Rise of Kingdoms

4.5 (167.4K)
1492 MB
Age rating
Current version
Lilith Games
Last update
4 weeks ago
Version OS
11.0 or later
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User Reviews for Rise of Kingdoms

4.5 out of 5
167.4K Ratings
3 years ago, Amosc: Tmalone30
Hey devs and other people viewing this. This is a fun game I’ve met people etc, and there’s very fun things that I love about this game, I’ve maybe have been playing about a 3-4 weeks. But there’s one thing that I absolutely hate and recommend that you get rid of is (immigration) My kingdom that i just started in I’m around 1 mil has been flooded with people from different kingdoms. Yes it brings fun and etc but when three different alliances do it , it messes up a lot of things. A lot of my friends and people I’ve met off this game quit because these alliances decimated new beginning one and other alliances from the same kingdom. Today passes open and only one of the original alliances got a pass. This concept can really ruin a lot of players fun for the game. Especially alliance hopping and etc it just ruins a lot of things for people who are still learning about the game. You should really consider fixing the immigration system and maybe trying something else new or just throw it out the window. Like I mean the second our kingdom opened up to immigration it was taken over. All aside from that this game is decent. It’s fun addicting but you can ruin a lot of people fun by doing that. Or putting newer players into kingdoms that have already started and are almost finished. It’s disappointing honestly how the rewarding system honors cheap play. Good day to you devs I’m not mad and I’ll still play I’m just disappointed.
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1 year ago, Deathbr1n6er
Before and After the rise in popularity
I played this game a LOT about 10 minutes to a few hours every day depending on availability events etc. i was young when I stopped playing about 3 or so years ago and I QUIT because of the ads lol. Got back into it again and I gotta say after another couple weeks it’s like a better clash of clans. I’m max townhall and builder hall for clash of clans and I play clash royals and clash of clans every day for the past 7 years, but it’s been weeks since I’ve touched it. Try it out without spending any money and following quests and I assure you you’ll have a good time. If it’s not your game, leave a review and uninstall so other people won’t have to waste their time seeing if they like it or not. But why not give it a try! I love it and I think many others will too, although again the time you spend playing whichever type of games is based on your preference so what I’m saying is just an opinion formulated based on my experience. 5/5 stars, great progression and even while I’m waiting for builds, scouts etc I always find something to do. Or i just put my phone down, do some chores, work or what-not and then I’ll continue playing whenever I pick up my phone again later. There’s a lot to do and I don’t want to spoil it, so check it out if you like to play phone games similar to clash of clans! Take care and thanks for reading
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1 year ago, {ÇØŁD BŁØØD}
I’ve played this game for over a year, and I have been hooked, unlike most games like Clash of clans or other similar games like this, none have a feature where there’s an actual world you can explore, where you can take your armies and go out of the city, trade with other players, have alliances that rule over the entire kingdom or alliances that fight with others to rule the kingdom and eventually fight other kingdoms. The only and huge downside to this amazing game is the P2W (play to win) I’m guilty of slightly participating in this but player I know are constantly flowing in money and even when they have less time than me they are 2 or 3 times stronger than me. P2W players can not only gain more power, but more troops, upgrades, accessories to make their commanders stronger, more technology and better troops. The game does have some things to counter this, such as having the ability to migrate to a newer kingdom (server) to have players in your power-range ability. This isn’t a review for the devs this is more for the players to know that while the game is so much fun at first, in the long run you will meet “whales” (extremely strong cities) where it doesn’t matter how much you’ve grinded because of the amount of money they’ve put into the game. Overall I love this game, I just wish there was a way that I could compete with these types of players.
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2 years ago, Rowan22787
Super fun game (two problems)
OK I have played this game for about a year now and I love it there’s always something to do. You’re never bored, there’s always new events always something to upgrade. Unlike other games in this genre, however the kingdom that I’m in or pretty much any kingdom there’s always a bully alliance. For instance the one that I am in the bully alliance is 94RG. They try and control everything including KVK, and if somebody doesn’t listen to them, then they go ahead and kill everyone and ruin the game experience for everybody. It’s totally not fun and I feel like once you reach the top you should only be allowed to stay there for a certain amount of time and then get knocked back down. Second problem, everything costs money, if you want to upgrade or get a good commander it’s money, if you want to upgrade something and not wait a month it’s money and so on… But other than that this game is incredibly good and I literally have 375 consecutive login days. I’m part of one of the top alliances. Definitely one of the best games I’ve ever played and I’m going to continue playing it for a very long time. And for anyone debating on whether to get this game or not, and if it’s going to be like all the others. It’s way better in my personal opinion and I would definitely recommend getting it. Hope this helps keep on going guys
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2 years ago, billybobbiejoey12345
Amazing game but a few kinks
I love this game! I’m at 10,000,000 power and am running two accounts and one alliance. I have so many friends on here and they all agree for it being 5 star. We are a new law enforcement alliance for our kingdom and have central control over top left region. My school wanted us to write a report to a video game so I obviously chose this one. All my friends play and their only complaints where mostly how you couldn’t watch the armies play in first person. If you could see the armies battle and progress as you move on in the game that would be awesome. Another thing is that when you join an kingdom there are usually more powerful people in the kingdom and can push little alliances around. But if you could form formations to make the gameplay more fair. The story of the300 Spartans versus 250,000 Persians was All about strategy. So if you could make it so you could form tactics that would be cool. Then a 50,000 army would have more of a chance against a 40,000 army. And that could make battles so much more fair. Plus it would give lower level players a chance to practice. Other than that there isn’t anything major a would suggest. Me and my friends have made our own game and know how hard it is to make games. So thank you for always making the game better and trying to give us the best experience possible. Goodbye 👋!
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1 year ago, Timmay from Southern Park
I Love ROK!!!
So I loved this game, but then everyone was a higher level than me, and they had more power. I was going to get married, but a man showed up and told her that he had more power than me, and she dumped me and left with him. Many were telling me to join the Vikings, a powerful clan, but I had to pass on the offer. I am not skilled enough to be a Viking! I did not know how to handle this stress. I could not stop thinking about the man. Years later, I decided to ask him for some tips. He was a nice man and he yet again told me to join the Vikings. Normally, I ignore this, but his power level was too high to ignore. I joined the Vikings and I was finally good at this game. In only a week I had 2 million power! I played the game for months and months, and I k ow have a power level of 10 trillion power! All though this man taught me everything I knew about ROK, but he had also taken my wife! I knew what I had to do. I told my wife I had a higher power level than the man. She thought about it for a second, and she made the choice to be my wife again! I was so happy to hear this. Ten years later I have 69 quadrillion power on ROK! This game changed my life from miserable, and having no power, to having an amazing wife, all the power I could ever ask for, and I am living in a mansion with my three beautiful children. Thank you ROK!
