Ria Money Transfer: Send Money

4.9 (114.2K)
159.3 MB
Age rating
Current version
Ria Envia Inc.
Last update
2 weeks ago
Version OS
12.0 or later
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User Reviews for Ria Money Transfer: Send Money

4.88 out of 5
114.2K Ratings
4 years ago, Ruchira muthugala
Transecting time longer / hard time
I was a zoom customer and transferred my money transactions to Ria. First they send money lightning speed no matter what payment method we use credit card/debit card/ bank transfer. As soon as they confirmed the bank accounts they send money in a minute, while later ria start giving hard time to customer who use they bank account for transfer money.( but they already took the money from bank and hold the transection for days) when I send a email and customer service says that’s the rules on the agreement. Ok that’s fine, but hidden secret is debits cards and credit cards payment they charge high charges to do the transaction fast but bank they charge less money. Now indirectly they need to change this bank transfer customers to debit card for charge high price, now this is the technique they hold money for days, that way you never use the bank transfer option when you in hurry. Just tell customer the truth and charge extra that’s fine but don’t give hard time
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1 year ago, karanece
Worst app and support
Apple don’t delete the previous review. It seems very bad practice. If you want to delete then why you allow to review. Worst customer support. The customer support person Aminata, just cut the call without any reason. It is so annoying as they locked my account for no reason and my money is still held under them. I have been using this app for years and I have done more than 50+ transfers and had no issues. Recently few weeks back, the system is so weird and they locked my account for no reason. No email and no notification on why the account is blocked. My money transfer is still pending and also I need to receive refund. This is so pathetic, painful and very annoying on their sudden poor and worst business practice. Be very careful with Ria. The app just said my userid and password is invalid and I tried to change the password and even then it didn’t allow me to change it. Only from trying to login via the website, I came to know that my account is locked. Poor app UX|UI. I tried to add a bank account and the plaid process was successful and when it returned back to the app, the app is saying bank not found and when emailed to customer support about the same, the customer support is asking for details. What details I have other than what is shown in the app. Poor logging system and very worst customer support. They don’t have basic courtesy and very worst behavior.
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2 years ago, Amephil
Took so long
I been a customer for a long time and sometimes I sent money to my mom 3x a month for her medication and food and I have never have a problem once I send in a second the money is there and my mom got the money but now I sent they hold my money so I called customer service and asked if there any changes of the website or anything going on, and he said no changes is the machine randomly pick for bout 3 -5 days and I said when does started and he told me it’s been a long time and I said WHAt, I been sending a money always every month no problem and he suggested me to use a credit card or debit card for emergency why would I do that so they can charge me more and got charge for international transactions . Forget it . Machine randomly pick for when the money get to the receiver or how many days will get to them . What is it like a raffle now ?.. machine decisions craziest I ever heard in my life .
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4 years ago, UppityNegro
Costumer Service should improved
I was very pleased with the application at first. During the COVID-19 pandemic it was important for me to send money to a few people to make sure that they were able to eat. The first and second transaction was great, but the third was flagged by security—this is something that I actually appreciated. When I called to sort everything out, I was treated very poorly by the representative. I was very kind and respectful on the phone but the agent seemed extremely short and irate, as if I was attempting to scam her—again strong security is something that I applaud, but rudeness is unacceptable. I was told that I would have to send the money in person, yet again I understood this and wasn’t angry because I was making several transactions within a short period time, however there is no reason to be rude or short. I walked down the street to get cash and went to the local store front location to complete my business. I’m still uncertain if I’m able to send from the application again, and my money is floating in limbo because the representative was too impatient to explain. Be cautious with this app. I certainly hope that they fix this issues, because otherwise it was very convenient for me.
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3 years ago, Chris Beiser
Quick, cheap, and reliable way of sending money internationally
I was hesitant at first to use the app based on some reviews but was very pleased in the end. The app uses 4 different payment methods with fastest being debit, credit, or cash especially for the first transfer given the time it takes to verify bank account if choose manual verifcation. Keep in mind that cost also varies depending on payment method. I used debit card with my first transaction and the money was ready for pick up immediately. I still added my bank account for future transfers and verification took 2 business days. I will definitely use this app for my future transfers and recommend to friends. Don’t forget to use coupon for your first free transfer.
