RFS - Real Flight Simulator

4.6 (16.4K)
560.3 MB
Age rating
Current version
Last update
4 weeks ago
Version OS
13.0 or later
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User Reviews for RFS - Real Flight Simulator

4.63 out of 5
16.4K Ratings
4 years ago, The Mobile Gaming
I liked everything about this game!!! I like the graphics, all real plans, likes the weather/time change (wherever I want), like the autopilot so much! It’s always fun that’s what I am going to say! Last night I had the plane fly all night on autopilot and it didn’t crash at all! The things is that I don’t like the calculation it told me it takes two hours to get to this place and when I waited for two hours it saying it still has 2,000 miles/kilometers. Can you guys tell me how to calculate the speed in each of the plane. Will I mean can you guys put a speed what it supposed be for each plane so then I can leave the VS speed so I don’t hear anything, noises saying I’m going to fast! Also I searched up real flight simulator and I don’t see a simulator where you can touch the button inside the cockpit. Can you guys add people in the plane so it will take look realistic where people asking the flight attendant if they need things. You guys should add whenever I land and taxi to the gate they should give us automatically a new rout. Can you guys add the world too so it look like our country’s just like a big map of some kind. Also add a button where when I hit 10,000 feet I unlocked the seat belt so the passenger can ask if need to go use the restroom. Maybe our all the things I asked into the pro. Thanks PJ Hoppes.
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2 years ago, NYCsub
Worth the 99 cents
I love this game. It feels like Microsoft Flight Sim but in your pocket. The custom liveries are a welcomed addition as well. While I only have access to 3 planes, the one I use has a livery that is near and dear to my heart, and that’s the only one I use. For a flight sim, this is the most advanced that I’ve seen on mobile. Even the ability to go through checklists, have an in-depth autopilot that works with real flight plans, as well as micro options to dim cabin lights and cockpit lights, the HD airports are my favorite! My only complaint is that we should be able to buy individual planes like we were able to in other Rortos Games. I’m a huge fan of Extreme Landings, and I have almost every jet liner in that game, and I still play it for a more casual flight sim experience. I don’t want to subscribe monthly because this is a game that I play passively on my spare time. I’d be wasting a lot of money paying either monthly or yearly. I don’t care too much for the online stuff either, I prefer it to be single player with an option for multiplayer separately. But for what I have for 99 cents, I love it. I’d be willing to give the game more money if the planes were a separate transaction.
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1 year ago, gagagagagagagae
Ok- ok- okay- wow. WOW to say the least. RFS is the type of flight simulator you want to pay the developers for to update it. It’s the type of flight simulator that combines everything you could imagine together. It also takes up your battery fast 😂 so when your phone dies you’re even more sad. If you’re reading this debating weather or not to get this app or purchase the Pro version (Premium) then me, as a hyperrealistic plane-drawing, pilot loving, plane spotting, flight simulator playing, Microsoft Flight Simulator owning, friend, is telling you to get. This. App. GET IT NOW if you can. If you don’t, you’re missing out on a perfected physic FS. You’re missing out on a completely accurate failure game. Not to mention that they have a replay feature and it doesn’t cut off a certain beginning part of your flight if it’s too long. They have an advanced flight planner, over 80 aircraft, mostly 100+ liveries for each plane made BY THE COMMUNITY OF RFS, consistent updates, HD airports, Satellite images, real time multiplayer (I’ve played with my neighbor before), and MUCH MUCH more. DISCLAIMER: some of the listed features above are only available with pro. Thank you for reading this, ADIOS FELLOW RFS LOVER
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2 months ago, PinesJAM812
Please make an update like this
This game is awesome. Just, every plane game I’ve played has a flat surface. Now, hear me out. I love to crash planes, but, it’s not that fun when the tiniest part of the plane hits the surface and then you’ve “Crashed”. If you could, make like buildings and stuff and even mountains that looked realistic would be cool. And with the water. Sometimes I like to crash it into the water. But it literally looks like I’m crashing it on land because the plane, like I said, when the tiniest part hits the water it just “Crashes” and I would imagine it as going into a million pieces. Anyhow, when it hits the water can you make it so that when it crashes it goes down to the bottom instead of staying above the water. And, when it hits land it goes into a million pieces. To sum it up, if you made an update like this it would be cool, and can you please? I’ve ALWAYS dreamed of amazing realism. And trust me, you’d be the real RFS if you made this update. And trust me, you’d get a lot more five stars. If you made this update, if I could, I would give you 25 stars.
