Rick and Morty: Pocket Mortys

4.3 (9.7K)
499.3 MB
Age rating
Current version
[adult swim]
Last update
4 months ago
Version OS
12.0 or later
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User Reviews for Rick and Morty: Pocket Mortys

4.25 out of 5
9.7K Ratings
6 years ago, Toatss
Great Game
I love this game and every aspect of it. Even though it is pleasingly simple, you still have to be somewhat strategic about how you go about the battles and how you venture through the other dimensions. Sticking to walls helps you avoid trainers you may not be ready for, look at the kind of Mortys that they have, then adjust your deck and heal your Mortys depending on the Morty types you’re going to have to deal with. Memorizing what Mortys are which type is an extremely helpful thing to do. This game is addictive and it’s a good game to just relax and play. Although, I do have two big issues with the battling: the accuracy rates and the enemy getting to hit you twice all the time. My moves barely hit the other Mortys already, I don’t need them to use accuracy-depleting moves to make my accuracy even worse! At the same time, the other Mortys will constantly hit you, with barely any missed moves. And for some reason they constantly get two hits in a row, while you never get that unless they happen to use a health serum. Even when you paralyze them they’ll hit you three times before they actually get stopped for once. It’s pretty ridiculous, and enough to be extremely irritating when it comes to battles. Other than that; addicting, fun game! I just wish that small part of the battles was changed.
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4 years ago, ZKeyz
Save your time... gotta pay to win.
As someone that doesn’t play these type of games much, I got sucked into it being a fan of the show. I was just going to try it out, but went I commit to something I commit hard. I got to the last stage of the game to collect all the morties. So I pursued it thinking it was possible, but with 333 collected of 335 seen. No new morties ever appear. And they just keep adding more “unseen” morties that I never cross paths with. However you can buy them to collect them. Or your can buy expensive virtual tickets to try and win them by gamboling on the virtual machines. So it won’t let you beat the game unless you are willing to pay them, which is stupid ridiculous BS. At least let people buy those blitz and chips coupons with the Schmecles collected, as I’ve got well over a Million and nothing to spend them on. I did have fun playing the first part of the game as a distraction from life and reality for just raw entertainment without much meaning. If you do play this game, it can be addictive. I’d advise NOT taking the advice of collecting the pocket morties after you win all the levels because it just becomes a tedious choir. You’re better off obsessing on creating some form of art and creating something real world... like music, or drawing. I did have some unproductive fun in there experiencing the world of gaming, and I have nothing against fun, but I’ll stick with playing something like a guitar. At least I get an outcome in the end.
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5 years ago, anthonykiedislover
so here’s the thing
i actually got sucked into this game hardcore and i will continue to play it, however the main issue i have is the development of mortys. in the game you get the morty you came with, at a really low level and he always stays with you. once you start going and defeating the gym leaders, the game gets more difficult and you’ll need more mortys to progress, eventually i got a really good morty and can usually hold it up with that character for up, since he’s so overpowered. his level also determines who i’m fighting. however, OG morty can’t catch up and become a higher level as well . also, when i want to level up other mortys i’ve caught they can’t keep up either because of the 2 mortys i have that are high leveled. one time i decide to literally have 2 mortys with me, that are level 20 just so i can focus on them they still have the fight 5 characters that are 30+. it’s just kinda whacky and hard to make progress like that. i legit like the game but please fix that.. lol
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3 years ago, Pennywiseplourde
Just not a fun game.
First of all, the game gets boring very quickly, about half an hour in, I was bored. It’s very repetitive. Its the same thing every time. Walk through the portal. Catch some Mortys. Battle some random people. fight the Rick of that dimension. Pass through the portal again, heals your Mortys And again and again and again. I love the show but this just isn’t fun in my book. It’s Rick and morty Pokémon but less cooler than it sounds. Actually battling someone isn’t that good either, there are no cool animations or anything. Just click a button and something happens. No cool effects. I also have a huge issue with egg morty + the one true morty. Your Mortys earn xp by dazing an opponents morty. To get the one true morty, you have to get egg morty to level 20. But here’s the deal, egg morty has no way of dazing a morty. He’s powerless. Next problem, getting Mortys. There are two ways to get Mortys. Way one: find/buy a morty manipulator chip, find a wild morty, battle it untold its low health, use chip as item and hope it doesn’t FAIL. That’s right, it can fail. Way two: use a blips and chits kiosk to buy (a) random morty(s) with tickets that are nearly impossible to get, unless you overpay with real money. All together its just a mess. I gotta give them an A in effort but other than that its just not a very good game and a bit of a let down.
