Rival Stars Horse Racing

4.8 (126.4K)
1544.3 MB
Age rating
Current version
Last update
2 months ago
Version OS
13.0 or later
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User Reviews for Rival Stars Horse Racing

4.8 out of 5
126.4K Ratings
3 months ago, DarkFox7111
Best horse game ever 🐎🏇
Rival stars is one of the best games ever if your into horses and challenges it’s fun it gets you going and it has beautiful graphics. I do actually have some suggestions to add to the game to make it even better: I’d like to see a new contest show up in rival stars such as dressage and barrel racing so creators if that’s a possibility I would love if that could happen. Also I’d like to see the Frisian horses added to the game I feel like the more breeds there are the more horses there are to choose from. Also personality’s, I feel like all horses have a different personality and that should be expressed in the game to make it even more realistic. You should also be able to bond with your horse and there could be a bond meter or something and you have to level up the bond meter to have more control over the horse while competing, again it’s just an option to add. I also think there should be more things to do with the horses themselves like feeding brushing cleaning hooves and other things similar to that, this could also contribute to the bond meter thing. There could also be other animals in the game like dogs and cattle. And as always there can be more coat colors and breeds and what not. But overall this is a great game for people who like horses or people who just want a fun relaxing game to play with free time. Creators I hope you take some of my opinions into consideration and thanks for the amazing game.
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3 years ago, Animal lover🐾
Incredible game!
I’ve been playing this game for about a month and I can hardly put it down! The graphics are the most beautiful graphics I’ve ever seen in a mobile horse game. The racing is really fun because you’re actually there on the track rather than just looking from a distance or from above and you are in complete control. I can almost feel wind in my face as I race around the track. Another thing I really love about this game is that every horse is different in some way. I haven’t seen two horses that look exactly the same yet. The horses also look like thoroughbreds instead of just any horse. The movements are also very realistic. I can tell that a lot of love and hard work went into the making of this game and I really appreciate that. One more thing I almost forgot to mention is the music. The music is fantastic, especially with headphones. Very good job 👍🏼. This is a great game and I highly recommend it to any horse lovers who read this review. Edit: I love the new customization update, but the prices are way too high in my opinion. Also, there’s an annoying glitch where the black and cyan tack only shows as black when I’m racing. Those are the only issues though and I’m not gonna take any stars off for them because this is still a great game. Another Edit: Can we please keep the quick ride feature? It totally blew me away and I’m really gonna miss it when it leaves! This was by far my favorite update!
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10 months ago, blakey girl
Pitch perfect!
Okay, I just want to start off with the fact: 👏 This 👏 Game 👏 Is 👏 AWESOME 👏 This game has to be the best horse game on the App Store! You can do so much, just about the same thing as other horse games, but this app makes them 10x better! You can do the usual: breeding, riding, racing, etc. But, you can also do: COMPETITIVE racing, cross country, quests, and so many other great stuff. If you are hesitant, you should download this game. Yes, it does take up A LOT of storage, but honestly, it’s SO worth it! This game is super high tech! Example: In the races the announcer says your horses SPECIFIC name! (it doesn’t say the name if your horses name is ‘****’) Also, this game is so detailed, like when you breed two horses, and you see the baby for the first time, it shows the baby standing up and wobbling, which is just so adorable. And when you age it up you get a scene where the horse walks up to you, and you can see the coat, stats, etc. And you like cutscenes, the beginning of this game is great! It shows your grandfather in a race, where you play as him and win. Then gives a ton of backstory to how your riding journey started. Honestly, this game deserves 5 stars. If you are hesitant about getting this game, take it from me: G E T T H E G A M E ! 5/5 stars, this game is phenomenal! It exceeds all standards to a great horse game! Thank you for taking time out of your day to read this. Have an amazing day / night.
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4 years ago, aherald21
so close...
i'm going to start off by saying this is the best horse game everrrr! the developers really put in so much time and effort for this game to be so amazing. i truly love it. the graphics are great, the way that every horse is different in some way is fantastic. most games like this i'll ply for a little while but then get bored of it, but this game challenges you and you can always get better. i enjoy how you have to work hard to level up so that way you aren't just playing the game with ease. however, i wish you could care for your horses and foals. be able to see them in a field and stuff like that. it would be amazing to have your horses get older as you progress. also, with the breeding part, it would be so great to have it to where your foals would look/ get the color from their parents. and in the market, you should be able to purchase all of the feeds and materials because you need them and it can be hard to earn them from racing. the energy part, i think it should be able to increase as you progress through the game so that way you can race more. these are all things that i believe would make the game perfect. i understand that updates and changing the game takes time and effort and i really do appreciate how considerate y'all are. i love this game and will continue to play it. please take my feedback into consideration Thanks, Ashlee
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3 years ago, unikitty505
Best horse racing game I’ve gotten
The game itself is amazing, it ranges from breeding, to buying horses, to upgrading, racing, and even free riding. I personally think that this game is the best horse racing game I’ve heard of and had, and I have A LOT. The graphics are amazing, and so is audio. I do however have a few recommendations to make the game better. I think it would be really cool if there was a horse editor, even if it costs like 10k to 50k coins, it would be great. I wish it was easier to get gold in larger amounts, because of this I only have about 7 stables, when I should have much more based on my level. It would really help with breeding if you could get exotic and rare genes/ coat patterns/etc, and that the horses with exotic genes cost less to breed with. Also I think some horses should be able to be trained more, because for many live events and goals you have to come in a specific placement in a race, and some horses can’t get there because of their max potential. Also it would be nice if you could choose which horse was on your Home Screen. More rider options, silks, and patterns for the riding uniform would also be nice. Another thing that could be added is more options for the name of your stable, what I mean is more sign looks, and colors. Overall this game is amazing and very fun, if you are a fan of horses and horse racing this is definitely the game for you. I 100% recommend installing this app.
