Ricky Carmichael's Motocross Matchup Pro

3.6 (341)
162.3 MB
Age rating
Current version
2XL Games, Inc.
Last update
8 years ago
Version OS
8.0 or later
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User Reviews for Ricky Carmichael's Motocross Matchup Pro

3.57 out of 5
341 Ratings
3 years ago, Dream house planner
I love this game but one issue
I’ve been plying this since the beginning. I have just downloaded it yesterday after not playing it for like 4 years. So when I click match up, it loads and then says cannot connect to server. I wish I could play again
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6 years ago, Dirtbike554
Multiplayer servers offline?
I used to play this game a lot whenever it first came out, and it’s the best motocross mobile game out there! But I downloaded the game again a month ago, and the game was working great and like it’s supposed to. But for the past few days, the multiplayer servers have been down, and I’m really disappointed because I think it’s because y’all have decided to take the game offline? If this is the case, I hope y’all take into consideration the people who still love to play this game and put the servers back online. And I know that this problem isn’t just with my device, my friends multiplayer isn’t working anymore either! I tried to delete the game and redownload it just now to see if it would fix the problem, but all it did was disconnect me from Game Center and lose all my bikes and progress in the game. So please, put the multiplayer servers back online, and if not, make the game able to collect wrench’s so you can still upgrade bikes and level up by doing AI races or something. And according to the App Store, this game is still #17 racing game, so that’s pretty impressive, and this game can move up the charts if y’all make a few updates like adding more tracks, making more racing modes, making customizable bikes, and by just advertising the game more!
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5 years ago, Itsmeernest T
Miss it
Absolutely loved this game!!! I’m an avid fan of the sport since ‘88 with Hannah and Johnson going at it. Played most all the other MX/SX games, this one by far is the best. Just wished they would get the son of gun back going where I can play against other players!!! Really enjoyed playing against other people!!! Made me a better player. Please get this back up and going!!! Or at least something similar!!! Like, very similar!!!
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5 years ago, Shawn625
Online server doesn’t work !
I have had this game for awhile now & have spent some money on it too but, for the past few months i have not been able to play against anyone online! Please fix this problem because i know that i am not the only person who wants this app to be working properly again. Thanks from a huge fan
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6 years ago, JJUSA4
Good game, not looked after
The game is good and it’s fun to play, but it hasn’t changed in years and there is no maintenance or anyone looking after the game. This means that there are players just hacking the game big time!!!! They use their mods to better their rating and you can see it in the game when you’re playing. You have a fully upgraded bike but there’s is somehow faster, or your bike is not at the potential it should be when you’re racing these cheaters. There’s also players who are busting tricks whilst riding on the ground and scoring unsurpassable points when they should be falling. Just another game full of hackers.
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5 years ago, JJwins1971
Please fix this game this is one of my favorite games that I have played for years I don’t understand why it will not load to game Center anymore I mean if I had to pay for it I would at a decent price tried to play it the last three days and can’t play any multiplayer please fix please fix!!!!!!
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2 years ago, rramose223456
I love the game but what going on
I just downloaded the game and it is not working and it won’t let me race multiplayer for some reason. I give it 5 stars cause I really love it but I wanna play it. I played practice for a little while, but I wanna race multiplayer. Please fix this game please I beg you please.
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4 years ago, TyMX22
Good game servers are down
I use to play this game when the severs were up and I really enjoy the game and I just recently bought it and now the servers are down so I can’t race with others or level up because the tracks are locked behind leveling up online so I’m stuck with same 5 default tracks and I can’t buy anything from the in game store to upgrade my bike or change skins because that’s also down and locked behind leveling up online and at the state this game is,it should either •Make the game free because you can’t do much with the servers down •fix the servers and In game store and bring them back online •or make everything accessible and free in shop and the tracks because it’s locked behind online servers that are down
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4 years ago, Mack Attack 89
Little problem
When the game was online then it is fun. The game has been taken off line so now you can’t earn wrenches to get upgrades or different levels tracks and gear. Either put the game back online or make it so you can still collect wrenches.
