Room Planner - Home Design 3D

4.6 (35.5K)
1115.7 MB
Age rating
Current version
Room Planner Ltd
Last update
2 weeks ago
Version OS
12.0 or later
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User Reviews for Room Planner - Home Design 3D

4.61 out of 5
35.5K Ratings
4 years ago, Rosebud10123
If you write or draw, this is excellent
I don’t usually write reviews, however, I felt this app most certainly deserved one. I can not begin to say how much this has helped with getting all sorts of building concepts out my head and down on the screen from both a literary and artistic standpoint. I could never find a free room creation app with enough basic tools and furniture to lay the room out. You always have to upgrade for the best. This one, you get plenty of options before they offer the upgrade and you’re not spammed with the offer either during editing. I really wish there was the option to have a camera that would have the desire height of an individual. This would help very much with room perspective from a characters stand point rather than only having the floating 365° option. Regardless I highly recommend downloading, once you learn the controls and get the hang of fiddling with three dimensional objects; it’s fantastic! While you may not get exactly all the colors you may desire, having the general idea before you for any project is the better than nothing. Thanks for such a cool app guys! ^-^
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1 year ago, londolondi
Ok. So I have written a review before, explaining how genius this app is, but I’m here right now to explain some problems. When you look at the chat on the bottom of a post, some people are giving away personal information, and just texting away on it as if it were private in messages. I’m just preparing anyone who gets this app, don’t give away your personal information like address, phone number, and especially your very private stuff like social security number. Developers, if you are listening, please make sure people stay safe on this app! Thanks! PS someone was texting their address number and town on this chat, I just felt I needed to make sure people know what their doing if they give away that information. I also just NEED to mention how awesome this app is! Even though pro is sorta annoying, I still make my way around it. I am thrilled that some of the glitches have obviously been fixed, and if anyone encounters more glitches, the app will sometimes crash, but it always opens up again. It doesn’t annoy me much anymore. Thanks SO much!!! PS people keep complaining about pro! It is NOT that big a deal, and if you go to the corner of a furniture piece and press the white star then go to favorites you can use the pro items for free. I’m sorry developers. But also the pro pop up only happens when you open the app and not while you are using it guys it’s okay!!!!
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5 months ago, Jadyen.chi
It’s unusable
I was trying to plan my room, so I tried the room scanner with my camera. That didn’t work. So I used a tape measure and got the dimensions. I tried to put them into the system, but you can’t do that without buying their pro version so I was trying to do it by hand. Well the walls were laggy and it wasn’t letting me get to the dimensions I wanted. When I was doing the walls it wouldn’t let me get to the number I wanted because it kept skipping around no matter how slow I went. When I finally gave up and went into the 3D mode, I realized I forgot my beams. Well putting those in was a nightmare. I couldn’t even move the beams they we so glitchy. They wouldn’t resize without glitching either. I again just gave up and declared them good enough once I got them semi into the position I wanted and then I went back into 3D mode and they were on the floor. My beams weren’t even up in the air they were just sitting on the floor. I also didn’t like the perspective that I was in when in 3D mode it was very hard to see and the controls weren’t working very well so it was hard to turn and move. I don’t know if buying the pro version would be any better but I am not going to risk it and find out. My experience with the regular version was so annoying that I don’t even want to use money on this app as I’m afraid it will be just as bad and turn out to be a waste of money.
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1 year ago, Ughhh Connection problem
Overall not bad, but still needs some improvements
This app keeps crashing on me, even after I downloaded the latest update, still the same til this day after several updates.. also, it eats a lot of my battery and makes my phone heated whenever I use the app. Other than that I don’t really have a problem with this app. Yes, some features are hard to use and not very user friendly just like some other users have mentioned, but you can actually have things done the way you want if you try to think a little bit more to come up with a solution on your own with some extra effort, at least that works out for me. Customer support was actually helpful and patient, responds within hours even on the weekends, tho his response is not really in a formal way like what you would usually see in other bigger companies, I still appreciate his help. His answer and response feels a lot more like when I go to one of my introverted friends for help, they would try their best to be helpful with my problems, just lack of some social skills. Overall, I think this is a great app, still has room for greater improvements, but it has a lot of potential.
