Rhymer's Block

4.8 (25.4K)
199.7 MB
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Current version
Last update
2 years ago
Version OS
10.0 or later
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User Reviews for Rhymer's Block

4.77 out of 5
25.4K Ratings
5 months ago, FroggyRM
So I’m not a song writer, I would like to be but I’m not. I still use the app in so many ways, like currently I’m writing a book, it’s basically notes but better! I also use it as a check list.. And it’s like so good. Anyway, I had tried to duplicate the app because I’ve done it with previous apps and I wanted to try, so I messed up and even when I stoped editing the screen it still showed me editing. Any way I was so bummed I had to delete the app and I thought I would lose everything, so I was reading the reviews (I have a habit of reading random reviews) and I saw the developer response said they had many backup systems so I downloaded the app again, and it said restore from backup! I was so freaking happy it inspired me to write this review! I haven’t run into any problems or any thing, but please download its worth it! And we can do better than 4.8 stars! We need to get it to 5! Thanks for reading, bye!
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2 years ago, Tawney69
Great for on the go lyricist
This is by far my favorite app for writing my lyrics on the go and honestly I’ve began using it just as much as pen and paper at home because it’s so much easier to keep my lyrics organized this way. I love the syllable counter to essily identify the number of syllables instead of having to count them out. And as with any app yes it has its flaws, but they are ones that aren’t detrimental. Like the rhyme highlighter doesn’t seem to highlight the ones that are more slant rhymes but i can deal with that because my ear can hear that the rhyme works. The rhyme dictionary isn’t very thorough and could use a big update but it’s only a slight detour in my productivity to go to an online one such as rhymezone when I get stuck and switch right back over to the app. The thing I would love most to be added in this app is the ability to record a voice memo in the notes for when I’m in a bit of a hurry like at work and can’t type much and the voice to text on my phone is terrible so that would be a very helpful feature. But thank you guys for this amazing app! I don’t write many reviews but this is something I’m very passionate about so if lyrics are your passion too, download this app asap
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1 year ago, SketchyAppTrap
Not bad…
I don’t hold it against RB. This app does the best job of the ones I’ve tried, but all lyric apps are missing some important features. To be able to play the music track from a small onscreen player would be dope. The player could have, say 6 or 8 generic beats with a tempo control, so rhymes could be spontaneously improvised to a Later replaceable reference rhythm… and here’s the big one: There should be a way to set the lyrics to a basic timing record. A tool to highlight the syllable that lands on each downbeat and they could be color coded so the beginning of each measure stood out. I do this myself but with capitalized letters marking the syllable that each downbeat lands on. This way I can read the lyric back real-time with the right phrasing and accents as intended when written. This is ALL-important and where everyone struggles when reading your work back to a beat later. The system could be expanded on and you could also highlight syllables and phrases that are anticipated, syncopated, drag-time, etc.., in effect, tablature for lyric phrasing and dynamics. Someone needs to do this and universalize it.
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2 months ago, Jaleel Shah
Best Writing App Ever!! (QUICK SUGGESTION)
Not only is this app very useful and helpful in the creative writing process, but the developers are also very helpful, and reliable. Basically I was having a hard time transferring my written works over from my old phone into my new phone, and each time I’d sign into my account, I was still unable to retrieve my work....After leaving a review, the developers reached out to me and told me to shoot them an email. Within 10 minutes of sending this email, I was successfully able to recover ALL of my data as well as all written entries. This just goes to show that RB is just as convenient as its Developers... Simply put, Best Writing App Ever! 💯📓 Hey RB! i’m just dropping by with a Quick suggestion lol! I am a music artist and songwriter, and I have been using this platform of RB for many many years now therefore I use the Classic template for all of my entries. As we know that Color is something that aides in Memory…I feel that you guys should add More colors to the Highlight section of the Classic Template so that us Artist can continue to create, and also commit more of these concepts and details to Memory! The colors available are cool already, but from a users perspective I know firsthand that a few more highlightted colors for the words on the Classic Notepad template would be amazingly helpful! Thank you all for an amazing app!
