Ringtones for iPhone (Music)

4.1 (127)
145.2 MB
Age rating
Current version
byss mobile
Last update
4 weeks ago
Version OS
15.0 or later
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User Reviews for Ringtones for iPhone (Music)

4.06 out of 5
127 Ratings
3 years ago, Enmaya-kun
It's cool
I've seen other reviews in which people are complaining about the ads, however my case isn't the same, I don't get as many ads as them, even without the trials, maybe because I use the custom ringtone part of the app. Although, that's a bit where part of my problem lies, when I check the ringtones I recorded, when I restart my device for other stuff or just refresh, the ringtones I had before disappeared and only one remained, guess that the slightest worse part of it, is that it's one of the old ringtones I recorded when I first got the app, so it had me a bit confused. And second, I was able to get the ringtones to my phone, this worked perfectly in my first time with the app, however, a long time later, because I was a satisfied with the ringtones I downloded, I tried doing it once again because I found something new to put as a ringtone, but it somehow didn't work the way the tutorial said it should go, I tried just sending it as a video and then placing it into ringtones (this was via iTunes because that's what I mean with it's not working like it did) but nothing. I have no idea if it's what other reviews say, that now it's taking a helluva lot of time for the menu of our phone to show or something (or whatever it is xd). So please, I don't need a bot to reply to me with a support mail, unless it's greatly necessary, but if I could get a real answer to this it would be great!! And when these 2 little problems get solved, I'll rate it with 5 stars :)
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4 days ago, Pennstatecait
Not good
Way too complicated for what they want you to pay. I followed all the instructions. Recording my screen, clipping the song, then tried to share to GarageBand but it wouldn’t work. I think you can actually make a ringtone on garage band without this app and save yourself some money. Going to cancel my subscription now.
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2 weeks ago, Kitleodrag
Hate it!!
You have to pay just to get a ringtone. You can’t even look up what ringtone you what
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1 week ago, ThaLordChose
Can’t add song from library
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12 years ago, Suzanne from Spokane
Great but not perfect
The options for ring tones are vast; coming with a nice feature that allows making your own ring tone by either selecting any section of any songs stored on your device. It also features a fun 'self-record' option also, in which you can record anything in the immediate range of your mic. There is also a selection of pre-made ringtones... Lots of them. The problem with this app is that once you record or take a section of a song and turn it into a ringtone, the file must be uploaded to an account such as: email, Facebook, etc. Then the file must be downloaded & placed into iTunes manually, then synced. All in all, worth the .99¢, but the uploading process can be quite annoying.
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13 years ago, Answerboss
Looooovvvve it!
I never have been one to want what everybody else has unless it's just too cool to live without. The same goes for ringtones. When you can tell what kind of phone a person has simply from its ringtone, it's kind of boring to say the least. I have always bought ringtones to match my contacts, but with this, I can make my own from my iTunes library. Well, unless the artist has it protected...which is often the case with new music. But I have so much music that is not protected that I can usually find what I need without that being an issue. For instance, I made a ringtone for my ex from ABBA's Does Your Mother Know because he always needed her to tell him what to do....the reason he's my ex ;-). The app works perfectly and I can go to any point in a song and make a ringtone exactly like I want it. This is great! So if you like making your own unique ringtones, or if you just want a chuckle every time your ex calls, get this app. Best .99 I have spent in a long time.
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2 years ago, eemmvvddhh
So bad
Hi guys so today I’m going to inform you why this app is terrible. One reason why I think this is because of the payment. So I just downloaded the app a couple days ago when I didn’t have the membership and I didn’t pay nothing was available. Dad are you got the membership and apparently it said $85 per year and 35 per month and that didn’t make any sense I went to my friends phone downloaded the game, what I saw is this only 35 for year. It is absolutely ridiculous never download the game. Here’s another reason why I think it’s bad but I got the membership and I kept it and then I saw that all the music was really good then I turned off my iPad for the night went on my phone which has the same account and it said that all of my songs were enabled. I went into the iPad that same time and said that was perfectly fine I turned my iPad off and I turned my phone off and I saw that but some didn’t work. So the creators of the game please write me back and if you have a terrible game start making it less pricey by
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1 year ago, HappyBetta
A piece of garbage
Don’t buy this. In order to make a ringtone from your own music in your iTunes music library. The app has to have something called a designer. There is no such thing in this app. You have to use their ringtones the app pretends that you can open your music library and select a song, but you get nothing but error messages that say a variety of things, which basically means there’s absolutely no way to figure out what the problem is. When I looked at the Health documentation, there’s a neat little video that shows that there’s a whole sub menu at the bottom of the app which does not exist by the way, and in this sub menu is something called the designer which is supposed to let you make music from your own library. Does not exist. Don’t buy this it’s junk. Unfortunately I canceled my subscription so it’s not in my subscription area in my settings on my iPhone. Therefore I cannot report a problem to iTunes and get my $4.99 back. What a rip off.
