Rocket Soccer Derby

4.3 (5.2K)
204.6 MB
Age rating
Current version
Rabbit Mountain
Last update
1 year ago
Version OS
10.0 or later
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User Reviews for Rocket Soccer Derby

4.3 out of 5
5.2K Ratings
5 years ago, 615Nathaniel99
Better than expected
The game is actually surprisingly fun. I thought it was gonna be another trash knock off like they usually are but it wasn’t too bad. However, I do think there needs to be some changes. For example the time. The time should stop after every goal you make and resume after the three second wait time. And like the rocket league game, if the ball is still in the air when the time runs out, additional time should be given till the ball has touch the floor, therefor making it a dead ball. One last thing I would recommend is a replay function showing an instant replay of the goals. I don’t know the difficulty of adding this so I’m not freaking out about it but it would be a nice addition and make the game feel more official. Anyways great game and I’m excited to see what comes from it!
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4 years ago, Bookishoodie
Gooooooood gameeeeeee
I LOVE THE GAME. It is really good yet the update 1.1.1 made the game worse by not letting me hold the jump button to flip which makes me that much worse. You can add replays and the ability to chat in game, mid match and save replays of games. Adjustable camera settings would also help. Better bots that don’t just ballchase the whole time would also be better. Please make the ball more bouncy on the ground only and less bouncy on the car because it is hard to keep the ball on the car with the bounciness level. You should also add more cars and more customization and control layout editor. Please add an air roll button. I HAVE BEEN WAITING SO LONG FOR THE NEW GAME MODE AND IT HASN'T COME OUT YET, please fix that. Also can you add more maps with very odd and unique terrain, everything here would make the game better and me love the game even more than I already do. Also please add a feature that allows you to make a club and invite people to that club and also when you score the abbreviations of the name of the club you are in will appear in brackets in front of your name. THANK YOU!!!
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5 years ago, GamerJayLos angeles
This game is a great game it has practice mode where you can be better at even the new league feature that u can earn money and gears even new teams and the soccer derby cup (even though it’s coming soon) even the new cars are cool too the graphics are good though there are some features I’d like for you to add 1.I know some people have said of this before but replays it’s been said that it would come in the tab bar like for example let’s say som1 made a goal and the player wants to see the goal the he/she made. 2.Also new arenas when I play I don’t wanna play a game that has only 2 arenas DC stadium 🏟 and same 1 but nighttime make new ones even in the tab bar it said 3.Make more lvls I’m in max lvl which is 125 make more lvls make it to 200,230, or 250 or beyond that. But anyways this is a good game it would be my 3rd fav game 😁😁
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4 years ago, punisher~6428
GREAT just needs a few fixes...
This is a great game just like Rocket League. I was really depressed cuz my sister broke my PS4. Until I saw this. Here are a few things that I want to be fixed: 1. Even if u hit create friend match it says ur with bots. Same thing with quick matches.😬 2. In Rocket League u can unlock new cars for free. In this game u gotta buy em’ all. 3. When somebody scores it should have a replay like rocket league. Also I would like if u could save the match replay. There are positives though. This game provides a smooth gaming experience like rocket league. Also it has a new update like rocket league where it has practice but in rocket league the goals in your training don’t count for your career but in rocket soccer derby they do go to your profile. I do really recommend downloading this app for free.
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6 years ago, Co4quay
Decent game stuff need to add
Add more customizations like hats and skins. Add a replay system so that you can watch it after when the match is over. Add some more vehicles in the game that would be cool. Also, you should let people change there controls because maybe, people don’t like the setup that is on default. Add a mic system to the game. Add a ranked game so that all people can play with high level players. And, add a chat system so we can chat with players in the lobby or in the game. Add some more songs in the main menu screen. Add a 2v2 mode. Also, when you score a goal can you stop the time because the clock still runs and I think everyone kinda wants the clock to stop running even if you score a goal.
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4 years ago, emily fruit
I like the game in fact I love it but it definetily needs an air roll button/s and the ball to be less bouncy on the car and to be able to change the camera settings because when I try ceiling shots I can’t see my car when I’m in ball cam so I always fail... Also a way to cancel your flip would be very good so we can do half flips and stuff. Also make bots that don’t ball chase and maybe make it so you can flip reset off the ball? Oohhh and also the demolition feature is crap it doesn’t work at all so maybe fix that as well...