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5 months ago, plane rocket
Great flight sim
Today I just downloaded RFS and it is entertaining. One thing I really like about this is about how realistic it feels and that they have analog. The reason I’m glad they have analog is because I cannot play flight simulators that have tilt, it is frustrating tilting my phone when playing a game that only has tilt. Another things I like about RFS is that on the ground you can walk outside the plane and look around it. One thing I don’t love about this game is that every airplane besides three requires a subscription. I get why they have subscriptions to a lot of things but can they make only a few planes free to use without using pro.? Lastly I was playing earlier but I stopped not even half way through the flight not because it was boring, it was because I was tired and my eyes were stinging so I didn’t want to continue much longer. But besides everything I say, this is a great game. P.s. This game is better than Aerofly fs And infinite flight.
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10 months ago, hdhdhdhhshdhdh
My suggestions
Ok so can you make it so we don’t have to pay because I don’t think it’s fair because there are kids out there that want the poor any they can’t buy it why can’t multiplayer be free so people can have fun and don’t have to pay to get planes when you don’t have all planes but just 3 it gets boring using the same planes over and over and over people don’t want to pay for a pro every month or year or 6 months so please just make it free so everyone can enjoy it. Could you also add realistic blades to the engines for planes so it doesn’t look like it’s not spinning and more realistic could you also make the fire more realistic and not all over the place like the fires 🔥 is not on top of the engine or inside make it come out of the end of the engine could you also add realistically physics like wing drops or gets cut by pole and engine falls off and make the gear a little more realistic could you add a few new failures like this wing cut plane loses wing and timer for when the failure happens and could you add brighter lights and and more realistic graphics and 3d world and not flat buildings that’s all.
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5 years ago, Kinjan
Not there yet.
I figured I’ll just give RFS a try, so I flew a few flights out of LAX and SFO. I like the interface, not as fluid as I’d like it to be. I didn’t see the acceleration as I roll for takeoff, it wasn’t there it seems. Maybe a louder engine roar and faster visual would make a difference. The Flight Planner is wonderful, it shows a list of runways at an airport, however, I wasn’t able to zoom on an airport to pick an individual landing runway or see the layout of the airfield. On my flight to John Wayne from LAX, I felt like I wasn’t climbing fast enough. Upon arrival, there were no taxiways from the runway to the terminals. Flight from SFO to KOAK was even worse, I lineup on RWY12 and when I landed, portions of the runway were missing. I understand RFS recently rolled out and there are MANY improvements to be made, and will be made. One of those would be to build a virtual community where members can help patch up airports using google map or help with graphic on the aircrafts. Other than that, I see this SIM will improve over time since it has some of the missing features in IF (available longer) like the night landing lights, buildings, snow and some. Thumbs up for the team.
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5 months ago, htzknb666
Some suggestions for game companies
First of all, I think this is a very good mobile flight game, and with the update, players have also experienced more and more real flight simulation. However, I found some shortcomings that I hope can be solved in the next update. 1.The cockpit of the A350 is still a little different from the real one. I hope it can be improved. 2. Thank you very much for your team's improvement of the cockpit of the Boeing 777 not long ago. We are very satisfied with the new cockpit, but there are still some shortcomings. When we fly, we can't see the instrument in front of us because of the obstruction of the joystick. In addition, the 777 text on the joystick is a little different from reality. I hope it can be improved. 3. The cockpit color and modeling of the Airbus 320 are very unreal, and I hope it can be improved in the near future. 4. Finally, the most important point is whether it can increase the player's reconnection function after disconnection. This function is really practical and is also the voice of many RFS players. Thank you to all the staff of the RFS team for bringing the flight experience to the flying friends. I hope you can adopt my above suggestions. Thank you. From a three-and-a-half-year veteran player
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3 years ago, Xman++
Amazing, besides a couple things..
I ABSOLUTELY love this game, when not in school, I play it for more than 3 hours a day, but there’s an issue with the autopilot, and RORTOS hasn’t replied to the many emails I sent them on this matter. RFS has what’s known as “Nav” that will literally fly the plane for you, until it’s time to land, which allows you to do other things. For long flights, I usually turn on NAV, and the plane will fly on its own for the night. When the bug inconsistently comes, it will turn off Nav, out of nowhere, and yes, the plane will crash too. There’s this thing also, I did a flight with the A321neo, and went from JFK-LHR. Turned on the navigation, went about my daily life. And the plane crashes, not because autopilot shut off, but because the plane was rapidly descending, and the Nav didn’t fix it. I tried to get to the flight to save my plane, but I was being called second after second, and my plane crashed..Long story short, RFS would be (Almost) PERFECT if they fixed this issue.