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2 years ago, z_dub
It’s Worth the download!
I honestly don’t do these ever but since I have used the crap outa this app and it’s free to me I owe a review at least lol but yeah if your like me and sometimes need a list of rhyming words in your face to help you make your bars sound legit for that rap chat song your about to drop waiting on your pizza rolls it’s the bomb! Na but for real y’all it’s a good app lets you save multiple files for lyrics, songs, school projects ect. Or whatever it is that’s got u looking into an app like this. Heck I use it for even just as a dictionary most of the time honestly I use it for definitions all the time keep growing that vocabulary finding new words that aren’t completely shot out over thirty years bla bla bla long story short it’s GOOD not a waste of time and comes in very handy I find that rare in apps nowadays so yea download it review reading person😸👍🏻
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6 months ago, Thegadecka
True potential but changes are needed…
The app is definitely not five stars but it’s not because it’s a bad app. I feel like there’s not enough people using the app, but there is enough to keep activity going and a system in place to make you want to be a part of the community. I love their rhyme book, it helps. I think they’re a little stingy on their refresh poem system. It should be like 5 to 10 minutes not 30 minutes. If it was lower, I think people would just constantly want to read other people stuff more. Which would drive up the activity. I like their one time pay system, that’s dope. ****I wish the app had a way to record your voice or record in general.**** *** I wish the app had a way to link your music to iTunes or some thing idk like if it was a one stop shop.**** ****I wish the app had a self publish feature and a monetization system*** ****I wish the interface for linking to Instagram was a lot cleaner and more creative.*** This app feels like a more interactive SoundCloud, which, interestingly, it pairs really well with SoundCloud. I love the mini music community growing on this app. Which is the primary feature but I really love the poetry community. At the end, this is a awesome app that I’m rating a solid 4, it could be five stars. It just needs a little bit more. More people, more features, and more creative opportunities to show/debut work.
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2 months ago, Timbrewolf
Top Notch Support and awesome app
I’ve used this app for awhile and it offers ease of use, nice features (syllable counter and rhyming dictionary at your fingertips make writing easy). I ran into an issue when I didn’t create an account or backup my files, and Rhymer’s block support walked me through restoring the backup through iCloud (even though I don’t use iCloud for backups, the app was configured to store them). This saved me so much distress. Thanks Rhymer’s Block I’ve updated this review to reflect the app with the support. Original review as a reminder to backup your files: I’ve used Rhymers block about 6 months or so. Overall, I found it enjoyable and fast. It helped ideas flow to at least keep going then I could go back and better refine. The only UI issue I have is it’s sometime difficult to select the line between verses. I paid to unlock folders and remove add, etc. I wasn’t interested in setting up an account so I hit the “I’ll risk it” for the backup. But yesterday I guess there was an update because when I opened it, I was instructed to create an account and login, then once I did, all my files and folders were gone like it was a new profile. I understand risk, but I didn’t expect the risk to come from the app itself. Lesson learned.
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7 years ago, PrincessElena
This app is the best thing by far for writing song lyrics or poems. My phone broke and I was freaking out because I thought I had lost a couple hundred songs...I lost all the ones in my phone's notes but all the ones on this app were saved because I had created an actual account with Rhymer's block. I got a new phone, downloaded the app, signed into my account, and bam there they all were. It doesn't have fancy gadgets for adding chords or recordings (thus the name RHYMERS block), but it's great for lyrics and I really like the rhymes that they help you out with. I don't even share my lyrics on the "block," but it's a great way to keep them together and make sure you don't lose them. Also...with as many songs as I've written...I'm convinced there isn't a limit on how many entries you can have! This app is AMAZING!
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5 years ago, KingDubz24
Great app, but with this issue it is essentially unusable.