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5 years ago, Grim RePer 45127
Needs Work
It is a good game pretty similar to racket league, but it needs to be updated more often. I probably spend more time in this game than anyone else and am possibly the highest level player in the game at a level 115. I own all the cars in the game, have beaten all the leagues multiply times, and am starting to get bored with. All I do at this point is mostly free play. I would recommend adding online 1v1s and 2v2s and a ranking system so you can see how good you are compared to other people. It would also be nice to add more color customizations for cars so it’s not just red and blue all the time. Overall, I would say that the game is good, but could use a lot of work to make it even better.
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5 years ago, Blurbulurbu
this game changed my life. i was depressed for a long amount of time but then i started playing this game and i felt happy all the time. the mechanics of the game are amazing and it really feels like rocket league. i could not have asked for a better mobile game then this. this game really did change my life. this game made me lose my girlfriend because she said i cared about the game more than i cared about her. but that does not matter becase i have this game. this is my new love. this is the future of mobile games. this is the reason i am still living. this game changed my life.
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2 years ago, Strzyzza
Loading screen
So overall it has been long since I’ve played the game so then I pressed the game and it took me to the part with the gray line that loads the game but then a few seconds later the game crashed but there’s no update or nothin so then I tried again but it didn’t take me to the gray line it was on the screen before the gray line and just stayed there I’m not saying the game is bad or anything but if you can fix or there is something to be fixed for the loading screens pls fix it. But I still think it was a good game when I could play it before.
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3 years ago, coark777
Good game
I have to say this is a pretty good game. I have rocket league on my Xbox and and it is pretty similar. I wish it was a little easier to control and maybe a little more customizable. Also, one more thing....I don’t know if this is possible but if it is could you please make it an update, basically if you can make virtual Xbox or PlayStation controllers to make it seem more real. Again I don’t know if this is possible, but if it is please take it into consideration. Thanks 😁
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5 years ago, Phantom0113
Overall fairly good
This game is definitely one of the best soccer car games out there, but it still has some problems. The graphics are kind of eh and make it look like off brand rocket league😂 but the actual gameplay is pretty good. Some physics are kind of weird but the damage to your car is shown pretty well. The AI also so far is not the best but I have not gotten through the whole seasons mode yet. Turning your car without flipping does take forever which is just to me a small problem. Would definitely recommend but gets three stars because of these few issues.
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4 years ago, Dumimiiiiii
Great game,but...
This game was better than expected and I really got hooked to it for a while. I am a grand champ in rocket league and was on a trip in another country and this was a good substitute for rocket league for a month or so. I absolutely love the game but I feel like there should be more maps and a real competitive mode not with bots. I would also recommend adding air rolls to the controls but other than that it was fun playing the game for as long as I did.
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4 years ago, Lila love 616
Will never let you play
Ok so I’ve been playing this game for a while now and it was fine until one day it started acting out. It told me you have been disconnected do to network. And I was confused because my network was totally fine. It started acting like that all the time and got really annoying. And the thing that I feel is also annoying is that when someone else creates a match and is the host. When they leave is kicks EVERYONE OUT. And it’s really annoying because I can never play for a solid five minutes without. “You have been disconnected do to “network problems”or “ The host disconnected”.I recommend you to not waste your time on this game because you will get really annoyed.
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3 years ago, Billy Bob Jr. JUDGE
I wanted to play a game called rocket league when I only have my phone so I got this game but the buttons don’t make sense because I think the move wheel should also be a way to speed up cause I can’t drive, boost and turn all at once so the dev should make the car control button also the drive button and there is a reverse button which shouldn’t be there it should be with that when I pull backwards that I reverse but if the game was updated to be like I said I would give a 4.5 rating but that is my thought if the game
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4 years ago, Acolyte noob
I’m not sure how it got over 3 stars
This game is bad. And I mean BAAAAD. It’s at the point that I’m not sure how they convinced over 4K people to review it. I’m looking for the hypno toad. The cars drive suuuuper clunky, the rewards are decent for picking up a driver but not for working on upgrading your car. You car can’t turn if it’s life depended on it, unless you jump. But side flips and turn are the same in mid air, so you could end up on your side.. Your AI teammates are extremely bad. I have them ranked at S and A. I went for two Cs. This is the first time I’ve lost a match. The “better” AIs play 10 times worst by being too aggressive. If you play RL, it’s as if they turned the notch up on ball chasing to the extreme, doesn’t matter which direction to hit it in, just hit it and follow. They’ve scored several times on our own goal in my matches before I threw them out. I just don’t see how anyone can enjoy a game sooo clunky. It would help if you could move the buttons around so the ball cam button is next to the jump button and picks up the registration..
