Rise Up! Protect the Balloon

4.3 (782.8K)
255.1 MB
Age rating
Current version
AI Games FZ
Last update
3 months ago
Version OS
13.0 or later
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User Reviews for Rise Up! Protect the Balloon

4.35 out of 5
782.8K Ratings
3 years ago, CloudDraws
Love the game, but some problems
I love this game and play it a lot! I even have gone past level 45 more than once! But, I have a few problems with the game. First of all, when you get past level 45 nothing happens. The game just continues through more levels and as much as I know it loops forever. Not sure exactly what happens when you run out of levels since I’ve only gotten to 53, but still. Please add something for getting through all that! Second, is a problem with the ads. I’m completely fine with the ads in the game, but after a while of playing it stopped offering me ads to continue? I then tried to use the other ads or just lose and get them but they completely stopped working. Please fix this glitch. Last, the premium thing. Why is it 3.99 a WEEK for only a little bit of stuff? You guys do know the only people who actually would buy that stuff is rich people who want to show off (not likely) or kids who don’t know the concept of money. (Which anyways their parents would cancel it immediately) you guys can improve by either making it a one-time purchase or just not offering it at all. As many people already said, you put lots of ads in optional or not, so I’m not sure why this subscription is even here since you should be getting enough through ads. That’s it for the review though, please mark this as helpful so the developers can see this.
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6 years ago, bobby_drk
Cool it with the ads people!
This game is great for those 2 minutes when you have free time or you are waiting for something. It’s pretty fun and challenging as well. However, the only reason this review isn’t 5 out of 5 stars is because of the ads. Every time I die another ad plays. Whether you select the ‘continue?’ option or not it plays an ad so it’s not even worth it. Now I know that most games have a bunch of ads all the time to make money or whatever, but surely there’s something you could work out where there isn’t as many ads or a no ad version. Just look at all the other reviews for this app that complain about the ads and you will see that there is definitely a problem. I have an idea for one solution and you can take it or leave it. Maybe there could be something where you can play for 15-30 minutes then it shows a longer ad that you can’t skip if you want to continue. Leave everything else the same including the ‘continue?’ option where you continue from where you died. That’s it. Everything else was good JUST KNOW THAT THERE ARE WAY TOO MANY ADS!!!!!
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2 weeks ago, Noodle Fox
Critical glitch
So I came back to playing this game just now and it was going alright, but I got a really bad glitch that makes the game basically impossible, unfair, and really not fun. So I’ve run into this glitch a couple of times where the next level’s obstacle will load as you’re in the part where it transitions to the next level. And the worst part about it is that it does not give enough reaction time to even recover. It places the obstacle right in front of the balloon, so if you don’t have the little protector right on the balloon, you’ll die. I’ll share one time that this happened that made it really annoying and unfair. So, I was just getting past the obstacle where the sticks fly in from the sides looking like this \ / (or an alternate desc is like birds). This one goes pretty late and keeps going close to the transition, so I believe I remember I was just at the end of it and near the transition section, when the next obstacle spawned. It was the one where they provide you with a thing (looks like ,—, or like |__| but upside down) to protect the balloon from the little balls with (this level is one of the impossible ones anyways) and it loaded in the thing you’re supposed to use to protect the balloon right in front of it, and I died. So so annoying and stupid, I hope it gets fixed. Otherwise, it’s kinda unplayable. PS the game was never very entertaining to me anyways
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6 years ago, Hecccccccccckkkkkkkkkkkkk
Rising up review
This game has a very interesting concept and is a very fun challenge, however there are just far too many things that annoy me which makes the game unplayable. First off there are a billion ads on this game... every single time you lose (which is going to happen all the time) an ad rolls every time and it is infuriating. Also, there is this beginning part you have to play every single time you die which is so obnoxious. I don’t understand why it’s there, and it makes me not want to give it another try because the beginning part is so annoyingly repetitive. Another complaint I have with this game is that some of the levels are so unbalanced it’s ridiculous. Some levels are far too easy and some levels are near impossible. There are a few levels I have never been able to beat, and there are a few levels I’ve never lost on as well. Also, when there are a lot of things going on on the screen, it can get horribly laggy and make the game not worth playing. Finally, the game is just plain boring. There has to be something else added to the game to make it more fun to play. There has to be something else than a balloon design I can earn from playing the game that makes me want to come back to it. There also needs to be sound added, and it needs to be more visually stimulating than just different colors every level.
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5 years ago, Envy Scooters Girl
It’s fun but glitches and way to many ads
Okay don’t get me wrong this game is super fun but I have a few issues with the game in general 1. There are way too many ads! This game is kinda hard and every time my balloon pops and I get back to the main page there is an advertisement like maybe have it where like every 5 times you die there is advertisement but not every time AND PEOPLE ALL YOU have to do is put on airplane mode and turn off WiFi cause advertisements need WiFi so then you get no ads 2. This game just made me so mad right now okay I was on level 42 out of 45 and the game just like pauses and the whole freakin thing exits and that really makes me made because I have never gotten that far my highest is like only 30 out of 45 levels so this glitch needs to be fixed. 3. This glitch doesn’t really bother me but if you playing the game, exit (as in click the home button) and than come back on than the balloon will just be like going up and nothing is happening and than your is still up with no obstacles so maybe fix this glitch So I PROMISE that if the producers lower the amount if advertisements and fix those two glitches I mentioned than I will change my rating to 5 stars and recommend this game to all my friends so thank very much!
