Roller Coaster VR

3.2 (120)
587.4 MB
Age rating
Current version
Last update
6 years ago
Version OS
8.0 or later
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User Reviews for Roller Coaster VR

3.19 out of 5
120 Ratings
6 years ago, VR Critic
Fun but short
They didn’t ask you to pay for it right away you got five or six rides. However you only really needed two rides since it was a circular track and the ride only lasted about a minute. Otherwise good quality of ride. Check out if you have free time. Works great with Google Cardboard not blurry at all. Google Cardboard is a type of btw so you don’t have to by the real thing. I use merge vr and it works great!! 👍🏻
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6 years ago, EthanGross
Ruined with forced view ads and upsales
Don't even waste your time. If the devs are so greedy that they cant even give you a lite experience rather than a trial period then I refuse to even give the money for the so called full version. This is not anything to write home about either way, even when i was able to ride the coaster a few times before it totally cut me off. Not to mention you have to constantly remove the phone from the headset just to get rid of the ads which are forced watch videos. deleted so friggin fast...
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5 years ago, PugicornPlayzYT
Little bit boring
It is very fun, my cousin and I played it for a while but it was too short and a little bit boring. Sometimes I like all the features but it’s not all that interesting to me. I think that you should add more roller coasters and more themes to the app. It’s a little bit boring and more boring than I expected before I installed it. Not as good as I was expecting.
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7 years ago, Desrtu
Only 1 map
Thought this was very cool, once trial ended I paid the $ for the Full Access. Didn’t realize it’s only the 1 level... would be 5 star but felt a little mis-led so for that reason 3 star More levels to come? Or does each level cost additional $ Thanks
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6 years ago, Rcynic
Waste of time and money
Downloaded the app, started with a long ad. Then set it up with my cardboard, took a few minutes to align correctly. It just keeps going round a track. Paying for it requires you to register on their site and make an account. Then you’ve got to switch back to the app to login. Then it just says you’ve activated the app and you’re on the same map!! There are no other maps!!
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8 years ago, McAdele
How do you start it?
I rode this once, but can't get it to start again. I paid for the app, but it still won't start. The app details say to look at the "leveler." Does that mean the lever? The lever goes forward and it goes back, but still won't start in either position. Any hints, anyone? Thanks.
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3 years ago, aaislois
Wouldn’t let me purchase full access
Free trial was ok, and since full, unlimited access said it was only 99 cents I figured I’d give it a try for my daughter and I. Well, that would be great if it would let me! Click on the button and NOTHING HAPPENS! Even after turning phone off and on, the screen never changes. What a rip off!
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4 years ago, happyzengirl
Good but bad
It is fun for the first one but you have to pay for more than one my dad even got sick from I did not like it makes your eyes feel bad they hurt and make you see ackward I did not like this game
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6 years ago, 2coolwild
Terrible ads
This app has 30 seconds ads. When the ad is finished it's hard to find the x button. There are better vr apps. Do not download!
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2 years ago, antonio poop
Yes it’s good
Really short but fun and the graphics are great!
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6 years ago, LindsayLaw
Seeing double
Seeing double. Tried realigning several times and changing view.. it doesn’t work! Makes me dizzy!
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7 years ago, Liv Cruz
It isn't working
Unfortunately this app isn't working. It won't move,and just isn't doing anything.
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6 years ago, Kph fervid
Way to many ads
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5 years ago, hi 267!)
One of the best VR coasters I’ve seen ever!!!
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7 years ago, Afinn8
One ride and done?
Is there more than one coaster?
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6 years ago, oshdidkdhdjdjhagsjfkfh
Good and bad
The coaster was fun, but the trial was bad
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8 years ago, Sceghenhtjenna
Please ignore all the dumb comments:)
Okay, so this app is only useful to those who have the goggles!! If you don't have the goggles this app is useless! So that's why people are saying, "it's dumb, doesn't work, don't waste your time" says the people who purchase the app without the goggles🙄 like forreal come on!! So yes this app does work, it works great and totally cool (IF YOU HAVE THE GOGGLES!!!) it feels like you are actually riding the roller coaster😂 a lot of fun and laughs.. Oh and also it's totally fun for the family, it's funny to watch the way other people react while "riding"😂😂 you think they're over reacting until you put the goggles on😂.. Who's over reacting now lol okay so yeah I hope that solves the misunderstanding in the other reviews! Hope this was useful to you and if not I'm sorry for wasting your time with this ranting okay we'll have a nice day/night:) (ohhh yeah And also you can purchase the goggles online I believe they're call cardboard goggles not exactly sure my cousin got hers for free)
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9 years ago, Assignmeanameplease
Nice Coaster App!