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5 months ago, awsome coco killer
Butch Told Me To
In all seriousness this gane is great. I love being able to catch mortys of all shapes and sizes. And in case you are wondering I came from Oregon. Gravity Falls, Oregon to be precise. I was a big fan of the series when it was still going and as a teen discovering Rick and Morty was awesome. Especially seeing the dipper and mabel mortys in the background of the show. I spent the game hunting for dipper morty and it not being a think is one of my only complaints but getting mabel morty was cool too. Now on the topic of Gravity Falls there are very few things I wish there were in this game because it checks almost all the boxes but if i could add a few things I would add dipper morty because yes and I would add a playable character with a gravity falls reference. For example Stanford and 8-Ball have on screen cameos and Bill Cipher might be a bit of a stretch but still would be cool to see. I would even take the character Alex Hirsch plays on the show. But to sum this all up great game and the only thing I see that could be improved are Dipper morty and gravity falls skins. Wubba Lubba Dub Dub -Jack Day
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6 years ago, i_dont_like_apple_
Old school vibes, but Mario Smash brothers hard!!
I love the graphics and the whole idea; however there are a few things I struggle to like. The fact that you can not run from a training battle makes getting the badges a lot more rigorous. This would not be a problem if you could afford/collect enough materials to keep your Morty’s alive. One all Mort’s are dazed you have to restart badge mission over again, highly inconvenient when about 4-6 challengers are waiting with about 3-6 Morty’s. Winning each challenge against the foe would be simple enough with strategy; thus bringing me to my next point, this is almost impossible when collected items for Morty’s HP/AP, building materials and such that are collected prior are lost if all Morty’s are dazed. It’s a long and complicated loop of crap that makes the game predictable. One round you win, one round you die and return home, to then go back and win a round and lose the next. And I worked so hard to complete the first mission... just to unlock Morty’s games and... to my surprise more fighting, while using rental Morty’s..... it’s similar to Pokémon from nentendo 64 but there is not a clear point and often enough rewards to make me want to keep playing it. And my final conclusion, I will be deleting this app after having it for several months. Quite aggravating, and pointless.
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4 years ago, just let me write a comment
Please change back the option to craft items manually
I have been very dedicated to this game ever since it first came out. This game is also the reason why I knew about Rick and Morty in the first place and I have loved this game ever since. I do have one problem with the game however. First of all, the small cutscene where surgeon rick is healing your morty’s, has been cut from the game. I deeply feel that this was a mistake because it was a memorable and funny little scene. Second, and more importantly, the ability to craft your own items was cut as well. Now we are just left with the crafted items already finished. The fact that you got to experiment for yourself was the fun part and the whole point of that. I honestly fear that over time this game will end up like most iOS games. I don’t mind the fact that you are given the option to speed up the game at certain points, but this game is starting to lose the heart that it used to have, just so that the game is sped up. This game is pure gold and that’s how it should stay. Please change these things around and I will bring my rating back up to 5.
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3 years ago, Eldergod0515
In multiplayer (different than campaign) I just spent $20 to have a chance of getting some Mortys that you can only get by spending money. That’s when I found out you can only have 450 Mortys and I was at my limit. I thought a collectible trading game would encourage collecting and trading. Especially since: 1) you need to collect multiples of most Mortys to combine to make Mortys you can only get that way, and; 2) because each are created randomly with a hidden “IV” value which determines if it will perform or not so you need to collect several to find a useful one , and; 3) there are “shiny” variants of most and you might want both shiny and non-shiny versions. BTW - there’s over 430 (not counting shiny variant) Mortys for only 450 slots. And they are adding more after each episode. I regret spending the time to attempt to get a full set and definitely regret spending the money. Remove the collectible aspect from multiplayer and this is just a crap PvP game with tens of hours of grinding to still have an inferior chance of winning contests with little strategic options dominated by chance (and a crap random number generator).
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7 years ago, Ace_cobra17
Multiplayer issues
At first this game was cool then you get to multiplayer where you gatta lvl up to 10 to first travel around other places then end up seeing the same Marty's and even with the leveling up you have to play other players and all they do is just switch out and heal wich makes this game boring over time I only had it for two days that should tell the creators how dumb the attributes on this games is because now all you have is players that just keep switching in and out making what a 3 minute battle should be turn into 45 minutes,creators take away the attributes makes the game so stupid and hard to do anything when players just keep switching in and out to stall your team out until you have nothing to heal them with, then there's no type of match making or match ranking a lvl 10 came up to me while I was lvl 3 and this player had lvl 30 what am I supposed to do when they have 5 mortys and I only have 2 fix the multiplayer with users using items make it so that there's an option to use items or not for battles and give it a ranking system the you'll know how to make a good game. Ps take out the attributes as well .