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2 years ago, The Building
Awful Experience
There was a problem with my transaction. Ria never told me. It took me calling for a status update to find out why. I called and was promised it would be taken care of and to call back in two hours. It wasn’t taken care of, but they said they called my recipient’s bank and that my recipient would be receiving a call “in five minutes”. I have this in writing from them as well. No one reached out. Called back a third time, rep David was entirely unhelpful, very rude, and deliberately hung up on me when I asked for a supervisor. I simply asked why my beneficiary was not called as promised. He said “we can’t make the answers we don’t have,” which makes no sense. Then I was sent a form to have my beneficiary fill out. What?! I know there are processes that need to be followed but I don’t know why it took over an hour / 3 phone calls to get there? And now I have to do the work?! Absolutely ridiculous. Uninstalling this app and will be recommending to everyone to stay far, far away from it. NEVER again. I’m worried that they now have my sensitive information as this place is NOT trustworthy. My friend really needed this help.
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3 years ago, LeeBizzle
Don’t bother
They don’t explicitly tell you what you can and can’t do. I tried to send money to an uncle who is in need but when I pushed the send button, it logged me out of the account and said to check the email they sent me regarding why.. never got an email. Money was charged from my account. Don’t have any info on if and how my uncle can pick up the money. Had to call customer service the next day, literally no help. Told me I couldn’t send money within the US to the same state (which I didn’t do, sent to a different state), then said it could be the card I used and asked for what bank card, I told them, they said they don’t know if it’ll work or not. None of this info is on the website or anything either. Told me I have to send money from one of their stores and that I can’t get into the account. Like ever. Like they refused to help me get into my account. Just said that the money wasn’t processed and that the card probably has the money on hold. So I have to wait for it to be put back into account. So frustrating. Would give negative stars if I could.
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1 year ago, phetimo
Cancelling the transaction and blocking the account
After several transfer i made using the ria app they suddenly decided to cancel my transaction for a very small amount of $37 without any verification process regarding the transaction then to make things worst they decided to block or closed my account without notification or explanation on how they came up with that stupid decision. I called their customer service and the 2 agent i spoke to dont know anything and one agent said she sent an email to the corresponding dept who handles this kind of issue and said i need to wait 3-4hours for them to response. 7days later still NO RESPONSE i called again to ask the same thing and the agent i spoke to still have no idea and said he will send email the same lousy department and i have to wait 3-4hrs for response. I told him the previous agent already said all this things and did what he qas telling me but i did not get any response so he just simply said continue waiting. 3-4hrs became days of waiting and nobody can give any explanation. If only I can give NEGATIVE RATING i will certainly do it.
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9 months ago, Sam@205
Ria it’s a worst service. I never had
I have transfer my amount and it’s transfer from here and repeat it from my account and I have sent to my family and it stuck with the paying agent and asked them what is happening like first they said wait for 4 to 6 hours. Then they will get the update from them. I waited for 8 to 12 hours and again I asked same to the customer care. They are saying same thing. Wait for today and tomorrow and they don’t even want to help anything. They don’t even reply on time and I tried to call them. They just give me up on hold first day. The one lady has talk with me and she hang up on me and later again I call and keep me on hold for an hour and steal my money. It’s under processing so still I am I didn’t get my money back in the credited to account. I recommend not to install anyone this app. It’s a worst service they are providing. It’s not even good customer service satya Giri on calls so I really really recommend everyone to not to install this app.
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3 months ago, tedya2
I love this app !¡!¡
Why do you love this app ? Because it’s easy to use very simplified. I used to have to drive around to send money first go to the bank withdrawal, cash, then find a mini Transfer locations. The whole thing are used to take hours now just in a few minutes I can do it on my phone and the app is very good to get this thing doneonce you put your information and remember it from the previous transaction, you can just resend and once you established the next time you send money, it actually gets there and a few minutes even though they technically have to say it takes five days four days
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1 year ago, Biddycypress
Not worth it.
I followed their instructions and input all the information required from my recipient and me. The money in my account went out, and the app told me it was on its way. At midnight, I got an email stating my transfer was canceled, with no reason stated, and that I had to wait 3 to 5 business days to see the money back in my account. What?! Why?! If it was canceled, why would they take my money out in the first place? Sure enough, my bank had it as a pending transaction, and three days later, my money was withdrawn from my account. Where did it go? No, idea. After waiting for "three to five business days" to see if Ria would give me back my money, I see nothing. Now my bank is investigating the entire transaction. It's been TEN business days. Ria, if you cancel the transaction from your end, don't touch the money. It's so Infuriating!!! My family needs this money for their daily lives. Not fair. I would not recommend this app at all.
