Rockbot - Request Music

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Rockbot, Inc.
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9 months ago
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14.0 or later
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User Reviews for Rockbot - Request Music

4.71 out of 5
37.4K Ratings
4 years ago, biancajagg
Full time Rockbot user
I cannot select more than 2 songs at a time if 2 or more people are signed in, this is a recent update and feels discouraging to use the app, it’s a bit tedious. Perhaps this is to allow the establishment’s song pics to circulate. I would like if there was a way to send a song/artist request to the establishment admin so they could unblock certain things upon request. All the users are still unclear on how the point system racks up, I could not find a current Rockbot blog to view that info. Overall, a fun idea, and definitely keeps many patrons at the bar, requesting songs, buddying up and bonding over Rockbot. It would also be nice if there was a queue that I could add to of songs that I’d like to select after my songs have played. Or a few different playlists that I could design to choose from.
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1 year ago, Zzachary Scott
Just about the worst way to listen to music
The title sums up my opinion. There are many reasons why, one of the main ones I will point out it this program will still play music you don’t want it to no matter how much you “downvote” a song or artist it still might just play. If I had to guess this is part of the aspect of the program that incentivizes the user to “upvote” certain songs or artists. I can only guess as to why a program would reward you with points (not sure what they do) for listening and “voting” for specific artists and singles.
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9 months ago, Krom405
Full of bugs
When it comes to leveling up your DJ level, the app is full of bugs that make leveling up very difficult. For example when I select a song to play in the Rockbot headquarters, before the song makes it to the top of the list to play, most of the time it disappears and doesn’t end up playing at all. Another bug is your DJ level status bar bouncing back and forth for no reason when it should be progressing. And the latest bug in my profile the recent play history has gone blank and I’ve tried to uninstall and reinstall the app but it never comes back. Only reason I didn’t give it a 1 star is because at least when I’m at the gym I can play better music than what’s randomly playing
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8 months ago, Smileskunk
Could be a lot better with choices of music
So I’m a employee at PF and while I do love the fact that we have control of the music, a lot of the music that is trending now I hardly see. I see that some popular song choices are up but it’s usually years old. For context I work in the city so a lot of the city folks like to hear music that’s more up to date more trendy with their time. Overall, it’s not too bad but just needs more up to date tunes along with more artist variety.
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2 years ago, LordScorpion12
Poor User Experience
I saw that my friends could play music at our university dining hall and I thought I would download the app and try it out. My experience was far from pleasant: I still have not been able to make and account despite deleting and reinstalling the app 6 times and when I tried making an account on my friend’s phone by logging them out of their account, they have not been able to log back in on their phone. I’m not sure what the issue Is but the app seems to work nicely for those who can gain access to begin with but for those of us who are having similar issues (of which I know several) Rockbot is a cool concept but a disappointing reality.
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1 year ago, Colonel ForbinWV
Love it
Rockbot is a great app, good functionality, allows groups of people to select songs in a large building with different tastes. Nobody can have more than 3 songs in the que at a time, and other users logged in can upvote or downvote a song on deck to have it played sooner or later. They do rotate artists on and then off again, but usually an artist is back on in a relatively short time frame. I’m digging this app at work playing music.
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10 months ago, Watermelon Child 2001
I’m here for It, But There’s One Thing That’s making it a Point Down
Good, but not great. Bug fixes? Still want an updated version. The one thing that’s taking it a star down? The selection of music. I hope that Rockbot, in five years, will expand its catalog of music more. I say this because I want every guest at a gym, for example, like Planet Fitness, to hear what my music taste is. it’s not just pop and dance, I need to add some trance music to the mix. with the likes of Giuseppe Ottaviani, Ferry Corsten, Reuben de Ronde and others, it’ll be a seal of approval for me. Still, good.
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2 years ago, Jesus is coming back!
Good idea. Needs work on application.