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2 years ago, Jackson24168
This game is special…
I usually don’t write reviews but I had to for this game,I usually hate games like sim city where you upgrade your city, but this game separates itself from the rest. First off there is the “pick your own civilization” thing where you pick your first general and it gives a special boost to a special attribute which I thought was awesome. Second, there is the the alliance system where you can help people in your alliance and it speeds Theo build process up, which I figured would take up some of your recourse or you could only do a certain amount a day, but no there is no harm to do it so people are constantly helping with your building times. Lastly and this is my favorite thing, is how many boosts you get completely free just for playing. I’ve played for about 2 hours a day for three days and I have like 150 1 minute build speed ups (which lets you cut the build time by however much the boost is, 1 minute will cut by 1 mi hte 5 minute will cut by 5 minutes etc) and I have like 50 5 minute build speed ups. I haven’t really noticed any long builds, mostly just long upgrades but it is nice to not have t wait for three hours for your workers to build something you need to progress. I would honestly give 5 stars if the game reduced the update time a little bit but overall a great game
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3 years ago, Octiveon
Dear Lilith Games…
You produce advertisements that reflect on game content and to promote said content, this is what I’ve read in every review criticizing your adverts. This is not true, the content is typically poorly produced and does not reflect the new in-game content. You form the adds in a way that gives off the illusion that some kingdoms are far superior than others, leading to less diversity in the game because every new player wants to be the best. Now, you do reflect how the basics of how the game works in the adds, so that is something I will credit you for. Although, the content viewed is extremely repetitive, showing nothing new. And the BIGGEST problem, is the amount of advertising for this game. You haven’t shown new content in them, you haven’t shown any reasons this game is better than others, the quality is abominable (lip syncing, animating almost everything so there is limited actual gameplay, stupid situations, repetitive gameplay, and generally irritating “storylines”) If I’ve gotten nearly 80 Rise of Kingdoms advertisements in a week, I probably wouldn’t want to download it. I used to play AFK Arena, but after seeing your new advertisements for the game, I’m deleting it, for I’m frankly embarrassed that I even put any time in the game. Fix your problems, and maybe I’ll consider you a quality game producer, instead of a uninteresting, money hungry developer. -Hoping for change, and awaiting something new. This review was made by a active “gamer”.
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3 years ago, dont know21
It’s good but can be really unfair
I’ve had to come back 3 times to edit this because I found new stuff. First I spent $15 in this game, It’s a good and interesting game that I play a lot throughout the day but somehow people go up to 2.8 million power after almost 4 weeks, I’m only at 1.5 million and I started on the first day the kingdom went up. Then there’s all these big alliances kinda forcing you to be an academy or merge with them that are at 60 million power? Can anyone explain any of this? I also practically made my alliance on the first day but it got up to 14 million and then got wiped out because I wouldn’t merge that’s just not fair they need to put more rules in against bullying little alliances. Also there’s individual people with 16 million power or more in a 27 day kingdom. Also I just saw someone leave an alliance in the kingdom chat saying to his old 61 million power alliance that he’s sorry I’m not into attacking little alliances that are at only 3 million one person from his old alliance said we never did that but then he joins another alliance because I saw his alliance tag change then a few minutes later after saying that he lost his new alliance tag and said I could send him an invite into my new alliance because he doesn’t have one so what I’m saying is if the big powered alliances are really friendly then you saying just one thing and that isn’t that big of a deal and leaving that alliance will cut off youre ties with the other big alliances.
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3 years ago, Bakerstwo
New players beware: Rigged for paying players - developers don’t care
I had liked the game because you get to build and fight barbarians sometimes other players but the problem is that the big paying players are so big they crush you and don’t let you expand or play. You work long and hard to grow your city or alliance and the big ones team together to destroy smaller ones. They sometimes join a weaker alliance to attack another weak alliance and after destroying them they go back to their big alliance. Other times they just attack a smaller alliance directly. So what’s the point! You think they would just fight each other - big to big instead of big to small. Instead these big alliances support each other. In fact some blantantly ask for your credit card or cash to join their alliance and all the developers say is oh we recommend don’t share personal data. The developers don’t tell those alliances that they shouldn’t ask for people’s cash or credit card information to join! So again it’s rigged for big paying customers. I’m not opposed to spending a little if you want to speed up a few things but here it does nothing for you because they want you to spend a lot of money. Oh well, that’s fine since they want to earn a ton of money but at least people should know. It was fun for a while but it’s pointless if you don’t balance out the game a bit.
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10 months ago, Jækul
These dev comments sound like chatGPT nonsense lol
So my actual assessment is the game is good and bad. If you have unlimited free time to devote and are a people/good at networking you can make f2p work but it’s still a long haul. If you spend a little bit of money it’s about the same thing. If you spend a lot/whale out you can do whatever you want the first few months of the account and no can stop you lol. Don’t let the ads fool you if you plan to be f2p it will take around 2 years to reach 50m power. It would take thousands of dollars to reach 50m power in 2-3 months of making an account. If you spend money you can bully people and if you have a couple of friends there is little people can do about. Using shields and teleporting if you don’t have money to spend is pointless. F2p players have to just sit back and do what they are told to survive unless they have powerful friends. Unless the people spending thousands a month(yes some spend north of 10k/month on the game) are new or dumb, or you have several highly experienced people opposing them who are also spending money and actually willing to fight, they ultimately control what everyone is allowed to do. So if you can’t dedicate 5-6+ hours a day every single day for months on end or you have excessive amounts of disposable income don’t download this game. If you do have those things this can be a fun game.
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4 years ago, Ryan_dm
Great Game but.....
