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Rocket Mortgage, LLC
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User Reviews for Rocket Mortgage

4.86 out of 5
119K Ratings
5 years ago, briflores28
I cannot say enough about Rocket Mortgage and their service. I used them to refinance and it was so incredibly easy, I did 90% from my phone. When it was time to purchase another home, I obviously went to Rocket again. I had a prequalified letter in 48 hours. Their to-do list is so easy to provide what you need. If you have any questions about your to-do items you can call, text, or email your banker and they always get back usually with in the hour unless it is some crazy hour of the night. They absolutely listen to their customers! For example they decided they were going to start sending statements on the 8th even tho grace period is to the 15th. So statements looked like you were behind if you used the grace period, after customers complained they changed to mailing on the 20th. I look forward to closing on my purchase in a couple weeks and working with them if I ever need financing again! I also recommend them to anyone and everyone. I work in lending and I still use them over my employer due to their streamlining and quick response.
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1 year ago, dmedicalrecordp
Great except…
So far we have loved Rocket Mortgage. I would recommend them to anyone, they have dumbed down everything for us and our first house, and been there basically the entire step of the way so far. We are close to close at this time 4/4/23, less than 16 days now!! The two thing that pisses me and my wife off though is signing into the app and the points system. The points system is awesome, a fantastic idea, but it NEVER works on the app. Always has technical difficulties, my phone or my my wife’s phone. Unless you log onto the computer it’s awash. Right now we are so busy getting this ready it’s just been frustrating. My wife has made a point to log on, but still a pain. The worst part though is that signing into the app. Every. Single. Time. We go to pull the app up we have to put the password in, then it sends a text to confirm it’s me, then logs you in. If for whatever reason I am looking something up I don’t understand or need to use the calculator, and have to minimize the app, I have to go through the entire process again. I do not even have to do this with my bank account app!! It uses a PIN number (it gives you the option of PIN or password) and I have yet to have an issue. I have banked with them for over 10 years now. Can this not be rectified??? 😭😳🤬 it would be a wonderful help and addition to the app.
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6 years ago, Coyotestyle
Much better than past experience
We used Rocket mortgage to secure a loan for our recent purchase of a house. We liked the quick response and the ability to upload documents as they were needed. We Got a pre approval and letter for are realtor the night before we started looking for our next home. At each stage we were assigned a person that made sure we were comfortable and informed. Always felt like we were able to speak to someone when ever we had questions. The fact that everything was handled on line allowed us 24 hour access to the loan and we were able to see all communication so we had very few misunderstandings. The person buying our old home used a conventional mortgage lender and they were scrambling to get everything organized right up to minutes before closing. This is A great service for individuals that a comfortable with technology it is not a shortcut or way to get more money then you qualify for.
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5 years ago, metz'dUp
Epitome of Making a complicated process simple
I’ve closed on a dozen home loans over the last 20 yrs. I had a curiosity to see if it would be beneficial for me to refinance my current mortgage. From the INSTANTANEOUS phone call when I submitted my request the representative and process was nothing less than incredible. Duy Vo was the consummate professional, with knowledge of the mortgage process and knowledge of the web interfaces creating an environment of trust without a face to face interactions. That is a hard thing to do over the phone especially with such an important subject matter. I was initially very cautious and asked many questions. Duy answered every question and was very transparent with all information. He explained how the process works very effectively. I would recommend that anyone interested in a new loan or refinancing to at least give them an opportunity.
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2 years ago, MWN90
Was Great… at first
As first time homebuyers we had what felt to be a great experience buying our home under an FHA loan. But, after buying our home we realized that we could never get PMI (mortgage insurance) taken off unless we refinanced for thousands of dollars. This was something I asked about when buying our home, and the agent reaffirmed me that once getting our credit above 700 and paying off 20% of the loan that we could make a call and get it taken off fairly easily. However, when calling last year I was informed we would never be able to get rid of the PMI with our current loan and would have to refinance for $5,000, and at a higher interest rate too. We have also been met with a lot of calls about refinancing and taking out big loans with pretty high interest, but no one can seem to help me take off PMI. All I wanted was to get rid of the extra money so I could have a little more money each month, but right now I’m looking to refinance through another company just to get away from Rocket.
