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User Reviews for Rocket Money - Bills & Budgets

4.23 out of 5
64.9K Ratings
1 year ago, Kas41927
I have a problem/suggestion
I’ve had rocket money for a few months now. I really do like it. Connecting it to your bank is pretty easy for the most part. But i do kinda hate the “system” you could say for how it recognizes subscriptions and bills. So i first had to manually enter in my apple subs. Because they are all the same title on my bank, and i can’t change them there. But later it had noticed that they were recurring. It kinda just added one by itself. But since they’re the same title it thought that the subscription was being raised/lowered. And it had grouped them all together somehow. Like it right now says that they’re “grouped/bundled into one”, but then why does it think that it’s been raised/lowered when every new individual one gets paid. Ideally i’d like for them to all be separated. Why doesn’t it allow me to separate them? Or add them manually and recognize that they’re different through my bank, and it can see its recurring basically? Is that even an option i really don’t know. Because it couldn’t see on my bank the different payments, were separate when i had first manually added them. I think that lowkey really annoying. Is it just that way because they’re apple subscriptions. Idk i’m just confused.
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4 months ago, ssav06261996
This is it, what I’ve been looking for
I never-ever-ever write a review. I am just too lazy but I love this app so much that I had to write a review I’ve been looking for an app that would help me keep track of how much I’m spending and make budgeting a lot easier, and I have finally found it, about six months ago I downloaded PocketGuard, hoping that it would be that solution for me but really the interface is very clunky and not intuitive and it just didn’t help me at all. So I downloaded Rocket Money a few days ago and finally finished setting everything up yesterday and I am in love with it, I already got a report for my last month and it gave me so much insight. I am absolutely in love with this application and I am not regretting subscribing so that I get premium access. I think I am definitely getting my moneys worth. The only feedback I have for the team is that I do wish that, in the tab for spending, the circle that tells you how much you’ve spent in each category would also tell you what you’re spending looks like compared to your budget for each category in terms of percentage. That would be incredibly helpful or have a different tab where you have budget and it tells you how much you’ve spent in each category what percentage that is for every budget category. I hope that I’m making sense in this. Otherwise everything else is great.
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4 years ago, Jbkeen
Truebill is awesome!
I’m very into having apps and programs helping me with my banking. I’ve been using Quicken for personal and business since 1997. Truebill has been the easiest app to load all of my bank accounts and investments and it’s keeping track of my bills for me.. something I (along with most people who pay their bills!) am always worried about- is it getting paid on time? Am I paying more than I was? Do I have enough to cover upcoming bills? WHAT ARE my upcoming bills?? Reconciling through Quicken has always been (and I probably always will) a necessity for me. But Truebill has kept me from opening Quicken for over a week! I am getting all the info I need right now! They found extra charges I probably never would have known about. Transactions come through in one place, including my investment accounts. Truebill questions transactions I never would have noticed! I’ve already gotten back over $200 due to discrepancies THEY found and notified me about! And their customer service is awesome too.. thank you Malcolm! 😊 I am loving Truebill! Whether you’re into pouring hours of your time into your banking or you’re on a busy schedule but you want to keep track, Truebill is an awesome choice! Oh- one more thing- I pay $99 a year for Quicken.. Truebill is FREE! How can you love money and NOT LOVE THAT!!! Thanks Truebill.. You and your team are awesome! - Jessie K.
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2 years ago, loyal for a reason
From confusion, overwhelm, fear to clarity, progress, relief!
This app is amazing! I cannot recommend it enough! It took me from groping in the dark about my subscriptions and auto payments to being able to see clearly, not only the big picture and next steps, and upcoming automatic payments so I could prepare, but also, with just one click, all the pertinent details for each. But that’s not all! With just another click or two I have detailed instructions on all my options to cancel the subscription. And all of this with the free account! What would it do for me if I had a paid account! Wow! There is no way to calculate how much time this has already saved me! Now, instead of having to block out chunks of time to sit down and get a handle on my finances, and figure out what to tweak, I can easily make significant progress in just minutes, during a break at work, or when I am waiting for an appointment. There is no wasted time trying to remember where I was and what needs to be done next. Just open the app with my fingerprint, and it’s all right there! Exactly what is coming up in the next few days, in plenty of time to be ready for the payment or cancel if it is no longer pertinent! I vote this the most impactful personal finance app ever! Genius!
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3 years ago, codizzlelizzle
The Best Budgeting App
This app is, without a doubt, the best budgeting app available. I’ve used other apps, quite a few actually, but each at my views has features I like but lacks other features that I need or want. Is everything I want and more. I love that I can connect my account so when I spend money on my debit card I don’t have to remember to manually add my purchase so it makes my budgeting more accurate and easy. Plus you can attach more than one account so my boyfriend and I both have our accounts linked so now he doesn’t have to try to remember to tell me every little purchase he made so our budget stays accurate. The layout is simple and it’s so easy to find your way around everything. You can also view your credit score in the app which is cool. In my opinion, the best feature is the ability to cancel subscriptions within the app. There were so many subscriptions I signed up for using a free trial that I had forgot about and was either being charged or they were still attempting to try to charge my card and you can just click cancel subscription for me and they’ll cancel it for you! It’s awesome and saves me so much time and money. They also will negotiate your bill with the provider to lower your bill which is freaking awesome!!
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1 year ago, nanzalone
Rocket Money: A Comprehensive and User-Friendly Financial Platform for Everyone
Rocket Money is a great financial platform that makes managing money easy and stress-free. What caught my attention first was how user-friendly the site is. It's simple to navigate and makes organizing my finances a breeze. What's awesome about Rocket Money is that it offers a wide range of financial services, including savings accounts, credit cards, personal loans, and investment options. Whether you're saving for a new car or looking to invest in your future, Rocket Money has something for everyone. One thing I appreciate about Rocket Money is the excellent customer support team. Whenever I've had a question, they've been quick to respond and helpful in their advice. They take the time to understand my specific financial situation and provide tailored advice that works for me. Security and data privacy are also top-notch on Rocket Money. I feel confident that my personal and financial information is safe thanks to their multi-factor authentication and encryption protocols. In conclusion, Rocket Money is a fantastic financial platform that offers a variety of services and exceptional customer support. If you're looking for an easy-to-use platform to manage your money, Rocket Money is definitely worth checking out.
