Root: Better car insurance

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Root, Inc.
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User Reviews for Root: Better car insurance

4.7 out of 5
68K Ratings
5 years ago, ShatnerLover
Can’t Stop Raving
I’ve already posted a review, but I HAD to make another one because Root is AMAZING! Auto insurance these days is a nightmare- I had one accident in 15 years of an otherwise perfect driving record. I’ve never had a ticket and my credit isn’t horrible, but for some reason, all the other insurance companies want to charge me over 200 dollars a month for insurance! Even the pay by mile insurance wants that from me. It’s absolutely insane! I used to pay under 40 dollars a month and, after turning 25, though I can’t expect the same rate with this economy, I did expect much better than what everyone wants to give me. Root gives me the best rate out of everyone! I had to change my policy because I just got a new car and, though the price isn’t ideal, compared to what everyone else is charging, it’s absolutely amazing. I had to make an actual phone call so the dealership could speak to someone and I didn’t wait on hold for long and the lady who answered- her first name is Angela but I didn’t get her last name- was so incredibly nice and super competent. I always get a fast reply when I email you guys, too. I didn’t know what to expect with an app-based insurance but it’s so nice. I don’t know what affects the rates- maybe once a certain amount of time has passed since I had my accident it’ll get better? I don’t know. What I do know is that Root is wonderful.
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6 years ago, thebulder
Looked at Root insurance about a year ago and they were not in my state (Kentucky). This time, they were though! When first signing up, I had an issue with setting up two drivers. Customer service was very responsive and got the issue resolved. After 3 weeks, we got a quote. The rate Root offered was great! The rate with Root is saving us $320 a year over Liberty Mutual and we got higher coverages like $50,000 Personal Injury Protection and no deductible compared to $10,000 with and a deductible with Liberty Mutual. And, we no longer need to pay for AAA since roadside assistance is included! The Root app is so easy to use and we were really happy to see that if we need to make any changes to our policy, we can do so right in the app and see how it affects our rate. I can’t say enough good things about this app and company! I also sent an app suggestion to them and got a very quick and friendly response! Considering the price, benefits, and exceptional customer service, I have a feeling we will be staying with Root insurance for a very long time! Root has certainly gone above and beyond in finding ways to put their customers first and treat us like an insurance company should! I will definitely be referring other customers to Root and highly recommend them for auto insurance!
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3 years ago, Elev8ted09
I wanted to like it
I tried Root before, and I had some issues, but after speaking to their representatives, I was assured that I would no longer have issues. I initially signed up, for full coverage at $200 a month, it went up to $260, and now has increased again to $310. Throughout my entire test drive, it showed that my score was a 10 out of 10. That score immediately changed the day that they were finished with my test drive. Somehow I dropped down to a 7 out of 10. Very focused driving, very smooth breaking, and I have had one late night drive, to pick up a friend of mine at the airport. Other than that, I don’t know why I had a price increase. I read a lot of other reviews on Facebook, and social media, and people complain about the fact that their rates continue to increase. I know this is not everyone, but there’s no reason as to why a rate should increase, if there has not been any accidents or claims. It’s very difficult to get someone, or a live person on the phone. I don’t like how the system predicts if you were the driver or a passenger. I work at a car dealership, and when people take a vehicle out on a test drive, and I am with them, I cannot control how they drive the vehicle. But all I can do is try it. The system that they use is very flawed. I’ve had three increases in the last 30 days. On top of that, I also found out that after 60 days, it may increase again.
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1 year ago, Bre'Yonna
Wish I can leave no stars!
I decided to try out Root due to it being hard finding a good insurance company that affordable for me. I understand with me being young and all, but that shouldn’t affect an insurance rate when I been driving for over 3 years now and haven’t been in any accidents. I thought that root would be a great fit for me, but I guess I was wrong. Root was affordable, which is an aspect I like. But they had to collect data from my phone to do a test drive and I was okay with that. All they asked for was to not tailgate, don’t break hard, and focus on driving more then being in the phone. And I did all those things. My score was in good standing, and they told me that it was going to be a 30-day test drive. Why did they deny me insurance on the 9th day? Score still says I was doing good. I contacted Root by email to ask what was going on and what I did wrong, they can’t even correctly tell me. One email says I failed to do a “telematics” test, and the other says they collect data through the app for my driving behavior? Like what? The app clearly says my score is good. So at this point, I’m not sure what to do. Due to a lot of insurance companies not insuring Hyundais or Kias due to the high theft rate. So yeah, I don’t recommend root if you don't want to be disappointed for nothing. Just a waste of time. On the bright side, you do get your money back, and on the dim side, they take away some of it because they “insured” you for a couple of days.. like okay.