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3 years ago, colin+dj
My opinion
First off lemme say your game is amazing I love the new jumping but I do think u guys should still add show jumping cross country abs dressage it would put your game over the top and your game is better then any other online horse game I think it’s time for you guys to take it to the next level I wish also horses were a little cheaper or we won more money from races also I wish breeding was faster and I wish we won the horse money not those little gray tokens I wish there wasn’t a time limit on free roam or at least if it is the time I’d like 10-20 mins and free roam should be free no video watching I wish it was easier to get different colors on the horses and I wanna see less brown horses I wanna see a different variety of colors I’m the shop more often I wish we had more customizations for are characters abs I wish we could change the genders of are characters at any time I wish that stallions were more common I have a full barn of mares and one stallion especially when breeding I wish the farm was actually like real like we could explore u should add different places to go to race and actually taking the trip or being able to drive to the horse shows or at least watch the drive no time limit and I wish to be able to brush and care for are horse feed and wash them and be able to watch them all play freely that is all I wish
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11 months ago, NightAngel XD
Best By Far!!!! 🦋🌸🦄
Rival Stars Horse Racing is by far the best!! This game is the best ever! The graphics, detail, and racing. Few update ideas (I’m not begging for this!! )) Maybe have an option to Retire horses. They can still be bred with other horses and be ridden in quick ride, but can’t be raced. Another update I think would be fun would be leading and grooming. I think leading and grooming would be fun, because since the horses can roll in the paddock, we can clean them off. I also think another nice update would be when you racing against someone else’s Stallion to have an option to request to breed a mare with them. It sounds weird but I think it would be nice to get some interesting genes in. Also just to be able to have a jockey and horse profile so that we can see who we race against. I also think us mobile players should be able to make custom horses aswell. Overall, none of my ideas in forcing, just requesting. I think it would add some more things to do. #RivalStars4Ever!! P.S. You creators made an amazing game (Edit: 🐴💵, Pass this on, type “Edit: 🐴💵” to help raise awareness of breeding costs, it is expensive XD! We are not forcing this but if you want to just type those emojis at the bottom of your review to help, and say what it is for!! <3 Ty for reading!)
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5 months ago, AddisonLilac
Okay, this game was one of my favorites! The graphics are beautiful and the dynamics and storyline, even though it isn’t huge, is just wonderful. I was breeding up high level horses pretty easily. Racing is a blast and super fun. Training doesn’t take too long and there are barely any ads! I literally have no complaints. Except one… One day, while I was trying to do the SIMPLEST THING, (change my ranch’s sign and name) it froze. My keyboard that I was typing with just froze completely. So I thought “oh, well I can just close the app and then restart it. But it my home button wasn’t working. In fact, nothing on my phone was working. Except for the shut off button. But when I shut it off, and turned it back on, it just opened right into the app again. So finally we had my phone die, it was at full battery so it took all day but it died and when I turned it back on it had reset. I love this game, but apparently it was too much for my phone so I sadly had to delete it. If this ever happens to you gamers, just have your phone die and it will reset. I don’t know WHY this happened, but it makes me sad that I had to get rid of this beautiful game. All in all, this is four stars, i had to knock off one because of my phone freezing up but it that gets fixed I will GLADLY update it up to five stars. Thanks for the great experience and wonderful gameplay time I had.
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3 years ago, #unikittylovee
OH MY GOD - (praise + an issue)
This is a really good game. The gameplay and graphics are great, and the horses’ behavior is natural (I would know since I ride). I love the foals (they’re ADORABLE OMG) and the coat colors of the horses are amazing (palomino, grey, chestnut, Appaloosa, dappled…). BUT. *****I HAVE A PROBLEMMMM.***** When you go to breed, you have to pay silver and tack/feed/whatever, right? So. In the beginning of the game, when you’re just starting, the fees are small. But now, I’ve had this game for a yearish, it’s really expensive. The silver isn’t much of a problem, more than the tack/feed/whatever. There’s two kinds of that: the basic tack/feed/whatever and the silver kind. The basic is much easier to get than the silver kind. For example, in the Market, basic costs 70 gold. Silver kind costs 300 gold. Gold is FREAKING hard to come by, unless you pay like 15 bucks just for 300. So the fact that gold costs so much, plus the fact that you need sevenish silver kind to breed, plus the fact that you also need silver kind to train, it all adds up. I think the developers should take away the silver kind from the breeding cost, or take away 3/4 of it. If you agree with me, write “Edit: 🐴💵” at the bottom of your review and say the reason so other people know too. Obviously, you don’t have to do it if you don’t want to, but it would be greatly appreciated. It’ll benefit the entire community. Edit: 🐴💵
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5 years ago, Coloader
One of, but not the best.
I would call myself a Derby Owners Club veteran, and therefor will compare these two games because I feel NO game has ever been better. I’ll start by saying this game is GREAT! It’s the closest thing to DOC I’ve seen. Gameplay is great, graphics are great, the racing is different and cool. But.. (I won’t complain about wait times, free to play, so I get it) but the fact that you get locked out of literally everything is annoying. You should still be able to race while upgrading, just don’t apply the stat until it’s finished. Same for breeding. The training is so lame and boring. DOC made a great stat improvement system where stats were based on how well you perform in the mini game. Here you just tap a button. Real original. Same with feeding. DOC allowed you to select your stat (and ultimately the type of race horse style) by choosing different foods which allocated different stats. There’s no feeding in this game. Another person said the horses should have ages and I agree! You can just race willy nilly, and without a class system like DOC, there’s no real excitement for the next race, you just do it because you need experience. With all this said, it’s still a great game. It just lacks the replay value when you get to a higher level. Maybe there’s no more grade a horse racers because no one can come close to DOC, and maybe the fact that they don’t revive the series says something.
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2 years ago, anoymous🐴
Nice Game, but hard to advance
Hey guys! So really neat game!! I’ve always loved horses and when I downloaded this game I was blown away by the graphics! I really enjoyed the racing and breeding and free roam. And I love that you added jumps. But I have one MAJOR issue! It’s waaay too hard to level up! I am currently at prestige level 13 and it was so hard to get there. I stopped playing this game for a year due to that fact. I know you get some prestige points from competing and stories, but it’s not enough and it gets super boring when I have to go through 2-3 prestige levels just to breed the next level horse! I’m pretty sick of being stuck in one prestige and nothing to really look forward to in the next prestige. I want to breed or buy the next level horses, now. So, I recommend reducing the amount of prestige points for each level or increasing the amount of points that you get from each race to like 1000+. Once my last horse is leveled up there is nothing to do because I can’t improve for higher races. I’m spending way to much time trying to level up. Please please do something about this!!! Also, it’d be neat if you could really interact with your foals in the paddock and watch them run around. I’ll try to stick it out a while longer, but if this doesn’t change, I will drop the game altogether. Otherwise extremely nice game!