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4 years ago, ava262
I don’t know what u r going 4
This game is really just meh to be honest with you. I mean it’s just kinda boring. The levels are either to easy or to hard no in between. Also there are so many adds it is like most of the game is just an add because you get one every time you die (which is a lot because I’m pretty sure almost nobody can actually get past more than 6 obstacles). And also it is almost like the funnest part of the game is picking out the color of the balloon (sorry but it’s the truth). I mean it is really just boring some of the obstacles are impossible and it really doesn’t feel like it is worth it to have the game on my phone anymore (after 4 days). There is no sound and nothing really going on in the game. Also I can only get the protectors it comes with because the adds for the protector won’t work no matter what I do. And nobody really knows this game it is just kinda unpopular with kids of any age. So sorry you had a cute concept but it didn’t work in my eyes and I will be deleting mainly cause all the adds I would keep it if not for that but yah overall really the game was Meh!
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6 years ago, I go to nessacus
Great game. Not so great obs
I think it gives you a nice feeling when you are playing the game..but some of the objects that you try to block are way to small and hard. You try to get your shield as close as you can to the ballon but if the shield touches it it pops! And you can’t defend those objects, I don’t know why it is rated greatest game of 2018 because it’s a little bit a waste of money. I wouldn’t get it if I where you. and also no one talks about the app so no one really knows about it. The millionaire that made this is a big fool and made a stupid game that isn’t even popular to people in my school...trust me. When there is a game that is known, people talk. Like the game fortnite. But OH EVERYONE KNOWS ABOUT IT is not true. What a big waste of money guys! DONT GET IT!!! The people that are writing good things about it is because it’s THE NEW GAME!! SO HAPPY!!! UNICORNS 🦄 AND RAINBOWS 🌈 but they hate it inside. They just like to get the top game because it might be something someday. Well not this game. Don’t get this game. Do yourself a favor and save your 1.29 on fortnite or a real game like helix jump. What a waste. The most fun part about this game is picking out the flipping ballon color. Big deal.
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2 weeks ago, Unknown_1238
Why is this even a game?
I have sooooo many problems with this game. One, there is way too many ads. I can’t even play for a minute without an ad popping up. 😡😡Secondly, why is it rated 17+? It is a game where you protect a balloon! Why is there such a high rating. I think it could have a rating of 5+! It’s not inappropriate, not violent, and there is no adult content. Thirdly, it glitches for me too often. Sometimes, I finish a level and the next level randomly appears in the same level and I lose because it catches me off guard. It’s happened too many times for it to just be a malfunction. Lastly, it’s so boring. I saw the ads for this game and thought it would be so fun, so I downloaded it. Then when I went onto the game it was completely opposite. There are so many repeats of levels, and I’ve probably done each level 100 times. I think you could add more levels, and also make it a bit more exciting. It’s very calming sometimes but it can get so boring if I just want to play for fun. I’ve actually gotten to level 100 and there are soo many repeats I just exit the game because I’m too bored. So developers, please take away the ads, maybe change the rating, fix the glitched, add more levels, and make it not so boring because it’s so boring I wish there was a zero star because that’s how bad the game is.
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5 years ago, utahM
Rise up review
Overall, I really enjoy this game but there are is one thing that is very annoying. My biggest problem with the game is how whenever you get to level 27 it restarts you back to one every time! I have gotten to 27 a lot and then it just resets to 1 and then when you do it from there and get 27 it still resets you back to one. I have beaten the game multiple times but of course do that flaw it never actually lets me finish the game. This game is pretty easy but annoying if you can never actually finish all 45 levels. I have gotten to 60 levels but it never acknowledges that. Because I just keep going to 27 then it restarts even though you didn’t pop the balloon. So I have gotten to 27 multiple times on the same turn but it never lets me finish the game. I hope this makes sense but please fix it because I want to beat the game already and not have to keep restarting multiple times on the same turn...... yes it keeps my score the same through it all but I want it to actually tell me that I have completed it and I want it to say 45/45! Please please please fix this soon! But I don’t have any other complaints..... the game is pretty easy just again annoying when you can never win and can only lose..... thank you for reading this if you’ve made it this far!
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6 years ago, Millikenb
Amazing, but room to improve
I mean it was a good game for the 10 minutes I played it. I had to go to brunch and closed out the app when I left. Now when I try to get back in to the game the beginning screen where all it says is “Rise Up” is frozen. I can’t get back onto the game, it’s such a bummer because when I want to play it I can’t now. Another thing is that there is SO many adds! Like, I’m almost positive I’ve seen this Rover ad a gazillion times, same with the toy blast. The ads take all the fun out of this amazing game, and, being an adult, I know that you guys got to make some money, and I respect that. Just PLEASE reduce the absurd amount of ads in this amazing game, I really want to play this awesome game again so please fix this! Another idea is to maybe add some sound or a settings button to make this game more fun than it already is! I am giving you guys a three star because I feel that you have great potential, and this game will become an award winning mobile game in the US, the reason I gave you three stars instead of five is because you still have room for improvements to make this game the most addictive app ever. I wish the developers of my new favorite game luck in the journey yet to come! Good luck and Thank You!