Honestly probably the most well developed free game I have ever played only thing about it is it is very easy for players to put to win. I’ve been playing the game for about a year or so. So there is a lot to do and plenty of content and events but if your alliance doesn’t have what is known as a whale or two you’re pretty much screwed. So players that appreciate the game and how it has been developed really get screwed over. I understand the need for in game purchases as it is a free to play game but when the whole game is based around a competitive multiplayer world where everyone is racing to get troop tier five anyone who is able to drop hundreds to thousands of dollars on the game are able to dominate the servers and can switch between them. God forbid that one alliance consists of all of the whales in the server that entire server would become unplayable. And for those of you still confused as to what a whale is it’s someone who pays to be months ahead of everyone else so that way they can essentially one hit you or dominate the world without fear. If the developers would just slowly but surely shift the purchases to purely cosmetic the game would be 100x better. Or even make the vip system account based as opposed to character based. Understand the game is very dynamic and ever changing just be wary of the pay to win system
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3 months ago, chinese wuhan bat soup
Strategy game that takes too long to ramp up
I’ve been playing for over 6 months, and played the entirety of KvK2. There’s a lot of issues I have with RoK that other strategy games don’t have, which is just how long it takes before most long term players say it’s fun. If you mess up before SoC, you’re done and at a massive disadvantage, even if you’re a paying player! I have spent well over $2,000 yet I still felt way behind anyone else. This game suffers the same issues as most strategy games with age, power creep. Most new characters are better than any previous ones, and you better hope you have enough golden heads to some skills maxed. New systems are released every year to keep paying players continue spending (formations system). If you quit, also good luck starting back up, you’re now forced into whatever KvK the server is in, and you’ve missed every event in between, meaning you now have to create a new character and lose all the items you spent. There is little strategy as most are just head on battles in what’s called a “ball” where your alliance goes all on one space then instantly attacks. Once that happens you’ll notice you mainly lose to T5 units, the best in the game, and take forever if you don’t spend at minimum $5,000 or over a year waiting for research. I personally would rather go with Call of Dragons, as there is more strategy involved in fights, and troops actually have range; but soon that game will have power creep too.
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6 years ago, DJWicki
Really great game, but not complete
Ok, so let me start out that I absolutely love the game. The game mechanics are amazing, I love the fog of war idea, and the fact that each commander speaks their native language and not English. And as a Roman and Byzantium history nerd, I love the fact that the Latin in the game is quite decent compared to other games (it isn’t perfect, but that is what you get from a dead language that doesn’t translate well into other languages). Now, I feel like the nations to choose from is very limiting. From a game about the ancient and medieval ages, Africa and the Middle East were left out, and they have some of the richest history during that time, from the African Empires that rose to power all the way to the Persian empire and the crusades. Specifically, I would like to see three more nations added: Ethiopia, Egypt, and Persia. Ethiopia rose to power after the fall of the Roman Empire and remained a powerful nation until after WW2. Persia created a very advanced civilization that grew strong and powerful and became one of the largest empires until the greeks conquered it. Then the Persian Empire reformed itself as the Sassanian Empire and conquered the remaining Romans and Byzantines to form the Ottoman Empire. I do not know much on the history of Egypt, but as one of the first powerful civilizations in human history, it should be obvious why they should be added into the game.
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5 years ago, GrubbyGrapes
Could be a great game but too much p2w
Addendum: I am dropping my rating another star. Seems the devs made some error in rewards during Osiris and gave out more coins then they intended. They took back items purchased or unused coins so many of us now have negative stars/statues/keys. It’s a shame that this company chose to punish their customers for their mistake. I will most likely quit the game because of this; I’m just too discouraged by the setback and disregard of the company for their players. I have been playing several hours a day, every day, for 8 months and, with about $75 invested, am CH25 but still only at 22mil power on this account. Significant , but not really that competitive over all. I am being held back by the need for gems that require real money to make any significant difference. Meanwhile, as others note, there are players who spend thousands of dollars and therefore have the ability, and sometimes the temperament, to flatten any in their way. I had quit an earlier game because of one such player and have had 3 teammates quit just this week in current kingdom because of this. Some of the events, like mighty governor, are always won by the high dollar p2w. It is no longer competitive nor fun so I no longer even try to earn a spot; I just cower in my city during KE. There needs to be a threshold for the p2w folks. For example, once you spend over, say, $500 or reach 50 million power, you must migrate to kingdoms set aside for those players.
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10 months ago, Muradexp21
I suggest we have a gem bank building in the game.
I am a player who has played ROK for 568 days now and has unlocked T5. I love this game and the commanders since they look fantastic—especially Joan Prime with the wings. But there is one issue I think the game needs to do better the gem issue. Most of the events in-game required gems, I spent about two hundred dollars each month to buy bundles but it seemed like that was not enough since the events were next to each other. So, I suggest we should have a gem bank, where the player can save their gem in there and receive back an interest maybe 10% each month for the number of gems that they save in there. This will help solve the low-on-gem issue of the new player and free-to-play players and players who spent medium like me. Also, one more thing that needs to be fixed is the event calendar of the Not Only Gem event, and the Wheel of Fortune event. I am VIP 15 and spend 50k of gems on the 2 days of the Not Only Gems event to receive rewards, so basically I don't have enough gem to play the Wheel of Fortune event since it is a week after the Not Only Gems event. So, if you can please make both events happen at the same time, it will make more sense than making the player have to choose between one of them.
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5 months ago, Someone hopefully helpful
8/10 stars! Great game recommended!
Very fun game, but with that there are a couple problems… 1: if you are not comfortable having kids play with other people online from around the globe then might not want to play this game. 2. There is a big grinding aspect to the game if you don’t like grinding to get to being the best player this game may not be for you. 3. This game also has a pay to win aspect in the game, I’m seen people that shot up from 1,000 power to 1 mil in about 2 days! This is probably not possible even if you were playing for 48 hours strait. 4. WARNING: there is a billboard sign you can put in your city that you can tap and take you to a social media page if you not comfortable with your kids having social media this billboard could be a problem. Also in this billboard I’ve seen girl taking pictures of themselves that aren’t appropriate for kids would not recommend for kids to see under the age of 18. Also last thing NEVER SHARE YOUR PERSONAL INFO IN GAME. This may be common sense but just want to make sure everyone is aware of it. Even though I’ve said all the negative things all in all this is a very fun game to play and I still highly recommend you play.
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5 years ago, cmccauley43
If I had one wish
To start off. I want to say that I have mixed feelings about this app. I’ll start with that this game is really well built. The graphics, the idea, and the system in game is set up good. I like a lot about it. But, if I could change one thing or even have a compromise. My one wish that I wish I could see is the game to release pure f2p kingdoms but you must pay to get in (something like $5-$10 for entry) and once you are in. There is no p2w elements. No micro transactions. Everyone is on fair playing grounds at the start. If that could be added to the game. I feel like that this game will take over the genre and be over the top because to players, that won’t seem like much money to enter and they can test the game out on the kingdom servers we have now to see if they actually like the game itself and from these reviews. People really like the game but not the p2w aspect. The p2w aspect is bringing it down heavily and players are leaving because of it. I myself am not returning to the game till something changes to where there is no p2w aspects or there is an option to what I proposed with the f2p kingdoms being available, but with a entry fee. I feel like that is a fair compromise where the players get what they want and the company still makes a lot of money. I will happily come back and play and waste all of my hours on this game if that proposal gets accepted.