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1 year ago, JaneDoe022
Might be too early for five stars but…
Full disclosure: I have had Rocket Money for maybe a week? I just started the free trial today. I can’t speak to the premium services or customer support.. BUT this company is so obviously one that can be trusted. For one, they offer a sliding scale for premium services! I have never seen this done. I’ll be sure to increase my monthly price if month after month I’m finding this app to be a staple in my life. Just using the free services might be enough for you though! Since starting Rocket Money I’ve been alerted when my account was getting dangerously low and was able to rectify the situation before there were consequences and I’ve also been notified that a large bill was due to come in case I may need to make preparations for it. I can now easily count the amount of bills I have from now until payday and that includes all the pesky subscriptions I forgot about. There’s so much to be said about this app from just a first impression point of view. I normally never rate this early but hey even if I find some flaws… this app is a keeper!!!! (Remember everything I’ve listed here is FREE… I’m not even sure what to expect if the premium stuff but if it’s anything like the free stuff I’m sure I’ll love it too!)
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7 months ago, JulieandJared
They Figured It Out
I have had an endless number of budget apps throughout my years and everytime I download one it is just missing something that would make it perfect. Rocket Money is the first app I’ve used that gets everything right. I can split purchases, make my own categories, share with my husband, ignore transactions, get spending reports, create a budget that shows my savings, and tracks my subscriptions. Not to mention their customer service is fantastic. They’re always quick to respond and happy to help. I paid for this app last year and ended up cancelling only because I was stressed and practically deleted everything on my phone. When I got back into the swing of things and started paying attention to our budget again, I immediately thought of Rocket Money. Seriously, the app makes my life so easy. I have used the lower my bill option and it worked great. I prefer to cancel subscriptions on my own but the fact that that’s an option is really fantastic. When I first downloaded the app last year I found like $50 a month going towards subscriptions I thought I’d canceled. Getting rid of those felt like a little pay raise. Thanks for getting it right Rocket Money.
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5 months ago, Saver Sam
Must have for running my household
Excellent app. I like having everything in one place. Nobody likes checking their grades to see if they failed and nobody likes checking their bank and credit card to see the damages. Previously, I’d check a couple accounts (after trying to remember all my passwords and usernames) and after the emotional exhaustion of getting over seeing the status of my accounts, would procrastinate checking the others. I’ve missed several bills and charges in the past because of this. But Rocket makes checking my accounts easy cause I can check them all in one place. Rocket shows all your balances, tells you when bills are coming up, gives history reports so you know if a bill has gotten messed up (like my internet has in the past and then I had it cut off) etc. I’ve started managing my cash flows far more efficiently and even started budgeting and saving because of the features they include that make this effortless. Must have app, don’t know how you could take care of all your bills and utilities, credit card, bank accounts, etc nowadays without a dashboard like App that lets you have an overview of all your financial activities
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7 months ago, Justin Malard
Missing Two Things
I love this app, and it is VERY user friendly. I would recommend it to anyone who needs a reliable budgeting/bills app. There are two things that I think would set this app apart from other budgeting apps and really take it above and beyond: 1) Create your own category: The categories are great, but I would love if we could create and name our own categories, and then apply transaction rules to them just like every other category. I have some purchases that are odd-ball, and they kind of fit in one category and kind of work for another, but having my own that I can apply my expense cap to and work into my budget would make life so much easier. 2). Rollover budgeting: Oh how much better I would feel making a “bigger than my budget allows” purchase if I knew that I had THIS amount total I didn’t spend from my budget last month that can rollover to the next month and build and build and build. I know RocketMoney does a “Left for Savings” spot for income - expenses, but that doesn’t really me “you can take the remaining unused money from last month and use it for successive months.” Even if I do ultimately put that into savings, I would like to see a dedicated spot for a rollover budget.
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3 years ago, JinxtKitten98
Wonderful App and Support Team
I really love this app. It has a wide variety of features and it's incredibly easy to use. The free version is pretty good, but the premium version is amazing. When you subscribe they ask you to post what you think is fair; from $3 up to $12. I had been using the premium version for quite a while. I went in to unsubscribe because, and only because, I'm not able to work right now and I could no longer afford it. I had already went down to the $3 minimum for premium... When I continued to cancel the app asked me why. They gave me a free month of premium for leaving written feedback. Now, I'm not tech-savvy in the slightest and have a really difficult time with numbers. I was able to add all of my financial accounts into this app and see it all in one place. And it may seem like a silly thing to cry over for the average person... but having learning disabilities and being financially crushed by the pandemic made a free month of premium service overwhelming. I can't thank the people who created, run, and constantly work to improve this app enough. I fully intend to re-subscribe and pay the maximum $12 when I can afford to. Because that's what I think is fair.
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3 months ago, msteciuk
Was looking for a Mint replacement. Tried Monarch, Copilot, YNAB, Quicken Simplify, and Rocket. Simplify had an impressive feature set, but the design was really substandard - it was hard to parse the information presented, so it felt meaningless and not actionable. Rocket stood out for showing really helpful cuts of my financial data (biggest expenditures, most frequented businesses, income vs. spend, assets vs. liabilities, etc) but also did so in a beautiful, easy to read and understand way. The UI is near flawless - if any designers who worked on this product are reading this, I applaud you. I didn’t expect much from the bill negotiation feature, but tried it and to my surprise, they successfully shaved 30% off one of my subscriptions. The one downside seems to be that I’m seeing lots of duplicate transactions when I scroll back through some historical data the app imported. I spent a lot of time cleaning them up manually in order to have a decent approximation of my spend patterns over time. I hope this doesn’t begin to happen with the current data in a few months. Overall, very pleased with this app, and the web version is just as great. Highly recommend you give this a shot.