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8 years ago, GrayZorro
Support for ringtone
I must admit that the app was highly suspect in the beginning but patience prevailed. I have a iPhone 6+ and upgraded operating system to Windows 10. The following are the steps taken to finally make the app functional. 1. Using the ringtone app. Create your sounds. 2. Connect your iphone to the computer. 3. On the computer click on iTunes. 4. Click on the phone icon so that the summary section shows then click on Apps. and scroll down to the ringtone icon. and left click on it. 5. On the right side you should see the sounds previously created. 6. Drag your desired tones to the desk top. 7. This is where it gets a little tricky. Now drag your tone into the tones section where you currently have ringtones checked. There's two tones sections so try the one that works for you. 8. Once you see the tones click the desired so they can be synced. 9. Lastly sync your computer. 10. On your iPhone go to sounds and you should be able to see your .30 or .40 seconds ringtone. For me I clicked on an already assigned ringtone and walahhh there was the new tones. I hope this works for you as it did for me. I created 175 ringtones through this process. Good Luck!
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13 years ago, Scubanik08
Great For Making Custom Ring Tones!
This app works GREAT! I am most definately not tech savvy. The IPhone 4S is my first smart phone. I just got wifi for my house and my main and only computer is a desktop. I was able to create custome ringtones with no problems. I really bought this app just to make my music into ringtones. To me the various preloaded sounds are ok, but again for me the appeal is in the custom ringtone feature. I don't mind e-mailing the newly created ringtone to myself (and you have the option to e-mail any of your friends your ringtone as well). It is easy to open the attachement. Just make sure you save your file first. Then when you open it I found ITunes grabs your ringtone into your library. After I get a bunch created I highlight them and drag them to my phone. With the 4S you can sync via wifi (not sure if other IPhone's have this capability) so without even plugging my IPhone into the USB port BAM I have my ringtones. I have not had any problems ones I create the ringtone. I say this app is well worth the money. I have read the reviews of several dissatisfied customers and wonder what problems they could be having. If I can do this, anybody can!!!
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9 years ago, Itunetonepales
Discount Pop Up and iTunes
This app appears to be the best of the rest, but all iPhone ring tone apps are lame vs. any droid version. Apple lets you freely manipulate whatever you own relative to photos but tunes you own (including 1500 I purchased via iTunes) requires such an irritating, intentionally convoluted process; it destroys the fun, efficiency and desire to create custom ringtones vs lame 20 second reformatted snippets that sell for same price as full song. Step up Apple. I am also irritated with this specific ringtone app's marketing. I too bailed out of the 50% upgrade when full sticker price populated. Also angered by the CONTINUOUS pop up to upgrade that seems to slow down or confuse the use of current version I have a paid version and resent this hard core, intrusive force-fed marketing approach that should be limited to the free version users. I want my Droid back.
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3 years ago, natalia is a bookworm
Bruh why
I legit sat there for 2 minutes waiting at for it. then I got up and made myself Nutella sandwiches and finish them and it’s STILL loading I only rated it a 2 because I don’t even know what the real app really looks like because it’s STILL LOADING If you can fix that I will write a better review. Ok so when it’s finally loaded I record a ringtone and it says I need a PC or Mac and I’m like well unless you want me to go out and buy one just for this app then no. Make it so we can use the ringtones we make. Like I’m not gonna go buy a pc because I want a ringtone. Edit: Just to let you know it’s not only me my sisters and y cousin tire do it the app and same issue, just a question how do I download the music to my messages app? I tried doing it but it said I need a pic or Mac and I dint have a good pc and I’ve really been looking for an app that could let me put music/ a song onto my messages/ calls thank you
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11 years ago, Magnus1183
Pretty good, but. . .