Love this app. The graphics and feeling of speed are really well done. The frame rates are very smooth on my iPhone 6+ with both the original and upgraded (1.1) versions. The only gripe that I have now is that after the 1.1 update the screen does not go the full width of the display as it did in version 1.0. I don't know if this a limitation of the newly added "barrel distortion" but now the field of view is visibly reduced and a step back in my opinion. P.S. When the app is first launched, the view is full width, but then immediately drops to the reduced size. Perhaps this a simple thing to correct? Review update: the latest version (1.2) now corrects the reduced screen size. Updated rating to 5 stars
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9 years ago, AliciaHollywood
I think the negative reviews must be from people who don't realize you need VR goggles for this... This is amazing and addictive and is great on Google Cardboard. I've now tried like 100 VR apps and this is one of my favorites. Yes, it's a bit short, but hey, it's free! You do need good goggles for the true immersion but cardboard works great! You can really feel the motion and although the graphics are low res, they are well done with sunlight and shady areas and it feels like a mini vacation. The sense of motion can give you the same high as the real thing, and this can be truly addictive as you get a quick dopamine rush LOL!
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8 years ago, EpicSpaceHippie
Great app!!
This app is great for a VR system! I love this app and had no problem paying $0.99 for it, especially considering the fact that I can then ride it as many times as I want. For all of the people complaining about paying for it: "What did you expect?! A great VR game like this would be free? If it was then Fibrum would make no money. Are you really paying for a whole VR system and then not willing to pay for the games? I mean come on..." On that note, I have purchased every single one of Fibrum's apps and I love them all! Please make more apps!! I can't get enough of VR!
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7 years ago, Don't provoke me
Realistic virtual reality, in the sense where you know it's a game, but you get caught up in the moment of it. It is big fun. The graphics, sound, scenarios are all realistic to an actual roller coaster ride. Simulation games/apps are always fun and most enjoyable when you have some downtime waiting. Even more when you're just strolling around the house. This game can be played with or without the virtual reality goggles. Still fun either way. Two thumbs up.
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9 years ago, Nubeslayer
Thus is SSSOOOOOO!!!! AMAZING!!! ABSOLUTELY NO COMPLAINTS!!! Note that you must have some kind of VR headset like the Google cardboard. I have some thing like the Google cardboard. It was only like 20$ and by far the most amazing cardboard thing I own!!! I definetly recommend this app to Anyone with a VR headset! The roller coaster is thrilling! But I do warn you. Playing this while standing up may make you sick to your stomach or dizzy
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9 years ago, Mom of 3 in Houston
Love this!
We just got the Google cardboard glasses yesterday (for $6) and my kids downloaded this to try. It was awesome! I found myself leaning along with the turns and my kids were worried that I was going to fall over. For those who gave it 1 star, yes, you need special glasses or it is a split screen!!! C'mon, user error doesn't warrant a negative review.
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8 years ago, Qlh15558238447
Fibrum, thank you!
This is the 2nd best Cardboard compatible app available (behind Aquadrome)! I was genuinely surprised that you corrected every error I listed in my previous review! Thanks! In response to another review, you need to look at the lever until it clicks. If you look away, it will return to it's original position.
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8 years ago, Magicminister
This is a rip off. These guys are thieves. Paid for unlimited but the screen continues to ask me to buy. Contacted the company was told to skip the screen. No way to skip. Contacted them and no reply. They will steal your money. Don't buy and delete as soon as the trial ends. Great graphics and fun app but a rip off. I should know I have paid for it twice. $2:08 for an app that don't work. Apple refunded once. Ashamed for anyone to know I was stupid enough to buy it the second time in the hope it was just a glitch. Buyer be ware.
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7 years ago, Muongnet
Wonderful app
This game idea is genius! I played a lot of other VR applications and this can affect Visual best! That makes me feel like am really riding on it. Production quality is very good, the sound associated with the actual car, a cheerful song, give more people a better sound, wished success
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9 years ago, Official True Reviews
GREAT but...
This app is actually really cool! But the only thing is that it has a split screen for u to look through. It is amazing graphics, no lag, very realistic, except for how you look at it. Please fix this to one screen instead of two! I also suggest making a menu and make new maps. Thanks for the cool game
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7 years ago, Kentonrose
Awesome game!!!
This is an awesome game I have ever played. I specially like the sound of the game. The sounds of birds, crickets,... so cool. The background of tropical island is beautiful. Whenever I'm get stressed, I play Roller Coaster, it helps me to relax. I also like its landscape. It's amazing. In a word, Roller Coaster VR is a great game players should experience. Thanks to the developers!