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6 years ago, Generic Nickname #24601
Multiplayer “Rebalance” Killed It
The recent “rebalance” of the multiplayer game has killed any fun of Pocket Mortys. Yeah, the trainer battles could go on forever, but putting the limits on using items and changing How switches worked (where hits took effect BEFORE switches took place) were all that were needed. Instead, they decided to collapse the game’s internal economy by essentially giving players less than 10% of the currency they used to earn while keeping prices of items at the same level, making things that much more expensive. What this effects really is not serums and such; it drains one’s ability to buy manipulator chips to collect new Mortys, which is the real fun of the game. Fighting wild Mortys no longer provides cash, nor does is help level up Mortys. Soon one is constantly scrambling for materials for chips. The only way to earn cash is either crates, Mr. Meeseeks, or the more difficult battles. Now it’s a constant fight to earn money, like a hand-to-mouth, paycheck-to-paycheck life. “That’s the Morty I need - I haven’t seen one for a week! Oh, no! I don’t have a Morty Manipulator Chip! I’m out of Flurbos! I haven’t seen any Turbulent Juice for hours!” It’s just not fun now. It’s now more like... real life. No, thank you.
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2 years ago, jokelikelol
Fairly good with a minor nuisance
The game itself is not too hard to understand with very easy-to-understand controls and elements. The fighting later on does get more complex making sure that the game isn’t a breeze the whole way through. The only reason I’m giving this a 4-star is the pop-up micro transactions, specifically in the Morty Games. I had just defeated the final boss in one of the levels when the micro transaction popped up and wouldn’t go away. No matter how many times I pressed “Maybe later” it wouldn’t go away. I even tried to pretend like I was going to purchase it at the last second and then cancel it, but that also didn’t work. It was a minor setback, but at the time it was a real nuisance. Other than that the game has worked perfectly fine for me, except for the time where my Animatronic Morty who didn’t have any debuffs missed with “Melt” three times in a row. Fairly great game, a great time-killer, would recommend.
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2 years ago, liviassss
Love the show the game could be better!!
I love this game and the simplicity. I have some issues with the game. When traveling to another dimension you have to play individual characters which I’m assuming are there to help “train” you and obviously grow your morty(s) XP/LVL. There are too many of these people in each dimension and when you get more badges or have higher morty’s there are more, you can choose to run from these people but you don’t move past them, there are some maps with unintentional paths to the rick of the certain dimension. I get very frustrated when i can’t seem to get past these random characters. If you battle one of them all your mortys could be dazzed or you could black out and you have to go back to the Citadel. It’s disappointing when it’s just a fun game from the fun things each morty says to things rick says. That specific thing along with other small problems (that if i listed you’d be reading a book) are very annoying when it comes to trying to have fun.
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2 years ago, 44037
Amazing game but trading needs improvement
This game is crazy fun and addictive! Unlike other collectible games, Pocket Mortys gives you so much freedom to do what you want! You’re not forced to wait for HOURS to get a new character or are forced to buy in-game currency to speed up process for getting new characters (you know what games I’m talking about 🧌🐉🥚). Mortys just spawn in the world at random for the taking! No breeding, no waiting, no problem! However, I’m not too fond of the fact that you can only trade Mortys with friends. I wish it was anonymous. Or at least have that option. I get that you can just add players and all but through my experience it doesn’t seem like many even go back online or keep you as a friend, let alone even accept the friend invite. But apart from that it’s a great game to play anywhere and anytime!
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7 years ago, Oydksotekskgxoyditdlhd
Great Game; Few Things...
I live this game. I've been playing this game for at least a week now and I have to say it is my favorite game after BTD Battles. Although it's great, it has a few huge flaws. Namely the inability to sell items and that the money given is stupid. I would love to sell all my unnecessary parts and items since I lose use for it and would like to have 1/2 or 1/4 of the original price. That brings me to my second point, the money which changes you get. I started the game, did 10 Battles in multiplayer and never have to buy a new munipulater chip. I think you should get about 3/4 of what we currently get. The game has gotten way too easy. Finally I have a minor pet peeve of campaign mode not working on LTE. Don't know if it is just me but would just like to throw it out there. In the end, this is an amazing Pokemon Parody, something I have wanted on the app store for a while. Thanks!
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6 years ago, legendary QV
The things I like and dislike about Pocket Mortys and please add these things please
I play this game growing up but the only problem is all bosses are to OP I have to fight every single time and die can you make them to make them easy I keep dying every time and also can you decrease the Op level to the bosses crazy mysterious Rick is giving me problems he keeps healing every time can you stop that like no bosses healing oh and can you also make it to where you can craft Morty like Morty head Morty body Maury arms and legs and also a yellow shirt what do you shut on the body just craft it thank you for making this awesome game but can you please add this jumping over fences no animation just you on the other side you press say and then you’re on the other side keep up the good work for this game please don’t ruin it I played this ever since it came out you ruin it you’ll regret it thank you
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6 years ago, EMans247
Pretty good- luckily it’s free.
