Roommates by Roomi

2.3 (624)
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Roomi, Inc.
Last update
12 months ago
Version OS
12.0 or later
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User Reviews for Roommates by Roomi

2.27 out of 5
624 Ratings
1 year ago, mini_manders
What happened?
This app was great a year ago when I was using it to find a place to live. Now I’m trying to find a roommate and nothing looks or works half as well as it did before. If I click on someone’s listing or profile and go back to the search page, it takes me to the top and I have to scroll all the way back down. I’m seeing random listings for anywhere in the country when I live in NYC. Filters dont work, if I search a certain neighborhood I still get listings from all the other boroughs too. The living preferences questionnaire is gone, so I can’t have an easy place to show smoking, pet, cleanliness preferences. Now there’s just the lifestyle portion of the profile, but it’s not nearly as thorough as before. Example: you used to be able to put yes, no, or 420 only for smoking preferences and now “420 friendly” is the only option. All the positive reviews are from 2-3 years ago, so app developers should really think about going back to the way things were then.
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5 years ago, UHElle
Objectively poorly engineered app
There’s so much wrong with this app from the get. I desperately wanted it to not be as bad as the reviews make it out to be, but literally from the get it was problematic. I opened the app and tried to enter the city my listing was in, it would come up, I’d tap it, and NOTHING would happen. You can’t get anywhere in the app unless you tell it where your listing is. Ok, so I guess choose something close in the list of offered cities, right? Do that, go through sign up and enter my information and pictures, have to describe myself in EXACTLY and ONLY 50 characters (if you use less, you can’t continue with the app, thankfully I finally found the correct combo of words to equal exactly 50), and then I’m allowed to see the folks in the ‘near to my listing’ city. So I go to enter the exact address of my listing, nearly 10min into working with this insanely buggy app, only to JUST NOW find out the reason I was tapping on my city but nothing was happening: ROOMI DOESN'T SERVE MY CITY. Why in the hell do (potential) users have to go through an entire sign up process to find out Roomi isn’t available to them??? It’s because this app is just terrible. My husband works in software and app development and his company, which is certainly much smaller than Roomi, would never release a product with so many bugs. Do you guys not have QA testers, or AT LEAST beta testers, Roomi? If not, you desperately need some. This app is seriously terrible.
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3 years ago, Play_More_KOF
Garbage app
Update: How did my experience get worse?? So, beyond being a terribly glitchy experience, no one is on this app. I paid for the last two weeks for both premium subscriptions to boost my listing. This app got 4 whole eyes on my listing by its own count. I check my profile and now my listing isn’t even showing up on there. I give up. Im pulling the plug. I’ve been actively reaching out to new roommate listings on the app, but no one is really on the app as far as I can tell. It’s a ghost town. You’re better off posting on Craigslist. I’m in a desperate way to find a roommate and Roomi is the kind of app that will make even the simplest step grueling. Literally had to switch to a browser to upload images of the apartment and within an hour of creating my account, banned me. I have no idea why and have received zero contact from Roomi to even tell me I was banned, much less why. I had to find out by logging out and trying to log back in. My best guess is I linked my LinkedIn and it still has my legal name instead of my chosen name, but that’s the closest I can guess as to their reasoning. My icon in the app had a little note that said “unverified” but I could not find a way to “verify” myself in their sprawling menus. Went under profile account options and the only thing available was “deactivate account.” At this point I’m guessing it’s the most popular link. 🙄
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3 years ago, EMK1313
Updated review: Roomi has reliable and prompt customer service
UPDATE. I have had to find a roommate again and went back to Roomi. A lot of new features since I last looked for a roommate -mostly upgrades. I was able to find someone expected to move in in a few weeks! Thanks again Roomi!! I always recommend to friends looking for a roommate in a pinch. I used Roomi back in 2018 and had a great experience. When I went back more recently I saw some of the negative reviews, none from recently but still made me hesitate. But I was pleasantly surprised. Roomis AMAZING customer service helped me land the perfect roommate even in the midst of a global pandemic! This company listens to their Roomis and really cares! I was most impressed by the quick response times and desire to help me. Highly recommend giving this app a try!!! The boost feature DOES work despite some old comments. This app creator really listens to feedback. Thanks roomi!
