Ringtones: for iPhone

4.4 (21.8K)
224 MB
Age rating
Current version
Last update
1 month ago
Version OS
15.0 or later
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User Reviews for Ringtones: for iPhone

4.42 out of 5
21.8K Ratings
5 months ago, Nikkibby$
Hoping for the best just started to figure out how to work it
So far, no problem I will be back with more info when I complete the app
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1 year ago, iamawasome12
Nothing is free
God dam why is everything only accessible when you get the subscription I just wanted to test this app out to see if I could actually wake up in the mornings to something I liked but I can’t even do that without having to spend money, they need to get a better selection for free items of make a few things free because everything I would like to have I need to pay money for and for what just for 5 minutes of my day everyday?! Do better! If your not looking to pay money for good sounds this is not the app for you your better off with the normal Apple clock 🙄
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9 months ago, Jimbrozky115
It’s got it all
I’m not easily impressed but they’ve got it all. Themes, fonts, ringtones and wallpapers. I like trance music so there’s some pretty sick beats on there for sure. Plus all the holiday stuff. It’s fun. And if you know how to use GarageBand then turning the audio files from the app into ringtones is super easy. Having an iPhone and knowing how to use GarageBand I think is crucial. Not sure about androids
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2 years ago, cookie cat :>
Worst app
Ok so when I got on I thought I was going to get a large variety of music well for each group of music you only get one and the rest you have to pay for and it’s like 35 dollars a year or 5 a week 2. it isn’t actually singing songs it’s just instruments Being played 3.There is sooooo many ads i click one thing it gives me an ad 4.voice recording doesnt work, ok so I tried to use it I clicked one like 4 times and it wouldn’t let me record my own voice 5. The ringtones don’t work you can’t actually use them for ringtones. Please fix this app or I’m not re-downloading it
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4 years ago, not karen so this is cool
Need some more help
I was super excited to get my own personal made ringtone so when I went to tutorial to figure out how to do it it said macOS and windows so basically to download this for your ringtone you have to have some sort of laptop I don’t have any I might even have to change this to a one star probably well anyway The developer If you’re seeing this please fix it so she probably a lot of people who are getting let down because of this I was even going to get my sister’s favorite song and do it but I can’t so that’s why you should not download this app until it’s been fixed
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4 years ago, Aj the studio
I couldn’t figure out
I couldn’t figure out how to get my recording to my ringtones it was so annoying I wish they could find a way that they could do it through the app. There was also every button you pressed you would have a five second ad which was really annoying. Almost everything was premium and you could only get a recording or stuff like that. But I do have to say that I have tried to other apps like this and this one was by far the best one but I wish they would have a way to do it through the app.
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2 months ago, Ealdwolf
Doesn’t even do what you download it for
The only reason I (and I assume many other) downloaded the app was to cut my own ringtone from my music library, which is impossible since you cannot confirm your music selection once you are in your library. All you can do is back out. So the primary function of the app doesn’t work. There is also no method of cancelling the subscription within the app which means you either need to go online to cancel or get in contact with the developer. Don’t waste your time.
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3 years ago, anime riff girl
Ads but great app!
I recorded an anime guitar riff 😭 and when I went to my recording and clicked on the recording I wanted it said to download another app, I thought it was going to be difficult but it was so easy! I have trouble with technology stuff but even I could do this. Now I want someone to call me so I can see it in action! 😼😩
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1 year ago, 𝚢𝚎𝚜𝚎𝚎𝚎𝚢
Don’t download!!!
So I’m trying to look for free ringtones that are cool and that I can use for my phone. So I’m looking threw animal noises and for some reason every single time I wanna hear a animal noise it comes up with a add. So I was like ok and went on… until another add came up but it wasn’t those adds that are asking me to download a game, it’s a social media thing,(I’m not trying to sound like a caring or anything) but then something bad came up. And I didn’t like it so please can you fix this.
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11 months ago, Madsxoxo&
Worst App Ever
For one, half the songs aren’t even free, and two when I did find one I liked it wouldn’t even let me download it. You need a computer to access the ringtone and even after going through all the steps it said the file was too long. I even went as far as to shorten it using a audio editor and it still didn’t work. Waste of my time, should have a way to set up the ringtone straight from the app.
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5 years ago, tangled butthairs
Don't waste your time!!! i wanted to download one song "Classic" by MKTO. What i came across was 100 ads and i couldn't download the song it would come up and i wasn't going to pay so i tried free trial didn't work i wouldn't even recommend this to someone i hate.
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3 years ago, sharbutta2018
One ringtone?????