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3 years ago, JerBear0815
The best retail servicing experience in the industry
This app gives me EXACTLY what I need, when I need it, and nothing that I don’t. Every single push notification is something that matters. There is almost no way to get lost in the app, yet it has exactly everything I need. I’ve never had to go to Rocket’s desktop site to cover down on something I couldn’t find in the app. Win win win. I’ve priced out a few mortgages in my day. Most of the time Rocket is right there or better than comps. No kidding, I did a Rocket refi that was 10 basis points more expensive than the lowest because I knew how incredibly easy the servicing side would be for however long I stayed in the home and Rocket retained the loan. Win win win. Seriously can’t say that enoughz
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5 years ago, Bombero Excellente
Rocket Mortgage App
I first checked out paying online which is one of the options available. If you want to pay your mortgage, but not interested on your loan balance from time to time, or if you are not interested in following how much money is in your escrow account than using the online method is acceptable. I like to see when my hazard insurance is paid, as well as my taxes and escrow balance. This gives me time to calculate if I will owe money into my escrow account or if I am sufficiently funded. If you are like me, then the Rocket Mortgage App is not only necessary but it gives you more information than you might think you need from time to time. Rocket Mortgage App is the way to go. Very thorough and well thought out app. Thank you.
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7 months ago, NotARadissonFan
I had a 830+ FICO score until Rocket Mortgage dinged my credit score
They bought my loan from Mr. Cooper, didn’t transfer my autopay or correct phone number, then proceeded to send me spam. In between the spam they said my payments were late, didn’t let me pay online or set up autopay online. I gave them my debit card number on the phone and they still didn’t process my full payment. They then set up autopay and it didn’t go through because of some mysterious flag on my account that most of the reps didn’t understand how to fix. I had to call them daily to get a resolution. Andrew then sees my bad review in the App Store and asks for my loan info to research it. Guess what happens next. Crickets. Absolute silence and no response. Think twice about doing business with a company like this. I have no choice! I did not want to Rocket Mortgage to buy my loan and ruin my credit. I had 11 years of on time mortgage payments and a 830+ FICO score until Rocket Mortgage bought my loan.
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12 months ago, Pathiks
Everything You Want from a Mortgage App
Sleek, modern, simplified and well maintained. Mortgages are stressful. Period. This app doesn’t add to that. I’ve had it going on nearly 2 years now before writing a review. It’s had my back with tax documentation, up to date changes in mortgage payments, and even a breakdown statement reminding me of why I’m paying what I’m paying. I’m 25 years old, and if you’re looking at this during the housing market we’re currently in at around the same age I am, you know this market is a dumpster fire. Rocket Mortgage may not put the flames out, but it will sure cheer you on while you’re fighting it—and you’ll be glad it’s got your back. Good luck to everyone out there.
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2 years ago, PAR Refinance
Put me at ease, treated me with respect and gave me a chance
I have past history of not so great credit due to life circumstances, and Rocket Mortgage came highly recommended. I was very anxious, but I must say that Robert Bell put me at ease from our first conversation. He was understanding, he was hopeful and not judgmental at all. He treated me with respect, courtesy and understanding, and walked me through every step along the way. The rates offered to me lowered my payment and Rob also helped me figure out that paying the same amount I do now would take years off of my mortgage! He was very knowledgeable and he calculated every financial question I had, to put me at ease. I would highly recommend this institution.
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6 months ago, 58 Buick
Becoming unusable???
The app has become close to useless as of August. It will not tell me the date of my Scheduled Payment. I have been using this app for years with great confidence, but as of this August, not so much. I usually schedule my next month’s payment early in the month and then double check on it a few days before it is due for verification that it’s all set. I have been very satisfied with the app until now. I have emailed back and forth with Support for a couple of weeks and I called support to see if this issue might be resolved with no resolution yet. I am hopeful for a good outcome. Update; the app has been updated and is SEEMINGLY working much better as it use to. Please keep up the fixes that you have done and I’ll raise my rating appropriately. Thanks for your attention and support.
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5 years ago, Bugamoose
Thank you!!