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4 years ago, brycejones
Great App, Still Needs Tweaks
I love the idea of the app...but the interface is rather clunky. For example, it’s pretty much mobile-only (which is great when you’re on the go, but when trying to post a listing or when writing about yourself the small screen real estate of a mobile device makes the experience frustrating). A better designed website would be great for listing/profile creation...and the mobile app can be a great companion to the website. Additionally, the app lacks instant push notification ability. For example, I’ve missed a few messages from potential roommates all because I never received a push notification (or a badge on the app icon). Better notifications will mean for more instant communication. Love the app concept and branding. I definitely feel safe looking for a roommate on Roomi. However, the app experience is lacking in some major ways. I’ll continue to use the app to find my next living situation...but admittedly will be a little miffed about using the app during the process.
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3 years ago, Barbarian Generalissimo
Glitchy, inconvenient, bougie app
When you swipe left or right for roomates, the next session they all appear again, which makes no sense since I always thought the swipe left means you're not interested in that person. Changing details for listing in app is challenging, as it constantly says "we're sorry" (nothing changes). Took a few tries to actully have the changes stick. Also, third time getting a chat request notification via email, only for it to not open in the app, ir perpetually saying "error" when I tried to open it. Totally lost opportunities for roomates because of sub-bar developed app. Seems to also solely cater to bougie Manhattanites or hipsters, as very few people seem to be interested in the immigrant community I currently live in, and in which my advertised my room is 🧐My suggestion would be to spend less money on creepy subway ads and more on fixing your app functionality and ux. But then again, I'd bet that the glitches magically stop when you pay money for an id verification in their app or other nonsense bells and whistles.
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1 year ago, The_Blade
Worst roommate app Out of several I’ve used
Update: gonna give two stars because the developers actually took the time to respond. However I’ve already removed the app. I may try it again. 1) it won’t save your login info. You have “register” every time you open the app. 2) it’s search feature filter said a waste. I can ask it to search only female roommates in a certain area, and it will still give me the same search results without any filters. 3) there is hardly anyone on this app based on my searches. 4) I’ve used two other apps and online site and none of them are as poor and useless as this app. I’ve received interest from every other app/website listing I’ve used/created. I got ZERO interest from this app. I will be happily deleting this app soon.
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3 years ago, DaNcEr98980
Could be so much better!
The worst part about this app is the map function. For some reason it constantly refreshes and re-centers to random locations, so it’s impossible to search around the map. It also obviously doesn’t prompt anyone to delete old posts - there are rooms up from several months ago, but with no posting date on the listing, it’s impossible to tell if you’re wasting your time messaging. I sent over 15 messages and got one response. Also a NYC specific issue - the web version allow you to sort by neighborhood, mobile does not. And even if you uncheck “verified partners” in your search, they still show up. The one I messaged never even responded. Last, they really want to trick you into paying $20 for a background check by making it seem like you can’t message anyone without it. You can, just hit skip. I like the look of this app but that’s about it.
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4 years ago, spacedemos
literally painful to use
i cannot wait for the day i move in with my boyfriend so i never have to use this glitchy app again. it’s obviously a good idea, which is why it’s so popular and everyone in nyc looking for a room is on it, but holy crap you want me to pay you $7 to get verified on an app that barely works?! the messages take upwards of 5 min to load which is atrocious when trying to coordinate tours - i almost immediately just give anyone interested my number so that we can coordinate via text instead. creating and editing your listing is so counterintuitive - the images cannot be reordered and you have to upload them one at a time, plus there’s NO way to set a lower boundary on a roommate’s budget (for instance, you say “i want someone looking for rooms between $700 and $900 and they give you people with budgets from $700 to $5000. WHAT?) i will be so glad when i can delete it off my phone once and for all
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3 years ago, SunflowersandBeaches
Scammy, no responses, no way to refund.
I advise against getting this app. You will waste your time contacting people who never respond. There are no read reports so you don’t know if your message was ever read. I contacted their customer service and was told that places may be unavailable or already rented out but the renters are not required to update their posting or take it off the market. Therefore, potential renters are bound to waste hours contacting places that are already rented. The app tries to upsell you all the time with things like having you pay for boosts. I even paid for verification and everything, it was a total waste. I contacted them for a refund and they said they don’t do refunds after 24 hours which is a total scam since it’s standard to wait 24 hours to get a response from the landlords. Not legit. DO NOT GET THIS APP. There are much better apps to rent from
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4 years ago, NYCgem
Thank goodness for Rommi!