Don’t love that you get more control of suggestions with higher ranks, and suggestion/requests are limited. Everyone should be able to just add song requests to a back end que, and let thier algorithm filter and mix peoples songs in. Giving more control to someone with higher app rank is too much control. No one really loves other peoples music. And letting people thumbs up or down someone else's request they just made is ganna make people wanna fight haha. Good idea. Needs work on application.
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2 years ago, I paid for the full app
Super dope app
This app is awesome. They have it at our planet fitness where I live. I wish they allowed a little more song selection. I also wish there was more info out there about how the algorithm worked. From what I’ve gathered if you only request 1 artist or request +4 songs in a row you get silenced for like 15 minutes but obviously can’t confirm that
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2 years ago, JonT1990
Some what pointless
The UI is not as simple as they thought it would be and at first can be a little over whelming trying to request music. Also what they don’t tell you is that the music you may want to hear needs to be cleared thru business. This can be a problem when they aren’t really doing it or have no clue who to really talk to. I have to problem playing clean music and ironically I can’t at this moment play old school music because of the restrictions. Many people have addressed their issues with app/business approval via twitter to get what seems as a computer generated message(generic).
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4 years ago, Jazzboy1354
Ruined my college dining experience 😡
My college dining hall plays this non stop. They blast it through the PA system and the only music that you ever hear is either pop or hip hop. Until recently I put earphones in so I could listen to my own music but it has gotten to the point where the music has stressed me out so much that I now have to make sure to bring earplugs with me so I don't have to hear this garbage because earphones don't work. It would be better off if these places just played their local alternative or Sirius XM satellite radio station. I don't want to hear any of this so called "pop music" ever again! I'd rather hear real rock bands! Pop/hip-hop stress me out to the point where I can't even focus on my schoolwork.
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3 years ago, Cool cat guy
Good but could improve.
I work at planet fitness and use this quite often while working out and my members seem to enjoy it as well. Could use some fixes though, a lot of the bands I enjoy listening to either aren’t on the app or are banned (which could be a more local decision, not sure). I will say that this app would be a lot better if more of my members used it as that is just the nature of these kinds of community driven apps. In total it could have a wider selection of music and be less repetitive in the algorithms choices.
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4 months ago, MikeyUnknown
Great, could be improved
one small thing i would add would be a way to view the song history. there’s been many occasions where i’d be in the middle of a set (at the gym), i hear a song i like, then the song would end before i could open the app to see the song that was playing. it’s a little frustrating to have a tune in my head but can’t place it. adding a song history would be a fantastic addition to the app
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2 years ago, MathewDaigle
Good, but could be better
Venue scheduling with more granular options - specific days and times, allowing explicit songs in a venue would be nice. I like the idea of sending a song for venue specific review to be moved from banned to unbanned would be good. Some of the tracks listed as explicit, aren’t even close - or banning an artist because most of their tracks are explicit, when they really aren’t anything more than suggestive... Better walkthroughs for venues to better understand how the program works would be helpful too.
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6 years ago, Blajadairo
I use this at anytime fitness the problem I have is I set up songs and just because someone doesn’t like the songs I pick they override my songs and play theirs I feel once a song is already in the line then the songs should play until mine runs out same goes with an old jukebox in order to listen to different music you wait your turn add your quarter and then your songs are played same concept should be used in this case everyone’s song should be played and no ones should be overridden just because someone doesn’t like it this needs to be fixed
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2 years ago, LoudSiren1738
It’s Mid
Is it a cool concept? Yeah, but I hate how some of my favorite songs are butchered and cut short. I dislike how certain songs are unavailable, which is understandable to a degree, but it gets annoying not being able to play some hit songs. Lastly, when I suggest songs, Rockbot only prioritizes the first couple. Then it plays whatever default music was in que before it’ll play anything from myself or other DJs. If it has more likes than the other song, it should play first!