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4 years ago, The Butter Dog
Good game
This game is pretty good, I play it sometimes, not all the time. It’s good but there is one problem and this might just be me, I rarely score a goal at all and that might just be me or it might be the controls, I don’t know but I do have a tip, you should assign stations, like there should be goalkeeper, a forward, a midfielder and all the other positions, because the game is called Rocket Soccer right? It has the same concept but not exactly the same rules, there is hardly any rules at all.
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3 months ago, Haroon shirani
Allowing the change of button layout
One thing that I noticed that would make this game 10x better is if we could change the location of the buttons, cuz like seriously I have to keep holding the moving forward button and the moment I let go to jump or do something, everything is already ruined. It’s a super simple change for the amount of influence it would have.
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3 years ago, Maximus619
Great game
So it’s pretty good it’s just a little glitchy but it’s good if you can’t get rocket league but you might get made fun of if you say it’s one of your favorite games and I used to say it was a horrible game but now they updated it and it’s actually pretty fun so I would recommend it and its great for little kids because you can’t chat in the game so parents can trust their kids with it I think it is a great app definitely recommend
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6 years ago, EGPPCGAMERPRO
Amazing game.
This game is quite good but there are a little problems with it like the sounds and game control and car crashes and it’s not that famous game so I can not play online o do play offline only I’m not saying that it’s a bad game but it needs a hard work on it so it can be the best rocket cars game in AppStore or playstor keep up guys and yeah don’t listen to those guys who saying that it’s a bad or horrible game overall it’s a phone game and you guys done the best
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4 years ago, why did i downoald this
It’s very good but needs one thing
So when you’re on practice mode and mess up it need a choice of resetting the ball in place because every time I mess up i have to put the ball in place or ya know to not waste you’re time trying to make the trick you’re trying to make and to make the game a bit better it doesn’t need the reset ball choice in online matches and matches with bots only in training or practice however you call it, but I hope you add it soon
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6 years ago, Always 5 stars
Great game needs work though
• Add a free play so you can try practicing in a arena by yourself •Replay system (it’s been in the features tab for a while now and is it ever going to be implemented) •Goal cams so you can see the goal you made right after your goal •Bot difficulty, you can choose between easy, medium, hard, Insane •Ball does not bounce off the wall •More arenas (this has also been in the features tab for a while needs to be implemented) •Trails, For Ex fire trails •Different goal effects •Different control options maybe others might not like the controls you provided •Titles you get if you level up for ex level 30: Pro •Stop the clock when you goal I know it’s a lot you obviously might now want to implement all of them but just think about it
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4 years ago, spyshark3
I love it but one thing
I play rocket league on the play station and now the Nintendo switch and both but I wanted it on the mobile so I got it and on all the rocket league it is like this so my complaint is that it is sensitivity it moves my sensitivity to the ball and on the The Nintendo switch and the PlayStation I can move it but it still keeps my sensitivity on the ball but the mobile it doesn’t let me do it but other than that I love ❤️ it
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4 years ago, 😭 I hate this game! 😭
Awesome game. One recommendation to the devs
This game may be a total rip-off of another game, but it’s a totally awesome rip-off. It’s very well-made, and the controls aren’t horrible either. However, I do request that the devs consider adding Xbox One controller support so people can use the controls they’re used to from playing that other game this one is based on.
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4 years ago, daswerts
Games awesome but
This game is great and it’s fun with not that many adds. But multiplayer is terrible. The reason why is that the is this invisible car or something , like when I played multiplayer when I was gonna score a goal it did not count ti plz fix multiplayer plz. Also is that there is glitches and host keeps disconnecting. So yeah plz fix multiplayer then it will be the worlds awesome game. 🤗😶
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1 year ago, Eat Like A King
Fun game
This game is so fun. Like if you are playing rocket league but demolition derby. I really don’t know how and why this game is so fun but it is. We NEED more people on this game. But one thing they need to fix with the game. THE TIMER. It keep counting down after someone scores or you are going for a kickoff. But over all this game is fun when you play with your friends.