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6 months ago, blessyou2
Pros and Cons
First I believe this game is enjoyable. This was my first game like this and through ups and downs I have made a lot of new friends. I enjoy the challenge of growing and improving… a few Cons before I go into the PROs… 1. The time table for leveling up EVERYTHING…. 30 DAYS is WAYYYYYY to long… plus the expense too makes it really hard for F2P…. I do realize the company wants money and people will buy gems to jump past a lot of extra time… 2. The lack of safeguards for players being bullied in game… I’m not sure how to fix it but I can say from personal experience that bullying players should have a way to report easily. 3. The CONSTANT UPGRADES! Give the F2P players time to adjust before the next upgrade hits… there is no time between commanders before a new one evolves out… rotate upgrades to older commanders to keep F2P members in a position to have a chance to compete… 4. Make it more manageable to get to T5 so that those who can’t spend like a whale have a chance to push towards equal footing… since they cost gold all the way around Lilith will make money… Now for PROS….. Game has challenges and mini games/events that allow a constant choice of activity… You meet people from all over the world… You can build up strong alliances and support good KDs… It is WAR so causalities are a given…. But it’s also a learning process 😁
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3 years ago, Frhfdfg
Bug Fixes and new suggestions!!
Hi Dev Team of RoK! As you might have thought that there were not any bugs, there’s one I wanna share with you. So you know when you press the alliance button it goes to your alliance right? (if you have one) Well when you press shop in your alliance and try to restock something, And if you tap something at the top and scroll down to the bottom and tap something else, then that something at the top will still have that white border and will allow you to tap on multiple stuff. I had fun with the bug but then got annoyed quickly. Please fix this. Ok about the new mode. How about a bowling mode that allows you to bowl for prizes using currency such as items or such short. A new feature on the world map would be bushes!! A player can hide from someone if they are in a bush but it costs 1k coins to check a bush and that’s how you can reveal the player. If the player notices this then he gets a warning (you know, the red things on the side!) and can make a run for it while being invisible for 3 seconds! Now how about that! Please add these features!! I put a lot of time in this review and I love this game and adding these would make it better!!
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3 years ago, milkman_karlson
The ads are absolutely nothing like the game
The game play itself isn’t the best but it definitely is not terrible. The one thing that makes me (and everyone I know) hate this game are the ads, the ads are awful and whatever you call clickbait for games. They are the most clickbait, awful, scummy, annoying ads. I can’t express enough how clickbait these ads are and I’m warning everyone who plays this IT IS NOTHING LIKE THE GAME! The ads started out fine saying you start with a kingdom and work your way up to be among the best of the kingdoms, but now they say stuff like “oH nO mY kInGdOm Is UnDeR aTtAcK i’M gOnNa HaVe To FlEe” which is another thing you can’t do in this game you can’t do anything it says you can in the ads. It is the most scummy thing I’ve ever seen, it gets little kids to think they’re gonna play a really cool kingdom game where you play as a king roaming around the kingdom, but when they get it they just get a mediocre game that you only really play once and has very little game mechanics. I know that the developers won’t respond because they are a bunch of low life scum bag cowards, so here is a message to the developer- Reply to me like a man and I don’t want some robot auto response I want a real human response and demand to change the ads so they are not clickbait, otherwise you will be a coward for not responding to me and a scum bag for scamming kids. I bet that makes you feel good, scamming kids.
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1 year ago, Read 🅣🅗🅔 🅡🅔🅥🅘🅔🅦
Needs a lot of work
Let me point some issues. So, during a rally attack that is canceled due to no players, the lead commander’s army (canceled army) goes out for a few seconds, then all of a sudden goes back in. Why doesn’t it just stay in the city since it already there? Also, the people are right about immigration. It has good and bads, but overall it needs a fixture. We have people from enemy kingdoms getting enlisted as Rank 4 (Officer). Please fix the immigration! Oh, and lemme tell new players why this game needs MASSIVE changes: the balancing system. So, I started in a kingdom (2780, Kingdom of Langollen) just to find out 6 months later I joined a kingdom with a lot of people who were destroying people left and right for nothing. That right there needs a balancing system for new players. This part needed a special touch to it. The justice system is crazy bad! My kingdom has no real justice in it. I was in an authorized alliance (still am and an authorized alliance is one recognized as an okay alliance), and someone frames me by attacking MY farm and attacked others in the opposing alliance(unauthorized, barely on, and expanding too much). Then I wake up to “don’t worry the rank 4 and leader are under council control” from the kingdom queen. But I still get attacked. Make a justice system or fix a not-working one, pls
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5 years ago, atishiss
I have been playing every day since January—and things are starting to change. I never had problems like this when I started (I like the game itself). I put my devoted energy into building a strong city, and I was a head of a small alliance, but now, especially in the last weeks, other players have begun to blatantly break the rules, and they are now randomly attacking smaller players and alliances. They justify this by their own rules. The leader of the main alliance sent me messages ordering me to disband our alliance (we’ve all been working together to build this, of course). His is just a plot to snatch the weaker territories. They send renegades who join our alliance, attack others at free will, then leave quickly. We get blamed, and then just yesterday, my city was attacked, I lost all my newest troops. Last week a stalker teleported on the border of our territory, and attacked all of our farmers, he sent a message “it was fun feeding off you”. This stuff is only allowed during certain events in the game. So yesterday I quit. I disbanded, and I don’t think I want to play the game anymore. If you don’t want frustrations and heartache over lost troops (for no reason), then don’t start playing this game. It will take you a long time to build a strong city, so you should look way ahead before you give up and feeling like you’ve wasted a lot of time (and money! I have spent a lot).
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3 years ago, IamHalfprice
Great game but short for f2p
This is an amazing game and honestly I don’t have many negative opinions towards it. The problem comes when you are f2p. Upon entering a new server you will have approximately a month before you are essentially pushed out of a lot of end game content because you are viewed as being “too weak” compared to the players that have bought their way to having very high power. They will eventually all group together and keep you from being able to join a lot of the later content. As a F2P player you have you find yourself being content with the constant threats of being kicked out of stronger alliances because of low power since you can’t keep up with spenders and eventually being kicked out or being content with just farming and doing the same round of events every few weeks. Kingdom vs Kingdom won’t happen in most cases because you won’t be allowed. I’ve started in many many different servers over the past 2 years and it always happens the same way. If you can afford to pour money into this game, then I totally recommend it. If your like me and can’t afford to spend tons of money on a mobile game then go in understanding that after around a month, maybe a little longer, your going to be seen as useless because you won’t be able to keep up with the spenders.