I’ve had this app for a while. It helped me get a feel for writing lyrics, and I used it for everything I wrote. It was great and it did everything I needed it to, but it had one really big problem: sometimes, it will crash and you will lose whatever you were working on. It did this to me several times, and the reason I quit using this app was because recently I was working on a song that I had been writing for the past 1-2 hours, and it suddenly crashed and I went back into the app to discover that the song I’d spent so much time on was gone. There wasn’t even a trace of it; if it wasn’t for me having written it and seen it there, you'd never know it existed. The song was gone, the beat I was using on the track was gone, the title was gone; everything. And this has happened before too, but this one was the worst. I love this app, and if it wasn’t for this issue, it’d 100% get 5 stars. Rhymer’s Block, PLEASE fix this issue ASAP so that this doesn’t happen to anyone else. Thank you!
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4 years ago, scruffdawg
Great app and great cutomer service!
I like this app. A lot. It is one of those rare combinations of something simple yet very useful. It does what it says it does, and it does so in a way that it does not distract from the writing process. And I am quite impressed with the personal attention given to customer comments. The first time I tried it, a few months ago, I found a bug where the bottom menu bar covered the syllable count. It was distracting enough to make me write a review, something I almost never do. There was an immediate response from the developer, asking me to contact them about the details. I did so, there was a bit of back and forth for clarification, then after a few weeks — with no further prompting from me — the company emailed me again and told me they had indeed found the bug I had noted, had fixed the problem, and they hoped I would reinstall the software. I did so, and they were right, it is fixed. I upgraded my rating to 5 stars. I really appreciated not only their quick initial responses, but the fact that they took the time to follow up with me weeks later.
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1 year ago, horselober1252
Great writing app
This app has many good quality’s to it. I like to write lyrics, especially because I love singing. I can never come up with good lyrics. That’s when Rhymers Block came in.I really like how it doesn’t even have ads. I think it’s very helpful, but there are some suggestions I have. I have come across some bad words, and I don’t think that’s a good Idea Incase a kid downloads this. That is minus half a star. Then there’s the premium subscription. I don’t like how it makes you have to pay for more fonts and themes than you actually get for free. I get that’s how they would make money since they have no ads, but I really want the bubblegum theme and font. That’s minus another half star. Please give us more free fonts! Overall, it’s a very good app. I would definitely recommend it to poem or songwriters.
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4 years ago, bankroll tae
I’m pretty confused about what I want to be in life...Stuck between boxer, basketball player, or music artist. I equally have fun with all three but I just don’t know which one I want to do or take seriously. I have a couple of songs written out that are actually nice imo if I were to become a rapper I would fit into the melodic side. I get my singing voice from my father who is coincidentally a rapper and to be honest I don’t think it’ll be a bad idea if I followed his footsteps. What do I have to lose? I’m only 13. Thank you guys though, for this app although I don’t actually use the words you provided to me I still express my thoughts on here. So thank you for helping me think deeper into my music career and sorting my life out a bit.
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5 years ago, 10Ditto100
Amazing App!
I'm not giving this app 5 stars because there is still a lot of stuff that I feel like can be added, but it is still an amazing app altogether. I can write down how I'm feeling in a creative way, and share it with everyone else. Also, before this, I never knew that I could write poems, but now, I'm writing them daily, so this app helped me discover a hidden talent. Some things that I feel like can be added is achievements, like for example, if you get 10, 20, 30, etc respect, you get new achievements. Another thing that I feel like can be added is a shop and points, so let's say you make a poem public, and it gets 10 respect, you then get 10 points from that poem, and then you can spend those points in a shop, which can have themes, fonts, and some other cool stuff.
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1 month ago, Don Stolp
What happened?
I would love to give this app five stars as I’ve been using it for the last three years to write my music with. However I just did the most recent update and the tens of dozens of songs and poems I have written and had saved in the app are no longer there. I’m pretty devastated by this. Countless weeks, MONTHS worth of combined hours spent writing and rewriting. Creative lyrics that I will likely never think of again because they were the brainchild of the person I was, feeling the way I felt in the moment. I had them saved waiting for the right project/fit for them and now they’re all gone just like that. If any of the developers are reading this, please tell me there is a way for you to recover all of my lost work because I want to smash my phone into smithereens right now.
