Rooms - Easy Room Layouts

3.8 (463)
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Current version
Elijah Rappaport
Last update
9 months ago
Version OS
14.0 or later
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User Reviews for Rooms - Easy Room Layouts

3.84 out of 5
463 Ratings
1 year ago, Virginia & Leonard
Good, but should have been updated more by now
*(I’d be happier with a 3.5 Star rating but that’s not possible, but 3 Stars would be unfair.)* I purchased this app years ago and have used it through several moves and furniture rearranging sessions. I also set up my mother’s assisted living studio apartment. It’s very useful and worth the charge to avoid advertising (I’m assuming there would be). For nearly bare usage, it’s fine for seeing if furniture will fit this way or that. Once one wants to get into colors or accessories though, the app really is lacking. I believe the pathetic color wheel is the very same one it’s always been! That’s really annoying! Also, your fully arranged and saved room will sometimes be a new jumble upon opening again! Be sure to save a copy of the room to fall back on, just in case. My 95 year old apartment has very irregular walls, so it’s been quite difficult to manage here. So, if you’ll be happy with a pretty basic, go for it!
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5 years ago, Sharpieharp
Measure twice, move once!
Updated version: Still wonderful! We’re getting ready to move once again and I love saving the furniture to each room instead of having to recreate. It truly is a lifesaver when it comes to arranging and decorating. Words can’t even express how much trouble this app has saved me. Gone are the days of arranging and rearranging a room multiple times to get the right “flow.” My family loves having a visual instead of a demanding supervisor. I can send the screenshot to them, go do something else and everything is done to my liking upon my return with no hassle. I used this app when we moved a few months ago and the movers put everything into place with ease! They wished every one of their clients used this app! Just measure your room, doorways and windows making note of distance between each. Note electric outlets and heating vents. Then measure your furniture and layout the arrangement with the move of a finger. Once it is to your liking arrange the room as pictured. Keep the room and make a copy to add, subtract, and make seasonal changes so you can always revert back to “normal.” Shop for furnishings and know what will fit where before making the purchase and missing out on a deal.
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5 years ago, Wishihadaname
Super helpful!!!
I cannot say enough good things about this app! We move every three or four years. I usually take careful measurements at the new place beforehand and draw floor plans, sketching in where our furniture will fit. Lots of erasing! This time, I thought there MUST be an app to help. I downloaded the free version of Rooms and tried it out. A game changer! The in-app purchase of $4.99 for the ability to save everything is absolutely worth every penny. Seriously. If you are moving and like to have a plan when you get there, it’s the best five bucks you can spend. Rooms let me “build” each room, adding doors, windows and closets, even types of flooring. Then I measured all my furniture and “built” each piece in the appropriate room, including style and color. After that, I could move the pieces around and find the best setup. My husband even got involved in the process, which was terrific. My stress level is down considerably as we approach our moving date. That’s a big deal.
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2 years ago, Geece pouch
I succeeded at what I needed.
This app is pretty basic (which is fine) but there are some minor quality of life adjustments that could be made. It can kind of be a pain to start out but once you figure some controls out it’s not too bad. I set out to be able to recreate my room so I could move all my furniture around without having to do so IRL just so I could see if the options I had in mind would work. And I did just that, so I gotta say I am happy. I do wish there were more common furniture options to help recreate living spaces, but I made it work by repurposing certain options in their catalog. WARNING: I do have to mention that all the work you do will not be saved unless you pay. At the time of writing this review it is $1 to save one room or $5 to save as many as you want. I don’t think those prices are unreasonable so, if that also works for you then I’d pick up this app.
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8 months ago, K8ezmama
Worth buying
I downloaded this app a while back (several months? years?) and had trouble figuring it out, but when I came back to it this morning a tutorial popped up…now I get it! Quickly built my current living room and saved a copy so I can rearrange things. I think this will work well for my purposes, and I appreciate that it’s a small one-time charge rather than monthly.
