Room Escape: 50 rooms I

4.5 (82.4K)
935.9 MB
Age rating
Current version
Shenzhen Zhonglian Hudong Technology Co.,Ltd.
Last update
5 months ago
Version OS
12.0 or later
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User Reviews for Room Escape: 50 rooms I

4.52 out of 5
82.4K Ratings
4 years ago, lil_~nay.•
Amazing so Addicting!
I love the game but it’s just the ads that are on the wheel they don’t give you anything I love when it’s easy because you just start to learn more and it’s really fun and pretty cool the levels are very well decorated but it’s just that everything is so hidden so that’s what makes it a little hard and what I also like about it is that there’s actually real looking thing like dogs,people and other stuff that’s what makes it feel real too the game it very cool because it’s like your in a room then in a cave imagine be in a room then there doors that turn like into a cave or a forest and other stuff but the thing is that it it’s just kinda hard because there is 50 levels in each mode so that like confusing but the ads should give at least one hint and lower the prices because nobody is gonna get that expensive hints just for that price so please lower the prices and add at least five hint to all of them me my brother and mom are so addicted we live the game too! And just want more hard levels please we love the game I love it my family is starting to like it and the game is also relaxing it really helps you learn better that’s what I think about the game so yeah keep working hard I like the game it’s amazing and my favorite that I all I have to say.
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4 years ago, TempLadyDanee
Fun, challenging & slightly addictive..
This is 1 of those games that actually makes you think to solve the puzzles & clues to escape that various rooms. The graphics are good, but not great. There needs to be some improvements in a few areas. Things are difficult to see in your inventory, it’s barely possible to see what some of the items actually are. There is no zoom in on the items that you don’t have to add another inventory item to it. Zoom would also help to be able to look around inside the room. There is a tunnel vision as if you are looking inside the room through a telescope unless there is something that you need to do with a specific area. It would also be great to a have a quantity of tasks that need to be completed. The other thing I would love to see is an area where you can work out a problem or clue. I actually need a pen & paper to complete some clues as there are many things that need to be referenced to solve a problem-for instance having colors that correspond to specific numbers, etc. I usually NEVER write reviews on games, maybe twice ever, but this game has so much potential to be AMAZING! I seriously hope the game owners actually read these reviews to make future improvements. The best people to give feedback is the people, like me, that downloaded this game over all the others. I ALWAYS read reviews & the number of people that even took the time to write a review that WASN’T a warning to NOT download it. I can’t wait to see some updates. 😆
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4 years ago, CounterpointSue
A Great Game!
I have been playing Escape Room 50 for about a week and have moved through 30 levels. I’m very pleased with this game and how the developers formatted it. The graphics are excellent. The puzzles are challenging enough to keep me interested, but none of them have been overly easy up to this point. I appreciate that the developers placed ads in such a way that they are not irritating and the user can choose how many to watch. If you want hints beyond the number you receive for checking in every day, you need to watch ads or make a purchase. I often make purchases from apps that are developed well in order to support the people who created them. If this app continues to please, I will do that within this app. Only one suggestion to the developers and their advertisers: When apps have 30-second ads, I put my device down and go do something else for a minute. When the ads only lasts 15 seconds, I don’t think it’s worth my time to walk away and I stay put. I also watch more of them. I can’t be alone in doing this. Explore market research about the best length for app ads. I’d lay down money you’ll find that 15-second ads give you more actual views than 30-second ads.
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7 months ago, sfimo
Great functionality and graphics for beginners
Although I played many escape games years ago, I stopped because I just didn’t have the free time any longer. Some were graphically richer and more elaborate than this one with intriguing storylines, but I recommend this as a very good one for beginners or intermediates who are learning how clues and puzzles work and also prefer nicely detailed graphics, good touch screen responsiveness and logical progression. I don’t like extended “hidden objects” puzzles that just distract from the goal, and this game has just enough hidden objects that all help you to escape each room. I also like that this game doesn’t have disturbing imagery (with a couple of benign exceptions) or make the player anxious that something scary is going to chase or attack while the player is solving puzzles, which stops those kinds of games if you get caught so you have to keep retrying. The only criticisms I have of this one is that I have a hard time seeing the tiny found objects on my small smartphone screen, and I wish clues were just hints and not full answers. I’ve just started playing escape games again this month and this is only the second one, so I’m still looking for games with a big payoff at the end of a long story with many interconnected levels.
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3 years ago, EleniSS
The game is frustrating! There are NO explanations; sometimes diagrams but if you don’t understand what it’s showing you many never figure out how to solve the puzzle. While this makes it easier for an international audience, there are puzzles where you just have to click and try to figure out what it takes to solve or waste hint points. The concept is good and there are many rooms to ‘escape’. But some puzzles are excruciating to figure out and even with the hints I couldn’t understand the concept behind them. The hint points are generated by watching ads - you have to be careful to make sure the ad is completely done or you won’t get the hint point - but I’ve played for a while without an ad hint point opportunity. So there is no way to gauge when you can get the next hint point. You only get one hint point per ad while some puzzle solutions requires using three hints at a time. Also there should be ‘flashing light’ warnings as there is a light flashing when you move from one room to the next. Lasting you can’t zoom in to view things in the room sometimes even for items you need and you can’t zoom in on the tools you collect on the way to even figure out what the are. Some tools fade into the background of your collection and can’t be seen. There are a couple of the rooms were the clue can’t even been seen and even one room where the clue is wrong.