Love that this has a campaign. Wouldn’t be near as interesting without it. While I’m only a couple dimensions in, I still have one complaint that is unfortunately holding me back from truly enjoying this venture- the animations. They’re basically are none lol. Which is surprising considering the developers have a treasure trove full of source material to pull from. Battles are fairly boring for the most part. You essentially see the same animations over and over again, even across different Mortys and abilities. Shame too, cause I thought this game was going to be well done having read other reviews, but it seems the app was released in a hurry. In one instance I do enjoy the simplicity of it all, but in another it really detracts from the thing that holds the game together- the battles. Luckily there is some strategy involved. My attention is held for now, just because of the campaign, but if the battles continue this way throughout the story, I don’t expect to be playing this for long.
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4 years ago, Christo$
Horrible experience.
Im playing this game ever since it got released. Months ago they made an update and it caused all my progress to disappear, it was like i was playing the game for the very first time and even though i was logging in with my game center nothing was there! I contacted the app support and they told me to delete and reinstall the game and if that doesn’t work they will send me a booster of some sorts. Of course it didn’t work and they didn’t send me any booster. I was able to move past it cause it was only two weeks i was into the game. This happened again yesterday with another update they made on the game. This time though is different. I invested months into the game and i made huge progress. This time it hurt. I contacted them again and they gave me the same lousy tech support. Instead of owning their mistakes they treat you like its something thats just happened!!! Its so frustrating, im not going to bother play the game again and if you are new please keep in mind that this is going to happen to you too! Don’t invest your time cause you are going to lose it.
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4 years ago, TifDasmon
Worth it once you get the hang of it
I’m 28: this game is like Pokémon except: You CANT go back to the FREE healing center WHENEVER you want. If you played Pokémon, it’s like the Elite 4 in that way. Except instead of just 4 battles, you have a certain number of trainers to beat before a boss, BEFORE you can go back and heal for free. So if you are hurt and you don’t have potions or revives you HAVE to buy them. You can earn free money for watching adds. You get 30 and a potion is 250. So it’s doable, but if you don’t know this you will hit a steep curve: Just know early on there’s one attack that hits you several times and poisons you. If you aren’t a high level you can’t do that same damage without special type attacks. Remember how long it took to get different types in Pokémon? It’s like that but with less Mortys available. But for a free game it’s hilarious and fun. Def recommend
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5 years ago, I hate you dumb stupid fling
It’s fun til you know it’s p2w
I was so excited to play this game when I downloaded it. I played for an hour and slowly came to the realization that you have to pay to win once you rank up. In campaign mode, you can get past the first boss practically with ease, but once you capture more Morty’s, the enemy’s mortys are stronger and the enemies have have the same amount as you do no matter what! Then you have to buy 10 potions and power ups just to stay in the battle. Even then, you basically use most of your items in one battle and not have enough for the next 3-4 battles before you can fight the boss in that world. So you’re screwed either way. Not to mention you can only carry 10 potions at a time and there’s no way of getting more once you’re in that world. This game has a great concept but this is complete trash. I highly recommend not getting this game unless you have mommy and daddy’s credit card to blow on everything within the game. I repeat, DO NOT WASTE YOUR TIME ON THIS GAME. I’ve never done a review til now, so that should say something. SAVE YOUR TIME AND MONEY, you’re welcome.
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4 years ago, h1vo1tage
Wubba Lubba Dub Dub, this game is Lame
This game used to be rather fun to play a year or so when I first started playing it. When season 4 of the TV show started I decided to start playing Pocket Morty once again... the game is now super boring! I enjoyed capturing Mortys and combining them, now the only Mortys you can combine are the Common Mortys. This pre classification of Rare, Epic and Exotic Mortys is simply a ploy to buy special Mortys since you can not combine any Morty that is not a Common Morty. I honestly can not remember the exact gameplay of the old game, but traveling to other worlds has changed somehow. I had hoped that once I battled to get my portal gun back the fun would start, but now I am stuck on the citadel using the “stargate portal” and my portal gun just sends me back to the citadel. I vaguely recall that once I gained access to my portal gun my return point was on a world and not the citadel... but I could return to the citadel if I choose too. This game has been dumbed down so much that it is very boring!
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4 years ago, x497
Connectivity/Loading Bug That Can Potentially Delete All Your Progress
There are serious bugs which will prevent you from connecting to the multiplayer mode. Additionally, opening the app takes an insane amount of time to load, crashing multiple times as it loads, and doesn't even present a login option or a back-up restore option. I deleted the app initially to redownload and reopen a save for my progress, only to find it just started the whole game all over again from scratch, with no way to access my account. I've played the game since it was released, and this bug effectively cut me off from years of progress. UPDATE: I was able to recover my account using my back-up phone on a cellular connection, but still think the issues mentioned should be addressed. My experience with the game has alwayd been positive, so I'm hoping this gets addressed so as to not ruin the experience for others playing the game.