Roomi is great! So many whiners out there. Seems to be the culture of our time; whine complain whine complain. To the whiner’s review, how much did they charge you for their service? Nothing? WAIT? Seriously? .. you mean NOTHING?!?! I’ve worked for every major bank in Technology, and they have constant problems while using your money so try appreciating a group that offers an essential service for free. Roomi provides a great service. Remember when we only had Craiglist? No?? At that time finding a roommate was literally dangerous. Roomi does the job beautifully. Their format is easy to load up and edit as needed. It has removed much of the terrible stress of finding a good roommate while making the process much safer. If there is a glitch they respond immediately or within a few hours. I love how I can finally prescreen roommates and get quality people. I love the look of the site. Responsive, kind, professional service, absolutely! And no, I am not a friend or acquaintance of the company, simply a grateful, satisfied user of Roomi. Stay safe everyone.
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4 years ago, please stop wasting my time
Facebook is more reliable... surprisingly not a joke
Outside of the fact that the app clearly has some kind of perpetual glitch going on that doesn’t allow it to load properly (Somehow, no matter where you are, the network is unstable and I can’t open the app or message/search for roommates? You expect me to believe that?), their boost option is a total scam. I should have known better, that I even tried it against my best judgement was on me, but it’s absolutely not okay to ask people to pay to boost something and provide 0 stats—either to provide them with expected results or actual results so a person can make educated decisions. You’re playing on people’s anxieties and desperation. I hope the app creators are happy. Don’t use the boost option. Learn from me. Save your money. You’re better off using Facebook. And as someone who rarely uses their personal Facebook, that kills me to say.
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2 years ago, LanaMurf
Worst Service
This company was extremely frustrating to work with. I do not recommend using not only the app, but the company as a whole. While I was thankful for their tenacity to keep safety the priority, they kept deactivating my account for fraud. The first time is understood if I wasn’t verified but after sending in my current utility bill and a bunch of pictures of myself and receiving a “you are approved” email, they would only allow one of my posts to be active and wouldn’t respond to why the other bedroom I had for rent was kept as inactive. They just stopped responding. Then again, I get an email that my account was deactivated again for fraud and of course with no response to my emails for help with the account. Also, for the short time I was using the app many of the messages would not appear. 10/10 would NOT recommend.
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2 years ago, laslo0728
Terribly buggy app
The service is fine enough, but is better accessed through the desktop website (which is also buggy, but more manageable). Every time I stop using the app—not even closing completely out of it, but just going to my Home Screen and not using it for a few minutes—it signs me out. To sign back in, every single time you have one screen for your email, then another screen for your password, making it just a little bit more annoying for signing in with iCloud Keychain. The app forgets my presets for preferred income range, gender, neighborhood, etc., and sometimes even when I change it and X out of that panel, it’ll just revert back to the default preferences. Map view is a nightmare: If I zoom into a neighborhood to see listings there, it’ll bounce me around to a totally different borough instead of loading listings where I want to look. Chats don’t load/sync consistently, and often it shows the wrong profile picture for the person I’m chatting with. Again, good core service (I guess), but the app is so crappy that it’s rendered almost unusable.
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3 years ago, Darthvidal
Wanted it to work, but it barely does.
This app is so buggy it hurts. For some reason it convinced me to connect to my Facebook, which it then immediately stole all my profile pictures from, and added them to my Roomi profile, without my permission, then when I try to delete them, the app either crashes, or seems to save my changes, but actually doesn’t because all my photos are still there, which I NEVER added in the first place. These photos were literally STOLEN from my facebook and now stuck in my Roomi profile. So frustrating! And then they think I’m going to PAY for “verification” services?? Yeah right, MAYBE I’d have considered it if your app could accomplish a simple task of letting me control my own profile and not uploading pictures I never authorized you to take. But that’s not this app. Download at your own risk!
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4 years ago, clever fellow
Worked For Me
I found my roommate through Roomie and we’ve had a happy home for about two years. Neither of us is planning on changing our situation any time soon. We’re very different people, but that works in our favor because we love meeting each other in the middle. I haven’t used the app in a long time, obviously, but it was very user friendly when I did, and I had no issues with it regarding listing or communication. At first, I figured this app was going to be about as helpful as Tinder was at finding me a husband. Well, ain’t got no husband but I do have a wonderful flat mate. Score 1 for Roomie.