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6 years ago, 7ang7
The BEST escape series I have EVER played!!!
I have played numerous escape games, and the "Room Escape 50 Rooms" series has virtually ALL the BEST elements of the greatest escape games out there, combined. I'm playing the first series now, only because when I discovered the series I just happened to play IV first. Great graphics, challenging puzzles - difficult to complete, but not 'rip your hair out' difficult. When you get stuck, free hints are offered periodically - just watch a short video. Developers may not like this, but there ARE walkthrough videos online if you get really stuck. As a game player (who never pays for hints) I have sometimes uninstalled games when there aren't any walkthrough videos to refer to online. And when I do refer to a walkthrough, I often only watch long enough to get a partial hint so I can then go back and figure out the rest of the level on my own. This series doesn't need any improvements; but because I'm sure developers always strive to make their games better, I'll offer one suggestion. While the music is pleasant enough, perhaps offering a variety of music throughout your 50 Room journey might make it even better!
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4 years ago, el.lio.t
Great game! One flaw...
I am addicted to this game- it’s super fun, the puzzles aren’t too hard, and all the rooms are unique. However, getting hints is next to impossible. I don’t usually use hints unless i’m truly stuck, and i really like that the game will give you one hint after a certain amount of time if you have none/are stuck. There is a way to get free hints, but it’s really hard- there’s a wheel, with three ad cards and three hint cards- if you spin and it lands on the ad card, you have to go to an ad and, in the end, don’t get a hint. The thing is, after that you have to wait some more for it to refresh, so you can try again. It takes three hints to skip a puzzle, if you’re extremely stuck/have no idea how to do it. The hints don’t give you a hint on how to finish the puzzle, so you have to either figure it out, buy hints, or spin the wheel. It’s tedious and annoying- i’d rather have to watch a full ad and get a hint, waiting to have the chance to watch another, than wait to spin a wheel for a chance to get a hint over and over again. It’s annoying and unnecessary. Again, i love this game- this is my only problem. Totally suggest it if you love escape room games like i do!
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4 years ago, kel7144
Favorite game ever
Best game ever, beat all levels including all 50 in XI so PLEASE MAKE MORE. It’s just challenging enough to make you think hard but is the most fun I’ve had because it like a real life escape room. The puzzles are fun, intricate, challenging and perfect. It doesn’t treat you like your a little kid, amazing for adults who like problem solving/puzzles/look and find/escape rooms. My only issue is sometimes the codes/math stuff is confusing and I’m an industrial engineer/ a spot I can’t find in the picture but they give you ample opportunity to earn hints which solves both these issues when they come up rarely. A lot of times I’m like darn it I was so close but yes needed the hint, so hints are amazing and keep the game from getting too hard/frustrating. 5/5 stars, please make more levels, I love when there’s games in them/stuff/real puzzles or swaps of things rather than the just switch arrows to get the prices in place for the pic because those are wayyy to hard to get get perfect because its more of a Rubicks cube than puzzle. But yes much love all around for this app. Always my go to (besides when I beat all the levels like now)
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3 months ago, lucky wabbit
Room escape:50 rooms 1
I have played before but had lots of issues,,this time it seems pretty through the first 50 rooms,,lots of fun,,did use quite a few hints,,they were free just kept adding up so I used what I needed,,😊😊😊😊😊,,got through level 3…didn’t notice a level 2,,used many hints but definitely had fun,,level X,,,room 40,,,can’t figure out what to do with the four pegs w/Chinese symbols and would like to skip this step,,can’t!!!,,,level XII/room 19,,,can’t figure out how to get the box with the colored triangles to land in the spots indicated on diagram,,so besides level X/room 40,,I need to skip this one too,,I guess I’ll have to delete this because it’s totally impossible for me to get out of both of these levels in rooms 40 & 19,,,I really enjoyed this game…not wasting any more credits,,the game will be there when I return!!!!,,thought I would try again and I started with room XII at level 19 and still not able to skip it!!!!
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4 years ago, Vonner32
Search fun, games bad, hints don’t always pay out
I like solving search games. This one has a great ongoing variety. It’s been a lot better than others I did because the levels keep going. Finding a lot of spots not responding until I use a hint & then it opens up. Not buying hints period. Giving it a three star because almost every other round now the games are messed up. There’s no understanding what the object is & the clues just get waisted circling that game as next step or cash in 3 for answers. Which aren’t always paid out after watching ads to get. How about a form of explaining what it is you’re supposed to do in the game. Also, some search hidden objects aren’t making sense how anyone would know to use the other aspects. For example there’s a 15 number banner going across screen & in one place only use ten of the numbers then later in another place use the last 5. It needs more rhyme or reason than a possibility of 30 different scenarios guess which one. It’s about seeing a strategy & it being realistic expectations of that strategy. To many options make you use hints which it’s obviously getting to become. Seriously starting to lose interest in it for that reason.
