Roomster : Roommate finder

3.9 (13.5K)
127.6 MB
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Roomster Corp.
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2 weeks ago
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12.0 or later
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User Reviews for Roomster : Roommate finder

3.94 out of 5
13.5K Ratings
2 years ago, HannahsFlowers
What’s the point?
The app has an excellent feature display, very easy to go through and look at apartments and roommates. My issue however, is the fact that you can’t contact anyone without paying. While I didn’t previously look at the fees before downloading, I came to realize very quickly, that without buying the 8 dollar upgrade, you cant contact anyone!!! You’ll get notified that someone has messaged you, but without paying, you cant see the message at all. What’s the point in making an app, that NEEDS people to communicate in order to even get any general understanding of a potential roommate/ apartment. Just make it to where people have to buy the app in order to download and communicate. There’s quite literally no point in this app, other than looking at potential apartments, unless you pay the fee.
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2 years ago, CWHousingAcct
App was great (when it worked)
This app was fine for me at first, I could actually log in and get messages from other people, communicate with them and also see that someone sent messages (for free), but not all of them. Things kept changing though; sometimes I could see messages, and sometimes not. The BIGGEST problem, however, is now I CAN’T EVEN SIGN IN! I used to use my e-Mail, as it was one of the options available. I never had to verify anything else (like my phone number) because I spoke with customer service, and they signed me in anyway. Now, the ONLY WAY TO SIGN IN is with PHONE NUMBER and I NEVER VERIFIED IT. Turns out, not only did they HAVE MY PHONE NUMBER, it is BLOCKED FROM THE WEBSITE. How did they even get it if I never gave it to them? When I spoke to customer service again, the guy over e-Mail said “delete your account and make a new one with that phone number”. Huh? That’s customer support? What about all my messages to and from other people? How do I know my phone number won’t get blocked again? There’s so much wrong with this, it is mind boggling. I can’t even write a review on their website, nor contact customer service because you have to have a signed-in-account (I could only reply to old e-mails customer service sent me because I can’t sign in). I’ll give it 2 stars, at least because when I could use it, everything was OK, but constant changes has turned this thing into utter crap
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2 years ago, Tim R R
Account deleted within minutes
Update: My review has nothing to do with your charges. Your filters allow and encourage people to discriminate against just about every protected class under the Federal Fair Housing Act. I think the US government should force you to cease operations until you stop allowing people to post listings which openly state that people who are black, LGBT, religious, of certain age or male are “not allowed.” In the 10 minutes I browsed your listings, before my account was deleted without notice, every single listing I viewed had some mention of disallowing a protected class from applying. One of the listings literally said “no blacks, no gays, no Muslims” at the bottom. Another said “Asian women only.” It’s not just gross, it’s against the law. I created my account, finished my profile, verified my email and phone number, posted a listing, then was logged out as I attempted to send my first message. The login page says “User Removed” but I haven’t received a text or an email stating that my account was deleted. Sketchy app that allows people violate US housing discrimination laws. Saw multiple people specifying what race/age/gender/sexual orientation they were willing to provide housing to. Creepy. Glad I didn’t spend $15 to verify my identity since they decided to delete my account without reason within 10 minutes of installing.
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3 months ago, Zena_123
Not worth it
Trash app. I signed up for it when I was needing a roommate and saw that I had to pay for it. So didn’t pay and kept getting emails that people were sending me messages. Decided to pay for a week to see these messages people were sending me. No one was sending me messages, it was just the app trying to get me to pay. I forgot to cancel before the week subscription was up and canceled less than 24 hours after money was taken out of my account. Which instead of charging me for another week they charged me even more money for an entire month plan??? Contacted customer support to see if I could get refunded since I canceled less than 24 hours after being charged and they charged me the month fee(which wasn’t approved) instead of a week fee. Human on other end of computer just copy pasted policy info and wasn’t helpful or understanding at all. Don’t waste your time or money on this app. - in response to developer: no one was sending me messages. You guys kept sending me emails as if someone was messaging me but all it was was people singing up in the area not physically someone reaching out to me- which is how your emails are sent. I’d update this because it’s very scammy to get people to sign up when if fact people aren’t actually messaging.
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8 months ago, JazVD
Not recommended, doesn’t have filters for cities
I typically don't write reviews, but I hope sharing my experience can be of help to someone just like I find other reviews to be helpful . After creating an account and going through the initial steps, I immediately noticed that the app bombarded me with numerous ads for various locations. Unfortunately, there was no feature to filter by city or distance, leading to a clutter of irrelevant ads from all over the place. As I explored the app further, I realized that to access my messages, I had to make a payment, which left me quite frustrated. However, since I was genuinely in search of a room, I decided to give it a chance. It was NOT worth it! I encountered a flood of people spamming their listings, which didn't even align with my requirements, making it a complete waste of time despite having created a comprehensive profile. In summary, this app lacks essential filters, is plagued by spammy listings from landlords , it’s a WASTE of time and money, and tends to have higher prices. In the end, I returned to Facebook Marketplace, where I found what I was looking for. I won't be downloading this app again, and I can’t recommend it; I'd suggest continuing your search on Facebook Marketplace or seeking assistance from a realtor.