I was a little lost at first, until I watched the instructional video the developers so thoughtfully provided. Once I was off and running, I was able to quickly and easily make over a dozen new ringtones. My main points of complaint are the advertisements annoyingly placed over the control buttons when I turn the phone sideways for more precise control of the audio cutting, and the insistent hassling by the application to rate and review it. Advertisements I understand, but give me a way to get them out of the way other than demanding I spend money on the full version. That's a kind of extortion. As for rating and reviewing, I'll do that at MY convenience, thanks, not yours, so stop nagging me. That being said, loving the new custom ringtones.
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12 years ago, eeveel
It's Pretty Good!
I admit to being a sceptic at first, for I thought the songs chosen from my library would end up sounding like crap. Not so. That's my favorite part of the app--the ability to create tones from songs I love. And, its fairly simple to do. Sure, as others have mentioned, it is somewhat of a hassle to email the tones back to yourself, but it's still worth it. Plus it's something fun to do when you have a few minutes (like waiting in line somewhere, or sitting in a doctor's waiting room.) The stock tones they offer are numerous--maybe half of them are ones I'd actually use. Some are really very annoying, but if you're into that sort of thing then this app is perfect.
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6 months ago, Giglz143
The tones are all computer-generated
1st: I used the trial version to see what was available (since the description stated “Premium Ringtones”) but that's all these are. Computer tones. No real artists or regular sounds to choose from. I'm really bummed😖. However, they have a HUGE SELECTION which is why I still gave it 3 stars. If that's your thing then you will be thrilled🤓👍. Not for me tho. 2nd: I didn't realize I was already in a trial period when I went in tonight to get a trial of this app. I got confused & inadvertently purchased this app by mistake. I cancelled 10 seconds later & am respectfully requesting a full refund. I would appreciate your assistance in this matter if possible. IN SUMMARY: this is a great app for those who love computer ringtones in your favorite genres. It's just not for me.
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11 years ago, Lobo Di Noccento
A Review of Music,Ringtones and other such stuff
Most of what I saw on here and heard was not bad as far as quasi current music goes but as to was what I was listening to of the current trend I'd most likely say no. Honestly I would really like to see some older punk music on here such as "Black Flag, Die Kruzen, The Misfits, The New York Dolls, Iggy Pop" and the list just goes on and on as current punk in the mainstream now is just a really bad and insulting joke that seriously lacks any new style or sound. Additionally some old and current metal music would be great as well. Such as: Ronny James Dio, Metallica, Black Metal Circle, Slayer, Black Sabbath. Not everything in music must be of the mainstream as a matter of fact,stuff outside the mainstream is usually the most interesting stuff that is out there. Reason being is these are the groups that don't involve themselves in samplings or doing mixes and cuts so they have to rely on creating their own stuff unlike many big name corporate sell out bands all of whom are far to easy to name. Lastly, how about some unique stuff like "Black Tape for a Blue Girl" or "AFI" or any of the other bands that used to be on the Projekt Label.
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7 years ago, Liam7000
Simple and yields fantastic results.
For a long time I have searched for a good ringtone app—or any way to make a custom ringtone. Every app I found did not fulfill my needs in any way; however this app has. It is simple to use. The display is very user friendly, allowing for easy access and great guidance in making a ringtone. In addition to this, you have a "folder" for the ringtones you created, so you can access them at all times. Just to show how easy it is. I found a song I really like! Thus, I bought the song for a dollar and in under a minute made a ringtone I will now use! At the end of the day, of you asked me, I would advise this app for making ringtones.
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11 years ago, Minxey j
Very easy to use, read for PC use!
yes there are a few steps required in order to use any ringtone you make. It would be 5 stars if I could use them straight from the app itself. On the PC though, where the tutorial says to use Finder, that is where PC users need to find where they saved it at on their pc like you would any of your documents etc, and double click on the ringtone file itself. Let it play out in iTunes. Then it's loaded and made available to sync onto your phone! Thought I'd add this since I didn't see anyone else mention it and it's not in the tutorial and I had to figure it out on my own after being about to delete the app!