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3 years ago, lizzt1234
Pls read if your thinking about getting this app❤️
Hi!!!!!!!!! I don’t have anything *mean* to say about this great app, but there are some problems with it. 1. If you lock your phone, or something like that, then it glitches and you automatically die. I’m not sure if that’s my phone or the game. 2. The music really makes it relaxing, but……it is also frustrating. If I’m trying to pass, I will focus on the the music to calm me, but I die anyway and get mad at myself. I feel that they could add better music. 3. When you die, or leave the app, it doesn’t save your game or your progress. I’m at not the type of girl who stays on her phone for a hour or so. I wish it had auto save or something to save your progress. 4. I think it could have better graphics. That’s all I have to say for that one. And last, 5. I think it could have a better description on it. Give a little more detail. The way they made it sound was this was going to be easy, but it’s really hard, especially with no auto save. But other than that, I love this game, if you could just change some things, that would make it even better, I hope you have a lot of fun with the app!!!!!!!!!!
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4 years ago, E Duerr
Finally a game that’s hard🤓
First of all I woke up five minutes ago and I’m using the speech button so things seem a bit… offDon’t get upset I’m one of those people I don’t mind ads and I like the games whereThey are nice and easy like fun race 3-D tie dye stack ball bike hillBecause they’re fun and easy but I’ve always wanted a challenge this game I thought would be like the others because it always says “ only 1% can reach the top” I was like oh another of these games guess I’ll just get it it is so hard! I love it that way oh and one more thing about the ads i’ve heard complains about them don’t stop the number of Ads coming in I love them and if you don’t like them turn off your Wi-Fi or by the no ads if not those work for you you are a stupid stuck up jerk that is selfish and thinks they should have a life perfect Developer response thank you for giving your wonderful feedback we love it when people like you give wonderful things like that it improves our business thank you very much and what you said about the no ads and buying them and stuff we agree with you
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3 years ago, Jcberry84
So I want to make this review because I’ve been playing this probably of started playing in the 2019 and there hasn’t been many updates it is definitely newer levels and stuff like that but I keep getting the same levels levels over and over again so it’s just those over and over again even if I get up to level 45 which I don’t really like but it’s OK and also I think am I opinion that high well you guys should add new levels and I normally play with my friends and they say the same thing also you should add in my opinion you should add like different categories so like you could do easy and then like medium or hard that’s just a suggestion that you could do the back onto about the actual game and look what it says now so I realize that it’s getting quite laggy and my stuff is good Internet so I just hope that you read this and see what’s wrong and going on in my opinion by the way this is not trying to be rude and this is just my opinion my helpful and I hope this is helpful in someway and but it’s a really really fun game I love it by
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6 years ago, Naira Goplee
Ehhhh 😐
Alright.. So I have this game, and it is very creative and well designed however, obviously I do have many complaints. First of all, I do want to mention that this game has an amazing concept and it is pretty addictive. When I first downloaded this game I loved it and I still do but there are things about the game that disappoint me to the point where I feel like never playing this game ever again. One thing that I absolutely hate is THE ADS! They literally spam this game after every level. I legit feel helpless about such problem. A second problem that upsets me is how touchy the controls are. They aren’t very stable especially when I warm up by twisting and twirling my controls. Another thing that i saves for last is an important one. Aside from how much I incredibly love this game, I feel like it will, soon get boring. I personally think that the creators should update the game more often and make certain levels harder. That’s just my opinion though. Overall I totally enjoy this game! I do definitely recommend this game to anyone!
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4 years ago, lapisl123
I saw this game in an add and it look really fun! But after downloading and playing it for only 5 minutes I was angry and frustrated while playing. First of all, levels (even early ones) are incredibly hard and nearly impossible to beat! Also, let’s say you are at level 4 and you die, it takes you all the way back to the beginning to level 1! If you die you COMPLETELY have to start over! It mad me immediately angry and I didn’t want to play the game. Its annoying to have to click continue and watch an add for every single level if we want to pass. Also there is a lot of lag. Idk if it’s just the WiFi I’m using or if it is the actual game, but if it is that needs to be fixed. I do think that this game had a lot of potential and it could be fun if these things were fixed, but at the moment I do NOT recommend this game. I have seen other comments saying similar things so it’s not just me being picky. I really do want to play this game but I just can’t deal with the current problems. It may or may not be different for you so if you want try it out but definitely for me a one star review. Thank you for reading and I hope that this is helpful. And if the developers are reading this PLEASE take note of what I said and FIX IT!!!
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6 years ago, Ashley92729262
Rise it is a... good game. Although the game has its pros, it has a lot more cons. One pro being that the game is challenging. Many people out there are competitive, making it so they keep playing this game until they’ve finally reached the final level. That’s about it for the pros. The first very obvious con I’d like to point out is the extreme amount of advertisements. Every time you fail a level, it brings up an advertisement. I’ve played for about 5 minutes today and every time I failed a level, the same two advertisements played. I know, I know. You have advertisements so you can profit off the game, but do you really need that many ads? You could just make a “skip level” option that could make you just as money as what you’re making with these ads, and you’ll leave less people angry with the amount of advertisements. Speaking of advertising, I’ve so far only seen two different videos. Keep in mind that I played the game for about 5 minutes, failed multiple times, and saw about 30 ads. Could you, at the very least, play different ads? If I have to watch an ad, it might as well be pleasing to the eye. My overall review of this game: it could be a great game if it wasn’t for all the ads! -Ashley
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5 years ago, #1_truth_teller
The adds are no problem just press the right button
Okay so if you read any of the other reviews you can tell that a lot of people are complaining about ads... well they are really no problem. On the screen after you die if you wait a few seconds under the continue button (with the add symbol) it says “NO, GIVE UP” well if you press that you won’t have an add. But if you press the continue button it will give you an add but the game will give let you go right back where you were and you won’t have to go back to the beginning. Now all games give you adds but you won’t have an add after every death. (The adds are also not that long) As I kind of mentioned earlier the continue button has an add symbol next to it indicating that you will have an add. So saying that pressing the continue button always gives you an add and you can’t get around it is not okay because the add symbol is there saying that your going to get and add for crying out loud!!! No besides the add issue this game is really fun and challenging.