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8 months ago, Unns007
I love this game but I need help
I have been playing this game for a while. I have made friends and run a successful alliance. Out of nowhere when I try to long in the game kicks me out. I log into the game everything is going perfect and when it comes time where it zooms into the city it kicks me out from there. I deleted the game and reinstalled it multiple times. That did not work. I updated my phone and did the same it did not work. I do not know what else to do. I need some help very fast Hello. I am a very active player on rise of kingdoms. But these past three days I have not been able to log into my account. The game it self loads in and rhen crashes. I have done everything possible to fix it. I updated my phone I deleted and reinstalled the game, I restarted my phone and I powered off my phone. So to me there is nothing else I can do. I contacted your customer service but I have gotten no response. Which is unfortunate. Anyways the way I see I could play the game again Is that I get my account deleted and I start from scratch. I really do not want to do that. I have played for a while and have a very strong alliance and have made a lot of friends. So it is not easy to delete my account. Regardless for me to play this game again I think I have to get the account deleted. So it would be very helpful for you to either fix this bug that won’t let me play. Or you delete my account.
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2 years ago, pghIgirl
Good Game, Bad Culture
Hmmm…my original review was deleted, I guess I hit a nerve with the developer. I’ll try again. I’ve only played RoK a few days and so far it seems like the best game in this genre, unfortunately there is one game-breaking exception: jumpers. The game enables players to change servers indefinitely as long as their city hall doesn’t surpass level 7. It’s created a weird culture in the game where every new kingdom is flooded with people who have strong accounts and create a significant imbalance from the get-go. There is an event during the first week with rewards based on the most powerful, etc.—the jumpers go to the new kingdom, get all the top rewards, bully people then leave to do it again in the next kingdom. Sometimes some of the jumpers decide to stay and since they’ve already been building their accounts for months, they automatically dominate the kingdom. It’s also difficult to find an active alliance as a new player because of all the jumper alliance requirements. Either you spend or you end up in a dead alliance. RoK could easily level the playing field by capping the number of days new accounts are able to jump. Only allowing someone to move to a new server during the first 3 days of an account would eliminate the problem. It doesn’t seem likely the developer will ever do that though since “jumping” seems to be the vast majority of the player base.
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2 years ago, Myth143
I truly love this game. Now I am NOT “a gamer” and neither is my man. So when I say I play A LOT it’s not what you think. But still he gets jealous even if he isn’t in the same room as me and my phone dies, hence I enjoy playing this game more than making him happy. This game is ALWAYS exciting, never gets old with all the new events to play almost everyday and always every week! Things to discover, commanders to adjust to perfections. Side games, new goals, alliance strength and honestly made some great online friends on hère. Most Leaders and almost ALL R4 will help and we have some of the BEST to helps noobs or those who are trying it to improve with new tips and tricks! I send out mknthkh to bimonthly Codes for Freebies Flm You can join 16GI Gold International presently I have been given the opportunity to be the Leader and. Oh do. I have some surprise in store, our very own side games and quizzes JUST for our alliance! My motto is you do you, chill or kill just help fulfill! By that I mean make your donations to the alliance research, and partake in Rally’s in your on. So much more to come of 16GI Gold international you gotta stay to play in a whole NEW way!
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5 years ago, 👊👌✌
Release kvk already
This game is fun at first when the server you’re on is starting out, making alliances and allies as you go for the same goal of taking the lost temple. But once you’re invested about 6+ months into the game, it comes down to nothing but same events that has trash reward pay offs. When compensation comes around for mt it’s always the same maybe 300 gems and a golden key if lucky, but nothing new for free to play events to compete against the few guys that have dropped atleast 50,000 bucks to reach over 100m power with 5 million minimum T5s when most are still rocking only T4s, you need to balance the game out to make it more f2p as we wait for kvk to happen but you keep pushing it back and losing more players on older kingdoms, that are farming low amounts for higher resource cost. Start making more Ark of Osiris for us to atleast enjoy waiting for an endless time for kvk to happen. Plus the fact some kingdoms get bonuses on their tiles of a 3.5x bonus amount to farm makes me believe the devs play on those kingdoms hence why they farm for an lvl 6 farm for 1.8m at a time while we all farm for only 504k on a lvl 6. Unlock merging kingdoms already atleast, so the ones wanting to join the kingdom I’m on with 2 of the Top 5 overall highest power players can give us something to work into play over just lame kill event
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3 years ago, BewareBeforeDownloading
Unfair Game - Beware
Rise of Kingdoms is a game where you cannot make fully maxed legendary heroes even after you play it for 2 years. If you don't spend 1000 dollars a month for the game, forget the competition. You will lose the war. You will lose the achievements. You will never get the city rewards because you have to be in top 10 for every event. Big spenders will always take away your rewards and you will always have to wait and grind. With this last update, you cannot even grind. If you want to play a free game, choose a different game. I suggest you can play Black desert or Metin2. Because Rise of kingdoms brought up this crystal material to upgrade your technology and you cannot make fully crystal technology unless you spend 2235 dollars. You have to pay two thousand dollars to be competitive player. Because without crystals you cannot have the bonusses to fight at all. You will just be a punching bag for the whales. AND this game will reset and take away your crystal every month to make sure you have to buy it again for the next fight. Also, the game will always match your kingdom with bigger and stronger kingdoms that are paying less than you, and they still get the same amounts of material just because their currency and country is different. The customer service is also the worst in the world. They will never respond to you properly. They will always ignore you.
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6 years ago, gravitydefied
This game is the best I’ve played. Not because of graphics or small things that surely will be improved in the future. Because of the base of active players and how serious this game is taken. It takes you to another level, you will find friendship and camaraderie, it involves high levels of strategy, and truly gives a place for leaders to be born. It is a whole other world that Will envelope you and your time. If you don’t have several hours a day to dedicate to the teamwork involved, you will likely not succeed and become part of the bigger picture. I love the game mechanics, however I would say there are some downfalls. Things are so expensive that, the ones with big pockets are the ones that succeed best. You will see a mix of power players, those who are not wise and strategic who only succeed from the money spent, and those who dedicate completely to the game and put effort and hard work in rather than their wallets. I wish that we would get more for the money when making purchases. I also wish that members can share items and gems with other members, maybe make it only so leaders and officers can share, this way the leadership of the alliance truly picks the members up.
