Robins Financial Credit Union

2.7 (203)
38 MB
Age rating
Current version
Robins Financial Credit Union
Last update
1 year ago
Version OS
13.0 or later
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User Reviews for Robins Financial Credit Union

2.69 out of 5
203 Ratings
6 years ago, RedneckPapaman
Messages Ignored
I use the App regularly and I am generally satisfied but the only complaint is the message application. You will never get a reply. And the mortgage department doesn’t post payments in a business like tempo. May have to wait 4-5 days to see the funds that were removed from your account posted to your mortgage. Very frustrating!
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3 years ago, Hello it you
Mobile Deposit still doesn’t work half the time
Been doing mobile deposit for over a year and complaining from the very beginning about it not working. I either have to take a thousand pictures from different angles and lighting, or it doesn’t work at all. Called countless times about it and always I’m told it’s something wrong with the check even though when I take it in to deposit in person no one can tell me what’s wrong with it 🤷‍♀️ the app always just says the front or back picture can’t be processed despite the photos NEVER being blurry and always in the frame they provide or closer. And yes, I always endorse it on the back and check the box. I love Robins but this needs fixed, I’m sick of having to drive 45 minutes just to spend 5 minutes to deposit a check.
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6 years ago, loganxtym3
Timeout Flaw
So I’m in the middle of reviewing my accounts and doing some mental budgeting and I get a notification saying that I’m going to be logged out whether I want it to or not. Eventually, it decides to log me out anyway, despite what I was doing. This is very annoying and needs to be fixed. I think it does it on the website as well. The time out needs to be longer. I don’t even think it’s 5 minutes, whatever it is, it is a ridiculously short amount of time. Also, the balance needs be larger on the account details page. And there should a current balance and an available balance.
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8 months ago, jokestababy
I'm done being quiet
This is quite possibly the most pathetically, incompetent, ineffective and essentially useless "banking" app. Three bank itself is decent. The fact that this app refuses to ever give an accurate account statement is ridiculous. The only point I have this app is to keep track of my checking account and this garbage can't even do the one thing it's supposed to. Whoever is the developer should not only be fired, but should have never been hired in the first place. I'd say it's laughably pathetic, but that would require me to push through my frustrations and smile. I hate this app and can't wait to leave this bank.
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2 years ago, wellsmichelle31
Worse app:
This app has problems causing glitches that can cause someone trouble when using it. In my case in the late evenings. It shows incorrect dollar amounts and it will not allow you to use some of its online features because of it. This issue can cause overdraft fees as well as an inconvenience when trying to use the service. It can make you think that you have less or more funds in your account than what is really there. I have screenshots to prove it. Why it hasn’t been fixed by now is beyond me. All as I can say is I hope this issue doesn’t catch me on a bad day.
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7 years ago, Logan.white1236
Robins FCU App Review
The app is fine as it is but for tablets it would be nice to have the blue bar that runs along the entire screen up and down on the right removed and have the transactions take up that space. Also, push notifications need to be implemented and replace eAlerts. It would be nice to have the balance lists beside amounts on the transaction. There should be a way to change a debit card pin within the app.
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5 years ago, The_Music_Lover1021
I’m trying to log on, but I forgot my log in id. I know my password, my email, etc. but I can’t do anything without my login. I’ve tried “forgot password” but that needs a login too. I’ve logged on once before in my phone, but it signed me out and didn’t save my password. I know people can easily access it if they have my phone and passcode, but there’s also an option to “remember me” so it seems pointless to log somebody out. Will change my review if this is fixed. I’m not able to drive yet so I can’t go and get this fixed in person.
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4 years ago, scm2018
Love it and easy to use!
Can easily manage my accounts and use other useful features. I especially enjoy the remote deposit feature so that I can easily deposit checks from home and easily transfer money to and from other RFCU members. The Face ID/ Touch ID also come in handy for quick and secure access!
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5 months ago, debraparker63
Linked accounts don’t update
I have two accounts; my own, and then one with my husband. I linked my joint account with my personal account. When we change the password on the joint account, the joint account does not show updates within my personal account. There’s no option to unlink the accounts so that I can re-link them and get the updates. Also, it allowed me to accidentally link the same account to itself. That should not happen.
