RFCU Mobile Banking

4.9 (4.6K)
45.2 MB
Age rating
Current version
Rockland Federal Credit Union
Last update
1 year ago
Version OS
14.0 or later
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User Reviews for RFCU Mobile Banking

4.86 out of 5
4.6K Ratings
4 years ago, 3rdnicknameattwmpt
Great in theory
It's convenient for a busy person and having the $3k readily available is nice. However, I have to take the back of check way too much b/c it says it's not clear and still having the same issues over and over again with the photo needing to be re-taken. This is after the front of check is accepted and was taken the same exact way. Also, would love to see amount accepted to go to $5k, the daily limit allowed in the bank. As a business owner working with third party billers such as towns, the state, and insurance companies-our live checks received are often more than $3k and going to the bank isn’t an option as fast-paced as my life is running two DBAs, a nonprofit, and managing a family that includes kids and an aging parent. Other banks can be more accommodating that I have accounts in depending on the branch I go to as well and I often will avoid going to the Bank at all. I have also considered moving my accounts elsewhere, which stinks because some of the staff is WONDERFUL. Which is why I have given you a 3. It’s that handful of people that give the warm welcome that saved this review from a lower number....
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1 year ago, JoeV54
Great APP
This is a world class APP and for a Credit Union it’s pretty amazing they offer it. I’ve been satisfied with it thus far. Only thing they need to enhance is on Bill Pay. The drafts don’t have a MEMO section and for recurring payments that can’t be transmitted it is a must have, as that is where one designates Acct.# and what it’s for on a draft. Please add. The check deposit via mobile has lots of problems. The auto capture almost always fails and the manual capture requires a certain degree of skill and stability so the camera can take the picture properly. I’ve almost always have had to resort to scanning my checks in and uploading the pictures via the website. Hope they look at the issue with mobile check cashing too.
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3 years ago, George Elm
Best credit union around!
Awesome people and service! I’m a business owner and have had a lot of trouble with boa and citizens and the other national banks but all my issues ended when I switched to rockland FCU 8 years ago. Very knowledgeable and professional!
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3 years ago, angie.tocci
Check Deposit
Definitely love the app I can see when money goes in and comes out and see how much I have and it’s a touch away and very simple since I’m 15 and it’s a great bank to use for your first bank but I work and get handed checks and I have to go into the bank just to cash them because I have to be 18 or older just to cash them in the app but other banking apps say I’m allowed to at my age so definitely should make it so I can but other than that I love it :)
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5 years ago, The Original Sly
Good first time experience
The app was easy to setup with respect to MFA. Easy to use. Suggested enhancements include showing the mortgage origination date in the details, showing the split of interest and principal for each mortgage payment, and allowing extra principal payment on the mortgage.
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2 years ago, Jeep73
New iOS 16.0 update bricked mobile deposits
Since I updated to the new 16.0 iOS I can no longer take a picture of my checks. It is blurred out and says to rotate the phone, which I do, and it never unblurs. My wife has a different iPhone and it worked before the update and now it does the same thing as mine after updating the phone. Developers please check out this issue!!! I have to go into a branch now to deposit my wife’s workers comp checks.
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5 years ago, finster1814
Rockland Federal Credit Union
1 stop to complete all your banking needs with services to help both Business & Personal Banking. They have the Small Bank personal assistance with large bank size mortgages car loans personal loans etc to make life a lot better. Thank you all! Paul V
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5 years ago, Cog 3.0
User friendly
Great app !! I find it very user friendly. I love the credit union and this is a great extension to them. The remote capture deposit is simple to use. This has as many benefits as the full site.
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4 years ago, taxed2deth
Bill Pay
The scheduling of automatic monthly bill pay seems to conflict with monthly transfers. Can’t they both be shown together identified as each in ONE location and be able to edit when needed? Thanks!
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5 years ago, ShadewHawk
Banking so easy!
It’s so easy to use for transferring money, checking balances, paying bills, pretty much anything you would ever need in a banking app!
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5 years ago, Tuggers1
Works flawlessly
It works perfectly for my purposes. I check my transactions and deposit checks without flaw. Hope it stays this way because I’ve come to depend on it just working for me.
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11 months ago, Pink160
Application Error:
I can’t seem to login because it keeps saying that there has been an application error and to try again later, it keeps saying that everytime I am on the app.
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5 years ago, Sa$ukeUchiha
A muy bien one
This app is so easy to use with still giving you access to all your mobile banking needs. 10/10
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6 years ago, wellThisIsAkward
Works very well
Easy to deposit checks and check balances.
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4 years ago, bhgugjk
Mobile deposit
Hi - I would like to see the maximum amount of $3,000 increase to at least $5,000 Thanks
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2 years ago, lil rayray jr girl
Best bank
Been with rockland for years and theyre the best! The app works great too
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5 years ago, active user!!!!
App rating
This app is very simplified and user friendly!
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10 months ago, SoliMelody
Very convenient
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3 years ago, dgarcia826
Good app
Always works quickly.
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4 years ago, Erin12345689
Great app and bank
No complaints. Happy to have RFCU! The app and bank in general are great.
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7 years ago, Dillpickles8
Great service
One of the best banks I’ve ever dealt with great people great service always on time! Easy to use
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2 years ago, JJ 24
Awesome app
Easy to use
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4 years ago, Socaplaya10
App is now silent crashing to Home Screen after iOS 14.3 update when Bill pay option is used. This is really all I use the app for.
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9 months ago, Loan Application Form Failure
Car Loan Application
Got all the way thru adding pay info, and it lost all my info, back to home page.