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4 years ago, RamonaTheRussianBlue
Amazing! A few complaints...
I love Rival Stars. I’ve had it since early last year. Breeding is fun, foals are cute, racing is fun (most of the time), and training wait times are a bit tedious. I wish that there was a way to get horses other than bay or brown horses. For example, I really want a black stallion with a white star, and I see them all the time in the market, but I need gold coins, which I only have 40 of. The only colors for silver coins are brown, bay, chestnut, and occasionally cream. This is mainly what I get after breeding, too. I would like Star Club, but I believe there should be more to offer, so for now I’ll just wait and see. Because right now, the only benefits of being in Star Club is one “special” stud to breed with, a few tack choices (which you still have to pay gold coins for is what others have said, correct me if I’m wrong), and a jockey choice. Please add more, special benefits for Star Club members and I just might consider buying a membership. Also, please add more free breeding choices because, again, the only free studs to breed with are usually brown, bay, or chestnut and the results are usually the same each time. I have taken into consideration what the foal’s color would likely be (due to the new genetic tab) but my theory is incorrect and guess what, it’s a brown foal, even though the parents aren’t brown, and their grandparents aren’t brown. Sorry if I was a bit harsh.
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2 weeks ago, No one knows no name
No name
So I had this horse named trouble he was in my stalls and one of my fav but then I was running out of room so I moved him out to the pasture then I bred a new horse and I wa looking through all my horses let me name then jet nightmare, snowflake, winter, snow, frisky, twilight, moonlight, spider, shadow, ace, Casper, Goldy, dusty, Yellowstone, Harley, thunder, laylay don't judge, zee, midnight, and trouble there are a few more but let's keep going to my point and I had no room so I had to sell one and I sold trouble and now I regret it cause that goal that replaces trouble I sold to cause he wasn't as good and what I was looking for so what I am trying to say is I wish we could get more stalls for like free once and a while cause for one stall j I want to buy one right now it's 1000 good and u all know how hard it is to get gold so that's one thing why it's a 4 review it would be a five but sorry on the other hand though I love everything it's graphics are amazing me and I love the prizes I want to say one more thing the horses that ar on sale are gorgeous but not all of us can get them so I get so sad cause they are beautiful but that was really it I'm glad I got this game it keeps me occupied when I'm bored so love it but if we could make some changes so we could get gold easierly and if we could get mor stalls once in a while that would be great have a nice day byee 👍👍😃❤️
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4 years ago, Papapalia
Can still improve
This is the best horse game available in the App Store hands down that can be played entirely off of your iPhone. It reminds me of the graphics similar to the Dave N Busters horse racing simulation game (they’ve since removed it). Horses are realistic and extremely unique, racing and controlling is also very accurate. There is always room for improvement though. Here are a few of my suggestions. I play nearly every other day and find that my favorite part about this game is breeding but I often cannot afford to breed the horses I need for the level I am at. For example- there are multiple different surfaces but even after some time breeding is not guaranteed AND it costs a lot of in app money. So I am stuck with horses that are easy to sell- and that I spent a lot of time (watching ads) to skip to maturity-so I may use them right away- and yet after a significant amount of time I guess I am just not as happy with my current horses as I’d like to be. I’d like to have a black horse but that has not happened yet and it should not be difficult to personalize the game to your liking. I suggest also making it easier to get gear and tack. The game at Dave n busters would let you pick gear from a large selection- yours is too small. Still a lovely game! Thank you!
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Love the game, a few Suggestions though!
Hi, I absolutely love this game. I think it is great and am amazed by how many patterns there are. I do have a few suggestions that I hope you could think about tho. 1: You could trade/give your friends horses! There could be a button that says: request horse and you could type in what pattern, level, and stats you would prefer it to be! 2: I do feel like we should be able to have more videos to refill on racing energy. It is difficult when I want to breed two horses together that are in the higher levels and not have enough feeds for them, and then after I get them, the horse from the stud farm is gone! I hope you put that in mind 😁. 3: I would like to be able to save horses from the stud farm. There could be a button next to the horse that says ‘SAVE’ and you could save it for later on to breed, but once you breed it, it is not saved. 4: I think we could maybe have the feed requesting so you can type in how much you want of it (maximum: 4), so you don’t have to wait 7/8 hours for another request if you don’t have any more racing energy! That’s all I think would make this game better (if that’s even possible! 😁), and I hope you take this to mind. Thank you for making this great game! 😁😁😁🐴🐴🐴
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8 months ago, Maddielips
Outstanding 👏
I’ve just started playing Rival Stars Horse Racing, and I have a few things I’d like to say and/or point out. First of all, Rival Stars Horse Racing is just a wonderful game. I enjoy playing it, and many others do, too. During my free time, I automatically think of playing this game. I just can’t wait to hop on and explore the app and breed new horse coats. Secondly, the graphics are amazing for a mobile game. Every time I open the app I just look at the graphics in awe. The details are magnificent, showing each muscle on the horses’ bodies, every line in the wood of the stables, each blade of grass sticking out within each other. It truly is something. Finally, I’d like to mention the desktop version. I’ve been looking on Steam for this app, and have debating on whether I should buy the game or not. I already have a lot of fun playing it on my iPad, so why not get the desktop version that has more features? Well, it costs money. I think that’s my biggest argument. Should I spend the money on this game? Honestly, yes. It’s totally worth it! Especially if you catch it on sale. In conclusion, Rival Stars Horse Racing is an outstanding game on both mobile and desktop devices. I highly recommend this game towards anyone interested in horse racing.
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1 year ago, I_want_free_robux
I just wanna say that this game is the best horse game yet. I’ve been looking for a horse game like this for awhile. I love the different horses you can get and the sports you can do. I also wanna say that the horses look realistic, which I really like. the developers put a lot of effort into this game and I am so thankful for that! I have some suggestions that you (developers) can add if you want. although there’s cross country and racing already in the game, I was wondering if you could maybe add dressage and/or barrel racing? I feel like having more sports to do will make it more fun. I also want horses to look different. no, I do not mean the coat colors. I mean the way they look besides the coat color. like maybe add horses with feathered hooves or different face structure bc they all look the same besides their coat colors. I found out that people who play on a PC can customize their horses. maybe adding that on mobile would make it fun since you can customize your own horse. this game is super fun and I recommend it! thank you developers for putting so much effort into this wonderful game. I’ve read some reviews on here and they say that it’s also good. people love this game so much and are thankful! hope y’all continue to improve this game to make it better!