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1 year ago, Annersabcarp
As a level 21 user of rockbot I am definitely a fan of the app. This isn’t that important but something I don’t understand is how leveling up truly works. I was on level 8 for about 2 monthes but have continued the rate of songs played fairly evenly throughout my time on the app. It just seems sparatic so I wish that the guidelines were outlined for how leveling up works. Whether that means how many songs or thumbs up are needed to level up
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1 year ago, jbsydl
Kinda nice, kinda annoying
It’s great being able to pick songs, but a lot of times I am the only person in the building / not listening to headphones (am working) yet it spaces out the music I request and plays the same songs that I thumbs down every single night. I get complaints about how annoying the music is and people make requests that never even play by the time they leave.
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2 years ago, Buck Joe Fiden
Song database is poor
Over the course of my time on rock bot, my play list has become more limited. Songs which had no profanity suddenly became unavailable and my playlist shrunk. Songs and artists I requested months ago, also with no profanity are still showing under review. This leaves me with the same limited song selection every time I am at the gym and makes me more inclined to go back to my iTunes and earbuds. I can’t see spending any money to upgrade an app that continues to limit my choices. Sorry Rockbot you are failing.
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1 year ago, MoniStar22
Add Length
It would be beneficial if the creators could put how long each song is, because sometimes people will start playing 7 minute+ long songs and if I knew that I would recommend other songs above those. Other than that, the app is pretty good.
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2 years ago, Awesome18266
Needs more selection
2.5 stars would be more accurate. Great concept but definitely room for improvement. Needs more selection for sure. I’ve always been confused why they don’t have big artists like Kendrick Lamar or the Beatles, but they have Will Farrell ?? They also only allow 3 plays per artist for one - two hours, which would be fine if there were a bigger selection of artists. They have a decent number of Beyoncé and Rihanna songs for example, but I can only pick three. Bad system.
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9 months ago, DimitriK28
Nice but…
The offerings are just ok and if there’s something you want to hear but it’s grayed out you put in a request to the club (I think) to add it. I’ve made a lot of requests and I go back and look and not one of them has been excepted or added, and I don’t know if you receive a message when any song you request is added or not but there’s just not enough variety of older music as it’s mostly today’s machine enhanced stuff
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2 years ago, freddy1018
Buggy app with no diverse Music Choice
Checked into a planet fitness and decided to use the app as promoted. The app uses “algorithms” to choose from your created playlists on Spotify/Apple Music. Does not let you play all of the music you have even if it had no vocals, probably just chooses Top 100 billboards. False advertisement of play any song you want. Very picky on what you can and can’t play. Also it’s a very buggy app coming from an IPhone 12 user with the most current update of the app. Do not recommend unless you have very basic taste in music.
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1 year ago, ElephantsRunning
This is a really cool app. My headphones broke and I saw this app was available to play songs that I like to listen to while I’m working out. Kinda like playing songs on a jukebox back in my drinking days. So glad them days are over with. Best thing about this app is that it’s free. And I have no reason buy headphones now.
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2 years ago, Sierra_117_
Can't login to app
Pretty much can't login or create a new account. It's always on the loading screen. This is my third time trying to make it work but I guess I'm going to have to delete it. Also, before I got signed out, they took out alot of the good music. Don't recommend.
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6 years ago, Mugsly123
Almost Useless
The gym I go to uses this app. When I go I just want to concentrate on working out not having a war with the only other DJ in there who plays music that I don’t like. It’s so annoying. I just listen to my own music. This app allows very little free play and you have to pay for songs after that. It’s totally not worth it. If you don’t have your own music you end up listening to music you don’t like. The app must remember what is played and then it constantly please that genre of music. When there are no DJs it should play more of a variety.I’ll be deleting it.
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3 years ago, Patti S
My gym DJ app
Because I have a special needs daughter who works out with me, I cannot wear earbuds and play my own music at my gym. I like that with this app I get several of my songs played during a workout. I only wish they left the list of favorite songs. Now it’s hard to find songs I favorited but haven’t played.