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3 years ago, LoJoBamBam
It constantly crashes after initial startup
I have an iPhone XR and for some reason the game kept crashing on startup but never on the first time start up only after it had already been run before, it would be like it was trying to launch from the last place you were in the game but it couldn’t because everytime I deleted the app and reinstalled it there would be no crash and my save would be fine except for the last time in which my save was deleted and it actually kind of made me a little sad because I had put some of my time into it but it’s okay, I really liked the game but I’m probably not gonna continue playing it because I don’t want to feel like I have to work hard to get to the place I was at, it just makes it feel like a waste of time which I guess mobile games are meant to be but I liked having all the Exotic Mortys I had and such.
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6 years ago, Locustmage
Good But
This game is great. Single player is very challenging until you get into the swing of things. Multiplayer, for the most part, is easier if you’re mainly concerned with collecting Mortys and Leveling them. The multiplayer is pretty good, except people like to sit in the spots Mortys and items spawn at and ruin the whole game for everyone. Basically long story short, unless you want to get totally frustrated, don’t play multiplayer during peak hours. It would be nice if the developers were to give players more of an incentive to move around the map to cut back on the amount of camping. Possibly some form of quest where you turn in items to an npc, or maybe have a guy who will buy a “Morty of the Day” which will have people looking all over the map for even common Mortys (which won’t be so common during their day)
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5 years ago, Codeman030
Two original Morty’s glitch/bug found
Ok for some reason there’s a glitch/bug where the game thinks you have a Morty so it give you a another regular morty! Not robomorty, or cowboymorty, just morty! same old morty with no type of strength or weaknesses if someone found out how to use it on multiplayer it could end up in chaos so plz fix this! It’s ok in Single player but not in multiplayer! (ps don’t risk it by Combining both the original morty and it may not give you anything at all or it could soft-lock the game). (Review owner:”hi Game developers, I see that you found my review! but you didn’t tell me what you thought about it but that’s ok, just to let you know, I thought you guys love your game so let you know about a bug I found while playing (Rick and Monty) at the time, I love the show but sometimes it can Mass up. But again Ricks rules!”)
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2 years ago, JustT0ad
5 Stars but..
I love the game and I am a big fan of Rick and Morty, I really like that it resembles Pokémon to some sort but i feel that if there were bigger maps it would fix a lot of problems, the benefits to this are everyone wouldn't be racing to Morty’s and doing cycles and you would feel like you are looking for Morty’s instead of racing to Morty’s. Combat would feel more clean and sleek instead of running into the same person over multiple times. I keep running into a situation and other players that i have talked to, it’s when a Morty shows up on the map, and it just turns into a fight cloud, i will run to a exotic Morty and it’ll turn into a cloud as if someone had gotten to it before me, and it happens multiple times, mostly to exotics and epics. (i love the game btw)
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5 years ago, HerbS2urnerves
always losing super rigged
they set you up to fail from the beginning of the game. I'd understand if it was just once, but no. Every single match they set you up to lose. They dont give you any training. you fight one guy, them the gym leader, and then the council leader and you are set up to keep on losing. They also present you with wild mortys to catch but they dont have any way to catch them cause the store doesnt sell the supplies needed. Since they want to make it pay to play i have zero incentive to buy into the game. If the game is not enjoyable on its own for free than it doesnt deserve my money. If it says free on the appstore than it better be playable for free or its a lie. And ofc they are liars because you get to lose every match when playing for free, and never get to catch new mortys. Also this game needs controller support. The speed stat is super rigged. no matter how many levels above you are from the opponent morty they will always hit first!!! what is the point in having a speed stat if it doesnt matter cause its all rigged anyway??? disapointing.
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6 years ago, BigolC
One thing that makes all the difference..
I really love the idea and look of this game. Even keeps the awesome humor of the show. However there is one thing that is small, but makes a huge difference while playing for awhile. That one thing is the fact that all the attacks look the same. There are so many attacks and all of them have the same animation? To me that’s just lazy. And it gets boring seeing the same thing over and over, when I learn a new attack for my Morty, I should be excited to see what it looks like and try it out! All it is really is just a rename of all the other attacks. And when you enter a portal you have to die just to go back to the home location? I think that is a little absurd too. However, every other aspect of this game is amazing, the looks, the voice acting, music, so many Mortys, it’s just a big shame that they got lazy on the attacks, and I found myself disappointed and bored with the game.
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4 years ago, Yoyoyoyoyo65432
Revert the quick-craft option to the other more explore-your-options type crafting system because it was more fun when it wasn’t quick-craft everything. Can you add a later-game tutorial in case a player forgets how to play? It would help people a lot. Make the other craftables (other than the ones used in battle) able to be used in more than just personal quest for other random Morty trainers. Remember, these are just suggestions that I think could improve your game. Thank you for reading, sincerely random guy. Add another fusion system, but instead of combining the same morty, you can combine different mortys, leading to an artificial morty that could have an unique tier and an fused Rock Paper Scissors choice(ie. Rock+paper= fusion of the two).