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2 years ago, sipage92
Wonderful all around budget/subscription/$$ saver
I just started on Rocket yesterday and I am already thoroughly impressed. For starters they let you choose what amount you want to pay per month. Whatever you think is fair. It goes as low as $3/month. Second they offer so many money saving possibilities. Like telling me about a recent bank fee for $25 from an uncleared check. Rocket told me most banks will reimburse this and they even provide a script of what to say while calling the bank. I was refunded from my bank!! They have a budget planner that seems pretty good. I need to mess around a bit more with it. They track my income and spending. The only thing I would say could be a bit better is that I don’t see all of my subscriptions and I was hoping they would all be pulled up because Rocket uses my bank account info to find all of subs and spending habits. Overall it has been helpful. It is telling me places I can use for better car insurance. They even can request that my bills be lowered from places like my cable company. I will just need to pay Rocket 10% of my savings. I say this app is going to be helpful
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1 year ago, Gatlin S.
Subscription finder… thats all.
I’ve used mint for years, but feel it works better as a web app, which is frustrating as mostly do bills and budgeting on my phone. So I decided to try Rocket Money. The bill negotiation is bad. All the guy did was go and find a promotion that was on the front page of comcast. And they charge you a percentage of overall savings. So on a two year contract I “saved” hundreds but their cut is due upfront. Never works out well, and sounds much better on paper. The actual interface looks very nice and modern, but is very buggy. Constantly crashes, or gets frozen loading. It also tries to guess vendors for each transaction, and is frequently wrong. It thought my wife’s therapy bill was a charitable donation to an abortion clinic. It also splits up cash separately from savings which isn’t helpful because I want to know how liquid I am without a bunch of math. The saving grace of this app is the subscription tracker. I always thought that idea was dumb, how could you lose track of your subscriptions… get a wife and you will find out. Saved close to 100$ a month cutting out subscriptions. On a whole. It looks really pretty, but has a long way to go before it can compete with Mint. And charging for services in the app that Mint gives away for free was upsetting and left a bad taste in my mouth.
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2 years ago, tattok
Worth it for me!
At first I didn’t get the point of paying an extra $5/mo for a service that touts cutting your unnecessary subscriptions down, but this has already saved me more than I’ve paid for it! I just had an issue where an ex-leasing office tried to charge me again (when I shouldn’t have been since my lease was already over), & because I didn’t have the amount in my account it got returned by my bank. I’ve never had a return like that before, so I wasn’t aware I was going to be charged $30 for it, but Truebill notified me of it! I likely wouldn’t have even noticed it because I didn’t expect it, but because Truebill told me I was able to contact my bank to not only get that fee charge reversed, but stop payments in the future so the leasing office & my bank can’t keep charging me $30 every time it inevitably fails. In moments that I wonder if it’s worth it, something like this helps me know it is. Having notifications about my budgets (before I go over) really helps too, & reminds me to tighten my belt to make my $ last so I’m no longer living month to month. If you have the extra $5/mo to spend, I highly recommend it!
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3 months ago, iBRAID🙊🥂✅
This is it, Rocket money Exceedingly outstanding app platform for all Crypto services
In this cryptocurrency trading, forex, or stocks trading differently, from blocking withdrawal to overcharging the trading fees or commissions. Either way, the loss can be permanent if you don't take a quick step to dispute the transaction and get restored. Whenever the chargeback process doesn't work with your bank, involving technology of Allbona Tech is the most viable option. The technology services focus on withdrawal of hidden denied assets and all other types of reclaims. There are various investment recovery companies, but you need to ensure that you hire a legitimate one. They must have extensive background in handling binary options scams. You need to share your financial account information with filing a complaint with globallspyc@ gmail , you should choose the more reputable and credible one of which is globallspyc as I have done too. Technology is one of the best right now with a very high recovery rate. They are also very swift in getting back your funds. So, you need not wait forever before getting back your funds. You can search them up on google to reach out to them.
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4 years ago, Gk828
VERY Easy for New Budgeters, & Hesitant People
After a friend suggested Truebill, I downloaded the app and set it up. I was hesitant that it would be like all of the other financial apps: complicated, not worth the time/effort, not user-friendly, etc. I was wrong! Like most people, budgeting is not my favorite activity, yet Truebill takes away all of the stressful aspects so that it makes it a breeze! There are other aspects to the app that I have yet to utilize, but by simply categorizing my purchases, tracking my income, and seeing where/how my money is spent, has been a huge eye-opener. I just signed up for premium so that I was able to add notes to my purchases, however I am so happy with the ease and accessibility of the app, that I know the other premium benefits will only add to my appreciation for Truebill. As someone who loves to be very efficient with my time, this app will do most of the work for you, so that when your dragging your feet to start budgeting (like I was), it takes away the scary feeling of facing data, tracking expenses, creating a budget, and looking at financial weaknesses. I cannot express enough how much Truebill helped me face my fear of handling my finances, because of its ease of use.
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1 year ago, Zadynnnnn
Your personal accountant/ money management app
I love it, people say words cant describe certain emotions or things but this you can ! And heres why it tells you the details you need unlike banks just telling you info like this was spent there and have no idea what it was, was it gas? Groceries? This app explains it and puts it in statistics and organizes it for you and you can customize certain expenses. Helps you with savings with your monthly subscription for car insurance or wifi subscriptions and etc…, i have not yet tried it but i do once i have the time since it’s The end of the year. Anyway it is neat, user interface is friendly and easy to use and has an option to have an emergency savings plan?!?! What?!? Its Where technology will take small amounts of money and out it into a certain savings account and you can withdraw from it all you want unlike banks!! banks allow 3 withdrawals from saving accounts and them they charge 15-30$ per withdraw and that can be frustrating. where has this been all my life!!! Thank you rocket money for an app that will change lives and make day to day finances easier !