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6 years ago, SFull513
No “Manage Mobile Deposit” Option
I wanted to save money and gas to deposit a check at HOME with my phone, but apparently there is absolutely no option to do that, even though I watched a video showing that there was. This app is a huge disappointment. Now I have to keep driving all the way to the place to deposit money. This is ridiculous. I had a way better experience with USAA. This app needs BIG TIME updates. Those two stars for the ratings won’t encourage anyone to download the app.
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6 years ago, SkyFalcon
Keep updating
There seems to a bug when I initially log-in. For example, when I open the checking I can’t scroll up and down to see the transactions. In order to see the list, I have go back to main screen and then go back to checking to see all the transactions. Please fix this.
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4 years ago, kimmieey
Not the most user friendly
Fast and reliable app, pleasing to the eye Doesn’t pair with Apple Watch even though it’s in the app, the side bar has all the online features but they don’t work well in the app (better on a computer), can’t get notifications to come through
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6 years ago, TI2480
Can’t scroll down to view transactions
Please update this app. I see you’ve created a new app that essentially does the same things as this one and people are saying the same things. Can’t scroll up and down transactions when first going to it, have to go back home and then back to checking or savings to scroll. Extremely inconvenient..
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10 months ago, NikkiWhee
Slow and buggy
Much like the app, Robins Financial is very very slow at processing requests. If you need a new debit card it will take WEEKS to receive one. The lack of convenience makes for profit banks nearly seem worth it. You cannot expect people to go nearly a month without a debit card. Both app and company are disappointing.
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6 years ago, Christofury
Online mobile banking is not user intuitive.
This app and the entire online mobile banking website fails basic banking functionality. I know because I work in IT. When you click “make a payment” you should be shown how much your payment is, and not have to navigate back to the info and look it up. I give this app 1 giant star- the last phase before a star dies. Seriously it’s terrible.
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4 years ago, MacOverPc73
Watch app
Robins says it supports the Apple Watch, even has a tab in the mobile app saying so but that option isn’t available on the app store.
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4 years ago, hhooward
Easy to use
This app is easy to use. It’s a mobile app so I don’t expect the same functions of a computer but comes in handy when I need to view or make transfers.
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6 years ago, Wmgjr
Scrolling no longer works
I use an iPhone 6s Plus. After one of my recent iOS updates the RFCU app is no longer compatible to scroll through transactions. I see there hasn’t been an update to your mobile app on over 10 months, this would be a great improvement so I can look through my transactions again.
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3 years ago, Cookie😊
Randomly won’t let me log in or change my password
Every now and then my Face ID login feature won’t work so I try typing in my password. It then says my password is invalid (although it is the correct password). Because it says it’s “invalid” I try to reset it but I never get a reset password email. So essentially, I’m locked out. Same thing happens on the webpage as well.
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8 months ago, Upset customer 31061
24 hour customer service support
They have no twenty four hour customer service representative that can help. The automated system says to wait until business hours are open. Well I'm glad it's not the weekend. I can't check my balance or unlock my ID and I'm putting the right account in.
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2 years ago, curtis3377
Learn the ropes.
After learning how the app works, I can transfer money and do all I need to do without staying on hold waiting for a person. It’s not perfect, but plenty good enough.
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6 years ago, Marcusoa108
Picture check deposit
Could you maybe add photo check deposit ?
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2 years ago, Cheeto puff's app is terrible
I love Robins as a bank and I love their card guard app but this app is awful. There’s so many glitches, and if you can even enter your account your lucky because I’ve been trying for the past 2 days to get inside my account and failing even after calling the customer service number provided.
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7 years ago, Tiparkk
Update any day now....
Unable to scroll through transactions on the first attempt. I also do not have the option for mobile deposits. I've watched the tutorial on the website, and I do not have the same options listed in the menu.
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7 years ago, creature_at_sea
Can't scroll
Two stars because I can transfer money and use mobile deposit no problem but if it wasn't for constantly checking my account, I wouldn't have known I got charged twice for an online transaction since I can't freaking scroll!!! 😡🔥
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5 years ago, Tayupple
Needs major updating
This app is awful. It rarely logs in and when it does it times out pretty quickly. The mobile deposit function almost always times out as soon as I click the option. Will review again if app is updated and the bugs are removed.
