Right Angle

3.7 (11)
1.5 MB
Age rating
Current version
Jerry Mayers
Last update
3 years ago
Version OS
13.0 or later
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User Reviews for Right Angle

3.73 out of 5
11 Ratings
15 years ago, AudVidMaker
Both Angles
Works as advertised. Future update should include the missing angle.
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2 months ago, Copper Genius
Lose Your purchase
If you do this update, you will lose your previously purchased unlocked app. And you now need to spend $4.99 to unlock the features that you paid for previously I tried to restore my purchase and it did not work. Fortunately, I did not update the app on my other phone so I still have a version that will work. And I am using it right now for work and messing around with. It is not something I wanted to do right now. I’m just not about the money, I’d love to pay the extra five bucks to help keep this app going, but it’s the principle and the timing that stinks
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5 years ago, DanDanTheDraftingMan
Ever since I downloaded this app it has made my job easier. It is excellent and very helpful and would recommend it to students and drafters.
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2 months ago, 197jshdhd
Changed for the worse
Used this app for a long time because it would figure both of the angles of a right triangle but the app was updated and now it only provides one.
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4 years ago, Br4adley
Keeps telling me to pay
I see why now that I saw the owner write a review on his own app
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14 years ago, Superseadude
Help I'm crashing
The new update makes this program crash after it opens. looking for the next update. I deleted and re-installed no difference .
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15 years ago, Wire EDM Guy
Right Angle
Please retract my previous comments about this not working. I have found the problem. I now give this 5 stars. It is just the app. I needed.
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10 years ago, Oatifer
Works like a champ…straight forward, quick and clean. Well spent $. Had a question for support and they got back immediately…with the correct answer to my question.
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15 years ago, Crittyran
Takes place of construction calc
Thanks for updating! I use this every day for building offsets, rafter lengths, stairs, etc. So much easier and cheaper than a construction calculator.
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11 years ago, Surveying101
Happy with App!
It does what it does well. I did have one little problem but when I emailed the developer, he quickly emailed me back, did an immediate fix and updated app. Good app, Good people. Thanks!
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14 years ago, Goatbuster
Simple handy app
Saves some steps when working with right angle calculations. The in app calculator is handy for converting to percent slope etc. It works, its easy to use, and free.
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16 years ago, RMGCrew
Awesome app I was a little skeptical to trust the math so I tried various equations double checking math and everything works... All in all awesome.
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15 years ago, scameron728
Clean, intuitive and powerful! Would love to see it bundled with other tools (to reduce the number of apps filling my screens).
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10 years ago, Grit Cato
Very useful and accurate!
It helped me prove to a coworker that his calculations were incorrect and that we needed to make adjustments in our design.
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16 years ago, VanTreeck
Simple, Handy, Effective
This little handy application saves much time and certainly worth $1.
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9 years ago, Fergarcia With the bullet
It is truly the best
This app is a money maker for me it helps me figure out angles with an ease. So I bought the whole app to show my support
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8 years ago, Sabrc76
Simply the best
Yes it is expensive! You get what you pay for!! Elegant, powerful tool that gets it right every time!!!
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10 years ago, Super session
Perfect App
Use it all the time for construction great how you can change from fraction to decimal.
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11 years ago, Gdamn
Works great
Does everything it should, well.
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16 years ago, KG7EMS
Very simple to use. Accurate too.
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11 years ago, Nhsprings
Handy and Simple
Everything you need with no fluff
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14 years ago, Dranorter
Not great
Basically fine if you want to give leg lengths and get a couple stats out, but t doesn't work for any other scenario, such as having one angle & one leg length. Not worth $2.
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10 years ago, Flthc
Love it!
I paid for the the full blown version so I threw my trig book away!
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13 years ago, ImAdamBailey
Love this app!!!
As a builder using a pythagorean theorem is key to figuring out hip & valleys, rafters, rake walls, etc. This app is so easy to use and saves so many steps. Lovin it. ;^D
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10 years ago, daddylama
Great little timesaver
A good quick tool for helping in the shop
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11 years ago, Slimjimhashes
Rock solid, clean interface
Fast and accurate - helps me design dovetail joinery
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12 years ago, Paulo Roque
Simple and effective, but is missing milimiters. If you keep the angle for next calculation, it rounds it, generating wrong answers.
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11 years ago, GS55
Use for work.
Great app. Does exactly what I need it for. Works flawlessly.
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16 years ago, pyto
Simple to use and accurate!!!!???
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11 years ago, E B W I I I
Metal fabrication
Awesome time saver easy to use the best app in my phone
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11 years ago, dratter
I like
It does what I downloaded it for.
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14 years ago, shootacrosstexas
Crashed, Also...
Perhaps something wrong with update but I open it, it crashes. Everytime.
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9 years ago, Moneywithaw
It's ok
Horrible, not as advertised, makes you pay for everything, even shown things.
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16 years ago, Msh161297
This will be very useful for CNC programming while at the machine.
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11 years ago, RWeber2018
Good appt
It works. Fast and easy.
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10 years ago, MacintoshOne
Simple and Elegant!
It works great, thanks!
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11 years ago, Brownwoodpens
Works flawlessly
Show more
7 years ago, A2OD
Works great for me
Show more
14 years ago, fedbobjorge
Every time i opened, it crashed
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11 years ago, gtmecheng
Just okay
Not worth the in-app purchases.
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15 years ago, Larutan
Crap, Crap, Crap
Inaccurate, ineffective, and useless!!
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