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4 years ago, I like dolphins
I honestly love it
1st review (2nd improved one is below) : This game is so so so so fun and relaxing I enjoy it so much! I seriously have no complaints. That’s it. I love it. It’s great you should definitely get this game if you love designing rooms for fun like I do. Also the thing I find most annoying about most designing apps is that you have to play stupid little mini games to get coins or stars or whatever to actually be able to get furniture and the choices of furniture aren’t great. But this app has none of that you can move furniture wherever you want, the options are realistic and there are many styles of furniture. Also the best part is that there are no ads!!! Overall this game is great and I think y’all should get it :) have a nice day to the people who make this game: by the way just one suggestion. I like that you can make separate rooms however you want, but in the end I think you should be able to put them together and make a house with a yard and stuff. So that’s all! Bye! Thank you great job! 2nd review: ty so much for having a floor plan option! I’m glad my review worked and it’s super nice
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7 years ago, *KIKA~
You have to pay for the app in order to actually use it. Including, setting the exact room measurements. Otherwise, it basically defeats the entire purpose of creating any room design in general. Measurements are a standard part of any room design program/app. It's also really misleading to state "over 3,000 items to choose from" and call this app "Room design for Ikea" because there are a ton of useless items that aren't Ikea related. I wouldn't have purchased it but the app states that you can design with Ikea furniture. I thought I'd have access to mostly Ikea items. We have all Ikea furniture in our bedrooms right now, and we wanted to add wardrobes to create more storage. There's an option to customize the sides on some of the furniture (one of the items was a wardrobe, so that's good.) However, there are only some Ikea furniture items that you can select from, but there are a ton of "designer" items... Why? They should expand on the selection of Ikea furniture and textiles dramatically, and get rid of the designer items. They're completely useless IMO. As most people wouldn't pay $695 for a small chair or pay 8k for a standard size wardrobe. The options for customizing the size of windows and doors should also be revised. Many older homes don't have standard sizes and it makes the measurements.
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4 years ago, Melbell91
New Home Design Dream
As a new homeowner, this is a godsend. This app allows you to map out your space before you get in so you can strategize a move in with ease. It doesn’t have all the options I would hope for but the customization is pretty unmatched in this area. You can size any object to fit what you have or are looking to buy and import patterns to boot! We were able to pick out a patio set that worked within the space with before even moving in to our new home with the utmost confidence it will fit and look visually appealing. This was important to us as it was the patio was the single major selling point for our home. The one thing I can’t completely figure out is the photos. You can take “realistic photos” that you can export to a friend. This is amazing! But the photos turn out distinguishably different from the schematic you’ve been working with. I don’t know if this means that the schematic is colored incorrectly or if the photo has some weird exposure. But the lighting does appear evenly. Other than that though, amazing! It’s WELL worth the money!
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4 months ago, Toobig2lose
Ingenious. Must Get.
I’m a single guy. At my last place I had a 2BR + Den. First with a roommate, then a girlfriend. Neither worked out so turned the second room into a music and video studio. In the past I’d pound holes in the wall and hope for the best… Then I downloaded this app and was able to work magic. Went from a bland uninspiring space into a fully functional studio with perfectly measured acoustic panels, wall art, guitar hangers, etc. without drilling one hole or putting up one piece of tape that wasn’t already planned out. Now I’m using it for my new place. It’s intuitive and insanely well priced considering software like this used be a barrier to entry for interior design. Easily, my favorite feature is ability to import pictures of my own items, give them their own size and even depth. In fact I almost bought wood stain yesterday for a bookshelf…but came here to test out different colors and arrangements first. As a former app developer, I know how hard mobile apps are, but this one knocks it out of the ballpark.
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3 years ago, Dexter Owner
pretty good
so far this game is okay to me i haven’t been playing it for long so i’m not completely sure but so far this app has been pretty enjoyable. it is a really nice and organizing app that thousands of people can play. i never really write reviews but this one really needs one. i have been playing for quite a while now and i just downloaded this game like a week ago and i’m already a little attached to it. but yeah this is a really nice and realaxing enjoyable game to have. i enjoy it bcuz you can pick different styles for your building concept. there’s a bunch of different types to choose from. in that case for me i have personally chosen the modern theme. it’s a really good theme to have a house with. this has a really good building concept you can do it in 3D or 2D there’s two separate ways to do this. and it involves no construction. and it doesn’t have any ads 24/7 there’s no ads at all. and the structure of the building concept is a really helpful tip to use when your making a house. you can change this size of the walls as many times as you want. and there’s definitely appliances and interior and exterior design to use in ur building.
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1 month ago, Biopsy
Edited review
I’m editing my review because once I figured out how to use some parts of the app, it has been really useful. There are still parts of it that are frustrating, and I feel like there’s a significant learning curve to using it. Keeping rooms sized properly works best if you make a floor plan for each room individually, and use thinner wall thickness. The furniture options provided do have a “custom size” option, so you can resize things to whatever size your own furniture is. Furniture can be moved and rotated. I still haven’t figured out how to make the 3D option work well, but I really only need the 2D for planning how to arrange my furniture. Original review: This app is a frustrating waste of money that makes you want to throw your phone. Added my floor plan which was clunky at best. Then could only choose from weird shaped IKEA furniture. Added a couch and it just put it anywhere and doesn’t seem to be any way to move it. Difficult to toggle between views and gets stuck in one spot so you can’t view the area of the room you want. 3D view is useless.