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5 years ago, wcookjr
App’s great, but it could use some minor, yet serious QOL updates
I really like the app, as it makes finding rhyming words extremely easy. It color-codes words that rhyme, so you can see your rhyme scheme. Although it might be a little overzealous with it since insignificant words in the middle of the sentence like “the” get highlighted as well, creating clutter. Something it’s lacking, for some inexplicable reason, is the ability to format the type, such as bolding or strikethrough. At the very least, strikethrough would allow you to keep lines that you want to change in case you decide they’re actually better or could be used elsewhere. Something else that could be fixed is sometimes when you click on a line to move the cursor, the interface jumps to the top to the point that the cursor isn’t even in view. It needs to be fixed that the view doesn’t change when moving the cursor. Other than that, the app is simple to use and is extremely helpful when trying to find the right word. Even when I think I’ve written a good line, I’ll check the possible rhymes for whichever line I’m trying to rhyme with and sometimes I’ll see a word that works much better.
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7 years ago, Ronnie305
Best app for lyricists everywhere!
I don't normally write reviews but because I love this app and it has saved all my lyrics when I've broke my phone, I'm going to support it to the fullest. I tell everyone I know about this app because it truly is a great app. Whether you write poems or raps, it's perfect. It gives you suggested rhyming words as well as highlights bars that go together. The fact that Rhymers Block is like its own social media site makes it that much more great. You can share your content with others or just leave it private. You can give feedback on other people's work and show love in general to others people's work. I will never use another app for my lyrics. Kudos to the developer. Thank you!
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6 years ago, (FiFo)
100% Street Cred
awesome interface, great idea and excited to see what's yet to come in the service. i think there are changes that could be made as far as offering more and keeping the app exciting. Maybe implementing "bars" somehow, being able to count bars for example, or counting them automatically. That, or having an interchangeable rhyme format to follow (aa,bb, abab etc.) or even iambic pentameter any of these different rhyme styles being explained or simply having the ability to know how many bars you have down by a l"bar counter" But as a writer who was TIRED of using notes, i love this app and the "block", or public platform of the app is fantastically laid out. The community is positive and you can't ask for much more in an app that supports Hip Hop writing. Excited for the future of this app
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5 years ago, TaraNicoleWrites (kittycity)
Will Always Be Home
I have been using Rhymer’s Block since June of 2014. In that time I accomplished so much, learned so much, was exposed to so many talented, creative individuals. I made friends for life on the block. Your experience is what you make it! Post often, read others, support one another, comment, respect, encourage, offer constructive criticism, participate in cyphers and battle tournaments, learn and grow together. Collaborate and put out work as groups. There is so much potential to make your experience a rewarding one, join the app with the right attitude. Those of you have been around awhile, make the new neighbors feel welcomed. Let’s celebrate the new update with a new outlook. 🥂🍾 💜💜💜✍🏻 Much Love, kittycity
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4 weeks ago, Dj5pazz
Login issues (Updated to 5 Stars)
Update The Support team at Rhymers Block have been amazing and were able to restore not just the recent projects i lost but even the projects i lost back in 2020. Genius work including iCloud backups and to have it on automatically Kudos to you for designing a truly solid app. I genuinely loved this app but after loosing not just current projects but my entire working list twice i cant justify using this app anymore. I would love for the app to correct the login issues that I've experienced to further prevent the heartbreak of loosing months of work the way i have.
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9 months ago, Auto Wethern
Fantastic app, but a few suggestions
I’ve now been a part of Rhymer’s Block for nearly three years now, and I’ve enjoyed greatly it throughout all of my time here. I just had one minor suggestion; adding a report button. I’ve been having to deal with highly perverted, offensive, etc. people with no way of actually doing anything about it. The behavior of some people is completely unacceptable and is borderline illegal in some cases, with some people having things like pedophilic behavior towards young women and such. Definitely having a way to bring attention to said people and getting them removed. But anyways, thanks for the great source of writing and community nonetheless!!