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4 years ago, Pierce Foutz
It’s good but down sides
This game has insanely good mechanics, and plays out wonderful, but you can’t play against real people. If you like playing time attach it’s great but that’s the only thing you can do because the multiplayer doesn’t work. It would be a 10/10 but you cant actually play the game the way it’s meant to be played, and no multiplayer no upgrades, no outfits, and no bikes that you can get. All in all great game but needs to be fixed
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1 month ago, kjkkkjkjdhdhd
I want the servers back on
I am just playing this game again because it is the only game that really fun anymore and was wondering when or if the servers will be turned on again like store and stuff really want to get to playing this game again
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3 years ago, MattSevs
Servers aren’t even active anymore
I honestly don’t know why this games is still for sale, never mind being #21 in the sports section, the servers have been deactivated and the game is unplayable because of this, I feel like an idiot, don’t make the same mistake as me, you can’t even connect to the server to play the tutorial, this really needs to be taken off the appstore and the fact that it’s #21 in sports is egregious due to the fact that the game isn’t playable and a lot of people are still buying it.
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2 years ago, am a fan with mob games
I will give it a 1 why
SCAM!!!!! Gimme my MONEY BACK NOW AM giveing it a 1 BEcaUSe 1 it’s a SCAM 2 is because the game doesn’t even work 3 I love the game so mUcH but you HaD tO TRicK mE SO mUCh 4 you had to ruin my dAy and 5 it was a JOKE😂😂😂 I will give a total 10 but I can’t do that so a full star 5 super good by
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5 years ago, tylerjOh
You guys need to bring back online I can’t play the game. Or level up. So BRING IT BACK PLEASE. Then I will give this a better rating. I have played this game sooo much when I was younger and you kinda took the fun out of it I got a new phone and the progress didn’t save soooo...
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1 year ago, Brano58
This is the best racing game on iPhone!! Sadly, the online multiplayer isn't a thing anymore. I've checked back at least once a month for the last 5-6yrs 😂 please bring online multiplayer back!!
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6 years ago, Hawkins_Racing
Needs an update
This game is very fun, but one problem players can win by doing tricks. I thought this was motocross not fmx. PLZ TAKE OUT THE TRICKS. Also y’all should and something to make it very fun to play, and make it look better. SCRUBS AND BETTER WHIPS. Overall besides these big problems it’s a fun game
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3 years ago, aabt461
What happened
I miss this game a ton. Easily the best mobile motocross game on the market. Huge bummer that it is no longer around. I wish someone would pick it up, and offer support
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5 years ago, Jared Lyman
Online matchup problems
Hello, I have been having the same problems. I can’t connect to the matchup 2v2 witch prevents me from earning wrenches and from leveling up and getting more tracks. I also can’t enter the store. Can you please update this because it’s starting to get really boring for me and many others.
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6 years ago, pizza steve-o
Top tier player
I’ve been playing this game for years and I’m rated at #88. Too bad they shutoff the servers. I don’t even know what to do with all the extra time I have and I can’t get into another game. Got my money out of the app tho!
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3 years ago, fusinxgamer
Good game but
When I pressed matchup it wouldn’t work can you fix the online servers and also I have faith in you guys 2xl games you guys can make the best Moro games on mobile.
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4 years ago, hHagdjenr
Please put Online servers back on
I have been really wanting to play the game put can’t because the servers are down. So if you are reading this the person who created this game. Please turn on online severs
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2 years ago, AJ!32
I’ve had the games since it first come out and I love it but everything is down I wish they’d bring this game back to life!
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5 years ago, ayayhHhg
Really good game BUT!
It’s one of my favorite motocross games on mobile but multiplayer is not working and it won’t let me buy any tokens PLEASE fix! I had to pay for this so can I get an actual working game! Great game though...😂
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4 months ago, Rhino Jack
What happened ?????
I have quite a bit invested in this game. For you to shut down the servers and walk off is wrong. I would like a refund.
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1 year ago, Baseball4646
Ricky Carmichael
I love this game I just wish there were nationals that were free instead of the level system other than that it is a great game
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2 years ago, jadenmckeown328
Please fix
Used to love this game years ago but now nothing will work only practice please fix this issue
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5 years ago, tommie711
Server doesn’t work
Hey I have had this game for years now and I have wrote several other comments about this issue and a lot of other people have to and has the same issues and if you’re not going to fix this you should give us a refund because you can’t even play to earn anything
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4 years ago, creamer12
Put online sever back up
I loved this game until you guys took it offline and it would make a lot of people happy if you put it back up
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5 years ago, DoobieHead®️
Love yall but.......