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2 years ago, Jay Jackson1565
This below is my review but nothing has happened since then!!!! yes they reach out to me ut nothing more than that! I hate this type of companies that don’t know how to run a business or run it has BIG SHOTS. I downloaded the app and scheduled 2 wires so it went very easy and smoothly, so I was thinking to myself they aren’t asking me any information for security noting just sending so easy? But I intended to believe that yes it’s super easy as it looks and I sent the confirmation number to the receiver and went to sleep. But of course the next morning I got a email saying that the wire was canceled without giving you any explanation or even trying to assist you in how to verify security so they should allow it to pass. Just kept calling and nobody knows as to why it’s canceled GOING BACK TO MONEYGRAM!! THE REAL BEST APP!! Yes they asked me plenty of documents before approving me to send money such as bank statements etc but once they approved it I never had any issues!!
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1 year ago, Ellenah23
Account Closed for no reason
I signed up for this service because a close friend recommended it. Yet, after sending a test for $20, my account got locked right away for no reason and without explanation. Called multiple times and the first time I was told they would contact me to request additional documentation (which they didn’t). And when I called again, they said they closed my account permanently because they couldn’t “verify information” that they never asked for. I told them I was willing to send any documentation they need and the agent just said I’m no longer authorized to make any transactions online and there’s nothing to do about it. So no information, no opportunity to send whatever they need to verify my account and no customer service. I am a business owner, a pastor and an honest individual and I was treated like if I was commuting fraud, there’s so much disrespect I’ve received from this company.
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4 years ago, anglluz
The worse you can choose to send money.
I have try them few times now and there is always an issue with them. They always hold the money for too long. But this is really the last time I use them. I made a transaction since Monday and now they canceled because according to the bank I didn’t write my name correct. I get it but honestly they could have communicated this to me before they canceled the transaction but at the same time the charge my account with the amount I was sending. four days later to tell me that I have to wait 5 business day for my refund. This situation is very frustrating knowing that I need a I send money to my family so that they can eat. Now I have to wait 5 day to send them money because Ria envíos is keeping the money for 5 more day. Please if you are sending money do not used this company. Do not waste you time. They are not efficient they take too long to give the money to your love ones. Use any other but Ria.
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3 years ago, carlos0214
I will say is good but No the best
I found out this app and decided to give her a try or use two other ones with this one the problem then I have when I send the money to be deposit onto the persons account and I’m paying with my debit card demoing text sometimes too long like one dayFive hours four hours then I have to call and find out what happened why it takes so long the problem I never help with the other apps yes like maybe in five minutes is there and the other person Bank Account the rate really is the same pretty much about the customer service it’s okThey only take a minute and tell me is to keep waiting and I will get a confirmation email with their money it’s and the recipient account I found about the customer service that can be better
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6 months ago, BraNiiFBI
Account was closed after sending my second transaction
I tried sending money and was told account on hold and transaction was pending, I called and noticed calling hours was 8-6 so I called around 8am and the agent I spoke to asked me to verify certain things which I did. He told me my account will be unlocked and I should wait for an email in an hour and I waited for the email for 4 hours and nothing came. I called again and was transferred to another agent and all he could say is my account has been blocked and I should send money only from a physical location without any reason why it was locked . And earlier I was told my account will be unlocked so I use them 4 hours later it was Locked and nothing can be done about it. Doesn’t make sense honestly. No one can tell me what I did to violate any rules you guys have and no reason why my account was locked and I honestly don’t understand
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2 weeks ago, Bruno 2G
Worst Money Transfer Company
I downloaded the app and setup my account. At my first attempt to transfer money it was cancelled and my account got permanently blocked ??? I called customer service to inquire why . The agent kept reading a script saying that my account was blocked because of « High risk attributes » . I told him that this was probably a mistake because I am a new customer and this is my very first attempt to make a transfer and I have used other companies like moneygram, PayPal, Xoom and Western Union and don’t have any issues . My credit score is excellent as well as anything related to finance or my person. I could not think of any reason why my account would be blocked. I asked the agent what those « High risk attributes » were and he kept repeating the script. I then asked to let me talk to a manager or someone who knows what is going on he refused. I asked his name and he rudely refused and kept reading the script.