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5 years ago, gregnomoreforme
Good App for Basic Design
Reviews that emphasize limited furniture choices are correct, but for basic planning this is not a real problem. I use this app to determine if my furniture will fit, and how it should be arranged. I don’t care if the sofa looks like my sofa or not. For each piece of furniture, the size can be adjusted exactly. A label can also be applied to each piece. Where there isn’t a specific item available (like a washer and dryer), I just use a generic shape properly sized and labeled. This application does what I need it to do, and I recommend it. I do have two minor criticisms: (1) I cannot place a window on a wall created when initially shaping a room. Think of an L shaped room. You add 2 walls in a corner of the original rectangular room to create the L shape. Windows can then be placed on the walls that formed the original rectangle, but not on the walls that were added to make the L shape. My workaround is to place the window in front of the wall. (2) Once doorways are placed in walls, it is usually difficult or impossible to move the doorway. At times they “pop” into an adjacent wall while being placed, and then can’t be moved. In both cases, my workaround is to delete the doorway and try again.
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1 year ago, G.Gargoyle
Remarkably useless.
I was recommended this app for designing a layout for our patio. After downloading, since I didn’t have measurements yet, I figured I’d try a generic bedroom layout to get the hang of the app. The app crashed and the layout went blank. Okay, I was warned that saving wasn’t an option. I went back and tried setting up a layout for the patio, only to get the message that you can only have one room at a time. Delete the room, right? WRONG. Deleting rooms is a premium feature. To wrap it up: crashes and loses your work, you can’t save your work, you can only have one room, you can’t change the dimensions after setting them, and you can’t delete your one unsavable unalterable room. Unless you’re going premium, I wouldn’t waste your time. I added a second star purely because you have two different plants available in objects, and I’m a plant lover.
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5 years ago, Ace1517
Good Concept, Needs Work
I have used this app to test arrangements for rooms before moving heavy furniture. It has saved me a lot of time and trouble, especially when I print the floor layout. I gave this app only three stars, because the tools can be difficult to work with. The feature that connects blocks of furniture often doesn’t connect furniture by the fifth or sixth try. Also, the app immediately brings an item to the top layer when I select it. Items that are connected do not duplicate as a group. When I try to move an item, it often results in changing the items dimensions. I continue to use the app despite these problems, and I would like to see these issues resolved.
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5 years ago, chschschs
Easy to use
I have been using “Rooms” for the first time today and already feel comfortable using it. I have already created, furnished, and saved the design for a living/dining room. It is easy to place accurately sized walls, windows, doors, and furniture, each in a user-defined color. Things I like so far: All dimensions, both room sizes and furniture sizes, can be specified in inches or feet. Each item can be assigned a color. There are numerous categories and selections of furniture. And the price ($4.99) is reasonable. So far so good.
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4 years ago, Heylookup
That ain’t it, chief
Love the idea, not great execution. First you’re warned that you can’t save any rooms on the free version, which is totally fine. Devs gotta eat too, I get this. Went through the work of creating a room, and then when clicking on a button was presented with a full page ad. This, in and of itself, not an issue: again, you gotta make that 🧀 any way you can. But there’s no way to close the add, so you force-close the app and wham bam boom: your room is dead. I’m sure if I forked over the $$$ for the paid version it might work do I know this? If your free version has this bug, than the paid version probably does to. So unless you’re willing to roll the dice, maybe try something else.
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5 years ago, Biff Gardeneater
Very pleased
This is the perfect app for a simple room design. The learning curve is very quick, in fact most of the controls are intuitive, and results come nearly instantly. I used it for designing a studio apartment in Europe. The ability to quickly and easily switch measurements to metric was awesome. I’ve used other programs that claim to do the same things as this one, but were so complicated that I simply gave up. Not with Rooms. I was really able to enjoy the creative process!
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5 years ago, SimpleButExtraordinary
Beginner User
I needed to draw up a super quick space plan for a work laboratory. The space I’m looking to use is very small. This App is very user friendly, easy to figure out and was perfect for mapping out the room design and adding in the furniture and permanent fixtures I needed to see if the space would work well for the lab. I would recommend this app. I quickly figured out the space will work and I have a diagram to give to my builder that shows measurements and placement.