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2 months ago, jhruvalcaba
PLEASE READ THIS AND SAVE YOUR MONEY!! I purchased the monthly subscription for $30 (because you can only open messages with the subscription). It’s expensive but I figured that it would be a worthy investment if it helped me sublet my apartment. That being said, so many of the post are OBVIOUSLY fake (not all but the large majority). You can tell the difference because real post have details and a few pictures. Fake ones all follow the SAME EXACT outline: “Hi, my name is ____. I’m a professional. Im looking for a room to rent. My budget is ___.” On the other hand, if you look on Facebook REAL people’s post are vastly different because they actually state what they’re looking for in a room or roommate and provide more details. In addition to all the fake posts, which in the first week I wasted too much time replying to (and never got any replies) if you do reply to a real post the other person can’t see you message if they’re on the free version. Therefore, you can’t effectively communicate with people. I understand that the app needs to have a revenue but it’s not being monetized effectively. Also, the app itself has many glitches. I usually never write reviews but I’m very upset that I spent $30 on a monthly subscription to an utterly useless app.
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2 years ago, maeappreviews
Expensive few listings
App is extremely expensive and it forces you to subscribe so you have to be very careful and cancel subscription. There are few listings. Most messages are ignored. It’s too simple. You can’t filter results based on non negotiables. Most listings do not have a description or the description of the listing is too vague. There is a fair amount of fraud too. Tell tale bad English, mandatory credit and background checks. My advice would be the freeze your credit so no one can open an account under your name. Despite the pit falls the concept is great and necessary but like other people have mentioned, we’re risking homelessness. We’re I’d verified, and have spent a lot of money. $15 to get is verified, $30 to get messages and there aren’t enough inventory of homes and real people. There are too many fake profiles and commercial properties. The app had good intentions but ends up scamming people desperately needing a place to live. They also don’t allow any information about lease terms, cost or any form of numbers on the ad. This means it’s near impossible to know if a property is suitable. Very few people respond to messages. There aren’t enough filters to find a decent home.
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2 months ago, MyNicknameIsJ_
The app allows people to send mass emails, so you basically receive a deluge of messages that aren’t even remotely tied to what you’re looking for. This isn’t made clear at the onset and you can’t even read what someone sent without paying. That’s how they hook you into paying. You assume the message you got is relevant to you, so you pay to read it, only to learn it’s from someone in another city or who has criteria that excludes you. I have been a paying member for weeks and have yet to get a single message that’s relevant to me. Meanwhile, the listings that actually suited me don’t reply to messages - I’m guessing they set it up and then didn’t want to pay to see the message. Very poor experience. Note: I paid because I don’t mind paying for apps that deliver value. This one does not. If I’m paying $10/ week, I don’t want to get junk messages from people an hour away from the area I’m targeting or in different cities. If I’m paying a premium price, give me premium features - better filtering, notifications when a property is added in my target area, etc. This app isn’t delivering anything I can’t get free and it is taking way too much of my time to sort through all the irrelevant messages.
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2 years ago, AnonaLlama98
Scummy Social Pressure
This app does have a decent number of listings, which is more than I can say for most other roommate search apps. However, the way they try to shuttle you towards their paid subscription is a deeply scummy “dark pattern.” To other reviews the developer has responded that they “don’t think $1 a day is an unreasonable cost” for the service they provide. That may be, but the app doesn’t charge you for the service of being able to look at rental properties, to message others, or to filter for specific rental needs. Instead, it asks you to pay *in order to view* messages from others. This effectively leverages the social pressure we feel to not ignore someone who messages us to force us into paying. If the developer wants to have a paid service that’s fine. Provide a free trial and then require a subscription for everything thereafter. Or require that we pay in order to send messages out. Or require a fee to list. There are plenty of options that don’t leverage human’s inherently social nature to force an extremely high subscription fee in order to not feel like you’re leaving people on read.