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4 years ago, IHonestReview
Improve Your System
Just because I cant verify my identity through social security in your company doesn't mean you guys are gonna stop helping me, and asking me to try it again next week. Some people who send money don’t have the time and patience to do that especially if its urgent. And there are other ways to identify my identity but you Ria are not helping me to verify that so that I can use your system for the first time. I am willing to use Ria to send big amount of money, but if Ria doesn't want to help me and assist their new costumers, you Ria just lost a possible loyal costumer. Hope you improve your system because your customer service just stop assisting me in my problem to send money. Is that the limit of you can help your new costumer, is that the limit of the service you can provide. Hope you guys improve or els you will lose prospect loyal customers. Have a good day and hope you here my review so that you will improve. Thank you
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3 years ago, Ro-hitman
The best rate for international money transfer app
I have used other services in the past like Xoom and Remitly. Ria gives the best rates among these after you’re done with promotional offers. The transfer rate is literally minutes. At first it took 2-3 business days for the transfer using bank account in usa and deposit to another country. But after 2-3 transfers, all the transfers are done within 15 minutes. I’m so impressed. The only downside is the limit. Through this app one can only send max $3000 per transaction per day and $8000 total per month. Which i think is pretty low, but is enough for me.
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8 months ago, Jellz08
My transaction keeps getting cancelled
My transfer was automatically cancelled. How is it fraudulent to send $50? Now the app is saying I need to go a Ria location to send money cause every time I would try to send it’ll automatically get cancelled. Also, the $50 was subtracted to my bank account. My account got blocked after. I called their representative and they said, my transfer was a “liability” so they just blocked my account. At first, one of the representative said call the number and they’ll unlocked my RIA account. Then I find out, it was blocked. The representative wanted to end the call after saying my account was blocked. It feels like this account block is unjust. The whole reason I downloaded this app was so that I don’t have to go to a RIA location. At least let me delete my account. My bank information is still on the blocked account.
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10 months ago, myrealfli
Difficulty accessing evening with available
I have not head a good experience with Ria. I did not eat to travel with large amount of cash for my mother’s funeral arrangement with the intension that I will have access to my account. It has been a rude awakening. The highest I could pay myself was $2000, the second time a week later I was unable to open the app even though I initiated it they wanted me to verify my address that was already in their system an the app. I put the correct address only my correct address was the the available option I went another company to get money transfer. This happened several time So in been using another company. Ria is not as efficient as they claim my is an example
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4 years ago, YulyMarC
Great money transfer app! No complaints at all!
I’ve been using Ria money transfer for about 5 years now and I don’t have any complaints. It’s is so easy to use, the customer service is also very friendly and efficient. Money arrives quickly and if the money has to go back to my account because the other person couldn’t pick it up, the money comes back to my bank account pretty quick without any troubles in the middle. I really love this app! It really makes life easier for those who are abroad and have to send money frequently to their relatives ♥️. God bless you Ria team!
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8 months ago, PrachiBaghel
Such long waits and eligibility restrictions - rather use any other app
I did money transfer using this app which took more than 10 days the first time due to verification and other things. It gives better rates but charges you $1 per transaction which I thought was not a big deal but then I did another transfer which took another 10 days and lastly when I tried to transfer $2999 it gave me an error that I am only eligible to send up to $999. No option to upgrade or upload documents but just an error. I called customer care and they said I need to “try” after 7 days to see if I am eligible to upload documents and increase transfer limits. Or I need to go to any of Ria locations to make the transfer. Such a dissatisfactory response. I’d rather use remitly or some other app then using this one.
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4 years ago, petronila-11
Great money transfer App!
It’s great to have found this app. It makes it so much easier to send money to my loved ones back home and to do any international transactions with just a few clicks. I like how it’s so secure and they will make sure and verify it’s your bank account and/or card before they let you process the payment (first time only!) once the payment method is saved is super easy and quick. I had an issue once with a name on a transfer, called and they were able to fix it before we ended the call, customer service it’s s big thing for me they’ve been great at that. Thank you!