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4 years ago, Davethanaman
Intuitive + helpful instructions + versatile
Getting started is easy. Within 5-10 minutes I had played with their sample, then made a room in my house. Some people gave this less then 5 stars because they wanted a feature added. That makes no sense to me. The functionality in the software is so versatile. Why not just make a feature request instead to the developers and praise them with 5 stars for encouragement. Tip: Add a table then add a TV to go on top. When you connect the two together the TV will go behind the table (hidden from view). That’s OK, continue with the connection process. Once connected use the Move to bottom function on the table. Now the TV will always be on top when you move the table/TV. The in-software instructions explain how this works also.
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4 years ago, Listmakerfan
Everything I needed
Wow, what a help this app was. I recently transitioned to a new kitchen. We needed to maximize space for optimum efficiency. Rooms was simple the scale to my needs. I simply entered the dimensions of my kitchen. Created custom pieces for my equipment, prep stations and utility needs. We played around with several scenarios before we every dragged a table. Once we decided on a plan. We put it to action and we are seeing efficiencies right out of the gate. It saved us time and backache. Grateful for the tool.
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12 months ago, Anike's mom
Great app!
I downloaded the free version to try it out. It is so easy to use I immediately bought the full version. As a teacher I'm always looking for better ways to arrange my classroom. This app allows me to try out new arrangements and look for the best fit before moving all my heavy shelves. I love the generic option that lets me create some of the more unusual furniture pieces.
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4 years ago, FrannieJane
Very useful, can be frustrating
I’ve been playing with this for a few hours. Very helpful for what I need, which is to figure out furniture placement. It can be frustrating to input the measurements (numbers change when switching from feet to inches) and the designs are limited. (Im using table to represent closets) Overall, it’s good for what i need, but would be frustrating if you’re using it for something more complicated than furniture placement.
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4 years ago, charmingAf
Learn the tutorial and have fun!
This app is really fun and helpful if you’re trying to rearrange your room. Make sure you have a tape measurer to measure your room and your things that you want to move around. I’m currently trying to move my room around and after 1 failed attempt, I found this app and now I know why my previous idea didn’t work. If you’re looking to redo your room, USE THIS APP!
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2 years ago, ThatHard2PleaseLady
Great for planning!
Are you one of those people that rearranges rooms when you need a change? Then decide you don’t like it and have to change it? This app takes some getting used to, and you have to measure your room and furniture but I love it! I can save a room, which saves my measurements, and then change things up there before actually moving heavy stuff! I love it!
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4 years ago, MaireSF
Limited Objects and Clunky Interface
I decided to try out the app after moving into an older country home. The interface wasn’t as intuitive as other programs and there are only a limited number of objects. The objects that were available were not always identifiable. I don’t mind paying, but I would expect more objects. For example, the garage only has a car, bike, and a few other items, but there was no workbench, shelving options, motorcycle, boat, ATV, trailer, lawn tractor, snowblower, garbage bins, etc.
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4 years ago, BeriKing
Solid app to plan rooms
Really solid app, easy to learn and pretty flexible. UI is a little clunky (long press/double tap not always intuitive, you can’t save a piece of furniture you customized to use elsewhere later but you can duplicate it then move it to another room through the attributes) The one thing I’m really missing to give it 5 stars is the option to easily measure distances between objects in a room (or at least a clear grid) Right now as a work around I have to build a wall between 2 points and see how long it is then delete it. Some more furniture options (closets and stuff) would also be welcome but you can always find a “close enough” option. In all it’s a very handy app that let’s you get the job done, well worth a try.
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5 years ago, BillJ31
Extremely Useful
This app provides the basic functionality that I need without getting bogged down in too much complexity. This is the second move for which I have used this app and I find it invaluable. The flexibility to resize furniture is crucial. Use of the app is not completely intuitive but I have been able to figure out how to do most everything that I need.
