Rock 92.3

2.2 (12)
116.6 MB
Age rating
Current version
Dick Broadcasting Company
Last update
1 year ago
Version OS
11.0 or later
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User Reviews for Rock 92.3

2.17 out of 5
12 Ratings
3 years ago, CoregBID
2GNC keeps this from one star
Easier to stream on the 2GNC or rock 92 website, and that’s not saying much. I never write a review but I’m hoping they actually listen to the feedback here. Similar issues as what everyone else has written with delays/problems with repeating ads along with clunky app make it an unenjoyable experience. Maybe one day they can fix the bugs (i.e. get rid of the ad supported software) and more people will actually like this app.
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2 years ago, 2thebeach
Not good
Love the show (usually). Hate all the ads. It doesn’t drop quite as often anymore. I finally figured out that when the opening ads are finally done, if the show doesn’t start playing, scroll back up and it’ll start. Weird but it works. Can we please have a limit to how many times we have to agree to the privacy policy? I’ve agreed at least 15 times! Twice this morning. Update. They came out with a subscription to listen to old shows. I personally would pay to listen to the live show without any ads; not even the one that has to be closed before the ads start. So I would pay where only the live show is aired. Nothing else. If you can listen to it on the radio, then just do that. The fact that the app has ads, in addition to the ads that are broadcast, is ridiculous. It drops for everything and then before restarting, you’ll have to listen to an ad again. Yes, they cover up the program they’re broadcasting so they can play an ad yet again.
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2 years ago, KnightFlyer
Great show, horrific app
This app only gets worse and worse. Now some of scare video player pops up and causes the audio to drop out. After spending most of my commute messing with the app and missing the show I’ve gone back to Tune In for streaming. They show a 30 second ad before the streaming starts but at least it works from that point on.
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1 year ago, P1SWP
Problem with the latest version
The alarm is not working properly. Worked fine in the previous version. Example: At 10:30 pm I set the alarm for 6:00 am. The radio will come on at 11:30 pm, 12:30 am, 1:30 am... and I assume every hour, on the hour, until I wake up enough to turn the darn thing off.
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2 years ago, Dr. Doome
Latest update broke the app.
Can’t load app since the latest update. It just crashes and never loads. So. Thanks for that.
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5 months ago, 2GNC P1
App crashes constantly.
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6 years ago, Dave from Concord
Best morning show ever!
I’ve been listening to Two guys named Chris since they started on Rock 92 and have loved them since day one. They are a perfect team and compliment each other so well. Both of them are hilariously funny and I especially love Chris Kelly’s humorous stories he tells about past life experiences and family life. And I love Chris Demm’s infinite knowledge of Rock and Roll and I always learn something new every time I listen. Both guys have an intellectual sense of humor and know they don’t have to “dumb down” to their audience. My favorite parts of the show would be the Rock and Roll trivia, Junior’s phone calls and Chris Kelly’s stories. And the yearly April fools jokes have been legendary. I hope to meet them someday to tell them how great they are. Thanks, guys!
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8 years ago, P1 Dena, NC
Great App Overall
As a whole I have no real complaints. I have had the app on plenty of devices over the years and when trying to listen I have no streaming issues. However, with that being said, I don't like how if I accidentally open Siri or a video on Facebook the streaming stops and I have to go back to the actual app to start it back. I also don't like how every time I do this I have to sit and watch a commercial. When I cut it off mid conversation for the 2 guys named Chris show I don't want to have to wait and miss something good. I understand every now and then having to play one, but not every single time. Really should update the app to where these aren't really issues. .
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6 years ago, Conradsk
Incredible Morning Drive
I live in a different market, and a larger market, but stumbled on this station while driving through this section of North Carolina one weekend. I was expecting classic rock tunes, but they happened to be re-broadcasting a segment of their weekday morning drive time It was so much fun to listen to, that I’ve downloaded the app and listen to these guys every day on my way to work. They call it “two guys named Chris“ and it’s basically a low-key, but hilarious group of guys who just seem to be shooting the breeze and having a great time. Highly recommended.