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3 years ago, Kosyakovna
Ever heard of QA?
The app is a mess, there are more bugs than working functionality. Let alone the confusing and not user friendly interface. I’ve been trying to sign in with EXISTING account for a couple hours now. It’s 15 steps, create one account, create global ID, give us all your info, background check, ID, bla bla bla and then it just crashes with an error. Are you serious? Do you ever test your apps? Or is this a scam to get peoples sensitive info? How can you even hope that people would trust u their ID and let u do background check when you cannot provide a simple login with a third party integration? And it’s not like I have a weird old device - It’s a most popular iPhone! Do you even test your app? Shame! Whoever released a version with this many bugs - shame on you!
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3 years ago, Sofrescaa
Update - still doesn’t work well
UPDATE: the app now won’t let me delete photos from my profile, and is even using photos I never even selected/approved. I’ve uninstalled and reinstalled the app and those old photos are still there. It’s annoying. ————- I like the idea for this app and the layout is pretty simple. I enjoy using it (when it works). It keeps saying “503 - error” when I try to search for things or click on listings, it doesn’t let me message people easily, and it keeps asking me to pay $20 each for a background check and identity verification. This is not a well-programmed app if I can’t get anything to load!
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4 years ago, Name is Sheen
The latest update has me rubbing my nasal bridge....when I click on a listing, it no longer allows me to swift through pictures within the listing. I’m assuming it’s a bug - a terrible one. I try through the ‘Favorites’ category, and the image for the listing cover doesn’t even show up. It has became increasingly frustrating to simply look at a listing. Not entirely sure how the developers missed that. Furthermore, you cannot message someone about two different adverts. It’ll say you’ve already inquired the person - that is also very frustrating. I use this app solely because of it’s listings and the prices. For some reason they’re cheaper than those published on Spareroom. Picking a new “home” is already difficult enough as humans tend to be indecisive and knit picky, don’t make it more stressful with the bugs.
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3 years ago, D-Unit
Really should’ve paid attention to these ratings
I’m trying to get two new roommates for my place. After going through a bizarrely lengthy sign up process (did it really need ALL those steps) I finally got to the posting part. I did everything correctly, took me a few mins and then I got to the photos part. I have all my photos in one place. Would’ve been awesome if I could just select ALL THE PHOTOS and then arrange them but I guess Roomi doesn’t do that. So you have to select them ONE BY ONE!! Fun!!!! After selecting each photo, I get to the last step which tells me “you’re almost done. You just have to ADD PHOTOS.” Well that’s weird because that’s what I literally just did. I went back and added the max amount because I figured maybe they needed a certain amount (which would still be weird but whatever). I did that. Next page says: “You just need to ADD PHOTOS” I could not continue. I couldn’t post my ad. I did every single thing the prompt asked me for and I still could not post my ad. Deactivated my account and deleted the app. Don’t download this app, it is a complete and utter waste of your time.
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12 months ago, Vramzieh
I never write reviews but this is just awful. I am desperate for a roommate and a friend recommend this app. Turns out I actually had an account in 2021 I forgot about. What I didn’t remember was the insane glitching. This app is insufferable. If you’re trying to get something done, don’t even bother. The app takes forever to load a page, type anything in, click on a profile and then going back? Minus well start all over again. I’ve been so frustrated for hours just trying to browse and message potential roommates but I cannot get past the glitching and seeing everyone else’s reviews, I’m clearly not the only one. It boggles me how they still haven’t figured out the issues after all this time.
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2 years ago, Nathane98
Sketchy business/poor app design - stick to FB Marketplace
Downloaded the app several months ago to find a place to stay. App is pretty clunky. Paid for Gold subscription, which is supposed to help you find roommate, and sent messages to several people with no luck. Had much better luck on Facebook without paying $30 a month. Additionally, the company has added a lot of friction to cancel your subscription. You can’t unsubscribe using the app and the instructions on the website aren’t accurate, they have made. Have been charged for several months despite getting 0 value from the company. Stay away it’s not worth the headache trying to cancel and it’s unlikely you’ll find a roommate here anyway.