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This is one of the most addicting games I’ve ever played. I literally spend about 8 hours a day playing this. 😂 there’s so much you can do, from rearranging your city the way you want it, sending scouts to explore, farming recourses, scouting enemies, rallying attacks on other kingdoms/alliances, and lets not forget all of the rewards you get for completing daily challenges! They bring new things to the game all the time so you’ll never be bored! Right now they have a ‘Wheel Of Fortune’, where you can win legendary items, training speed ups for your troops, commander XP... ect. The only time you’ll ever feel bored while playing this game, is when you’re upgrading your buildings and have sent all of your troops/scouts out and there’s nothing left to do. 😂 Now, if you’re reading my review and you’re still unsure of if you want to download ‘RISE OF KINGDOMS’ because you saw someone give it one or two stars along with a bad review, just remember that no one will ever be completely happy with any game. You’ll always have people ‘b!tching’ about things they hate about the game or how it needs ‘FIXED’ 😂 but you won’t know until you see for yourself. So download this game, and come join us on ‘R.O.K.’ 🙂🤷🏻‍♀️
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3 years ago, markminn
Fun but game not balanced
I’ve played RiseOfKingdoms for about 14 days now. The game is easy to learn to a degree. It teaches you how to play while you play. The game seems pretty stable at least on the server-side. But my client crashes about once a day. The game implements mechanics for civilization development and warfare. It can be fun to play for hours and hours. You don’t have to pay to play but doing so is highly encouraged by the game itself. I tend to dump about five dollars a day into the game, but it has packages that you can buy that cost 10 times or even 50 times more! My number one criticism of the game is that it can be extremely unbalanced from a gameplay perspective. For example there can be a character or a player that is 50 times as powerful as 99% of the other players! The game has PVE & PVP play. Unfortunately you can’t get away from PVP in most situations. In my 14 days of play I have encountered Goku, Who is a player that is 50 times as powerful as me. He moves through the land and decimates everything takes all the loot moves to the next area and repeats. I thought meeting GOKU was like getting struck by lightning the first time, but I’ve already encountered him twice. I encourage you to give it a try!
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1 year ago, doomsoul909
Fun game, slight annoyance
So this game is really fun for its genre, and having played games like clash of clans coming to this is actually a breath of fresh air, as this game is well made and cares about the players. There are a lot of systems giving depth, but they aren’t so complex that you can’t understand them easily. I think the politics is one of my favorite things, to give an example my clan recently built a castle but some members are scattered and rando people are just in our territory, so me and several other clan members are pressuring the non clan members to leave the territory, which is kinda fun. My one real complaint beyond some kinda ridiculous things like building upgrade times being obscenely high, like 9 hours for a level 9 town hall upgrade. Having the time reducers is a nice mechanic, but it’s all too easy to burn thru them quickly. Another issue is on the map where forests can make it so you can’t move a building into what should be open space. An ability to remove forests on the map or move the positions of resource gathering points if they are in your clan territory would be really neat. Other than that this is really cool and definitely different from those that look like it
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3 years ago, One of Many 999
Excellent game but one huge downside
I love this game and really love to play it. Now there is one huge downside in this game and there is a easy way to fix it. Probably the most asked question: is this a pay to win game and the awnser is no, but you will never become great in this game and will be over looked unless you play 10 hours a day which for some people is the way to go. An easy way to fix this is to make free to play kingdoms where for example only people who have spent less than 40 dollars are allowed to enter. This would fix everything because it gives us a chance to really become great in this game and show what we are made of. Without it we just are the lowest players and achieve nothing or feel like that, because there are people that gain the might that you have in 200 days in less than a week. This game has done a great job of giving the chance to free to play players but it needs to go further to really give us the real feel of game play. Also the kingdom needs players who are very strong and that’s why I introduced that people who have spent a little money can still be seen as free to play which is essential for the game developers and players.
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2 years ago, Amongusbb
Good game
This is actually good but just to say that the ads about it seem to be nothing compared to the game but some ads show like ways to improve in the game, which I like. I’ve been playing for some time and it’s pretty cool… But some ads show some people with millions of power, I understand the progress. But, getting resources is key because it will help you with the tech tree more because being bankrupt in resources means that you have to get all your way back to your place. Other things I liked to talk about the civilizations. The game with having all these civilizations but I chose Rome because ads suggested me about its ability, but I realized that Spain is pretty better because giving a way higher change in resources, I’ve been trying to change my civilization to Spain but the main thing is that you'll need to grind a-lot! Some ways I’ve gotten gems where by a survey, but to be real, I think overall this game is good but I hope the devs don’t continue these fake versions of the real game because you see these hate vids making jokes about ad vr reality and really wish for more updates soon too the game. Now, Byeeee!
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3 years ago, Chase Koger
I was skeptical..
That this would be another boring CoC type game. And while it is, it’s far from boring. I find myself actually having fun gathering several items on the large playable map all while leveling up my commanders and having fun with my friends in my alliance. I would highly recommend it. The only issue that I see is late game players with very high power moving to new kingdoms, and destroying lower level people who have just began. If there were a Power Cap to when you can teleport, or a time limit depending on how long you’ve stayed in the server, this would help that issue. But other than that, this game is still rather fun. EDIT: Many months later. I believe there’s a limit to teleporting now, which is good. But the only thing I really have to add since i’ve gotten back into the game is that the ads are obnoxious and don’t really capture the essence of the game, but it still IS a GOOD game nonetheless, ads aside. Note: I stopped playing months back simply because I was burnt out over time, not because it was frustrating or anything like that. I like Vikings so coming back with a new kingdom is pretty fun this time around once again.
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2 years ago, Eddie1234567890987654321
Great game…but a few problems
RoK is a great game and I spend hours a day on it. There is always something you can do so I am never bored. There are so many great things about this game that I love… 1. Great way to meet new people 2. All the various events like the mightiest governor and warpath are fun to accomplish 3. Having you and your allies send armies to take out shrine guardians and barbarian camps. 4. Wars…fighting other governors is so much fun (and can be stressful waiting to see if they will strike back) and taking down other alliances There are a few issues though… 1. Sometimes the game crashes when I try to switch between chats 2. It is super unfair when a really strong person joins another alliance you are in a war against and attacks all your alliances cities and resource points and then goes back to their original alliance 3. Troop training time is WAY TOO LONG. Please make it shorter because I hate waiting about 12 hours for 900 lvl 3 units. Thanks for the great game! So I am forced to drop my rating a star because the customer service is poor and is SUPER UNHELPFUL. Also it says the game is for people 9+, but it is not true. I would not let your kids play this game until they put a content moderation thing in the chat because a lot of it is not kid friendly.
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5 years ago, [Wellie]
F2P Players Beware!!!