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7 years ago, mamamandaway
I can't scroll on any screen making this app useless. I can't transfer money, I can't see anything past the first 3 transactions. It hasn't always done this, get it together. The browser does the same thing. My loan payment is due today and I can't even pay it because it won't allow me to scroll.
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3 years ago, ASAIaaaaaaaaaA
If I could
If I could possibly give this app 0 stars I would this app is the most ridiculous app ever I can know my login and this app will act like it doesn’t knows me at all. I’ll kick me out etc this app is the worst but also the only way I can view my transactions
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5 years ago, Suzyq586
Needs a serious update!!
Always freezes and I end up having to close the whole app. Try to start over and do it again, same thing happens, it freaking freezes up when I try to make a transfer or set up bill pay 😡
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6 years ago, JTrillion478
Just one thing.
Would be nice if you could add the times when transactions were made.
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2 years ago, RDWolfe
Credit Union Best
thanks for working on the apps and the online banking in general.
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4 years ago, MarindasDad
No Mobile Deposits
Big disappointment that mobile deposits are not available even though the web page shows how to do it.
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5 years ago, EPROVENS
Sign in
Sign in doesn’t work properly with iPad. It’s just fine with the iPhone. Must use work around with iPad.
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6 years ago, Matt.mitchell101
Update feb 2018
After multiple app updates and what not, scrolling is still not working. So don’t expect to scroll back to see your purchases and history because you can only view your purchases of that day. So over this app
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3 years ago, Nette0019
Member to never transfer
Can you guys please bring back member to member transfer? It was one of the best features and also very handy.
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6 years ago, LeShonda H.
I hate this App!!!
I recently got a car loan with Robins. I was with Capital One,Big difference.. This app is horrible. There are no other words. Horrible!! Capital one app was so user friendly and to go from that to this is horrific. One Star to leave the rating. I never rate apps, so that says a lot.
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7 years ago, DatD00d
App not working
Can't check my credit score anymore.
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10 months ago, Jaxn15
Where is Deposit a Check Drop-down?
This version of the RFCU app does not have the drop-down for depositing a check. Live out of state, so Not Happy customers right now.
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7 years ago, Tigrislyn
Won't scroll
I keep hoping that there will be an update to fix this obvious problem. But, there hasn't been. Please fix this issue. It kind of keeps the user from using the app. Even having issues on my new phone!
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4 years ago, Hdnkgfbmktesv
No Mobile Deposit
Tutorials online show how you’re supposed to be able to do it on this app, but the whole section is just missing. Huge waste of time. Update the app to at least include what you say it offers.
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6 years ago, EagerLemur
Love the bank, hate this app
This app is too buggy. I can’t seem to get anything accomplished with it. I’ve tried deleting and re-downloading it with no improvement. Please fix
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3 months ago, PissedaboutMYmoney
What’s the point of having the app?!
It has not been working for a significant amount of time, and it’s a very difficult inconvenience to users like me who need to use mobile banking
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2 years ago, pmeadow1
Can’t use on my iPhone
I depend on the mobile app to pay my bills but it doesn’t work most of the time.
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2 years ago, good-buddy
Robins App
Good App, I haven’t had any problems utilizing it for my needs.
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2 years ago, robinshorrible
Never download
The app is awful it’s a dead end with service. They give select options based on your tenure of banking. Member to member services don’t exist nor does mobile banking.
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1 year ago, deadly_lemon
Awful app
This app is literally my 13th reason why. I don’t know why the app won’t let me login it’s really pssing me off and I need it to transfer my money into my bank account
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6 years ago, Rydeyz
Needs work!
The transactions take up the whole screen, which is fine, but you can not scroll up or down through them!
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4 years ago, BJdgk
Member to Member Transfer
Needs to add member to member transfer back on the app especially during a pandemic, shouldn’t have to go to the bank just to transfer money
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7 years ago, Casey Reas
Scrolling Anyone?
What happened to being able to scroll? I was able to awhile ago. Is there going to be an update to the app soon to fix this?
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3 years ago, debaggravated
Update App!
Been trying to update app since early this morning and new version is not available. Old app keeps saying update but there is nothing there. Poor planning on RFCU’s part!
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