Update: the developers promptly fixed the issue I had previously reported regarding screen scaling on payment center screen. Thank you very much! Original Review: Why can’t developers get things right or leave well enough alone? Did the UX get QA’d at all? On the very first screen in payment center my payment amount is not fully displayed nor is the due date. I’m using an iPhone 6s and it’s as if the UX was designed for iPhone 8 or larger. The previous versions scaled the payment amount and due date so that it could be seen on the screen in its entirety. Now, I get dot dot dot dot .... at the end of the first 4 digits of payment amount without the ability to see the full, precise amount. Really? C’mon guys!
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3 weeks ago, JDK5542
Great at first
They was awesome at the beginning but after that they will do nothing to help you out. I was told I could get my PMI taken off with no problem after I paid a certain amount of loan paid off. And that is not true without having to refinance the loan again. Next they say they are here to help and care about their customers. What they really mean to say is they care about your money not you. Anytime you have an issue and ask for help they tell you that you have to be three months behind before they will even try to help and even then you have to apply for help and you may not even get approved for the help. My first loan was fine and never had an issue, my second home I went through the again and nothing but issues. I will be looking for a new home by the end of the year and rocket mortgage will not be on the list of lenders I will look into.
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7 months ago, catfromny
Rocket Mortgage App & personnel
App has easy to follow directions. The process for auto pay was simple and could be completed quickly. I hope that Rocket Mortgage increases the amount of space for account holders name on bank account (mine is very long; but I abbreviated). I also hope that I have another opportunity to pay monthly on principle (when I can). Thank you for simplifying the refinancing process. I especially want to express my appreciation to Mr. Patrick A. Thomas,Jr. ( Rocket Mortgage’s Presidential Banker) for giving me the absolutely best deal possible and having a very calm demeanor even when I got cold feet. Thank you Mr. Thomas, Jr. for focusing me and keeping me on track.
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6 years ago, Armyag15
Waste of a hard credit check, time and effort.
Horrible company to work with. Wasted a hard credit check and 2 weeks of my time with slow updates which I received only after I emailed them. Was finally relieved to get an answer: still wasn’t a solid yes or no(more on that below). Imagine being stuck with them for 30 years... The best part is the reasoning on their end. After wasting 2 whole weeks, and a couple of missed deals, horrible communication, they wanted me to reapply for a different loan than the one I applied and qualified for. They “felt” that I might use it as a rental, because I own 2 rental properties- yup they literally said that. How does a responsible company act in such a way based on “feelings”? If you’re financially responsible and invest for retirement, take your business elsewhere. Don’t waste your time, hard credit checks that lower you credit score, and possible opportunities on them.
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3 years ago, richardthegrey
Rocket Mortgage is the way is should be done
Rocket Mortgage takes the stress and hassle out of the mortgage application process. The representatives I have worked with have all been, without exemption, highly professional, courteous, very helpful, impressively knowledgeable about their subject matter, responsive and personable. The electronic interfaces, for example the app and the website, have accomplished a lot in extending the sense of a stress and hassle free experience, focused on ease-of-use interaction and information sharing. Well done Rocket Mortgage team, it has always been, and continues to be, a pleasure doing business with you.
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5 months ago, JCPhotoMedia
They’ve continued to refine and make easier
I’ve been using this app for the better part of five years and with each slight update, it gets a little bit easier to use… As an example, adding extra to the principal used to be a little bit of a headache, but now it’s a simple as a new screen, where all the data that you need is there and you just plug-in whatever variables you want to change and it shows you the complete change. One thing that would be really nice and that would help people with their financial literacy is if there was a way to have it on the fly show you what the long-term benefit of making those extra payments was.
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2 years ago, Getting my resume together
Just A Number
Throughout my home buying process, I’ve repeatedly felt like my purchase going through with maximum income for Rocket is the only thing that matters. Appraisers have much more protection from mistake than I do as a customer, and Rocket has time and again made the buying process more difficult after a lower-than-expected appraisal had come in. The representative has made us, the buyers, submit appraisal research for them and the appraiser, after the appraiser had submitted improper comps, left out tangibly-valuable assets of the home in the report, miscounted bedrooms and total rooms in the house, and improperly valued it as a result of all of this. When disputing, Rocket puts a large majority of the work on the buyers’ shoulders. It makes me believe that they want to dissuade the customers from making any changes, and maximizing company profit. I’ve lost all trust as a result.