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1 year ago, Mitt7532
Money grabbers
I didn’t realize this is a useless app/website unless you pay significant money. I posted roommate ad and everything seemed ok but then I received a notification that someone sent me a message for the roommate position. However I could not access my mailbox on the app unless I pay either $8 for the week, can’t remember second option or 60days for $50. Otherwise you can’t access roommate messages. Why would I ever do that when there are many free options out there for finding roommates. Don’t use unless your rich. They will probably respond to this review with: their usual robotic answer of me not liking this because they charge and they only charge $1 a day and they think that’s fair. Well that’s ridiculous it’s a website to find roommates so obviously your demographic doesn’t have a lot of money, second no one is going to find a roommate in one day and from my experience it will take awhile on your app/site. Please no one use this so they can go under or can be a normal company and find other ways of making money like advertising. There are sites to find Roomates for free all over use Reddit facebook Craigslist
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2 years ago, NotRayDalio
Lousy interface. Terribly monetized. Not useful and full of scam postings.
I’ve never written a review for an app in my life but my experience with this app was so horrendous it warranted it. This app is terribly designed and monetized and the developer’s censor certain words from people’s bios. Can’t use the words “phone”, “mail,” “email” “number,” etc just so you’re not able to get around their paywall. The idea that I have to pay money to simply read the messages other people were sending me is ridiculous. They also want $15 just to authenticate your profile with your ID. It never crossed the developer’s minds that they could just generate revenue by including ads like how every other app does? Final nail in the coffin is how many listings on this app are scams. I had scammers trying to rent me a 2 bedroom apartment in Manhattan for $900 sight unseen and they were planning on sending me the apartment keys via FedEx after I wired them a deposit. Ridiculous. As a final note, the customer service with this app is clearly non-existent judging from the developer’s response’s to other poor reviews. Way to doge accountability and valid criticism guys!
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2 years ago, fishchapo
This app is full of sketchy accounts that are highly likely to be fraudulent posts. Besides the stranger danger from being scammed online the app also charges a ridiculous fee to be used. $30 for thirty days and $50 for 60 days. It is highly unlikely you will find a room through this app and even if you did it takes awhile to settle into a place. If you use this app to look for a roommate I suggest placing your contact info in the description such as an Instagram or Snapchat/email so a potential roommate can contact you without having to pay for a subscription. Other than that this app has these fake messages that pop up as soon as you open an account. When you go to view them they hit you with a paywall demanding a subscription to read them. I’ve never been one to fall for such shady business practices. I suggest you look elsewhere until the developers figure out how to improve this app. They can charge fees for other businesses to advertise on the platform instead of charging people who quite frankly shouldn’t be paying to search for a roommate.
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2 years ago, taliah0207
Don’t waste your time
In a time in which it’s very difficult to find affordable or adequate housing or roommates, the idea of having to pay to see who messages you is dumb. Regardless of whether or not it’s stated on your App Store page, most apps that have in app purchases at least have better features before charging you or expecting you to pay anything. This is equivalent to tinder or bumble trying to charge you to swipe on people or open messages, which they do, but after a certain amount of time/swipes. This review isn’t meant to bash the app because yes if you scroll far enough they state that you will need to pay, however if you’re like me and you can barely afford your basic needs, you don’t have the time or money to waste just to be able to access messages. Edit: It’s about accessibility. You don’t know who can afford a dollar a day. It’s not about what you think is fair considering don’t know your demographic and who can afford to waste $8 a week on app and 2.the amount of people who have also downloaded this app also think it’s trash.
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2 years ago, ChristineLovesPhantom
Do not use if you have roomie preferences
This app is not worth it. I paid for the subscription to get access to messaging people looking for a room, since that’s what I’m offering. The way it’s set up is that every single new user can send a mass message to everyone on the app. It includes people that don’t even match the rent that you’re requiring (even if you set filters) so these can get really annoying fast. Usually they say “I need a room” with no details about their needs, who they are, what area they want to live in etc, no description in their profile bios or even a photo. I’ve never had so many people flake and not respond. It gives me dating app vibes which is so weird. I genuinely care about who I bring into my home so this app doesn’t help to filter people out for you based on your needs. I’ve had way better luck on one other renting app as well as social media groups with rental posts. I need people that are seriously committed to a lease and this app didn’t give me those vibes with the users. Some even seem like fake scammers.
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2 years ago, pikdejaguatirika
This app should not exist
I spent a great chunk of my time texting people on this app because I am desperate in finding a room by the end of the week, only to find out that I am not able to see if someone texted me back. This app is an absolute fraud in being advertised as free to use when in reality you have to pay a weekly fee. I would be GLAD to pay the weekly fee if the app had told me about this fee before I started to actually use it, and I dont see why they wouldnt. Is their plan just to milk money out of people? For no reason. I have barely any time to look for places and when I finally have time I have this app finessing me, that was a waste of my time. I dont wanna pay the weekly fee and support this scam. As for the developers that previously said “its only a dollar per day and thats a fair price” yes, its not expensive, but the fact that the people who download this app are not aware of the charge is what makes it ridiculous. On top of being scammers, these guys are absolutely rude and petty. Reporting this app asap.