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2 years ago, BAMM_Billy
I thought I would leave a review
This is a good quality app but I find it kind of frustrating. It’s incredibly hard to control and It gets very annoying the I can’t move around the room and see what I’m doing Bc it just won’t move. It also keeps glitching when I’m adding furniture and all the furniture items will just go blank and I have to exit and come back to see it. This glitch is happening more often and it’s annoying. I feel like ur not as free to design as u should be. I think you should be able to make ur own furniture like ur making ur own house. Other than these few glitches I do enjoy the app. I would recommend this app, and I don’t think you could get a better one. There is a lot you have to buy if you want more options (which I personally won’t buy) but I don’t think it’s that much money for the pro feature. Unlike some other apps you can do perfectly fine without the pro feature which I find pretty nice. All in all it’s a great app!
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3 months ago, Ocean-Anastacia
Amazing App
I have been struggling to find an easy app to use in order to plan out a house. RoomPlanner was the perfect solution. It provides everything I need in one app. I can make up to 10 floor plans free and always can delete and revise the old ones. Plus I can add furniture to all the rooms I create allowing me to really envision a life in the home I’m creating. You are also have access to an online community who are all interested in designing. It is awesome to see there designs and I often take the different design ideas into consideration when picking out furniture. There is a pro version and there are quite a few things you could get by upgrading. However unlike other apps RoomPlanner can also be used easily without pro making it a great choice for me. Anyways, there are a lot of good room planning apps out there but RoomPlanner is beyond amazing and 100% works for me.
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3 years ago, boron6
Pathetic deliberate sabotage
This app is infuriating. They constantly tell you to upgrade, sometimes repeatedly every few seconds over and over and over again to the point it prevents you from using the app. Sometimes tasks that were available to do in the free version will all of the sudden not work properly anymore. They deliberately cause the app to stop working periodically so you will get so frustrated that you will pay for the pro version. But it is a lot of money and unless you are going to be designing a large house or are a professional, it is not worth it. It works great when it works. I have been trying to furnish a new apartment and considering going with IKEA furniture, and they advertise this app as a way to try out their furniture in your space. But it just periodically stops working or they repeatedly give you pop ups telling you to upgrade and you can’t use the app anymore. It’s a pretty big time investment to get your floor plan put in, and to have it stop working just when you are almost at the point of trying out their furniture pieces is just maddening. Very disrespectful of my time and pathetic tactic to get people to buy it. Bad PR for IKEA.
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2 years ago, App_Reviewer346
I had rated this app one star before but it has improved. To three stars. I had deleted it at first because of all its glitches. Downloaded it again, worked fine. Then it kept crashing. Photos not working. It was frustrating, considering I was worried that my floor plans would be deleted (happened before). Started deleting my rooms. It doesn’t offer patios or porches (that I know of). The showers don’t offer any other shower designs other than those tight shower cabins. Wall sconces are too small. Adding ceiling lights are hard; they tend to move around. They don’t always go in the spot I wanted them. KEEPS CRASHING. whenever I add an object, it would turn into a white block and exit. Then it doesn’t save the edits I’ve done from the last 3 minutes. DRAINS BATTERY QUICK. Please add more objects and fix the bugs and glitches and such. And more swimming pool options. I don’t even know how to add a balcony or loft or opening in ceiling. Or sloped ceiling. Please also add tutorials and such. Please fix glitches that include battery drainage and crashing. Thank you.
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12 months ago, BananaGurl1357
Best interior design game ever!!!
I’ve tried a lot of interior design apps and most of them are games where you have to complete levels to get some sort of money to buy furniture but a lot of levels are like unbeatable. And that’s annoying because it would take me like a month of trying to beat a level and then I just get bored and delete the game. But this app is literally amazing. You don’t even have to complete levels of anything to unlock furniture. There is a pro version of this where you pay however often you want for the pro items but even if you don’t have pro version, there are still A LOT of awesome furniture options. The only thing that I don’t like is that you can’t like have an outside area unless you have walls that are painted as a backdrop of what a back yard should look like. But other than that, this app is awesome.