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6 years ago, Average intellegence memes
Why the original Morty is the most overpowered
This is for Campaign mode. Idk about multiplayer. I’m not kidding, the only things you need to do to literally play the entire game after you get the following with one Morty, is get an attack buff of at least medium strength. also, don’t buy any items other than the mega seeds, prioritize the attack, and speed over defense, but still buy it so you can survive while buffing up in battle. Then, get the most powerful attacks possible. That’s it. In battle: Spend 1-3 turns only using the attack buff, and ignore all debuffs except attack debuffs. For every attack debuffs, do an attack buff. Once you feel like you buffed enough, enjoy one shotting their entire team, and with a bit of never missing, you win. Also, please don’t nerf this or buff everything else.
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7 years ago, SirDisALot
Overall pretty fun
Yes the game is pretty simple, honestly have mainly been playing the multiplayer mode. The game has three types and then a few (3) no types. Everything you could pay for in the game can be bought with time and effort. The three type makes it simpler so it's not near as complicated as other games, seems like they tried to gear it to all ages of players. There is no chat system but that doesn't mean you can't make friends in the game. Always new Mortys to collect when new episodes air. Obviously some mortys have better stats than others but that won't stop me from collecting the mortys I think look the coolest, for example a pirate captain morty. Definitely give it at least a try whether you watch the show or not.
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5 years ago, Melly Issa
💰💰💸Great but a real money grab 💸💰💰
I REALLY like this game but having to pay money in order to keep playing for more than 5 minutes is ridiculous. At least have the Morty's health go up while they rest. I can't afford to play this game and I really like this game and collecting Morty's. I already spent money to get more Morty's and I really really regret doing that since you can't switch them when needed to use the healthy ones to let the injured ones rest while you continue to play and leave a leave. If all you Morty are damaged and no more health serum to heal them you are forced to spend real money in order to get money to buy the health serum or hit points serum so you can battle to leave. Come on give the players some way to earn money. Good game but NOT WORTH staying broke to play.
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6 years ago, ...............?cool
Love the game, but...
I love Pocket Mortys. As a R&M fan and a Pokémon fan, I’m obsessed with this game. That being said, I don’t like the new update devaluing the blips and chitz tickets. I was already spending real money on them, and it isn’t fair that I’d have to spend more when my collection of Mortys is already so large. I also don’t like that there aren’t any other adventures, in campaign mode, other than defeating the Counsel of Ricks and competing in the Morty Games. I’d rather use my own trained Mortys in the Morty Games, and have more adventures that make leveling up my Mortys worth it. My original Morty is maxed out at 100 and I’ve spent a lot of schmeckles on upgrading his defense, speed and attacks. I’d like the developers to take this game further. Add more Mortys, upgrade the adventures and add more quests. I’ve spent less than 2 weeks playing this game and have already almost completed it.
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4 years ago, Emily Sarah Johnson
Amazing game except for a glitch
I was playing this game and I loved it, it was fun! After a week, I had some great starting Mortys. I wanted a trunk Morty, and finally I found one in the wild. I had a chip and so I got the health down to red and captured it. The chip turned green which means I got it, I got very excited but then I looked in my mortys from my inventory and it wasn’t there. I started to worry. Then I checked if I still had the chip and it was just a simple glitch.. but it wasn’t. I didn’t have my chip or the Morty so searched it up and it said to make a review. So this is what I’m doing. I’m afraid this will happen again and now I’m questioning the app. It’s fun and all but I had this one issue and im warning others about what could happen to them. Thank you
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5 years ago, Mutant Finger
Wubba Lubba Dub Dub!
This is by far the best mobile app game I’ve played. In app purchases are like cheat codes instead of this being a pay to play game. Everything about it is fantastic. The Morty battles can drag on at times but I forgive that because it’s obvious that it’s meant to play like an old Zelda or Pokemon game, it’s basically an old school RPG. I’m a big fan of the show and there are so many things I’ve come across that were in the show. Finding a new Morty and recognizing him from an episode is way more fun than I originally thought it would be. I’d never let my daughter watch the show at her age but the game does a great job at being kid friendly. A word of warning though... it’s addictive as a mega seed from dimension 35-C...
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2 years ago, PokemonGODevsSwallow
Getting micro chips to capture mortys are hard to come by. Getting items to craft are very scarce. I was on a level where I was prompted to use the courier flap, so I did and thought I could go back to the level I was on because there was a north I wanted, but no. Completely different map with like 10 people you gotta play but with 3 mortys each. I hardly had any mortys yet and they are making it extremely difficult to even advance. Only way to advance far and fast is to spend money. Also when you defeat a morty, it shows their morty and asks you if you wanna switch or continue, they should show what type of morty it is when you’re asked so you don’t have to waste a turn. Honestly it’s a cash grab game that ripped off Pokémon 100% and how they haven’t been sued is beyond me. Also the accuracy on the attacks is way off base, expect it to be lower.