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6 years ago, Emlove15
Rise up is a very unique and wierd game. That is a complement. I have never seen a game like it where with other games they copy and copy! How many dragon games are there? It is very fun and if you scrolling threw the reviews to see if the app is good or not then you should get it (or maybe not) but first look at the next paragraph. There is one problem though. ADDS!!!! Everyone understands. You need to pput them ( Money/sponsoring ) but there is no need for so many! When you first get the game there are barely any adds but the more you play the more adds you get. You can still put the adds but randomly. After everytime I play I get an add. The bad part is it is the same "angry birds" one every single time. Why?!? When I die and the "watch an add to continue" thing comes up I press "no thanks" but I still get put threw an add! When I press no thanks, it means I do not want to watch an add! I looked at the other reviews others have this problem. You are just choosing not to pay attention to this. You are going to have to at some point and it might as well be now. So please, the game is really fun but I am going to have to delete it if this problem isn't solved.
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6 years ago, gynast pro
This game is so much fun I don’t really enjoy the adds but man this game rocks like the I can’t get past the first level but it still is fun! But the adds man why so many I’ve had an add interrupt my game I’m guessing you put the adds in so we will be in couraged to get these games but there are just way to many adds I know so many people are reporting on adds because yeah it’s a problem but what I’ve noticed often from games I play when your in the begging of the game like level one you get so many adds so I’m really really really really hoping that as I get into the game more that these adds start going away so I can play the game without adds messing me up! Also some obstacles are just impossible to get through for instance the balls they just won’t move no matter what I do I just can’t move them old I could find somebody’s day who good I would be so so so so so so so so so impressed so please I hope you fix these two problems if you do thank you so much! Otherwise I love this game -YourRiseUpfamefan
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6 years ago, Amalia327
Pretty good but needs less ads. The game also needs to be more predictable.
First, the ads. Every two plays you have to watch an ad to continue playing. I’ve heard from other people that sometimes it shows an ad in the middle of your gameplay. That hasn’t happened to me yet but I hope it won’t anytime soon. The ads don’t bother me SO much that I would delete the game and never play it again, but you should have an ad like every ten plays. Second, whenever I play this game, there’s suddenly pillars or obstacles coming from the sides and behind me. It could make people (and me) mad when you get hit by one of those. When it’s a noob’s first time playing the game, on level two he or she could die straight away because of those long triangles that come out from the sides. Maybe the game should have like a mode where the obstacles are always the same so people won’t be as surprised. I mean, the surprises shouldn’t really be considered as BAD, but sometimes you just don’t want to be surprised like that. With the ads -1 1/2 stars and the surprises-1/2 stars I think this game should get a 3 star rating.
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3 years ago, mjb224
Love the game but some problems.
I love playing this game, I love how I can play it in the car on a road trip or just for fun, but there is a few problems. First, the adds there’s whey to many, every time you die you get an add, and that’s annoys me. Second, There’s this bug where if you use the blue rectangle and tap the ballon on the top then middle then bottom your ballon fly downwards instead of upwards, and I was playing one time and the ballon went randomly really fast and got me killed. So, please fix this. Lastly, the subscription, it’s way too over priced all you get is a couple of balling and protects for $3.99 which is way to over priced for those thing. Honestly you should lower it because nobody is buying that other than rich people and little kids who don’t understand how money works (and parents would decline immediately). You could lower it to at least a $1.99 or even $0.99. That’s all if you could developers please fix these thing and overall this is a really fun game.
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3 years ago, Guillermo59urmom
Love It!!
I’ve been playing this game for a while now, and I absolutely love it! I think that the concept is really unique and the creators did a really nice job with it all. One of my complaints that I have noticed that I have been getting the same 5 or so levels every game for the first part. I know that levels repeat, but really?! There are 45 levels and I am stuck with the same 5 every game. It makes the game a lot slower for me, especially since I can very easily pass them now. I would just say to mix up the levels a little more and maybe balance them a little more too. Some levels are super easy, while others are near impossible. I know that it is supposed to make the game challenging, but it gets a little frustrating when I have a good run, but I end up dying because of these super hard levels. Overall, I highly recommend this game for people who have a little spare time on their hands.
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3 years ago, The legend add
This game is ok but has sum things that I just can’t stand like when you lose you get so many adds, and it is so challenging to win like , and when you get to level 10 it is like the game glitches out and and you can’t get any higher or when you do get higher in levels it just so hard and one little error can mess up the whole entire game. The game developer’s should put in a easy,medium,and hard mode and some time when you select some thing it will not stay on the protector it will change to the default it is ridiculous I am only giving this a five star so people can see how bad of a game it is I will be giving this a one star at when the developers reply . Or I will give it a five star if they reply and fix some of the problems. Money hungry idiots make us pay to remove adds I know that’s joyous make money but after every time I die the should not be a add every time. Don’t download this game unless you want to rage or break something.