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3 months ago, bsfrustration
Crashes nonstop, poor UX
Without a subscription this app is extremely limiting, but for the cost of a subscription it has an insane amount of bugs and crashes. For example, if you’re trying to customize the color of a piece of furniture, it will crash every time you select a different color or material. Not to mention the drain on your device- by the time you’ve reopened it and gotten back to your project, your iPad will have lost 6% battery power and be overheating. I’ve been using this for years on and off of weekly subscriptions, but unfortunately the interface really hasn’t improved in UX, and the crashes are way more frequent than they used to be. It does offer a decent amount of customization in regards to unique building structures and offers a wide variety of to-scale furniture pieces (if you pay), but even then the drag and drop features are super finicky and glitchy with preset rules about how they can be positioned. If you don’t have hours to spend fighting your way through the sub par software, I wouldn’t bother.
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3 years ago, changthegame
Outdoor area
This game is really good & fun. There is only one thing I think could be changed & that’s outdoor space. I know your given the option to make a outdoor space but every time I do it just doesn’t come out right. The outdoor space is a room itself & there’s out door pictures on the walls and if you need a big room the pictures com out looking really stretched. I think next to the 2D/3D button there should be a button that says “go outside” & when you press it it takes you outside so you can design the out side of your house & your lawn. I think outside should just be an unlimited space of grass & sky. If you are confused try downloading the “Home Design 3D” app and looking at there outdoor space feature. Other then that’s it’s a really good app & highly recommend. ✌️ ☮️!
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3 years ago, peeps stop taking my nickname
To much pro
This app is really good and fun! I totally recommend. This app is good but all apps come with down sides. I have had this app before then deleted it but I have download it again because I remembered how fun it was. When I had it before I loved it and there wasn’t a lot of things that were pro. Know all those things that I did use and loved are all pro. You can barely even make a good room know because everything is pro! The next thing I don’t like is that you can’t use things in one room that you can use in another room, for example in my kitchen I made I used this one picture and I also wanted to use it in my bedroom but when I got to the bedroom and found the picture it was pro! It wasn’t pro when I used it in the kitchen but know it is when I want to use it in the bedroom?! Other then all the pro stuff this app is pretty good. I just wish there wasn’t so much pro stuff! If your going to become pro I definitely recommend it!
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4 years ago, j green
Automatically charged for 1 year subscription
I barely played this game and was using it to get ideas for my Reno. I was using the free version. But once they updated it and “fixed the bugs” they charged me for a 1 year subscription!! Use another game, because this one is just here to take your money with features that aren’t so great!!! I Don’t understand how they can just choose to charge someone for a 1 year subscription like there aren’t 1 week, 1 month etc. subscriptions!! Also, there was never a note while playing the game that I was on a free trial!!! So how can I be charged for a 1 year subscription?!!!?!? Terrible. Also, the graphics are pretty basic and the options are slim to decorate with! Updates After speaking with customer service they were able to direct me to the person to fix my problem. Although they were slightly rude and insisted that I had to have made the purchase. I haven’t really played the game since then. It’s an okay game for interior designers. It gives non interior designers a way to pass the time.
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4 years ago, Kadoodle Bobber07
love it. A few bugs, though
I really like this app! I didn’t pay for the pro version and I’m not trying to buy anything from ikea or anything but this app is helping me design my dream home! It makes me feel SO organized! If you’re an interior designer or you’re just testing out different pieces of furniture in your virtual home, you will LOVE this app too! Even though I’m just 11, i always go onto like google meets and zoom and share my screen (were in quarantine we can’t be w/ each other) w/ my friends to help them design their dream homes too! this app is making me so happy! It does lag sometimes and i need to restart my phone and today when i tried putting a door in, it didn’t even show up unless I moved it to a different wall 🤷🏼‍♀️ but this is an overall great app and I really hope after this review you’ll buy it and love it too! Have a wonderful day you beautiful human!
