Rockland Trust Mobile Banking

4.4 (6.8K)
36.8 MB
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Current version
Rockland Trust Company
Last update
2 years ago
Version OS
13.0 or later
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User Reviews for Rockland Trust Mobile Banking

4.45 out of 5
6.8K Ratings
4 years ago, ffclux
Performance lags behind that of your Customer Service
I believe RT has the best, the very best C/S dept not only in your sector, but across most sectors! However, the time lag in +/- activity on an account takes an inordinate amount of time! I am a customer of decades now living in Europe, but I still have a need for a US bank. The banks here are far faster with the ‘real time’ balances and statements. It seems the most noticeable difference is their reliance on e-transactions, no paper devices. For example, my balance does not reflect 3 transactions for early to mid-week last week. Sending payments electronically should be immediate, not waiting for the payment to be USPS delivered prior to debiting. Or at least have a ‘pending’ transaction summary so one can easily see the balance. It’s a small point, but it keeps me from giving you a 5 star review. Respectfully, Frank Cullinan
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2 years ago, Great Cranberry
If there’s a way to contact, directly or through a customer support service, with a live website IT technician I have not found it. Regular customer support personnel are great but aren’t always able to explain technical issues. For example, during troubleshooting, a webpage they expect the customer to see isn’t what is seen. I can’t remember for sure, there may have been a time or two when the regular customer support agent transferred me to an advanced support department. I may be thinking of a website. I have made suggestions for changes to the website in the past, usually through regular support. One item I suggested to change was on the check and deposit image viewing page. There was a drop down list. It had two choices and was on the left side of the top menu bar. I also believe it had to do with the labeling of the button. There was no indication that the button had two choices. I again believe the default was check view. Deposit view wasn’t indicated. My suggestion was to get rid of the drop down list and make the choices into two buttons.
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4 years ago, boujeekw
Love it!
Their online bank is probably one of the only reasons I still bank with them. I live in the south now, and they don’t have Rockland bank here, but their online bank is so good I can’t leave haha. They have great customer service, every time I’ve had an issue they fix it or explain the problem. Their customer service line also has real people! No sketchy people with thick accents reading from a script!! App will show a purchase on my account that I made 5 mins ago (seriously!), checks ready right away! You can’t beat that. Ive been with Rockland for 5+ years and two moves. I’ve tried other banks but Rockland has them all beat! The only reason I gave 4 instead of 5 stars is because there are the occasional glitches. Sometimes you click on the account history or try to deposit a check and an error message shows up. Nothing too major and nothing that has lasted longer than 5 mins. 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻
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6 years ago, @mb3rl!7
needs serious updating
this app consistently lags behind other banking apps I’ve used for different accounts, which is a shame, because Rockland Trust is the only bank I use given their stellar customer service when it comes to in-person banking needs. 2 stars because it generally does what I need it to, but it’s seriously lacking on multiple levels. 1.) infrequent updates to handle software changes (many of my complaints will probably be linked to this, so take them as you will) 2.) no easy access to account data - I probably wouldn’t complain about this if I didn’t also use Simple, which offers an AMAZING app that easily tells me, among other account data, what my routing number is, and which is far more intuitive and user friendly when I compare it to the RT app. 3.) frequent app crashes 4.) multiple login requirements (not for password error, but because the account screen simply won’t load). 5.) variability whether the system will accept mobile deposits - not for amounts, but for random error messages that leave me frustrated I bothered signing my check and feeling forced to physically go to the bank when I didn’t have time for it in the first place 🤨 I’m sure there is more I’ve been frustrated with in the long time I’ve been using this app, but the bottom line is this - do better, Rockland Trust. this app is a really inaccurate and poor reflection of the amazing banking that keeps me with your company.
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4 weeks ago, Luci_is_on_Alert
Mostly great but ignores prefs; acct screen hijacked by reorder function
Devs, please: this is a great app overall but there are two major annoyances as a user: please put a cookie with a reasonable expiration on dismissed notifications. If we dismiss a notification, it means we don’t want to see it every single time we open the app. If we have multiple accounts, we can’t scroll without drag-to-reorder taking over. This is incredibly frustrating. Please restrict the tap to drag function to a zone instead of each whole component. Please and thanks from a fellow dev and daily user of this app.