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4 years ago, ptenna1889
doesn’t deserve all this criticism
This is my favorite game to play. There is a large variety of challenges so it doesn’t get repetitive, but just enough that you can get good at each challenge. They just added music and it made the vibe 1000% better... great move. There is one or two ads at the end of each round but if you’re good enough at the game it’s not too bad at all.. also just play in airplane mode. The ads are not THAT annoying. Also maybe i’m just really good at the game but i don’t think it’s that hard at all. In fact I would say it’s a perfect combination of challenging but still possible and it’s just perfect. I love this game the vibes are so nice and sweet and i’ve played so much that i have special ways to get passed each level... it’s so fun. still trying to get to level 45... i usually get about 20 and my highscore is maybe 30. The good vibes that are this game don’t deserve this hate and i take personal offense from the one star reviews. Thank you.
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3 years ago, 2939339
Love this game so muchhhhh!!
So I use to have it on my old phone and I was such a pro at it, but my phone broke and I was so sad I couldn't play it since it's such a stress relief. Soon I got a new phone and I must say it does work better than before, and my love for it has not changed, however, I do recommend updates and more difficulties. Maybe you could change how hard the players want it to be. Like easy, medium, and hard because when I started out I was soo bad, so I think this would be a lot more calming for beginners. Although the game is perfect as it is, I recommend fewer ads and making it easier to skip. Although the ads aren't out of control and to many. I got stuck in an ad many many times and spent a lot of time trying to get out of it. This might not be the games fault but just be careful who you sponsor for your ads. Anyways, this game is so fun and I don't get why some people don't like it!
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6 years ago, cutieunicorn🦄
How I found this game
I found this game by a video and it was on one of my old games so I thought to myself how did they do these wonderful graphics still a few months later I found it and tried to download it but it did not work the first time so one week later past and I am here today at my hotel in Orlando and I Saulet in the App Store and downloaded it so it took about a few times but finally it worked I downloaded Rise Up I was so excited to go on it for the first time then I lost to write what I want on it but then I started doing it again and again and again and I got pretty good but I am still learning and I still playing this great well graphic Game and I will probably never delete it can’t wait to play it right when I leave Orlando there is nothing I have to say that is wrong to about the game it’s so prefect that’s why I put all five stars for this game hopefully you make something similar to this and I will totally download it goodbye👧🏽
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6 years ago, Crazypugdoge
This review will help you: read it please. This app is THE BEST! I downloaded it yesterday and ever since I haven't stopped playing! Sure, it's hard passing some of the levels. But so what? It's a great challenge for your brain (you'll start getting the hang of it). Don't listen to other bad reviews. Erase from your mind everything they said. This incredibly fun app rocks! I just have a few requests.#1 cut down the adds😒 #2 I'm not sure if it's just my phone, but this app keeps glitching and crashing on me when I'm in the of the game!😠 I'm really disappointed #3 They really need to add a pause button.😑 Please fix it people! (In the the meanwhile, "pause" the game by by going to the "kill the app" screen during your game and tap the app when you're ready). Besides that, please download this stress relieving, brain-working, awesome game.😺👍🏼🌟 Like a review I read said, Don't listen to to others, (they're crazy) and get this game now!!!!!!!!🎉🎈
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2 years ago, Mcbrainface
It’s great, a few things
I really love the basic concept of the game and how they apply this in the game play but I have been playing this game for a few years and I think that it would be great if they added more skins such as maybe a cat skin or a peace sign skin. They could also add a station where if you complete 11 levels that you could make your own skin with lots of different colors and shapes and objects as well as some cute clouds or faces but the game is pretty good other than the skins issue I have but it has fun and hard levels, easy and addictive ones to! If I were you which I am not I would download this game as soon as you read this and get to playing! This game is seriously awesome and fun the game play could not be better. only one issue with the skins is serious and hard to get that good of a game, thanks for reading and download the game see if you like it, I know I do!
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1 year ago, eoddgzsgktsxnju
Great game, weird glitch
So I love this game it’s SUPER FUN but a few things, there are ads every 2 levels and it’s fine but it gets kind of annoying, second there is this very weird glitch like very weird, so when you have the rectangle protector, like the dark blue one well when you hit the balloon on the right side, even lightly it’s starts to just go up and up and up and…. Well you get it and your score goes up but you don’t move up levels and it stays like that till you delete the tab and re-enter the gam. (Yes it’s very weird) third and finally some of the levels you don’t even have to do anything like it may come near the balloon but it won’t hit it so you just sit there through that level. But other than those few things this is a great game! I recommend it to you, and if you are deciding if you should or not, go for it you will enjoy it!!!
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4 years ago, Levi Albert
Not bad overall
Rise Up is a game about moving an bubble-like object to protect a balloon from various obstacles. There are 45 levels, but they are randomized. There are ads, but they aren’t overwhelming. Play on airplane mode if they bother you. There is enough of a challenge to stop the game from immediately losing effect, but there are definitely improvements to be made. For one, there should be more modes that are free to access. The main game isn’t enough content to keep you interested for long. And there aren’t updates at all. Once you know the levels, it gets boring over time. I also feel the atmosphere would be better with a soft music soundtrack. Overall, not a bad game by any means, but a bit too minimalistic. It can afford more content and music, in addition to frequent updates. If you haven’t played, I would recommend playing for a little while to enjoy it, but don’t expect it to be your favorite game.
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2 months ago, i hate it?