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2 years ago, nabevi
Thanks for make my life easier…
I was going to this agencies for years to send money to my country … and sometimes the line and the parking situation was sooo frustrating, until I moved out of the city, then i had no idea where to go and that’s how I found out about this app, thank goodness!!!!! The money is always ready the same day, NEVER had an issue, this app pay the dollar a little bit cheaper than the (in person) agencies but to send the money is just 3 dollars!!!! The agencies charge you wayyyy more than that. Such a life saver, from the comfort of my home 🫶🏼
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2 months ago, Avinash0561
Horrible maintenance and customer service
I was not able to verify my identity to transfer money abroad. It shows me ‘Unable to verify my identity’, try sending again in 2 days’. I’m trying to verify from 2 months. And, every time I see the same error. I have requested to delete my account with Ria, so I can create a new one with the existing phone number. Even that was not allowed. Whenever I reach to customer care, I get a standard response that, at this time I cannot transfer money. I’m sick of hearing the same response from 2 months. They are not even trying to address the issue or provide a fix to verify my identity. On top of that, if I raise a support ticket, I don’t get any updates on that ticket. I had to call the every time and check if we had any progress on the ticket.
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2 years ago, Masrul Huda
Awful customer care
I was having problem sending money to my mother for last 6 months. I called customer at least 5 times regarding the issue. They could never solve my issue. I asked customer care manager to fill a report to technical department, they did file report to technical department. They told me that I should hear from them within 72 hrs. Unfortunately, I never hear back from Ria money transfer. Absolutely, unprofessional service any one can provide to a customer. I wouldn’t recommend Ria money transfer to any of my friend.
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2 years ago, kayemoran
Not using this service anymore
Yes before ria is very fast and effecient even if you use your bank account as payment. But now, they will not release the money right away if you use bank account. And they get your money right away. Even if you talk to customer service they dont care and they are not empathetic about the issue. They will hold your money for days. That never happen to me in Ria before in my 5 years of using Ria. If this happen to you call your bank right away, coz i feel like Ria is a scarm nowadays. They change a lot! Dont use RIA
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3 years ago, Rudeboy196
Easy & Fast
I use to send money to Jamaica at I was a bit skeptical because I never heard of them. There rates are almost the same and in most cases beat the others especially Western Union, what I also like is the many many locations for pickup so you don’t have to stand in those long crazy lines especially Christmas time. Finally not too much hassle in order to get your money like other asking all these crazy questions. I recommend them to anyone looking for a different service.
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11 months ago, Servicedesk User
Support is extremely horrible and unprofessional.
When I first started RIA services that time it was good. All of a sudden it stopped working and I needed help to resolve it. When I called I realized their support is extremely horrible and unprofessional. I called 7 times regarding my login and they asked me to follow some steps which I did but still no luck. I exchanged emails with their support along with screenshots. Still no luck. Their support , IT and developer even don't know how their website is working. They are asking to reset the password with a phone number which is not even an option. It is close to two months and no follow up from their side. They don't even respond in 2 / 3 days. My suggestion will be train the support guys at least for their own website.
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9 months ago, 09babu
Worst services ever
One of worst services I received from them. I am using ria for long time and sent money so many times back in my country. Still for no reason they just hold on to my transfer. For no reason they were not releasing my transaction. I asked multiple times what’s the reason they weren’t releasing my transfer and they weren’t able and o give me any proper reason. The money was withdrawn from my bank account on the day I made the transfer and they released my transaction 5 days later. I asked for a proper reason and they weren’t able to give me one. Even they denied my request to release my transfer early. My ID is verified, bank account is verified, even the recipient’s information is verified. Still they were delaying on releasing my transaction.
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3 months ago, S_hawladar
A Week of Unfulfilled Promises!
I recently had an extremely frustrating experience with RIA Money Transfer. After initiating a money transfer, the funds were deducted from my bank account the very next day. However, it’s been a week, and the status of my transaction frustratingly remains ‘in progress’. Despite numerous attempts to resolve this issue, each requiring me to wait 20-30 minutes to speak with a customer representative, I’ve been met with repetitive assurances that the money would be deposited into the recipient’s bank account within 24 hours—a promise that has repeatedly been broken. This experience has been not only time-consuming but also disappointing, leading me to regret choosing RIA Money Transfer for my financial transaction needs.
