Road & Track Magazine US

4.6 (789)
44.4 MB
Age rating
Current version
Hearst Communications, Inc.
Last update
4 years ago
Version OS
12.0 or later
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User Reviews for Road & Track Magazine US

4.59 out of 5
789 Ratings
7 months ago, CoopRides
This has been my favorite automotive magazine for almost 40 years. Every month I looked forward to Side Glances by Peter Egan and couldn’t believe my luck when I found the collected works available. Without a doubt, R&T set the bar for car magazines and they set it high. For me, it has yet to be bested.
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7 years ago, Jproz
Can not access after payment! No response after multiple support emails!
These people need to pull their heads out of their rear ends and learn how to provide support. Downloaded the app and paid for a subscription but cannot access any issues. Have tried their troubleshooting steps without success. Have sent 5 emails to them over the course of the last few weeks with NO response. I suggest you treat this company as no more than common, worthless thieves who will steal your $20 (which is a bit exorbitant for a digital magazine anyway) and walk away, providing you nothing in return. Scumbags.
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9 years ago, rfgf1
Nice to read on the iPad
I've got digital edition subscriptions to Automobile Magazine and Grassroots Motorsports. Both of those digital editions work brilliantly, but I had heard R&T was a little behind in the game. Nicely pleased to see that they've stepped up and made improvements so they are on par now with GRM's digital editions, and only a little behind Automobile's. Keep up the good work!
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10 months ago, philinmpls
What exactly am I paying for?
Works fine on my iPhone I can’t even sign onto the app on my iPad. What’s the deal? I can’t read any of the articles that show up in my emails or articles that link on the website. I receive your print magazine and can access issues on my iPhone. What exactly is the problem with your sites?
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4 years ago, Reviewer5thousand
Waste of time
I signed up for one month free, then chose the annual subscription after that. But, right after signing up, the app wouldn’t let me log in. I tried at least 20 times, restarted my phone, the works. When I reached out for help I was told that you CAN NOT help and I have to cancel my subscription with iTunes. No free trial for me. Tough luck. Gee, thanks. So glad I wasted all that time.
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12 months ago, Peter10128
Too touch sensitive
Content on this app looks good, but it’s hard to swipe through pages without opening adds. When I’m reading, I often do something by mistake that zooms the screen way in. Like one letter per page way in.
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5 years ago, Unhappy in Capitola
Road and Track
Only displays in landscape.
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11 months ago, Mimms7
Unable to view previously purchases
Subscription expired October 2022. Unable to view/restore purchases up to this point Ripoff
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2 years ago, RobMatthes
App not working
Tried to review subscription but does not, app not working, can’t get ahold of anyone.
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3 years ago, Dr. Beadz
Pandemic Drama
I subscribed and immediately read the Rubicon “392” article. Given the tiresome pandemic recitation and the writer’s preference for an offensive expletive over multiple alternatives, I bid you adieu.
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4 years ago, Mizzenman
Road and Track
Used to be a good rag. Since Autoweek demise have had a very shoddy experience getting back my credits. So far one mag.
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7 months ago, Bair2
Can’t see content
Can’t access content past title.
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10 years ago, Fi02
Convenient but not without flaws
Pros: easy navigation, great photos (with enough resolution for zooming), the handiness of digital portability, no trees died and (presumably) no chemicals were used during production Cons: more expensive than deals that may be found on the print version, the proof reading can be spotty (e.g. the occasional piece that ends mid-sentence with the rest of the story no where to be found - September '14 was a real gem in this department ) , most months you may have to logout/login to your subscription to avoid demands that you pay separately for each issue Bottom line: the convenience and portability are enough to keep me coming back but the app could use some work as well as a price cut, especially considering the ads are all still there
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12 years ago, tacshose
1 Star Junk App
So I pay TWICE AND MORE THAN DOUBLE for a scanned copy of the print magazine!?! I pay for the print mag at $10 a year and now the iPad version at $20 a year. I will not be renewing either as I have been ripped off! This iPad "app" is a fuzzy poorly formatted scan of the print magazine. The font is too small and requires zooming, the photos are low res and unzoomable, heck even the text can't be zoomed in very much. The navigation is cumbersome and un-iPad-like. Take notes from Car and Driver and Automobile, create an App that works has videos, additional content and is not just a scan. Also, specifically with Automobile let print subscribers have the iPad app for free! Especially since zero work goes into your piece of junk 1 star app!