Good game but the difference of power between free to play players and pay to win players is ridiculously huge. In most events, it’s mostly p2w players who come out on top and as a result get better commanders and equipment. Basically, the stronger get stronger and the weaker stay weak. This game does nothing to help f2p players stand against p2w players. A p2w player can just buy his way into training hundreds of thousands of troops while it takes a whole day for a f2p to train two thousand. Worst thing is you only start to realize that this game is p2w later on in the game when you’ve already invested so much. I’m done with this game, I can’t play a game where it takes f2p players many months just to max one commander while it just takes a week for a pay to win player to max one out. It’s insane how huge of an advantage p2w players get over f2p players. This isn’t going to change anytime soon either, Lilith is receiving too much money from big spenders to change the game for a more level and fair playing field for all players. FREE TO PLAY PLAYERS, BEWARE. P.S : I’m aware that the developers have a family to feed and bills to pay but it’s not that hard to put limits on how much money one person can spend in a week, like seriously, there are people who’ve spent over $200,000 dollars in this game since the game’s release which was in September of last year. That’s around $500 dollars per day.
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2 months ago, Kristinfitness
Ultimate battle game! Best game ever!
I’ve been playing this game for a little under a year and I truly love it. Very addictive. I downloaded it just to play while I was bored, for example standing in line at a store but it quickly grew into the kind of game you every day, through out the whole day lol And on a even more personal note; I met my fiancé on here. I met him after a few weeks of playing the game. And even though he is in a different state than me (Me in CA and him in NY); it was love at first attack. I was a newbie and I didnt understand it then but he was/is what the gamers call a whale. He killed my troops during kill event and I got mad so I attacked him with all of my troops and they died. He sent and apologize email and helped me regain the troops I lost. We’ve spoken with each other every single day since then ❤️ The game was called rise of civilization when we met. Him and I are all about that RC life lol Update: Now we’re happily married with 2 children! Thank you RC (or RK now) this game changed my life! I’ll never stop playing this game and one day my children will play this game! My son is almost two and he likes to play on my account lol
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9 months ago, Joey D 1167
3 times
Played for about 2 years, spent moderately but still, it was really far from opening up T5’s..Left then came back a couple more times and there’s just too much stuff in this game! Now look all these games are pay to play, pay to stay relevant, pay to compete! I’m not sure why the free to play crowd keeps trying to play these games. All they’re gonna do is get frustrated! I played a couple hundred of these games, they’re all the same way.. just some less greedy than others. That’s what I look for… now from what I can see this game has become a total cash grab and I played their other game, Warpath..They totally destroyed that game! That game was great for the first year and it looks like I got out at the right time! Some advice to mobile gamers out there, if you’re not willing to spend even a little $$.. stop playing these games.. they’re all the same.. unless you just play to pass some time for fun! and please stop using the term pay to win..that is incorrect term.. just because you pay, does not mean you win! now I am giving it three stars because it’s a very tactical game.. which is cool. The graphics are great if you’re willing to spend probably about $500 a month.. and you can do OK in this game..Rocky :)
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2 years ago, Jackl3g
Read to the end :)
A wonderful strategy game! I’ve always been a bit disappointed with games like Clash of Clans which though they have a bunch of strategic options don’t allow you to freely move your troops once placed. Rise of Kingdoms has fully fulfilled and exceeded my expectations of what an open field strategy warfare game should be, to find success in this game you don’t need to spend any money (I haven’t) all you need to do is get your base leveled up quickly by using the speed ups and completing quests. One of the top priorities you should have is to join a strong alliance, even if you want to start one of your own it will probably only succeed if you have 1,000,000+ power because everyone wants a good leader, so join a good alliance and they can help you speed up your builds and reinforce your kingdom. Exploring is a big part of RoK so make sure to upgrade your scout camp so you can discover as many things as possible! In closing I was really satisfied with the unique speed ups that are unlike any other game I’ve seen and work REALLY well, and I hope you have a great time playing RoK!-Drowah of the Empathy alliance
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4 years ago, Kade677
Not nearly good enough!
I love many aspects of the game but what makes it nearly unplayable is the pay to win aspects. I feel many changes need to be made to this game, mainly the pay to win part. This game would dominate the market of the genre and be so awesome if only people who spend thousands didnt control the servers and make it unplayable. At its current state its unplayable unless you spend money. Its not even hiding the fact that you need to pay money to win, ive seen several bundles that cost alot of money for a mobile game. I could buy several good steam games for the price of the bundles that only give you alittle buff above the rest. This game definitely needs improvements if it doesnt want to pander to the highest bitter, this is a major problem for all of their games. Lets face it, they make too much money of the idiots with big wallet. I would never recommend any of their games to anyone. They are never gonna change their practices and they dont have to. Just dont download this game, you will either get sucked in (and waste money) or waste your time. Well this and this review was a waste of time, no one will read this and if they reply they will send some automated message about how their working to change the game. Stay away from this game and others they own, this is a company that uses great ideas and genres to infect with p2w aspects that utterly ruin the game. Screw this company.
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3 years ago, Elijah Schade
Game needs serious management fixes
The server my friends and I were put in is full of Asian whale accounts that spend thousands of dollars on the game and make several Alliances that are all under their “family.” This is oppressive and makes it impossible to do anything meaningful with my friends. At first when the server started, it was good, but they’ve blown up and own well over half the map. Can’t even transfer to other servers because this game’s requirements are so strict. The game is a lot of fun but it has absolutely no filter for people that make it impossible for new players. When these alliances just trade their City Hall 21 accounts between each other and stomp everyone that is five or more city hall levels below them, it’s impossible to do anything. I wish that the developers actually cared about providing a fun and fair challenge to this game instead of letting these abusive players walk all over them. That being said, if you’re planning on playing anyway, do NOT come to server #2310. It is a nightmare here and there is nowhere on the map that is safe. You can’t even harvest resources without players that are millions of power above you sending their armies to annihilate your gatherers. I hope other servers are better than this because it’s not even remotely fair.
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2 years ago, Charles Ah Kuoi
Customers mean nothing
This game is exactly what it looks. Grab and bait. I’ve played this game for 3 years. Let me break it down of how Lilith ruined this game. First year when this game came out, this game was fun and enjoyable. Players received a lot of rewards from events, drop rates of gems from barbarians were amazing and etc. Lilith decided to add an update that “prevented” boting but in reality hindered fighters from helps and making players have to use a lot speeds to heal or buy bundles for speeds. Later, Lilith decided to nuke rewards and introduce SOC and crystal tech. As if this game was bad enough as it was for being P2W. Now you must buy crystal bundles to max tech in order to compete against whales in the field. Such a rip off. As I decided to quit the game and update was added to give players the quit button for Apple users. I asked Lilith to delete my account and erase my personal information. Guess what? Lilith has once again made it extremely impossible to do something simple. They have asked me so much information and once I have provided that info, they said no and that my account was a VIP account. I warn everyone, beware of this rip off company. They DO NOT care about their community that gives them money, always finding ways to squeeze money out of players and will do whatever it takes to make your life difficult.
