Ridgewood Savings Bank

4.8 (3.3K)
41.8 MB
Age rating
Current version
Ridgewood Savings Bank
Last update
12 months ago
Version OS
14.0 or later
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User Reviews for Ridgewood Savings Bank

4.82 out of 5
3.3K Ratings
5 years ago, magnicleo
Great app. Easy to navigate!
I love how effortless this app is to navigate. My daughter had to pay her college tuition and needed cash ASAP. I transferred money to her account in a few seconds from my cell phone and avoided a late fee from her college. I used bill pay and paid all my bills that were due for the month from my cell phone while on vacation- sitting by the pool. I set an alert and was shocked how instantaneous it was ; I made a cash withdrawal and as I was walking out of the bank, I received an alert informing me about the withdrawal. While on vacation, I used my debit card in a foreign country. I signed into my online banking using my cell phone and tracked my spending, in US dollars, as it was happening.
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8 years ago, atolb
This is great
I love this app. I'll always be a person to person kind of guy, I rather deal with a rep at the bank, but when I need to deposit a check and can't make it, this is so easy. And I can keep track of my spending and balances. Very happy so far. It's so easy to use.
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5 years ago, Brandonr03
Okay I guess...
This app is okay for what it is. It's a small community bank so I'm not expecting over the top. However, if they want to appeal to a greater audience they should invest in making this app better; It's too slow and takes a while to load your information, some of its layouts just look outright tacky and they should invest in Zelle (since 99% of there competitors offer it). With that being said, I only signed up with this bank because they're offering $200 for opening a student checking account. Once I receive that payment I'm closing it right away, there is nothing special about this bank to keep doing business with them. Hopefully, sometime soon they will be bought out by a bigger bank to help them with there image.
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1 year ago, iamsweeter
what kind of bank app doesnt let you close/disable your card via mobile app if you lose it? kept getting an error trying to access card control during this emergency before the app blocked me. when i tried contacting the number on their site to report the card lost, the representative declined to do so for me, all because i could not remember the details of a LOST CARD. this will be the first bank ever i will stop doing business with because its clear my money will not be not safe during future emergencies like this.
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5 years ago, Swagu5
Great app
Small community bank with an app that works great. Almost unheard of! Much appreciate that the availability of core functionality (mobile deposit, transaction review, Apple Pay, and Bill Pay). Overall, a great local bank with a great app. Would recommend!
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9 years ago, cherevalerie_
Good Banking App
Very easy to use. Displays all purchases and balances right away. The deposit aspect is easy to use as well. Great app! Also give you the branches locations and times that they're open.
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4 months ago, Susiq1693
Mostly happy with this bank
My only complaint with online banking is that I can’t see the amount due of the bill I want to pay on the site. I was able to do this with my previous bank.
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6 years ago, tjbaker113
Great app
Initial loading and each time a change a page the loading takes awhile. Otherwise I love the app and find it easy to navigate and takes care of my day to day banking needs easily and efficiently.
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8 years ago, smol™
Great App
I like this app a lot. Easy to use, simple layout, and very functional. I saw my mom, who uses TD Bank as her primary bank, using the TD app, and that app seemed so hard to use that it made me appreciate the Ridgewood app even more. Great bank, great app.
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5 years ago, Cass1329
Love the new auto capture feature
In the check deposit section ... the new auto capture feature is awesome!! So much easier than before!!! Love it
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4 years ago, Future Paralegal
Love It
I use to just go onto the website to check my account and do certain transactions but I’m in love with this app runs smoothly
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8 years ago, ElenB802
Ridgewood Savings Mobile App
Before the upgrade it used to work perfectly fine, now too many issues trying to take picture of back of check!! 😂😭😔😔. There are still Issues with taking picture with this app not good was trying for hour disappointed!!!
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2 years ago, paintballin
Great customer service
Always greeted with a smile and everyone is always willing to help. Keep up the good work
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5 years ago, Ew2134
It’s a good app. Gets the job done. But can you guys make it more modern or sleek. Just change the layout a little, I feel like I’m using a website that’s been made into an app. I don’t know if I’m explaining myself correctly.
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6 years ago, jcapes
Pretty nice
I find this banking app intuitive and straightforward to use, and more pleasant than the app my old (big) bank used.