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11 years ago, admixer
Almost there
Unlike other reviewers, I don't care that they're charging for this. I let my print subscription lapse (after 25+ years!) and am somewhat satisfied with the app. It needs a bit of work however, stability and startup speed being the most egregious offenders. Too many crashes, and waiting for the app to communicate home before I'm able to do anything, are issues that need immediate attention. Other magazine apps have this figured out already. Still a huge fan of the content though, and appreciate the multimedia component that isn't possible on paper.
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11 years ago, RichFite
Only R&T is worth the hassle
Finally got one issue to load and it's the high quality which we should expect from R&T. They've got a lot of work to match the interactive links that are common in AutoWeek (did I say that?) and elsewhere. After nearly a lifetime of print issues (still have 'me since the '60s). We should expect more from this legendary leader in sports car publications. I'll keep trying to read their issues electronically and hope they keep trying to improve the quality of programming to match the traditional quality of their magazine.
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13 years ago, clutchdj
Thanks for including r&t mag for the iPad. Please continue to keep your reviews undiluted and to the point without all the extra run on sentences and excessive babble that other mags use! Seriously that shiet gives me a headache! My suggestion is more interactive material similar to c&d and HD pics that can be saved. 5 stars for finally dropping the iPad version.
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13 years ago, See Kevin Go
Pretty Bummed...
I've been anxiously anticipating this coming to the iPad in TRUE form for a long time. Used to subscribe digitally through another company, but got tired of the "scanned" version after subscribing to other iPad mags with more interactivity. Finally here, but it's no different than the old version I stopped subscribing to awhile back. Am hoping this is just their "jumping off" point. I'll be keeping an eye on this for future updates most definitely! Road & Track is such a great auto mag!
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10 years ago, Jimpal
Currently Unusable
I agree this is an excellent app, and improves the magazine experience, when it works. I have been a subscriber to the printed magazine for many years, and let them convert me to the digital app version in July 2014 when they stopped the print magazine. Worked fine, until this month. I simply can't get the Dec/Jan version of the magazine to download to my iPad without a separate purchase, even though I am still a subscriber. I've been back and forth with their technical people, to no avail. Right now the app is worth zero stars, and is useless to me.
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10 years ago, ehs53
This app stinks!
If I could rate it zero I would. I subscribed for a 6 month subscription through Hearst Magazines because they gave a better deal than going through iTunes. It still involved getting the app however. Well, the app will not stay loaded, it crashes after 3-4 seconds. the support link opens a dead sitepage, but I was able to find another page through the publisher. No response yet from them, and the subscription is supposed to auto-renew. Hopefully they may fix this, but in the meantime, do not download it!
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11 years ago, PLavee_Yahoo
Amazing user experience
I am blown away at how beautiful and useful this new redesign is. It clearly makes the case for electronic magazines vs conventional print. I love how this is not just a print version displayed electronically - it leverages the capabilities electronic print fully. I fact, this app reminds me of e Daily, which I loved and is sorely missed. Great job!
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10 years ago, Gadget Fix
Nice Magazine
I subscribe to Road and Tack and also Car and Driver. I also subscribe to both for hard copy. Thanks for a price break on both formats. Prefer digital copy so I can have collection on my iPad all year.
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8 years ago, Captain Steve
Was fine, now it doesn't recognize my account
I had no problem with the current app until just recently when it suddenly stopped showing me new issues. My account status shows current through 2017 and yet it's trying to sell me the current issue like I'm not a subscriber. Hearst customer support has been responsive but unable to fix the problem. Very disappointing from a long time subscriber.
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10 years ago, PhillyTG
An extraordinarily lazy effort
This is the worst magazine app I've ever seen. The UI design is a train wreck. You cannot enlarge any image to full screen. It doesn't even attempt to switch to landscape mode, yet half of the articles require an awkward scrolling motion. Some articles scroll down, others vertically. Whoever designed this has absolutely no idea what they're doing. It also frequently crashes, even on a 3rd gen iPad. It won't even load on an original iPad. Great content. Horrible user experience.