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12 months ago, eceerich
Worst app
Roomi is quite possibly the worst app I’ve ever encountered. At first, it was just a little buggy and slow when I needed to search things. And then it started sending me message notifications but not updating in the app in real time. I would have to open and quit and open and quit until it loaded. Now it’s at the point where if I want to access messages I have to uninstall and redownload the app in every instance. What happened? This app used to be halfway decent or, at the very least, usable. Have all the programmers quit? Is there a planned shutdown soon? If I weren’t in a desperate search for a roommate right now I would cancel my account altogether. Please hire some new developers and restore this app to mediocrity.
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3 years ago, 883公里
This app is wack. Not well developed so many bugs. You won’t find find a roommate/tenant on here. So I pay one week premium to say hi to ppl hoping to find a new roommate. Everytime I open this app it kept showing me the same profiles even I’ve swiped left. Reached out to 100 users but only 3 responded and one of them is spam - the app does not remove inactive users! even their move in date is two months ago!! So you end you seeing the same profiles all the time and saying hi to ppl who would never see your messages. The other day I posted an ad for my other room. 24 hours has passed but only 3 people reached out. Guess how many people on Facebook market place/ groups reached out? More then a hundred!
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4 years ago, vanbucci
It’s ok
The roomi app worked for me before the pandemic. I received responses from people but no one has followed through . I verified my id and did everything I could to just get someone to confirm an appointment but so far no one has followed through to even do a facetime viewing not sure if its because of covid or people are just flakey. I’m going back to good old Craigslist list sorry roomi but I’m not paying any extra money to you on advertising and or credit checks I already went through that with my landlord I don’t need to do that so you can make money off of me during a pandemic. I’m just trying to rent a room in Brooklyn....
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7 months ago, Vinaayy
Went from bad to useless with the newest update
This app is EXTREMELY buggy. I’ve never seen a more buggy app in my entire life. Input delay ranges from 2-10 seconds, loading times are abysmal, page elements overlap and collide with each other, and there are many more bugs that I don’t even know how to describe. On top of the bugs, the most recent update made the app unusable if you don’t pay for the premium version. You now aren’t allowed to message premium users if you don’t have a premium account, and non-premium users are well hidden. I’m not even convinced that any of the users that show up in the feed are real or active users. Don’t waste your time with this app.
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4 years ago, koriblaine
Great product if you can vet people yourself!
I found a fantastic roommate on this app! We’ve been living together for 1+ year. I also found many other potential roommates whom I had the opportunity to meet in person to check out their available rooms (before I chose my current roommate). Everyone I met was kind and matched their description. If you have the time to really think through what you want in a potential home and future roommate, then this app can work for you!
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3 weeks ago, Kelly Cardinale
I’ve been trying to cancel for two months since I found a roommate using Spare Room ( much more user friendly.) I sent two emails, got nothing back. I got charged the whole time. Finally, I messaged support within the app and they told me they canceled, but could not refund me, even though I had contacted them previously…I did not contact them the “right way.” I tried again today to delete the account, and a message popped up saying I needed to cancel the subscription. So this app has already robbed me of 60 dollars, and if I get charged again, I’ll leave a negative review every day until I’m refunded. Worst experience and customer service I’ve ever had.
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4 years ago, anon 12987
No activity on this app
I posted a room for rent and the app seems to be dead. There is absolute 0 activity. No request, no interests. It’s like a ghost app. Even people I’m texting, don’t respond. And why every time when your app doesn’t has any outcomes, you suggest always to do more pics, better pics, more videos! Here on this app are no people who are even Interested, and I actually happen to be a professional photographer, so my pics are absolutely fine. It’s your app and not my pics. And how many pics do you want more. They just expect people post like on Instagram without any outcomes. I decided to delete this app. It’s a waste of time. Maybe test your own app, try to contact people and see yourself what you get.
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2 years ago, littlellam
Poor service
I unsubscribed from the app early via the App Store and it still billed me upon auto renewal. I then saw it was still subscribed on the app which I was not able to unsubscribe from due to their technical error. Customer support was very delayed, they ended up unsubscribing me but not refunding me. I’ve never had this experience with any other platform; it’s usually straightforward to unsubscribe, customer support usually understands the inconvenience and provides a refund. I hate writing negative reviews but this is really disappointing. The platform itself I didn’t find useful at all too hence why I only tried one month and still didn’t get value out of it.