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3 years ago, XV$AVAGE
This app is amazing and since I am a lyrical rap or I absolutely love this since I can’t see the rhyme schemes in my songs and slash my favorite songs so this app is amazing and it is perfect I can send my songs people it’s just plain out perfect absolutely love it the only thing I have in recommendation for the people making the app is to make it so for people riding rap music like me to be able to Link the instrumental in the description of the song or something like that but I really hope you see my review and I hope this review helps other people also and I totally recommend this app with all complete honesty
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5 years ago, echo491er
Good but...
I honestly used to love this app but it feels like it's slowly getting worse with these updates. I can barely go 2 minutes without the app crashing on me and it's hard to write and listen to my beats at the same time when the app keeps trying to play video ads(which were never there the first time I downloaded it). Also having to pay for folders is a bit fishy but not too much of a hassle. The app does well in giving rhyme suggestions but it lacks any two word rhymes. For instance I could say "Got the scoped gat on a bipod..." And it will suggest words like tripod and tightwad but never words like my god or tide pod. Just a suggestion
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6 years ago, ILikaDooDaChaCha
Very cool!
This is hands down the most useful songwriting (or poetry) app I have!! There’s a lot of features that I haven’t even begun to explore , but that’s because I already found ‘how’ I like to use it. I tend to start with words I wanna end a phrase with: such as “book” , then hit every rhyme word...look, hook, crook, took, look, etc... then fill in the gaps. As an example using the previous examples: “ I once had a look in a book about a man who was a crook with a hook for a hand and things that he took” ... nothing too fancy, but instant inspiration! Sure, it could be better, but I can’t define how . Download this app if you write songs!
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4 years ago, needHymn
Lost my song.
Upgraded my iphone 6 to a better iphone. Used the automatic upgrade built into ios, to transfer everything. Everything did transfer, on all my other apps. But I had a song written in this app and it's gone. Not sure if it's because I upgraded my phone, or if it was because they updated the app, because I also noticed that the app looks different now. But I made a new song and went to my Files app to try to figure out exactly where does this app save your songs, and it appears that this app doesn't create any kind of visible folder for storing songs. So I don't know where this app actually saves your songs. But they aren't visible, so there is no way to back up your songs. It could be saving them online for all I know. But if you upgrade your phone, or they update the app, you can kiss all your work goodbye.
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4 years ago, F.mingle
Cool app... DEFINITELY not worth spending money on tho
Ive been using this app for years on my phone. At first I really enjoyed using it because i like the rhyming feature they have as you writ, I also like the dark look and feel of it. So recently I paid for the pro features for my phone, and bought rhymers block for Mac thinking I would be able to make changes on my MacBook Pro or my Mac pro and be able to see the changes on my phone right away. LAME! If the app is open on your phone and you make changes on any song through another rhymer block under your account (like your computer), as soon as you reopen the app on your phone you will loose all the changes you made on the computer... so stupid. You have to close everything if you want any changes saved.. the only thing good about this app is that it gives you Rhyme options.. that’s it. Google Docs is far faster when it comes to updating on all open users and accounts and it communicates with light speed between phone and computer AND it’s free. Sorry Rhymers block but you’re DEFINITELY not worth the money. I would love a refund please.
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1 month ago, J Comeau
Everything lost, even with an account
i’ve used this app for 5 years now, really sad to be leaving this review. Something happened and every single thing I’ve written is gone. I had an account connected through Facebook and through their own account services, but cloud recovery didn’t save all my work. Really bummed and lost quite a bit of progress on several songs that I may never get back. Probably smarter to just use this for quick jots and do not ever rely on this for actually storing your work. Also the social aspect they keep trying to push on me is super annoying. Yes, it helps you rhyme words, so I’ll give it 2 instead of 1 star, but considering it does not safely store your ideas I have to warn folks against it.
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7 years ago, joudosu
Life Changing
On the block I am known as KingSimba, formally known as Cronik. I want to say firsthand that I truly believe this to be the greatest writing app anyone has and will ever make. That's because The Block is so much more than a place to write, it is a community of people who are fighting to be heard. A community that accepts and promotes competition, forms groups and cliques, with each individual trying to prove why they deserve to be the best. I want to thank Ron, the creator of this app, (and this is from everybody) you have literally changed the lives of so many people and you have no idea what you mean to them. thank you for investing in Rhymers Block, and investing in us.