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2 years ago, jojo seewea
The lack of item choices
Yes it’s a great app and i recommend but personally the items aren’t the greatest for when your trying to match the colors and it’s just not very good when i comes to the items in general like it your looking for a table/counter you can’t find any good ones unless you pay, but when it comes to rotating you can rotate anyway you want it’s awesome but i think they should make it so you can have a grid snap option instead of having to match it yourself. But overall the app is a good app. If your not looking to decorate much. I know there’s a lot of good reviews but i don’t think some of them are true because i read through lots and a lot of them said the same thing which i didn’t think was true but this all is just my opinion and you choose to download it or not I’m obviously not stopping you I’m just giving my review
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4 months ago, Froggy friendships
Nice but many inconveniences
I was using this app to design my room and personal enjoyment. I did enjoy the app it had nice features and it really helped me design my room. A few things I noticed were with the 3d mode I had trouble when I was in the walking mode I would get stuck. Also when I did walls when I had them at a certain length which I then changed it would not change and every time I moved it it just went back to the previous length. There also was not a very good furniture catalog. I had trouble finding basic furniture items and the ones already there were very basic. I also did not have as much freedom with the walls as I would have liked. I don’t think there was any way to make walls rounded (I could be mistaken). Overall I think this app certainly needs some improvement if you want to design an actual room but if your just using it for fun I would recommend
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2 years ago, Wildflower 18
A nice app… needs some work
I am very into designing. I love it. So I tried this fun game/app and loved it, but there are still some things that make it not the best. First of all, it sometimes goes blank (idk if this is because I used it through the mountains, but sometimes it worked well) Second, there is a lot of pro and it feels like only the good things cost money. Though there is a lot of things for free. Third, PRO IS SOOOO EXPENSIVE! Like 5 dollars a week? Costco (random example) is not an app and 5 dollars a MONTH! This is way too expensive and a lot of people are just using this app to have an amazing home, not paying 80 dollars a year. Plus, they only need it for designing, which doesn’t happen often. Overall, I would recommend this app and thank you so much for reading this review, it is greatly appreciated. I hope you can fix these things!
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4 years ago, .+*Vulpixi*+.
Woah. That’s what I said when I opened the app for the first time. There was so many different options, some you needed PRO to use. But even with these limitations you can still create stunning rooms or building interiors! I don’t pay for PRO, but I still love the fact that for some furniture sets every once in a while the furniture randomizes and some furniture that you needed PRO to use, YOU CAN USE! There is one small request I have to make though, that when you “level up” you have access to one random PRO item. Otherwise this app is great for architects and personal use. If you don’t want to get this app right now, well then that’s too bad. Because you’ll be missing out on TONS and TONS of fun. Will certainly recommend to my friends and family! Love This App! -Vulpixi
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2 years ago, GamingGod123
This app is kind of awful
So I downloaded this app to design rooms (obviously) because I have never seen an app that just lets you design without having to pay for anything or get the “pro” version. This was good for a while but this app has so many issues it’s hard to keep track. First, when I go into one of my rooms, pretty much all the furniture is gone. Second, when I try to put an item in the room, it doesn’t even show up. It’s just not there. Then, controls are weird. When I try to move something somewhere, it just goes all over the place or does some strange glitch. Finally, when you’re scrolling through items, there is no “bar” to scroll on so you have to scroll on the actual items. The app registers literally anything you touch and puts it in the room even though you were just scrolling. It takes forever to get the piece you actually want.
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2 years ago, (@&- jjkp
Love this app, but
So, I’ve had this app for like a year now, and I do love it, but they tell you to upgrade to premium SO MUCH. Any time you want to check something so you close the app for like less than a second, it tells you to upgrade CONSTANTLY! Once you use this for 30-45 minutes, it will stop telling you to upgrade as much, but it still will. I also think that it is really weird the way that the view is set up. If you have more than three rooms and you need to check on one of them in the 3- D view, you can’t really. It’s hard to explain, but it doesn’t let you see anything from the inside. You can only see things from the outside. Last thing, when you close out of the tab even for a fraction of a second, it won’t save your progress unless you say save progress. Otherwise a great app!
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3 years ago, Dananapatman
Take time to learn it and you will be amazed
At first I was frustrated as it seemed glitchy, but the more I played with it, the more I came to learn it is more particular than anything else. There are some issues but I want to say that the customer support has been quick to respond and even sent me a custom tutorial! When I completed a room and saw the “realistic photo”, I almost cried. It felt like a live interior design reveal! Very very happy with this app since I am planning a major renovation: attic conversion and kitchen. I can’t wait to show my contractor - he will be shocked with the detail and I know this will make it so much easier to communicate my vision. Love the user feed where everyone is able to publish their design and leave comments and likes. Thanks!
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2 years ago, Cabniet
I want to love it
Overall, this app is easy to use and easy to navigate. What’s killing me is the lack of sensible furniture you can use and how they butcher your photos when you upload them. This app’s furniture style is runway model NYC apartment meets IKEA. I want to use this app to see how different pieces of furniture look in my home, but the catalog is not for the average person. I upgraded thinking that I’d have address to every day things but no, not even close. I attempted to use the feature where you can upload pictures of your own if they’re not in their catalogs. It’s a nice thought only it doesn’t work at all. Any picture you use are warped to the point where it’s like they got smashed to the ground. Try it in 3D, brilliant idea. Only it’s still completely 2D and you can’t alter the dimensions either. Leaning you with a butchered picture rather than a recognizable piece of furniture.
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5 years ago, makayla dalton
AMAZING just one problem!