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3 years ago, Ajnhshjjjhhjhhhhhnnj
Get a better app designer
The purpose of the app is fine. But the design of this app is so god awful. Why is it when I zoom in to a location the app just decided to fling me somewhere else. Why when I click on a number to see all the listings it’s zoom so far out and doesnt take me to the listings I wanted to see. And finally when I’m able to actually click on a listing who designed it to make it not possible to see the photos of the apartment in full screen. This is the most frustrating part, why even have photos if you can only view them in the cropped to the top portion. Higher a better app developer this is trash.
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4 years ago, Rmersery
Great concept, terrible delivery
I’ve had the Roomi app for years now (since at least 2016) and I have to stay it only has gotten worse. The idea that you can find rooms or roommates is genius. It makes things so easy for people moving to new cities or needing to sublet their place. With that being said the delivery needs a lot of work. This app constantly freezes. I’ll get a notification and the app freezes while I check it. This makes it really hard to use the app when it works 60% of the time. Also they have added all these paid features. I get you want to get paid but having people pay to promote listings and to verify their profile seems like a scam when your app doesn’t work properly. I used this app to find a room in 2019 it actually worked much better than it does now. I really hope this app gets better. Roomi has potential to be great just needs to hire better engineers before it’s too late
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11 months ago, user4839800
User experience is bad
This app is so so buggy. After clicking on a profile there’s no way to go back to the list of rooms, it just takes you to the main page so you have to restart the entire search. It will say 100+ rooms available but only about 5 show up. Applying filters doesn’t work. There’s a huge lag when clicking on things and some buttons don’t even work. I can’t believe how expensive an account is for such a crappy UX.
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4 years ago, cvanbeber
Best App For Finding Roommate
I love this app and don’t know what I would do without it! I had to go overseas for work two times last year, and I was able to find a roommate through this app to sublet my room both times. It was such a relief knowing I could have this app to find a roommate in a quick and easy way. Both times I was able to find a roommate in a couple days. Would definitely recommend.
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4 years ago, thephilberg
Easy to Use and Customer Service is THE BEST
The app is incredibly easy to use and works well with the desktop site. But I want to give a shoutout to their Customer Service team! Karen C spent the last month trying to help me figure out what was wrong with my account. Throw the holidays and everything, always checking in with me. Always wanting to make sure she did all she could to help! So grateful for customer service reps like her!
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4 years ago, mariedesoir
The best way to find roommates
I’ve been living in NYC for the past three years, and I’ve had to find new places to live/new roommates three times. I’ve posted on Roomi and on other popular websites, such as Facebook marketplace. Roomi has helped me successfully find new roommates all the three times that I’ve moved. Yes, there are some bugs, but overall this app is an essential when it comes to finding roommates/places to live in NYC.
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11 months ago, Kiwilemonspice
App hard to maneuver
It took me a while to figure out how to look at a inquirer’s profile. Not very intuitive. Also, there is no way (or hard to find) to cancel the subscription on the app itself, I had to do it through the Apple App subscription section. Got charged for an extra month (my fault as I thought it was a one time fee and not a subscription) emailed 3 hours later to explain and try to get refunded, but was not allowed a refund. If it’s for a product or actual service I would understand, but I’m literally paying for 1 month of nothing even though I emailed right away.
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1 year ago, Akmyrat
Consistently worked great for me
I’ve used this app to find a place to live and later to find roommates for my current apartment. I never paid for the extra features, yet I have always been able to find the right people for rooming/subletting really fast (within a day or a week at the most). Great app that I’ll surely come back to in the future
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2 years ago, nowavecap
Works for finding Roommates, but the App will scam you out of your money
The app works fine for the core element which is finding a roommate. Now, when it comes to all the paid services they offer, avoid them like the plague. Why? They are unashamedly predatory. I cancelled my subscription through Apple, confirmed evidence of said cancellation, and they continued to charge me. I reached out and they essentially claimed cancelling through the App Store isn’t a REAL cancellation. (Stop me if this is sounding like every scam you’ve ever encountered before). So now, I’ve had to issue a chargeback against them, and am in the process of issuing a complaint to Apple.
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4 years ago, HDavis2121
Better Than Some!