As a single mother struggling with divorce and several counts of theft and trespassing, I needed a way to relive stress, so I turned to alcohol. I ran out of money, and needed a new way to cope, so I got a job at the car dealership and started playing this game, because I got bored while I was on the clock. This game is so horrid and is a sorry and disgusting excuse for entertainment. I would very much like to speak with the developers, because they should formerly apologize to the general public and immediately remove this app off any platform, as it is not fit for human consumption. The game is a rated at a lowly 17+ for age? This games graphics are so shockingly poor that it tore my scleras apart and made me physically ill. The colours of every oddly geometric shape are simply blindingly neon with atrocious patterns. The sheer amount of ads is just simply inexcusable. I do NOT recommend this game to anyone under the age of 30, due to its brain rot inducing stress. However, I strongly encourage anyone who has had to witness this plainly gross platform to seek immediate mental health care and legal action to support the justice system. Thanks for your time.
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7 months ago, Alexis bissett
In summary, the game is alright.
Before my review, I'd like to say that I'm no critic. I will be rating this app off of four qualities, 1) Ads, 2) the basic game, 3) the challenge games. Starting off on a low note for ads, I can give this a 2.3/10. My reasoning: There is just SO many ads in this game! You can usually get through 1 balloon pop without an ad. And don't even get me started with the balloon skins. Going for a higher note here, we've got a 6.7/10 for the basic game. My reasoning: The basic game is pretty good, but the programming on the handle (the thingy that helps you protect your balloon) is what makes it a 6.7/10. Going for an even higher note here, we have a 7.4/10 for the challenge games. My reasoning: The challenge games are pretty good, though they take a while, and are not worth your time while playing this game.(again, this is my opinion!). Instead, your time should be spent checking out the other ammenities that this app has to offer.
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4 years ago, horsesrule!!!!
Worst Game Ever 🤬
I hate this game a lot. I do not know why I play it. It has so many ads, Like SOO many, and there are a lot of glitches. The music is so boring, change it to something more enjoyable please 😒 And this game, ugh. Sometimes, when I am playing, it automatically exits the app. SO ANNOYING. And I wish you would take away the ads. At this point, not watching ads after EVERY TIME YOU FAIL would be great. And some of these levels it feels like you can’t pass. And I would love it if you gave more color options. HERE ARE MY COMPLAINTS Glitches, ads, more colors, boring music, impossible levels, ads, ads, ads. Oh and did I say ads? ADS!! This game feels like nothing but ads! And, sometimes it changes my protector’s color, automatically. SOOO ANNOYING, OH MY GOD!!! And did I complain about ads yet? Oh yeah, this game IS nothing BUT FREAKING ADS!!!! And if I would rate this game, I would rate it a zero, but that is not an option so I had to rate it one, but just know I would rate it zero. And I was reading other reviews, HOW CAN YOU PEOPLE POSSIBLY LIKE THIS GAME??? For all the people out there reading this review, hear me, do not play this game!
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5 years ago, PJ-AT8
For the first week
Epic game but it’s ok great to be able for the others too but I don’t have any more game of the year and the game won’t working on my phone so I will have to pay to play the next game and it ends at least two times now I can’t remember if it was a new one or two or so different I guess it’s not all that great but it looks good thanks again thanks for the help and I hope that I is resolved soon thanks again thanks so I hope your days are good for your day too good yum hope you’re doing better thanks so I hope your evening works better and better be good for sure thanks so sorry I missed you call me when I was leaving and I’ll be back at noon to see you tomorrow thanks so sorry for the help you guys in my car thanks again for the good help and help you get here to work on my work I can have you guys come to the house if you want me to call or call you I love to
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6 years ago, Ark. Diamond
Good idea, but gameplay is unfair
I really like the art style and simplicity of the game, but I feel like the game is rigged with some levels. Some levels have obstacles that you wouldn’t be able to figure out right away, so your balloon will get popped immediately (which I think is unfair. It’s not a matter of “getting good” at the game). I personally think that the levels being random every time you start playing is my biggest complaint. What if it starts off with a level you’re not good with to begin with? You’ll lose immediately, and the next time you start a new game, it probably won’t be the same! The ads don’t help much either with my frustrations, but it’s how money is made. I downloaded this game because it looked really fun in the ads, but I was very disappointed after a few days. It’s a great idea for gameplay, but it can be unfair with the random levels it chooses for you to play. I only recommend it for people who have a lot of time on their hands to actually master it.
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6 years ago, Agms2006
Some issues...
This game is wonderful and very well thought out and fun. This is one of the most used apps on my phone. There are just some things I just can’t work with. Here are some of my issues. Where do I get started, this app doesn’t open half the time I try. I have to keep clicking on it. Let’s say I tried to get into the game ten times today, I would only get into the game about four times out of the ten. Does that make sense? I also have my little ball that doesn’t move a lot of times. It is hard for me to want to open the game even if I know it’s not going to open. I don’t want to be rude cause I am not a rude person at all, and I am being very gracious with the stars, but I would just like you to please take those into consideration and please do improve if there is a way. There is a glitch that needs to be taken care of right away if you want to keep your business running. Thank you and please do look into those comments and try to find a cure! -agms2006
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4 years ago, jisoo_sooya
Some stufs to be fixed
Hell this game is pretty good! But,…sadly some stufs made it boring i will number them 1- aloooot of ads ( when i play i really like it but when i see an ad i really deleted the app these ads made many people to delete this game i hope there wont be more ads ) 2-i really like the game but the starter is vry bad why there is a starter when people want to go by number in this game the leveles are like this :- Starter : very very very easy Level -1-: very easy Level-2-:kinda easy Level -3-: impossible Level -4- easier than anything Level -5- : i really dont know what to say about this level its really like “what the heck is this “ So these make people to find this game horrible 3-i really like the challenges but the same color in the background always makes me to loose like i really hate the color or stable backgrounds . 4-there are no music ! Why? Put a nice music or sound effectes for the game 5- or there is nothing to achive where you win the game you can do this :- Achive money or gems when wining Put nice background for gems to buy where you get while winning Then the thingy where you use to protect the balloon the colors or the others can be bought by money or gems where it will be pretty fun to play !!!!! So thet’s it for now i hope these will be fixed bye !! Have a good time !!