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4 years ago, Dawng2579
So convenient!
Honestly I wish I had done this sooner! The app makes everything so easy and convenient. The reason I had decided to download it was because my coworker had a tire go flat at work. She was freaking out and was very concerned that she wouldn’t be able to get home. I asked her if she had roadside assistance and it was like a lightbulb went off in her head! She had forgotten that her new insurance automatically came with it. So together we navigated the app and it was the first time I had heard about Root and I was SO impressed with how easy it was. Just the tap of a few buttons and a guy was there in no time. I must say however the only downfall was the guy just aired up the tire rather than putting on a spare even though she needed the spare put on but luckily that air was enough to get her to a tire place. My only advice is maybe get some sort of grading system for the people that do roadside assistance because the dude was not the nicest. Anyways I decided to download the app. I did the 2 week test drive (came back perfect) and immediately signed up for Root. I went from paying $110 to $60 with more coverage now than before! I’m literally telling everyone about this insurance company. I don’t know if y’all offer rental insurance but you should!
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11 months ago, Hhhhhihg
Almost got kidnapped!!
I recently ended my policy with them and should have a long time ago. I requested road side assistance some time back because my car ran out of gas and it took hours and hours for someone to finally arrive. When the man arrived for roadside assistance he asked me to go with him to the gas station to pay and me never being in a situation like this before thought I guess this is the normal process? Once getting in his car he had an inappropriate sign in the car that made me uncomfortable. Eventually while driving he was missing every turn his gps was directing him and I was so freaked out I considered jumping out the vehicle. Luckily I was able to get him to pull over. All I got was an apology from root! Like what do you mean “sorry that happened to you.” I even had witnesses at the gas station we pulled over to who agreed I was not in a good situation. I don’t even know if they reported the man. They never followed up with me! I should have left root then. Then recently have been having issues with there customer service. Don’t get root. You’ll have trouble getting a hold of anybody too. Their rates aren’t even that good! McKenzie ward an employee is terrible too. Very poor customer service from her. I was lucky if I could get her to respond and she writes at about a 5th grade level if that. She literally lectured me over the phone how busy she is like mam please keep it professional. Just thought she could use a shout out!
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5 years ago, LucidDreamMachine
Sorry USAA, but RIP to the old way...
I have been with Root for about a year now and I have had nothing but good experiences with this company. I left USAA (whom I love and still do business with in other areas) for Root, so that should say something. My wife and I did the initial driving test and passed with flying colors and started up with a rate that did end up saving us more than USAA could save us compared to the competition. With fair analytics and algorithms that look at you as a driver more than everyone else on the road and their statistics, you get a fair monthly rate with incredible services and benefits you’d come to expect from “higher end” insurers. So far in the last year, we’ve had 3 windshield replacements (courtesy of Safelite Auto Glass, whom they partner with) and a tire blow-out that was replaced by fast and efficient roadside assistance. All of these were covered either up front or reimbursed within a couple weeks via check in the mail. Claims are filed in-app and are as simple as taking a pic and submitting a request. The whole process has been eye opening to the whole car insurance market and how archaic it can be. I’m loving this new way of doing things.
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4 years ago, bellsbarista
rough toward the end
we started using root in march. it was cheaper than our previous insurance by $210/month ($584 to $374), plus we paid the price for one month of insurance instead of paying extra as the down payment! they were very understanding throughout the beginning of the pandemic. we still made our payments on time or within the grace period and had a driving score of 10/10. we didn’t drive very much because we lived on site of where we worked. this being said, we never had to file any claims or accidents. when september came around, it was time for our policy to renew. i checked to see if our rate stayed the same or even lowered. it was increased by around 60% (from $374 to $598, which was more than our previous insurance). i was confused, so i went through the FAQs to figure out what was going on. they didn’t answer my questions, so i personally e-mailed an agent. i waited 10 or 11 days before resending my email, only to get a response that they were checking with their team to see if they can explain why my rate changed, but said it would take up to 15 business days. this was a frustrating process from start to finish. we ended up switching to another company yesterday since the payment was coming up and we hadn’t heard anything. our experience was great until the very end. i just think they need to lay off on how much they skyrocket rates at the end of people’s policies.
