Rocket Homes Real Estate

4.8 (14.4K)
74.6 MB
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Current version
Rocket Homes Real Estate, LLC
Last update
2 weeks ago
Version OS
16.0 or later
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User Reviews for Rocket Homes Real Estate

4.8 out of 5
14.4K Ratings
2 years ago, Mcause
Amazing app!
As a first time home buyer, I love how easy it is to access everything on the Rocket Homes app. The app truly has everything a home buyer is looking for in this competitive market. The save search alert will send me homes instantly that match my criteria. The detailed neighborhood demographics and school ratings on the app paint a perfect picture of what living in the area would be like. I can easily share homes with my Rocket Homes agent and get their contact information directly from the app. My favorite feature though is the blogs and home buying tips. As a first time home buyer navigating this process is difficult, but with the Rocket Homes app I am sure I will find my dream home in no time!
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2 years ago, JenJurk
Great Home Search Tool
I love the visuals on the app, when you click on a listing you can easily see the home details: beds, baths, sqft, price/sqft. The view is clean and tells you everything you need to know without scrolling. The listing includes accurate above ground square footage, some other home search sites have started including basement as livable space, throwing off a search and price per square foot. The map looks great especially on dark mode. The app offers a lot of features outside of just home search including: credit, home buying plan and even Siri Shortcuts.
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2 years ago, Claudia666c
Cool Features
I’ve been using the app to keep up to date on specific criteria for my next home. This app does the trick. I enter in my parameters and start searching. This also allows me to save my search and get updates on the fly. I’m not ready to buy my home, but there are features in this app to help me fix my credit score and monitor it. This app is also connected to Rocket Mortgage so I can press a button and start my loan process when I’m ready. I also like that I can get to do as much on my own as I want and when I need help I can get an agent. All of this on my phone! Wow. I wish I could be alerted when I’m near an open house that fits my parameters 🤔 that would be 😎 cool. The only other drawback is I get a few too many updates on my credit.
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2 years ago, TNel22
Simple and helpful!
I’m looking for a 2nd home in Arizona right now…have been for a few years. When I go into app, I like the feature of being able to put in my search criteria and pick an area on the map to zoom in or out…I also like how it gives me the option of a satellite or map view. Would love the price filters to allow me to input exact dollar amounts for my range instead of just using buttons to adjust range. Would also like the ability to exclude houses that show “backup offers”…overall, I love the ease and use of the app!
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2 years ago, Leonie L.S.
Easy and insightful
I love how easy the app is to use! It looks and feels clean, is easy to navigate and has many great features. One of the features I love is the credit score. I honestly never knew how much each credit factor influences my credit score so the educating factor was great! The home search map is great because you can easily see county boundaries and as you zoom in or out you can see city names. On top of that, you can easily switch to satellite view!
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10 months ago, motaye
Security overkill
I want to remove having to get a text to put back into rocket mortgage before I can make a payment. I do all my bill paying over my phone by the time I get the text open a text to get the number to go back to put it in. It’s timed out that this happens repeatedly burn unnecessary and we should have the option to remove it. try to text consultant they said it’s not allowed and just who are you already have to log into your Phone login with your Face ID login with a fingerprint no your security password and yet you still have to do this other final stuff. Where are you have to play games and go run in circles?
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2 years ago, MCR_Luvr<3
Finally found a home on Rocket Homes!
I’ve been looking to purchase a home for 2 years. With the market so competitive post-pandemic, my husband and I haven’t had much luck and lost out on numerous houses. I signed up for alerts on Rocket Homes app for when new homes hit the market and eventually got a home! I really enjoyed how easy the app is to use and the small animations that make it special. Thanks Rocket for helping me find my house in such a crazy market and handling my home loan as well!
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2 years ago, Lizzie10934
Helped me catch fraud
I use the Rocket Homes app to monitor my credit. Just this weekend I received a credit alert notification from the Rocket Homes app advising that a new credit card had been opened. This single notification gave me the ability to immediately take action. Without this notification I cringe to think how long it would have taken me to notice this. This app has given me peace of mind that is invaluable. Thank you so much!!!!