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4 years ago, crazy_horse_person
Almost So Close Perfect!
I love most of everything that y’all have done to this game. One think I would prefer is that no matter the grade or level of the horse it’s getting trained to, others including myself would like if they would all be the same like as the 5 minutes for training because it takes forever and you are just strutting there for 30 to and hour so far(that’s how far the horses I have now train too) but if it would all be able to be 5 minutes to where we can skip it for free would be grand! Also the genetics should be more realistic and or would like to customer what the goal would look like! Oh and also I would like to ask if y’all could add something to wear we could possibly feed the horses and to wear we can have more than 10 races at a time because myself and others I know go through the 10 races very fast. Also I would like to have it to wear when you get sponsored, the sponsors would give you something you need and also to wear you could have boots for your horse in the custom section. Another thing, to wear after every race, IF you WIN you get to choose what you need and after every 3 WINS you get to pick 2 things you need?!! Everything I ha e listens would be grand if y’all did this or something close or like this! Thanks!
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3 years ago, briley is the ruler
It’s okay
The game is over al pretty good but got boring very quickly when I first started plaything the game everything was fine and I would play all day but after that it started to get a little boring the tasks got very hard to complete and I spent 15 dollars plus tax on the game so I don’t want to stop now very recently the game has been giving me very bad lag so the raveling is much harder everything is so much more choppy and I lost 2000 dollars and 4 racing energy’s just because the game would not load.I also find it very hard to try and get better horses considering you have to buy it with real money or keep getting up levels that take FOREVER to get on the next,I find it very hard to enjoy this game when there are a lot of areas that they need to work on, for instance premium, ten dollars a month?! I find it very over priced considering you only getting tack options that you still have to pay for with in game money and access to other studs other then the premium is basically USELESS so although the game can seem fun at first try not to spend money on it because it got boring fast. Any people who are looking for k good game this one is okay but I rather recommend star stable it’s much more pricy there but at least you only have to pay one for premium and the game doesn’t get boring as there are many quests and things to do.
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2 years ago, Presley Girl <3
Rival stars suggestions.
I love this game! I love being able to get new foals and see what they turn out to be but I think there should be an auction so you can bid and get horses and get more money out of your horses. I think it would be really fun to bid on unique horses and I also think you should be able to put your stallions out to stud so if anybody wants to breed with your stud they can pay and the owner of the stud would get money. Those are just ideas. I am truly addicted to this game I love being able to win prizes and things like that. One more suggestion, the energy level really annoys me. I don’t like going to bed for 10-12 hours and still wake up to 10 energy. I think it should always be charging so that no matter how long you are away from the game you can get energy and race until you have zero. I think that you should be able to get as many energies as long as you are away. One more thing that gets me really mad is how hard it is to get gold especially when there is an exotic gene I want to breed, I think you should be able to get gold from races or selling really good horses and I think you can purchase a certain amount of things with gold and be able to pay back with gold.
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11 months ago, Kassimoe
10/10 Highly Recommend <3
I’ve been playing this game since it came out. I’ve seen it evolve from just racing, to the amazing modes we have now. The graphics are amazing. The developers really put a lot of thought, energy, research and effort into constantly improving the game. They really listen to the players and have added suggestions that the players ask for when it improves the game and makes sense. (Plus we get to experiment sometimes and they ask for feedback every now and then.) The gameplay provides a lot of challenge, but also relaxation. There’s nothing like chilling with your horses in the pasture on a cozy day in or practicing with your horses in free roam and bonding. I really feel like each horse has their own personality. Don’t judge. :] I also love the community involved. I’ve made some really good friends through this community and met alot of good people. The graphics are AMAZING. Seriously some of the best horse racing graphics I’ve seen. And this started off as a MOBILE game. It has since expanded but I continue to play mobile… for now. :] The breeding system on this game is also fantastic and fun. So proud of how far it’s come. I’ve played many horse racing games but this one has it all.
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3 years ago, good for equestrians
Love this app I don’t know what to do for the title
I love this app so much it’s really fun and there’s so many horse breeds and patterns that you can do but one recommendation I would really like is that they make the twin pintos or paints different patterns because I have a decent amount of them and they don’t really look that different but I love all the colors but fun some other things I want to say is that this game is really cool and they just came out with cars country if you are looking for a fun horse game that’s for free and you like her is racing and cross-country you would love this game and some other things I would like about it is that some of the noises I’m not always the biggest fan of all the noises but I love the racing dude one especially him and the noise of the breeding say I wish they should make the breeding a little bit easier though in my opinion but I like it because you have to work hard to breathe and get new horses I know I’m probably saying a lot but I just love this game and I have a lot to say about it if you download it hope you enjoy it and I would 100% think that you would like this if you love horses or your equestrian and it’s a really fun game and is there is a bunch of different horses he can get
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3 years ago, game lover!!!!$!$!
Great but I have a idea...
I love this game is amazing but the quick ride I was late for it so I only have one day to do it in and people that just started and downloaded the game late and they find out about the quick ride they would want to do it for like a long time because you’re new and you’re like wow I can go anywhere I want and that’s what I felt like but I only had three minutes and like you should have like more than three minutes maybe even for how long you want and joined like joined a day ago I want to you know stay longer in there and for the quick ride to stay longer so maybe I can stay for a week starting on Monday and end on the Sunday? Like I know it’s limited thing but like it’s really fun and I don’t mind if you end on Friday like Monday and then end on Friday I just want it to be here every week it’s really fun and I like to do role-plays so when I’m recording and when I record me on the quick ride I don’t want to wait for hours just to record again even though I have one day I want to make a video about it for like 20 minutes and I don’t want to just have three minutes and then wait for hours like that’s crazy man so please add it where it could be every week! thank you and have a good week 🐴
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2 years ago, shchfbsk
Great game, a few improvements…
Hi, overall I think this game is pretty good but and I enjoy meeting new foals for the first time very exciting. But there are a few improvements I think should be made. The coat colors. As much as I like all of the colors of horses in the game there should be a setting to turn off non thourghbred/quarter horse colored coats because those horses are most often used in racing just to make it more realistic I do know that a lot of people do enjoy the others colors too. But just simply make it a setting to turn it on or off. Another improvement would be is to have the paddock horses be able to move around more instead of staying on a loop in the same place. Make them walk around more. This one thing I find a little strange that when you go to buy tack you have to buy it for each individual horse it doesn’t make sense it should just be bought once but have it be more expensive. The last thing I would like to see in the game is to be able to care for your horses you don’t actually do this at all except for the slightest bit with a foal occasionally feeding it but that really isn’t anything. That is all I have to say at the moment if the game gets a few of these fixed then I will make it a 5 star review.