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3 years ago, Llamaduckturtle
Claims is a nightmare
I got into an accident a month ago. I still have yet to know what my settlement is, where the paperwork is going, if it has even been sent. This has been a complete joke and I regret ever joining this company. My total loss adjuster never answers me emails except for in the middle of the night, my PIP adjuster never answered any emails and then randomly calls one day and says the paperwork was good and went through. I’ve asked so many times if I could take the totaled car off the policy since I’m not driving it and got no straight forward answer. So now I’ve paid for a car that I’m not driving because I don’t trust this company to not be shady about things. When I had State Farm, my accident was done and cleared within a week. Totaled, paid off, and claims done in a week. There is absolutely no reason why this has taken almost a month to be resolved. I’m disappointed and upset that this is what has happened. I’ve dished out money for this stupid company on a car I’m not driving and my adjusters don’t have the decency to keep me in the loop. I have to call and email numerous times for even a basic response. This company is complete crap and once my claim is done, which will probably be in another 10 years, I’m leaving and never coming back. I’ve also already emailed the company about this complaint and haven’t heard back either. What a shock.
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5 years ago, BlakeTyler800
Test drive is not free!
I wanted to give this a try, because I’ve been seeing ads for this everywhere and in concept it sounds like a good idea. However, they make you switch to their insurance in order to do the test drive which will give you the final quote. While they did match my current insurance companies 6 month premium for the initial test drive period, I do not immediately want to immediately cut ties with them because I have boat, and renters insurance bundled through them which I am getting discounts from (and additionally, if I cut ties and join root, there’s even a possibility that they will raise my premium if I don’t score well on the test drive, and i’ll have to go back to my previous insurance company anyways!). Also, they give an option to stick with my current insurance company but also accept their mandatory insurance in order to do the test drive (but who in their right mind would simultaneously pay for two car insurance policies on the same car when it’s not guaranteed that your final root premium will be lower after the test drive). I do not understand why I can’t do the test drive without switching to their insurance. They should offer an option to do the test drive, but not be insured through them during the process. If you have your car insurance bundled with other things in your current policy (which you are receiving discounts from), do not give root a chance. What a shame!
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6 years ago, Derpalo
Good concept, not well applied
I think Root has great potential, so far the app was simple and interesting idea to me, to be given a quote actually based on your driving just like it should be, and I did the test drive of 2-3 weeks and now I finally got my quote only to be disappointed to have waisted my time and hopes up. I got a quote of 313 dollars just for state requirements monthly when in the test drive I was able to get a 8 as my driving score. I felt disappointed because I actually pay about 120 dollars for insurance monthly so my current insurer is actually giving me a much better deal than Root promised to be. I don’t think that the app is being completely unbiased when it Gave me my quote, I think because of the fact that since Im an 18 year old driver and because most teenagers and younger adults like me tend to be the bad drivers, but I never thought that would be a problem since I am currently about to be a college student who works a part time job and of course was looking to get the best deal in insurance and what better place to look than an app that insures based on driving experience and good driving? I hope In the future maybe i could get a lower quote as I truly thought I’d find a better quote here where a company insurer might see that i am actually a good driver, instead of the reckless driver that most people my age are
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4 years ago, D-Wonder22
Root for the win!
First things first, i’m going to start this off by saying I could honestly care less about anything negative that anybody has to say about Root! I’ve been with this insurance company for exactly 4 days and today my car stopped on me in the middle of an intersection and I live in Las Vegas, Nevada bro. I’m writing this June 17th and if you’re from Vegas you should know how hot it is around this time of year! I called roadside assistance via the Root app and they dispatched an outside vendor to come and tow me back to my apartment with Real time updates as to when they were going to arrive and after my experience with the personnel who gave me the tow I can honestly say that Root must truly care about their customers because he was so friendly and when we got back to my apartment we had to put my car in the back of my unit and he helped me push it into my space! I would definitely recommend anybody get insurance through Root becauseI had seen mixed reviews about them but this is done away any skepticism I may have had! All you have to do is be a good driver and you’ll save money on your insurance and they actually help you in a time of need!