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4 years ago, hdieiejdhf
Like the update
First and most of all this game needs Xbox one controller support! It would make this game so epic. The physics are getting close to being right thank you guys for listening to my feed back! Ball still needs to be a tad faster and boost could be a tad stronger for maximum fun. Goal cams would be freaking amazing so you can have a chance to screen record your sick clips!
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1 year ago, VinnyPIayz
I love the game so much. I love rocket league, and this gave me a great opportunity to play it on my phone. The two things I would love to see added is goal replays. The replays give a chance to video the goal in case it was amazing. I would like to see drifting also. I find it hard to turn around if I over commit to the ball. Thanks!
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5 years ago, 13838383828292
Surprisingly Amazing
This game was way better than I expected. I thought it was gonna be trash because it is clearly supposed to be rocket league. I thought it was gonna be one of those cheap rip offs. But this actually plays surprisingly close to rocket league! Yeah its not exactly the same, but if you are somewhere and want to play rl but dont have a console. This will 100% do!
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3 years ago, Nixwolf21👍
I thought this would be a bad knockoff but it’s really good you can Ariel and everything but can there be instant replay because I won’t to be able to see my goals feel like I really accomplished something in the game overall it’s really good but if possible please put better graphics there’s something about them man.
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5 years ago, swordpak
Great game but one thing
This game is great I have reached level 7,825,681,857 and I wish there’s was just a little more content but this game is good because it has so many cars too choos from but the biggest problem is that my favorite person ever ninja didn’t play this game maybe you should add some epic dances like the floss ore defualt dance so it will attract ninja and you will get millions of players
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3 years ago, jaydenkl
This is the best
This game is so fuuun and it let you do multiplayer single player and all of that stuff and you can chat with people all over the world and you challenge in single play choice of time and you got practice and soccer and this game also need a little sound effect instead of boater and goal like car engines or that stuff
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6 years ago, Co@ster
It’s ok...but there’s room for improvements
I play rocket league on Xbox a lot. And for a mobile pretty much rocket league, the controls are not bad, and easy to use. Although, there is a thing that talks about updates and new features, but it’s been there forever and hasn’t changed AND those updates and/or features aren’t even being applied to the game. If there is going to be a feature spot, then actually update the game.
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4 years ago, Blasy Yr
The game is good overall but there are some issues. Like overtime no one likes to tied games so when the score is tie I suggest an overtime. An very annoying thing in this game the bumping it’s just bad you can’t not control your car one bit when you get bumped. Another thing is the graphics they don’t have realistic graphics or good one so you could work on that.
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4 years ago, Sharp 4ce
Amazing Game!
I know this game was heavily derivative of Rocket League, but it’s a good game with pretty good features. However, there definitely should be a ranked mode because I’m constantly infuriated because of the skill sets players have. Also, most of the bots in the league just go for the ball with no teamwork at all, it seems like the more expensive bots are worse
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5 years ago, Lil_Mexicano🤪🤪
Amolst better than rocket league
This game is really fun! I got this game cus I wanted a sport game but not be as sporty, if this makes sense. This game is really awesome and addictive just like rocket league. I would recommend this game to everybody that is a fan of rocket league. The only thing that I would recommend is to fix the direction of the joy stick. All though the problem it a good game!!!
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2 years ago, bruh man cake
Great game but you gotta make my teammates better
I was looking for a soccer game and I found this one and liked it but last time when I was playing my teammate literally scored into our goal and my teammate was in level 14 or 15 and had good skills so fix the bots please I was not happy and also they set it up for me and I was about to make it in the teams goal but then my teammate hit it and we lost so fix it
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3 years ago, JTMByt
Good game but needs improvements
I like this game and its fun more than I expected!But I have some problems with it and here’s a list no power slide,no settings for the controls,you can’t flip your car,the ball looks disgusting,you can’t go super sonic,there needs to be a competitive mode and probably more NEEDS TO BE WORKED ON but for now just play rocket league and if you can don’t play at all.
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4 years ago, 2017 3/25/2017
The Bots Are Too Good
The game is fun but the only thing that I would fix is how good the bots are, when I am in a online match the bots are better than everyone there, they just keep scoring and scoring. I think that you should just add a difficulty level in the offline modes and even the online modes. Other than that it’s a fun game that I would recommended.