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2 years ago, jfhxhchxh
This game is the best It feels like you’re in the real thing the graphics are so good I feel like I’m actually the riding the Horse I absolutely love the game and it’s really fun as soon as I downloaded it I played it for about an hour straight and I feel like I always wanna play it past my bedtime on school nights but I feel like if you really like horses this is the best game for you. When I was growing up I love horses and I still do but I prefer cats I have three cats in my house but that’s besides the point I still love horses and I have a lot of horse games because I love horses still and I feel like it’s just everything is amazing in this game and there’s so much to explore you can make a club and even breed the horses!!!! That’s probably like my favorite part of the game breeding horses you get to make new horses and you never really know what it’s going to be it’s kind of like a mystery but then I get solved that’s like the best and when you get the horse it’s normally amazing beautiful and I love it and the little baby horses are so cute I just wanna pinch their little cheeks!!! I just love seeing a little babies it’s like I’m really there with them bonding with them!!! Love this game!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!❤️
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2 years ago, Summer_skies
Beautiful game, just a few requests
This game is absolutely the most amazing thing I’ve ever played. The graphics are beautiful and I love breeding horses to get unique genes. It’s addicting and I could play it forever! Races are great and I love the fun events that happen every once in a while. But there are some things that I might want to see fixed. (Though this is by far the most amazing horse game in the whole App Store!) I bred two horses in hopes of getting unique genes, but I just turned out with a brown one. I needed lots of supplies to be able to breed them, and my hard work paid off for nothing. When I tried to name the foal, there was a glitch and every time I pressed the delete button it turned it into an O. Now I’m stuck with a brown foal that has a glitched name, and I want to grow it up, but adding a horse stall requires a higher prestige level, and I don’t want to sell any of my horses. Maybe you could make it so after you press “take care of foal” you could go back to the “sell foal” button, and that you could rename your foal? I want to sell my foal but can’t so I’m stuck in this situation. This game is great though, and I’d love to see updates on it!
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3 years ago, Hershiekissroo
Great for just starting! However,
The actual gameplay is really great. However the game has slowly become a pay to win game. Unless you want to wait 12 hours just to level your horse up once you have to pay to skip it. I slowly have become bored with the game due to the fact things take way too long to do. I’m also a little salty because I have this game on PC and they haven’t updated it in forever. PLEASE UPDATE THE PC VERSION. I’m frustrated by this because I love the game so much I spent a lot of money to get the PC version and it’s totally ignored while the mobile version gets major updates. I also would suggest adding a pasture so you can keep older horses in it once you don’t want to race them anymore. I like that the horses don’t have a retirement age however I’d like to add more horses into my barn but older horses (that are maxed) take up space. Maybe when a horse becomes maxed you could add an option to move them into a pasture? They wouldn’t be allowed to race but could breed and you could still have the option of selling them later on. I know a lot of people get attached to the horses so that would be a great option to include in the future so we don’t have to sell our old loved horses in order to make more room in the barn! I hope you see some of these suggestions!!!!
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4 years ago, kpatt2000
So close to perfect
I’ve been playing this game for a couple weeks, and for the most part, it’s really great. I love being able to race and breed my horses (although I hardly ever seem to get a colt but that could just be my luck). The racing aspect is super involved and every horse has unique preferences when it comes to how they like to run. When it comes to training though, you just hit a button and an hour later, your horse is magically faster. I’d love to actually be able to do some of the training. One aspect of this game that I have a huge issue with is how buying tack works. If you buy a new bridle with one horse selected, you will have to re buy the bridle for your other horse. Why? That makes absolutely no sense! I shouldn’t have to pay 50,000 coins for every horse I want to have it. I’m very glad I only bought the one item before realizing that I’d have to re buy everything. What’s the point of having all of this customization if every time I buy a new horse, I have to buy everything again? Another much appreciated detail would be a list of commentator friendly words so I don’t have to randomize until I can put a name together that I like. Overall, this game is pretty good. But I wish some more attention was made to some of these details.
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2 years ago, me and my horse just jumping
Best horse game your gonna get
You literally can’t beat this the graphics are right on the rider and the horses the way they go over the jumps ❤️ I do show jumping so I just love this game there also is an option for racing even that is soooo realistic and all the horses are so pretty there are zero bugs and I have no complaints best horse game ever!!😊❤️ Ok this is a couple months later now and like I said I do show jumping and I wish they would add show jumping with indoor arenas and outdoor and massive jumps that are like 1.30 but I still love the game super awesome and I also love how the people who made the game actually pay attention to the comments and what people are saying always having updates to make the game better love it❤️❤️I also wish they would make breeding cheaper and easier to get a pinto or a black horse but other than that this game is amazing Ok love this game but I really wish you would add custom horses because I bred a black horse with a dark bay and somehow I got a light palomino so I was really sad I have had this game for like 2 years and never once got black horse I just really want one so please make it so you can customize your horse and cheaper to breed!!