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1 month ago, b1gp3n1$
Great app + employees
I love this app it’s always good if you can’t think of lyrics + I love the way it highlights the words that rhyme or semi-rhyme the same color, it feels like one of those Genius annotation videos or something lol. + not only is the app just cool + easy to use the employees are awesome, I got logged out of my account randomly one day after multiple of my passwords leaked + they got me back into my account in way under 24hrs I was very impressed with the response time. Love these guys, this sounds sponsored or something but seriously, they just got me 2+ years of music back I owe them a good review LOL
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2 years ago, LilRedd12344
Great writing app!
This app is amazing all around, it's useful for writing rhymes, and for getting reaction. There are a couple of suggestions I would like for them to change/add- The first is to report rude behavior, such as if someone is spreading hate in comments. I have seen some drama on the app recently and they have spread a lot of hate through it, it's very toxic! Also if you colab with an artist a system that would have the project on both artists page, that they would then share respects from it! That's all I hope you take this into consideration, have a great day!!
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3 years ago, Everest Mountain Scope
Rhyme on A Dime
Rhymers Block is a complete methodology/ If not fully versed by the end of this / you will be / i'm a believer in this causing much envy/ the lines just explode off the page/ with a syllabus larger than any i think made/ and at 0 dollars / how can you not realize the piece that's missing has been saved/ all others will bow to you lyrical point raise/ and accept the tour of your new craze/ i'm lost to be / but you are now founded , formed , and set free/ masterfully and grabbed / just when the local fans became grads / you succeeded to teach / don't forget this is your task Aether and Maestro
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2 years ago, bifelicia319
Please fix known Facebook connection issue
I love this app so far! I’ve been Writer’s Blocked for years and this has already helped me more than I even thought possible. Only reason I’m not giving it 5 stars right now is that the most recent app update was 3 days ago and yet even as far back as October, people have reported that the app won’t let them connect or log in through Facebook. If you’re going to offer a connection possibility, then make sure it works. Otherwise, remove it. It’s sloppy, unprofessional, and frustrating to not fix known issues and to leave parts of the app not working.
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2 years ago, kjswazy
Backed up notes but didn’t backup my folders
I bought Rhymers block pro, in the recovery part of settings within the app I have always had iCloud backups enabled. But when I reset my phone, and redownloaded the app , it brought all my notes back, but all of my folders are gone. I wrote 3 albums worth of notes in my folders, and now I have to search for hours to get them all organized again. I’m not talking about iCloud backup in my phone setting, I’m talking about the backup to iCloud setting that is within the app. it backs up all the notes but doesn’t backup the folders I made, I want to be able to find notes Inoit in a folder for an album altogether
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6 years ago, Kyle Sterling
Really Handy Ap
I have struggled to write my own country lyrics for years. This ap has finally helped me start to do so. It doesn’t write for you, but the rhyming word suggestions that auto-populate as you put down each word help spark thoughts and ideas you just simply don’t come up with on your own. I have so many songs started now that I have to delegate and prioritize which songs get time to work on. I recommend this to any lyricist or singer/songwriter who struggles with their creative writing process. I hope to see this app update their rhyming database to include words that ‘nearly rhyme’.
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3 years ago, 0 records
Ok, I wrote a bad review the 1st time but now
I am seeing what went wrong, some howls in settings when I changed notifications and seeing about going public somehow that caused my work to go blank, maybe bc the data or app was trying to update what I changed. I was very furious, bc I thought I had lost my work. I turned off my device and then turned it back on and then everything reappeared.. so I guess it was the system, taking its time to update, but I made sure I save them this time. So, I take back what i said the 1st time haha
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4 years ago, Jaxante
Good App
I love/d this app because it helps me write better and its easier than taking out a notebook and busting out rhymes. It’s a great app! But then I started noticing the “n word” be used often and towards people, I kindly asked for that person to take it down and I explained how I felt about that, with me being African American, and them an entirely different race. But then they proceeded to tell me that it was just for the rap. and then another person came to me in the comments and started calling me names and such and I reacted by calling him names back. But what really was messed up was that this person (bjonez1986 to be specific) told me any race can say the n word and that I need to stop being so racist. They also proceeded to make a post saying: “ANYBODY CAN SAY N****! WHITE, INDIAN, or BLACK!” And when he posted that everyone came into my rhyme and started calling me homophobic slurs, racial slurs and other names that I did not appreciate. Some threatened me...and all this happened because I asked someone to take the n word off of their rhyme. Again I love this app for what it is but can y’all do something about this? This is racially charged and almost racist (if it’s not already).