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5 years ago, pworhdndosmao
Empty promises, ever increasing closing costs. DISHONEST
I have been living out of packed boxes for months now. Dealing with rocket mortgage is a literal nightmare. Nothing but empty promises, continually raising closing costs and zero communication within their ranks. They ordered the wrong appraisal, wanted ME to pay for it. They pull numbers from a hat in regards to closing costs, and do not provide adequate explanation for why they continue to raise throughout the loan process. DO NOT give these criminals your business. The ap itself is terrible, will send you notifications that you need immediate action on something, stressing you out, then find out they either didn’t even need whatever document they requested. Their restoration loan was the particular product I was attempting to attain. These people are crooks, liars, and swindlers. Nothing but bait and switch, I would have given them ZERO stars, but it forced me to give them one.
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5 years ago, travelrspring
They will tell you one thing and do another!
This is our 2nd loan with them the first one was an awesome experience- this one since they have revamped the process has been disappointing. When we questioned them on how they were using some of our funds they stated it would be returned to us. When they actually did the refinance they took the funds and used them (btw not line item out). We called and spoke to them and they found the tapes where they improperly informed us and are coaching the person. Welp unfortunately saw several other reviews after the fact that this is now something that is happening quite frequently- be aware that even if you get clarification beforehand that they will do what they want with your money later and oops all you get is several phone calls and don’t worry we are coaching them for the next person! Don’t believe them!
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3 years ago, Ianalohabra
Love Rocket Mortgege!!!
This is my 2nd refi with Rocket Mortgege & 6 months ago when I 1st refinanced my home loan with Rocket Mortgege I was very new to doing everything online. Every step was explained & easy, for a rooky in computers, to complete without issue! Since this is my 2nd time with Rocket Mortgege this was easier still! I had no problems & when I needed to talk to a human for some easy answers I was met with polite helpfulness & great customer service. I will B a lifetime loyal customer & will B referring ever person I can to use Rocket ( super easy $’s) Mortgege! Mahalo Nui Loa ( thank U very much ) for helping me, a disabled vet with a VA loan, to lower my interest rate & make my life much easier to deal with financially. 🤙🏽
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1 year ago, kkbarr1022
We love Rocket Mortgage
This is our second time working with Rocket Mortgage and couldn’t be more happier they make this process so easy and walk you through everything everyone you speak with is so nice no matter who it is and of course Dan Perisic is amazing he answered all our questions and makes you feel confident in your decisions you make he is extremely knowledgeable we are very happy with Rocket Mortgage we refer you guys all the time to thank you for all you do for us thank you Dan Perisic for all your help and hard work to help us for all our mortgage and refinance needs !!! Kurt & Kim Barthel
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5 years ago, Dayfd
They tried to make me commit before discussing terms
Was looking at finance options for a new home. Started the process and was contacted almost immediately by Tom Diaz. Everything was going along smoothly and tell he wanted to discuss the terms for a VA loan. Before he would give me the terms he wanted me to verbally commit to what he had to offer. Let me repeat that they wanted me to verbally commit to a home loan without telling me the interest rate and type of loan. He got rather testy at this point when I challenged him on this. He tried to use strong arm tactics citing my current situation and use it as a reason why you wanted my verbal commitment before hand. The conversation ended almost immediately after word. If this guy represents Quicken loans (Rocket) and the quality of people working for them you need to be very very careful before you commit. They are salesman just like at a used car dealership.
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3 years ago, I <3 the temptations
I wish every Bank made so easy to do banking especially mortgage banking. I have done mortgage banking with up to a dozen banks and they make it difficult to make additional payments or additional principal payments and most definitely want trap you to ride out the long one with them for 30 years. But not Rocket Mortgage they definitely make it easy with their App to make additional payments/Bi-weekly payments/Additional principal payments. I won’t ever switch to anyone else and will always use them when and if I do buy a different home in the future. Sincerely GLo
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3 years ago, Bill125435
Best Mortgage Technology
Switched to Rocket from a big brick and mortar bank and couldn’t be happier. Website and app give you so many choices to pay, setup direct deposit, pay extra principal or escrow. You can Calculate estimated savings from paying bi weekly or adding extra principal payments. Was nervous to switch but so glad I did. Before I had to wait on average over 30 min to an hour to get someone on the phone. The two times I’ve called someone picks up immediately. Just unheard of from mortgage companies. Update: they just sold my servicing to a Flagstar Bank that probably doesn’t have an app or any other features. They already sold my actual loan the first month in. What good is a company if they just drop you like that who know who you will end up with. Save yourself some hassle and use someone trustworthy.