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5 years ago, This is Arcadia
Downloaded the app and paid for credits and the very first song I pick someone at the gym skips it after 20 seconds. Why is that even an option? Now I have all of these credits and I feel like if people are going to keep skipping the songs I pick then what was the point of getting the app. Other than that 1 complaint the UI is nice, it’s a clean, easy to use app. Not sure who they license their music with but I wish there was more of a song selection. Are you using BMI or ASCAP?
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5 years ago, TweediestCash91
Many uses
Other than the fact that you have to be social to hear the music. You can also have little races with your friends to see who’s music gets on first. I’ve also been able to find more songs that I like.
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2 months ago, prettyboykills
Good app and concept just needs improvement
Just some small tweaks I would add about having too many songs in the queue , there def needs to be more queuing 3 songs at a time is wack and it distracts me from my workout come out with some sort of merging system if you guys really are that worried about someone getting too much control over the station Also can’t request the same Artist more than like 3 times also wack
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2 years ago, Connectronix
Where’d the songs go?!
A few months ago using the Rockbot app was awesome. 75% of the stuff I would search for was there and I could create awesome playlists and I felt like a workout DJ! Here we are a few months later and more than half of the songs that I used to play are gone. The number of songs in rock, rap, pop and Classics is next to none. Extremely disappointing.
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3 years ago, erykah badu fan
So many bugs
Usually I don’t have a hard time selecting and playing songs but every time I play hi by Erykah Badu YALL CUT ITSHORT and the Rockbot goes “offline” and starts playing other music. This has happened three times already. Another bug is that the screen to play the song after pressing will lag so that the confirmation of the song to be played never comes up and ultimately is never played. It just stays loading. Yea. These bugs make me SO mad.
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5 years ago, catherinereviewsapps
They blast the music at my gym; it makes it almost impossible to hear what’s in your earbuds. Then I saw that the music was over this app and you can request songs. So I downloaded the app. I got one song played and then was asked to pay for more songs. I successfully reordered others playlists by giving thumbs up or down... but otherwise wasn’t able to do anything. Who gets paid for the songs? I was so confused. I hate this app. I rather try to buy some noise canceling headphones. Quick delete.
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2 years ago, Iliketheoldclubpenguinbetter
cannot even open the app!
I have made several accounts for Rockbot because once i would sign it it would get stuck on the loading screen and never load! Both of my jobs use Rockbot, so I have tried to uninstall the app and reinstall, but nothing seems to work. I’ve tried being on wifi and without abs there is no difference, loading screen every time . I have had this problem since August 2021. Please help!! In the meantime, Zero STARS.
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4 years ago, wxtc356
Poor song rotation
With only 1 person requesting songs I should be able to listen to what I want for the most part. But instead it plays through a list of computer chosen songs regularly. Sometimes playing 2 computer chosen songs to one of mine. And they’re bad, old techno mix and then some rap chosen alongside the rock music I have in queue.
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5 years ago, BatonRougarou
Bar manager
We use this at the bar I run and I wish they would bring back the feature to be able to hear a sample clip of a song before you play it. It was very helpful to us as well as customers to be able to hear the song first as sometimes the version of the song available is very different than the original track.
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4 months ago, ProphetGrievouss
Racists and Sexist
I work out at planet fitness and the selection is absolutely atrocious. It only fits for a Marshall’s or Kohl’s. Furthermore most black artists are just flat out banned so any hip hop or rap you would listen to at the gym: forget about it. To not give these artists access to the platform makes you complicit to the harms and abuses women and people of color face. Female artists of color tell their stories with explicit lyrics to convey the difficult world they live in. Overcoming such societal challenges should be celebrated and listened to and is the exact kind of music I want to hear in the gym. Nothing gets me pumping a PR faster than overcoming systematic racism. Banned list includes but not limited to: Megan thee Stallion Flo Milli BIA Tink Lekeyah Doechii Kentheman Kamillion Coi Leray Baby Tate Bree Runway Kash Doll Summer Walker LightskinKeisha Dreezy Jaye Naima CupcakKe lil Kim
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3 years ago, TheRezurected
Kinda Trash
It’s cool that you can request and play songs every now and then, but you can only request three at a time and the loading is AWFUL. I’ve tried requesting a song several times late at night and it just simply doesn’t load. I also just tried to change my name and it won’t even load or save that. Fix those issues and it won’t be that bad of an app.