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5 years ago, Schnoor64
Great for Novice
I really loved this program. It was easy to figure out. I love how I can use MY exact measurements and the program sets up the room. Placing the furniture was so helpful. Love the grid so I could calculate how much space was left around a piece of furniture. Love that I could label and save my plans and sync to all my apple devices and have my current plans at my finger tips. Great App! Thank you developers!
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3 years ago, faeryduster45
I can’t believe how much this helps
I’m adding a bathroom and storage in my basement. I used this app for the complete layout for everything. It saved me from the frustration of laying everything out on paper. I always end up having to do several mock-ups. This is so much easier, even with the learning curve. I love this app!
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3 years ago, sbr517
Simple and exactly what I needed
Pretty basic app design but also extremely helpful for reorganizing furniture! I downloaded it to reorganize my living room, but now I am slowly reorganizing all the rooms in my house. Exactly what I needed. The furniture visuals are very basic, this is not an interior design app by any means. But as long as you remember what is what it’s still very helpful before you lift a bunch of furniture
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2 years ago, Belzy א
Intuitive, easy to use, truly useful
This app is awesome! I am able to create multiple different drafts of room plans for a new apartment bedroom with everything to scale, including furniture! This way I can plan everything ahead so much more easily and visualize better what works and doesn’t work. Love, love, love it!
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5 years ago, Rresquire
Why can’t you just start with a square room with the dimensions I put in? Why does it have two angled walls that show up that I can’t change? The developer responded and the issue was resolved. One of the few developers that respond and act as though they care. Only 4 stars simply because you can’t save your rooms in the free version. Otherwise it is a very useful app
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4 years ago, aldking
Easy to use!
This app is easy to use and allows you to get your ideas in a visual form for others to see. It needs more “furniture” options, but does give the user some generic shapes to start with. It’s too bad they don’t give you the ability to save at least one room. I like to be sure an app is worth the cost before buying.
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1 week ago, SwissMiss60!
I loved this app… until all my rooms started disappearing… then reappearing… now gone again!! I hope they return after all those hours of designing three apartments and about 15 files. Now I need to rearrange furniture and don’t want to start over. Please!! Developers! It’s been 8 months since your last bug fix. I think it’s time for another. Your users will love you for it. THANK YOU!
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5 years ago, Jefferson Smyrh
Brilliant aid to continual relocation
Somehow I have moved houses every year or two for nearly a decade. I used to pay to ship furniture across the country only to discover I couldn’t fit it in the new house. Rooms is an incredible aid that allows me to see how everything is going to fit long before I ship. I totally recommend it.
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1 year ago, Ambercrimbie
Small learning curve
Completely worth the small purchase price but I’ve only owned it a few minutes. Simple and you have to be able to visualize.
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7 months ago, Coryfg2
Basic but useful
I’ve used this app over the years. Helps a lot when it comes to planning out a space and saves your back from moving stuff around needlessly to see if it fits or if you like the flow.
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3 years ago, K-Dawgie
Wall Help tool
I’m getting frustrated trying to figure out the walls. App says you can click on help tool from any screen but it tells you to go back to the Welcome area where you must start over with the chair before getting help on walls. Unable to go straight to walls. I’ve only clicked on add walls yet when I went to delete it, it said it was furniture?? I’ll update review after I figure this out.
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2 years ago, Kelly D. Miller
Very Helpful
I have a very small living room and needed a way to see how different sized furniture would actually look in my space and I could not have found a better configuration without this app to help me visualize
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5 years ago, ccpileg
Super useful, reasonable price
It's just $1 to save a room which is totally reasonable. I have atomic age office furniture that is so heavy it requires professionals to rearrange, so I really needed to get it right the first time. This was incredibly user friendly and saved me from attempting a room configuration that wouldn't have worked!
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2 years ago, Blulili13
So handy!
This app has helped me so much, I don’t know what I would do without it. Whether your just rearranging your living room or using it for your whole home or business, this app will be of great use to you!
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2 years ago, nickname generator 100100110
Quick and Easy to use!
This is what I was looking for, I’m able to quickly set a room and use dimensions of furniture that I already have. Plus make duplicates to see which layout I like the best!
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5 years ago, Ronbon710
I purchased this! Why is it saying I didn’t?