For one you have to have a subscription to be able to do anything so you mines well just charge for the app and make it easier but anyways I subscribe for the 3 day trial (which has the same benefits as the $35 a year plan ) i was able to make 1 ringtone and it will not install AT ALL so I try and make another ringtone it brings me to the music but will not move pass my music selection so all and all it was a waste of time 😔🤭
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1 year ago, Tinkersmimi
Scam app
I’m very disappointed with this free ringtone application. They seemed legit. Free app,? Opened it up , it sent me to a list of songs to download with samples to play as ringtones, pushed the download button redirecting me to theirs and some sponsored site and they all wanted $$$$$$ membership very overpriced. so no ringtones and no downloads could be added to my phone. : ( I gave it a zero for wasting my time! I’m deleting this app and staying away from yet another rabbit hole experience. : (
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4 years ago, Sebastian Crowell
This is app is so fun and cool you get to listen to ringtones and try them out and pick the best ones they have and what ever ringtone you want the best thing is they have so many and they all sound good go install this app rn right when you see it everyone!👍😎
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11 months ago, Love-iii
If you want to be frustrated then this is the app for you
I cannot believe that people think iPhones are better when you can’t even make a ringtone. You are literally paying for an app that’s doesn’t work to make a ringtone for your phone. This app is garbage. The only think it does it send you to the purchase page over and over again when you already purchased it. TRASH APP!
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4 months ago, Sodyp0p
It would be great….
It’s fine, there are good wallpapers, fonts, ringtones and stuff. But I thought is was FREE. I found a font that looked really cute, but It was premium, I looked at how much it was, and I am not paying four dollars a week just to have a cool ringtone. I would give it five stars, but extremely overpriced.
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3 years ago, lilymusarra
Not very good...
At first I was really excited about trying out this ringtone app because so far I haven’t found one I like... I don’t Luke it much because there is a lot of adds and some ringtone you can’t download without paying money. There is not nearly enough ones to choose from and I thought that there would be words in some of them but there is not. I’m going to delete this and I don’t recommend it at all.
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3 years ago, LovingJellies!
Not worth it...Rip Off
I canceled my subscription the day I made my account but still was charged for a year membership! The tones were all techno but worst of all they are a rip off. It is difficult to even contact them. Thank goodness I had a copy of the message and the date I canceled or tried to cancel my membership. I was able to show Apple and my credit card company that I did try to cancel the subscription.
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7 months ago, zazaaaaaaai
Look don’t get me wrong it’s good. But there needs to be more music, like popular artists like nirvana, maybe Metallica, popular pop artists like maybe Olivia Rodrigues or Taylor swift. Adding their music would be 20x better then it before. Not just the ones I listed but others as well.
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3 years ago, Just me -Dez
Bad very bad
I did not see any adds but the songs I was looking for I could not down load. I am only rating this 5 stars because it will be seen by other people
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4 months ago, Heriberto@Lugo
Enormous catalog, all high quality!
Catalog is huge, and all are of not only quality audio but quality in melody. Also very well organized.
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2 months ago, thorn1857
Download it works great
Good app and all all I wish for is a bigger selection, and for us to be able to look up artists names
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3 months ago, Three 🌟
Why I gave you three stars
The reason I gave you three star is because you have to pay for everything we have to pay for the keyboard, the home screen the lock screen screen👌🏾
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3 years ago, toiletpaoer
What happened to Zedge?
Used to be my go to app for ringtones, now I can’t do anything!! Showed Christmas songs so I figured “what the heck” every song I clicked on was wrong!!!! WTH???
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6 months ago, AlliMarie08
Should be pay per ringtone
I would much rather buy a ringtone that I can keep forever and not be charged $5 a WEEK just for a dang sound. Plus it’s listed as free in the AppStore? Hate companies who mislead customers like that. Shame on you. Uninstalled just as quickly as it installed. App should be free, ringtones cost money. Don’t waste your time on this one.
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1 year ago, fiorellacaro
Too many ads. Ringtones not good enough.
Every four ringtones you listen to, there is a five second ad. It makes it extremely difficult to respect this company. Some of the ringtones are nice, but the only actual songs they have are all on marimba. Not bad if there’s your taste, but it’s not mine.
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2 years ago, Doris Mick
I thought I could choose almost any song. My daughter found me my first ringtone & it was an old song”Take me back to Constantinople” from the 50’s! I paid a one time charge, no more than $5! I will have to call her and ask what App it was. This is SO STUPID to pay for when you can get BETTER sounds from the list on the phone already ! STUPID WASTE!