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3 years ago, Redhead 445
App would not load my handle and password
Using my iPhone ex S to download the app. Entered my email and my handle and my password and all it did was spin like it was loading. Went back again to reload and try again and the app just continue to show the loading symbol. If you can’t log on using a handle that is for bidden or taken or an email that you can’t recognize then I should receiveError message which I never did. Hence the one star rating.
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6 years ago, mattpavelko
I used to like this app. But then it stopped the ability to let me bump in the queue, but other users can magically bump in front of me. When I talked to the chat support they were useless and couldn't understand my question. And they just stopped chatting with me mid conversation.
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2 years ago, Punkaholic23
You’re wrong…
This app is kinda cool especially since I can control what’s playing in the background at work these days. However, one minor thing that seems to bother me every time I see it is that Rockbot incorrectly has a picture of Jimmy Eat World on Taking Back Sundays profile!? Can someone fix this lol. It’s NOT Taking Back Sunday, please fix this!
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6 years ago, Canticle65041
Great selections and flexibility
I’ve been coming to my favorite cigar lounge for a long time, and when they added Rockbot it made my experience that much better! I can select the music I enjoy and when I come back it plays some of my selections automatically.
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12 months ago, Marty608
Good Music Taste Sharing App
Rockbot great to use when either wanting to listen to music within a certain music genre at the gym etc. just would be nice if it had more of a social interaction feature.. like chatting with other members that have similar music interests etc
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9 months ago, Nav-xo
I have been using this app for a while at a local gym and this app has had no improvement to its leveling system or it’s music it’s still the same basic songs with a two song request per person regardless of level also most of the songs are “not allowed” or “unavailable” so why even have them on the app just taking up space when they could add songs that you can actually play
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2 years ago, LittleMan15086
Needs more variety
The music that they allow you to have access to if fairy good but I’d say nine tenths of the music I tried wasn’t allowed and none of it was bad all of it was appropriate. My recommendation is search the band your hoping for and see if their even allowed them see if you can find the song you want.
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2 months ago, MarcelAKAMouse
Level Up???
Leveling up makes no sense. Keep watching your level bar go back and forth for no reason. I’ve been stuck at level 12 for like 8 months or something like that. The amount of music you can choose at some locations is so limited and also makes no sense. Why is Metallica available but not Iron Maiden, or Megadeth, or any other Metal bands? It’s so limited in genres and many other places. Lots of wasted potential!
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11 months ago, gring.
Garbage selection of music
I only cycle through about 3 artists because every good band is blocked for some reason. For example, it'll say Stevie Wonder, who is as tame and non offensive as it gets isn't allowed, but Miley Cyrus who can't stop rubbing her privates for the world and sings like a devolved walrus is totally chill. Gatekeepers of music that hold back true musical talent like Rockbot are exactly why we're suffering from so much cultural rot these days.
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2 years ago, gooball3
Needs more songs
The app is good overall. Being able to listen to music you like instead of the “house” music that most clubs play is great but the app needs more songs and more artists. I find myself selecting the same songs.
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1 year ago, Subwoofer dude
So Many issues!
This app is so buggy. It works for some people and it doesn’t for others. Every time I try to create an account it loads forever. I tried using their website, but it always redirects you to the broken app. I’ve tried using different methods to create an account and none of them work. Also there is no help page or anything for this issue that is affecting many people.
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11 months ago, mr purky
A request
I want to request that the rockbot app has a way we can add new music bands of all kinds on there that are not in network… Request a limit per week or have an unlimited amount per month as a subscription.. rockbot support doesn’t have the ability to add music on rockbot app.. Plus this app should be updated frequently as often as possible… Thanks!!!!
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