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11 years ago, XFidel CastroX
Great content, horrible subscriber experience
I have subscribed to this app since 2012, and every once and a while it decides for itself what I'm able to dowload. It denied me access to older issues and lately it has been denying me access to the latest issues, so as of right now I cant read the last six issues. But yet they have had access to my bank account all this time. I know the subscription is not expensive, but I would like to read what I have paid for.
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11 years ago, DremWkr
Grade: B-
This is based on the Oct2013 issue. I have noticed that each month since I gave this iPad version of R&T a *not*recommended summary review, the Hearst staff has been on a noticeable upward climb on improving this Mag/App. I am beginning to see potential for excellence here. The graphics are better. It is starting to include more interactives. But... *It needs more videos/sound... *It needs more animations, and the animations integrated into the app interface... *It needs a sound integrated interface (and for all the Hearst mags BTW)... *It needs a more competitive pricing strategy (I won't repeat my previous comments , but you get the idea.
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12 years ago, ANON8887
Have a print subscription? Well, don't plan on necessarily viewing your purchase on your iPad. This is my FOURTH magazine subscription for which there is an app....but NO GO on accessing ANY of them on my iPad. I won six subscriptions in a contest & checked TO MAKE SURE they each had an app. Didn't realize that I'd actually get to READ ONLY TWO of them on my iPad. SO BUYER BEWARE: even if iTunes has an app for a magazine subscription you've purchased, there is NO guarantee you will EVER read it on your hand-held device(s).
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8 years ago, Matt91278
Good content, horrible app
Love the magazine, but this app is horrible. Often half downloads the issue so when you're on a plane away from wifi you're surprised with nothing to read. Also it wants me to pay to download the new issue! I've deleted & reinstalled, signed out and into itunes, restored the app & it show my active subscription and still asked I pay $4.99 to get the new issue. Great magazine, however the app is an exercise in frustration!
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12 years ago, Mutunus Tutunus
The worst magazine app I own
I thought The New Yorker app was annoying because it doesn't provide search, dictionary lookup, and copying text. Road & Track is much worse. Here is an example. The print edition of R&T has QR for bringing up videos. You would think that it is a no-brainer to just click on the video in the digital edition. No dice. Why do magazines put the 3rd string team on their digital apps?
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12 years ago, yacoby
Needs much fixing
I have a paper subscription but cannot access my subscription on the iPad. The only car magazine that actually has a paper subscription recovery feature is automobile magazine and it works perfectly. This needs to be fixed. I refuse to pay $5 for an issue that I get in the mail a week or so later. 5 stars if this is fixed
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11 years ago, Motown08
Awful app
I used to have the digital version with my print subscription, but when they updated the app, that was taken away. It's app has always been slow to download eve though our wifi is extremely fast and slower to respond to gestures on the iPad than MotorTrend and Automobile Magazine digital version. As a subscriber for over 10 year, I'm really disappointed in the change of service.
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9 years ago, Pinchvalve
Missing content, horrible support
I purchased an issue to read a specific article, but the end of the article was not included in the issue. A contest without the winner in the article is useless. Poor quality, no one is checking the finished product. I contacted the publisher several times but they were not helpful and stopped communicating once they had to issue a refund. What a ripoff.
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11 years ago, Sh-waa
Can't download latest version
I have a yearly subscription but it says I have to purchase the may issue. Please fix this. Ps the new logo is a nice improvement.
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11 years ago, csmarkham
Brilliant content & design marred by horrible subscription experience
It is the worst to have bought something. (Subscription, automatically renewed), be charged for it, not get it and be thrown i to chaos to resolve it. It doesn't matter how good your content is (among the best and my favorite) if you can't get the business part right. Very disappointed and frustrated.
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8 years ago, SMoy61
Please go back to the last version
The last version of this app was perfect because it was optimized to run on the iPad. Now it's just exact reprints of the magazine that's hard to read and not enjoyable. Still love the magazine itself that's why I'm going back to the print edition only.