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6 years ago, NNebula
Too many ads, bad touchscreen controls.
I’d like to start off with the touchscreen controls, first off they are irresponsive and slow, this may be a feature but it doesn’t go well with the levels which leads me to my second point. I played for around a few days here and there and couldn’t get passed the third level. This is because the levels are next to impossible to beat. You simply can’t react in time for some of the stuff and you can’t get better at it because it’s randomly generated to an extent (It mixes and matches basically). And after every death there is an ad. At this point you have ruined your game by making it basically unplayable. The replay ability is 0 and the chances you’ll get past level 3 (which there’s 45 btw) is next to impossible. Also the objects are stronger than the shield that you get so there’s that, basically fast moving objects move your shield out of the way and pop your balloon instantly. Dark souls is easier... and that’s saying something. I don’t think I’m crossing the line when I say I’d rather eat a bag of scabby dicks than play this game another day.
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5 years ago, Weeeeeeellllllll.....
So it was good and people say that if you touch the ballon with your protector it pops. That never happened to me so I will just say that it is good and I hope you get it. The adds we can fix though. People also say that there is an add every time you die but there is not. There are only adds if you die late in the game. If you die like at say 120 then you will not get an add. But past that you probably will. When I want a new protecter like the shield or a new ballon like the black and white one then it will make you watch three adds and then you can get it. But sometimes it does not work and I have to get out of the app and start over again and sometimes THAT doesn’t work. Anyway I hope you have fun with this game if you get it and I hope the developers make a better version so that when you want to watch the add you can and it doesn’t make you go out then back in and refresh it. Have fun!!!
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6 years ago, JennFromMI
Potential, but hard to improve your skills, and the ads
Ads are definitely a problem in this game. I don’t have problems with ads in general on free games, that’s why they are free, but they have to work correctly. Most of the time, the game continues on BEHIND the ad, so if you choose “watch ad” to continue the game, the game just goes on without you as the ad plays so by the time you sit through the ad, you’ve lost again without any opportunity to play. So don’t bother to continue. As far as the game itself, it has potential, but there are soooooo many levels that come at you randomly that it’s very difficult to figure out how to deal with any given setup and improve your performance, since you may see it one out of 50 attempts. Also, some of objects react so randomly it’s tough to adjust game play. For example, some lines break when you hit them, some stay solid, and by the time you see what’s going to happen, it’s too late to do anything about it. I really wanted to like this game, but I really just can’t recommend it.
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6 months ago, FT914
Why does this keep happening!!
Hello, now this is a great game and all but there is this one problem. So every time I get through one level it will start to glitch out. Like teleporting to the next level for no explanation, and this is like frequent. Sometimes this is somewhat helpful and sometimes really annoying, so let’s say that I’m getting to level 5 and then I just teleport to level 6 and die almost immediately. Now how this glitch can help me is that when I have that level when there is that little box there then little squares start to shoot at you then I glitch to the next level and it’s the little bird level and somehow the box saves me. Now I remember one game there was this other glitch that also I guess connected to the teleporting glitch. I was in the bird level for a second than teleported to the next level watching the birds follow my ballon, but they fell. Hopefully you got this and please fix this thanks!
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4 years ago, Fortniteplayer poobyj
Good enough game to play whenever
So, my favorite game on my iPad, I can’t stop playing. I like that you can chose different balloons and protectors giving it a nice kick. But, like any game like this, there are to many ads. Also, let’s say you hit a block up, and it flies up to the next level, you are ruined. If that is part of the game, than good job making me mad. But if the developers put a level barrier between each level, so when you shoot stuff up it does not hit stuff from the next level, that would make the game still ah e enough challenge, but make the game so much more fun, and less people will delete the game. Because I have deleted and re downloaded this game like 10 times, so if you could have less ads, like 1 every 4 games instead of every other, and if you have a level barrier so that stuff does not fly up and ruin your next level, I would give it five stars five times.
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1 year ago, I ❤️mickey
Only a couple dislikes
This game is really nice at times like when you just need a break or something like that. But I don’t like how the levels can start out as really hard or just to fast. Also sometimes when there’s an ad the game music won’t stop playing, and when this game and the ads game music is combined it’s very chaotic and I’m not sure if it’s just my game or if it’s everyone’s. My last complaint is that if you die, you have to watch an ad and most the time you have to watch the full way through it, it just annoys me because you die a lot because the levels are pretty hard so it’s like an ad every two minutes or so but other than those complaints I think everything‘s working very nicely and the game is overall pretty nice! I would recommend this game but plz make the ads every now and then not every time you loose!
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6 years ago, Robin34665465
You have to get this app!!!