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4 years ago, dfrandson
Extremely helpful for formulating bars. The only things I wish it could do are rhythm timing or some form of visual beat so you could correlate the rhymes with a tempo, even if that’s just by tick marks on the lines for bars. I definitely didn’t explain that very well. Basically some sort of visual guide to a time/tempo allowing you to line up lyrics with tempo count. No specific beats, just standard tempo. The other thing is that I wish it was better at recognising multi-word rhymes. It would just be nice, but ultimately this app is absolutely perfect.
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11 months ago, TheCloonDawg
Finally found exactly what I was looking for
It’s pretty crazy how many “poetry” apps I downloaded, then immediately deleted right after. I found a few that would suffice, but I never felt like my work vibed on the same level. Rhymers Block is more of an uncensored, raw, emotionally charged experience. So I guess this would be considered the, PG-13 to R rated, poetry community, compared to most others I came across. The majority are, G to PG-13 rated communities. So there’s something for everyone. Sometimes it just takes a little patience.
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4 years ago, Iamtheonlyoneouthere
Five Year User
Love this app. It’s been my go-to for writing since 2015. Nonetheless, “Never miss a moment of inspiration” is no longer a viable slogan with the addition of ads. Once the update came out I immediately purchased the folders option, I wanted to show some love for the free app that had never let me down. To my dismay this is also the first day I was subjected to any ads using the app. The first reason I turn to this app is how easy it is to jot something down that just popped into my head, but now it’s my biggest complaint. My experience was that I put money into the app and THEN I was subjected to ads. I haven’t written much at all since interruptive ads were introduced to my experience. If I rhymed about this would you care more?
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7 years ago, Morgan Douglas
Great app!
I have been using this app since September-ish, and I've had a good experience with it so far. People have been posting very kind comments about some of my songs and I have a good feeling that this will help me big time in regards to coming up with song ideas long-term. It's perfect for anyone trying to become a singer. My only complaint is that there's no button for you to press to just print out the songs from the app without having to email them to yourself and the comments do not have a reply button next to them.
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5 years ago, My:Life:<>
Pretty good
Overall, I think this app is pretty good. Great for rap and poetry. And if you do neither of those it’s still a great app just to keep songs or just store information, I wasn’t writing a rap song but was writing a song and the rhyming suggestions where really helpful and I’m really happy with the songs I have now. Though there are a few bugs, I’m sure there working on all the bugs right now. This is a great app, I really enjoy it. I think it would be great if you could add like audio recording to the app, because I know there are a lot of people who right songs so I think it would be a cool edition to the app. Good job!
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3 years ago, Bookworm0917
This is a fantastic source of inspiration- better than RhymeZone because the rhymes are automatic and include half rhymes, my only complaint is that it’s too easy to delete songs by accident, there should be a confirmation pop up to stop you if your finger slips. Other than that, I use it for all my poetry and song lyric needs! In addition if we could create folders that would be cool too. The ads are silent and on the bottom completely unobtrusive so you’re not distracted, it’s great
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6 years ago, ✨Laé Étoile✨
I, too, used to write my lyrics on my phone’s note app. But after my songs started disappearing, I knew it was time for a change: cue Rhymer’s Block! This app is useful for me as an artist/songwriter, and even has the interesting feature that allows you to check your rhyme scheme and everything! Personally, I don’t use The Block feature, but no doubt that if you want to get some feedback on your work, it’s bound to be helpful. Because you can create an account, the worry about deleted notes is a thing of the past!