I bought the paid version of this app a long time ago! I had to delete and reinstall because all of the tutorials had disappeared (along with a saved room) but now it’s saying I need to pay to save my work? The app itself is ok-nothing too fancy. Wish you didn’t have to sit thru/interact with the entire tutorial every time you just need o learn todo one thing. But other than that I actually LIKED this app before it tried to recharge me 😠
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3 years ago, timothyjcamp
More options?
Just getting started, having fun with it and felt forced to purchase {ugh}! Maybe I’ll find more furniture and color options, but now I’m being asked to rate the app … we’ll start with a three star and see if there are improvements in both my understanding of how it works and what features it may have that I haven’t found as yet.
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7 months ago, help-me-live
This is EXACTLY what I was looking for. It is easy to use. I wanted to enter my own measurements for everything. I tried other apps and they were complicated. Wish I used this one first!
Show more
4 years ago, Tanaleefive
Not user friendly
I used this once before, but it has been a while. Now to save, I need to purchase. Unfortunately, changes to the app, make creating your room (adding walls, doors, windows, etc) more challenging. I kept having to redo walls because they froze, or could not be adjusted. I did not have this problem when I tried it the first time. I will not be buying this product.
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5 years ago, donkeyflight
Vendor booths
I use this to set up a my show booth at art events. Every venue is a little different and not always the size reported. I wanted something simple I could use to do quick design before setup. Works perfect for that purpose.
Show more
2 years ago, Novadrgn
Problems when switching screen direction
If you rotate the screen, then arrange things, or arrange things and then rotate, they do not stay where they should be. Instead making you start over with window and door placements, and redoing all the furniture
Show more
4 years ago, Four Terriers
Nice Until...
I recognized that this was a free trial - it keeps reminding you. When you try to save you get the option to purchase, either one room or unlimited. I only wanted to do one room so I bought that one. Fast forward two weeks and I’m back to the free trial message and the room that I saved is gone. I was only a buck, but if you take a buck from enough people...
Show more
4 years ago, Dnatwork
Good app for trying out room layouts
Can enter exact measurements and orientations of rooms and everything in them. Wish I could make white furniture or quarter round tables, etc. Can make do with pieces from other rooms (e.g., corner shower thing) that are relabeled (corner bookcase).
Show more
7 months ago, jhansen457
Lost Room
Apparently with the last update, I lost my one and only room that I had saved… seriously I’ve been using this app for a couple of years and loved it. I spent hours creating my craft room, all the furniture etc. I had hours invested into this app and I now have nothing!! So angry! Can anyone tell me how to get my room back?
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5 years ago, AnonannReview
Room App Review
I started with my first layout with no problems, then I was changing one of the dimensions and the app crashed losing all my measurements and work. 🤯 Now the App crashes upon opening and is now unusable. I might have purchased the app but I wanted to use it a while longer before making that decision. I’ll try reinstalling otherwise I’ll have to try something else. Too bad, seemed like a very functional app.
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5 years ago, sorchaobrien
Absolutely phenomenal!
Thank you for this app - it is helpful beyond words. Very easy to use, tutorials are precise and to the point while allowing user to actually hands on control the elements. So many choices. Fantastic!
Show more
11 months ago, Kimbol
Does just what I need!
It’s taken me a bit to get the knack of making my apartment room layouts in Rooms, but the price is AMAZING and I’m able to figure out my furniture placement before move-in! Chef’s kiss!
Show more
2 years ago, Db172001
Download if you want to throw your phone across the room…
Unless you have this app on a full sized iPad, It is completely unusable. The UI is dated and slow, and you’d have an easier time teaching a chicken to drive a car than move an object anywhere. Deleted it after 10 minutes because it was so awful to use. Find a different app!
Show more
3 years ago, Jaydeesel
Crappy hard app to use
I have tried and tried. I try to make simple changes and it doesn’t work or go through. Just changing the length of the room doesn’t work and makes it frustrating to use this app. I even tried to download again and use but yet again, nothing has changed with this app. So irritating
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