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5 years ago, 😣😣😣😣😭😭😭
I chose to play this game and get the pro because it is cheaper than infinite flight pro but I’ve been having a problem with the pro online. Almost every time I hit the map button or I just hit it a few times it always crashes me out of the game and it doesn’t save what I did so I have to restart again. It’s very frustrating and I hope the future updates fix this but I prefer this over infinite flight because of price and also you get 3-D animation airports, you get an animation for the pushback gate, you get an animation for pushback, and you even get air traffic control. it’s a very great online experience. it’s a very frustrating glitch and I hope the future updates fix this but I prefer this over infinite flight because of price and also you also get 3-D airports you get an animation for the pushback gate you get an animation for pushback you get air traffic control. Overall the game is a great game though.
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1 year ago, CARSnTech
#1 Flight Simulator For Mobile Hands Down
I’ve played a lot of flight simulators, and I mean a lot of them, and frankly nothing matches RFS. Infinite flight doesn’t do half of what RFS does, X-Plane Mobile the buttons are you can move around I give it that, but the graphics isn’t there and it’s easier to fly on RFS. Overall solid game, it has its quirks here and there but the team looks like they’re always releasing new updates. The game I think would be 5.0 if: - Updated ATC Commands - Smart Computers for the Airplanes in Single Player (robots in the game get too close to your airplanes, they cut in front of you when it’s your turn to take off, they’ll all land at once without proper ATC clearance) - Interactive buttons in the future if possible - Live cockpit with everything functioning other than just the screens. Lights to should be able to shine in the cockpit without having to have cockpit lights on D2 to see in the dark, everything should light up the cockpit when it’s fully dark. - Smart ATC controllers for Single-player (Atc just mindlessly gives you clearance to land when there’s three other airplanes about to land before you in short distance) not realistic. Hopefully that could be implemented into the app one day, the game I promise would be guaranteed award winning for the best mobile flight simulator ever mark my words.
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4 years ago, Ericpeto
Amazing! WAY better than Infinite Flight (IF)!
After months of searching for a amazing flight simulator for mobile, I have finally found the one. RFS has entertained and taught me for many hours of my life, with fun and realistic simulation. After spending more than $40 on Infinite Flight, I now have an actual REASON to spend money on these games. If you are comparing, RFS has more realistic scenarios and simulations than IF. It also has way more affordable prices, with extreme detail in both the demo version and the PRO version. I had spent more than $40 on only 4 months of IF, while RFS offers more affordable offers and subscriptions with prices of only $30 for 1 WHOLE YEAR (the one I have). I am really thankful for the joy and knowledge that RFS has provided me with, ever since the day it came out(pre ordered it actually). You did it again RORTOS and keep the good work coming!
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4 years ago, ANDREW W.K.U.P.
Subscription was for nothing... Don’t reset device with pro sub!
First abd foremost I LIKED this simulator better than X-plane or Infinte Flight by a cinsiderable margin. I went ahead and purchased a month subscription of the Pro version and loved it, however, after doing a factory reset on my phone, when I open the game and try to log in to my pro account, I get a message that says the account linked to my pro subscription is linked to another (different) device, and to log in to my account with that one and link my RFS account with my FB or Google accounts to be able to play under my paid account on a new device. Well, seeing as I can’t possibly do that bc it’s the same phone, I reached out to their support team and they “supposedly” fixed it, but it still doesn’t let me log in. Wasted my money and time, and I wish I could play it, don’t want to bother with the free version after I had been used to the Pro version, and way I see it, Rortos should give me a free month for this, then maybe I will give them 5 stars. Don’t rest your phone, you might screw yourself out of a paid subscription for however long you paid for...
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5 months ago, Charles The Warrior
An idea to make this game f2p
I like the realism, graphics, etc of this game. That’s amazing, however, as someone who doesn’t spend money on this game I only have access to 3 aircraft which is very limiting and frustrating. I know you need to make money but I have an idea to find a balance. My idea is that anyone can gain access to any aircraft, but they must first watch a few ads, and once they leave the sim they must watch the ads again. With this idea, you still make money from the ads and rfs pro still has a selling point, for it may be still frustrating to watch so many ads each time, and also the other features apart from aircrafts. I’m sure lots of people can relate to my frustration and agree with this, even if the amount of ads is high, it’s still a huge improvement and a big leap in improving the game and making it accessible for everyone else without spending’s money.