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2 years ago, MsRondaJ
Super Impressed & Very Helpful!
There are plenty of things I loved about Rocket Homes App. The credit simulator, the affordability calculator(which helped kick start our buying experience) and trend report. Additionally, the resources under Home Route Plan are hidden gems and so critical, things you didn’t know you needed until you’re running like a chicken with your head cut off. Everything in ONE app, with ease.
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8 months ago, Sia12589
Stupid App
I've been on here for probably a month if not more I have probably half a dozen maybe a dozen saved Homes which half of have already been sold do you think I can find my favorites is there a link to favorites that I can find. NO! Is it under. NO! So what's the point all they want is your information your banking your credit or whatever but you can't find the homes that you would like to look at again which I called look it's nowhere to be found in more than likely it's under some stupid title that makes no sense obviously because I cannot find it
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3 years ago, Str8 as an arrow
Not enough options on the calculator
I like the app design, does what it’s supposed to do. There is not any VA option for waiving the PMI fee on the affordability calculator, or the ability to adjust the interest rate. I do like the slide ruler that factors in how aggressive you want to be in the payments. UPDATE: I would give 5 stars, the developers answered and said they would add those ideas to their update lists. Wow! Super responsive company. I will defiantly look at them for my re-fi or future purchase needs.
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1 year ago, 239556607766;6311234689995
Very disappointed
I was referred to Rocket Mortgage by a family member that’s has had them for 20 years after my home mortgage had been sold off and transferred 3 time in 2 years. I refinanced with them 2 years ago and was told they do not conduct business that way only to be given notice that they have sold my loan and it is now being transferred from Rocket Mortgage, LLC, to JPMorgan Chase Bank, N.A. J.P. Morgan has awful customer care and difficult to deal with. Worst part is I’ve been actively looking at homes and was fixing to sell my home and repurchase with Rocket Mortgage again. Sadly not now after I was only with selling off for profit.
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2 years ago, Maria NS
So easy to use!
I love that the app is so easy to navigate. You can search for homes by the city or you can search on the map and look at a large area. I love the tools they have to start planning for a large purchase of buying a home. You can keep track of your credit score, savings, etc. The app also allows you a link to get your approval.
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2 years ago, Dboogie22
Fantastic App
I have been on the Rocket Homes App for about 10 months now, and really it is a one of a kind app. I have used it in pursuit of my app, so I always share with others who are looking for the same. In a way, it is a one stop shop kind of app with the home listings and the great credit monitoring feature. I really highly recommend hence the 5 star rating.
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7 months ago, Gary@601
Horrible website
This website is ridiculous. I came on here to check the outstanding balance on my mortgage. You can’t get there. I’m not interested in getting a call from a mortgage broker. I just want to know what I still owe. If I decide to sell my house and buy something else, I certainly won’t have anything to do with Rocket Mortgage.
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2 years ago, AHGinMI
Good app overall
I’m not actively looking to buy or sell right now, but the credit monitoring feature is very easy to use and informative for making future financial decisions. Also, since I have my mortgage with Rocket Mortgage I am very happy that I can use my login details for both and it would be even better if my mortgage details were already piped into the RH app. I currently have to login to both.
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2 years ago, Tiff Wall
Best Home Search App Out Right Now
Love this app! I love the ease of being able to click between the list feature and map feature to view properties. Each property has all of the info I’m looking for about the home and area. I like checking into my own home details from time to time too. We’re thinking about listing soon.
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2 years ago, Choc3424
Horrible service by realtor Angie
I was interested in property and Angie the realty agent spoke to me once and told me to go and look at property. I went and couldn’t find exact land and called Angie text emailed but she never got back to me. Now i see the property i was interested in is pending sale! Horrible service 2 months of trying to reach her! She didn’t even want to meet me to give me a tour of the property from the start. So i called Rocket mortgage and they stated well she put here she kept trying to reach you! witch is not true i have emails and text of all the times i text and emailed her! Never again!!!
