Rocky Mountain CU Mobile

4.8 (2.4K)
109.5 MB
Age rating
Current version
Rocky Mountain Credit Union
Last update
11 months ago
Version OS
12.0 or later
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User Reviews for Rocky Mountain CU Mobile

4.77 out of 5
2.4K Ratings
4 years ago, Mt_Megs
Best Banking Experiences!
I’ve never trusted a putting my money in banks. But Rocky Mountain credit union has really won me over. To sum it up. I just feel safe with my money there. All the ladies at the Belgrade location have such a kind and welcoming demeanor. Always very helpful and informative. Thank you for such a wonderful experience that continues to grow with each visit.
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7 months ago, BrittaniKae89
Overall, great staff
The staff are wonderful. But not having your bank be open on the weekends isn’t the best. When they do their scheduled maintenance it never happens on time, it always starts denying you access to your accounts early and later than said. During maintenance you have no way of knowing what is in your account, you can’t go online, the app, call, or even go to the ATM during that time. Their mobile deposit is the worst set up I’ve ever dealt with. You have to write “for mobile deposit only at Rocky Mountain CU” and unless you TYPE it on the check just right, it won’t read it. Forget about you hand writing it, it won’t read it no matter how nice your penmanship is. Defeating the purpose of mobile deposit, since you inevitably have to bring the check in to be deposited. If you’re needing a local bank it’s not a bad option, but for someone who needs access 24/7, I’d definitely have another bank as well.
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3 years ago, Lilly006006006006
Best Bank Ever
So I have the teen account setup for me! I love it. Every time you go in person to deposit they put 10 dollars for every ten you hand them. This is as long as you don’t lose your punch card. Back to the app, this app is so easy to use. If you need to transfer money to pay a bill or something it is super simple. The one thing you cannot do online is put in a travel request for when you are traveling. But it has pretty much everything else and the people who helped me were extremely helpful and it was a fast appointment.
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5 years ago, Ry2tall
Haven’t signed in lately???
Recently update I imagine, if you don’t log in frequently you need to re enter password even though had Touch ID enabled. It wasn’t even that long since last logged in. Maybe a week? 2? Do I really need to check my account that often or re enter password every time? Need to make app more easily accessible, that’s the benefit of apps! Been in a pinch multiple time that needed to pull up info quickly and been told it’s been to long to re enter password and have to try to remember in stores or enter password around people in public which is less safe for protection
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2 years ago, Pink IF
Mobile app rocks
This Mobile app has gotten way better than it used to be. It’s user-friendly, easy to navigate and the deposit feature is really great now.
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6 years ago, RivMetal
New update not great
New update is worse. Gets stuck on verifying credentials a lot. Sometimes it logs me in and sometimes it won’t. Varies on what stage it gets stuck at. Super slow.
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1 year ago, Cromvzw
Poor mobile deposit feature
I have used a couple different iterations of this app and then all the deposit feature is the worst. I’m thankful I did not have to deposit checks very often or I would never be able to deposit anything until I physically made it to the bank.
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5 years ago, JBKlein88
Rarely works right
9 times out of 10 it won't do a mobile check deposit even though it's endorsed correctly it rejects it. Useless for modern banking needs, fine for checking balances but in today's world we need so much more than that from our bank app. Staff try to help but can't do more than put in a support ticket than ends in a generic response.
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6 years ago, Really happy person
Thank you!!
Thank you so much for all the help with managing my bank account so helpful thank you thank you!!!
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4 years ago, Flappykiller2.0
Can’t even set up an account “help”
I get all my information through get to the verification and I can’t even get my account approved... is there a reason this app is useless I can’t even sign in please help
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3 years ago, bbrosa
Too erratic
I understand the need for a level of security. But, I don't get this. I successfully signed in from my tablet. I signed out, then, after a short time, went to sign in. This time I had to go through the identification routine. And, suddenly, the tablet I had just used was not recognized!!! Makes no sense!!
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2 years ago, hkngfxg
Updates a Pain
I used to love depositing check on this app, but whatever updates they made have it changed that experience. What used to be quick painless now takes 5-7 “errors” before it works. Bleh. May be back to in person deposits again.
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7 years ago, Mr. Refrigerator
Doesn't work
Won't open past "verifying credentials."
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8 years ago, Canriita
App keeps crashing
Since the new update it won't even open do can't even check account. Don't understand why they had to do this big update in the middle of the week during the day and can't even get on the computer to check account. Good bank but this update is a joke.
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7 years ago, Hager7350
Very spotty
Works very poorly with iOS 11. Very slow, often times errors, and inability to navigate.
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7 years ago, JECK55
Good app
Very responsive. Wish I could turn on my debit card out of state online.