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3 years ago, LalaNathan
Parts of planes
RFS. Is a great game, but I would love for you to add these few things. In the cockpits of all the planes there is not a realistic engine monitor. The monitor to see your engine is weird and I don’t like it. I would also like if you change the sound when you start your engine because it doesn’t sound like it does in real like. Something else I would like is better wheel suspension. When you land the shells don’t work like they do in real life or other sims, in Infinite flight or X-plane there is good suspension when you land. But in RFS it makes your landing harder than they seem. Last if all I would love for you guys to add flexing wings, like when you take off the wings bend or in turbulence as well. These are things I would love for you to add, but RFS is a great game and I love to play it. Pls let’s me know if you see this. Thankyou!,
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5 years ago, SeanDog88
Tremendous potential...not there yet
I am a pro subscriber, and there are many positive things to the game. The weather and 3D buildings are great. But the physics are a bit off still. The planes come in way too fast when landing. The thrust levers shouldn’t have to be idle when on final. And yes, I have the correct flap config set, gear down etc. I like the overall controls, but adjustments need to be made. Also, the cockpits need to be more realistic. This is definitely a possible feature that needs to be fixed. The flight planning system can be useful, except many times the altitudes are wrong. For example, when flying from lax to San Diego, I was given 4,000 ft as my cruise. Definitely not high enough. I don’t expect FL 350 on a short flight, but I do expect more realism in that regard. I keep checking back almost every day to keep track of updates. This game has a lot to offer, but still much behind infinite flight in terms of realism. I expect RFS to have a bright future, but it’s just not quite there yet.
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4 years ago, Dragon'sScale Animations
Too Many Children.
Back when I got this game it was calm and most people were very nice and not giant annoyances. But now recently, more and more kids have been getting the game and the chat is just riddled with children. You can’t even speak because kids are spamming and using caps and are just saying random things. I think that, yes, kids should be able to play, but there should be a moderator in each chat. It’s just too chaotic to do or say anything with all these people talking and spamming at once. It’s starting to run off the older teenagers and adults because it’s too hard to make requests with chatter and gibberish every 0.7 seconds. Overall, the game is really good and I give it a 5. However, I would love a moderator or something of the sort in each chat room. Thank you for taking your time to read this~
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11 months ago, kingbaybo
In love with the game
Okay so as an experienced gamer with flight simulation this has to be the best for mobile yet I mean compared to the other mobile flight simulators like infinite flight you guys definitely got that however I still feel like there are still things you guys need to work on like for example; The water graphics I feel like can be a little better land graphics as well! Another thing is the limited amount of airports you guys have it’s kind of annoying having to fly to certain airports it would be very cool to see Philadelphia’s airport as well as miami and also airports in the Caribbean like San Juan Puerto Rico or Punta Cana Dominican Republic however you guys do not fail to update constantly which I absolutely love and I know you guys are working hard to update these things and I just wanted to say keep up the good work honestly this game is amazing !!
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3 years ago, goldie ryry
DO NOT BUY!!! Very disappointed!! Absolutely Awful!!
PLEASE READ ———>**Before I say anything negative, I would like to say that I think that Rotos are great developers. And I have loved all of their games since I can remember that is why I am about to be so hard on them with this review.** First of all, the graphics look like they came straight out of a Mario kart game from the early 2000’s. No wait, that’s a compliment. Seriously these are some of the worst graphics I have ever seen. I mean, come on, it’s 2021, can they seriously not do any better? The planes and add-ons are INCREDIBLY overpriced for what they are. The plane and building models are dreadful and so are the animations. The smoothness of the simulator is so bad it’s like an old movie from the 20’s. The planes handle and fly like buildings on wheels. And that is being nice about it. I constantly wait for updates hoping it will be better but it just never is. Seriously, DO NOT BUY!!!!! I hate to be so negative and so mean but, come on, it is truly awful. Just as bad, if not worse, than those cheap simulators you see on the App Store.
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4 years ago, tohtji
Everything is GREAT. Just one thing: I think that there should be airports with more gates, they don’t even have to be their real location (sorry if it takes a lot of work to add gates) but if you do this will be the best Flight Simulation Out there. Oh and I love the Multiplayer and the Multiplayer ATC. Another thing that I love is that when you do fly now (in pro) there are other AI aircraft flying. That helps a lot to make it more real. I think this is better than X-Plane, Infinite Flight and Aerofly FS 2020 altogether. Oh 1 more thing this app gets updated like every month sometimes even every 3 weeks that’s also good. I love that there are a bunch (and when I mean a bunch I mean A BUNCH) of liveries within the first week of launching a new plane. Love this app Amazing!
