Roomie - Find a Roommate

4.5 (3.9K)
21.2 MB
Age rating
Current version
Ample Software LLC
Last update
1 month ago
Version OS
16.0 or later
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User Reviews for Roomie - Find a Roommate

4.55 out of 5
3.9K Ratings
5 years ago, CPagoo
Definitely have to say, it’s really great for finding a roommate, super easy to navigate and set up as well. With the new updates, everything is running smoother, and getting in touch with people/finding people is pretty awesome. Great app
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2 years ago, Hope4venus
The app works like any social network app, but it’s pretty buggy, I tried to watch ads so I could message ppl instead of paying a dollar every time, after watching the ads the app would get messed up and have to reboot itself, so I never got to message anyone, maybe paying for the premium would make it better?? But if that’s the case it’s kind of whack that the app doesn’t work unless you pay for it. The premium features they listed should be what you pay for, not the basic function of literally opening it and using it.
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2 years ago, ggdhddhh
Needs to be updated
The biggest problem that made me decide to leave was the fact that a large amount of people on the app have been inactive for a while. Few profiles say they are from 2020. One person i checked their instagram and it said they were a freshmen last year. The roomie profile said they were a freshmen this year. So this person was inactive but didn’t delete their account. A lot of people i decided to message were inactive too.
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3 months ago, brandoff818
I have not gotten a single response to my ad, despite paying extra, and have had multiple technical support issues (I am currently unable to search by how much a roommate is looking to spend). Other issues have been reported to Roomie, who say, “Thank you for pointing out this issue. We will resolve this bug and push out an update shortly.” In other words, “deal with it,” despite being a paying customer. I believe Roomie is taking people’s money and not offering any type of service.
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1 year ago, Matthewpierre
Best Roommate Search App By Far… But BUGGY
This is the best roommate search app by far. just hands down i applaud them for the one time 99 cent payment option to message people. but every time i message someone i get a notification from… myself? that’s right, the app thinks me messaging someone else is me messaging myself? it’s so strange. i’ll upgrade my rating if they fix this!! lol
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2 months ago, mhbrown95
Unusable :(
Super disappointed. Couldn’t get this app to register finger tap input, and when I went to their site for support, I couldn’t find any. I decided I might as well try to register on the site, and discovered I could only do so through Facebook—I left social media for my mental health, which means this app and site are completely inaccessible for me, on a number of levels. A shame, since it looked promising!
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5 years ago, larosenberger
Love it!
Got this app a while ago and was kinda skeptical but this is a great legit way to meet a roommate! You message with people and get to know each other, I’ve met a lot of people going to my school. I even met my roommate through it! Super great app!
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1 year ago, Coldwinterwind
There are so much scammers otherwise very nice app
There are so much scammers. They try to get money in many different stupid ways. It needs to be scammers free app. Otherwise very useful
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7 months ago, Jennysir
So glitchy it’s unusable
The app is SO glitchy that it’s unusable. It won’t let your messages go through half the time, and instead of saying “the message can’t be sent” etc.. your text just disappears into the void without you knowing if it ever sent. Information doesn’t save right, or simply doesn’t save at all. I was extremely disappointed by this app
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8 months ago, Petaluda1
I spent an hour entering information and downloading pictures and every time I click SAVE, it would find an error that did not exist because what it claimed as an error was all entered properly. And it does not let you save by se tiñó, it makes you waste all your time to tven list non existing errors and tell you have nothing saved nor property description entered. TERRIBLE!!!
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1 year ago, tybeck1234534
Great responsive app to find roomates
I never wrote reviews but this app is pretty function-able with no cost to you. Enjoy and download
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2 years ago, Keykey127
I should get a kick back
Love this app, but since you’re using my pics I feel like I should get paid 🤣🤣😭
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12 months ago, 3101277
It be scammers on there trying to set it up like they are going to work with you but they try to take your money. One dude tried to scam me out of $300 for a “deposit “ on a apartment but wouldn’t let me see it in person before paying. And another girl said j could be her roommate but wouldn’t let me see the room before laying $500 . Watch out for scammers on there
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3 years ago, Fuddddddgge
This app is terrible
Every time you open you app it will bug out and leave you on a blank screen unable to do anything. God forbid you actually somehow get it to open and try to edit your personal settings because doing so will immediately close the app. Do not use this app to find people, it is simply impossible.
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1 year ago, Gummiecandie
Sloppy website
The app is extremely sloppy and ghetto, don’t even know if I’m taking to real people. No one responds to messages and the app lags so much. There’s also something always blocking my screen, it reminds me of using apps on an iPod or iPhone 5. I don’t recommend at all.
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5 months ago, 51234331
Renting on roomies
Ranting on Roomies seems to be right place. Easy to set up and put your property or room up for rent I recommend it.
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2 years ago, taylorbreviews
Not helpful
This app could be really helpful if it weren’t for all the unnecessary fees attached. To message anyone it asks you to pay 99 cents or buy the premium version which just isn’t worth it. Plus, people delete the app without deactivating their account which leads to their not being anyone to talk to in the first place.
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3 years ago, vvsuji
Terrible app super buggy
Even when I got tricked into buying the ad free version, there are still ads. Impossible to find a roommate either because I’m pretty sure everyone just deletes the app after using it for 2 seconds. I know it’s just $3, but honestly I want it back because of how disappointed I am.