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5 months ago, ArchAngel322
Rocket Money Made Me A Better Man
If you’re 30+ years old and still struggling to either budget responsibly or feel motivated to improve your financial situation, I promise you that Rocket Money will incentivize you to build better and smarter habits. It was amazing to me how non-invasive signing up for such a dynamic, and full-spectrum, finance monitoring service actually was with Rocket Money. All I had to do was enter my checking, routing, and credit/debit card numbers. Then, it was made crystal clear to me where every dollar of my money was going each day, week, month, quarter, year, etc. They make keeping track of your finances as fun and easy as monitoring your farmed resources in an MMORPG video game. It’s min/maxing for gamers, but IRL with your actual money. This is a non-paid, honest to goodness, 5-star rave-review. Sign up online, download the app, fill out less than a handful of forms, and you’re well on your way to becoming a fiscally responsible adult, boyfriend, husband, or son still stuck at his parents’ house who wants to become financially independent. Download Rocket Money today, you won’t regret it. The customer service is phenomenal too.
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3 years ago, HazelSmizeTania
Great for single moms
As a as a newly single mom, I can say that this app has helped me with my finances, I work two jobs to make ends meet and it’s easy to forget things, when you have a lot of other worries going on in your life. It provides an overview of your bills, spending habits, what’s coming in and out of your account, how much your spending on a specific item. Also how to save. I was able to lower my car insurance by $53 dollars, by a recommendation I got from Truebill, which to most may not seem like a lot but for me, it was a big deal I cried, I have no help financially, it’s just my son and I, of course I got emotional, since I knew I was able to have an extra 53 the following month. You can pay how ever much you want for the app, as low as $1 a month. I had so many subscriptions for apps I had no clue of, and they cancelled it for me, I didn’t have to take time out of my day to cancel it, which helps since I work 1st job 9am-6:00 drive home To go to my next job at 7pm- 1am I have no time to call and it gave me piece of mind knowing I can actually rely on an app. Thank you for whoever thought of creating Truebill.
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3 years ago, RemyOlla
First and foremost I never or rarely ever write reviews but I was asked and I simply had to. This app is absolutely phenomenal and truly life changing the way it organizes my expenses my bills my subscriptions and allows me to see it all in one place, simply in-genious. Been waiting for something like this and it definitely beats setting up all my bills on my notes app and setting up reminders for when my bills are due. The ease and use of the app is awesome, and the fact that everything is specifically categorized and labeled properly helps so much and then it also gives you the option to set up your own categories. You can easily cancel any subscriptions you don’t want or use and they help with lowering bills and lastly you get a good look at your credit score as well in the app completely free. AND THE FACT THEY LET YOU CHOOSE THE AMOUNT TO PAY FOR USING THE APP IS AMAZING ! I Legit I have nothing but great things to say about this app it’s simply a GAME CHANGER!! Definitely earned its spot on my home screen of my phone and one of my most important apps right now with helping me organize my finances and life ! Thanks TrueBill!
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4 years ago, LMurphy0929
Was very hesitant....and then it transformed our financial stress to understanding.
I looked into using TrueBill a while ago and initially decided against it. Wasn’t sure how legit or helpful it would be. Months later I spent about 40+ hours making spread sheets, combing through every single expenditure between my husband and myself. It was grueling, agonizing, and my head was spinning constantly. I ended up losing those spreadsheets in a computer crash the same week I was supposed to do our taxes. I decided then and there that it was time to take off my comfy pants and change into my comfy-comfy pants, drink a bottle of wine, cry, buy something online, and download TrueBill. The only mistake I made was not using it in the first place, months back. It’s very user friendly, incredibly comprehensive, saves me an absurd amount of time, and best yet, has finally got me on track of understanding our expenses. I can’t believe everything is all in one place. Every single card, every account between myself and my hubby, every App that we’ve bought and forgot about, every subscription etc, our credit score.....its a no brainer! I could continue my praises but I’m hungry now....
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3 years ago, H89394747849
Misleading Savings
I downloaded the app and signed up for the negotiations just to see what it would be like. They negotiated with my cable company and got me a lower rate and I thought it was great, BUT they stated I would save $308 on that contract for the year and charged me the 40% ($120ish). About 3-4 months later my cable company starts charging me more saying the promotions negotiated expired. At the end of the day I paid my cable company what I would have if not more because of the deal they made plus I paid this app the savings I never got. I reached out through email after they automatically renegotiated a year later (I missed the email they sent as a remind like a week before they renegotiated, (which is not a reasonable amount of time to give a warning as most companies send an email 1 month in advance for renewals) and I told them before I was charged that I wanted a refund for the prior year. They emailed me back saying to send my statement so they could see the proof of how much I was paying and I did. Then they never responded back and charged me another like $90 for this years “savings” that I highly doubt will be savings. In theory this was a great idea, but unfortunately the application was performed improperly causing a misleading “savings” and a cost to me instead of a savings for me. I highly recommend doing negotiations on your own.
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3 years ago, kraziecoco
This app an an essential
I was skeptical at first- i thought there would be some usability issues or that it wouldn’t be worth paying for- or that it would be something that I would look at then realize I don’t need, BUT… This app is awesome. I have been so impressed with it. I had two bills lowered and I synced all my payment accounts to keep track of them easier. I get reminders for like each payment, and the app identifies all of your charges to trace them back to any unwanted subscriptions, and it is so easy to cancel them because Truebill will do it for you.. I’ve also had them cancel something for me which was super convenient. I use the smart savings feature which is also super beneficial- it just pulls micro deposits out where it’s able to, and it can be withdrawn if needed at any time. I have recommended this app to everyone. If you’re concerned with cost, you can choose how much to pay for the app. It is definitely worth trying at the very least. I’m absolutely blown away by this app and I hope they continue to find new ways to make personal financial management easier!