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3 years ago, Mary23890
Crashes 😡😓
I’ve been playing this game for a while now. I even bought the subscription to get the Pro benefits and I loved it! Everything was great until the game started crashing a few weeks ago. It’s not my internet connection or my device, it’s the game. Whenever I play online (multiplayer), I usually choose long flights overnight (9-12 hrs), but lately every single one of them gets “disconnected from server” just when I’m about to land 🤬😡😭😭 so imagine wasting all that time of having my iPad on, for nothing!!!! I have tried uninstalling and then installing the game again, no success. Not to mention the many times I’ve restarted my iPad, with no success as well. And even tried resetting my Wifi settings on the iPad, with no success. So it’s definitely the game. Now I’ve cancelled my subscription and deleted the game until this bug can be resolved. I LOVE this game, but if they don’t put any effort into fixing this issue, then it’s not worth your time or money 😔.
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1 year ago, Grahams4
Awesome multitasking “realistic” game. .
I play on my tablet because my phone is too small for pilot mode. The controls are fickle, and there is a learning curve. But the more I play and understand all the buttons and commands, the more I love this game. It took me a few hours to figure it out. Still working on all the alphanumeric lingo. The actual real-time flights on autopilot are boring. So I just load, do all the commands etc., taxi, take off, switch on auto pilot. Then, do it all in reverse after messing around for a few minutes with the various camera views in auto flight. The most fun is landing blindly in heavy rain storm with wind sheer. Good luck! P.s. Spend the $2.50 a month. The game is so much more fun with all the features unlocked.
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4 years ago, Eddierthegod
Really good but needs more things to make it better
The game is really outstanding and really fun to play but there is something’s developers could add to make it better. For instance, you guys could make it to when a plane lands it rumbles and shakes a little bit more and than when you take off the same thing. Maybe you guys could also add different engine sounds to every plane because they kinda all sound the same. Maybe also you can get like a cabin view to where passengers could ask for meals and maybe where people can be Flight attendants and also one more thing you guys could add is for making the flaps look a better more graphical. I also have a bug with fueling the planes so could you maybe fix that too?
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5 years ago, nobletravis
Excellent Game
The game is very good, graphics are perfect, game style is perfect. But there a few things I would like to suggest. For example when we hit the seat belt button we should be able to hear the flight attendant speaking like for example it should say Dear Passengers the captain has turn on the seat belt light please remind seated and stay buckle up, once that captain turn it off then u may unbuckle ur seat belt and free roam the cabin as much as u would like. The other thing that u think would be nice is when u are at a gate picking up passengers the airplane should automatically add the passenger. We should not have to hit the pause button and then add passenger it should automatically add when they enter the plane. Other then that it a perfect game.
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3 years ago, Oguneko Nelson
Improvements to RFS🙏🏻🙏🏻
I really do love the game but a few changes can still be made to improve the game. Can you add more planes. Some planes have their names written the wrong way on the Engines and Tail. The engines for some airlines aren’t the way it is in real life. Upon landing, the thrust reverser doesn’t lift up in the cockpit but I’ll give y’all credit the thrust reverser on the engines do work. Can we have more working buttons and the ATC more realistic like for pushback and Taxi and mentioning airline names, can the ATC be closer to reality even more please. Also can the view of the engine and the wing and the IFE screens be more realistic too. And also can the passengers that board be more interactive with their surroundings and can the camera pan around inside the cabin and can the flight attendants also make their own announcements as the flight starts instead of switching. Can the game just be made even more realistic. Can you also make the plane land a little further down the runway instead of so close to the beginning and why do some airports not have gates like Lagos Nigeria and some other ones.
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4 years ago, rrrreeeeeeeeeeeeee
Please add
Hi I am not gunna give my name but I will make one up, hi my name is Carl I love the game I play it every day but I noticed that you only have modern aircraft I think that you should add a few old planes like, DC-3 a very famous aircraft that is still used today I think this would be a good plane to add because it was the first plane to really rule the sky’s and it is still in use after more than 89 years. Second the DC-6 another very famous plane one of the first 4 engined passenger planes used by many airlines. Third the Boeing 707 Clipper the plane that shaped the golden age of travel. Finally the Lockheed Conslation among the best built planes out there it is described as a legend. Thanks you if you read this and put it in love the game and this will make you a lot of money goodbye. Carl.