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9 months ago, VThorne64
I’ve Concluded this is a scam
Although a great idea in premise, this is POORLY executed. A great app was developed but then got ruined when they tried to figure out how to effectively monetize it. This app charges $11 just to read and send messages for 7 days!!!! This might be great in a more heavily populated areas, but in more rural areas with only ~20 users… yeah crickets. Since this app charged me $11 without getting a single reply, I see this as a total scam. I am willing to bet the other ~20 users are not actively paying the subscription, thus when someone finally does pay and reply I have to pay even more money just to view what they wrote. This reliance on a weekly subscription just to have a basic conversation and the added joke of randomly censoring messages out of fear of someone giving out an email or number (because then they would be forced to overpay for garbage). Oh yeah, “for your safety, don’t give out numbers”, motivation behind this is eye rolling lot obvious. SAVE YOUR MONEY, I will desperately try getting a refund!
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2 years ago, spicy chica linda
I don’t believe years ago this app had a fee to use. It’s free to download however *beware* it’s useless w/o being able to msg others. There are different subscription prices just to msg people!! Ridiculous! People are on here to find roomies & essentially save coin, not be forced into buying a subscription!! There’s even a fee to get your ID/license verified!! 2 days after finally caving & buying the $10 subscription just to msg people- absurd!!..I experienced issues! After writing & posting my listing, the words I typed saved weird. Numbers are unable to be saved in the listing description-which is annoying- to add a numerical budget max etc. If I’m going to be paying for something- it better work 100%- functionally & properly! Also- when looking at others listings- I would see they had a active listing either from announcements or whatever- then I clicked on there profile to see the whole listing and it would say listings- 0 !! ***FRUSTRATING****
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2 years ago, mtl1985
Surprise! It’s not free after all.
This app is listed as free but with in-app purchases. This should mean that you can use the basic, essential features but that there are incentives for paying for extra, right? Nope! You have to buy a subscription just to view or send messages. In other words, you can indeed download and open the app for free, but you will never be able to use this product as intended unless you pay. You can’t find a roommate without a means of communicating with potential matches. I just downloaded this yesterday and managed to post a listing while figuring out how it works. I have two messages, but no way to respond or even see if they’re worth responding to. My apologies to whoever reached out, but I’ll now need to figure out how to remove my listing 🙄 I understand it’s not free to develop or maintain an app like this, but if it requires payment for users to use the product, be more transparent about it. Now I feel rude for simply ignoring these messages.
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7 months ago, SabineH43275829271629426528
Poor app and website
Difficult to makes ads. Both the website and the app liked to freeze while I was creating my ads (with 5G WiFi). App highly annoying—only one pic at a time. Sometimes the site would rotate my photos sideways and gives no option to rotate it back. I have a love/hate for the thing that pops up after you create an ad. People who respond to that act like they can’t see my ads or they don’t bother to look. They ask basic questions like where is this located? how much is rent? One person who was asking me was even looking for a place 2 hours away! The people on here responding to my ads seem a bit sketchy. There’s little to nothing on here about them to make me think they’re real people much less good tenants/roommates especially when asking questions for information already listed. Paid for full access. Waste of money. Multiple people I have written to do not respond. This has been a total waste of money and time.
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2 years ago, JailbrokenJedi
Scam artist central
This app helps to facilitate scams against hopeful people looking to rent. They charge for communication yet so not validate any people renting property. Don’t waste your time or money. This app left me homeless fighting fraudulent credit cards opened in my name. Edit: You allow people to pray on the vulnerable by not removing reported scammers. I can count 3 that are still up and running even though they have been reported several times. Those users use your system to collect “applications” for rental properties that do not exist. Since credit checks are a typical part of any rental they are allowed to collect enough sensitive data to attempt to open cards under other peoples names fraudulently. So yea, you not only condone it you promote it. I stand by my review. It is factual. Edit #2: Almost forgot to mention this, they are also violating Apples TOS by paying for 5 star reviews on the App Store. “Send a screenshot of your 5 star review to get a free week of messaging”. In direct violation of TOS.
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2 weeks ago, The_Blade
Must Pay to read messages
Just deleted this app. I have a roommate I found from another site. However I wanted to mention my disdain for this app: - requires payment to see messages -message system is asinine. Megaphone messages can get confusing with regular messsges. - no option to filter out Unwanted messages. - easily the most expensive roommate app/online service. My account was recently removed for “unusual activity.” Even though I haven’t used the app much, and I’ve had my account for nearly 2 years. The thing I hate most about this app and a couple other apps will do this: if I’m a gay man & want to ONLY room with other men, that’s ok. These apps almost promote this. But as a heterosexual man who posts that he only wants a female roommate, this is an issue. So when conservatives say that there’s an “agenda” being pushed, this is an example of what they mean. I’ve had over 1/2 dozen female roommates in the past 2 years. But if I don’t want a male or T-person, then it’s an issue.