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6 months ago, Mychoppalovesme
it’s a good app but…..
if i didn’t have this problem i would’ve put 4-5 stars, never had an issue with the app. i thought it was great that there’s a budgeting/ money tracking app for someone who’s young like me. i had opened a savings account in the app, it was to automatically add money into the savings account, but never did, out of the year i’ve had my rocket money account!!! UNTIL I decided to cancel my subscription due to me not using the app as much as i used to, a couple of days later, it deposited money into that savings account! had to wait 6 days for it to deposit into the savings account, and now i have to wait another four days to see it back into my actual bank account. yes, this app is good to visually check your money and such, but deciding to start taking my money for a savings account it never put any money into for almost a year is of course outrageous, and on top of that waiting 10 days for it back….. i would’ve closed my savings account(it had absolutely no money so it didn’t cross my mind to even close it)if i would’ve known that was to happen. so just be careful and if you are going to cancel your subscription, make sure the app has none of your money and just open a savings account with your bank.
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5 years ago, Alwayshome63
Terrible app!
First of all the app kept loosing its connection with my bank account. I tried to get the app and my account rekindled several times. After loosing the link between the two a 5th time. I just removed the rest of my accounts that were linked...or so I thought. This month I received a notification from truebill that they negotiated with Verizon on my behalf and saved me $75. That was great! But, I thought they had no access to my account because I’d deleted it. Plus, how could they pay themselves $30 from my account if it was no longer linked! Not only that, after speaking with Verizon they negotiated a new contract on a phone that has had suspended service since December 2017. This renogitiated a new contract on a phone I had lost and didn’t replace, but still had a balance that I was paying on because I owed for the purchase of the new phone. On top of that, this phone was paid off and totally deactivated/removed from my account in Nov 3018. Both TRUEBILL & VERIZON are at fault! At this point TRUEBILL COST ME MONEY rather than saved by adding a contract to a line no longer viable to the tune of at the end of the one year contract on a deactivated phone of around $240. I’m responsible to pay on a contract for a deactivated phone, PLUS THE $30 they paid themselves. So, now I’m out of pocket $270! Will Truebill return my $30 for the fiasco I’ve had to clean up! Stay tuned!
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6 months ago, Alexandria heiman
Im a fairly cheap person not going to lie and do not like spending any extra money, but im also a visual person. This app helps me visually see all my bills an I can see all my accounts to easily see whats going on and when money comes in or out. It also helps me budget everything and gives me new ways to save money. It has been helping a lot especially because Im fairly young and just started building up bills and want to stay organized, but still keep track of my money. Its an easy way to balance everything without writing it down or trying to memorize it, but you can also add in or adjust bills as you please. If you are interested in upgrading its only $4 a month right now which im considering as its very helpful. They do also have a free trail an you can use the app without having to put any money towards it. Overall i have recommended this app to friends and family and think its easy to use, connect and beneficial. The only thing on your end is you just have to commit checking it every once in awhile to maintain the benefits of this app.
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2 years ago, CatBilbrey
Don’t bother.
I decided to get this app because the reviews looked good and it sounded like a perfect way to trim unnecessary spending. Now I’m hoping to save someone else the bother. This app did not work AT ALL. It repeatedly asked me to add my bank account after I already had and it showed my bank account listed. The first day it showed an inaccurate account of the money I had in my bank account and it NEVER changed. Even after a pay day. Never showed any subscriptions. Never showed that I paid any bills….Nothing. Nothing showed. It just kept telling me it was gathering data. I thought “well maybe it would be better with premium. So I signed up for a paid subscription”. Nope, nothing changed. In fact the only thing that worked was the part where I signed up to pay them. Tried to cancel and it ran through 3 pages telling me that I’d miss out on all the services I hadn’t even received in the first place, just to finally tell me that since I signed up through Apple I would need to go there to cancel. I signed up on the app, I should be able to cancel through the app. Just one more hoop to jump through. Honestly the only thing I have felt good about in reference to this app is that I am now done with it. I’m not sure how anyone gives this good reviews. If I could zero to negative stars I would.
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2 years ago, geminiqt76
love it! (Detailed/more than I expected)
I was truly skeptical at first because there was yet another budget app out I saw the advertisement MIKE-CONTRACTOR casually spoke on it so I thought I’d check it outAfter watching the features and benefits in the App Store hearing his satisfaction with it and the commercial I thought I’d give it a try right away I was truly surprised at how the details or set up just how the system was set up an general I have been using the Mint app but since they upgraded it just didn’t feel right and a lot was missing I am pleasantly surprised with Truebill it has so much information I love the platform how is broken down the subscriptions area I just love everything about it I’m like wow the way they put it together and monitor everything it’s just wonderful makes it so much easier to budget I signed up as a premium customer right away I just knew I was in the right place I’m getting the field for everything now and getting all my finances and subscriptions together so I can personalize everything but I am looking forward to it paying off and really helping me
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1 year ago, Critters1
Loved it until Customer Service
Until my account link broke, this was the best thing I had ever done financially. One day the account link showed it wasn’t connecting and I needed to fix something on my bank side. I contacted my bank to see if there were security documents needed, signed, or some money expected expense that didn’t get paid or anything that could cause a hold. I then followed the instructions on rocket for the next step. I unlink my account which required, transferring everything I had saved to rocket back into my bank first, then, broke the link completely by deleting my bank from rocket. I cannot reconnect, because rocket says there’s a problem with my bank and my bank has no problem with me. Reaching out to customer service is message only. They advertise live messaging, but it takes up to a day according to them, which is not live. This is my money we are talking about. And they cannot even have a phone number available for me? I messaged the customer service and about six hours later was told it was being elevated to tech-support, and I should wait up to a day for them to contact me. When money is involved, this is less than desirable to me. All the reviews are reps and I’ll talk about low expense for this app but I paid $50 for a year. Get a phone number.