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2 years ago, Jezzrell05
I use this apps to send money overseas. There was error on the apps and i thought the transfer didn’t go through. When I checked my bank i was charged twice. I canceled the transaction and it’s been four days since I canceled and they keep sending me email it will take 24-48 hours to process but to my surprise nothing has been processed yet until i called the customer service today. Another scenario, i have another transaction that i cancelled because the money will be available 8 days after i sent the money. It is urgent that’s why i used this apps but 8 days before the recepient will get the money is a no no for me. I request the cancellation last April 29 and up to todays date May 4, no update yet. DO NOT USE THIS APPS!!! NEVER TRUST THIS APPS!
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2 years ago, passlatino
Worse company has been a customer if goes back their assistance in services.
I've been a customer for years, not months. I use their apps, and they withdraw my account with no problem. I experience to try to send money $35 it took a week to be deposited, and they took my money on the same day; call customer services they didn't have any idea why is held in my account, and there answered for security purposes, then they tell me if I would I used a debit card I wouldn't have this problem. The rating of this company is worse. They need to do much better customer service. Fast service is worse next time; the western union has the same benefits; I don't delay the money.
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6 months ago, Yaar Za
Money is held and Account is locked
I’m deeply frustrated with Ria Money Transfer’s customer support and the app functionality, despite complying with all the requirements and providing the necessary documents and IDs, my account has been locked without a clear reason or prior notice and it has locked right after I submitted my transaction. This has not only blocked my access but also held my funds, which are only a few hundred dollars and not a substantial amount. The lack of clear communication and resolution from customer support has left me feeling ignored and helpless. This experience has significantly eroded my trust in the service and has caused unnecessary stress and inconvenience. I urge Ria to address these issues promptly to regain the confidence of their customers.
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3 years ago, Muzna_marzouq
Rio is the best!
Rio is an awesome app we use it to send money overseas. Very easy, organized, and fast! They keep you updated about the money you had sent. Also, it is simple and easy, all you have to do is to press the button to send the money again and again. The great thing in Rio is you don’t have to pay twice for the money you send. Some other companies like western union they took a big amount from the senders and also from the person who received the money. Rio they charge only the sender. Thank you Rio!
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4 years ago, Tutumcfundersnazzle
Awful customer service I was “helped” by a sexist man who wouldn’t listen to my concerns or explanations. My account was hacked and my information exposed I tried to get help and since I couldn’t I decided to create a new account which got locked when I called this man answered me and told me that my account getting hacked was impossible even though I told him the details on my old account had been changed. My mother is old and not very good with computers so I do her transactions for her and I was told that since I was hacked and was using my account to help my mother I was no longer allowed to use the services which is at no loss to me there are others but the blatant sexism from this man that constantly tried to shut me up and offered no HELP led me to this review I’d give 0 stars if I could.
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3 years ago, mkjd28
Hassle free service
Have been using it for more than 3 years now and never faced any issue , app has been updated several times and now it’s smooth and works every time no lag or crashes. They provide the highest transfer rate comparing with other providers with instant deposit which is the best in class service. I really love the app and service, have recommend to all my friends and would recommend to anyone who want high rate, reliable service and instant transfer. Ria 👍🏼
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6 months ago, dnyalslg
Doesn’t work for mobile wallets in Colombia
None of the several transfers I initiated and paid either with bank accounts or debit card ever arrived to any of the Nequi wallets I sent the money to. The users have all their info filled out, “abono automático” activated, and their account in good standing. All transactions showed as “sent to partner”, but Nequi didn’t see anything on their end and don’t know what’s happening. I waited 12 hours for a debit card transfer that was supposed to arrive in minutes, and it never arrived nor was the wallet ever notified of having to accept a transfer. Transfers to Bancolombia accounts using debit card only took a few minutes. I feel Ria’s mobile wallet offer is false advertising to get you to use a bank.
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2 years ago, Sekhoyah
#1 Money Transfer right now
I’m recommended to all of you who had family back home and need to do the international money transfer. Comprehensive and easy App to use specially when you registres with Ria Services transfer is so easy secure and fast no Colorado no complications. I’m doing construction house for my family it’s so easy and fast way to send money to my contractor and the money is ready in fewer minutes. Loved Ria Transfer security and better then others like MoneyGram or WesternUnion. Thank you for ready me
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3 months ago, Jijo Christopher
Delayed Processing Time Disappoints
My recent experience with the RIA money transaction app left me feeling frustrated and inconvenienced. Despite the promise of a swift 15-minute processing time, my transaction took a staggering 5-6 days to complete. This significant delay was unexpected and disappointing, especially considering the urgent nature of my transfer. While the app may boast other features and functionalities, this discrepancy between the advertised processing time and the actual duration cannot be overlooked. Moving forward, I hope the developers address this issue promptly to ensure a more reliable and efficient service for all users. Until then, I would caution others to manage their expectations when using the RIA app for money transfers.