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3 years ago, vickytora
good game, but keeps crashing?
i’ve loved rick and morty for a long time, and i’ve played this game in the past with no issues but ended up deleting it because i eventually got bored. however, i decided to pick it up again. at first things were going fine, but now everytime i try to get into the game it just shows the screen with “Rick and Morty” on it and after a few seconds eventually kicks me out. i’ve uninstalled the game and reinstalled it and it worked fine- but only for a bit. then it continued doing the same thing. this is really disappointing since i do have a lot of fun playing this, and i don’t want to have to continuously uninstall and reinstall it just to play. hopefully this is just a bug and gets fixed. :(
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7 years ago, AstroGamer22
Please make it so you can save when you delete the game
I accedently deleted this game when I meant to delete temple run 2! When I re down loaded this game it didn’t have my progress saved! So please make it where you can have your progress saved when you delete it and get it back! I love how fun this game is and I got so many Morris and rick costume and I got so many badges! I won so many morty games! Please like this idea! It’s sorta like clash of clans or clash royale if you use the idea! Those games if you delete them and refine load it you have your progress saved! I’m just talking about the device you deleted it on and also you should make that if you download it on a different device you sign in to your account
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4 years ago, vdbshzbxbx
Things they should fix
The game is awesome but it makes no sense like I’ll challenge someone and they hit first and end up killing me and once I die I get another Morty and once again they get to hit first and one shot me and once I get my other morty once again the hit first like what the heck am I never going to get a turn? I have had like 20 games or more where I didn’t even get to hit them once because they get the turn every time even though it’s my turn. When I one shot them they get to hit first as soon as their morty spawns in and I one shot them again and once again they get to hit first so basically it’s rigged. Can you please fix this because I love this game I just don’t like how it’s unfair.
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7 years ago, Jhroush
Pocket Morty makes no secret that it's a Pokémon ripoff, and indeed it feels like playing a watered down version of just that. So much in fact that what you have is nothing more exciting that a warm glass of H2O. Problems include long unskipable conversations, a very slow grinding mechanic, no noticeable difference in the stats of the "different" Mortys, repetitive battles, repetitive animations, and each level being a gauntlet where you can't heal without using consumables. Gameplay involves starting a level, making your way to the boss as fast as possible, avoiding as many battles as you can along the way, and defeating the boss because you can use consumable healing items. Repeat over and over. Let me repeat one thing: the idea at the core of the game - all the different Mortys - is moot because they all play the same and have comparable stats, so there is no reason to even care about their cosmetic differences. Oh and the literal rock-paper-scissors mechanic is garbage. A triangle advantage system works in Fire Emblem because ancillary abilities and unit placement matter, and Pokémon's type system works because there are over a dozen different types. A three way system in a turn based battling game does not work because it's simply "pick the opposite type and win". Boring. tl;dr Go play Pokémon instead.
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2 years ago, sad man who cant play
Please add this feature Next level!!
Fusion and each pair has a completely unique north when fused and max level! And then even double some up to make them fuse twice! That would be really cool but this game is so fire I got it when it first came out lost my phone got it when it got its first upgrade lost my phone now I’m back for the 3rd time and I’m so excited to see that there’s EVEN MORE!! this is so crazy because I love this game can’t wait to beat it again and now you can even have online battles so fire another thing maybe be able to customize your main character (I know horrible grammar)
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5 years ago, RenaV21
Love this game! And I appreciate the creativity
This game is awesome, especially if you’re a fan of the show And played the Pokémon games for Nintendo ds and game boy. I was hoping Nintendo would do this similar idea for Pokémon, but this is honestly way better. It’s funnier, and fun! You don’t have to spend money or watch ads, unless you want extra items, but you don’t need to, to play. You can still acquire the same items without ads or paying, by playing! I like how they have it set up and appreciate that I can just play , to play! They don’t try to smuggle money out of you, and still provide the best content. Very appreciated! These are the kind of games worth playing .
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3 years ago, mintyfresh15
This game is so fun, as someone who grew up with Pokémon but never felt the urge to play it, I didn’t think I would enjoy a trainer/battle style game. But I’m so excited to see all the mortys and there are TONS, and they’re all a fun surprise to find. The game is just the right level of difficulty. And the best part about it is that it’s not pay to play or pay to win. There are no auto-play/unskippable ads, you only need to watch one if you elect to. You can pay real world money to buy two different types of in game currency, but as far as I’ve seen, you absolutely don’t need to pay money to advance in the game.
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4 years ago, Yeetus the grand
Great, but one complaint
I loved playing this game and completing the story and doing multiplayer, but I have one complaint. The battles/pathways. When you go to battle a trainer to get a badge, you encounter other trainers in the process. I wouldn’t have a problem if they worked their way up getting mortys one at a time, but they just skip to a full set or an almost full set. I found this very outraging because all my mortys would get dazed. I think you should add more paths around them, instead of always having to battle. If not that, then at least put a healing center in the realms so you can heal up your mortys after having all but one dazed. If they added that, I would give it five stars.