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1 year ago, sigsyk
Simple and easy for my life
My life is stressful as it is. And money can definitely take over majority of that feeling. It seems every time I look in my account I have no money for my life style, because I have unknown subscriptions, bills and payment plans to pay for that come out of nowhere. I feel like I don’t even have enough money to put toward my future plans too like buy a car or get a new phone, save for a house etc. I was terrible with my money choices and even worse when it comes to remembering how much money I had to pay for my subscriptions and extra reoccurring transactions. but now with rocket money, after being with them for a few months now I feel so organized! I just simply sign in, check my balance and I feel like I don’t even need to do anything! Not only can I keep track of my subscriptions and future payment plans, it tells me when my next payment is due. Which gives me plenty of time to set some money to the side for rainy day or my favorite, treat myself. It’s just perfect for my busy lifestyle. So far no complaints here!
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2 years ago, ykumar1230
Stay away from bill negotiation
UPDATE: there’s no response from Truebill team even after sending email to negotiations@truebill as mentioned in the reply below. Here’s the story. I signed up for Truebill’s bill negotiation service after the app mentioned that i could save 15$ on the 75$ month that I’m paying for my Internet connection. Coincidentally my contract with Internet company was ending the month after I signed up for this. Truebill’s bill negotiation team intelligently waited for this to end and so they could claim a higher negotiation benefit. My next month’s out of contract bill came out to be 108$ at which point they contacted my Internet company and just put me into another yearly contract with monthly charges 70$. They claimed that they helped me save 458$ On my yearly rate whereas that amount was only 60$ savings compared to what I was paying before. There was no negotiation involved here since they just extended my contract to get savings after waiting for the contract to end. The customer service agent at Truebill doesn’t understand this but just keeps copy pasting same messages showing incorrect calculation. Even after Multiple email exchanges (since they don’t have a simple phone support) the issue is still unresolved. Do yourself a big favor and stay away from this shady bill negotiation support.
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7 months ago, De-Fy
Trust, but verify!
I hope to leave an honest and useful evaluation of this app. Let me preface my constructive criticisms by saying that I really like the functionality of RM, it has allowed me to get a firm handle on my spending habits. I have established budgets for the first time in my 70 years! Now, here’s the rub…transactions from my bank (Clark County Credit Union) accounts keep going MIA. This does not happen with any credit transactions, only with my bank. I think it must be a problem with my bank and the third-party platform that RM uses, Plaid. If I noticed a transaction is missing, and that is a big IF, I am able to report it to the Support team, and the Plaid engineers are able to fix it. Unfortunately, I have had to report this occurrence so often that I now have to compare monthly printouts of my RM and my bank transactions to make sure that they match. Moving forward, I will just add the transactions manually instead of using Support, it’s a better use of my time. I would like to give RM a 5-Star rating, because it is wonderful; but until the issues with Plaid and my bank are resolved, I will continue to “trust, but verify.”
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5 months ago, Tyce12
Not worth it.
I was very disappointed with this app. There were 2 reasons why I decided to to sign up for this service: 1. I wanted to see if I had any forgotten subscriptions that I was still being charged for and 2. I wanted to have certain subscription prices lowered as well. After signing up I was looking through all of the mentioned subscriptions and I could think of 3 I was paying for that weren’t showing up on the app. If there were 3 I could think of then it’s very possible others are being missed as well, defeating the purpose entirely. I also wanted to have certain subscription prices lowered as well. It turns out they don’t offer this option for car insurance even though they say they do. Instead, you just see an ad to switch companies when you go to that section. I experienced the same thing when I tried to add my electric bill as well (another service they claim to offer). I also tried doing this with a bill from my ISP and the app would never process, no matter how many times I tried. I contacted customer service about it and they were no help at all so I cancelled the trial. This company now has access to all of my banking information and has been dishonest in everything they originally offered. I would give them less stars if I could.
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2 years ago, ajlc11
No Apple Card Support
I was looking for an alternate application to Mint, which I thoroughly appreciate and enjoy, but at the time, it didn’t offer support for a few of my cards, including my Apple Card. So I was on the search for something that would. Enter Truebill. Although I prefer the interface over that of Mint’s, Truebill still doesn’t offer support for the Apple Card, only manual statements. Now Mint does, so I’m back with Mint. And you can’t beat the fact that Mint is free with all that it offers. I think the reason I give four stars is because it’s not really an above and beyond kind of app. When you have a competitor such as Mint, it’s critical to offer what they offer and then some, especially if there’s going to be a subscription attached to it. If they offered more features and support for the Apple Card, I would definitely use this app over Mint. It has a cleaner user experience and I love the simplistic, elegant look of the interface. I most note that I do realize that their lack of Apple Card support may not be their fault. But I hope this is something they can fix expeditiously.
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1 year ago, Royalty Bea
Rocket money
This app is great for ppl who’s trying to get their finances in order or if you’re trying to keep track of your finances of where your money is going or if you’re trying to make a huge purchase I recommend this app because it goes back years and you are able to see where you made a mistake with spending money you didn’t know you had this app has been amazing I’ve been able to keep track of my savings my spending my bills my extra money as well as the days I get paid or have extra money coming in. This app even track your credit score for you as well I mean think about it this is a life tracking finance app I pretty sure when you’re done with this app you’ll be on a budget plan so good that you’re not gonna even notice that you’re budgeting and you’re be-able to buy a house condo or the car that you want this app is amazing make sure you link your acct so it can show you what goes in and what goes out this app have change my life tremendously and I don’t even leave reviews but Chile get into it real quick
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6 years ago, MarioaOrtiz
Don’t opt for the discounted bill service they offer!
I set up my account with them and requested to have my bill lowered through their service and it was all a lie. They told me they would lower my monthly bill while keeping my same phone service quality but they in fact lowered my phone service quality to achieve my lowered monthly bill and then charged me for doing so. After I fixed the mess they did, I asked them for a refund and they said they couldn’t do so because they had done their part of the service. I got in contact with an AT&T representative who told me that all true bill did was lower my phone quality to achieve a lower phone bill and when I contacted their support team about it, no one responded to me for months. When i finally got a response they told me I was wrong and that there was nothing they could do. I had to send them screenshots of my AT&T phone bill and statements from my AT&T phone bill showing exactly what they had done and how it affected my service until they finally gave me my refund. It wasn’t the money, it was the principal. They promised something and when they didn’t fall through with their promise they denied it. The amount of the refund wasn’t the problem. The problem was that they were shady and untrue to their word. If you haven’t downloaded the app yet, please don’t. Save your time.