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6 years ago, Junkerman72
A show so good they have to play it twice :)
I found this station last year while working in the Carolinas. This is by far my favorite morning show across the whole country. I listen to them several hours everyday and have cancelled several podcasts since finding these guys. Four buddies sitting around BSing about different topics of the day. Don’t worry, if you miss the morning show they play it again in the evening.
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5 years ago, ZNDC35
Demm, Dave, and Biggie are great!
Three competent, hilarious, personable personalities, Demm, Dave, and Biggie, are forced to compensate for the stumbling show host Chris Kelly. Most of the time it seems the other three are laughing at Kelly and not with him. Also concerned Chris Kelly is a bit too interested in the young ladies who work at the chicken and pickles. Overall Chris Kelly reminds me of a poor man’s Michael Scott. Five Stars. Best morning show in at least the greater Greensboro/Asheboro area. Would have real potential if the trimmed the fat...
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6 years ago, FiddyCent
Morning Crew
I love the app because it lets me hear 2 Guys, Biggie and Dave whenever I want. I love the show but my reception isn’t clear and work is crazy. I’m a P1 but on my own terms. It’s Sunday night, I’m sitting outside with my two Old English Sheepdogs, a glass of Chardonnay and listening to the shows I missed. What’s better than that? I love all the characters because they all are important contributors. When Dave cracks up you can’t help but smile! Terri White.
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6 years ago, Stanley Anne
Morning Routine
Since retiring from a career in education,2GNC has been my morning routine. Earbuds in my iPod or iPhone and listening to this program has gotten me through the years of caregiving for my mom, yard work, and housekeeping. I laugh, I learn, I roll my eyes..... I keep thinking I will wary of this routine, but I retired 12 years ago and it is still the best way to start the day. Full disclosure, after the trivia game, I stop for the day- unless I’m in my car. Love the show!
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3 years ago, p1proco
2GNC is an awesome show. THIS APP IS AWFUL.
The earlier version worked well - since it has been “updated” to include print ads, voice commercials, end the ability to capture and track your data IT IS COMPLETE GARBAGE. The app constantly repeats ads, drops the stream, it’s awful. It’ll drop the feed, and when you close it and restart it now makes you update the “privacy policy” every time, then shows a print ad with a countdown, then plays a commercial - and by the time you get back to the stream it’s in a commercial. It’s trash
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4 years ago, firstbondgirl
Great show - balance between humor and information
Great show. Love the balance between current events and humor. I diid prefer the old timeline, please revert back. Biggie and Weather Dave make me lol! Chris Dem really is a low key ahole, and pretty funny in his own right plus amazing knowledge - love rock and roll trivia. And Kelly is the glue that holds it all together, everyone plays off of him.
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6 years ago, P1_Eric
Love to use, lacks functionality
P1 listener since day one of Rock 92. I finally downloaded this app to listen to 2 Guys Named Chris while out of town. The App satisfies my need, but it lacks functionality. I click around on the different offerings in the app, but see no easy way to exit or go back to the main menu. Keep on rock’n!
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5 years ago, Nick "Chubs"
Best morning show in the triad!
I have been listening to the two guys named Chris show for the past 16 years and no other morning radio show even comes close to them. It helps get through the morning at work and sometimes again at night. Keep up the great work guys!
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4 years ago, MEWlikethepokemon
The app is horrible.
This app completely craps out after maybe 5-15 minutes of playtime. It’s hard to listen to your favorite morning show when the app constantly loses signal or flat out crashes... I have email the company that’s created and manage a few times now and seem to get no update to this issue.
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6 years ago, Chris from Cary
2 Guys named Chris!
Great app for the 2 guys named Chris show. The only thing I’ve had issues with it is that the sound or online connection drops for a few seconds - then reconnects. It seems to happen no matter how excellent my WiFi and/or cellular strength is. I’ve tried closing the app, reopen, deleting it and reinstall with no resolution. Anyone else have this issue?