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5 years ago, Johnna Malek
The Rocket Mortgage App Is Easy To Use
I am very impressed with the Rocket Mortgage App ! The layout of the application is very nice and I easily located what I needed to find. I was able to download, review and E-sign my documents in no time! Any questions I had could be sent to my loan officer through the App and then I was able to view my answers as well. One of my favorite features was being able to snap pictures of my requested documents and upload them to my file without ever leaving the application! The Rocket Mortgage App is your one-stop-shop. It’s so user friendly anyone can use it, so start downloading it right away!!
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5 years ago, BTD and MGD
Excellent product, technology, interface, and customer service.
The subject line speaks for itself, but I will elaborate a little further. I am currently involved in a relatively complex real estate transaction that involves multiple pieces of property along with multiple buyers and sellers. Adam Kinczkowsi is the mortgage specialist handling 2 of the transactions. Initially, I assumed that this would be organized chaos at best. I was WRONG. Adam has turned this into a harmonious and fluid process. He has been nothing short of phenomenal with the level of service provided. Adam is a wealth of knowledge and he has provided rapid support to any matters that arise. Now on to Rocket Mortgage. They are incredibly competitive as far as rates and fees go. Their app and web interface are extremely user friendly. They also offer some other features that I will be utilizing after this sale goes through. I also like that they will be servicing the loan and not selling it off right after closing. Great work Quicken/Rocket Mortgage!
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4 years ago, don:p
Can’t see mortgage balance??
While my actual mortgage service experience with RocketMortgage was very good, and the app is visually nice - the app is missing a basic and fundamental piece of functionality for a mortgage or financial app, the ability to quickly see your current balance. The app shows your last or current payment in very large font on the home screen, but doesn’t show the mortgage balance anywhere on that screen, which is both odd and annoying. You must navigate into the loan transaction history in order to see a loan balance. Since that’s a common thing to want to see (how you are progressing on paying off the loan), I hope that the developers will add this soon.
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2 months ago, Mr CT Customer
Ease of Use
I enjoy my experience with the Rocket Mortgage app. The app simplifies the process and is informative for various transcriptions I need to make or inquiries I may have. The app is detail-specific and provides all the necessary information to allow me to make well-informed decisions, as well as keep-me up to date with offerings, account updates and prompt notifications. The app also has all pertinent and essential details for my loan easily and readily available to view or peruse at my convenience. Thanks you Rocket Mortgage Team!!!
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8 months ago, plastered nuts
First timer
I have issues with the way the process is working, but it’s because of my inexperience in this specific area. I’m sure everything is fine, I just need to continue with the strategic idea that God had placed in my heart to move forward and not be distracted. These guys have been doing this for years, and it can be worrisome when being new to this process, but I’m sure all that goes well ends well. 🙏🏽 I just had a different idea in the path this process would take, and even though it looks jumbled to me, due to my OCD, I’m passing through like a front line soldier. 💪🏽
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3 months ago, Hellomiyu
Refi home loan
I gave this company and along with the Rep that helped me with my home loan refi. I am very grateful to have my home refi through quicken loan/rocket mortgage, they have given us a chance when every other company was turning us down, including (B of A) our current mortgage lender who we have paid our monthly due to. Very glad to get out of company who is not wanting to help, especially someone who has current mortgage with them. I will never go back to that company again for any future loans. I recommend rocket mortgage!
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1 year ago, Rocket 2023
Smooth sailing is the feeling experienced!
I am so satisfied how this refinancing process has worked and I feel very appreciative of the professionalism of the staff especially Gerald he is a great asset to your organization cause he was able to persuade me into taking a chance on applying for a loan when I was surely not in the best frame of mind having just days before having the worst experience one could imagine! I’m sure that his temperament and knowledge of this process caused me to reconsider and take the risk of being denied! He did an excellent job thank much Gerald.
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5 years ago, JohnAReece
best mortgage company by far
I have been involved in real estate as an agent, builder, home remodeler and homeowner over the past many years and have dealt with many mortgage companies. This is the only one to use anymore. They have a well put together system. From the moment you contact them they are on top of your loan or refi with an entire team and you are kept completely up to date through their well designed user friendly app and online website. You are assigned a rep to oversee and answer any questions who is readilly available. Top notch service!