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2 years ago, Le Donut Master
use literally any other website
i hate to be the "this entire thing is a scam" person, but this app is only out to get your money. the layout is impractical and hard to figure out. most of the accounts are just blank profiles. you get matched with people out of your budget, range, and pretty much everything you're looking for. the app shows the lowest premium option as $30, so i wasted that money just to message like two people, since you can't even put your phone number or social media anywhere. you have to go into the app store itself to get a 1 week subscription for $10, but even that is ridiculous. all you can do is make listings and look at other ones. The app is buggy and nothing saves the right way unless you press specific things in the exact order. without the premium version there is literally no purpose. just save yourself the time and money and find a different website or app.
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2 years ago, JAriBrooks
Free Trial
I love the app features, I love the app quality. The accessibility to my profile and easily make changes. The overall structure and function of the app is overall great. This may just be something critical to my situation, if so, that’s okay. Due to the fact that I don’t have a subscription, I can’t access my messages. I can’t see them, I can’t messages anyone. Nothing. That’s very frustrating when I’ve gotten the notification and I can’t see anything. My fiancé & I live in my car right now, & I’ve had opportunities that I’ve had to miss out on because I can’t contact anyone. A free trial would be awesome. For people like me who have to save EVERY penny, I can’t afford the subscription options. I just think more options should be offered. That’s all. Overall, app is great.
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2 years ago, Good34gamer
They have postings on Craigslist (I found 6) different listings that looked pretty good and they all said the same thing and to get this app. So I said what the heck cause I really need a room and I thought those were just bots advertising this app. So i said I guess I’ll check it out not cause the bots but I still couldn’t find anything… so that’s the first problem is they flood other platforms with spam. No about the app. The first thing is even if it was legit and they didn’t do slimy tricks it is super glitch and just horrible platform to use. On the app they post listings just to look like a lot and then you try to get in contact but it’s not real. The ID verification is $15 but I did it and since the platform is so glitch I lost my money because my account got erase some how. Last thing, look at the reviews, look at the star ratio… 5 and 4 star have a lot 3 and 2 have none, but then 1 quite a bit. Don’t waste your time or money.
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2 years ago, JaxGMoore
Terrible. Waste of Time
I am not paying $30 to message people, which is REQUIRED to use the app for the reason you download it. They also don’t allow you to put your socials on your profile as that would be a good way to avoid paying the excessive fee. They have a way to keep all the right words and delete anything remotely leading to that direction. I even tried typing insta as “1inst@gr@m.” After reading reviews, the app is just not worth it. You may ask, why am I giving it 5 stars? It’s so that when people sort by the good reviews they will see this and hopefully decide not to download the app or pay the money! Have a great day fellow readers and Godspeed in your search to find roommates.
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2 years ago, hmarsss
Questionable and predatory
The biggest point that I would like to make in this review is that I have used Roomster multiple times and it has never been useful. The developer responds to poor reviews by saying that if you don’t like to pay, use free sites like Facebook, Roomies, etc. That is absolutely what you should do. It’s barely functional and the odds of having success on here are slim. This website survives off of its bizarre subscription feature. I paid for 7 days… why would you automatically renew me for the highest priced 30 days after the 7 days? But they rely on people not reading the fine print and forgetting that their 7 days is almost up, and that’s why this website still exists. The developer’s response to poor reviews only further validates that they are aware of their predatory subscription feature. They are not interested in feedback or improving. They just want your money.
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2 years ago, charles st clair III
Like test driving a vehicle from your computer chair
I am certain that I am not the first, nor will I be the last to express my surprise and immense disappointment in the setup of your free trial. It is absolutely absurd for this app to be managed this way. It’s in bad taste. Not only was it not sufficiently explained that the message portion of the application(the most essential necessity) is strictly limited to paying subscriptions. Without the opportunity to experience this feature, I am left to wonder if any or potentially all of the messages I was alerted to have recieved are or were SPAM. It is that reason that I do not feel it worth even the lowest subscription amount to find out. I recommend a different approach if you are interested in providing a useful application that you ca. be proud of. Rather than focusing on the income first and being hopeful word will spread.