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4 years ago, nonicknamesaccepted
Improve usability
1) Too long for deposits to show up online. Things deposited on a Friday or Saturday might not show up as deposited online until the following Tuesday or Wednesday - even direct deposits from employer 2) Had to write in a note in order to see my Acct number and the Routing number - otherwise numbers not readily visible 3) only have the option to set up a bill pay date pay about 1 week after you request it - why can’t it be sooner? 4) set up reminders to be sent to my email about a bill due, but don’t ever get the email reminders and Rockland Trust has never fixed it despite multiple conversations with customer service. 5) better now, but use to be a constant problem regarding the system not approving the picture of a deposited check. I would like someone to contact me to see how some of these issues can be addressed. Thank you.
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2 years ago, Ldh05
Too restrictive and limiting
App is laid out quite nicely and intuitively, so it is particularly painful to write this review. As one tries to execute transactions that the app appears to allow (with clear prompts along the way, etc.), such as paying a loan from a linked external account, error messages pop up without any clear description or explanation. It turns out (after having to call customer service multiple times) that this is NOT allowed. It is absurd in this day and age for one to not be able to pay from an already-linked external account. Beyond that, though, if it is going to be so, at a minimum the app should not offer the option and/or provide a descriptive error message. This logic also applies to the arbitrary $2k external transfer limit. Security measures are important (and appreciated), but there is a distinction between what is proper risk management and what are ridiculous and extreme restrictions that hinder a customer’s ability to conduct their business. My interactions with most RT individuals have been positive, but I do not have to deal with all these issues with three other banks I have relationships with, and so, I must say I am unlikely to be a return customer for RT shall these conditions persist.
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1 year ago, Mytoytime
Everything in one place
Rockland Trust AP is excellent! I’ve used this app since they started offering it. I find everything I need in one place. The ability to deposit checks with the app is a feature that takes all stress away - no more racing to the bank during lunch break! Being able to quickly and easily transfer between accounts is also a great feature. I have been in a store, and decided to make an unexpected purchase - all I needed to do was make a quick transfer. All this in ‘real time’ Fantastic app! I can also make principal payments to loans I have all through the AP
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3 years ago, zGloss
Review of Rockland app
Rockland app is easy to use because of it’s well laid out format or design. Having all the options of all available activities in 1 column on the left, which is where your eyes immediately go to, makes ease of use. When pressing on an option a second option or subfolder appears The menu is easy to navigate. When selecting the account menu, the information appears in boxes for each account with the name and total. By individualizing, each account, you can quickly obtain the information that you are searching. This is just one example of why I give this app a 5 star rating. Floss
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2 years ago, P. J. E.
The Rockland Trust Banking App is one of the easiest Banking App’s to not only log into but also use. I have another Banking App from a competitor and it takes so long to just open it that if it wasn’t for its branch location to my work I would just close the account and delete the App off my phone. I have been a Rockland Trust customer since 1994 and I am truly glad I have stayed. Your telephone C. S. R. have been most helpful the few times I have had the need to call as well. It is to hard in this day and age to still find a Buisness that stands behind what they advertise. Thank You!!
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6 years ago, pfhlick
Works fine, and has improved from the beginning
This app does everything I used to do with key entry telephone banking and of course it is much faster now to check balances or transfer money. Some things you still need to visit the bank or pick up the phone to get done, and Rockland (which has been the second acquirer of my original bank) has retained staff at locations they took over and remained courteous and efficient. The speed and functionality of the app has also improved since I started using it a couple of years ago. I am happy with the bank and the app.
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11 months ago, RedMaple
Good app from excellent bank
This is a good app from an excellent bank. The app feels clunky at time, like the account loading screen for example. It seems like an HTML webpage wrap rather than an app customized for phone. Missing some obviously useful functionality. Why is it not possible to view image copies of our check deposits? App is not as refined as some of the other banks. But rockland trust does a great job in general and I would take the slightly odd app for the excellent quality bank. Hopefully upgrades to come in future.