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6 years ago, yellowhair8
New Hampshire Tim
The 2 guys named Chris brings so much laughter to my morning! The hours from 6am - 10 am go by so fast listening to them! Laughing each day is one of the most important things a person can do and their show does that for my family and I we are grateful. Favorite P.1 for life! Thanks New Hampshire Tim
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8 years ago, Sherron-NC
Nothing great about this app
I downloaded this app about 15 minutes ago. Very disappointed. Content is not great and as I was checking out everything I clicked on the Neilson link. It took me to that companies website but would not allow me to return to the app. I tried everything. Even if I closed the app and reopened, it was still stuck on the other website. There was no way to return to the app. Very poor design. Ended up deleting the app before leaving this review. (Using app on iPhone 6s)
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5 years ago, GSOWeeMan
Great show but trouble streaming
Love having the app to listen to the morning show wherever but it gets frustrating sometimes when trying to open the app it will say communication error when trying to first start playing so have to restart the stream a few times.
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6 years ago, the Real Dr Mack
Two Guys Named Chris and Biggie
These guys are awesome! The bright spot of my day is listening to their interpretation of the worlds events. A venerable medley of current events/news blended with old pop culture/rock and roll history references filtered through their comedic lens is always an entertaining show. You will simply laugh out loud!
Show more
5 years ago, Queenxofxnight!
P1 since Day 1
I’m so glad they have this app, I’ve been traveling all over the world for years and can always tune in from 6a-10a EST. I had the pleasure of meeting these guys when I lived back home in Greensboro so listening to them keeps me in the loop and cures my homesickness. They are hilarious!
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6 years ago, Mandi4444
I listen every single day, in the morning and at night I love the show... The show has the funniest guys... when they laugh I laugh, people must think I’m crazy when I’m riding down the road and laughing to the show it totally makes my day!!!! Thanks Guys!!!!
Show more
6 years ago, P1Scott
Rock 92 is AWESOME!
Anybody who knows me knows how obsessed I am with the 2 Guys Named Chris Show. I can’t get enough and am so glad they started playing it in the afternoons too. Now that I can listen from my phone anywhere is even better. Keep up the great work guys!
Show more
6 years ago, Gromwal
Much Better Than the Old One!
Thanks for the upgraded app. I live in Raleigh and can’t get the station over the air in my home, so as a P1, it’s nice to be able to listen early morning, evening and Saturday via the mobile and desktop app!
Show more
10 years ago, MikeJJ37
Works great
Low reviews must be of older versions. I just installed on iPod and iPhone 4 and it works great. I can listen to 2gnc wherever now. Would be nice if they saved older shows so you could listen to those you missed.
Show more
5 years ago, 940M
Chris X 2
Found your show 2 guys Named Chris when I lived in W-S for a year. I now live back in Sanford, Florida and listen about every morning on the Rock 92 app. Absolutely love the show- can’t get enough of it. Literally makes me laugh out loud. Thanks for what u do P1 Michael
Show more
3 years ago, gotinx
I love the 2gnc show. This app however is just unbearable. To many adds especially since you have to hear those adds then the normal adds on the show. Then it will consistently just drop the stream. Meaning you have to reload and get the adds again. Horrible just horrible, it’s a good thing gator isn’t around to see this travesty, may he rest!
Show more
4 years ago, Murray264
P1 Donna
This show makes every morning tolerable for me and never fails to make me laugh out loud. So relatable for so many reasons for me. Just love you guys!! I’m dying to call in and play Pyramid with you guys.
Show more
4 years ago, Arrrghsaysthepirate
Poor reception
I love listening to 2 Guys Named Chris every morning and when I’m at home I listen through the app but lately the connection has been terrible. It is constantly going in and out. I’ve rebooted my phone and router and still it’s spotty at best. Please fix so I can enjoy my favorite morning radio show again.