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8 years ago, Kaizersouse
Typical Ringtone App
This app is average compared to most apps used for ringtones and ringtone construction. It is fine for basic ringtone construction. Like most apps of this type it still requires you to upload any ringtone you have created to your computer and transfer it to your phone by iTunes. Many people find this annoying but this need for step-by-step transfer is typical for this type of app. What I find annoying is that it is DRM controlled media such as songs cannot be imported. Again this prohibition is common for many apps of this type. Furthermore you cannot edit ringtones down to text tones or alert messages or shorten messages to make them more appropriate for text msg and such. Many other reviews complain that it will send you monthly notifications or weekly notifications about the status of your ringtones or other advertisements. However I have found you can turn off notifications on the iPhone for this app and thus eliminating these annoyances. If you understand many of these limitations and are willing to work through these extra steps, then this app is slightly above other apps that create ringtones.
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11 years ago, TFurm
You will never have to buy another ringtone again. You can record your own or use music on your phone. E-mail your tone, save it to your computer, play it in iTunes, select the ringtone in the iTunes menu, sync your iPhone, then select it in settings under sounds. Sounds like a lot, but it is WORTH it to never have to pay for a ring tone again. NOTE: if oyu record your own tones, you can also use them as text tones, but you can't use music for text tones......I think this is one time when size matters.....maybe a smaller music file can be used.....and you can adjust the size of the tone as well. A+++++++++++++
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13 years ago, jehabbausje
Absolutely Amazing!!!❤
👍Pros: Best iPhone app you can purchase for ringtones. Very convenient. I recommend it! So many ways you can make ringtone!! Choose from already made ringtones, you can make your own ringtone by using over 100+ sound effects, and you can even choose from your iPod library and pick a song!!!...all in your fingertips.😊 👎Cons: only specific amount of time for ringtones (you can't put the whole song). Kind of hard to make it your ring tone (you have to email it first, then on your computer you have to sync to iTunes and then download...).
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7 years ago, TradKnitter
Why does it take forever to load?
I just download it. Went for the paid versions although I'm in the free month. I click on it and sit and stare at the screen for several minutes before ANYTHING shows up. When it does, I can't get out of it. No way to back out of where you are or back up to where you were before. If you click on a tutorial you are stuck watching the tutorial to the end. No way to stop and go back to the main screen. When you DO get to the main screen...you get to stare at your red swirly screen for several more minutes before the options load again. Sigh. Don't think I'm going to approve the paid version of this after my free month. I don't think I'll be using it much. I don't have time to wait 5 minutes for the options to load every time I want to use it. My time is money. I get paid $1.00 a minute for my job. If the creators of this app want to credit me $1.00 for every minute I spend waiting for it to load...I'll keep it. At this rate, I'll either make a lot of money off of them or I'll be able to keep this app for free forever. In other words...don't waste your time. There are others out there that work and load.
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10 years ago, Fairydust4666
I have just purchased my first iphone which is iPhone 4s and I am not at all very technically inclined but all this talk about how hard it is and all the ads is ridiculous this app is absolutely genious even my great nephew who is 7years of age can create ringtones and upload to computer and if your computer is crashing all the time I think you need that serviced instead of whining over a gift that is provided so generously Thanks again guys I can't stop telling all my friends how great it is and now their having great success also Yours Honestly Your Friend fairydust4666
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2 years ago, Candy crush 69
this app is a waste of my time
I can’t believe I haven’t even downloaded this, like I understand that this app needs ads to make it free, but this app is the worst amount, constantly popping up in your face when you click something, and second of all, I can’t believe I haven’t even downloaded this, like I understand that this app needs ads to make it free, but this app has the worst amount, constantly popping up in your face when you click something, and second of all, why would I need a PC or a Mac it to import the ringtone to my phone when I can literally just download ringtones on my PC and import them using iTunes? I might just go do that instead, because this app is garbage, this app is just like the rest of them
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9 years ago, Desert Lin
So Easy ... and it WORKS!
The instructions on how to use my music as a ringtone was so easy. I had been told that it couldn't be done and that I would have to settle on buying a ringtone. Well I don't believe in giving up easily and if I follow the directions and illustrations that I would get what I wanted. I recently changed from Droid to Apple and I really wanted to use my music as a ringtone. All I had to do was to follow the simple directions and it worked. I would highly recommend this app if you want unique and different ringtones created by music in your library and it is FREE!