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12 months ago, Ramo95@
Not very reliable
The app seems great upon first look. But honestly root will cancel your insurance for any and everything. No extension available to pay at later date so if you pay late they automatically cancel your insurance and wont allow you to restart for a year, Supposedly. After a year they still will not allow me to use insurance. Sometimes the app loadsa quote for me and sometimes it claims nothing can be offered to me at this time. Customer service agents are kind and respectful but ultimately cannot offer any assistance. They can only tell you, that whatever message appears on the app that’s what goes… I am ultimately dissatisfied and disappointed with root. I saw potential with them but after the faulty app and zero support from agent. I cannot recommend this to anyone. It’s cheaper insurance for a reason. You will get exactly what you pay for. Little to no actual insurance and no help if your ever in an accident root will most likely just cancel your policy and never cover you again. Please look elsewhere Most positive reviews are from people who have only had the app and service for a month. Basically brand new customers who have yet to see what happens. Again great idea and seems nice at first. But root insurance will disappoint you when you need them most 💯
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5 years ago, Tahir223
BEST CHEAP RATES! Easy quick set up
Root is the best insurance company on the market today. I’m a 23 year old male driver whose never been in a accident or gotten a ticket. who doesn’t do a whole lot of driving i drive a couple minutes to get to work and make a couple trips throughout the month to go to the movies or out to dinner or something. I have a buddy who is the same age as me and has been in 3 accidents and guess what HIS PROGRESSIVE RATE IS THE EXACT SAME AS MINES!! Ridiculous, i should not be paying the same amount, 280$, with root my payment is now 148$ with the same coverage. No longer do you have to call and go through a whole interview with a insurance agent and answer a million questions just for them to quote you the same rate they quoted someone they were just on the phone with. Root really tailors you’re rate based on your driving skill which is a HUGE advantage over most other companies. Set up is easy almost everything can be found within the app, including roadside assistance, towing, spare tire installation. They even make it to where you can actually customize your rate to fit your budget and your needs. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND ROOT !
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6 years ago, happy test driver
Pretty simple and great price
The test drive was a little nerve raking because my coworker almost always drives to lunch. After he made my score go down some, I wised up and started driving. The only issue I have for this is the “consistency” rating. I live in Houston and we always have stop and go traffic. It did ding me for that, but still got approval. I’m saving almost $800 a year for slightly better coverage than I had with Geico. Most insurance carriers are raising their rates in the Houston area due to recent flooding. I looked to add a new car to my policy and they wanted to raise my premium $60/month for a new car! That’s when I started looking and found Root. I made sure to read reviews, both of the app and of the claims process and decided to make the switch today. I decided on the 6 month up front payment and I’m saving an additional 20%, meaning monthly it is $93 versus Geico $150. I don’t have any at fault wrecks or tickets in the past 8 years, so I decided geico got enough of my money. I would say take the test drive and see if you qualify, nothing hurts in seeing if they can save your money in the long run.
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4 years ago, Tristan496
Discriminatory against First Responders
I am an EMT on an ambulance which requires what the test drive would consider “risky driving”. For example, the ambulance will undergo hard braking, quick accelerations, sudden turns, etc. All is done with due regard for the safety of the public and ourselves on the ambulance. However, the test drive can not be turned off during my working hours. I also cannot control when I am in the back of the ambulance and my partner may be driving. The test drive is picking up all of this data for times when I am not driving my personal vehicle and the driving circumstances are different than regular driving patterns. I have a spotless driving record, never been involved in an accident, and never even been pulled over by a police officer. According to the app, I am a risky driver and uninsurable by Root. When I called customer service they also banned me from ever applying for insurance through them again saying my drivers license number was recorded in their system and flagged. Very unimpressed by the customer service. I would have loved to pursue other options for car insurance. It is a shame that Root will not be a future option for myself. Moral of the story: if you are a first responder and might have the slightest chance of driving emergent, don’t waste the 2 weeks of time and the waste of battery from this energy consuming app.