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4 years ago, TheGameMaster723
Love it!!
This game has multiple puzzles and I love puzzle games! There’s like 50 puzzles in one level and there’s 50levels! You get hints if you like spend real money but sometimes you can like watch an ad for one or like if you want some there will be like one that says free hints or spin for hints I don’t remember but anyways this is a really good game I do recommend it if you want to play a puzzle game. It also saves your progress at each level and that’s what I love about it!! But it does give me the creepy vibes which I like to because I like games like puzzle games they give me creepy vibes I don’t know if it might not give you creepy vibes but it just gives me creepy vibes!! So anyways this is a really fun game I love it so much oh and there’s like no one’s going to chase you or anything you just stay in the same room until you figure out the puzzle you can like zoom in and things and stuff so yeah hope you like the game because I did enjoy!!
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5 years ago, LadyMRedd
Escape room experience on a free phone app
I've played ~20 real escape rooms and I like that this has the feel of that experience. It's also great for a free aren't too obnoxious and you can keep playing without having to wait for more lives or beg your friends. The graphics and level of thought are especially impressive for a free game. There are times that it's annoying that you can't see what the object is, so it turns into touch everything you can until something works. The ability to zoom in on photos or objects would be extremely helpful, but otherwise it's an excellent game. The free hints are good to get you past the above frustrating times. If you're really stuck you can Google the level and there are lots of guides users have posted. I've had to do that a couple of times when the hint didn't help...I knew what I had to do but couldn't figure out the solution and was getting tired of trying. (The game hints just show you what game within the room to play next, but don't help you with the game itself.) I suggest playing with your sound on, because the noise it makes when you touch something that is part of the game can be a clue in itself... You'll know you will need to come back there at some point. Also play with your phone at the maximum brightness to fully see some of the darker rooms.
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4 years ago, Techcpo
Not Worth the Effort...DELETING APP!!
Visually better than some other escape type games, but lost me after the first few rooms. Couldn’t believe the objective in one room was to literally make a sandwich to escape. Had to very easily locate a bun top, meat patty, lettuce, and mustard to lay on a bun bottom. Then, place the completed sandwich in some device to get the door key.....In two other rooms, I was tapping all over trying to find what I had missed because the visuals on a couple things were misleading. Once, I was able to find a grid like object that immediately provided a visual clue to pick the right numbers for a combination. Tap, tap, tap..... turns out the combo won’t work, although correct, if you haven’t put the grid object on the paper with the possible numbers. In another room, I had found two pieces of paper that “combine” into what looks like a sheet missing a middle portion because the ripped paper edges obviously don’t match. Tap, tap, tap.... After quite a while of tapping, I resigned myself to delete this game if I am forced to use a clue to find the missing piece of paper. Finally, after using a clue, I realized that there is no missing paper....Final tap for this game is on the DELETE.
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4 years ago, monkeybaby7041
Great game but...
I loved this game before the update, non stop playing it and shared it with everyone. Before the update hints would be on a timer and you would get 1 hint every so minutes, but ever since the update once you are out of hints you are out of hints forever or at least free ones. There are options to pay for so hints but not free ones. Also there is a wheel that you spin it and either get a hint or get an ad. But that wheel always land on the same exact ad square each time never anywhere else. So use your hints wisely. Another thing is on chapter 3 level 20 when you put the blue and red bugs through the maze the red bug can’t fit through the first opening no matter how much you try. I spent 13 minutes trying to do it but the red bug can’t fit. I can’t get past that level without the bug thing so I can’t do anything else with that chapter and since I used all the hints and not being able to get them back I am permanently stuck on that level.
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5 years ago, Bridesmade
Excellent Game! Highly Recommend!
I thought I’d never find a game I liked as much as Dooors, and I didn’t, but this game is a tight second place. At first I thought the puzzles were too simple, but I kept going and I’m glad I did! The puzzles increase in complexity and make you think and solve problems in fun ways. They are creative and the rooms and graphics are fun. I like that you can watch an add to get a hint because sometimes you really need a hint! It can be frustrating at times, but isn’t the point to be challenged? I just downloaded ALL the other versions of this app & I can wait to conquer them all. For the fact that I’ve beaten DOOORS 1-5, Zero, and Apex, this was a good game to keep my puzzle solving mind busy. The only critique I have is that I wish some of the objects were easier to see. Sometimes the graphics are really small. Aside from that, I hope you enjoy this game!
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2 years ago, 1stCeye
I’m on chapter 1, level 7…
…so I still a bit new, but so far, the game is totally logical thinking. The HINTS are really easy and you can collect them by watching……you know…an ad. AD, (not ADD, as I read in many, many reviews…) * Anyway, I am enjoying it! It’s been thoughtful with a few hints needed, but the hints teach you about how the creators think….their ideas must be known to beat this game….😃 so watch and learn how best to play! I’m holding it to 4 stars, so later I can add one as a reward for the game continuing to be good, logical play! *The joy at finding the key-whatever the key is…..later…today I played about 5 levels. I just finished level 32 and when I tapped into the level 33 room…it would not let me proceed! I tried everything I could, but no success! Now I have to replay level 32….I AM NOT HAPPY! Until now, the game has run smoothly and I hoped that level 50 would soon be mine! You lost a star. I would like to hear from SUPPORT if there is one….