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2 years ago, penn617
I am SO disappointed in the ringtones on this app. I have gone thru almost all of them, and I have kinda liked 3. Most of the titles don’t sound like the original, like “All I Want For Christmas.” Another one, “Alvin and the Chipmunks.” I thought for sure up the hottest and most popular would surely be good, but disappointing again. Maybe I will try another app.
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3 years ago, brian gamer 10
Good app works fine
It works like a charm but theres one problem when i go to my tunes the app crashes and i hve no way if making new ringtones
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4 years ago, cbnfjgt tt
It’s have good
It’s so good download this app right now please and give it five stars please thank you search good albums and songs download it
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12 months ago, ChrisW828
Waste of time
I wasn’t able to install any ringtones, even temporarily. If it isn’t available during the trial mood, that makes the trial worthless. If it should have been available, then it just isn’t working, which is just as frustrating. Overall, I wasted half an hour for nothing.
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5 months ago, Angry-Alice
I downloaded after seeing the rating and not looking at the reviews. I later found out this was a bad decision immediately after it downloaded. I immediately got asked repeatedly to subscribe and that I was already on a free trial. There was no way to cancel it and the directions to cancel were outdated. Please do NOT download
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3 months ago, mshorr
Wrong type of ringtone
I was very disappointed with the ringtones. Could not find the ones I wanted. Had to use a third party app to download the ringtones I did decide. Just very disappointed as I thought the ringtones would have been better and different than any other ringtone app.
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4 years ago, sbeudbcbsjfbdn
Does not have what I want
Although it has a lot of songs, they just don’t have the right ones. I really like the play Hamilton, but it doesn’t have and Hamilton songs or music. I just wish it had a little more options, and that it had every song, so that everybody can enjoy it.
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7 months ago, jgates513
Free version is VERY frustrating!
You can preview maybe 3 or four sounds before you have to deal with ads that are frustratingly hard to close. I didn’t even get through one category of tunes before I quit and deleted the app
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1 year ago, Ceayaya40
Just purchased
Just checking it out now
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2 years ago, BREGARCIA68
Too many advertisements
Too many advertisements your limited to only a couple ringtones before they begin overloading u to subscribe or purchase . Not really worth it.
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3 years ago, a vhm
The best
Well I give it five stars because you can change it in a season
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4 days ago, No 3k0
Not sure it’s a ringtone
Just a few musical bars nothing I would actually buy
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4 years ago, its amya
Favorite song is stillsoftish
I have my favorite song and whoever wrote this I mean did this app take that back why don’t you put song oh whatever song service so yeah I’m only like the one song one yeah that’s all my reviews three.
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4 months ago, The best wallpaper man
It makes me proud that I can change my bad lock screen and it’s for entertainment
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10 months ago, mrssolvang
Problems finding ringtones from artists
I got charged $29 right away and when I went to check out the app I could not find specific songs from artists to make it into a ringtone. This is very disappointing and I’d like to get a refund. I am not going to be using this app.
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2 weeks ago, A.smikle
They choose for you
So i said am going to download this app and try it,this app gives you the music they want to give you and not the music you search for and download why pay for something that you’re not in control of,this is a 0 for me
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6 months ago, LazyRainwing1
Why does everything need to be payed for. I install 3 friggin ringtones and the piece of crap makes me pay for more of them. I’m not gonna pay nothing you can do will make me. It’s honestly pathetic how badly your trying to get money. Stupid app🤬.
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3 years ago, HighMelonn
I have just used it in a few weeks though this is so cool
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1 month ago, Abstractreasoner
Too much work
If you’re going to try this app, plan on spending a few hours to get a few new ringtones installed
Show more
1 year ago, GG 2023
It’s not for everybody
It look good but where is the music. It’s time for an upgrade on music. I tried search black artist and not found 😧. Now I have to cancel my card, that I used in 10 mins; and found out it’s time for me to delete! Seriously, if u like tunes and melodies then this what u want.
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2 years ago, bduejdndjwlkskdbrnwjs
Charged me and have annual
But it still doesn’t work. Every time I attempt to do something it pops up asking me to subscribe! I click restore. It says purchase restored then I get to do the whole thing over again…and again never getting anywhere.
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1 year ago, …6IX 7EVEN…
No impressed.
Literally had the app for 5 minutes. First thing first they try to get you to pay for premium which is $4.99/week and if you don’t, every 2-3 ringtones you preview will throw an add at you with a 30 second timer.. I’ll stick to the default apple tones.
Show more
3 years ago, JamesSpeaksTheTruth
Worst app of all time
All they have are “Christmas Fart Songs” and ringtones that only old people would want. I can’t even find where to cancel my subscription now so the app is a literal trap. Also notice how the only reviews that praise this crap are by people who can’t even spell? Kinda telling.
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