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2 years ago, LadySlan
a scam and they are deleting negative reviews
i recently realized i still had this companies app after switching companies a few months ago. i vividly remember being so angry they raised my monthly rate by $50 without even so much as a traffic ticket and a near perfect driving score- on a car i drive once a week IF THAT, i left a one star review saying all this and that another company major insurance company quoted me a rate $20 cheaper. guess who’s review is no longer here? if you guessed mine, you would be correct. they removed my previous 1 star review and i hate this company so much i’m willing to take my precious time to write another one. stay away from this company. they quote a great starting price, but after the first year- even if you’re a perfect driver they WILL raise your rate with barely any notice. when you ask why they’ll say it’s “state expenses” and that they have no choice. which is wild, because again another MAJOR insurance company (flo- as a hint) has quoted me $20 cheaper in rates. interesting how a larger company with more employees, better customer service, and better coverage can somehow afford to operate in my state without these so called fees being passed to me with zero notice AND give me a cheaper rate. i tried root twice and regretted it each time. stay away from this scam of a company.
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3 years ago, Jagrmeisters
They used to be fair
I’ve been Root for a little bit now I think since 2017, when I first bought my car with everything maxed out it was $89 I couldn’t believe it. But since that time I’ve had to downgrade my insurance and I’m still at almost $200 now!!! I would say, get a insurance company that’s willing to work with you. Root does not work with you at all! Every insurance company I have ever been with they’ve always giving me some sort of discount or, hey you’ve been a customer for a long time let me take care of you. Nope not Root I really don’t think they care to be honest. But if you’re able to get a great rate I would say stick with them for about six months and then leave, otherwise they’re going to be taking advantage of you. Oh yeah by the way I’ve never had an accident or ticket that would cause this huge increase. But always remember they will NOT work with you on pricing. I also like to mention, they never give you straight data on why your prices are increased this is why I think it’s a bait and switch type program because they get you with that initial first good deal and then they increase your premiums by double, as they did with me.**update** Liberty Mutual is $25 lower and slightly better coverage also Rory did nothing about me leaving or the fact that I was a member since 2017
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4 years ago, Annette_NMK
I never leave reviews, this is my first one ever. But Root really is that good. My car flooded not once but TWICE because of a hurricane and a flash flood overnight (I live in the coastal south.) Root was supportive, accessible, and helped me get my car fixed. They covered everything at the repair shop. Even when the shop made a mistake, Root still covered it and I had nothing to stress about. It was easy and painless, I still reminder the guys name I talked to because he was so helpful and put me at ease- Ryan Grant. My roommate pays double what I pay and I have WAY better coverage than her. My friends are all jumping on Root when I show them how much I pay and my coverage. They can’t believe it. When I first heard about Root, I thought “this is too good to be true.” But it’s not, the catch is you really have to be a good driver. I do know a few people that have failed it and that’s why their system works. If you’ve read this far and you truly are a good and safe driver and are looking to save money- Root is for you. And soon enough you’ll be posting a review too and telling everyone and their mama ;)
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2 years ago, MyraB123
Root is Amazing
Honestly I had my doubts, it seemed like an insurance that was too good to be true. I joined Root when I was 27. I was having a hard time finding an insurance company that didn’t charge me $200 a month. I got into a small accident when I was 19 and 2 tickets for being on the phone. But still after 8 years my rates never changed. So I decided I might as well give root a try after my insurance company dropped me for after a small hit on another car that cost them less than $600 to fix. I’m really happy I did, I am paying less than $150 a month now and I love it. I love how they give you the driving test to really see the kind of driver you are. I’ve had a great experience with them and plan on being with them for a long time. I hope you give them a try too, you won’t be disappointed and you’ll save so much money compared to these other companies that are supposed to help you save. I especially recommend to younger independent people who have a hard time finding a good rate just because of their age.