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3 years ago, Locker9899
Full of Bullying
Just stop lying! This game is just a pay-to-win game. And the early player takes all. If you are a beginner, none of the powerful alliance will let you join. So, in the beginning, you don’t have any of gaming experiences. You will be just like a farmer, farm, build, and upgrade yourselves. The funny thing is: this stupid game’s event follows Asian time zone. I’m in the U.S., and their events start in the late evening or early morning. Excuse me? It is just a game, not real life! Why should I suffer for rest less to play a game? Moreover, you will see thousands of crazy gamers here playing over days and nights. They will blame you for not contributing yourselves if you are not playing like them. Even in the kvk event, 90% of the fights start in the midnight or early morning. Well, if your power is under $25 Million, and you don’t have gold/orange commanders with gold/orange equipments, you are just giving killing points to the enemies. You will spend millions of resources and hundreds of days to treat or rebuild your troops. This game is good at killing your money by making every useful item chargeable. And, this game has many millionaires and billionaires. They seem like they can spend $100k or more every week or month to this game, and you will never be able to catch them. So, save your money and mood, don’t play this game. It is a fraud, no fairness.
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4 years ago, Joey1122323136262
Fun but cheaters prosper
So this game is super fun. Have been playing a full year and have made great friends, however the developers of this game allow cheaters to propers. Our server has gave the 1300 server in back to back KIngdom vs Kingdom events and each time 1300 has been allowed to use unfair exploits and botting programs to cheat. They have been reported multiple times and yet nothing is done to correct the issue. Worse than that, the service team actually had the audacity to reply to our complaints with a lie. Told the many of us who have complained, who have literally sent them screen shots of the cheaters, that everything had been fixed when in fact nothing had been fixed. So wonderful game until someone starts cheating, openly and blatantly cheating without any negative consequences. And the kicker is the gall of the service team to actually lie to us like we are idiots and wouldn’t notice that the cheating is still happening. Play fun for here but don’t spend any money on this game please. This company doesn’t deserve it when they treat their players with such disregard. If anyone wants to check out this awful cheating who is currently playing just check Lost Kingdom server 35. If you know the game look at the pass level 9 between server 1273 and 1300. It’s a real riot how first they claimed no cheating was taking place and then afterwards lied to us and said it was fixed.
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2 months ago, Lalllalaa
Was punished for something I wasn’t even online for
This is insane. I didn’t participate in an event, I wasn’t chosen to participate in this event, and I wasn’t even online at the time. But when I did sign back on I got mail that said my account was fined for unsportsmanlike conduct. Then I was told by customer support that it was because I didn’t participate in an event. Basically I was told that even though I didn’t sign up, wasn’t chosen, and wasn’t online that my account could get banned. So just be aware. If you have a job and don’t devote 100% of your time to this game your account could get banned. When I tried to ask customer support about it again they stopped replying. So good job. I once again tried to reach out to customer service. I explained I didn’t register for the event. The answer I got was the exact same. “If you registered for the event but did not participate your reputation will be deducted.” I DID NOT REGISTER. I SPECIFICALLY DIDNT BECAUSE I HAD TO WORK. I’ve said that several times but I keep getting the same answer. This is insane. I’m going to quit the game completely at this point. Customer service is completely unhelpful. You get punished by the game devs themselves for not participating in something you didn’t register for and there no way to fix it or talk to anyone. This is game is a complete waste of time. STAY AWAY.
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9 months ago, Shiloh qua
Football lover’s review
It’s an awesome and amazing game, and I play it all the time. I play this game about 6-8 hours a day or less. It’s a great game, but I’m gonna go over some problems but they’re not really that big of a deal. 1 so I know how you have to train your troops to get better but I don’t get why you have to use so much wood in like 30,000 food just to upgrade a little bit of troops but like I said it’s not that big of a deal. 2 I know I said it’s not that big of a deal but I don’t get why it takes like a day or 30 days or like a month just to upgrade City Hall. 3 I don’t get why it’s not that hard to get food and would love for me. It’s kind of hard just to get 50,000 stone, but it’s not a big big deal I just don’t get why it takes a while. 4 last one, so some days when I play this game and I’m like three hours in and I tried to attack a colony it just won’t let me attack their flag and I don’t get it like I try to sneak up on them, but it won’t let me attack or make a rally attack on them. anyway, thank you for viewing my review and I hope you have a great rest of your day bye.😄
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2 years ago, -GERMANY-
Crashing every 10 seconds, since last August
Hello. I’ve been playing Rise Of Kingdoms since January of 2019, predominantly as the German civilization. From January 2019 - July of this year, I’ve virtually had no problem in playing the game in any aspect (especially farming barbarians) . Ever since late August though, I’ve been having severe crashing issues with the game, where it would crash literally every 10 - 15 seconds. It has put a severe damper on barbarian massacres, as well as everything else I use to daily do in that game and onto my kingdom. Also, if it matters, I have an iPhone 6 Plus, so if that matters at all as to why it’s been crashing way more than usual - than fine. Even though I got this iPhone like, literally a few days - to half a week before I first installed this game. So...i don’t really know, if you all see this, i’m hoping you could put in some other kind of update to officially fix the crashing issue. Overall though, this is a really fun game, it’s just that the crashing issue has (as I said earlier) put a very severe damper on my general enjoyment of the game as a whole.
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2 years ago, fisncosbfosb
I want to like this game but I can’t.
I’m giving this game 3 Stars (If you wanted to do what I did and join the game with your friends or in my case siblings and start your own alliance.) because you can’t do that, there is a system called “immigration” and it’s so difficult to get into the same kingdom as your friends and start an alliance. They give you a “beginners immigration pass” at the start that does nothing because when you try to immigrate it will say one of a few things barring you from doing so, either it will say “current season not supported.” Or it will say “Entry of Governers with beginner pass not yet capped” whatever that means but essentially you have 10 days from the day you start to immigrate to another kingdom and if you dare upgrade past city hall 7 they take it from you, if you are a solo player that likes to interact with only strangers in the world and join an existing alliance, or start one and recruit people in the kingdom the game gives you its 5 stars. Because the game itself if fun but for me wanting to play it with my family I have to grind all the way up to city hall 16! And so do they. It’s ridiculous go place state of survival because they don’t make it hard to join your friends.
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