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3 years ago, Ambient Atmosphere
Great game! Just a little disappointed
So when I bought pro, I expected to get all the cool camera views that you can see in the advertisement video. Except you don’t. There are no cabin window views or views under the plane. I wish that they were in the game though! And the video made it a lot more realistic than it really is. It says that the pro version has “satellite rendered graphics” but in reality it’s just flat terrain that only takes shape of mountains and stuff. But the land is just the same satellite image but it’s copy and pasted through the word. And also the HD airports need a TON more work! They look almost nothing like the real thing. But the game is playable, that’s all I care about though ;) I would recommend pro 100%
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5 years ago, HangTuang
I really love this game but I was wondering if you could do ATC where they can see all the information and the flight attitude level and the plane name and where they heading like the real life one where ATC see weather and wind information because just being pilot sometime it boring cuz this game is REAL FLIGHT SIMULATOR which supposed to be like real life so we might need ATC to guide and also Emergency team on the ground like if a plane catch fire and land and there a group of fire fighter to put that fire down and also like a jet fighter like if the plane don’t respond we can send the jet fighter to check and have to decide to shot it down or not since it about Real Flight, I know this is too much but just asking and giving idea ThankYou
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1 year ago, Max2229
Something wrong with the autopilot
I love Rfs! I like doing multiplayer flight like short haul flights using the a319 ceo from Paris to LHR but when I tried doing my flight from LHR to Frankfurt, something weird happened that brought my 757 down to the ground and crashed it. It was the autopilot’s fault since it made the plane ascend to 1,000 ft but the next flight plan said the plane needed to be at 600 ft and suddenly the 757 started to drop and crashed the plane, the autopilot brought it down instead of bringing the nose down a little. But I think this is a problem that you guys should patch but your game is very fun! I like the planes in the selection and the HD airports. Please fix this bug.
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4 months ago, Hypothermiz
I would like to first say that I love this game. It’s a great mobile simulator, and I play it daily but it can be improved. I play MSFS, but since i’m in my first year of college, I’m away from home, and it would have been impossible to bring my MSFS setup to college with me, so I started playing this game to supplement my simulator needs when I was away from home. I have enjoyed my time playing, but this game really needs to introduce TCAS and RAAS systems to make the experience of flying more realistic. Additionally, the autopilot and auto-throttle need to be reworked. I find that when I’m coming in on approach with AP armed, my aircraft, no matter the type, has the tendency to oscillate, taking me off of the glideslope and localizer, and I’m forced to manually correct it so that I can be aligned with the runway.
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2 years ago, Coooo Guy
Absolutely Fantastic
This flight sim is absolutely fantastic. It’s like having Microsoft FS on a phone. I really appreciate the attention to detail with the airports, and the ATC is close to spot on. I have pro subscriptions to both this and Infinite Flight and I believe this RFS is just amazing. My only gripe is that I wish the aircraft had more actions like Infinite flight, such as manually opening cargo/cockpit doors. Also newer/more aircraft would be a plus, such as single turbo prop like a TBM-930 or a Pilatus PC-21 and if they could get some military aircraft such as the C-130J, C-17 Globemaster, (or literally any helo at all, but I know that’s a big ask) I think this game would be 1000% perfect in every way. (or And if they could incorporate manual switches for start ups like in X-Flight, that would be frickin awesome too! Overall this flight sim is spot on and amazing for people trying to get into flight sims or aviation in general. You guys did an awesome job coming with this and I’m super impressed with how far you guys have come from your other games. Keep up the good work y’all :)
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2 years ago, dbudh001
Everything is great but AI physics need to be improved.
Ok so everything about this game is good physics graphics everything, But the AI physics and the AI acting needs to be improved or fixed, Ok so like when u turn onto the taxi way and the AI plane is u stop a bit of ur plane is sticking out they don’t care keep going and hit your plane, But when the plane was hit by a not so hard impact it just loses its landing gear and falls to the ground. It acts like a drama queen when it happens lol, You guys also should fix the AI landing, When they land they hit the ground so hard and nothing happens to them they just go on like it was a great landing, I tried what they did with my plane and uhh I crashed/lost my landing gears :/ yeah so that’s all I wanted to be improved
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4 years ago, steven peel
Room for improvement
This game is awesome and I don’t mined paying for it but I think that they could add more us airports or maybe make the ones they have more realistic. I would love to see helicopters or military aircraft and maybe a air ship you can land on! There is always ways to make it better, over all it’s great for the price and the experience!!! One last suggestion is that you add a ground worker spot or have it where you can do it then fly the plane, it would be cool to have multiplayer as your co pilot so they can taxi Wail you do the cheek list or something like that. Thanks for listening and I hope one of there makes it in the game
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5 years ago, just writing a reveiw
Good but...
I really do love the game but I wish we would not have to pay for the subscription to get the planes. I really just want the 787-8 but I have to pay for the subscription to get along with other planes I won’t use. The subscription should be 0.99 a month and the planes can be bought separately so we can just get the plane we want. Another thing is the flight models. Some of the flight models are inaccurate and need improvement. We should also be able to create liveries on the phone too. Like you make a separate app that can make the liveries and than by the tap of a button it will be in RFS. Thank you for a great game. I hope you can make more airports HD without Pro. I hope you will implement the aircraft separate purchase. Thank you.