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13 years ago, rwjrn
Some Work, Some Don't
This is a great app when it works. Certain songs will always cause an immediate crash while others work fine. It's pretty easy to pick a song then save the section you want for a ringtone. You then email it to yourself or your friends. I just wish I knew why one song purchased on iTunes works but another won't. There is also a section with various sounds to use, but you can't just preview a sound without saving, then having to delete it. I stopped using the sounds because I got tired of having to delete it then scroll down through the entire list every time I wanted to check one out.
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11 years ago, -bigwut-
Good app
You designers of apps.......good ones anyway need to create or build a ringtone maker that does it all make the tone custom or the length you want etc. then save to a folder in your iPhone and import to your ringtones in settings and then apply or preview befor eyou use it instead of making it emailing then exporting to iTunes then syncing your phone to iTunes and checking and picking how you want to sync that's the only thing the iPhone is missing along with the apps that are built for the device thanks
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13 years ago, MadisonBiersack
OMG BEST RINGTONE APP EVER!!!!!  It's just so easy! So great! Don't accept the junk out there made by other companies, GET THIS!!!! Its super easy and works amazingly well for a free app. And also, for all u critics out there,"No, I am NOT a stupid account made by the company to make good reviews. I am a person. Just one more time for u idiots. A PERSON! And for those of u that aren't idiots give yourself a pat on the back!" Fist bump!  Again, GREAT APP! And real quick, let me give u a ratio. This app is FREE for endless, customized ringtones. If I buy ONE ringtone on iTunes, it's $1.29! WHY WOULD U NOT GET THIS???!!! Thank you and goodbye.
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3 years ago, hfjdjdjdjdjsjdjdjd
It’s just like the rest
Even though there is an option to access your Apple Music and choose a song, I still don’t see all the music I’ve downloaded. You see I have the family plan which lets me download and add any music I please to my playlist and library. However I only see the music that I purchased with money way beforehand. And this is the exact same problem all the other ringtone apps have. Almost as if they aren’t even paying attention to apple and the certain options they have for music listening. To think this would be a five star app for me if only that one problem didn’t exist.
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13 years ago, Merlin Creative
Good but could be great.
Good App, but would be better if the ringtone designer would just default select the beginning of your chosen song and iPhone's default ringtone duration. That would entail a lot less fiddling. Right now getting to the beginning (or very end) of a song is tedious and difficult since the edit-range markers seem to freeze. The same problem happens when trying to expand the App's random ringtone duration. Yes, the default duration changes for each song! They made it very easy to move the track around and find a spot, but moving the edit range is more difficult. An easy fix to make it a great app!
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7 years ago, NVCopperPumpkin
Wouldn't waste your time
Apparently you can only have up to three ringtones synced at a time. So, I was able to set one for calls, one for texts, and one special contact tone for my brother. I tried to sync all the tones I "designed" in the app, only to have the three I had replaced with three from the top of my list of about 10. Also, you get an add every time you tap anything in the app. And you need to change screens a lot to do anything. The audio files also get extremely compressed in the process for some reason. Even though I'm creating tones from music in my purchased library, they sound as if I held my Xbox mic up to a blown speaker to record them.
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4 years ago, 💜💙LOVER FOR MUSIC💙💜
My cousin said this might be good. But NO it is not guys you do not. Get the music literally it is a waste of phone, iPad, couputer space. And literally everything on there you have to buy. I did not buy one thing. I am sorry but to me this app just wants money and let me tell you something it is not all about money. This app needs an upgrade here is some for free songs you should do. The box , the middle , I just want to know , shut up and dance , never forget you , call me maybe 10,000 hours , knees , faded , Wolves , shape of you , Marshmello & Anne- marie Radio ,. This is more than enough just do a upgrade make this a better app. Please think about it more people will want this app and want to rate it. And you will have so much goo reviews. I am giving you one star until the app gets an upgrade and it is better than this. I just have ideas have a good day. I do not know but if you are reading this pleas e. Do this I mean an upgrade for the hole app that is what they did to musically they made that into TIK TOK. Which I do not have anymore. Have a good day. I am sorry
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12 years ago, Free Clinic Doc
Do NOT buy this app unless you sync to computer!!