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3 years ago, Danylny
Nice features with one hiccup
My previous bank is a large bank that allowed me to login and see all of my accounts personal and business on one login. I can only take photos of my personal checks on that account and I had to do a separate login for a business which is fine but I’d say 85% of what I did was checking balances and seeing when things clear which can be done with the one login for the business login was just used to take pictures of checks for the business accounts. Other than the lack of this feature of the app is pretty good.
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4 years ago, Cape Kevin
Rockland Trust
Love the Bank AND their mobile app. The App is an easy to use tool that provides immediate real-time access to my accounts, 24-7. And technical support, to get me started and / or to respond to any questions that I have had, has been excellent. The “Bill Pay” feature is terrific and easy to set up and use. All payments to creditors have always been issued “on time” and promptly confirmed on dates of transactions via email. Could not be more satisfied with my banking relationship, whether at my local branch or through use of their on-line services.
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4 years ago, raivester
Mobile Deposit feature works half the time
The app is convenient and generally works well; however, there have been a handful of occasions now where the mobile deposit feature is flaky. Sometimes it boots back to the login screen in the middle of the photo capture (I have been trying multiple times a day for three days now to deposit a check and it still keeps booting me). On other occasions there have been issues with the orientation of the screen when you attempt to capture the check photos for the deposit. Considering this feature is my main reason for having this app, I find the inconsistency very frustrating.
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4 years ago, elizah97
Billing payment display and other issues
When I go into my bill pay it does not show when I paid that bill last or if it is pending or future. I have to go somewhere else to find this now and it is very confusing.I have made multiple payments on accounts because of this. Deposit of checks by picture is the worst. This gives an incorrect error of declined deposit due to picture quality or no endorsement when it has one. Update- still happens. Check pictures don’t work and freezes. Sometimes it works sometimes it doesn’t. Have downloaded new app and did not fix the issue. Love online banking ,but not this app.
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11 months ago, Alan the Piano Tech
Good app, major bug
Overall I like this app, but since the last update a number of months ago it spontaneously reverts to the login screen from the mobile deposit screen almost every time. Usually it happens after you submit the deposit and you just have to log in to confirm. Occasionally it does this before submission and you have to do the deposit over. Otherwise this app is excellent, a solid four star product. (It would be five star if i hadn’t previously had the Bank of America app; that’s faster and better but i hated the bank.) The layout is good, it’s easy to use, and puts most of what you need for mobile banking at your fingertips.
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5 years ago, plymouthbusiness
Constant log outs
While I am able to complete deposits, the app consistently and abruptly logs me out in the middle of a mobile check deposit. When I try to log back in, the app just idles (spinning wheel). I then have to completely close the app and re-login. There’s also a bug with taking photos of checks whereby I take perfectly clear photos of front and back, but when I click submit, the app will tell me I have an invalid front image. When I then take a new one and click submit, it then tells me I have an invalid back image. All of these issues have gone on for the past year+ and I’m hoping RT starts fixing these bugs, as it they really slow down the efficiency of the app and can be quite frustrating when I have 5+ checks to deposit.
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4 months ago, Prasann T
Review of the Rockland Trust Smartphone App
I use the App all the time; it is really comprehensive and allows me to do pretty much all my banking on the app. The ONLY complaint I would have is that it only shows the last 2-3 transactions as far as the Bill Pay feature is concerned; it would be much better if it showed a longer history of Payments/Transactions. (That’s the reason for the 4 Star review versus a 5 Star one!) Thank you, in advance, for adding or enhancing that feature!! —Prasann T. (Customer for over 10 years!)
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4 weeks ago, DMSO84
Bill Pay is a non-mobile optimized web page
This app is about a decade behind other banks’ apps. For my commercial checking account, Bill Pay within the app consists of a redirect to a desktop web page. The developers fail to recognize that mobile devices have smaller screens. The user has to scroll through, zoom in, enter the numbers, zoom out, scroll down to the Submit button, zoom in to press it, scroll around two confirmation popups, zoom out to find the Close button… The UI is pretty awful. If my accounts were easier to transfer to another bank, I would have done so long ago.