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5 years ago, Pga2008
So bad compared to IF
I got pretty upset at Infinite flight a couple weeks ago and thought I would look at other flight simulators. The first is x-plane but I can not get it on this device. Than it was real flight simulator so I thought I would give it a try. So I do a couple flights from lax to San Diego back and forth. So I thought it was a nice simulator so I got the subscription. Well it looks like to my view that the first flight was better then the $4 SUBSCRIPTION I PURCHASED! How because it keeps glitching every 10 seconds and logging me out. I can not believe that Infinite flight is better than the “most advanced flight simulator” now I’m flying Infinite flight again so I might be deleting this app because it is taking up a huge amount of storage for nothing! So disappointed with this app. Anyone who reads this app do not download this app it will take up your storage for nothing and is not worth one penny of the price.
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5 years ago, Mr.Mastr
Fun in The Beginning
I love the landing and taking off a lot but it’s when your flying to your destination which I find to be less entertaining. One way I can find this game being any more enjoyable then it already is, could you guys make a update on letting us move around the cabin. We can see out the cabin windows which I love because me and my imagination go wild pretending to be the passenger, but only if we could move around, use the restrooms and such then from between taking off and landing would be much more satisfying and much more entertaining. Thanks for making your game fun and exciting as it already is and I expect more and more a Infinite Flight trues to fight for the win.
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5 years ago, cubswin1216
Great Game... But I Have A Few Small Wishes
I love how many airports there are, the different airplanes, and the virtual and real designs on the planes. My wishes are very small and have to do with inside-the-plane window views. I think it would be cool if some sounds were added like people talking, people moving around people putting their bags away, and flight attendants. (These could be turned off in settings) I also think it would be cool if you were able to look all around the cabin instead of just the window and small area around the window. This is definitely one of the best mobile-flight sims and I hope you take these wishes into account. Thank you.
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2 months ago, blackfighters89
Some improvements needed
There are some things that needs to be fixed like the 737’s wing shape and flap design looks a lot weird and unrealistic compared to realife . And the 737’s nose looks a lot fatter. And also on the a320’s the cargo bin door for the bulk is open outward instead of inwards. Make sure which direction aircraft cargo bin doors open. And also add more options on which cargo bin doors to open at fwd or aft. And make APU start ups and engine startups more realistic. Cessna needs a major rework as well. Add wing inspection lights on all aircraft. Airbus a321 NEO needs a major rework. Make sure you guys do your research on how things operate on the ramp. Add a lavatory truck and water truck and also add more failures. Please and Thank you.
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4 months ago, Acortana2019
What you should add
You should make planes free. Pro planes need subscription, but you have to set them free. Also, can you add crash physics like in Extreme Landings? That would be cool. When the plane crashes with physics, you should a fire, or on the sandy stuff, keep it the same when it is not damaged, when it’s on the water landing add some waves, even make the water realistic. It should have waves. Even, when the plane crashes on the bottom, keep it the same with no damage. And when it looses its wheels, it should not be damaged. Even, the planes need to be free because they need purchase, but no purchases. They need to be free.
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4 years ago, AVGeek147
Amazing Game! Read this!!
First off, I love this game! I bought “pro” for one year and I’m enjoying the experience. I gave the “pro” ago because it is way cheaper than Infinite Flight. I like the aircraft choices and the ATC option. I do have a few things I which this game had. I which they had more GA planes, the Antonove 225, and a F22. I really like these planes and was a little bummed that they wasn’t in the game. If you added these, this app would probably be better than XPlane mobile. The last thing I which was fixed was the replay feature. I land and then go to the gate. Then I shutdown and get ready for the next flight. Once I am shut down I go watch the replay. I can’t because I spent some time shutting down and everything else. I would Iike to see the option to replay the whole flight, and not have to exit your current flight jsut so you can watch it. The subscription price is so cheap! Its great! The grapics are pretty good too. Thanks, and please read this.
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4 years ago, airplane maniac
July 18 gaming mobile
I have searched tirelessly to find a descent game and ironically this game is the one I liked best especially since you can unlock the rest of the planes with only using a one month $3.99 instead of using the 3 starter planes free and with the one month thing you can play multiplayer and it’s really fun the only problem is that there isn’t enough arc people on and you can’t physically collide with someone but the airplanes are so realistic and there is so many different camera angles I mean it seriously there is 16 different ones and the physics are real two this is the best and cheapest one you could probably find with all these amazing features
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2 months ago, Planeloverrrrr45
Issue with pro subscription on my iPad.