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7 years ago, callling97
Wonderful app
Just wanna say that I really like this game, it seems to be the best way to kill the time, and recently I spend more time on playing it. Moreover, I especially love its effects and graphics, they are really cool. You should come and give it a try.
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8 years ago, Jessi🌺
This is pretty awesome! I just got the Google cardboard and this was the first app I downloaded. It's super fun and I love it. I think you guys should make an app that has different kind of roller coasters like underwater or horseback riding and stuff like that. I would definitely download it.
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9 years ago, connor_da_brave
AWESOME!!! But....
Ok... This is awesome!!! It felt so real and I had a great time!!! It does work with Google cardboard (that's what I have)... But.... After I did it 3 times it said I had to pay $0.90, to be able to do it unlimited times... So, is there a way I can do this however many times I want WITHOUT having to pay? Plz respond
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9 years ago, Super Duper Magnum
So worth it
Try this with Google cardboard and an iPhone 6+. It's amazing! I'm really happy companies are developing VR technology like this. Although this one is free, if these guys make a really great one with some options I'll be happy to pay for it.
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8 years ago, theZBoyZ
Takes your money and runs!!!
I have the googles and I needed some apps to use it, so I found this. It worked great at first but then I had to pay 99 cents. I was happy to pay the money so I did just that. It took my 99 cents and I didn't get unlimited. Then I restored purchases and it didn't work. I tried one more time and it took my money again and I didn't get unlimited again. 🙄I want money back!!!😤
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9 years ago, FasionLover
Awesome but...😁
This game has spectacular graphics so detailed, but I wish it would have more than just one roller coaster. I start feeling sick as soon as I get on.... And it's AWESOME!!!!!!!!😄 Give it some more roller coasters and I'll love it!
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8 years ago, Atotonilco Jalisco Mexico
Great app. But Lever don't work.
Please I need help, how the lever stay forward, to continue with the next ride, the lever move back and forward but it doesn't do anything else.
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9 years ago, Slasherminer36
Just like the oculus rift!
I have been wanting the oculus rift sence it came out and this is just like it!Its finally come true to have something like this!If the App Store has more roller coaster VR games you have to tell me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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8 years ago, jmfazioli
VR Coaster
This particular company -Fibrum- makes AWESOME VR games! This coaster is amazing!! This is one of their many incredible apps, you won't be disappointed. Their apps run smooth and the graphics are beautiful!
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9 years ago, I could beat u 1 on 1
Best roller coaster vr
This was really fun, try standing up while doing it and maybe putting on a fan to make you think you are there! Didn't make me nauseous and felt very immersed. Bravo.
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9 years ago, pneumae
Nice ride
The detail made the experience fun. I didn't really notice the 3d but it was probably a problem with my cardboard rather than the app. Short and enjoyable ride.
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7 years ago, jasonlezak12
Great experiences
The game takes VR games to a whole new level, got so much fun and amazing experiences playing this game. Feeling like I was actually on a real Roller Coaster train, very realistic. Worth a shot!
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7 years ago, mdk455
Fantastic game
So glad to play this game This sounds interesting because it's VR game that gave us as gamers best experience to play the game so this is what makes this game valuable And great
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8 years ago, Ben Tripp
This app is great!!!
You should ignore all of the idiotic comments about how it "pretends to be a free app" because it is definitely worth the 99 cents and is a beautiful app.
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10 years ago, Titobandito1304859202
For a free app this is great. Works with my iPhone 6 and Google cardboard flawlessly and looks much better than any other VR games on the iOS App Store. Please make more!
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8 years ago, RafeHavok
Really fun
Perfect length, beautiful graphics, the only problem is the size, I wish that it was a little smaller.
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9 years ago, Minecraftman73
Hey you know
You can use the google carbord but you can use your HANDS but I am going to find a blueprint print out on my pc
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9 years ago, randargs
Works great even on older device. But still need improvement on sound and longer coaster track.
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7 years ago, tranvu1511042
Good app
Enjoy this app, i really like it. I will share my friends and i hope they like it as me. This game is amazing. Thanks your support
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7 years ago, EJMills
There are better
Needs to either be updated, longer and graphically improved. Short, simple graphics and slow. Ok for starters, but you'll end up deleting once you've done it.
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9 years ago, vm-70
Compatible w/ Google Cardboard but not iPhone 4S
This app is compatible with the Google Cardboard. However, if your phone is outdated, you will not have a good time; my iPhone 4S cannot handle this app. I don't want this app anymore, because it is just a preview anyway.
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7 years ago, peter33510
Good app
Very good application. Me and my friends enjoyed it. We hope will be many such applications or generated. Thank you!!!
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