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3 years ago, englishspotrabbit
Pay to win
Great game but gets boring because much of it is pay to win. My favourite part of the game is breeding unique and rare horses, but there is no point and no thrill of getting a rare pattern, because it is quite literally impossible to get a pattern without paying FREAKING 25 bucks for a horse for another pattern. There are only 6 available free patterns and all of them have gotten old quickly. Make it more like desktop. AND DON’T SAY YOU NEED IT TO MAKE MONEY RIVAL STARS, I WATCH SOOOOOOOOOO MANY ADS TO RAISE FOALS QUICKLY. Another problem is that once you get to a higher level races take up so much energy it you maybe get to spend 5 minutes before you lose energy and want to play another mobile game. My proposal is that once you reach prestige 10, you get 15 energy slots; prestige 15, 20 energy slots, and prestige 20, unlimited energy slots. And by the way I know what you’re thinking. If you make any of this a star club exclusive thing, IM COMING TO YOUR HOUSE AND TAKING YOUR DOG. To get you lazy pigs to do anything I will leave you with this: I will be deleting the app as I have no motivation to play anymore. Give us more free pattern please. I think I speak for all rival stars players
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2 years ago, 💕💕💕❤️❤️❤️❤️Hi
Truly amazing
This game is truly amazing. I love how the horses have their special features and the music to this game is pure talent. It’s also fascinating to me how it’s not to hard and not to easy. The graphics are stunning. However, despite the amazing features of this game, I would love it even more if you could make it possible to get coins easier. I’ve been watching many videos of rival stars, but unfortunately you cannot earn gold from races, unlike desktop. I’m not sure if it’s because of a past mistake, or it’s simply because it’s just not possible for mobile, but it would truly make me happier to see both desktop and mobile have the same race features. I can understand why creating horses is only on a desktop, maybe it’s far to advanced for a mobile phone/iPad. But I’m not to sure why gold would be much a problem for mobiles. Again, I’m new to this game and not that experienced, so I’m not sure why it is this way, but I’d love to see a change. Once more, this game is absolutely incredible and nothing will change my mind to make me stop playing it. Thanks you for your time to read this and have a great day!
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1 year ago, sillygirl33219
Almost there!
Look this game is really good I like it a lot but there are a lot of glitches. Whenever I finish watching an add or finish a show jumping thing there’s usually a loading circle and it will load for forever so I have to exit out of the game and go back which then loses my progress I made which gets extremely annoying. Please fix this. Also they updated it or something now you can choose whether your horse is a riding or race horse. And what’s also extremely annoying is you can only free ride for 3 mins then your times up. Like seriously cmon who rides for only 3 mins? And you have to become a member of the star club and pay to have more time which I am not rich enough to do. Please change this and let us ride for however long we want without needing to end the ride and watch another add which gets so frustrating. The game also exits me out randomly and is pretty slow sometimes. Please fix these things if you do I think more people would have the game and also allow us to see the foal stalls like we used to be able to. Please please please fix them! Also it would be nice if when we were racing it would snow or rain like in real life. Other than this the game is great!
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4 years ago, SharewoodEquestrianCenter
Wonderful game
This game is a so amazing and it so much fun! It is definitely one of the most realistic horse game out there but I do believe some things could change. I think it would be awesome if you could use your friends stallion rather then just the ones that are on the book. I saw another review that said adding an age to the horses, and I totally agree! I think it would be rlly rlly great if you were able to really compare stats with the horses better before you breed, like see if the sire or dam carry’s their color move proficiently. I also think it would be cool if you could have a vet and your horse can become injured with different real world injuries. Like say your horse gets a bowed tendon, you have to call a vet out and then that horse can’t raise for x amount of days. I mean I guess a lot of people don’t know abt this kind of stuff but me being someone who actually deals with race horses and event horses regularly I think it would be pretty cool. I think you could easily make the game into something that teaches people abt horses and all. The horses can become old, sick, you May have to decide to put it down, you choose who to sell it too, etc. but overall I live the game! Good job PikPok!!
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3 years ago, mads#16
This game is SO fun but...
Rival stars is such a good game I love it so much. The quality is awesome and it is very very fun to race, breed, buy and train your horses! There are a few things that I think should change is that when doing the quick ride the reins should be a bit sharper because when I’m in the woods and you have to take a turn, I tend to run into the trees because the turns aren’t sharper. I also think that we should have control of a camera so that we can see all around our horses and also a camera to take photos of our horses. Another thing should be where we can go into the water and through the bushes. I would love it if we could run though the water!! The quick ride should also be longer than three minutes. Quick ride should also have a feature where you have jump fences, so that you don’t have to go through the gates. Another thing is that I feel like we should have more events and not just racing, we could have show jumping, dressage etc. I know you probably won’t see this or read it all the way through but if you do, these improvements would make me even more like it
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5 years ago, SquiggiesOpin
Fun and Challenging
There are many aspects of this game that are remarkable. The realism and graphics are amazing ...and while it claims to be the ultimate in horse racing, it is, however, the true “Ultimate” of horse racing is the “Grand National” steeplechase. (A game that has yet to be created, and probably won’t be due to the injuries of both horses and jockeys). This game comes as close to circuit racing as you’ll experience, from breeding to improving your homestead, and a rival that pushes you to become even better. Don’t be in a rush though because the time gates are hideously long and get longer with every level. The temptation to play makes you feel the need to open your wallet to push yourself forward faster. About breeding, there is room for improvement, after twenty generations of dark browns you could be surprised to get a cream and chestnut paint with freckles and a snip.(Don’t expect a true black). There is no AI with the horses as well, they have no memory, and the experience gained is purely speed, stamina, and acceleration. I prefer to race the horse myself as opposed to hiring a jockey because the AI of the jockeys is lacking as well. As good as it is, it’s the best for the moment, and hopefully it will evolve into something that becomes the ultimate experience in horse racing games.
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5 years ago, ZenyattaLover2199
Great game, but there is room for improvement.
I’m an avid horse lover, and horse racing fan. This is easily one of the best horse games I’ve ever played, and certainly the best horse racing game I’ve ever played. There are a few changes and improvements that I would like to see, which I’ll elaborate on. I wish there was a ‘geld’ feature for stallions that improved all of their stats a tiny bit. This would be useful for lower star horses that are just used for live events. I would also like a ‘retire’ option for horses, where they’re just placed in a paddock (could have a starting capacity of 5). Horses that are retired would no longer be able to race, but stallions and mares could still be bred. This feature would be useful for maxed horses that you don’t want to sell, but need the space for new horses. It’s also super frustrating that we can’t just go to the market and buy whatever resource we need. We should be able to choose a resource and buy as much as we need. Gold doesn’t hold it’s value very well either, it’s super expensive to buy, and you can use all of your gold up in a matter of seconds. Especially if breeding or training. The value needs to be tweaked a bit. It shouldn’t cost hundreds of gold just to breed to a game produced horse.