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2 years ago, #1BBMoM
Getting lots of serious inquiries
So far I am liking the app and finding it very helpful in finding roommate matches. I’ve gotten tons of messages from people who are interested and I do like that some have their identity verified, but you will not be able to read the messages if you don’t pay $29. I personally hate to sign up for subscriptions because they are a pain to cancel. I do wish they offered a one time one week or one month plan. They have offered me a free trial week which I really appreciate and will definitely take advantage of that and see how that goes. Definitely worth a try. I think the success depends on the area you are in as well.
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2 years ago, Rico4u2day2
very very buggy. very confusing
just gonna get to a bulleted list for the PMs out there: - scanning my ID was confusing because the hit box to open the camera is very small and only open when you tap the text in the box vs tapping the whole box - i was editing my listing posting to be a roommate and it keep erroring after i made an edit and i had to type out the whole description again. this happened multiple times - i thought i had to complete the credit report for the full profile and i wasn’t aware that was a subscription. it’s a subscription not done through in-app purchases so i’m not even sure where to cancel this new subscription (that starts at $1 for a trial, then renews for $25?!). after creating this account, clicking the same button does not change the screen to a logged in state. it takes you through the sign up flow again.
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7 months ago, SmurfetteBlogger
This app has potential
I really like the app but noticed a few issues. 1) When posting an ad or profile, it seems to remove numbers when posting. So every ad or profile says… I am years old. I’ve tested it. Not great. So I had to spell out the numbers on my profile. Anyway, when looking for places, it doesn’t give me the ability to sort by price (lowest to highest or highest to lowest) areas such as cities and only sorts by most recent listing. It would also be a bonus to get the amenities up front with monthly price instead of having to dig through the description to find out because not all select the amenity options. Otherwise I like the app.
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2 years ago, Jlove18
So useful for longterm traveller
The apps name maybe roomster , seems like it can only find you a roommate, but a lot of people post to sublease their unit and this is a good idea since a lot of long-stay visitor would love to find a place where we can rent monthly with affordable price (annual price), instead of having to stay in hotel the whole time. In the meantime, sometimes, our life events need to make us move from our place before the contract ends and we can make some money instead of wasting the rest of the contract period. For anyone wanting to sublease their apartment, this apps help you check the credibility of the person you subletting your unit to.
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2 years ago, ShemNY
Blocked my number. Is this a scam?
While moving is challenging enough I downloaded this app to use to find my first apartment since it was recommended by a colleague. In the start of using the app worked well, in my opinion, I wanted to subscribe to all features in the app to do my roommate search for a faster and better user experience messaging others through the app. I purchased the two-month subscription, and it was going well, for the most part. Ten days later, after purchasing, my number was blocked, and I could not use the app. I don’t recommend this at all. No information; just blocked my number from using the platform. It seems this seem like the normalcy of the developer. Be cautious everyone! If you’re experiencing the same I would recommend contacting Apple for a refund.
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10 months ago, Jay_GII
Don’t bother
I live in a fairly remote area so I wasn’t expecting much but the price to see messages is ridiculous. Paid for a month and hardly ever got messages that were relevant to my location. Had way more luck on free apps and websites like FB Update: Developer replied saying I should give it more time, or that my pricing might not be fair or accurate. I’ve used it for over a month, lowered the pricing based on rates from my community. I can see why the app hasn’t improved much after similar complaints have been made in the past. They just reply with snarky comments and don’t do a thing. Don’t spend a dime on this app.
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2 months ago, BoatGuyJr
Poor design and user interface
Every step I took trying to make an account got my account removed. I got a response quickly each time of a team member reinstating my account. But I really don’t want to take an hour having my account automatically removed and wait to be reinstated each time I put in more information or take a step towards finding a roommate. The little amount I was actually able be on the app it was just a bad system for laying out what you were looking for. No matter what, If you try to list what you’re looking for you have to have a place tied to it. Listing a place available? Sure that makes sense. I just want to be able to find a roommate to look for a place WITH. Kinda hard to lock in a lease without enough people to GET the lease. Listing your own details are ridged and not very user friendly either.
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5 months ago, XAsOtx
It seems like a good idea, but the execution on how the app works is horrendous. First of, you need to pay to see messages! Now, you might be thinking that these messages are sent directly to you about the listing that you posted, but no! The messages are posted as a bulletin board. So it’s just a complete mess and not organized. Random people posting that they need a room but they never reply and worst of all, the majority of the profiles don’t have profile photos or a small introduction. Maybe they are bots or fake profiles, but I am shocked that for a roommate finder app, the security and verification is zero to none. After a day, I realized that this app was just not what it was advertised to be and offer. Don’t waste your time. Unless big changes are made to the interface, accessibility, and security, this app is really useless
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9 months ago, anon 12987
Texted with over 1300 people
This app is not made to help you. This app doesn’t even care to clean up the scammers from their platform. They just want your money. Would you text with over 1300 people and get out with no roommate? This is what happened to me. Their app is full of bots. As soon you pay, the bots start texting you and you reply but no one ever responds back. And the main question from the bots would be, can you send me details along with pictures!? Because they cannot view your profile and your listing. So you end up responding to every bit for a long time. It’s a fraud app and they should be punished for creating this trap and monetizing on fake and using people needs. This app was not created to help anyone. It was created to get your money because you have needs. The creators should be punished. It’s a scam.