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2 years ago, RebellionFTW
Love this app. One problem
Alright, I love everything about this app. I'll keep this short and sweet. The only problem I have is with audios. I can't listen to other people's audios. It just says, "Sorry, can't load audio. Press to try again." I don't know if the problem is with my device or the app itself. I'm planning on uploading an audio, if and when this is fixed. If I upload an audio, will I be able to listen to it on the app, or will it be the same as everyone elses?
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2 months ago, Rika Shae
The Best Customer Service
I’ve used this app for about a year and a half, recently they upgraded the app to work on different platforms, when that happened I opened the app and it was asking me to log in, which I’d never done before, when I tried, everything I'd written in over a year was gone. After multiple different emails and attempts to recover them, they found them, asked me to verify some of the entries and I have everything back!
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3 years ago, dop3baby
purchase disappeared… (stolen?)
So I’m not big on this app as it is. It’s essentially a $10 version of what you can get for free from places like rhyme zone… HOWEVER I tried to start making use of it since I unwisely spent the money on it several months ago only to have it tell me I needed to but the PRO VERSION! I looked through my recent transactions in the App Store and there’s neither hide nor of it anywhere and I AM ABSOLUTELY CERTAIN I spent the ten bucks on it like a fool because I made quite a big deal out of lamenting such. Idk what to say about this but it goes for Apple in general that I won’t be purchasing anything else on here if this sort of chicanery takes place.
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6 years ago, Benjaminvi
Great Tool
This is a great tool for first time rappers and seasoned professionals alike in 5 minutes I managed to get about 3 followers and posted a few great raps if I do as so myself. The ability to be able to see how your rhymes and paired up and suggestions for other lyrics is revolutionary and is a first in the rapping software community. I would definitely like to see more on this software and to let it continue to update and expand instead of becoming an abandoned ghost town like most good apps will one day be. Keep on doing your work -etZ
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6 years ago, Shayne_95V
Beat app ever!!!💜💜💜💜
For a long time I've been trying to write songs but I was never able to do the rhyming part. I always thought that I would never be able to make my own music which really brought me down, so once I would start writing a song I always quit in the middle. Once I found this app I had major doubts, but in one day, ONE ☝🏻 day, I wrote a song and completed it, and I love it. This app has so many rhyming words that you can write ANYTHING!!! I love this app so much and I am so excited to write more lyrics!
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4 years ago, FionaSloth
App Keeps Making Me Sign Up
I feel like when this app works it probably works really well, but I downloaded the app earlier this week and literally tried 30+ times before giving up. Seems like the app just wouldn’t save/ register/ recognize my information so I let it go, but then today I tried opening it up again and it surprisingly let me in, but I can’t do anything in the app until I go through the “Get Started” button.... which doesn’t work. Also seems like it would lead me down a rabbit while of trying to make an account again though, which I thought I already did by signing up?? I give up:/
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3 years ago, Anderw Noobslaer
Amazing App
This app is just perfect for anyone who is looking for an easy way to jot down poetry or song ideas while it gives you rhyming suggestions. As a young writer myself, I found this app very helpful and a relaxing way to pass time and express my work. The ads aren’t annoying and the premium features aren’t that necessary, but the premium purchase is a one time thing for only 9.99. I would recommend to writers of all ages, so give it a try for me!
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5 years ago, Mel16issa
Latest Update
I’ve been using Rhymer’s Block for 2 or 3 years and I’ve enjoyed its simplicity and its unique community. There was a recent update and since installing it, the app has presented various issues. For example, I have several “rhymes” public on my profile. However, sometimes when I go on my profile, there is text saying that I do not have any public rhymes...overlaying a few of my public rhymes. I am unable to open any of the rhymes shown on my profile or scroll to show more. I can access them from my notepad (or whatever it’s called) though. It’s really weird. There are also a bunch of random ads that pop up now. Annoying but I suppose it’s necessary for revenue as the app only has one in-app purchase that I am aware of. The features are free to use and I very much appreciate this. I will continue to use Rhymer’s Block as it is rather dear to me. I hope the app makers resolve the issues soon.
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