I agree with the guy above. We love this game. Im a beast at it. Why take it off. Best game ever. I miss riding. This is how i do it. Put tha game back online. It wont let me connect to my server. Its obviously off. Or give me back my dollar 🤣🤣🤣🤣
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7 years ago, Kiko Davidson
More tracks
Please make more tracks! After awhile it gets boring to do the same 5 tracks. Graphics could be improved but overall a fun game. I live 5 minutes from the actual Washougal track and it's nothing like the one in the game
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6 years ago, ZukiRyder400
Where are the analogs controls?!
This game has awesome graphics but there is more to be desired like the analog stick controls. In my opinion these controls are the best in the game and I would really want 2XL to bring back the analog controls.😐
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3 years ago, rich goku
this game was epic back then
2xl you been here for me when I need motocross racing thanks but please I’m begging you bring back match up PLEASE i spent 10.8 just being the game back with a update thanks.
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4 years ago, Swimming Dinasour
It’s not working
I have played it before but when I downloaded it on my phone it sais servers are down try again later🥺ugh I can’t play it
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2 years ago, xgdutrhhn
Needs fixing
This game used to be the best but now it doesn’t let you race anymore so only stock bike pls fix the bug I love this game
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6 years ago, Ty1013
Ricky Carmichael
My throttle disappeared after 3 yers of playing this game! Some kinda glitch I can’t fix. No control of bikes at all. Just wide open in a straight line.
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7 years ago, Battle man 57
More supercross tracks
I like the game but it can get boring playing the same tracks you should add some more supercross tracks like new 2017 tracks
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5 years ago, hdhdudnbxbx
I want a refund as a real life motocross rider this game it very good at succeeding these graphics and physics as for mobile , but how am I supposed to progress if I can’t connect to servers and I can’t buy bikes and I can’t level up this game is pointless now because of lack of updates and bug fixes so there go’s a dollar that could have went to a much better game !!!
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6 years ago, ndnballin
Pretty please with a cherry on top,
Would you place the game back online? So many people still love the game. I have no trouble getting a live race.
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6 years ago, guns dirtbikes God
It's a great game but way too many hacks and there should be a mode where you can earn stuff and play against the computer and there should be more than one V one races
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7 years ago, Mx150r
Can you restore purchase
I bought a 30 dollar bike and my app got deleted can I restore my purchase
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5 years ago, kwaypta
I really like this game but the multiplayer server is not working for me or my friends and I really hope that you can fix it soon
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3 years ago, knobbyX
Gonna fix this Game?
Sup 2XL? You gonna fix this game? At least gives us a status update. Is the game for sale so someone who cares about it can pick it up?
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4 years ago, yeeeeeeeereyegendndndmdmd
Please bring back online severs
By far my favorite racing game relly fun and competitive I hope you bring it back
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6 years ago, davisracing26
Absolute RIP OFF!!
This is the biggest rip off ever!!? Paid $1 for this app and you cannot even play the main game because the server is shut down! You can only play “practice” and it don’t give you anything for it! So there for you cannot upgrade bikes or anything!! So this app is absolutely a rip off!!! DO NOT BUY THIS APP!!
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4 years ago, Steveonsteel
This games junk waste of money
Since I bought it three months ago I’ve never been able to play multiplayer I’ve messaged support multiple time heard nothing back I bought on the reviews of others saying it was great but haven’t had any luck playing
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6 years ago, Dano605
I love this game but it would be better if you would upgrade it a lot
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2 years ago, nickjktm125
Why are we still charging money
I paid for this game because I played when I was younger thinking it would still work but I can no longer play online purchase wrenches or earn anything yet I payed money for it so I want a refund
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2 years ago, twinno12
Messed up
Not letting me play online
Show more
8 years ago, Chopperguy05
Works great again, thanks for the fix!!!
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2 years ago, andrew1177/6272772
Been trying for a week to do an online matchup an it won’t let me something needs to be fixed I know it ain’t my internet connection or my data cause both have been working fine
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