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5 years ago, moorel03
I seem to have an issue on the app. I have to delete from my phone and re-download it every couple of weeks because it stops working. Otherwise I love The 2Guys Named Chris show.
Show more
5 years ago, old priority one
Good show for a long time
Good mix of personalities who aren’t afraid to make fun of themselves. Would benefit from adding a woman’s point of view to the mix, although Kelly is pretty darn close!! 😂 Give it a listen I know you will enjoy.
Show more
7 years ago, Katbowbean
I love 2 Guys Named Chris!!
My wife and I have been listening to this morning program for roughly a decade ever since my wife came across the program. And now that the morning show is replayed at 6 pm it is even better. Thanks Kelly, Diem, Dave and Biggie!!!
Show more
3 years ago, JDurh'm
The sketchiest app!
The ads don’t bother me, but the constant pop-ups prompting you to allow tracking and ONLY providing a “yes” or “Ok” option are very sketchy. I finally deleted the app. The streaming quality is poor and the gets dropped a lot, but I could put up with that if I didn’t feel like I was getting railroaded into allowing the app to track my activity.
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6 years ago, Lilbarb130
It makes my day
Everyone in our house listens every day. We find ourselves talking about it later on and compare what we heard. Then we laugh all over again. Love the show.
Show more
5 years ago, Jana E
Sounds great!
Love this app, always works perfectly in my car when my stupid radio has reset after a dead battery.
Show more
6 years ago, Twebb95
Great app and great show!
The 2 guys named chris show every morning just got better with this app, I travel and lose radio reception depending on where I go and this app allows me to take them with me.
Show more
6 years ago, Marilyn79sunshine
Love you guys!!!
I never get to hear the entire program, but my little 15 min. commute to work each morning wouldn’t be nowhere near as enjoyable without y’all.
Show more
6 years ago, dehay88
Absolutely love this radio station. 2GNC insanely hilarious. Can’t listen to them while I work out. I’d drop the weight on me from laughing too hard. But other than that, awesome station, awesome show.
Show more
6 years ago, amber851219
Crashes all the time I usually miss the entire show because of the app buffering or just stops airing in general it’s really obnoxious I had better quality when y’all were running through other radio apps.
Show more
5 years ago, VOLFAN88
Great talk show
Great talk show with Informative news and relevant topics with funny (sometimes hysterical and not too inappropriate) banter between the hosts. It’s nice to laugh about news stories and not be so serious.
Show more
6 years ago, Just let me write a review
Great app
Love being able to listen anywhere- I do miss the desktop listen live option for when I’m in the office
Show more
9 years ago, TheDalmac
Sound screw for your iPhone
This app works awesome till you close it and want to use something else. Then you sound is locked at whatever setting you had it on in the add. Took me an hour to figure out why my sound would not charge. You have to start the add turn your volume to max while in the app to get your sound back. Need to redo your app.
Show more
5 years ago, Jon's mommy
Love any way I can listen to 2GNC!
Best morning show EVER on this app. If you miss some hilarious segments, you can listen to them on demand. Highly recommend this app to anyone that likes to laugh!
Show more
5 years ago, camfau13
Two guys named Chris
The only complaint I may have is that I would like to see more “On demand“ media to choose from During the day
Show more
4 years ago, broccolisaurus
Connection issues
The app is really finicky as far as playing and connection go, so it’s not perfect. But, I get to listen to four idiots make fun of the world for four hours and I love that about this app.
Show more
5 years ago, loserloserlol
White people surrounding me
If you love white men then this is the app for you. These guys eat the entire show and fight with chicken and lambs. Super sweet chili. Chris Kelly loves giving feet massages, but hates giving them. Explain to me how that’s fair!
Show more
6 years ago, saspenceville
Best Classic Rock Station EVER ! Should be federal Law mandating everyone listen to the Two guys named Chris morning show no less than 4 days each week. Kelly is super awesome but he gets no love. Ok just kidding, the station does Rock.
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