Roadtrip - Bingo

4.1 (44)
13.9 MB
Age rating
Current version
Toughturtle LLC
Last update
8 years ago
Version OS
6.1 or later
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User Reviews for Roadtrip - Bingo

4.14 out of 5
44 Ratings
7 years ago, thekruser/4sqGuru
Great...but need multiplayer
Absolutely love the game play. Boards are very well designed and playable. Absolutely love the ability to choose different gaming options. The only thing holding me back from a 5 rating is lack of multiplayer (separate iPhone in same car) mode. It says 'single player' on the section screen, but I cannot find a multiplayer mode. Addition of a Bluetooth connection to other players with perhaps a small, automatically updating board at the bottom of the board you are playing representing the other players would greatly enhance multiplayer fun. Other than that, excellent game! Thank you!
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10 years ago, Coldcacher
Good game
We have been using this game for two years and many road trips and love it. The kids can use the iPad in the back while we play on the phone in the front. It's great to play without competing on the exact same board tiles; much better for play with little ones.
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6 years ago, ChallengerHottie
Needs Updating. Other than that, fun car game for all ages!
When playing Vehicle Logo Bingo Card, it is VERY hard to find certain cars like a Saab, Triumphe, or Daewoo.. my advice I’d update the car types. Although I must say my husband did find two Saab’s 900 S and a Triumphe once. Lol it can be done just is VERY rare! We do love the game on long trips and need a multiplayer version!
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2 years ago, zjfxvdkgdgjfigx123!!!...
My review
It was a good game but it’s more options I need to be two player with others.
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10 years ago, Cupcakelover3253
Great Game
This game is great because it's two players and there's a ton of different bingo versions to play. There's food logos, airline logos, around town, basic, gas logos, road signs, and more! If you accidentally press one you can easily undo it by tapping it again.
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13 years ago, Tanooki3
Just what I was looking for! Very nostalgic to swipe the red covers. Items are not too hard to find but some are challenging. Awesome free ap!
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10 years ago, squigglybee
Would be cool if it actually worked
So I opened it the first time, chose a game, thought it looked cool and hit randomize to get a new game and it pretty much froze. Reset the app, clicked basic game and now it just loads empty squares. Did this on my husbands phone too. I have a 5s and he has a 5. Did everything to try and get it to work. Even deleted it and redownloaded it and it still won't work.
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9 years ago, Flugualbinder
Game doesn't load...
Despite other reviews, I installed this game, as I've never had issues with games that other people have had. Game loaded once. Then I couldn't get it to load ever again after that. It just kept saying it was loading, but nothing happened. Tried reinstalling, with the same result. Would be a fun game if it worked :(
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10 years ago, Jan9498l
Game won't load
We've been trying to play this on our vacation. Initially it worked fine, but now the tiles won't load - the card is just blank. We've tried uninstalling and reinstalling it, clearing all games, nothing is working. Very disappointed.
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10 years ago, Escapone
This game is just okay. It frequently freezes and won't load tiles or the tiles are just plain white. Also there are a lot of things your unlikely to see on an interstate highway which is how most people travel.
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11 years ago, Sleepy travelers
Needs more variety
Can only get the "basic board" and "easy" setting. It's fun for a while then the same tiles get tiresome. Would be 5 star if more variety like description implies
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10 years ago, Mamametzger
New Update
New update looks nice but the game boards won't load. Love playing this with the family when we go on trips.
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8 years ago, KRZKT
Not loading
We did love this game and played it all the time but in the last 2 months it will NOT load. Now when I open it, the app CRASHES!! Please fix it😬
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8 years ago, TrcySchld
Didn't load
It worked once it said it was loading it never loaded so I deleted it.I re- downloaded it and it still was a bust. What a waste!😠
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10 years ago, Fosheez28
Didn't last long
Initially worked fine. Now won't load and tiles are blank. I see I'm not the only one having this problem.
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10 years ago, Dhddavis2004
Unable to get app to work on iPhone 5S
Sorry guys but this app does not load properly. It opens then gets stuck on randomizing the board.
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10 years ago, Goat burger
The game wont load. White tiles pop up but nothing is on it. I looked in settings but nothing will work
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10 years ago, Jenaeac
Great game
Great game to play in the card on long trips. Gave it 3 stars because Airport is spelled wrong. :(
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10 years ago, Samisam10
Does not work properly
When I go to use the app nothing shows up on the tiles.
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9 years ago, NatAttack1976
No good
Gave it a shot despite reviews. It would not load.
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9 years ago, Samma Wamma Jamma
It was fun until it froze up.
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10 years ago, Mom2mmandb
Good if/when it works!
Title says it all!
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8 years ago, KendraGrub
It won't load. It was a waste of money :((((((((
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10 years ago, CatholicMomVA
Doesn't Work at All
As the other reviews mention, I get all blank squares when I start the app (if it doesn't crash, that is). I'm running up-to-date iOS 7 on a 4s, and I did try uninstalling and reinstalling. What a disappointment! The description sounded great.
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