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11 years ago, R&T Subscriber
R&T disappointment
Electronic versions of magazines should be cheaper than their print counterparts due to expensive printing and needed infrastructure for print distribution. Ads in print version keeps cost down, so put the ads in the electronic version as well. I'm a log-term subscriber to R&T, but other mags have much better deals for essentially the same content, plus they include access to electronic versions to boot.
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9 years ago, hockdude
great design
Road and Track reader since the 70s. This design captures the feel of the R&T community of enthusiasts without sacrificing any of the expectation for car eye candy!
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11 years ago, Ex-R&Tfan
Rip Off
Why do I have to pay again for a subscription online when I already am a subscriber of the hard copy!? I will not be renewing my subscription to R&T. Don't nickel and dime us to death especially if we already subscribe! The online version should come as a added bonus for already having a magazine subscription. Goodbye road and track, forever!!
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10 years ago, 26myles
Crashes on original iPad
Just upgraded to version 3.1.1. of this app (trying / hoping to not got through the annoying situation in the previous version where it kept asking me to purchase issues that I was already entitled to via digital subscription. Well, not I cannot even launch the app! The app info says it supports my iOS version , but I don't think so!
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11 years ago, Lotsafan
Not a fan any longer
I'm very unhappy with this latest update. I've been a print subscriber for years and the thought of having the digital edition was intriguing. I liked the first digital issue but it's taken me awhile to return. Now that I have the latest version it doesn't recognize my old account or email yet I still get emails from the the magazine. That's lame.
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11 years ago, BiGG$ Poppa76
What the iPad was made for!
All in all, digital magazines are what the iPad was meant for. The large high resolution screen and enhanced digital content makes the publication pop! Great auto magazine that makes effective use of the iPad's capabilities. Buy it!
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11 years ago, ke4ppi
I can't understand all the bad reviews! I have nothing but praise for this app. I use it on my iPad mini and have no problems. It's faultless.
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12 years ago, Which nickname is not taken???!!! Please~
Horribly hard to read the text
I guess the developers just don't want to do anything about the low resolution of the scans. After retina iPad has come out for months, the text is still hard to read on max zoom. Lack of many features other mag have, now we can't even ask for a higher resolution scans? Horrible.
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10 years ago, CPU 123
You have to subscribe
It's a waste of storage don't get it if you want to see the whole thing you have to subscribe. 2.If you don't like paying don't waste time getting it. 3.Why do you need to pay to see the whole time and it doesn't really have a big enough preview for people to really want to buy it.
Show more
12 years ago, Mnsnutn
I am going to report a problem which is that the app barely works and it's a joke - it is not an iPad app - it's literally just a shrunken down version of the print version and is not readable without zooming. It's a joke and Road & Track should. OT even offer an app until they have a real one. I'd be embarrassed of it if I were them.
Show more
13 years ago, Joseph Taylor
Very poor app
I love Road and Track, but this is a severely lacking experience. I've had noting but problems, from issues with responsiveness in app, to general lack of features. Regret my purchase. Made decision based on the magazine, but the experience thus far has been predominantly frustrating. WOULD NOT RECOMMEND
Show more
12 years ago, gobrgo0987
I love Road & Track but app could be better
App is sluggish and TOC doesn't always seem to work (can't always get to the content by tapping on TOC links). I prefer R&T to Car and Driver, but C&D has a much better implemented app.
Show more
12 years ago, rogi88
Magazine is just scanned
This is disappointing, the magazine is just scanned into electronic form. It's hard to read the articles, even after zooming in. The lettering is so small and hurts trying to focus on it. Not interactive at all!! With some many other magazines choices, I regret paying a year subscription.
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7 years ago, Badger216
Pretty Worthless
I installed and open the app and got a big ad to subscribe to the magazine. After closing the ad, it just seems like the app is for managing your subscription or ordering back issues. I just deleted it. If you're expecting this to enhance your subscription, you'll be disappointed.
Show more
8 years ago, Driver250
The worst
Great experience on purchase and first issue. Now it's asking me to purchase every issue after the first. I can't log in or view anymore issues. Took gamble with download and trying it out. Realize now I should have just put the subscription money on black at the mirage.
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