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5 years ago, Ezmereth Moriquendi
Great for a Free Game!
I blew through this and had a blast. I enjoyed the variety in room designs, though a lot of the puzzles themselves were used almost verbatim in multiple rooms. The still images for things that would normally be moving (such as flames, animals, etc) were pretty funny-looking, and a lot of the graphics themselves were blurry or inconsistent. However, the overall look was pretty nice, especially for a first installment that required SO MANY different assets. I don’t think I could have played with sound on, though. The music started to drive me nuts after a bit. An option to turn off music and leave sound effects would be nice. By far my favorite part was the glass tile puzzle in Level 46. It gave me a pretty good challenge, and was the part I spent the most time sussing out. I actually had to step away and come back to it with a fresh pair of eyes and a little patience in order to solve it.
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5 years ago, bionic12052
Best game!
This is a really great escape game! It’s definitely a mind stimulant, with puzzles and mini games. Even though there aren’t any story lines, you can get an idea of what the story line would be in each room. I love how hints are given for every day of the week, which really help when you’re stuck and don’t know what to do next or just need help on a puzzle or mini game. Hints can also be rewarded for making it to the next room sometimes and you can watch ads to get them. The ads are never longer than 30 seconds. If I were to change anything about this game it would have to be when you’re out of hints and it takes you to buy hints or watch ad, when I click on ad it gives me a chance to spin a wheel which will either land on just ad with no hint or hints, well it always lands on ads. But all in all it’s a great game!
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1 year ago, jphx
Nothing but ad banners
This game is really annoying, throws ads in your face continuously, and they are on a bright white background while the game is much darker - it’s like someone shining a flashlight in your eyes. And there repeated pleas for you to use and buy more hints. The puzzles are not too bad, but some of them make little sense and the hints are inconsistent, nearly always done without words and the more difficult puzzles require 3 hints to solve, but you are getting hints, just skipping the puzzle and often you don’t get to see the solution. It would be better if those hints actually gave you a hint instead just laying out the entire solution. The pieces you find for some puzzles are frequently unidentifiable, just a tiny image of something, leaving you to tap like mad all over the screen until something happens that you miss and that mysterious piece disappears to be replaced by another one, or worse, something changes without animation and you are back to tapping the entire scene again. Sometimes there is an animation and what you thought was a pencil turns out to be a long pole. There is a lot of inconsistency between levels. Some are very good with things like disabling parts you have completed so tapping them does not open a panel that you then have to close, others leave them and you waste your time. Some levels leave items in the “tray” after they are no longer needed while the good levels remove items once you no longer need them.
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2 years ago, Tulsababy
Love this game but
I'm very frustrated. I never know when it's going to happen, but I open to play it and it closes. There's nothing there. I have to u install and reinstall and start completely over. I've lost each room I've completed and I lose partial ones as well, making me start over again. I have an iPhone 8max updated fully all the time and no reason to keep losing everything in only this ap. I just got to room 4 level 10 earlier today. Tonight I open it and it opens and closes over n over. I have to uninstall and reinstall again. At least if we signed into the actual game it's possible it would have where I left off instead of repeating the same levels again in a room to be able to complete it. So frustrating. Playing the actual game though is amazing. It's 5 stars. Its losing everything quite frequently and I don't see anything when I google on how to prevent this.
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5 years ago, MGossinger
Fun game
I really enjoyed this game. I found it to be challenging at times but never too hard to figure out. I like the hint option. There is a very large variety of rooms and mini puzzles, which I enjoyed. I think that the graphics improve with each new series. I just have a few suggestions. -I wish there was a way to pay for an ad-free version as I found the ads to be very distracting and would, at times, accidentally click on them. -I Wish you could enlarge items in your inventory to study them closer bc sometimes they were so small i wasn’t sure what the were -like that you can earn hints without paying for them but it’s frequently the same add which gets old quickly -I also wish, if you didn’t know how to play a mini puzzle, that you could have it explained to you. A few puzzles had explanations on how to play the games but not many. Also, If you click for a hint in a mini puzzle, the only option you have is for it to be solved for you. It would be nice to get a hint without it immediately being solved so that you could still try to solve it yourself. When it solves the puzzle (with the hint option) it doesn’t give you long enough to look at the answer so that you see how it was solved In all, I really enjoy this game but I would enjoy it even more if these issues were addressed.
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2 years ago, mnkk1234
Chapter 3 Level 15
honestly i've really liked this game. i like the individual rooms and getting a hint with the ads (if you choose). so far it's been really enjoyable imo compared to one big escape room game that takes about 20-30 minutes to complete. my issue right now is i am stuck on Chapter 3 Lvl 15 where you have the golden key and stick it into the little maze, in which you have to move the pieces around to get the key to the other end. when i look at the maze it shows 2 spaces, which would be the ample amount to move the maze pieces around. but when i am actually interacting with the maze i only have one space. which does not give room to swap the first maze piece with any other piece in order to move the gold key whatsoever. i've refreshed the app and it did not change so i'm not sure if this is a bug or if i am missing a step. my 1 hint i had directed me to the maze so i don't know what i am missing.