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2 years ago, <<>>
Fun Game, but….
This truly is a great game to play, but I would have to agree with what others are saying that it is extremely hard to progress! I also think (as many others do) that you should have the option to battle someone or not in all the different worlds! I have to battle another 7 Ricks until I can go back to the Council of Ricks and I can even get to the Rick without running into other people! I also have a notification in Morty Daycare saying that I can ‘combine Mortys,’ however, my two Picked Mortys and my two Unicorn Chaser Mortys say that they can’t be combined? Okay so if that’s the case, then get rid of the stupid notification!!!
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6 years ago, Hhjdcj
A Veteran Player’s Remarks
Been playing for several years now, beat the campaign two years ago. 1. The inescapable trainer battles, while annoying (to put it lightly) while playing the campaign, are completely unreasonable once your only goal is completing your Morty deck. 2. Beyond a certain point, the chance of finding a new Morty becomes infinitesimally small. 3. Items can often block paths, and there’s only so many dog collars you can make before you run out of ways to get rid of cables. Removing items from your inventory should be an option. 4. Once you reached a high level, it becomes, by practical means, impossible to level up your original Morty or One True Morty. It would take tens of thousands of Schmeckles to buy enough Level Up eggs or hundreds of battles in which I’m constantly switching out my Mortys. This is the best Pokemon clone — and one of the best games in general — in the App Store. I’ve had a lot of fun with this game, and I still do now. But my love and appreciation for this game at this point is like the love and appreciation a man slowly dying of a rattlesnake bite has for life: at some point, it just becomes too painful.
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7 years ago, Fan of the show?
Feel bad about many details
I really like the show. When it comes to the game, initially I could have much fun. Yet many of its designs and purposeful limitations on game currency made me quit try hard to quit the game. The feature of "Rock Paper Scissors" collides with individual versions of Morty, making it impossible to use a Paper to beat a rock, even though you may have a higher level paper. In addition, not being able to use cheap HP recover potions and cheap teleportation make the game exceedingly unpleasant, I feel like solving calculus-based economics problems. Maybe I'm just to stupid for the game. I still like the show though as I said. Please ignore all my comment if u are offended.
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5 years ago, XxTANKLORDxX
The game is fun and what I love from the old Pokémon play style reinvented with my current love of Rick and Morty; but even early on you have to spend some serious money on items for health items or attack items buffs to even get 25% way through a dimension repeatedly without any bonus or benefits after completing them or to earn any smeckles. Only way you can earn smeackles is to but pack or free ads for little to nothing. To base your play style off an iconic name and game you need to uo your game and give the free players more without breaking their wallets. If you do then true fans will gladly spend on you game bc c’mon whom doesn’t love Rick and Morty with a Pokémon game play style!!! It’s almost organismic. But give more and loosen up a bit and you’ll as developers get back more!
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4 months ago, Ben10yson7
Fun/Mysterious Rick
Good game, I play it when I have nothing better to do. I have deleted the game a couple of times without finishing the game and then I finally decided to download it again. I finally beat all the council of Ricks and finally got my hands on an Evil Morty (he’s my strongest one right now lol) but I was kinda hoping I would be able to play as Mysterious Rick, is Mysterious Rick ever going to be playable? I think it would be cool to play as him. I’m sure I’m not the only one who wants to play as him…. I mean yeah I did have to defeat him at the end but I want to play as him, please make Mysterious Rick playable! :)
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6 years ago, jonkimchi
This game is heading quick into the land of the "typical lazy developers banking on p2w packs without bringing more content". First off, anyone complaining about how goving less coins upon battle victories and how it "made the game hard" are whiners who know nothing about the value of grinding or RPG game design. Go back to your life of instant gratification. The rebalncing was great and it allowed players to catch Lvl 5 Mortys, most importantly. What the game is lacking is NEW, FRESH content. Make some new adventure worlds. Create dynamic quests. Make the worlds bigger. Introduce more interactions with AI. Things that shouldn't be so difficult with the money they're bound to be raking in. But nope, they'd rathsr do the bare minimum of updating the Morty pool according to the cartoon. True potential, lost.
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6 years ago, LILJOJ
Used to love it but
When I first downloaded the game I loved it. But after many weeks, hours, and days of playing I always ran into issues during battle. In every match, only campaign, there was always a time where my Mortys got attacked with 2 different attacks in a row. At first I thought it was because my mortys were lower levels, but even know them being high it still happens. Even if the Morty attacking me is way lower than my Morty. It’s extremely annoying. It always makes me take a break from playing, then when I finally go back it does it all over again. Also, 3 days ago you didn’t need data or WiFi to play campaign and now all of a sudden you do? Probably just going to delete the game. Was fun in the beginning, but the issues ruined it.
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