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2 months ago, MadTenshi
App feels sketchy
I don’t know if it’s the way the app looks or something but the app feels/looks sketchy. There’s not way to see if an account is “verified” or to know how long someone’s been on the account, and just the overall look of the app looks sketch.
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5 years ago, is hahahahaha
I found my new best friend and roommate through this app, and have met so many new people! Thanks so much Roomie!!
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2 years ago, jahdbajaiwhdbnjaiq
Watch an ad and still can’t talk
Watched an add like 6 times to try and message a potential roommate who I had a ton in common with. Never let me message him after watching it and was frustrating. App is an awesome concept but buggy.
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2 months ago, Breaux 🔥✨
Extremely Buggy
It can’t find my location, even though I live in NYC, a place i imagine is really easy to spot on a map. There’s no way to turn on location services for the app either so, basically it’s a large waste of time and space.
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11 months ago, Nico Lenoir
It’s good not great
It’s a cool platform but overlooks certain aspects. It’d be perfect with the ability to filter based on price and the ability to save your favorite listings. Other than that it’s nice.
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3 years ago, Turtles!!!!ROCK!!!!!
Needs works
This app could be really successful but there’s so many things wrong in my opinion. First, there’s no marketing at all for this app so your projected audience has no clue this even exists. Then there are people in the app that are no longer upcoming college freshman so it’s pointless. Wish it was better bc i love the concept.
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1 year ago, homodunshine
The moment I try to add a picture to my profile, it closes me out of the app and I have to start over again. I’ve tried with one, two, three pics or more and it still does this.
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1 year ago, Pamatmurray
Rental of my space
I’m grateful for Roomies. It’s layout made it easy to apply.
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2 years ago, dramatictorrance
Tricks you into spending money
Whenever I watch the advertisement I still am unable to send a message. I should not have to pay to talk to someone.
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4 months ago, Shannon room
Room for rent
Very helpful thank you
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5 years ago, aoife reid
Great app, fix the bugs!
It was good, but then it crashed on me. It won’t let me into the app. It keeps saying it’s loading and won’t join the page.
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1 year ago, LLevy07
Not very helpful
Too many old accounts (often two years old), not enough filters, and not enough users. Also, can’t tell if most of these accounts are real or bots/scams.
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11 months ago, brook laabs
Very glitchy
App is slow and glitches a lot. Won’t load photos/ bio and when I click the x doesn’t work half the time.
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1 year ago, Darles Tlot Phickens Chickens
This app is terrible. I downloaded a bunch of roommate apps to check them out and this is probably the worst. How it has 4+ stars is beyond me. I deleted my profile and app within minutes of setup.
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3 years ago, wheresthelocationbruh
Can’t put location.
I’m trying to find a roommate but it doesn’t even let you filter people by location. Super hard to find a roommate this way.
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3 months ago, mgc1466
Doesn’t post listing
Deleted and redownloaded the app 3x and reached out to customer support a number of times and I’ve gotten no response. The app doesn’t post my listing and I have no idea why
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1 year ago, sdghiningc
Love it, but it worked once
I liked this app the most out of all - but it won’t let me log in & glitches out… I’ve tried everything! Please fix it 🫶
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5 months ago, Creativ jewels
No responses
No responses and I’m worried that are verification and email and phone number are not part of the application
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5 years ago, SelfSavingPrincess
Super slow
It takes a long time to going from one place to another, or things just don’t update. For example, I was trying to rewrite the automatic message, but it never updated.
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6 months ago, Rj74852
App is not user friendly
Seriously, just want to see what’s available. I’ll I get are advertisements and a crappy search function.
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1 year ago, Defend the forest
Don’t waste your time. You can’t even get past the build your profile page without errors.
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4 years ago, Pretty Tez
No Roommates Available
Every time I try to reload, it keeps telling me that there are no roommates available. I do love the app itself but this is the most frustrating bug.
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9 months ago, Madiiiiisonnnnn
Someone stole my photos used them on this app and scammed people. The app has no contact information so I can’t even report the account so more and more people will get scammed.
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2 years ago, SteverTheBeaver
Don’t get this app
Nobody ever responds on here and there’s a glitch where you have to refresh many times to get to the next person. Very frustrating.
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3 years ago, alalalalalalala4444333
Solid app but I can’t add my college. It literally won’t show up only the big universities are on here.
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2 years ago, guy -2321
This app is broken
The app takes ages to upload photos to and you need one at least to make a profile
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5 months ago, tabby cat, 630
Are there any people on this app because I haven’t received one message yet…!
I have not received any messages and I’ve been on this app for months
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1 year ago, Mitchb6
Buggy app
Tried to make an account but anytime i put in a location it fails so my profile cant finish
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2 years ago, Hi85468534678
Absolute trash app. You pay for it and then you can’t even message people because of some glitch in the programming.
Show more
10 months ago, BigGuiles
Bag of Scams
Got interested in three units and all three were fraud scams - non checked people probably - trying to get the deposit fee asap …
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11 months ago, Dania- Dee
Every time I try to open the messages, it just doesn’t show me the conversations. I’m very fed up, what do I do?
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1 year ago, Jadens pimp
Closes out before you can even start
Can’t go on keeps closing out
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