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2 years ago, SDShows
I recently downloaded and it's the only app I use to look for homes!
I've been searching for my first home for quite a while now. I don't know when I'll ever be ready to fully commit to buying, but I've seen so many beautiful homes on this site that I'm getting really excited about starting the process. I'm currently working on my credit and I even signed up for their services that will help me with work on my credit and work my commitment issues as well, lol. Great app overall and love the graphics and friendly user interface! Definitely recommend to download this app if you're looking for a one of a kind home buying experience!
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2 years ago, Alexhahsh
This app has done wonders for me and my family, so many great features that I am able to navigate through in finding my perfect home. I was able to use the save search feature which allowed notifications to come directly to my phone without any added work. Well done!!
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2 years ago, YR__1979
Great content, and lots of it
The Rocket Homes app has a lot going for it, not only with the star of the show in the listings and searches, but there’s also a ton of good stuff in the Me and Plan sections to soak up, a lot of answers to questions on such a huge purchase. I love tracking my credit journey every week and the notifications on changes!
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1 year ago, hehvb ttnt
Hi, I really like rocket mortgage, I’ve worked with rocket mortgage in the pass and bought my home now, and had the best experience the easiest in the fastest of buying a home now I want to sell my home that I bought and I have with rocket mortgage and buy another home closer in the city with my kids and grandchildren. Thank you.
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2 years ago, RobjLip1987
Unique features stand out
With multiple choices for home search app the features on Rocket Homes stand out. The neighborhood trends organize market data in a very consumable way to help educate, the individual listings look great in how they are presented, and the credit monitoring features are some of the best I’ve seen.
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2 years ago, K-pow55
Great Map
I love the interactive map with homes for sale in the area — I chose to allow location once in tracking preferences. The list view is nice as well. The option to track credit and save searches are nice. Overall it is a very concise app that "keeps it simple" enough to be very useful and inviting.
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9 months ago, SkyVixxen
I want to love it
I really want to love this app but I’m having so many issues with it and the website. Draw feature is awful. Yes I cleaned my screen. In the app if I click on a house I can’t get back to the search without closing the app. I can’t share save etc, those buttons don’t work. Super annoying I wish they would do an update because I feel Zillow has a better app only with outdated listings.
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2 years ago, s.walkes
Amazing User Experience!
Aesthetically pleasing and I appreciate being able to flip through the pictures of a listing from the list view! I also love not having to use a back button, simply dragging a listing off the screen to return to the list view is a nice touch!
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2 years ago, M8280
Credit Score Feature
I really like the credit score feature! It is easy to use and understand. I especially like being able to simulate my score, based on various lowering a credit card balance or getting a mortgage.
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2 years ago, Linds Mc
Must-Have for Home Searching
This app is truly amazing for home searches. It’s easy to navigate and look for homes - not to mention the images are gorgeous. Love the usage of icons through the app. Would def recommend for someone searching for a home. Curious if they’d consider adding in homes not on the MLS like For Sale By Owner homes.
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2 years ago, BestDayEver!
Slick App with performance
Really love how fast this app loads and how slick the interface is. I drove by a property that was for sale in my area and was able to pull it up on this app before I hit the end of the block. Seems like there is so much you can do right at your fingertips using it.
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2 years ago, Ryguy883
Easy to use
I love the icons at the top of each home listing page that show the most important facts and features. This makes it super easy to quickly decide if a home meets your criteria without scrolling endlessly or reading a lot. The heart animation for favoriting a home is also pretty slick!
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5 years ago, Simple Saving is key
Credit Score - No strings attached
I absolutely love the idea of keeping an eye on my credit score without being bombarded with credit card offers. This app is beautiful and easy to use, without all the bloat that other credit score apps have. Well done team, I hope to see more great things to come!
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2 years ago, Shane34!
I love this App!
I use it a few times a week to look at properties in my area. We may be looking to move this summer. The App is very easy to use and move around. Seems pretty up to date also with new listings. Love the saved search alert feature.
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2 years ago, Ituxc
Great app. Easy to use.
⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ This app really made searching for our new home super easy… Compared to some other real estate apps, this one was so easy that practically anyone could use it to find a home! Hoping they add a custom search/map drawing feature soon. 🏠 🗺 🧐
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2 years ago, rcktgirl05v2
Too difficult to estimate
I like the layout and UI but my primary need is to be able to customize my mortgage parameters (VA, no money down, no PMI) and save that preference so I can see an accurate payment estimate while I’m browsing homes. If that exists with this app, it wasn’t easy enough to find. Also another important feature to me is to be able to draw a search area. I didn’t see that option either. Too bad.
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2 years ago, aunt geen
Great App
Love the way homes are offered, with enough detailed information to explore online daily. Some to most appear affordable and located very conveniently. It just offers everything you need, this is the way to go! Look no further
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2 years ago, madeline-b
Great Support
My senior broker is going above and beyond to accommodate me after a catastrophic loss. Which is very stressful. But my agent , Luke Joumaa’s has become my trusted advisor and many other team members as well. Thank you for guiding me on this journey to accomplish getting more space for my family.
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2 years ago, Jenderle7
Smooth and Functional but…
sorely lacking filtering options. Not being able to better sort listings (ex. listings within the last day) on the map is a dealbreaker for me and I’d like to see the price icons when zoomed out further. I haven’t seen a better app than Redfin when it comes to these options but it’s extremely slow and janky.
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2 years ago, TraDay313
Love the Rocket Home app!
I started using the app recently as I just bought my first home. I love how easy it is to search for homes in my area. I can save my searches too and get live updates with listings. I found my perfect forever home using the app.
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2 years ago, RichHoboRB
Seamless Home Search
I can easily maneuver from home to home with the list view on the app. Also seeing all the additional information on the home and area relieves me from the stress of not knowing the area well.
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5 years ago, G Alba
Making life easy!!!
The continuous support and follow up to help you get to where you need to be!!! They were not just hold you by the hand they were taken by the hand and get you through it!!!!! Very happy 😎🍾😎 and satisfied customer!!!! Thank You, Michael Anthony Munevar
Show more
2 years ago, Stark503
Everything I need
I love the interface and navigation, it’s very easy to find what I’m looking for quickly. The feel of the app is much better than others I’ve used!
Show more
10 months ago, Unprediktabl3
Pretty good so far with room to grow
I use this app most frequently compared to the other listings-apps out there. Easy to use and has a good amount of what I’m looking for. Would like a feature to disregard/hide recommended properties in my feed because it’s very cluttered.
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2 years ago, eprigo8
My go to real estate App
Reliable, real time, authentic app that covers everything I need in the real estate world. Provides a lot of detailed information which makes the process a lot easier.
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5 years ago, 7Queen
My credit score
I just love this app and how I can keep on top of my score and report. Sometimes folks want to check their score but it can be a chore, signing in and looking for it. This app is easy to use and check your progress!
Show more
2 years ago, Jen S11
Awesome home search app
This is a great home search app. I am able to easily search for homes in the area I am looking to buy. I can search through a map or the list view which I love!
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5 years ago, Hudson-Peralta
Great Looking Credit App
This is the nicest looking credit app on the app store. A lot of information and not filled with ads like the other apps. Looking forward to seeing new features in the app
Show more
2 years ago, AshLW16
Simple To Use
The Rocket Homes app is simple to use and easy to browse listings. I do wish there was a way to view my current home and see how much it’s value is. But overall a really great app.
Show more
2 years ago, fromMississippi
Only one thing
I love this app. It’s easy to get from one thing to another. The only thing I don’t like the homes are not updated. Looking for a home I need to see what on the market and what’s not.
Show more
2 years ago, Cookie bonster
Great home search experience!
I love using Rocket Homes app and find it really easy to navigate. Would definitely recommend to anyone searching for a home right now!
Show more
12 months ago, Aj brake
Glitch fix please iPhone 14*
I find it quite irritating when I’m looking at pictures, vertical and turn my phone horizontal for full screen, viewing the app, glitches out and goes back to the math page defaulting on the house you were previously looking at.
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