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5 years ago, Horses2121
Not worth it
This game is definitely not worth it. I downloaded it being someone who love horses, especially these games and was super intrigued at first. It was fun and easy to play for about a day or so, and then I discovered its many downfalls. Not only is it expensive to get in the Star Club, $10 a month for almost no benefits. The gold is hard to get and needed to purchase so many things. All the costs of gold are incredibly high, and buying gold is incredibly expensive. Not only this but the time it takes to complete tasks is outrageous. 24 hours. I don't enjoy not being able to race because the only horse it will let me race is currently training for the next hour or so. I am also a bit upset that the races are so hard to do well in. I have a horse with really high stats that can barely keep up with the other horses in the race while sprinting. I have tried everything to improve my horses, endless hours of training, jockeys, and as much as I can and I feel lucky to swing third place. When I first started out I was doing so well, claiming firsts left and right even at some harder races. Now the same horse with higher stats is coming in next to last while I sit frustrated as to why the average pace of the npc horses is faster than my horses sprint. I'm truly disappointed and I don't recommend this game. I'm in love with the graphics and how the real the horses are, shame everything is else not so great.
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4 weeks ago, Emilie yellow flower
I love this game so much 💕 from lizzy
Hey am a horse girl always been it’s in my blood and I really want to say I love this game you really can have any horse you dream of having but the part were I get a little blinded by is the camera it makes me feel weird the the way you cannot move the camera however you want it’s a bit annoying but this game is my favorite and why you should definitely get it if your a horse girl and I wanna say through and through a country person or just anyone who dreamed of riding a horse this is the game for you ! This game gave me a good feeling and made me feel free in ways 💘 I love it so so much and my friends are so annoyed with hearing me talk about it so much but let’s say it’s some what the best of the best game I love it so much it makes me so happy 😜 and I hate to put this but I actually use this as therapy 😂 but it’s pretty good for it ! It very calming and very relaxing to play but let’s make it for kids about 11+ for some ads 😂 but let’s just say I love this game so much you should definitely get it i promise 💯 percent want regret getting it 🤔 or at least I hope not Lol🌺💘😭
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2 years ago, hhjklouuuy
I’m speechless
This game is absolutely amazing!! If your looking for a good racing game this this game is ✨perfect✨ while this game doesn't have show jumping it does have xc (cross country) so if you want a realistic xc game, again this gam is perfect. The graphics are chefs kiss and realism..I don’t even know what to say. It likes living with horses! Some things I don’t like about the game are that in the mobile version you have silver and gold as currency’s, the only way you get gold is by buying it or doing quests and things which is super annoying bc you only get 10 gold every quest and that might seem like a lot but on computer gold is the only currency and you get it much easier bc of that. So I’m a little confused why that is. Another things is that things in game seem over expensive, like breeding (this goes for computer AND mobile) to breed you need like 7,000 silver or 2,000 gold (on computer) but other than those 2 things I absolutely LOVE the game. One thing that I hope they add is first person mode when riding, I think this would be SO much fun. Anyways that’s it thanks if you got this far!
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5 years ago, T4-5838-477fc
Great game
This overall is a great game. It has stunning graphics and is finally a high quality horse game! My only critique is that it is really hard to obtain standard items (acceleration, fees, tack, etc.) It is needed for many things such as breeding and training and I especially find the standard acceleration hard to get. There should be races where you can only get basic/standard/good items based on how difficult the race is. The only other way to get these is through gold coins, which are also pretty difficult to obtain and are needed for many other things. Other than this one thing, it is a fantastic game and has excelled my expectations. I wish there was a jumping game like this! Also, a bit off topic and not really a big deal, for some reason I’m having difficulty breeding horses with a dark coat color. I have been trying to get a dark bay, black, or even a white horse for a while and have spent many gold coins, but I get so many chestnut and light brown horses. I guess they may just be a bit more common but I spent maybe 2,000 gold coins and even bred two white horses and have still repeatedly gotten red/chestnut horses.
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5 years ago, native iris
Love it!
I love this game and have found it the most realistic one out there in my opinion! And as far as graphics and accuracy for how horse riding/breeding/raising/training really is for the most part as well. Something that would be nice to be changed is first person views of this game!! If this was the case along with giving the option later to have the game saved through fb or another place so I can move it to my next device/phone without loosing everything that I bought/earned then I would rate this 5 out of 5. Another thing this should have is seasons/horse age as long as it’s not too rapid of a change where your horses are too old to race anymore before you can get the achievements you want type of thing but also give it a more real experience to play and enjoy If age is added to the game it would also be nice to be able to retire your past horses in a field where you can still see them/their winnings and stats. Maybe if horses age have a date of birth and death certificate in the horse info/stats or something like that. Just some thoughts on how this game would be even more fun to play in my opinion
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2 years ago, Cute_Avocado
5 stars!!! (just a few ideas)
Amazing graphics and animations!!! I love how you can take pics of your horse jumping in free roam!- But it would be nice if we could stop without having to hold down the slow button. Or maybe we could free roam on different varieties of maps? Also in the horse market can you let us buy a bit more than only three horses? And in breeding I love the different varieties! Some people won’t like me for suggesting this but… Just to make the game more realistic maybe we shouldn’t be able to breed related horses? Adding on to breeding, It would be cool if we could like get a mix of one or two coats in breeding… Another idea is you could add different horse breeds! (Not sure if that would ruin the game or not though) Two more ideas are, what if we could trade horses with our friends! And please make it easier for us to earn recourses and gold! I’ve been having a lot of trouble with that lately. And also the game won’t let me use the rose wheel… I’m not sure why. Anyways thanks for reading this! These are just suggestions… Thanks for making such an amazing game!
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1 year ago, AppaloosaOreo
Fantastic game!!!
This game is absolutely amazing! I do have an idea but I’ll get to that later. I love the graphics, they are awesome! You can do so much in this game which makes it very fun and interesting. Unlike some random horse games, they have one thing you do and it gets quite boring. But this game you breed, race, and so much more which makes it addicting and fantastic! Okay, now for the idea. This idea hit me after I just bred a foal. I had bred this beautiful filly and I wanted the perfect name. I had no name ideas so I went to race to see if the competitors’ horses had any good names I could use. Turns out they didn’t so I went back to my foal but it was named. I had completely forgotten you had to name it after it was born. I don’t really like the foal’s name so I was thinking if you could add something to change you foals’ name. But only when it’s a foal because it wouldn’t make sense to change it while it’s full grown. Thank you so much anyway for making this game! I can easily tell you out so much love into this game! So I highly recommend this game for those who love horses as much as I do.
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2 years ago, Vet Academy
Great game, but..