I love room planer it’s a great app it calms me down when I’m mad or sad also when I’m bored I finally have something to do well when my I pads not dead haha but to be a pro it really costs a lot of money do you think you can make it a little bit lower like maybe five dollars? Is that to much to ask? Because my parents are rich but they don’t want to spend that much money on just to get more stuff on this AMAZING APP....... but about the app umm well you could make a kitchen a bed room a bath room a hall way a office and your own plan which is what ever you want like a MAJIC UNICORN Room lol you can even put people and pets in the room to make a nice touch this game is not just for girls or boys it for everyone please buy room planer it’s five star! Well have a good day and have fun playing BYE! -Makayla
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5 years ago, goldendoodledogs🥰
Room Planner used to be my favorite room design app. It was fun, especially since i aspired to be a room designer. Due to limited storage space, i sadly had to delete the app. Now, i have more storage and decided to download it again. EVERYTHING HAS CHANGED! And not for the better!! The app is still pretty good, but you have to pay a “PRO” membership to get almost anything! I used to have unlimited access to plant types, storage units, and my favorite part; i could make the room as big as i wanted! and i loved showing off to family members what their dream rooms ended up looking like, based of the basic size they wanted, colors, floors, and specific furniture. now, i try doing that and have to turn them down on some of the stuff (i do it for fun, not money) and it makes the app less fun. i don’t have the money to pay for the pro membership, and i’m deciding whether or not to delete the app! really, it’s stupid at this point,
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2 years ago, Lkkjhgfdsd
Terrific 3D Tool
Intuitive and easy to learn, this tool helps you design spaces and gives a very good approximation of how various furniture pieces, wall coverings, floors, etc, etc. will look. Customer service is fast and effective - I emailed support with a question and received a response within minutes. The only thing I would like to see are larger libraries of furniture, rugs, and wall finishes but they appear to be growing constantly so it’s only a matter of time. I also think, like many apps, higher prices will reduce the number of buyers than if the price is lower, when more people can afford to buy it. I’ve recommended this app to a few people and everyone finds it very useful - one woman designed her tiny-home using only this app.
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3 years ago, 🤓😫😝
Sydney T.
Hi 👋🏻 I love room planner it is the best app for remodeling your house and just for fun to play around with but I do have a changes you editors could make to the app and it would mean a lot if a few changes that I listed are made 1. When you walk you walk kind of slow so Mabe make us walk faster 2. Make less things pro I mean not much people are going to pay for pro and it makes me frustrated because they have really cute furniture and decorations so I would really like if you could do that and also the people that you use look like someone panted them and can you please make it that you can go outside and ride in the elevator that would be great thanks so much for reading this I hope you put this into thought thank you 😊 RATING: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
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3 months ago, edmund1300
This is a great app with much potential
I really love this app and am using it frequently for my entire downstairs renovation. The problem that I have and why I give it only 4 stars is the furniture catalog - there are many options but it’s extremely disorganized, adding sooo much extra time to find what you are actually looking for. If you request for an item to be added, there isn’t a follow up/update and from what I have requested none of the items have been added so far. If they could fix the furniture catalog and make it more organized and actually put the items in the right category that would be a great start. Also some of the items don’t even work properly as furniture or decor which adds even more confusion. Hopefully they fix this in the future
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4 years ago, $upreme-Court
The Size of the object
I need you guys to fix this bad I’m to the point were I want to delete the game every time this happened I try to make the object bigger it show the object I wanted small but every time I try to fix it making a new planning room it stop but then I start all over try to be careful trying not to bug the system but when let go of that object it goes right back to small the outline show the object size big but what I’m looking at is small I tried leaving the game and coming back it the game it work but the next few minutes or two it start all over bugging out the size and I hate that please fix it as much I love this I don’t want to delete this app and find a new planning design game No I just need you to fix it please and thank you have a good day.
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3 years ago, TimW4294
Endlessly Frustrating
Want to adjust a wall? All the walls attached to it will bend into weird angles. Or add try to add a window - I know, maybe I should highlight the correct wall before clicking “+”? Nope - decides that the window must have belonged inside an *interior* wall. Trying to move the window causes interior wall to move with it, distorting the exterior walls into a strange shape. (And there’s a little circular up/down-left-right-arrows icon who constantly pops up, but it seems to do nothing.) Want to add furniture to a room? It will toss that piece into some random location — and it my case, it seems to like putting it so it crosses walls between multiple rooms - and I can’t seem to move it once it appears there. Same thing happens once I clone something. There’s a mysterious diagonal wall which appears every time I render the rooms in 3D. Drop out of 3D, delete it, go back it, ta-da, it reappears. And everytime you go into 3D mode, it wants to ask you the same questions and over and over. (Had to start everything over from scratch to make that go away. Seems to be caused by using an irregular-shaped exterior, and then the app gets confused into thinking it’s missing a wall, and draws in the “missing” wall, with a dashed line, in some bizarre manner.) As others reviewers have mentioned, it seems strangely fixated on IKEA.