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6 years ago, Mylesstjonn
Can’t do mobile check deposit
They “upgraded” something and now you can’t do mobile check deposit because the computer can’t pick up the endorsement
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6 years ago, ZachB292929
Solid in App
Can’t seem to get the widget to work though.
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7 years ago, KimoLitl
It get to 'Review Your Credentials' and goes no where. I didn't get the app to wait hours on end to check my account.
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7 years ago, mwilliams624
Super convenient!
Being able to log in quickly with Touch ID make it amazingly easy to check my finances on the go! The interface is very user friendly, and I can view all my transaction details in the app! Would highly recommend for download!
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7 years ago, Goodsammoe
Time saver
It is great to be able to check balances, what checks have come in and to make deposits any Tim of the day. It's a very nice service. The only thing I wish it would do is have as much information on deposits as it has for checks Thanks
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8 years ago, Gumper1986
Service is temporarily unavailable often. Access to accounts takes a step longer than it should. Can't transfer between members. Heritage's app and service was leaps and bounds better.
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7 years ago, Hansviix
Easy Bank App
Easy to use, new update was huge improvement! Great oversight of accounts, but would like to have ability to access multiple accounts from one log in
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12 years ago, Cyrus Malkin
Nice little app, great at what it does
The RMCU iPhone app has all the functionality you're looking for in a mobile app. I can view my accounts, pay my loans, transfer money, and make bill payments... all on the go. Easy to navigate and simple.
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7 years ago, TGx4
Easier to use
Love the app better than going to website, it gives me the information I need, control of 3 accounts, all information on one 'page' that I need to know. I love RMCU!
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8 years ago, Fnx32
Looks great!
The new mobile app looks great and the functionality is 10 times better than the previous version!
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7 years ago, Leviathian360
Use it all the time
It's a great app, never really had any issues at all! The app makes it easily to keep an eye on my finances and helps with keeping track of my credit
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7 years ago, DelaneyKR
Mobile app
I love this app! It's very user friendly and if I ever have a problem I just have to call one of the branches and they help me resolve it asap! Best bank (&a app) in town!
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8 years ago, Yeliab406
App won't even open.
After this new update a couple days ago the app doesn't even open. Just crashes one second into opening it. Hope it gets fixed soon!
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12 years ago, ambiguouslyvague
Happy to have it when it works
It's been great to have access to my account without going through the bulky website and it's a nicely laid out app, but it seems like half the time when I try to use the app it times out on my login!
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7 years ago, Double Cuddle
Love my bank!
literally the best bank I've ever had, only complaint with the mobile banking app is that its down a lot. other than that its super easy to use and pretty fast.
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8 years ago, Me and you and everyone.
Fantastic, but...
I'm very pleased with this banking app. I've been a customer of a few other local banks/credit unions and none have such a professional app. I would love to see Touch ID capability or 1password integration. Pretty please??
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12 years ago, Unicycleking
Great mobile banking
Very nice looking app. Has all the features and works flawlessly.
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8 years ago, RMCUcustomer
The newest version of the app is slow and unreliable. Half the time it can't connect. Takes forever to load and process even on fast internet. If mobile online banking is important to you, until this app is overhauled you should use a different bank.
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12 years ago, RMCU Member
Great App!
Simple to use and very clean looking. Love the cover flow for viewing checks! Bill pay works great.
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8 years ago, iPhone User customer 2678
Please fix your app!
Doesn't work... Just keeps crashing
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7 years ago, Bmergenthaler
Love It!
Love it! It is easy to use and super convenient. Highly recommend downloading it.
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12 years ago, Lkrei
Love this's a quicker version of online banking, super easy and convenient :)
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11 years ago, KeliKae
Great App!
Does everything you need it to...can't wait for check deposit!
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7 years ago, AlphaFrank21
Great app
App works wonders
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8 years ago, Austin. L
Apps a joke
This app was all but useless to begin with now with the recent update just crashes upon opening nothing but problems don't recommend the app or the bank
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9 years ago, RMCUMember
Doesn't work on IOS 9
Love the app, please update to IOS 9 asap don't want to use Web portal
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8 years ago, Missbbees
Love it!
Loving the new app and site! Looks pretty and is easy to use!
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10 years ago, AForslund
This app has a huge ad banner at the bottom. If I want to see my financial institution selling me something I would go to a bank. Ads don't belong on a credit union app.
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8 years ago, 7XPilot
Crashes on start up
The latest version is useless. Won't even start up.
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12 years ago, seanmcoan
Awesome app
Works great!
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4 years ago, mijorich
Show more
9 years ago, h2okidmt
iOS update breaks app
Now I get array out of bound index error when I try to login
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8 years ago, Horseman in Helena
Can't edeposit grrrr....
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