I absolutely love this game. The graphics are beautiful, the game play is smooth, and there’s so much to explore and do. Overall, it’s a pretty good game, but there is a few problems. I recently reached level 10, but it reset me back to 9. Those who play this, know it’s not such an easy task to level up. So, please fix this as soon as possible. Another thing is the breeding process. I know the foals pretty much get decided by random, with some attributes of their parents, and so forth. The thing is, they don’t seem to look much like their parents, and typically look like others from their family tree. While I don’t expect them to look exactly like their parents, they just don’t have many of the same attributes like their parents as you would expect. Which can become a massive problem when you want the same pattern as the mother or father, eye color, main color, etc. While I still think it should be a bit random, just include more features from the horses the foal was bred with. This game is relatively new, and I don’t expect it to be perfect, but it definitely has things to be improved on. Keep up the great work!
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4 years ago, shumaquill
Ok this game is one of the only games that the add actually is correct. This game is really fun and awesome. If you do not like games that you can’t put down.... DO NOT GET THIS. I play this constantly, I play this game a lot. I do have one suggestion though. Only one. Maybe in the store you can buy some of those little silver and gold things that it has wheat or that medical sign on it. Maybe we can buy just those in the store. It would be awesome if you could add those to the store. Other that that this game is amazing. I highly recommend if you like racing games. Edited: ok so I am going to give a summary of this game. This game is a nice horse racing game. You can buy more horses and build more stables and even train the horses, but most of all you can race them . A cool feature in this game is it is online, which means you can lose. I hate games when you win every single time. You can name your horses and even do tasks and get money to spend on them. Not only is there horses, but there is an amazing plot. It has the people’s life to. This game is a very cool game if you like racing horses. So have fun with Rival stars horse racing game. 😁😁😁😁
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4 years ago, Lightskin_Kam
Best Horse Racing Game So Far 🤩
This is the BEST horse racing game out right now. I’ve played a lot of horse games but for mobile this takes the top. I know the game is still being worked on and that’s amazing! It’s extremely realistic for a mobile game and detailed. I love how realistic the horses are and how many things you can do. Once you take the time and effort it’s really fun, and I’ve NEVER paid for this game, though maybe in the further I CERTAINLY will! I love horse racing in real life and this just makes it perfect to find a realistic horse game I can play on the go. I want to leave some things you could add in the game for the future but it’s hard to think of things for an already near perfect game! Maybe make some of the rack you can buy cheaper because you’d have to be so progressed in the game to most likely but some decent tack. Another is to speed up training but doing it yourself! Maybe for each training you can do something different to speed up the process by paying ten of the gold, special coins. I really love the work you put in and will play this game for many more months, thank you ❤️!
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3 years ago, Izzi209ae
Why is the future of this game so hard? :(
Like I just started playing this game and like, it won’t do the green arrows of what I press, so like I struggled to continue the game. So I had to delete it, I’m not harsh here but yes you make this game to difficult for other people I say this is a 17+ or 12+ game cuz like you say it’s for 4+ and like it’s difficult for when those green arrows won’t appear, and I’m only 7 so I think that this game has to change its age of playing. Please respond to this o will give your back 1 star as in I give you 5 stars if you say you’ll change the age of playing or make it non-difficult or like, 1% difficult cuz like I know you try to make it hard but, I agree that this game is not for 4+ cuz…well…it’s difficult. That’s the reason I had to write this Review, I’m like, why did I download the game? Why did I need or liked the game? So like please change something of age or game difficulty, and I’ll give you 5 Stars, I know your not in my house, but, ima give you a Pink-Promise and now do it in the air like your doing it with someone. And you may think I’m old cuz I’m saying the Pinky-Promise way like a oldy but no, I’m 7.
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1 year ago, kirsten827
This is a pretty great game for iPhone
Can’t remember the last time I was this invested on a game on my iPhone. It’s rather addicting and goal oriented leaving you motivated to continue to advance in the game. I agree with another user who stated it is obvious the developers are detail oriented and put a great deal of creative effort into rival star’s content. Particularly impressed by the games breeding system and the massive amount of possible combinations of coat color and patterns. Suggestions include more options to buy items and advance in the game by use of coins. Coins are pretty useless compared to gold which means you feel pretty much forced to purchase gold to advance in the game in a reasonable time frame. This could lead to people like me stopping the game prior to completion from mere wallet burnout from spending money on gold. I do like the star club benefits and membership but it maybe should include more benefits as it’s rather expensive at 120 dollars per year. Overall impressive game and i hope developers continue their awesome work with this top horse and racing game on iPhone.
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4 years ago, AGratiousPlayer
Great Game!
I’ve been playing this game for a couple months now and I love it to bits. The realistic style in both the racing aspect and the coat genetics makes breeding and racing thrilling to partake it. All of the sounds within the game are spot on, and I love how interactive it is. The new foal update is absolutely adorable, and their fluffy little coats melt my heart. I only have a couple complaints about the game, which are some of the story missions being extremely time consuming, such as selling a stallion with 135 (or so) points in acceleration, and training. In my opinion, the missions shouldn’t require you to spend weeks trying to train a horse just to complete a single story mission and then have to sell them off. I much prefer the upgrading story missions, as well as the racing to earn profit ones. My only complaint with training is the amount of time that it takes to train a horse. With my lower tiers it is quick and easy, whereas with my higher tiers it can take upwards of 4 hours just to get one area done. Overall I love the direction that this game is going in, and I can’t wait for future updates!
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5 years ago, mr.moseby
Stunning but
This game is possibly one of the best horse games i’ve ever played on mobile, the graphics are stunning, the characters have background, there’s a little story line as you go along. That being said though, there are also a lot of downfalls to this game. I found the game to get boring after awhile, the only truly interactive part of the game is racing, though that is the point of the game itself, i wanna interact with the horses besides when they’re racing. There should be more options than selling your horse, like others have said maybe having a pasture that you can upgrade throughout levels, & retire horses instead of sell them. The resources & gold that they cost is sooo hard to get. A lot of times i’ll use all the energy i have in only 5 races & even then i’ve only gotten building supplies, there should be an option in the market to buy the things you need with a cheaper gold cost because it’s really hard to get you only get 10-15 for every goal, & sometimes those goals take awhile to complete. I still love this game, & these downfalls won’t deter me because it’s so good, but it would be better if it had some slight tweaks
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