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5 years ago, Fatiha Orozco
James J Elwell was awesome and help me with everything I need,he is the best,he changed our life and made my family happy,he always answers all questions very quick and he always works hard to get everything fast even he works with me at weekend days too,I’m really recommend him to anyone looking for a loan with rocket mortgage,we are so happy he was our banker mortgage,he always nice and happy when you talk with him and he always laughs with you and made your day by telling you positive things and take the stress off from you,I highly recommended him to people need a loan.
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9 months ago, Zoomin Noomin
Mortgage dashboard
I love the convenience of this app to help me stay current with how things are looking for my mortgage. It is so easy to make an extra payment, check current interest rates and learn how to pay off your loan quicker using the amortization calculator. Since I have an escrow account I can easily keep track of my taxes and home owners insurance throughout the year. This info at my fingertips is an easy way to prepare my taxes too. I have learned to have a better handle on my money because of this app
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3 months ago, Centexrates
Wouldn’t recommend Rocket Mortgage overall
Working with Rocket Mortgage has been an experience I wouldn’t recommend overall. They used a different, lower, down payment than I stated (without consulting me); they are now saying there’s a additional fee to assess LTV/home value; used “points” without explaining what points were or that they were even applying them; had multiple people contacting me at the same time when none of them seemed to be communicating with each other; the “Rocket Rewards” conveniently didn’t count or couldn’t be used towards the mortgage; my realtor advocated for me that the taxes they listed were incorrect and they wouldn’t listen/respond or change it. They just didn’t seem to have me, the customer, in mind at all.
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3 years ago, Filmj
Hacky interface makes it impossible to see all your options
This app is just a front end to their website. The app doesn’t support native UI elements and their site appears to not be fully optimized for mobile. If you have no idea what you are doing with getting a mortgage and don’t mind overpaying or getting snowed with hidden fees embedded in your loan then you won’t try to see all your options, or try to see the full details(so you won’t realize you can’t, and you can’t goto the website because they won’t show it to you there either). You’ll be locked into a loan and sold immediately. Great for QuickenLoans as a company but maybe not for you as the customer.
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2 years ago, Jaybome134
Rocket Mortgage is brilliant
and is in the forefront of the modern mortgage process. From application to closing, everything is laid out for you to see. Simply take a photo and upload your docs. You have a to do list and a completed list. Keep up with it and the mortgage process goes quickly. If you have a question, calling was easy. No automated Computer voice. A person answers the phone. I particularly enjoyed meeting my loan originator agent. Personable and knowledgeable. Rocket Mortgage will be my first choice next time.
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4 years ago, Darthziggy
Awful and annoying
I did not even get the chance to fully see what this app was capable of due to their incessant, terrible customer “service” practices. When I applied for a loan, I received a message with a phone number to call to get more information. I planned on calling to continue within a few days, when I had time. This was on Sunday. Since then (it is now Wednesday morning) I have received TEN phone calls from this service (and only 3 voicemails despite all the calls), all of which have come while I was working. I am unable to answer my personal phone while working, and would have liked to work on this process on my schedule, but I am so disappointed with the overwhelming number of phone calls. I would not recommend this app or service to anyone.
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5 months ago, Mmwins
Super convenient and user friendly app!
Very easy and convenient way to manage all things related to your mortgage: make payments, see account balances, download documents such as your year end tax form, and even apply for refinancing and a new loan. We have used Rocket Mortgage for about 10 years now and I used to log in to website every time but finally downloaded the app a year ago or so and it's great! Highly recommended. I also recommend Rocket Money .. great tool for budgeting!
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3 years ago, TGuined
Best Experience EVER
I was warned by her friend to start with at least three banks when applying for a home because someone was going to screw something up. I’m glad I didn’t listen to him and went with Rocket Mortgage. Over all stellar experience, excellent customer service would highly recommend!! Update...the friend referenced above used Rocket Mortgage when buying a new home. He loved the experience as much as I did and was not disappointed. Start to finish the best customer and digital experience. Full package!