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4 years ago, BossBoinkle!
Almost perfect
It’s a very fun game, and the puzzles are tough but manageable. While certain themes and puzzle styles are repeated, it’s always in a new and fun way. There are some things that the player is expected to put together that are rather unreasonable, but since hints are granted for free if waited for or if you watch an ad, it is still kept as a free app where one can pay if they’d like to support the makers. The hints do come slow, especially relative to the amount of puzzles to be solved, so I would recommend tapping absolutely EVERYWHERE before using a hint. *Bug*(Small spoiler too) One problem that I encountered that wasn’t passable was in room 20 of the 3rd(III) sry of 50 rooms. The beetle puzzle(that has a bug, I get it) won’t let the red beetle pass through the opening that it comes to after going right, up, and then left. It gets stuck even though the way seems open. This is after inserting the beetle from the pot into the puzzle and having the game be activated. I bypassed it by spending three hints to have the puzzle be solved for me, but it was annoying because of how few hints there are, and because I knew how to solve the puzzle if only the piece had been able to escape like it should’ve. Regardless, still a great game, especially since it’s free!
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4 years ago, Roberttjay
Great escape game
This has fifty levels, so will keep you occupied for a long time. Not too easy, rarely too hard—but hints and walkthroughs are available for free You gotta get this! Later, I see this is actually multiple games, each one with 50 problems. Some of the problems are a little bit hard on the mini puzzles within our little difficult. However I have been able to get enough hint points that I can use his win necessary. It is not too hard to get more hints, you just have to watch some ads. All in all this has turned out to be one of my favorite games. Anybody who likes these type of game should definitely get this LATER this has become one of my favorite games. A lot of puzzles, some good, some not, but you usually have enough credits to just get the answer and go on. I REALLY like this…
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4 years ago, Deespen
Only Escape Rooms I've ever Escaped
I like this game. They do ask for reviews early but other than that nuisance it's a great game. I've been to several Escape Rooms in person and never escaped even with a group. This game I've escaped 11 rooms before ever having to use a hint. The rooms start off fairly easy and get harder. Just as in the real world there are no beginning hints. You will need to identify items out of place to get going. Click on everything you can. If it displays after a click, you will need to solve something within that item to escape the room. Overall a 5-star escape room. You can't zoom but honestly I've never seen a need to zoom in on items not relevant to escaping. Every item for escaping DOES allow you to zoom in on. Also I love the graphics on this game. Great job!
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3 years ago, ROK Lord Fury
Passes the time
The game and puzzles are challenging but there are a few things to make this game better. 1. Sometimes you have to click all over the place just to find something. This gets annoying when you can’t find something because you barely miss clicking on the right spot. 2. Once you go to an area and get everything from that area, the game should not allow you to go back. This gets annoying when you are trying to find that missing item you need to move on. 3. It would be nice to know what you have picked up so you can make quicker decisions on where it might go or what it might do. Some things are obvious but others are not. 4. If there was a way to capture pictures of things on the wall so you don’t have to go back and forth to areas, it would be super helpful.
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4 years ago, usmc6711
A good game!
As has been said by others, a good game, but in need of fine tuning. A zoom capability, the section where objects are stored needs to be lighter in color as some objects are hard to see there. I like the variety of rooms, and even though I am a beginner, the anticipation and curiosity are really piqued. It is frustrating to finally spot clues that are hidden in plain sight! One has to laugh at it. But still a good game, even for us that are 75+! Very stimulating and therapeutic for those, like myself, are recovering from cancer therapy. It helps re-establish the thinking in a logical manner and to help the recall of clues! So thanks for your efforts and creativeness, they make it all fun! Am just finishing the first fifty now and yes, a zoom tool would help a lot as it’s hard to tell what some objects are. On a couple of scenarios the clues are very obtuse! Wow! But I think your creation of so many rooms of such diversity is excellent!
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3 years ago, mhmac
Not bad, getting better
The puzzles are too easy at first, but get harder as you go along, but still nowhere near the level of complexity of the original THE ROOM. Neither are the graphics as complex as that game, despite the look of the title pages. So if that’s what you’re hoping for you’ll be disappointed. I’m only in the middle of the first level, so perhaps things get better, puzzle-wise, but since there are so many games and so many levels, i don’t expect the graphics to improve. That would be too much to ask. Despite the shortcomings this it is an addictive and diverting game. Oddly there is no Level II. One thing that would help is if the developers put a little title under each object collected, or that would show if you clicked on it, so you know what they are. Often it’s hard to tell as they are so small. One good thing, the ads are easy to get rid of.
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4 years ago, Csum13
Nice, but don’t get stuck
It’s fun but sometimes the clues can be difficult, like I didn’t expect to insert an SD card into a thumb drive. The game says you need 3 hints to pass a level. I thought this meant that if you were stuck and wanted to skip a level, if you used 3 hints, you could move forward. Nope. I’m on Chapter 1, Level 20 and I’m stuck. The hint is useless until I get past where I’m stuck and I can’t get another hint to pop up. Why did the game say if I burn through 3 hints I would pass the level? Sometimes there are age and cultural differences where a player isn’t able to figure out a certain level. There should be a way to skip a level because if you get stuck, you have to move to a new chapter and leave all the unfinished levels in the current chapter behind. I tried to contact app support, the link is bad. Smh. It’s a fun game when it works correctly. But you’re kinda screwed if you get stuck.