It is super fun and addictive and it doesn’t glitch that much. I think you should not put so many adds on the app though because it gets really annoying. I mean yeah you can skip the adds but still you have to watch like, half the add. It is just annoying so please take away the adds. But about the glitches, I think that is not true because it glitched like, once and that’s nothing to get upset about. And for your information, this game is not impossible people, it is a little challenging but hey, don’t we all like a good challenge once in a while? I think it is not the games fault. This game is super fun and addicting and I have been playing it nonstop. So people if your reading these reviews and you think, oh only 1 person said it was good I’m not getting this app, then it’s your loss because this game is awesome and it totally makes up for the adds. #loveit
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3 years ago, children saftey
It’s an ok game, but it’s not very fair. Problem 1: Ads. The ads in this game are highly overrated. 😡 There are way to many. It gave me a choice if I want to watch an ad and continue, or skip the ad and restart. Like any kid, I decided not to watch an ad and just restart. But when I pressed it, it still gave me an ad. 😡😭 You need to maximize you ad’s because this is getting annoying. I hate having to watch an ad every time I choose no ad! 👺 Problem 2: Lag. I’ll be playing the game, and block any of the attackers (objects) but my balloon would still pop when nothing touched it. How do I protect the balloon when I physically can’t?! Problem 3: Difficulty’s. Are some of these levels actually possible though. Some are way overrated. How am I suppose to protect the balloon when the protecter keeps slipping off my ball. It slips off every time the tiny balls shoot at my balloon. Is that necessary. Please keep in hand that these are way OVERBOARD and ANNOYING. It will be so much of a BETTER GAME IF YOU FIX THIS! Hope you understand!? 😡
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5 years ago, U3005061
Not fun.
ADS ADS ADS ADS ADS ADS ADS ADS ADS ADS ADS ADS ADS ADS ADS ADS ADS ADS ADS ADS ADS. Oh, and did I mention... ADS!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!😡😡😡 You can always count on the fact that you will watch a thirty second ad right after you die, which by the way will be frequently considering that at first you are given 45 levels to beat, let’s say you get to level 20 YAY 🥳🤩ONLY 25 MORE LEVELS TO PASS... NOT. If you die before reaching level 45, you are forced to start back at level 1, and there is nothing you can do about it. This game is literally impossible, it makes me rage, and it isn’t well put together...❗️AT ALL❗️It is a total waste of time and patients. Plz make it to were the levels aren’t impossible, individual levels so you dont have start over, and were there isn’t a fricking ad every time you push something. Like seriously, you should start advertising new phones and crap because I am literally going to brake mine if I have to see another piano tiles ad!!!! ( although piano tiles is fun). That’s all. Have a nice day😊 I’m sure I got my point across. Plz fix this😖🙏🏼
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2 years ago, lily adames
This game
This game is super fun to me there are just a lot of pros & cons to me. First, this game has way to many ads but also doesn’t every game have a lot of adds. I just wish there weren’t so many. Next, I wish the ballon wouldn’t go so fast. And the shield thing is so small I wish it was a little bit bigger. Then, this game is very fun otherwise I like how challenging the levels are it is definitely 💯 the most challenging & fun game that I have played. Last, the reason I really like 👍🏻 this game is because again it is challenging and fun but the other reason why is because, it is just so fun the way you get to move your finger around it is a good 😊 challenge I think. I almost 😅 forgot one more thing that this game is very addicting so don’t get to caught up in it. Anyways get the game IT IS FUN 🤩
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6 years ago, 'Mackenzie
To Much Ads!’
You guys have WAY TO MANY Ads. Fix it or I will delete it. Overall it’s a fun game but still I always get off the app so I don’t have to listen to the obnoxious ads. I can find a way better game to play! Do fix this before this game will not be downloaded by me again. I like this game but after every roll BAM! An ad pops up! Just stop this immediately. I will report this game if not fixed soon enough so I can stop wasting my time. I’m a mother of three children and me and them have things to do. My daughter cry’s every time and as shows up because we have to go somewhere. Either daycare or dance. This is bazaar. I have this app for her and that’s what she does. And I’m done so I’m leaving a review on this. Next time I download from this creator I will be sure to check the reviews. I recommend it but not to people who don’t have patients or have kids that need to be places or just even you or a kid. I can’t with this app. Please fix it now.
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4 years ago, orange cu
I think this game has a ton of problems that I you can fix that will make this game a whole lot better...... a lot better so number 1 is the ads I mean like after every 2 levels there is at least one ad at least which makes the game really boring and it’s super annoying so u need to fix that number 2 ..glitches sometimes when the game goes to ad again at the end when I’m about to exit the game freezes then glitches then in order to play again I have to restart my phone and it is so annoying when it happens number 3 bugs this is kinda like the others one but when the game goes to ad and I’m about to exit the ad doesn’t let me and this has happened to me multiple times so please fix it number 4 the game is so hard like I get that the game needs to be hard but this is so hard for me to the point where it’s frustrating like not even fun I’m not trying to be mean or anything but this game is horrible please fix these four problems and then I might like this game and others might enjoy it more thanks
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6 years ago, Totally Unknown!!
Addicting Levels, Advertisements Galore...
This is an awesome and addictive game to play, but a lot of disappointments... What I mean is that there are a lot of reasons that this game has had some hateful reviews. One reason is that literally, almost every single level I complete or fail there is an advertisement that pops up, which can get very annoying. Also, some advertisements are not exactly kid-friendly. Another reason is that sometimes when I complete, fail, or even enter the app, the game crashes, which is a bug you can HOPEFULLY squash. Something else I forgot to mention is the game either is very, very, very slow, or my device is slow, but the former might be more likely considering that my device has been running perfectly and has had no problems for the past couple years. Those are some problems I have found in the game so far. Therefore, this game is awesome but needs to be improved. To: Serkan Ozyilmaz (and people scrolling through the reviews) From: A fan of your game :]
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