VERY VERY Disappointed!!!! You HAVE to send an email, upload to facebook, or twitter your created ringtone, then download it from that source on your computer into itunes and finally you must sync your iphone with itunes. This is impractical with the advent of iCloud sync capabilities. I would not download this even if it were free. Worst of all after the false advertising, you get a page of instructions with the first line saying 'Don't complain, just follow the steps because there is no other way'. Really?! i just paid money and i'm being told as the consumer not to complain when the app doesnt work quite like it was advertised?! Redunkydunk!!
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9 years ago, Sunshinesam26
Favorite App!!!
I really love this app! I love being able to take my songs and make them ring tones! I actually bought the upgrade so I could make my ringtones 40 seconds, it works great, and the quality is good. The only thing I wish were different is the ability to automatically add the ringtone to the iTunes library instead of having to go through all the trouble of putting it in your desktop, loading it in iTunes and then syncing it.
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13 years ago, BMuckerheide
Ringtone Rocks! :-D
I feel as well find that this app is an awesome n very useful, towards alerts or notifications. I only hope that one day whoever creates softwares/programs can allow ringtones(in general) to not have to be email then saved and loaded whether its up or downed(lol) on your phone. Besides that, I like really like the speed it uploads or downloads and plays, clarity as well with its multiple options/selections. Just how well it sounds n more is great. Bring it on and more sounds. Like I subject titled, Ringtone Rocks!:-D
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9 years ago, BluesStatic
Bug in Pro upgrade that prevents naming file
Worked better as the free version. There are some bugs in the Pro upgrade ------ After upgrading to Pro the recordings sometimes get saved as very low volume. And after upgrading if you choose to edit start/stop points you loose the ability to name the file when saving - so now all new ring tones are saved with generic names. If you choose to rename instead of edit them you cannot go back and edit after. So it's now a choice of editing end points or naming the file. This was not an issue in the free version.
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11 years ago, Wild man James
It is hard for me to give an honest review right now. I have not even got to listen to all the tones. So one of my suggestions would be in the future you set your programs to give an individual time to use it so he can give an honest review but your group is not the only one that allows this to happen. As a customer it is annoying to load an app and as soon as it loads it pops up wanting reviews and Facebook info. In my opinion set the program to ask these questions after a period of time when the customer has had time to use the app. Then after a favorable review then ask for Facebook info. If I like the app I will be interested in your other ringtone downloads.
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7 years ago, C.G.J.
I've successfully made ringtones using this app in the past, and wanted to make one today, but it seems that something has taken over this app, and now it's pretty much crap! There is a full size advertisement bar preventing the use of any button to return to the previous screen. The Record button is much like a still-shot Photo , in that it doesn't move at all. I have been re-directed to advertisement websites every time I try to change the screen. I have to close the app and reopen it to view the home screen. I wonder, what happened? I want this app to work the way it did when I first bought it!
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8 years ago, Bahb01
If you put a little effort into exploring this app you'll find it was well worth your time. It does so much more than just serving up ringtones! If you think the ads are annoying and the selection is limited, there's a simple solution for that - stop whining and pay for the full version! Nothing worse than people who complain about something they got for free because it doesn't do enough. This app does everything it claims to do, and more!
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8 years ago, Beatle Rich
Not sure why anyone would give this app a bad review. It does exactly what it says it does. Took a bit to figure it out, but got there eventually. I called Apple support when I discovered all my ringtones had disappeared. Gal said too bad, you have to buy them. Needless to say this didn't go over well since I'd already bought these songs a number of time. Found this app & voilà, back in action. I'm happy enough to pay them to upgrade to "pro".
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6 years ago, agustmiinty
Too many ads and...
First of all, there are too many ads, and when I want to hear how ones going to sound like, I have to either pay for the premium (or something like that I don’t remember) or watch a video to get 10 free ringtones. Then one more thing... IT JUST HAS TO TAKE SOO LONG. I wanted to test one out and listen to I to see how it sounds like before I download it and when I click on it to listen to it, i have to wait for a few MINUTES Just to hear it. There were too many ads (like every minute I get one) so I just ended up deleting this app. I don’t recommend unless someone’s very patient, likes to pay to see no ads, likes to See ads, or if they want to prank someone.