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3 years ago, microwoman55
Like but frustrating
Too hard to earn a hint or clue, then wasted in just indicating to back out of detail window. Most supply captures are by random clicking around. Activities not related to room subjects. “Play this game” to get tools with no clue to what the end point of the game is or how to play it. Clue is only a complete solve, vs a hint on how to work the game. Some of the games are physically not possible to win, requiring use of clues to “magically” solve it. I DO appreciate the lack of horror, gore, and life threatening in the escape series I play. I like the challenge of getting to the next room without a fear factor. However, I am tired of the constant dark room themes of the occult and various mysticisms. I appreciate historical settings of various cultures, like Egyptian, but must it always be so dark? When I watch an ad to get a hint, I never get the hint, no matter how long I let the ad run. Very frustrating.
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4 years ago, geerboT
Hints required
*Updated rating - forced to use hints to "solve" puzzles even if I have solved them. I've been playing this game for a while now, and I've experienced this enough to know for sure it's not a one off fluke/glirch. I often will solve a puzzle but it doesn't unlock. I've verified I have correctly solved the puzzle by watching walkthroughs. I have solved puzzles that don't unlock, and basically require that you use 3 hints to solve. I don't know if it's intentional, but I'm lowering my rating to 3 stars because I don't think it's fair to have to deal with so many ads, and still feel like I'm forced to use my hints when I'd prefer to save them for when I'm really stumped. This game is super fun and I'll keep playing. But this bug/intentional money grab needs to stop. And I'm definitely not purchasing any hints. I really like this escape game - it's simple and challenging. I wish there was a way to avoid ads. Ads play when you start the game, and upon finishing each level, and starting new levels. They are short, but it's just an annoyance I wish there was an option to pay to remove ads. Also when selecting to use a hint to completely solve a puzzle, the only part of the alert that's in English is "3 hints" so developers may want to fix that. Although it's still pretty obvious what the text is saying, it's kind of confusing.
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5 years ago, ooyhclhrycy
Great design but...
The design and game itself was a blast to play, however the ads were so annoying. They would play constantly (after every round) and more than half of the time I couldn’t even X out of the ad. I had to swipe the app away and reopen it if I ever wanted to play (which was annoying because I wanted to keep playing). I understand that games have to play ads but I think that they amount of ads should be minimized and the whole “can’t X out of the app” thing should be fixed. Also I think that for the items that you pick up you should know what the items are in the item bank. Like it should say “screw drive top” or something like that. It would really help. One last thing would be that when I tap the icon for getting a free hint, I watch the video but never get the hint. It’s really annoying and honestly makes me hate the game. Anyway, thanks for reading my rant everyone.
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1 year ago, Leightorres💜
Ok but buggy
I have bought this company’s games before, I’m a fan. I would have paid for this one too, I’d rather pay a few bucks so that I didn’t have to watch an ad every time. One ad was in Japanese and the buttons were not in English…I tried quitting out of the game but when I went back in the ad played again, and then it was wack-a-mole trying to find the right button to X out of the ad. Besides that the game is a little buggy, some times you finish a level and it won’t let you enter the door to continue the game and you have to force quit. Of course that means more ad watching upon your return. I am on a level now where I couldn’t figure it out, only to look at a walkthrough to find that the game has a bug that is not letting me do what I need to move on. A fun quick game, and I do love this developer, but I am finding this game frustrating.
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4 years ago, Transverse Momentum
Cheap Rip Off, and Clickbait Ads
First and foremost, this game is an amateur rip-off of The Room, even stealing it’s visual style for the logo. The interaction with objects in the game is limited to tapping on things, and the sound design is terrible. There is only one music track that plays throughout. This game, like most mobile games is nothing more than clickbait engineered to make people watch ads for other mobile games that are also only click bait to make people watch ads. There’s not even an option to remove the ads. In addition, there are color based puzzles that show up which are impossible to solve if you have any form of common color blindness. I was going to rate this game two stars, but the fact that I can’t remove ads, is unforgivable. I uninstalled the game, and reinstalled The Room series, which is what I went to the app store to do anyway. No free mobile game is worth anyone’s time. They are all clickbait for ads. I would much rather pay a few bucks for the pleasant experience of playing a well-made game.
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6 years ago, Joyous1069
Excellent game!
This game was very entertaining and well done for a free game, graphics are excellent, the rooms are a very good variety and there are mini games mixed in here and there to keep it interesting. If you don’t mind sitting through a very short ad you can get all the hints you want without spending any money, I didn’t need a lot but it did come in handy once or twice! The ads only popped up in between rooms and were easily dismissed, so they did not hinder my enjoyment in any way. I highly recommend this game to anyone looking for an engaging game to while away the hours, I played it on an Ipad and had no technical issues or trouble finding things, and only had to adjust the brightness on one or two rooms. Hoping the rest in the series are just as good!
