposedly another user has similar details as me so I’m meant to “sign in”. Obviously I don’t have a passcode so when I select “forgot my passcode”, it supposedly send me a new pin but never does. If you select “no access to device” instead or “SMS” for new pin, it tells you to signup. Comical if it wasn’t so frustrating. I’ve been in contact with customer service since Aug2 (had to get email from another user bc it’s not on site or app” unless you are sign in. All the suggestions including getting a new device have failed if their step by step instructions exist in the first place!! Apple should drop this app or at least require a minimum of customer service. Why do I keep trying?! Friends in Fx world compliment the app. Maybe the content engineers should spend some time on the login security interface or do a better job teaching customer support!
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1 year ago, tom shady 360
When someone told me about what this app is capable of doing I was excited to give it a try. And I told my friends about it also. And when I received my revolut card in the mail. I tried to use the many cool features that other apps don’t have. Nothing the app said would work doesn’t work. My guess is that the company created this glitchy app and launched too early without testing it out. But was able to get the app going thru clever marketing. That’s my guess. Cuz nothing works on it. U can’t buy crypto. Can’t send crypto or receive. Can’t do the instant transfer from debit card to debit card. I told my friends how this app is going to take over other similar apps but it just made me look stupid. Don’t like to app shame. Maybe in the future the app will start working. I gave it 2 stars for the good marketing and good concept. I would have given it 5 stars if worked. Long review. I need to get a life.
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1 year ago, PlusKittyXD
Extremely Disappointed!
So I’ve used Revolut for a few months almost a year now and it has been great. But unfortunately, and just like in life, it takes one wrong doing to really dismissed all the good something or someone has ever done. I’ve recently been charged wrongly with a consume that I did not authorize, causing my acc to fall into the negative balance, obviously I reported the issue and my claimed was rejected. Now I have to get the money I apparently “owe” within 7 days or “else”. I’m extremely disappointed with this and after I get the money I will not be coming back to the app. This fraud error thing is really a deal breaker for me. The lack of human interaction made it 10x worse. I suggest to anyone using the app to always be careful, but for me, this is really it, I’m out! Thanks for the service you’ve provided until now revolut, but this issue is concerning, and the fact that you guys were unable to see the clearly fraud that I have been charged with is very disappointing.
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3 years ago, bdnenenshejw
Revolut Scam
People beware, Revolut is a front for money control of your own money and any kind of transfers you make.... Initially it may seem like a good platform on the surface but over time it becomes a very frustrating company to deal with, now hundreds of reports are starting to surface of account holders who have had their funds either withheld, hold up or restricted for no feasible reason or of accounts being so limited by their system that they cannot even be used. I’ve experienced the same and Revolut has basically limited my account so much that now it’s completely useless to me.... when I contacted their help people I get incredibly non sensible answers and the issue never gets fixed.... think very carefully before giving these people your personal data and using them as a financial platform, your in a very frustrating time, my advice is stay away and save yourself the headaches many others have gone through and continue to deal with, good luck !!
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3 years ago, linicas
Really bad customer support
The app used to work very well. However, lately it was been impossible to add funds because identity verification doesn’t work. Tried multiple times over a 7 day period. The customer support is NON EXISTENT. They say they have chat support. They don’t. You open a chat window with a live agent, they tell you you wait one minute for him/her. I waited 15 min and nobody showed up. There is no other type of support except help menu in the app. Which is very frustrating. If you can’t log back into the account you have no recourse because the only type of support they offer is through the app. No other support online or email or text or chat is offered from outside the app. So if you have money in your account and for some reason can’t log back in you lost your money. I had to create a new account and even that is not functional because they can’t complete a simple Identity verification purposes. Is Revolut setup to skim peoples money?
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4 years ago, Nick dugan 71194
I wish I never heard of Revolut
This has to be the most frustrating application I’ve ever dealt with. I downloaded Revolut months ago and have only been able to add money about 5 times, although I have tried 47 times. More times than not the transaction gets declined. I was told to contact my bank, to which I did, just to be told that it’s on Revolut’s side. This persisted for a few weeks, until finally the allowed me to send money. Now that I miraculously was able to add money once, it was right back to not allowing me. Like I said, I have tried almost 50 times to add money, but simply cannot. The amount of hours I have spent with their customer support agents is ridiculous. I was planning to add a few thousand dollars into the account but after these past few months, I’ve successfully added about $200. Such a good concept for a company, but unfortunately it just doesn’t work. Maybe in a few years time Revolut will be a legitimate company and will take their customers more seriously.
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9 months ago, Naomi Z. B.