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5 years ago, ryankrunk
Not sure what to think
I’m not quite sure what to think about the app yet - on one hand, I really like the interface of the app and the features it has. The potential to add my various accounts and have a “quick look” at my upcoming bills is nice, other apps do this too but the layout within this app is one of the better ones. However... I don’t know if I’m doing something wrong or if there’s a glitch or what, but even after linking my Comcast account the app is displaying the incorrect amount for my next bill; I tried unlinking and relinking it but no change. Also, I can’t link my Verizon account! It comes up as letting me add it for the “bill negotiation” feature (which I have absolutely no interest in) but when I try to add it under the the regular account menu it doesn’t even come up in the search (the only Verizon item that comes up is “Verizon Benefit Connect”). I want to like this app and give it a go with the premium features but these things that should be simple fixes seem overly complicated and on top of that it seems that the customer service is non existent (I used the in-app chat and got a response that they would be back after 30 minutes but several hours and follow up messages later, still nothing). So - not impressed at this point.
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3 years ago, jayoheedee
So far 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻
I only just got it but 1) it’s the easiest to use for these apps I’ve ever tried and 2) it’s the most *inuitive* of these apps I’ve ever tried, meaning that the app itself is intuitive…it correctly understands my accounts and my purchases, in a way that just always seems is ahead of me needing to instruct it how to interpret my expenses, bills, etc. it has a really clean, friendly, and welcome design that puts my current month’s spending on a line graph as it heads toward my budget. This is SO clear and well placed in the app so that I don’t need to seek it out. This is EXACTLY the thing anyone wants when it comes to a budgeting app; finally an app that could do it cleanly and make it be the first thing I see when I open it up. Not to mention all of the other features u haven’t even explored yet, i.e. their savings tools, categorizing expenses and marking them as deductibles, eliminating unwanted subscriptions. Heck, they gave me a credit report too? I’ve never had an app be able to do that before. Best app for budgeting and tracking expenses.
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2 months ago, Deadeye180
This helps keeping me on tract!
I kept seeing the commercial and finally downloaded the app! After looking around it has a good dashboard to keep me on top of everything! We just bought a house and I felt like I was hemorrhaging money! It was getting kind of scary. But they started moving money from my saving to a saving account in small increments and it was like finding money from the tooth fairy! I am getting ready for retirement and this has been the smartest thing I could have engaged in lowering cost and paying off bills. I won’t even have a car loan, and my house will be almost paid off by the time we stop working. If you need to learn how banking works and budgets do work and you won’t feel deprived at all. Remember this Money gets more expensive the worse your credit is! And maybe you want to get that spiffy car that will impress the friends and family! Think of how impressed they will be when you can get 4% interest loan or lower! This where you go to accomplish these goals or learn what your goals should be!
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2 years ago, Raeznbrann
Hands down BEST
Bill tracker available. Bar none. I’m taking control of my finances and actually paying down the debt now that I can accurately see and establish a budget with what’s realistically coming in and going out of my account. It’s so easy to get overwhelmed and think you’re just not bringing in enough money. For most of us that’s not actually true. This app will demystify your spending and help you turn a corner in your financial journey. Just use their easy hookup process to link your bank and credit cards. Some loans may be on there but mine isn’t yet. The app then does all the tedious work of actually tracking your spending for you automatically and spits out all the data in easy to understand graphs/charts. You can also easily see upcoming bills in a cool calendar view that shows EXACTLY which and how many bills you have before payday. Very very useful for those of us with hella subscriptions and a few credit cards. Literally could go on about this app forever. Experience it for yourself. Never going back 🙌
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2 years ago, valleona
Pretty close to useless
So, if you don’t have a banking app, maybe you would find this useful. But really, probably not. My bank TEXTS me within minutes whenever I make a purchase. Truebill starts emailing me about my habits immediately upon downloading, as if they’ve studied my spending for years. So for the first month, every purchase is an alert! How exciting ! So they send you a bunch of emails about your spending. Then make an “unusually large” purchase at the Secretary of State around your birthday (now why would anyone do that??) and Truebill will alert you several days later, multiple times, about your spendthrift ways. If I could charge them $5 for every useless email, I would be making out, even with the $7 a month I pay for their “service”. But don’t worry, Truebill can cancel subscriptions and save you $$$$. Yes, as long as you know the email and password and all the other info you would need to cancel the subscription with the subscriber. So, if you think Truebill is going to save you from the Netflix bill that someone signed up for and then died without writing down the password, NOPE, just cancel your bank card, it’s way easier and maybe it’ll knock out the truebill subscription too!
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4 years ago, Andrea2789
Love it!
I don’t usually write reviews, but I wanna give credit where credit is due. This app is honestly extremely user friendly. I love that I can exclude certain purchases from my budget (eg. if my brother sends me money to buy something for him, I can hide that from the spendings because it’s not part of my usual budget). I LOVE that they say you can pay them what you feel they deserve! (Min of $3/mo and above I think??). Another thing: this app has helped me build my savings!!!!! This is most important part and why I am writing this review!! I always thought for savings it had to be a huge chunk of money going in at once to make a difference but even $50-75/week is hardly noticeable on your bank statement (honestly money you’d probably spend on dumb stuff and/or fast food anyway), yet it packs such a punch on building it up. It’s so easy. I don’t have to think about it. It just gets taken out of my account, put into a secure place, and I can take it back out whenever I choose. I love this app. Sorry for the lengthy review, but honestly this is the most useful app on my phone 🤷‍♀️👍👍
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3 years ago, The5fivens
Caught a fraudster my bank missed!