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8 months ago, Hockeybeetle33
Enjoyable while it lasted
I really enjoyed the puzzles and clues. Mostly they were challenging but I did feel lost at times and had to use hints. I do wish they’d actually give you hints on the last puzzle of a room, instead they solve it and show you a split second of it solved and you don’t learn how it was solved. I did well for the first 50 rooms. Now I’m on the 50 rooms III section. I’m down to one hint left and can’t solve this room without 2 more hints, as it costs 3. I thought I could wait it out and each day I’d just open the app long enough to be given one free hint and once I had 3, I could hint my way out. Well, it loaded my hint today, but it didn’t increase. I still only have 1. So I guess I’m done playing. I’m not buying hints and it’s not offering me ads to watch to gain any hints.
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5 years ago, Suski33
Haven’t been playing for long...
... but a rating/review has been requested twice in 10 minutes, so: I’m enjoying “50 Rooms” so far. I think the ads are fine for a FTP game, particularly when many of them are optional in exchange for hints. The puzzles seem of low to moderate difficulty (again, SO FAR), but that’s likely to change as the game progresses. Drop a star for cumbersome UI, in that some areas require tapping all over to access the sweet spot. Also, some puzzles can only be solved if all steps are followed, whether they’re necessary or not (e.g., things must be actually picked up or combined to solve a puzzle, even tho’ the answer is obvious). That inflexibility is not present in most escape games, and took some getting used to. But the graphics palette and variety of rooms/puzzles are exceptional. Overall, a very fun diversion - nice job!
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4 years ago, Frustrated Newbie
Love this game!
This is a great way to pass the time and I love that it incorporates little puzzles along the way so it’s not strictly a point and click app. As I progress through the chapters I am noticing the game has many issues. First the items are extremely small and dark and sometimes difficult to tell what they even are. Many puzzles make zero sense and have no instructions or unclear instructions as to what you’re supposed to do. Also, there seems to be a glitch and certain graphics don’t appear on the app that do on the computer, so it’s impossible to complete the challenge without using 3 hints to bypass it. Several challenges assume you have prior knowledge, such as the identity of historical figures from other countries, or the jersey numbers of sports icons. Other than a few quirks and the obvious cut and paste puzzles from other apps, it’s a wonderful way to pass time.
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4 years ago, Pschnoor9
Having a wonderful time
I am new to escape rooms in both cyber and meat spaces. This has been a blast so far and hard to put down. The puzzles themselves are mostly well-designed. An occasional bug crops up. I too suffered the frustration of the Red and Blue beetle puzzle in 3-20 (sic) Fortunately I happened to have enough hints at the time and so was able to buy myself past the barrier. It left a bad taste in my mouth but I’m over it. Would like to see bugs like those fixed. The biggest issue I have had has been difficulty in identifying the objects that I collect. Sometimes they are very small and I have no idea what their application could possibly be which leads me to spend hard won hints to pass. Overall, I recommend this game and advise any who play it to use hints strategically and get it on as large a screen as possible.
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5 years ago, Pghplum610
Makes you think
This is probably my favorite Escape Room game. The first few levels are easy just to get you warmed up. After a while you realize you need to use other objects in the room as clues to solve puzzles. I like how difficult it gets. The only thing I don’t like is when they have colors I can’t tell apart; like dark pinks and light purples or greenish blues and bluish greens. It’s sometimes difficult to distinguish what they’re tying to convey. -And this makes clues in the room sometime ridiculous. Example; how exactly are you supposed to figure out that shrimp sitting on a countertop is portrayed as orange (or was it red?) as the 2nd move in a puzzle? Good thing there are many clues offered; you just have to know at which point to request a clue in order for it to help.
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5 years ago, beab&bear
Thee Best Free Game on App Store
Hundreds of rooms filled with challenging puzzles and equations ranging from simple, all the way to nearly impossible. Keyword: NEARLY The best part though? When you reach a nearly impossible puzzle, there are free hints to help you. Ads? Yup. Long, annoying ones? Nope! 5 second ad in between rooms. You’ll actually appreciate that small break in between rooms because you’ll feel so accomplished and relieved at the same time. And guess what? This game saves your progress every step of the way...automatically!!! FYI: We are a 41 yr old Dad and a 7 yr old daughter playing this. So parents, start your kids early on games like this. Your children will grow exponentially with challenging brain teasers like this game offers. Good luck!
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3 years ago, Captain1328
Need to know
Great app. Love that there are only short 5 second ads between rooms. 100s of room to go through and most are great and challenging. My only “complaint” is that some of the puzzle solutions are so convoluted that even if you use a hint, you might still not know how the answer was obtained. Some numerical puzzles you have to utilize every possible mathematical equation amongst the whole set of numbers; for instance add two numbers together and then multiply by the subtraction of the other two numbers to get a final number, but there is really no indication of what order the numbers should be arranged in order to come to that conclusion. Overall though, a great game to work the brain and really can’t find a better room escape experience. Definitely challenging.
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4 years ago, smgraci
Great game!