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6 years ago, jameswilletts
Perfectly useful
Does everything I need. Deposits checks, makes transfers, shows me my balance. Prior to this version, I could check my balance and transactions against my other app by not fully switching apps (iOS), and I could still see the list on the screen by just double-tapping and scootching the other apps to the side. Now, I have to be fully into the Rockland app for the screen to load again with my transactions. Not a dealbreaker, but it was a nice perk in the past. Maybe it’s a security issue and they “fixed the glitch”.
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2 years ago, Tiny Buttons
Best Bank in USA
Rockland Bank is superior to any bank in this area or state. I have recently relocated to another state. I opened an account - expecting the same quality of service. That is not the case. The employees at Rockland are friendly, recognize me when I go to the bank. I have contacted Rockland Bank over the years and the availability to speak with someone seven days a week is not available at most banks. Rockland hired only exceptional because Rockland is an exceptional bank.
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5 years ago, SweatpantsZach
Little flawed but gets the job done
Here’s the bad before the good, creating an account on Mobile was nearly impossible, had to call no big deal but not functioning as intended. The other bad is not being able to see your Acct number on mobile at all besides the last 4 digits, even though it’s difficult on the website too. Other than that the app has all the functionality of the website and offers everything you need to get done. Could be a 5/5 app if they polished it up a bit.
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4 years ago, viningm
Recent update messed up deposits
I've never had a problem with this app before, but since the update on May 12, it is extremely difficult to make mobile deposits. The camera feature is completely messed up -- I hold the phone one direction, and the image shows up in the other direction. When I move the phone, the image moves in reverse. It's extremely frustrating and makes me dizzy just trying to take the picture. Now my mobile deposits are getting rejected due to "poor image quality." The main reason I have this account is to make mobile deposits. Please fix this or I'm going to have to bank somewhere else!
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8 months ago, Bheine77
Limited functionality and no help
Fist of all turn off those annoying yellow banners that take up half the screen when you log in with useless tips! Also it’s not possible to write the memo line on a check payment from my phone. This is a totally normal feature for writing checks and is the reason I can never use this feature from my iPhone and have to get on my computer, because I want to write the invoice number on the check. Also the “chat” feature never works on the phone. Other banking apps I have used years ago are far better.
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3 years ago, Retire17
Hi Traffic Time vs. Personal App Access
This App works well as long as you are not trying to access during hi traffic periods during the day. Consistently I find (with a very good Personal Wi-Fi system) that in hours of reportedly hi traffic on the internet connection to the features I use are slowed or not connected. When going to the Bill Pay full site from this APP the view has been reduced to a smaller viewing area as a pop-up vs. the previous “full screen” view in previous APP editions. This makes my banking process more difficult to use.
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1 year ago, Droc35177
Great and easy to use.
App is great and very easy to use. Navigation through the application is simple. One request I would make is that, a dual way to use the app with business and personal use. Or a separate business account application. I use the application for personal use and to login to my business account I log in through the website. Other than that I have no complaints! Great application
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2 years ago, Furry Turtle
Community bank
I was wary back when Rockland Trust first took over Peoples Federal Savings. It was important to me to stay with a smaller community oriented back and I have not been disappointed. I utilize several different branches and all of them provide excellent customer care and service. Tellers are extremely courteous and pleasant. Phone support has also not been an issue. I would highly recommend this bank!
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4 years ago, jimbales
More interested in promoting bank than helping me
Opening screen is mostly logo and cruft. I don’t need my phone to tell me good morning. I opened the app to do banking, so, don’t get in the way of banking! Instead, when I went to tap the account, the screen updated to put “good morning” at the top, which then Instead, when I went to tap the account, the screen updated to put “good morning“ at the top. So I tapped that instead of the account and it took me off to promo-hell So, please, strip everything off the app that doesn’t actually help me to do the business I came here to do.