A godsend during my recent travel
Revolut was extremely helpful during my trip abroad. I travelled from the US to France and transferring money from my US bank account to Revolut then exchanging it to Euros was a breeze on the app. I like that I can go to the ATMs Revolut lists as being compatible with their cards and withdraw cash without ATM fees and pay Revolut less than $4 in service fees. It was, however, frustrating that I had to wait 24 hours to withdraw more money if I had already taken out more than $200. I recommend this for US-based travelers who only want cash when needed vs withdrawing a lot of foreign currency up-front just to not use all of it. I can’t speak for their actual banking nor their customer service, but as a casual user of the product, I would recommend.
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3 years ago, BlackburnIII
Obnoxious notifications, no IBAN, “coming soon” for over a year
Wise (formerly transfer wise) is much better. Revolut just sent me the last-straw notification that I didn’t need, so turned-off notifications for the whole application. Marketing notifications. Annoying notifications. Several per week. Friday: “Upgrade to premium” & “invite your friends!”, Thursday : “take our survey on how you save”, yesterday: “you can now send money to Mexico for free!” How about you quit bother me and only notify about transactions I make. Also, several features have said “coming soon” for well over a year. Coming soon means next week, imminently, not it’s and idea you had one time. Super obnoxious app. Let people control what types of notifications they get so I can opt out your marketing garbage and still get notified when my card is charged. Summary: get transfer wise. It’s way better.
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9 months ago, USA User #02
Worst Ever Card - Beware, here’s some truths!!!
I have a Revolute Card and have been using the service for almost a couple of years but after over 12 months of continuously having my account locked with restrictions and inabilities to transfer funds then to verify my identity and provide all my personally banking data, I’ve finally told them to go and take a running leap…. While it’s worked from time to time and proved convenient, overall this card has been nothing but an absolute headache since day one and a constant battle to maintain and keep active due to their over the top security protocols and staff that seem to all display lack of empathy and common sense to the users needs and loyalty. The over reach for personal data is unbelievable and I would warn anyone considering Revolute to be prepared to lay out all your personal affairs to them in order to satisfy their databases. This was a mistake and I’m happily canceling this card if tyranny !! Good Riddance!
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3 years ago, James, trumpet at law
Was good, now not so much...
At first these guys were great. It was very easy to add money to the account, and the potential for using it for international transactions was helpful. Unfortunately things have gone downhill as of late. Nowadays I keep getting topoff issues- this isn't an issue with other apps using the same debit card and wasn't an issue before for Revolut. I want to move on at this point but because I have a small positive balance on the card I can't close the account, and I am unable to withdraw money to zero it out... bonus apy may be a dream if you get direct deposit, but doesn't help if your employer pays via paper checks. If you use only this account and get direct deposit into it this may work for you, but at this point it's not for me. Seriously Revolut, either fix your authentication server or let us withdraw cash! I'll be figuring out a work around then keep focusing on the money services that work better for my needs...
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6 months ago, jashtor
I am writing this review to express my profound disappointment with Revolut's travel insurance service. Initially attracted by the promise of amazing perks for trip cancellation coverage, my experience with the claims process has been far from satisfactory. I filed a claim last May, and despite assurances that all required documents were received and the claim was filed, I have yet to receive any updates or a claim number. The communication channels provided for additional information, including email and phone, have proven to be unresponsive. This lack of communication has left me in the dark about the status of my claim, causing considerable frustration and inconvenience. Adding to the frustration is the ineffective assistance from Revolut's support team. Despite numerous attempts through calls and emails, I have not received any resolution or meaningful information about the progress of my claim. The disparity between the advertised benefits of their travel insurance and the actual customer service experience has left me deeply dissatisfied. I hope this review serves as constructive feedback for Revolut to reevaluate and enhance its customer service and claims handling processes. Based on my regrettable experience, I would caution potential customers to approach Revolut's travel insurance service with skepticism and consider alternatives with more reliable support.
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3 years ago, Mikeradu
“Approaching limit” = useless unless you say how much it is
For context, I think Revolut is one of the better cash management apps. They may not realize it - but that’s their main value proposition for me. Not the currency exchange. Also for context, the Singapore government decided to implement a rule limiting the amount one can spend with a ebank like Revolut to $33k per year. Will not comment on the reason, wisdom or efficacy of this move. It’s as it is. Now comes Revolut completely making a huge mess of a great app simply because they cannot do basic math. The government apparently asks them to calculate this restriction on a rolling basis. Basic math would allow Revolut to figure out how much I’ve spent in the last 365 days, compare with the maximum and decide whether to allow the transaction or not. Now they obviously do this math, else they’d be in violation of the regulation. However, the message we, users get is a vague and highly USELESS “you’re approaching the limit of transactions of this type”. Seriously, Revolut. You want me to believe you can handle my finances but you cannot be bothered to do a simple math to tell me how much more I have to spend? Also, since you’re at it, please be honest and change your advertising for premium metal cards to read “max of 33k in transactions” not “unlimited” as it reads today and which is false and misleading. Thank you
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