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3 years ago, Mabel0791
Doesn’t work
It doesn’t even let me sign in with my credentials on the app but on the website it does
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2 years ago, Sillymyloc
Great bank
I love RFCU a lot What a great bank
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1 year ago, Wayne Frieden
I cannot believe that after weeks your estatements are still unavailable !
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4 months ago, REDJR187187
With Love
Love you Forever!!!
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5 years ago, mmmmcccccccc
Taking a picture of the back of my check NEVER works properly!
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5 years ago, blisa655
Love it
Looooove it!
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8 years ago, Moodygirl150
Bank app
I find that the bank app is great for people who can't get to bank to deposit like myself more people should download this app their really handy to have I thank god for mine I would be lost without it. Thanks for putting it out makes things much easier for me. I'm not a big lover of Internet and want to comes to information not secure enough usually but this app is great and I feel safe when I use it I would suggest a sap to anybody I know dad has his bag thank you for making the good app for people who can't get to the bank.
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12 years ago, Chefchaddy
Chef Chad
Covers the basics, has been convenient and helpful with quick access. I would suggest an upgrade that allows you to modify a payment. Sometimes my electric bill (for example ) will change month to month. The only way to modify payment is to add second payment in top of the scheduled payment. If you need to lessen the amount well then you just have to go to full site or get to a pc. Also when you make a payment on the ap the only way you can get back to home screen is to choose "make another payment" and then from this next screen a "home button" will now show on top left corner. Design flaw I feel. Outside of my picky critiques I am glad RFCU came out with an ap.
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12 years ago, Honest_Weasel
Very lean, quick and efficient!
I've been waiting a long time for this. Been using it for a while both on my iPad and iPhone. Love how quick you can login and look at your account transaction and balance as well as your Bill pay. Two suggestions: 1. It's nice that you can transfer between accounts, but would be super if you could transfer between banks. My account is already setup online but can't select to send or receive using the app. 2. Be able to get more detail under bill pay so one can see the balance on a bill. Again the above requests are only "nice to have" not a "must have" Very happy with the app, specially how it fully supports iPad and iPhone . Thanks
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10 years ago, Tjonezxoxo
Best online banking app ever!
This app rules! Transferring money, checking account balances, cashing checks- this app has it all. But the BEST thing about it is that when you sign in, the first screen doesn't show your account balances. So if you have any nosey people around you (train, car, plane etc.) they can't see what you're workin with. Loves it.
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7 years ago, MichaelaAO
Perfect for me
I have two banks and this app is VERY fast compared to the other banks. Transfers and deposits can be seen immediately where my other bank takes a couple days, even sometimes a week to show. Which is annoying. So I appreciate that speed a lot.
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10 years ago, Shayne0725
Five stars!
Great app, it is extremely user-friendly even my parents can use it! The mobile deposit could use a slight update, sometimes it takes a little bit to take a successful picture of your check, but overall it's a great convenient app.
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9 years ago, AchtungBaby12
Love This App!
"Go to the bank" is one of my most frequently forgotten errands, so this app is perfect for me. It works well for all your basic banking, without making the people who work at banks obsolete, as it doesn't do everything. But it does 90% of it.
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9 years ago, Rockland user
Great app!
This app is so helpful especially because I can never make it to the bank during their hours. Very easy to navigate through as well, highly recommend this to other Rockland members !
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10 years ago, Raychelle5
Great app
This app is awesome. My husband and I are extremely busy so it's nice to deposit our checks on the run. That could use some updating but overall it's good. And of course it's even better to balance your account any time of day.
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12 years ago, pojomi
So glad I finally checked to see if this was available! Been with this bank for years and never had a problem. This app is just what i needed.
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10 years ago, MurphBob
Touchy deposit function
They need to do a lot of improvement on the deposit function with regard to taking check images! It's incredibly hard to get a good image and sometimes when it is clear, the app will reject it. I like the app otherwise and hope they improve this function soon.
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12 years ago, Z191
Good first version
I love RFCU and I'm pleased with the first edition of their app. Very stabile - no crashes. "No-fee" ATM locator is great. Obviously, future editions should include more features. Would like to see a memo line for e-checks as sometimes you need a reference # along with an account #. Also a way to tag payments as "tax", "reimbursable", etc would be nice.
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12 years ago, parrot871
Great App!
I have been wanting an app like this for a long time. I have been using it now for about a month and it is great. I also use the iPad app and love that also. I run my business from my iPad and iPhone and this is the frosting on the cake!
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9 years ago, RobMellon
Love the App!
Really enjoy my online banking experience now! App works great, super easy to download and use, and no more overdrafts with easy transfer option from savings to checking! Get this app RockFedCred customers!
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10 years ago, Jibba Junior
Requires Phone #
I get that security is important, but I don't want to give them my cell so they can text/call me. None of my other banking apps require this and it's too much trouble simply to look at my car loan balance. The app seems great based on other reviews, but I don't like this feature so I'll pass on the app.
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9 years ago, 9gaggin
Great for on the go banking
Big fan of the app. Does everything I need! When I broke my ankle last year, the app was really helpful so I didn't have to leave the house to make deposits or transfers.
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11 years ago, Slacey99
Bill payment should be better
Love the app. I just wish the bill payment feature would show you what bills are coming due like the way it works when you go to the web site.
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11 years ago, Banditz24
Mobile deposit not working with io7
Loved the app, but since the upgrade to io7 the mobile deposit feature will not work. Please fix ASAP! I use it for my business!
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11 years ago, Wowgirl1975
Use it daily!
The mobile deposit has become the norm for me. Now if they could just figure out a way for my phone to create money and spit it put like an ATM that would be amazing!
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11 years ago, Charla5
Handy helper
I love this app! I live outside the Boston area (Colorado) and have no access to a branch. I've done all of my banking online for years and this app just makes it that much easier to do my business...
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