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11 months ago, Revuwur
Stay away
App showed money transfer was ready for pickup but money was still pending to be removed from my account. Phone representative said the transfer was still processing. Later i called again and then was told the transfer was ready for pickup. Went to 2 different remittance pick up locations multiple times. I think i went 5 times, but the ria transfer was nowhere in the system. One worker even took a photo of the computer screen to show me that there was an error. I decised to do a xoom transfer even though the fees were higher (as I've used xoom several times before) and the transfer was able to be picked up and was picked up within minutes. Never. Ria. Again.
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3 years ago, naaniaamma
Excellent service !! Awesome exchange rates !!!
I had good support and overall great experience with Ria team for my money transfer from US to INDIA. I have been using several times to remit Ria in last 5 years. No matter whether the amount was high or low. It was credited in the Indian bank on time and the exchange rate was best in the market. The customer support was also very helpful. If you want to sent money to India without any worries and peace of mind this is the right platform. I highly recommend using Ria for everyone .
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2 years ago, 1OSRH1
Mobile phone transfer
I have been using this app to send money to loved ones and it has been great. I have not had any issues with this application, money is sent on a timely manner. Places I’ve selected are not in a big city but are still able to get picked up. Best thing about this application is that they actually give a small incentive for using the application, I just made a year and to my surprise I got a small $5 dollar credit.
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3 months ago, lovely Reid
This was a very happy day when I was told about this app by my nephew . Highly recommended for each and every one . Thanks to the back bones who is responsible for putting this means of helping my Jamaican families . Loving the easy way this company handles everything. I think if you have been sending with a company for awhile and they get familiar with the receivers and senders they should not give problems and this company does not give problems
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2 years ago, 99norma
Worst company ever!!! Horrible experience!!
I tried to send money on this Ria app and they asked me to verify myself. Which I did by submitting a pic of my ID front and back, picture of my debit card front and back, proof of address which included my name and a selfie as they requested and they didn’t approve me even though all my information matched. This is by far the worst company ever they have horrible unhelpful customer service they were no help at all. I decided to send my money through Xoom a pay pal service and it was easy, fast and no issues. I just hope Ria isn’t a shady company and uses all my information that was uploaded for verification to commit fraud. Don’t use this service horrible.
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2 years ago, dolphin_jorge
RIA Really Works For Me
I used to use RIA services’ provided by branched agencies and I was gladly using them over other companies. As soon I learned about the advancement made by RIA’s personalized on line and individual devices, I just decided to try it. Now, I highly recommend RIA to all my friends. If I give you reasons, I will be extending my review over pages. So let me say, to be brief that you guys are providing a very efficient, effective, and affordable way to move currencies around the world.
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6 months ago, Spider reddy
Error for Verification ID
Annoying customer service and the dev team can’t fix the bug they created. I have been having this issue where the app asks me update my id if I transfer 2999$ and when I try to update it throws an error stating retry. It has been happening since last 3 months for me and every time I contact Ria the customer service says they open a ticket and it will be resolved with 5-10 days but they never reach back via an email or phone call. If they can’t serve their customer how should I trust them keep my banking information safe in their database. I suggest not to do business with such companies who don’t care about customer concerns.
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4 years ago, RN ANA
Easy and secure
I highly recommend Ria services. I used to go to the Ria offices to make my international transactions. Despite doing all my financial transactions online, I felt unease when it came to international transactions. However, Ria money services app has completely changed my mind and now I can make money transactions anytime, anywhere with just one click away. It is easy, convenient, and most importantly secure. Also the fees are cheaper than going to the offices. All around Ria Money app is the best!
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10 months ago, Somayajulu
No Transfer, No communication
Status showing pending for more than 2day. No communication from RIA why the transaction is delayed. Another transaction cancelled and never communicated why it was cancelled. When I called help desk within specified time, automated response gave me hours of availability in Spanish and English and then call got disconnected. Total idiots running the business. I will cancel the account and will inform my friends and family not to use this app.
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