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5 years ago, Eggy21446
This app needs some serious work you don’t get notified of your balance if it is set until the next day you don’t get notified of any negative balances which you should be notified before 7 o’clock the moment they are count hits negative the user should not have to constantly check their account to make sure it’s in good standing when the so-called precautions are already in place it’s already cost me over 105 in late fees which should have been refunded because this was a technical error the app does not load sometimes nor is it accurate on it’s transactions and I think overall it needs to be redesigned and re-done for a better user experience
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1 year ago, nickie j k
Works for Me…
I originally opened my account here when the bank was called, “Hyde Park Savings Bank,” back in 1980. I had recently moved to Boston from Philadelphia, and the Branch was near where I worked. It later became, “East Boston Savings Bank,” whose checks are still honored. I have since moved back to Philly, and was thinking of moving my account locally until I learned that, “Rockland Trust” took over and made distant banking possible and convenient.
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1 year ago, N B Shea
N B Shea
The ease of this app is far superior than other banking apps I have. It’s intuitive, easy to navigate, and has great extra features like being able to nickname and rearrange your accounts in the list. The only feedback I would give is that when you are transferring money from one account to the other it allows you to erase the numbers in the account you’re transferring from.
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2 years ago, Once Loyal Client
Poor Customer Service
No one at Rockland Trust cares that the app is not working in favor of the customer. It’s difficult to make mobile deposit due to automatic receipt emails (2per deposit). The service will no longer let you direct pay new people that are non corporations. Basically mobile deposit is a nuisance on top of being aggravating. Bill pay is only for who is convenient to the bank. If you have something other than cable, electric, mortgage or credit than the monies can’t be direct deposited. Rockland trust customer service claims “there’s nothing that can be done“. I say the app needs to be updated or replaced.
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3 years ago, CEStriler
Works like a charm
I’ve been using the Rockland Trust mobile banking app for several years now. I am able to check all of my bank accounts, payments, and any other bank related transaction. The fact that I can deposit my checks through the app is also a great feature that I use frequently. I would recommend this app to anyone who wants more control ease in their banking.
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3 years ago, jojostock
Continue to charge me
I’ve been going through tough times. I’ve tried to tell Rockland to please stop putting through things if the money isn’t there. I had a $10 charge cost me $35 and in the last 3 weeks about $300 in bank charges and even a $35 fee for a negative balance. I’m the last one to leave a negative comment about anything and always try and find the positive in everything and I admit I’m struggling but to take advantage of a customer like this who obviously has had better times. Well the whole family banking and we are here for you goes out the window when u see 8 or more $35 charges on your account. For a few simple mistakes I made . Joe
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5 years ago, C-stanz
Good stuff
Good stuff, does exactly what you expect a bank app to do in 2019. Maybe it could add an extra feature here or there (cant think of anything in particular at the moment) i do remember once or twice thinking to myself "i wish i could do this in the app" but it was nothing ground breaking or worth getting upset over. Overall a great way to keep tabs on ur spending and accounts. Wouldn’t use this bank without this app.
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5 years ago, Klbaz
Case sensitive log in
After trying several times to long in via this app to deposit a check, I tried my user name with a capital letter at the beginning and that was the problem. I’m assuming this is a new feature because I have absolutely never had to do that before, AND it’s not case sensitive when I log in on a computer. I expect a password to be case sensitive, I do not expect my login ID to be case sensitive when it 1) never has been before and 2) isn’t case sensitive on other devices. This is dumb. Why would you do this?
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1 year ago, Bad Photographer!
Use of App
I like the app for checking balances etc but it is terrible for bill paying on iPhone. Also I don’t like the way paper checks get sent out for the first 60 days when a payee is added to the list of payees although that may be a function of bank policy and not the app. Finally, I don’t like that it won’t auto fill my password even though I checked remember me when I loaded it on my devices. One last point…camera function for mobile deposits is very delicate and keeps rejecting photo images.
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2 years ago, MDB002
Lacks common sense
Schedule a payment with your checking account, your available balance does change. It is almost as if this bank never balanced a check book. Transfer funds to child with an account at Rockland - they literally mail a check - it takes a week. When you are notified of suspicious activity, they need to let the charges clear (literally days later) before they will do anything about it. I could go on, but complaining to them is pointless. I would not have chosen this bank, my bank was bought by these incompetents.