Every month I have a small payment for cloud storage. This month, as usual my storage went through but the same day another payment SEVEN times my normal payment went through. I noticed it immediately and called my bank. There wasn’t any information such as a phone number associated with it and even they were perplexed but said they’d send a form to fill out. My daughter suggested I try Truebill to see if there was any other information. When I added Truebill a phone number popped up with the charge. Googling the disconnected phone number I found a confirmed fraudulent account with many of the same charges like mine so I sent to my bank. The charge was eventually reversed and I had my money back. I never thought I would need an app like Truebill but it’s much more than just keeping track of what you spend or how much you save. And I hope more people try it out to see for themselves how easy it is to use and how beneficial it is for so many areas of life. Thank you, Truebill!!!
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1 year ago, ashlxighe
it's aight
I was mostly wanting to use this app to cancel subscriptions I forgot about. They make it seem so easy in the ads, like it's just 'one button.' No, it's a lot of buttons. You have to give your login and password for the account subscription you want to cancel. If I knew my login info then I could just cancel it myself? If I can't cancel it myself because I can't access the account or their service's business model doesn't allow for it, I just contact my bank and have them block the up-coming charges. Banks provide this service completely free of charge! This app's 'hassle-free cancellation' feature is click-bait. If I'm going to go through the process of resetting my password (because I forgot!!) to provide to the app then I will just take the one extra step to cancel the subscription myself. Some of these reviews seem like they are written by people who fail to check their bank account statements regularly or baby boomers who don't know how to utilize bank notifications. Get a grip, man. This app is basic. If you want basic features with nothing-special functionality then this app is perfect for you!
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10 months ago, Sbcollier
Game changer for our family’s spending habits!
Rocket Money has completely simplified our finances! It has made tracking what we spend, finding unused recurring transactions, staying on top of bills, and identifying where we need to cut back a breeze. You upload multiple accounts and credit cards and it does the rest for you. It even allows you to split transactions into multiple spending categories. I haven’t used this feature, but RM will negotiate lowering certain bills for you… hoping to look into this soon. My only request would be to be able to create sub categories under each main spending category. For example, I can see the total amount we spend “eating out” but would like to be able to break that down to see how much my husband, each child, and I spend individually on eating out. I used Quicken for years, and RM is easier and just as useful/helpful. I would 100% recommend paying the small monthly fee and letting this app help cut your overall spending and expenses!
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2 years ago, joaniewright
Tracking your budget to freedom
I love this app. I decided to try it out because for the past two months, I’ve accumulated almost $1200 in overdraft fees after falling short on planning and managing my automatic payment withdrawals. This app has access to my spending and charges, let’s me know when I charge is about to post and allows me to get ahead of these payments in the event my balance is low. It’s unique in the sense that it takes all of my finances into account since I primarily use one checking account to pay bills and to spend. So, the app is able to detect if something is a recurring charge and it seems to increase in accuracy and functionality as I continue to categorize expenses. I was able to reschedule payments based and even negotiate some of my bills or close subscription accounts if I choose to do so. But I mainly appreciate this app because it’s allowing me to spend less time obsessing over balances. Now I’m more focused on managing expenses and taking control over them instead of reacting to them.
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3 years ago, UnfamousARod
I use it everyday!
Truebill (premium) has been life changing for me. I was once a reckless adult spending frivolously without tracking where my money was coming in and where it was leaving. Truebill has been the utmost game changer for me. I now have a clear picture and easy to understand reports of my spending habits and income and it has become so easy to categorize my transactions and receive an accurate visual of my expenses. My only con is that sometimes, some transactions that are recurring (I.e. weekly transfers from my checking account to my savings) aren’t recognized and I have to change it manually. It would be convenient if the transaction were to be automatically recognized. Other than this, Truebill has truly saved me and I thank the developers and staff for this godsend. I used to have Mint and I never liked the setup of the app, although I’ve heard good things about it; that app just wasn’t for me. Truebill, I feel, has a clearer organization to it and makes it easy to make custom categories or notes on transactions for your personal use. 100% recommend.
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4 years ago, Mykee Be
Best personal budget app
TL;DR: Truebill is smarter, easier to use, and more powerful than Mint and other budgeting apps I’ve tried. The primary pain point of other apps is their consistent inability to accurately and consistently categorize transactions, making their reporting features largely unusable ($8,500 on “uncategorized” last month? Really, Mint?). Truebill does not have this problem. I had a few regular non-payroll income events that I needed to help it understand, and a handful of transactions to assign to a category, but the vast majority of the heavy lifting was handled by the app. As a result, I have the most accurate view of my finances any app has been able to provide. It also offers some powerful planning, cost-cutting, and savings features. The interface is intuitive, and the feature profile is rich. I have banking and investment accounts across several institutions and it had no problem establishing reliable connections with any of them, including other app-based investment accounts. Recommended for anyone who wants to confidently put their personal budgeting on autopilot.
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3 years ago, TheOnlyMandrew
Visually helpful
So, if you’re like me and end up writing out a budget monthly because you hate spread sheet then this is it. I love the month view, to see my expenses and paydays laid out in a calendar has been a game changer. It tied to my bank account super duper easy and that is magic because it takes me almost 2 minutes to log into that app vs Truebill just using my thumbprint. I struggle with organization, and if I were single that’s fine with me, but with 4 mouths to feed and a wife to retire and adventure with I’m 100% sold on this. I appreciated the sliding scale for cost because it helped me feel like I was giving as well as getting a good deal. Especially with how every dollar is accounted for, I needed a little flex. The credit score being built in, the lower my bills and THE CANCEL MY SUBSCRIPTIONS THAT I DIDN’T KNOW EXISTED STILL is worth every penny. I tried mint. Meh. I tried some others…meh. I’ve tried Dave Ramsey and his wonky envelopes. Ugh. Give this a try and if you’re a digital world lover, this is legit and so helpful. No regerts y’all. ✌🏼😉
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