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11 years ago, Dudesmoke
Finally MY favorite songs as ringtones!
Not just a list of random songs and movie blurbs. This is the first ringtone app I downloaded and I don't see any reason to get a different one! Ever! This app allows me to choose any song from my iTunes library and make a 20 second ringtone from any point on the song, beginning, middle, whatever. It took some time to get used to the syncing procedure but if I can figure it out so can anyone. Great free app thanks a bunch!!
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6 years ago, Buscusbro
Extremely Frustrating
For one thing the ads pop up insistently in addition to the always-present banner ads. Second, when I’m trying to create my own ringtone from my music, after I edit and save it, the actually ringtone starts earlier than I want it to. Instead of being able to edit it, I need to make a new one and try to account for the app’s disfunctionality. After trying to offset the timing JUST right, going through maybe 6 or 7 attempts, I need to watch an ad to “make 20 more free tones” when I just watched an ad for the same deal 6 tones ago. I would rather spend my time searching for a different app then have to deal with this one.
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9 years ago, Redhead girl 75236
Recommended by Apple support
This app was recommended by Apple support when I had trouble downloading my music from my iPhone 4 to my iPhone 5. It has got to be the best app I've ever seen! I love being able to customize ringtones from my music; in addition it has some of the best ringtones available. I am so glad the woman from Apple had me download this app. I never would have found it and selected it on my own. Thanks again Apple support.
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12 years ago, Yosman 1
Pretty cool
It's pretty cool, you can use songs from your library and use the best section from the song to create your tune, and I found that the best way to get the tune on my iPhone is to email it to myself and to just open the file, not even save it. My iTunes opens up and starts playing the tune. Then connect the iPhone to the computer and just drag the file from the tune to the iPhone folder, and then it just appears on the iPhone
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11 years ago, Southern_Wolf
It's a good app. Lots of choices for different people and situations. Fun to listen to some of the comments made by others when the ringer goes off. Keep up the good work. Try to incorporate some oldies rock and country music into the mix to make this app more inviting to old folks like myself. CCR, Boston, Kansas, REO, BTO - listen and thing. That Zombie Junk is a passing fad but Rock & Country have been around and will continue to be a part of America for years to come. I will give this app 4 1/2 stars 😊
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10 years ago, Viking142
App Support and Cancel Send buttons
When clicking on App Support it sends me to a instructions page for making the ringtones. The Tutorials button in the app already explains that. App Support is for correcting issues about the software without putting it on the review page. My issue is about the Cancel Send buttons on top of the page for sending the ringtone to my email. At first I couldn't locate the buttons because they are not contrasting enough especially in the daylight. But I eventually found them. Please make them easier to see.
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9 years ago, Valenna7
I just downloaded this app like 10 minutes ago and I love it! I am not sure why others are complaining. I have music on my phone and love to make customized ringtones. It's not hard to use. Pick your song, cut it where you want, follow the instructions. Yes you have to sync it from ITunes on your computer but that's a small price to pay versus buying them and it is only a few steps. I highly recommend!!!
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5 years ago, Mmachi83
Absolutely riddled with ads to the point of deleting
I understand that ads are a part of what a lot of these “free” apps need in order to function, but this app by far has the worst amount of them and thrown up into your face that is so obnoxious that it drove me to delete the app in under 2 minutes of use. No ringtone is worth the sheer frustration of non stop closing ads or waiting for the next 5 second ad to complete or minimizing the next pop up ad that opened up because you touched something on the screen. If you are patient enough to spend 95% of your time closing ads in order to find some stupid sound you want, use this app.
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5 years ago, Veekee1
I liked this app for a good 10 seconds... before the adds invaded. I understand that it wouldn’t be free without the adds, and you need to pay to get rid of them. But they popped up consistently and it’s a waist of time to spend on adds instead of the app itself. Also, considering they are the exact same adds over and over again, I’m sure the developer can find a way to minimize the number of times they show up. I’ve read the reviews and that’s what most people don’t like about it, and I think the developer doing something will make this app much less frustrating. I’m sorry, but this was incredibly disappointing. 😤
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