This app worked for me! I think it’s all about timing and using a variety of apps to meet “The Right” person! Just like searching for any kind of relationship, it takes time, patience and a lot of communicating! I’ve used several apps and this one is by far better than some of the others that want to charge you a fee for nothing! I have a GREAT roommate and will definitely use this app again if I ever need to in the future!😊
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4 years ago, fedupenough
Best Share Site Out there
Two of the most important items a share site must be excellent on is 1) attracting a good number of fresh clients to review and communicate with , and , 2 ) ensure they are real and viable. Roomi does just that, and we have seen tremendous success with the site . We have allowed our tenants to replace sharemates when appropriate, and this site attracts people looking for a quality experience... keep up the great work!
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3 years ago, Alexandra Patterson
No luck
This app is great in theory, but I’ve tried using it two separate times to find a roommate and both times, it was really hard to get any interest, even when the listing did really well on other platforms. I think the network just might not be strong enough yet to really be effective. It’s also crazy buggy. Almost and action gives me a “sorry” pop up, even when I have a stable internet connection. I’m hoping this app can really get going cause it has a lot of potential.
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3 years ago, Simmerised
Found my roommate and best friends through this app
I found myself in a situation where I was by myself in a three bedroom appt. I found my roommate through this app, we actually ended up in the same class as she transferred to my university by coincidence after that we were became best friends. Even through moving away and COVID we still talk almost everyday.
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2 years ago, Daidaniu
Pretty useless bc bad geographic filters.
I live in NYC. The app appears to allow you to search by neighborhood or borough but the search results come back 75% outside of the search parameters. Like if I search for Harlem or Upper West Side most of the search results are in Queens and New Jersey. Not helpful. It seems like it will always search within like 5 miles of your target which I’m sure is great in Peoria but for this part of the country it’s counterproductive. Also there aren’t many listings. Way more on Craigslist, and on CL you can actually filter for the areas you want to see.
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3 years ago, Scott XD
Roomi hasn’t updated their app properly and it pulls INCORRECT information about me from my old Facebook account that represents many of the exact opposite views and values I hold. This makes me look like the opposite person than who I am. How DARE you pull so called “personal interests,” from my Facebook account that makes me look like someone completely different! I’m not interested in Donald Trump, Christian outreaches, or public figures! And your app’s button to Disconnect from Facebook DOESN’t Work!!! It says error 400 bad gateway! Garbage pure garbage. Fire the “developer,” and hire someone who knows what the he’ll they’re doing!
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3 weeks ago, Jmf1109
Avoid this app, don’t waste your money or time
Tons and tons of dummy/fake profiles, high prices for doing anything useful on the app, which is very very difficult to use. Some functions flat out don’t work. Can’t edit my profile by clicking on edit profile button. App navigation is extremely sluggish. The developer team has apparently just given up on making this usable and maybe the company running it has abandoned ship. Don’t waste your time with the fake profiles. Don’t waste your money. Avoid / stay away from this piece of garbage. Good luck!
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3 years ago, dc64nyc
New update is terrible
It’s impossible to find listings or people to connect with now, and it’s really difficult to filter through neighborhoods, making the app essentially obsolete. When you try to click on a listing, it doesn’t pull up the right listing and brings you to a completely different one. There used to be hundreds of listings in the NY area and dozens per neighborhood - now you can only see about 25 total. UI is super glitchy and hard to navigate. Would not recommend using this in its current state for your apartment search
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3 years ago, young sazón
Hot garbage
The first time using this app years back it was one of my best tools for finding the place I wanted to live. Come back to it a few years later and the app is terrible. I started using it and wasn’t able to click on listings and even reply to people reaching out to me about rooms they had available. Now the app won’t even let me download it for whatever reason. Save your time and use Facebook marketplace.
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5 years ago, lindseytraccccvc
Loved it
This app made the stressful process of finding a place to live in nyc super easy! I didn’t experience any glitches or issues that other reviews mention. It was very user friendly and easy to navigate. I would highly recommend this to anyone that needs to find a place to live or rent out a room. I found a great apartment with amazing roommates.
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4 years ago, Keni Kay
If I could give more stars ⭐️ I sure would!!!
This app has been the best, it is so convenient and quick responses!! Not only are you saving money, you find some that are temporary or long term. Anyway it goes you will find something to your liking and also have the benefit of meeting new people, that can become life long friends.
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