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1 month ago, sutti4844
Scam app
Absolute insanity, they charge $12 a week to use this awfully designed app. The UI is awful you can barely scroll without having the ui boxes falling apart at the seems. You can message people on the app without verification of ID. Yet you can’t read anything they respond to you with unless you pay for their subscription. The post system is awful took my at least 5 try’s to get a legible looking post. If you are searching for a place it will show you a random assortment of post with no filter to narrow down the search including post from entire other cities. Just scroll through it like instagram. Who thought that was a good idea, a iPad kid? I’m in a situation where I was looking for anywhere to live ASAP. This app just wasted my time and tried to steal my money. They succeeded at stealing my information.
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3 months ago, Zemanwidzeplan
Barely works
To the developers. I read the reviews, then tried the app, and I agree with the 1 stars. “Have you noticed that people only vote 1 star on the app because they don’t like the charging price?” - developer response Maybe that’s a sign? You’d think right? Maybe, just maybe, you’re dealing with people who are struggling to find places to rent, and you’re not helping them at all with what you do charge or how you run your app. I own my place and was going to find someone to possibly rent the bedroom/kitchen area, and I don’t want to take advantage of people in these struggles, y’all are crooks plain and simple. And your responses are full of sass and sleazy comebacks to people who are genuinely upset with your product. Don’t like all the 1 star reviews? Do better. Simple as that. Also the prices some of these people are charging for places to rent are atrocious, ain’t no way someone should be payin $700 to use a single bedroom and share a bathroom within the household. Good luck yall, I’m sorry this app seemed good then became greedy. Also to the developers I know your response is going to be seething or rude or whatever else like the other responses you’ve been giving, so save your time and your breath.
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1 year ago, aesfraser
So many glitches
I’m VERY confused by all these good reviews. This app is FULL of glitches. If you want to verify your email but your email already exists, good luck. They only give you a cancel button. No “sync accounts” option, no “log in using email” option. It just doesn’t let you verify. If you submit a help ticket, the screen is completely blank after you submit your ticket. There’s no back button or anything to return to the main app. If you want to browse before committing to anything, you’re unable to. You have to have a listing of some sort posted before you can see anything. If you want to view listings on a map, you can’t. If you want to zoom in on a listing’s picture, you can’t. I don’t know what kind of sad, low standards these reviewers have but this app needs HELP.
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7 months ago, SCRoss96
Must pay to use
The app is free the download, free to put up listings. However you are required to buy a subscription of at least $11 USD in order to use the mailbox and talk to anyone. Bad app, exorbitant prices ($11 for 7 days, $30 for 30, or $50 for 60), found no use in this app and deleted as soon as I realized a subscription was required for any real use of it. I’m not sure how the developers expect anyone to get any use out of the ‘free version’ of this app without the ability to communicate with others. I feel tricked that I even downloaded the app without this information presented to me. If you want to make money off an app like this, stop lying to people upfront about it being free to use and make them pay for it, no hiding subscriptions. There is no use for this app without the subscription.
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2 years ago, tmf87
Don’t use or pay for this app - not worth it!
I paid for one week to use this app so that I can see the messages people are sending me, but I honestly wish I had never even downloaded the app, let alone pay to use it. There are SO MANY bugs, it’s difficult to use and navigate different pages. BC it’s difficult to use, so few people have a full profile set up (myself included). And it took me SEVERAL attempts to get my listing set up correctly. There’s also no easy way to filter search results, so I can’t narrow my roommate search very easily. In addition, I’ve gotten messages from people who are searching in San Diego (I’m in LA) and/or on the complete opposite part of town. Not only does this waste both my time and the other persons, but it could easily be resolved/prevented with a better app.
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1 year ago, Yesme2!!
Why can’t I just log in?
The app is crap after creating a login it takes you back to the homepage you put a phone number in and you continue to do that until it says something like too many requests. Once you get in the app everything is good but if you want to heart something you go back to this login put in your phone number is this too many request there is a login button you click on it and once you put in the phone number and so it always restarts again. I never get to use my login because I always have to put a phone number and in create an account that I already have. Is this my computer?