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5 years ago, Thememis
Wasn’t a fan, but now I’m FANTASTIC
I thought this whole online Mortgage thing was a gimmick. But it’s not!! The online version is amazing and then I needed to take action on a question while I was at work and they suggested the app for my phone. I downloaded it and it uses facial recognition if you want it to. I was in and running in seconds. Now i don’t even bother checking online, I just click the app, see things are good and boom I’m done!! Quicken loans sold my old house for me no problem, then found me a new house, then finances it with a low rate!! I’m a fan for life!!!!!
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5 years ago, skyviewdrive
Quicken loan is my family I love them everyone I have dealt with is just another addition to the family ,, warm , caring, patient very patient I do not work well with computer but with zack after I was finished refinancing , I felt honestly like a computer whiz with his help ,,, I tell all my friends to switch to quicken , truly an amazing company ,, wow !!!! The app is very user friendly I could use a little more info though like my balance after each payment ,, broken down to show where all the money goes that would be helpful
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3 years ago, F150 bound
Rocket Mortgage Review
From start to finish I have been blown away with the staff and all who made our refinance a huge success! Whenever I had a question they were supper prompt to find the answer. Never once did I feel intimidated or taken for granted (which honestly was a huge surprise to me)” I never asked a dumb question” I was told!! And if they didn’t know we’d find out together! Great people! Great product! 2 very enthusiastic thumbs up! Great Job Rocket Mortgage!! All that you claim to be is totally accurate!
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4 years ago, Panamera12
So far so good!
I never thought of applying for a home purchase loan through Quicken Loans/ Rocket Loan. But I thought, why not...I’ll rely on the ratings and give them a try. So far, it’s been much smoother than my experience has been with more traditional lenders. No lost documents that I’ve had to resend on previous loans. Also, I know exactly what’s going on with the process at all times via the Rocket Loan app. While the loan is still in process, if it continues like this, I won’t ever consider any other lender in the future...Quicken/Rocket all the way!!
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3 years ago, ShelbyLS
Unsolicited Sales Calls
I’ve used rocket mortgage both for mortgage and refi and found both processes to be great. However recently they have begun calling almost daily trying to get me to refi again (my last refi was 12 months ago) they are basically refusing to take no for an answer and just keep arguing until I literally just hang up, then they just call again the next day and the next trying again. Rocket was a good company but this is getting ridiculous, if this continues, when I do decide to initiate a refi it will be with someone else.
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5 years ago, Skyzzz123654
Very bad service and people don’t know what they are doing
I would never recommend going with quicken loans I’m buying a house and they had me send in all this paperwork and then told me I was conditionally approved . Then they had me send in more telling me I was guaranteed approved . Next thing I know 2 days from my closing they tell me that they messed up and forgot a document and had to push my closing back . I had to reschedule movers and my internet appointment . Then they reach out two days later saying they are having a problem approving me even though I have near perfect credit . Now I need someone to co-sign mind you that I already told my apartment I’ll be out and this company seems like they have no clue what they are doing . I should have just gone through the bank .
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3 weeks ago, Go Rocket Mortgage
Rocket Mortgage Refinance
I really enjoy working with the people at Rocket Mortgage to refinance my home. They made the entire process work seamlessly and thorough. The process of using their ‘app’ made for a detailed analysis of what I always had to provide at that exact moment in time. Most important was the quick response of my lead contact person for any question that I had. This was most helpful as was the secondary support team. Thanks Rocket Mortgage for getting my home refinanced!
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9 months ago, crmdogg
Easy to use, loads fast. I feel like it’s pretty intuitive. The one thing I would change would be how the payments are applied and how they are treated. An example would be the fact that I pay 3 payments a month but the amounts paid are not reflected on the balance until the entire monthly amount has been paid. The point is, I wish that the “custom payment”! Option, would point this out when you click on it. Or here me out…. Just apply the funds so that I can save money on interest!
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3 years ago, Samone825
Terrible experience. By far the most stressful home buying experience for me. I had multiple people contacting me for info. Different phone numbers constantly. Everyday I had to re upload things to the app. Not forthcoming with information. Really rocket mortgage is not on your side they just want your money. You as a customer are a number and it is painfully obvious that whoever is supposed to be helping you from the company does not give a care about what’s going on. The moment you get on the phone with them it seems like they just want you off the phone. I was told false information that had me calling people which resulted in me calling the same person I started with to get the info I needed.
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