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7 years ago, ladypliff
Don't bother
Ridgewood is a great bank, but like online features, this app included, are garbage. First, I had to wait six months after I opened my account before i could use the app's features. It's been almost two years since I've had my account and I still get a message saying I can't use the app's features. Going to delete immediately,
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8 years ago, Lowphatnyc
Online banking
Great app with all your banking need the only thing that is missing is withdrawing money from my phone.
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8 years ago, Monibabe
Not up to par
I've used a couple of banking apps and this one could certainly use improvement. The picture quality for mobile deposit is terrible. I had to retake the picture multiple times. It's good for looking at account balances, but not much else.
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5 years ago, :) FS
Great Bank
This bank is so great I am glad I switched from Chase. They have awesome branches and customer service. It’s also cool that I can use all the Allpoint ATMS.
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4 months ago, Dezzypink
Easy to manage , self explanatory and very useful in so many ways . The best bank app!
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3 years ago, MrBill323
Great Website
The Ridgewood Savings Bank website is easy to use and very informative
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4 years ago, aoteach
Great app
So easy to use. I should have gotten this app a long time ago
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8 years ago, Lorib605
Love it!
First time I used mobile checking and I love it. Saves me a trip to the bank.
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3 years ago, aplhgdthbbwjehegsgahsh
App doesn’t open all the time, face id doesn’t always work, site is down very often
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3 months ago, Ridgewood smiling
I love the staff at Ridgewood bank on Merrick ave they are always helpful and kind and are always smiling. Just love it
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9 years ago, Bougienick
Overall better
Way improved. Love it !
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5 years ago, Rich 6464
Mobile dep
Mobile deposit has become too demanding with the long sentence it requires to deposit a check
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8 years ago, BehindTheLenZ
Mobile app
Love it saves me a trip to the bank works well
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1 year ago, Get with it Ridgewood.
Not practical!!
There is a $5,000 daily maximum deposit limit which is very inconvenient when multiple checks need to be deposited, it’s similar to a Pizzeria setting a 2 pie daily limit. Thinking about switching to Chase.
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3 years ago, Noeyrokz
Great app Great Bank
App works flawlessly and the banks customer service is A1
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6 years ago, Sebije'sChild
Love, love, love this app! Super easy to use and gets the job done quickly!
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6 years ago, shinetoshine
Need improvement on e-statement
Need to improve e-statement feature. Doesn’t have a button for print out. Very inconvenient
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7 years ago, Lfun01
The transfer feature works great! Also love the widget!
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10 months ago, Snoo_78370
Great app
Always reliable
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2 years ago, tametrius
Love the staff
I love the staff in Astoria Ridgewood bank. They are so courteous and polite and I enjoy going to this branch.
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7 years ago, Creative Cate
Excellent upgrade
The new upgrade works well! Love Touch ID!
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6 years ago, Artster
App is fine but no Apple pay
Great and simply to use app. Minus one star for the card inability to use with ApplePay.
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8 years ago, Nay_biggs
Pretty well
It's very convenient
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9 years ago, CloverGuardian
An absolute poor build of app. Crashed a few times. Can NOT deposit checks via mobile because of God knows what. Had to retake pictures quite a few times, and failed. Particularly awful when taking a picture of the back. Basic abilities as viewing your balance and transferring when you need to is fine.
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8 years ago, Arnaut323
Great app.
Great update. I love that the default view was fixed.
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7 years ago, Leacadia
Great App!!!
Super easy to use! Love the new fingerprint feature!
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10 months ago, AyoitsDrew
From having a JP Morgan Chase Bank account and using their platform and service, this userface and platform from Ridgewood feels extremely outdated.
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1 year ago, bsjdkdnb
My account is currently unavailable and I’m not able to do anything … this is constantly
My account is currently unavailable
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8 years ago, LakayAyiti
Ridgewood App
Very good app. Does the job just right.
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8 years ago, Jjminster
Shady Bank Pracitices
If you like to pay hidden fees and get charged for ridiculous things....you've come to the right bank. but I guess that's how this bank survives.
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4 years ago, Oh god why?!
Technical difficulties
Every time I try to sign up it comes up as “technical difficulties” try again later
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4 years ago, 60---
It works
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8 years ago, idontrunandgun
Do a better update. Seriously this app is trash
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3 years ago, Salina Tan
good service
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2 years ago, J Ridgewood
Horrible , slow
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