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2 years ago, :sophia:
Great app for remodeling and re decorating!
There are so many feature in this app that are super easy to use. The mapping of the place you want to decorate is pretty accurate. They have a lot of options for decorating and furniture. One of the most useful features is that you can click on an item and it will bring you to the items website and you can buy it. That is so convenient if you want to see your vision through and actually redo your space. The only negative is that the app wants you to buy the premium version so you can access everything but it really isn’t needed because they provide you with a great selection of items to use without paying them money. If you want to incision your perfect space this app is the way to do it.
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4 years ago, HQO go
When I first saw this game on ads, I ignored it until I found my talent for home designing. When I showed again I viewed it on the App Store. The game had good ratings. I was disappointed when I found it’s real purpose, to help design your own house. But I continued and built my dream house. I enjoyed the experience and have played it many times. The only disappointment was that I could only make two of each rooms and I haven’t see everything. I do not want to delete what I have though. But what I didn’t understand is that why do we choose classic, modern, and in between? It confused me because it has the same furniture and room style. Other than one complaint and a question, room planner is an inspirational app that I do recommend.
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1 year ago, Aubree real customer.
the BEST room planner.
this is absolutely the best app i have ever downloaded. yes, i’m a real person lol☠️ but seriously, i’ve downloaded this before on my old tablets, and my old phone so i’ve known about this app for years. only now is the time i really need it, i’m actually moving in with my husband! and it’s exciting. this made it so so easy to figure out how we’re going to fit all of our stuff inside our room! the “upload photo” option is incredible and so helpful because i can literally look up the posters i have in my current room, and put them on the 3D design wall! amazing app, very cheap subscription and i’m a proud pro member 🫶🙏. don’t hesitate to download! so many free options as well!
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2 years ago, fairydust1124
I wanted to get this app to help me redo my room, but then I discovered all the cool things on it. I’m a big HGTV watcher and when I started this I thought how easy people make it look. But with this app it was so easy. When I searched for an item I wanted, it was right there. And there is so many options to chose from. Also you have a good color choices. Don’t know what to do in your room? Other people that have the app can share their designs for inspiration!!! The one drag about this app is “pro”. So you click on something that you want and then it say “want to buy pro?” But it’s not a huge problem, just a little thing. In conclusion, THIS APP IS FANTASTIC for whenever you need to design!!!
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11 months ago, cutie@367😚
Hi 👋🏼 This game was nice for a while. It had no malfunctions for the next few months and I was happy with it. The reason why I rated this 4/5 stars is bc it ALWAYS crashes. I was literally making this trendy room and it crashed. I lost all my progress 😭 This game is OK and hope it improves! I’m at the point of getting another home designer game that is a little better than this. I’m not the patient person sometimes but I TRY with this app. One thing can u make free have a little more stuff? I’m making a baby room rn and I NEED that Rocket Slide! I still enjoy this a little and hope my bad review doesn’t offend u company :( Pls fix and I will bring my review up to 5/5. Signed, Confused in California (I ain’t giving my real name to hackers who steal our accounts 👤👹)
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1 year ago, the nicknames are the worst
Really good!
I have only been using this a couple days, after having tried ShopLook *bleh*, and this was sooooo much better! The design placement and everything that you can do with it is so fun and it turns out looking great! I do have a few notes, but other than those, 5 stars!! First note: they change the way you view it if you want to please somehow, which can be hard in the beginning, but you quickly get used to it. Second Note: To the creators - if something is pro, have it be pro. If something says it’s not pro, please don’t make it pro but not put a pro sticker on it. I haven’t bought pro and Inwiuld like to use the resources that you give before pro.
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9 months ago, m2010l
Fix the navigation…
The app is great overall and I really enjoy it but the only problem I have with it is the navigation feature, it’s really awkward and the walking feature is bad too. it’s way too slow to move around and when in small rooms i sometimes get stuck on the walking feature and when i move onto the 360 feature it won’t allow me to see the room in a 2d/3d view. In order to navigate I have to slide the screen and I can’t navigate because there’s furniture in the way. I feel like there should be a double tap feature for furniture to select the controls it so that it’s easier to navigate. Other than that the app is really good and as a artist the app really gives me inspiration
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3 years ago, Just_trust_buster
I definitely recommend, but it needs some help
This app is fun and I would definitely recommend it to other people I love being able to design a house the way I want it and design all different things the only thing about this app is I feel like 8 It glitches is too much. It’s just hard to understand why it’s not doing what I want it to do like why doesn’t it identify that that is a room and it says it’s not? The most annoying is when I’m trying to do the corner wall cabinets they just do not go where I want them to go and some other stuff is very difficult and I feel like it has too many pro items and doesn’t offer enough for people who don’t want to pay.