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4 years ago, Edward McHugh
Rockland Trusts online banking
Im new to the online banking scene and was initially skepticle of online security measures especially dealing with every penny i work hard for and am saving but Rockland Trust online bqnking has proven to be very convenient and reliable and ive had zero problems with security of my money i recommend this online banking app from Rockland Trust for anyone who is constantly shifting money between accounts and want it done conveniently
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3 months ago, why nick name???joe
What goes here???????!!!
Whatdoesremrmber me. Do???!! Why is logon blocked from sight How is one to know. To tap acts name to reveal data? Transferring funds seems odd logically do you. Start with debit. Acct. or with credit. Acct Was a customer. For a decade. Before any one mentioned Classic acct Why ?? I have called. Over. Years asking of a complete menu of your. Products and met with silence. Shrugs Or Total none sense booklets of boiler Plate. Blah ! Paying small groups of regular bills via debit. Card is non sense and customer service. Crew is also lost. And A new tome programs Plate Blah blah
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5 years ago, tom02493
Excellent commercial and retail bank
I own a car dealership switching over from a national bank because the charge a fee to count cash!!!! Rockland Trust is great. I have many of their products from commercial mortgage and loans, merchant services including credit card processing as well as personal savings checking and home mortgage. They are always available helpful and happy to greet me as a client. Quincy Ave branch is my favorite team!
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2 years ago, KarenFromEB
Sorry not thrilled with it ….
When you open the “payee site” don’t like how all the payees are real small up in the top left corner and it doesn’t show all the information. It should cover more of the page so you can see them better and I don’t like how you can’t see the list of recent payments you made. They too are very small and you can’t all of the most recent ones, you have to scroll to see them. They too should be bigger so a month of payments should be readable without having to scroll.
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4 months ago, kendall💜💜💜
Whenever I need to transfer money to my debit card all I have to do is open the app and I can do it in line at the store. When I need to deposit a check that I have received, no need to go to the bank, I just do it through the app. I see my active account status as it updates right away. This is the most convenient app!
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2 years ago, MrEdOB
Best functionality and security for a bank app
I use more than one bank for my money even though I have been a customer since 1982. I work in large-scale IT and i know how difficult it is to create an app like this that is highly-functional and secure. This app is best-in-class and i am seriously considering a complete switch to Rockland Trust.
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2 years ago, Lens master
Rockland Trust Mobile app
It’s the best for banking with fast launch, long transaction history, check images, and best is 24 hour turnaround on mobile deposits. It is ahead of other bank apps that are cumbersome requiring multiple steps, especially to look at transition history. I’d give the Rockland Trust Mobile app FIVE STARS out of five. Nice work.
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6 years ago, MILDOLVU
Needs improvement!
Many times in trying to use the app, I cannot even login. Contact tech-support & they need a Screenshots and other information in order to determine what’s going on. Promises of contacting me in what the problem was caused by and have never had anybody call me back. Hard time depositing checks. The photo capture in part of the app does not work well. In comparing to other bag movie accounts that I hav The photo capture in part of the app does not work well. In comparing to other bank mobile account apps I have, this one leaves much to be desired.
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6 days ago, mobile $ user
Mobile user9
There is not enough functionality. Mobile Bill pay needs to be more like the computer version. Actually the entire application should be restructured. This is one of the most primitive banking applications around. For example, I cannot get tax documents. Bill pay has only partial functionality. January 2020: there is no way to add a memo to a payment in the mobile app. This is an important function. At this point I must go to the computer to get this functionality.
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1 year ago, Salty2012
Crashes constantly
I primarily use the mobile app for check deposit and it RARELY doesn’t crash on me. Sometimes I give up and have make a trip into the bank. This is super inconvenient, especially after I’ve already written “for mobile deposit “ on the check. Even when I get it to work, it’s never on the first try. I always update the app when updates come available, praying that THIS update will finally be the one the fixes the bug. I guess I’ll just continue to hold my breath whenever I need to deposit a check. 🤬
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3 years ago, Lizzibella
Great Banking App!
As friendly and as helpful as the crew at my local RTC are, it’s so nice to have this convenient app! I can deposit checks, transfer funds and pay bills without having to go into a bank. I also love that I can chat with an RTC employee right in the app. I am able to stay on top of my finances easily with my smart phone. 5 stars!
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