Ok so I recently renewed my RFS pro on my phone, my phone and my iPad are using the same Google account so any subscription that I buy on my phone also goes on my iPad. For some reason, my RFS pro won’t go to my iPad, in infinite flight, if I buy the infinite flight subscription on my phone, all I have to do to get it on my iPad, is to hit “restore purchases”… I’ve renewed my RFS pro on my phone, went onto my iPad, and my pro wasn’t on it (like I said) so I go to the thing where you buy the pro from, and I clicked restored, but nothing happened, can y'all fix this?
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3 years ago, Tsm_Prince
Subscription problem
Hello I just wanna make a report cause I’m having a big issues, I purchase RFS Pro for 1 year on Oct 2021, my billing date is not there yet for me to pay I still have 11 more month to play multiplayer and now I can’t, I went to the App Store to check if my subscription is available and I see it still on, that means I can play online but the RFS simulator app won’t let me I don’t know if it’s a bug, but please fix this game or send me the RFS pro back cuz I pay big money for it, I have 2 years playing this game, I love it, it’s the best flight simulator on mobile, so plz fix this
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4 years ago, Pavelp1
Honest review
When I first got RFS I thought hey this could be a competitive simulator against infinite flight. The game has very good graphics, live cockpits that are not completely accurate, a wide variety of planes both real and virtual, 3D airports but only at major destinations, etc. I don’t know if this is just a personal problem, but every time I try to start a long haul flight I either get disconnected or the autopilot just decides to crash my plane. I personally have the IPhone 10s and I believe the game should handle well, but every time I try a long haul flight something happens making me not reach my destination. I really hope they can fix this, and if they continue the hard work they will Dede it let be the head competitor against Infinite Flight.
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5 months ago, fayajsuhshshhsudhdud
Great but lots of things you could fix 😅
This game is great but there’s lots of things you could fix number one the limitation of planes that you have is very concerning for the games health cause there’s a lot of people playing that really like the 727 or a310 but they can’t access it unless if they pay and the second reason I’m not giving it five stars is the lack of terminals in certain airports like San Diego airport or San Francisco airport they don’t even have anything but runways which really is disappointing and developers if you’re saying this please try to fix these issues PS: thank you for your time if you’re still reading this
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10 months ago, topewrites
Could be better if…
This game should be a solid 5/5, if not for what you guys are doing, first of All: Whats the fun in the game, when all you get are three planes… and then everything else costs a lot of money… its quite crazy to do such, like the game itself isn’t free, but you still expect us to spend MORE money inside the game, i feel like you need to give the non-pro people access to more stuff, I am not saying your should give us 10 planes, but a reasonable amount of 4-8 planes should be good for non-pro subscribers, please, make this possible. And I will not change my stand on this till that update comes, i am pretty sure you have received a lot of reviews about this anyways.
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3 years ago, bebo))))))))))))
Please hear me
I am writing this review because it is nessesary for the game creator to read it . Recently I have been playing this game a lot and I have begun to feel a little bit bored because the airplanes are always the same I would recommend to add military helicopters and military planes also old planes that way you could contently be using weird rare amazing new planes pleas respond to me on what you are working on I would really like to know because I payed for the subscription and Ime starting to regret it because of how long it takes for new planes to arrive pleas respond to me.
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3 years ago, kingsmennn
This is my first time writing a review in hopes I’ll get a real response I just want you to listen that’s all, it would be greatly appreciated by all players I’m sure if you could implement interactive cockpits like manually flying the plane and being able to control flaps, gear, fligh plan, brakes, ect I know it’s a challenge and time consuming but I guarantee it will pay off in the long run with lots of new players 🙏🏻 I have baught the full version and I love the game but the interactive cockpits would just be a game changer. Please think about it as I know you have lots of other things to worry about, thank you for your time and making a amazing game already and happy new year.
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3 weeks ago, Error_D3adly
The ups and the downs.
Starting off with the ups. The graphics are awesome, the aircraft models are good too. I enjoy all the realistic features to this game. The controls are good the weather is ok. Also I enjoy that pro isn’t expensive, but just never felt like paying per month. Next the downs. Starting off with the camera views. I messed with it a little, but now I can’t see all 6/6 views. I can only see 4/6. Also as a suggestion why not make a few more aircraft’s free. Because I thought at least 5,6 or 7 would be free. But nope just 3 the rest is for pro. So I will maybe release a new review in a month or 2 later.
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2 years ago, Orcafever
Love the game just a few things to be added maybe
I love this game. The best flight sim by far, however I would like to see more military aircraft put into the game. I believe it would make this game even better. Also maybe you can add smoke to the military jets. Can you also maybe add make all airports have gates instead of just the major airports. Without gates at every airport it just makes it seem less realistic. Overall this game is a 4.8 but I rounded up to a 5. Thank you for spending your time to read this and I hope you do add the things I have suggested.
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