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7 months ago, mkantoinette
Stay on free
The game has more than enough features\ furniture that allows you to design a space. I really think it’s a great app. However, it’s really glitchy at times and I made the mistake of subscribing. Some features will require you to pay for their Pro+ or pro++ plan(which are e x p e n s i v e and is the same rate as another app for permanent access. To add, it’s only for half a year) A lot of the “pro” items are NOT HD so it looks bad if you use it as a background on the TV or as your view out the window. A lot of the 2D uploads also kinda look bad so I believe there’s not much of checking on that part. My last straw is that I could not see what the room would look like if the LED lights are on.. its asking me to subscribe for the pro+ option just to see it and I’m def not paying $130+ for that.
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1 month ago, Mackakenzie
Needs Improvement
There’s a great selection of furniture and colors/textures, and the 3d photo feature is handy. However, with the current issues it’s difficult to justify the cost, and I wouldn’t pay past tier 1 Pro. There are crashes, freezes, objects jump around when placing, wall corners clipping through, object position adjustment is pretty much broken, and wall art renders stretched out in photos. The catalogue really needs more than one column to scroll through with such a large selection, and a way to save your place instead of exiting back to the menu after placing an object. Currently it’s very time consuming to use. I think this could be an amazing app with a thorough troubleshooting and some UI updates.
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6 years ago, whiteout772
There is very little Ikea.
Dear Devs, For the price you guys charge for this app. It should have ALL of the current U.S. products offered and be updated regularly with newly released products. Also the capability to have all the different combinations of said furniture needs to happen as well ,especially Besta!! Please also give us the ability to turn off camera movement when the iPad/phone is moved it’s just frustrating. Lastly you should make it possible to have different ceiling heights in the same room, example in an open concept house the living room may have 12 ft ceilings while the dining room has 8 ft. There is no way to represent this in your program and I know I’m not the only person with multiple ceiling heights in the same space. All that being said you guys really need to fix your program or just make it 100% free because this is a joke and even ikeas website offers a better design program and... you guessed it, it’s FREE!!!
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3 years ago, Mrb_theoneandonly
Good game, addictive!
I honestly love this game, I just have a little bit of feedback. I love creating the spaces and decorating them with all the different colors and textures, they have tons of choices!!! That said, I wish they had more that weren’t the pro version. I see the items and think of all the spaces I could put them in, but the next day, when I go to put them in a new space, it’s a pro item. I think I would pay for pro if it was a little cheaper. I also wish the stairs could have and opening or something at the top. I start designing a floor plan for the second level, and then I start staging, but then I see the top of the stair handrail sticking through the floor. Thanks for your time! Great game overall!!!!
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2 years ago, Sweet potatos!
I love this app! Free version is amazing! However…
I love this app and have been playing it non stop! I have a huge family - many children- and I’ve loved created a dream home with all the space we need. However, it has been kicking me out non stop after placing one thing or changing something. I checked and found I needed an update- sweet!- done. Came back to let my creativity flow freely once again and it is still doing the same thing. Multiple times so far. Please, either help me to understand why this is happening, so I can fix, or hire the best of the best app tech to fix this so our homes and hearts can shine with joy! You have an amazing app with a slight temperament that can be fixed, I just know it :)
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8 months ago, altful
Great App !!
This is a great app to design interiors. You have thousands of options for furniture and other items from various vendors and companies. I wish there were more options to create exterior designs. I find it somewhat tedious and difficult because you have to create outdoor spaces using your own creativity. I use to use the app Home Design 3D where the outside environment was already available (sky and land) you could alter the landscaping, building exterior and a time lapse (going from morning to night) was available. I’d like to also see skylight windows. To add a stair and have it continue on secondary floors is also difficult to arrange
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11 months ago, Siyah💗
I actually like this app . It took me a while to find a good app like this where I can design and decorate things .. and get a heads up on my future goal of being an interior designer .. how ever , most of the good things are on pro , so my style and the things I would like to be in the room to make it look more neat and stylist i can’t do because I can’t afford to get the pro. So I give this app a 4/5 ( RESPECTFULLY) because of the pro situation. I feel like everything should be free because not only is this app should be a good thing to work on your decor and interior designs and ideas everything should be free so everything can turn out positive and how you want it. So I rate this a 4/5. Definitely recommend 👍🏽
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