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2 years ago, idk nobody
Waste of app
I’m currently trying to find a place or roommate but I have to pay to use the service? I have better luck using tinder and it’s free, also I understand the high volume of security breach but when I tried to verify my email, didn’t work, when I contacted customer support, left me hanging waiting on respond for 20 mins and still till this day no response it’s a joke it’s giving me more trouble than getting anything positive out of this, it’s such a hassle and I don’t think we should be charged for using the service as it’s a destination of ppl trying to find a place or a roommate just saying but I get it y’all are just trying to make money off of people who is desperate and I am desperate but not enough to pay for a service when I can do it free on Facebook or any other sites
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3 years ago, sing4breath
Paying to view messages - no warning of the change.
This I feel obligated to write a poor review due to this change. Yes, you can charge whatever you want to for the service you provide, and you do not have to care about how it effects people. It’s completely within your rights. This level of not caring deserve a poor review. This is an app that helps people establish their living situations, which can be necessary for them to be able to sustain themselves and manage finances in order to afford expenses that come up. When good apps have a change coming like this, they announce they date of change in advance and give people a chance to prepare. You could have done that. I don’t respect how this was done at all.
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1 year ago, Matthewpierre
Deceitful Messaging
This app has a paywall for you to view messages, which is typical of these types of room searching apps. But there’s a catch. EVERY time someone makes a post, i’m talking a general post, it gets sent to your inbox… when i made my post looking for a roommate i was suddenly flooded with messages in my inbox, SO i thought people had replied to my post and were interested… right? NOPE. Because all i got flooded with was spam and random posts of people looking for roommates in my… inbox? like what? it’s just a way to trick you into paying for their app because they don’t actually believe the app is capable of successfully finding you a roommate. I’m so frustrated. I would love to get a refund from this money stealing and useless app, i should have followed the bad reviews on here beforehand!
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2 years ago, dayyyyyyyynektke
Love this app
Roomster has been such a big help to me I am moving to Las Vegas next week and I was having a hard time finding rooms to rent and then a friend told me about this app and I gave it a try and within 2 days I was able to talk to so many people about renting a room in their homes but not only that it showed me nice homes to rent rooms out of within my own budget that I also got to put in and the people are so nice and these houses are so beautiful I would definitely recommend Roomster to a friend and or family member any day. I give this app a 10/10!!
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11 months ago, O.Josh O
Jail the developer
There is no reason for the app to cost so much with a UI so crappy. I would get new messages every day, only for the communication to be cut off shortly after the conversation started. The app advises against it, but the ONLY way I could communicate with potential tenants was by exchanging phone numbers, because the app was too crappy to sustain a convo. On top of that I kept getting logged out randomly for no reason at all, until one day I could no longer log back in. Despite this, I was STILL being charged at full access rate ($12/week) when I had no access at all. This app needs serious work, the developer needs to be fired and jailed for charging so much for a useless product
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2 years ago, V-ron-ron
Glitchy and Expensive
1) The app closed me out of the app about 3 times while I trying to provide detail about a room I’m trying to rent out currently. Rewriting my add multiple times was time consuming. I re-added data just to find out… 2) Most important, I could not view any messages. This app should be free. When I was looking for a college roommate “Renthoop” was still alive and well, and most of all, completely free. Facebook messenger is free. Tinder is generally free. Craigslist, also free. I disagree that “a dollar a day” is fair in any aspect. Especially for people who are trying to fill a room immediately and are most likely paying an extra sum to keep their rental. Most of all, a majority of the users are college aged students. Do you really think there is money to spare? Severely disappointed.
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2 years ago, BillyJoeJimBobNC
Garbage App & Garbage Platform
The app requires frequent re-logins and it freezes a lot and crashes. Each login requires re-entry of a phone number and subsequent text verification. This is 2022 and most apps and platforms support UNs and PWs, and even Face ID. The platform requires the creation of a listing, even if you’re just looking for a place. That’s true even if you’ve subscribed and verified. They also don’t tell you that the $30 subscription fee doesn’t include verification. Plan on $47 total. Lastly, it’s probably a combination of the app and the platform, but the search feature is weak. You can only look in one area at a time and finding that area is not intuitive. While entering a location, the app presents street addresses first, over areas/cities, even when a city name is typed.
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11 months ago, boyle109
Total Scam
This company is a complete scam. I made an account and contacted several people for apartment listings, later to find out that I could only see messages if I paid a fee. I received a notification that someone had left a message for me, so I figured I would pay the fee so I could read it. Not a huge issue for me to pay a bit if it meant I could connect with someone to find a place. However once I paid, I received a notification saying the message was “no longer available”. This leads me to believe that it was simply a fake message/notification or account that was used to lure me into paying for the service. Then once I paid it disappeared. There was no message. Be weary of this company if you are thinking of using and paying for it.
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