Super entertaining puzzle style game! I love that it’s not riddled with ads and they don’t try to force your hand to buy anything. There is an ad on the bottom of the screen at all times that I assume is necessary to keep the game free so it’s worth it - BUT it is right next to a button you have to click a lot as you come in and out of zooming in on particular areas of the room. I often accidentally click on the ad which is very irritating. Maybe they could try moving that button? One other tweak I would like to see is the ability to zoom in on the objects you pick up. Sometimes I have no idea what the object is because it’s small, so I’m not sure how to use it. I end up just clicking all over the place until something works! Overall I love the game. Keep up the good work!!!!
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3 months ago, M_vsty
Its Wonderful But.
This game is amazing. You really have to think and I like games like that, makes you try and put yourself in that situation (if not thats just how I see it sorry). It has so many levels Ive beat them all, but im stuck on chapter XI level 36 because of a bug and i’ve been stuck on it for months now. I didn't worry much because I thought it would just fix overtime, it hasn’t. This game is really awesome and I literally love playing this anywhere I got. I even reply levels because its just really good! But I basically beat this entire game all chapters and I do hope more will be added soon. I’ve played some of your other games but they just don't appeal to me much like this game. So could y'all please fix this for me?? Thank you.
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4 years ago, lilu-11
Fun & challenging, but the ads just may drive you nuts!
This is a fun escape room game that actually gets quite difficult, which makes for a more enjoyable experience if you like the challenge. However, the number of times I’ve been redirected after accidentally hitting a banner ad when trying to move things in the room is ridiculous. Also, there is a long-play ad between each room that requires you watch for only 5-10 seconds, but the “close” button stops working after the timer countdown stops. If my experience is the norm, then be prepared to wait anywhere from 20-40 seconds between rooms. This is disappointing, but considering it‘s a free game that obviously took some time and effort to create, I understand that the makers need to get their $$ from the marketing.
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2 years ago, WizzardWizzie
Too many adds
I love puzzle/escape/mystery games so much. Realizing that this game is for 4year olds and older I tried not to be too disappointed that the puzzles are too easy. At least for the first section. That’s as far as I made it before I got fed up with the amount of adds. There’s a banner add always on screen and then every time you walk through a door you get either a 5sec add that you can just close and keep going or a way longer add, sometimes 2 in a row that you can’t skip. For someone clearing rooms in about 30secs to a minute, I felt I spent more time watching adds than I spent getting the satisfaction of completing a room. You can’t even pay to remove adds like most games that ask for like $3. If you don’t want adds and want a super good room escape game. I recommend “The Room” series. But if you’re letting your 4y old play then it doesn’t matter since they to have a concept of time really.
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5 days ago, Anew. Listener
Fun but can't log in to save your progress across devices
I'm new to escape rooms and some of the ones I've tried have been nearly impossible. I guess that's the point but since I'm building my confidence I'm enjoying these because they're challenging but doable. There are ads but I'm on a strict budget right now so I'm living with them. My only real complaint - I started playing on one device then switched to another, but as far as I can tell the is no way to set up a login so you can carry your progress across devices. Developers? Also I play this on my iPad Mini, and it is very difficult if not sometimes impossible to determine what some of the found objects are. Don’t even think about playing on a phone.
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2 years ago, Ki G. 96
Horrible Game
Don’t waste your time downloading this game onto ur phone, if it isn’t being ridiculously difficult to figure out to the point where u have to look up game walkthroughs of how to beat a certain level, then it has glitches/bugs in the game that make u stay at a level even after u do what ur supposed to do to solve the level or puzzle. I got stuck at level 25 and I successfully figured out how to solve the circle puzzle but it wouldn’t let me pass it so then when I asked for hints to see what I was supposed to do it showed me that I was doing it right and that I had actually figured it out but even after I put in the correct sequence of circles it won’t let me pass it. The game is broken on certain levels and even on the levels that work properly it’s still ridiculously hard to figure out how to beat certain levels! Don’t waste your time downloading this game!!!!
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3 years ago, DaniMarieWitt
Just listen
Look, I have a very rapid paced mind and I get easily tired of mobile games because a lot of them are money machines essentially and you have to buy lives or boosters or there’s a thousand ads that are 30 seconds long; point being I am really quick to get bored of the games and delete them and not think twice about it. However this game has me stuck. It’s pretty much endless, you have the option to buy hints or watch an ad for one but other than that there’s not many ads and you don’t need the hints (but they can be helpful). This game is great for someone like me who likes critical thinking but is also very fast paced. 10/10!
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5 years ago, Cindi Mayweather
Best escape room app I've played
I've played a ton of these escape room apps, and this has been my favorite by far. I'm on level 12 now and still enjoying it. Challenging without being confusing. Hints when you need them. It seems like the issues other players were experiencing have been fixed because I haven't had any issues tapping objects. EDIT: the game is less fun now. I'm now on the fifth set of rooms. I no longer get hints. I'm not sure if it's a glitch or what. I used to get hints for watching ads as well as hints for logging in a certain number of days in a row. Now if I want hints I have to pay. Also, there are more "play this game" puzzles. I prefer to escape by finding and using clues, not solving puzzle games. In my opinion, these make the rounds less interesting. It feels like the developers started running out of ideas.
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