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3 years ago, kingcandycane
It needs fixes
This game is amazing but for example bots hit it so fast it’s hard to block. Me and my best friend play this all the time and we enjoy every second of it but, it’s missing a lot of stuff like air roll and more modes if you want to be more like rocket league you should consider adding stuff like this.
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1 year ago, BeNapin
Best Phone Rocket League!
This was actually better then I thought it just needs a few fixes here are my ideas so there should be a competitive ranked mode and there should also be even more cars a more customize things for you avatar like wheels, colors, antennas, and even more stuff but this game is awesome!
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3 years ago, prinkis
I didn’t expect that it really good. Now I can play with others 3x3 lol super fun game!!!!!!but one thing I think they should make the game like the PS4 like when you score a goal it replays with some music 🎵 but the rest of it Really GOOD!I like play this game is super Gooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooood game un expected.I never thought I was going to like and play this game so much!REALLY GOOD.
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6 years ago, kixaloor
Pretty good rocket league based game.
Hey this is a enjoyable games but I have some suggestions please add these in. -fix Ai difficulty or make modes for them It’ll go easy, medium, and extreme. Easy will: flip and boost but they can’t drive off of walls. And it’ll be welcoming for new comers. Medium: Flip, better understanding on what it’s going to do. Can go off of a wall but not fully. Extreme: keep it like it is now but less ball chasing. Another suggestion Please add in demolition and easier control options. Minors ———— - new maps - crates (get them by level upping) - remove the damage from cars. - a bit smoother gameplay Overall pretty close to rocket league ;)
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6 years ago, Gifjwhdisixnejdi
So much potential
This game has so much potential to be one of the greatest games on the App Store. First thing that needs to be fixed is the steering control and camera view. The camera view should ALWAYS be from a single position, such as the back of the car, and the steering is so difficult to use with a thumb stick, an option such as left and right steering must be added. Second, this game needs some finishing polish on the menus in general to add a more professional look and less like a very simple beginner made game. Peace out
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4 years ago, rikz rockz
I love tha game
It’s really cool and a lot like the real Rocket League I really like playing it wit my friends but I have one exception the cars are kinda boring U kno like quarantine which is a whole lot boring the cars need to look more decorative and fun then I’d recommend it to anyone so ya fix the cars a bit and I’ve got ur self an amazing mobile Rocket league
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4 years ago, BitNut
Good But Like Rocket League
This is a good game but it's the same basic idea as Rocket League. As I do still like this game it's almost a direct copy of Rocket Leagues ideas. Such as the season which you can also do on Rocket League. So my final opinion is that it's good and basically a mobile version of Rocket League. So if you like traveling and Rocket League, this game is good for you. However if you like console controls better, probably stick with normal Rocket League.
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4 years ago, 4444444&5555t&6666f777&8
It’s OK but some of these things
I play like four games when I do it says oh there’s a network problem and I change my network but it never works so if it signed out and says there’s a network problem write a review and people who made this game look at this review 🤨🥵🥵🥵make sure you change that!!!!!!!!!
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6 years ago, squirpe
Nice Rocket League clone
Plays well, looks good. One thing, please allow resizing and positioning of controls. Although the work well on phone, they take up a massive amount of space on iPad , and much more difficult to move from one button to another or move the car. Other than that, job well done!
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4 years ago, theprogamer12
The gameplay
I was honestly surprised that the game was this good. Thing is pls add the turbo cup or whatever it was called, it would be a great addition to the game. Also make it so you can do a one player season, I do not like the teammates I have. Thanks great game
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3 years ago, pittp
Gamepad controls are ridiculous
Was looking for a rocket league replacement for when I don’t feel like sitting at my desk. This is promising but it’s the type of game I want to use a controller for. While controllers do technically work, the mapping of the controls makes zero sense, and there’s no way to change the mapping of the controls. If they fix that, I’ll be all over this game
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4 years ago, Yughvhbuvyvyvygyvhvyf
Needs some work but good
I honestly think that the boost power should be updated because it barley does anything. You should also add a bot difficulty. It would make the game easier for the new players. You should also add the act of the dead ball which is were the game does not end until the ball touches the floor. Good job but still needs some things
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