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6 years ago, Jay9739
Be careful as they are not transparent
It’s not the first time I see an insurance provider is trying to adopt technology with the traditional ways to offer a service which is unique and affordable but this one unlike others are telling you just a small portion of all you need to know. The one star rating is what they deserve for the app that you can check your driving style and find out if there’s an area you need to try more but what if it ended up with a high score and they are still believing that it’s not for you?! I am trying to give anyone of you guys out there to give a head up as they are not just looking at the way you are driving but on top of that, how often you drive and where. The answers to these questions are way more important to them than how you did pass the test drive so if you really desperate in getting a great offer and you are a professional driver or someone who drive a lot whenever you drive, just try to either shut your phone down or don’t even bring it with you. For people who are not honest and transparent, I believe, we have to react the same way but in general it’s always like an insurance company who is better to know as minimum as possible. I know these people are issuing policies with discount and if you are desperate to get one (I wasn’t and thank goodness) I just gave you the hint.
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4 years ago, Fannese
During this Covid-19 pandemic, like many I was unable to work and found myself barely having enough money to eat and pay bills. I couldn’t afford to keep my currently policy so I went on a search for a less expensive option. I found Root. I paid for 30 day auto insurance policy up front as required. The company requires you to take a test drive for 30 days. During that time you will be scored on your driving. Then the company will let you know if they can continue to cover you. The whole time I’ve been seeing “Good job” messages on the score board. According to the app, if you are in the green you’re doing good, red means bad. I’ve been in the green the entire time. I have 6 days left to test drive and I receive an email saying that my policy is being cancelled for failing to achieve minimum telematics score. I immediately called to ask what that meant. The company rep that answered my call said the company doesn’t tell them what that means and he doesn’t know what that means or why my policy was cancelled. So now I’m uninsured, out of the money I paid and my policy was cancelled early with no offer of a refund of the difference. Root preys on those that don’t have a lot of money to pay up front for auto insurance by offering incredibly low prices. I was scammed by this company. DO NOT USE ROOT INSURANCE!
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3 years ago, Niplesnigha
Root = GOAT Insurance Comapny
Well the title basically says it all, I am a 18 year old male so you can probably guess how bad the rates are for me on any other company but Root. Before this I only even got quotes for about 3-6 insurance companies trying to see if one of them would give me a rate I can actually afford. I only got liability, but I love that I can change my plan anytime I want to full coverage for just a little under double the rate I pay for liability which is only $68. This is a crazy low rate compared to the other companies that were trying to get me for $350 a month on just liability. And full coverage was like $680 a month so obviously I couldn’t afford that, but thankfully we’re in an era of technology that allows a company like Root to give us rates based on how we actually drive. Also, I do have to say that I thought Root was a scam or something at first glance, but after looking into them they are a 100% legit company and I hope they stick around forever to save me and my family money. Big ups for the da boys and girls at Root.
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6 years ago, ibrake4tanks
I have been in 2 incidents first one was someone hit me and it was to the point I gave up because it was a dent. Second claim was my fault and I’m trying to get it resolve! I pay for premium where it’s maxed out and I can’t get answer the phone for 1 week after I file a claim. So I posted something negative on Facebook and they got back to me right away and someone called to tell me someone else will be taking care of it. Are you kidding me! I’m about to file a complaint with BBB. I rather pay more with better claims service from a different company. If you read all the reviews for claims they are awful. I have yet to find 1 good review about their claims. And if you look at the negative reviews it the same response “We’re so sorry to hear about your accident. We're working diligently to improve our claims process and have passed along your review to our colleagues in Claims. We hope you have a resolution soon. Thanks.” All they do is copy and paste. They truly don’t care. I have seen claims where it’s taking over months to get resolve. That’s a nightmare I don’t want to be in. I’m telling my friends and family to stay away. And that is why I am writing this review. I never thought I would be in an accident but it happens. And this is the most stressful situation I don’t want anyone to go through!
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4 years ago, EGGish2112
Just false
I downloaded root which seemed like ages ago, and I was relieved to see it may be something new! I’ve had sky high car insurance since my first accident and I’m a teenage male so you can guess why. I was look upwards to 300 just for liability only! So I wanted to get something different. It had been a year since my accident and I learned more and more how to drive safely and so I started the test drive. My first complaint is the fact that after it had been the 3-4 weeks... my test drive never rendered as done. I contacted root and received delayed responses and excuses and after I was told the issue was solved I got back on only to find the app saying there was an error and to contact customer support.. again. After everything worked.. finally. I was just hit with more disappointment. The exact same as my insurance I had, more so in fact. Reaching upwards of 400 dollars. I was obviously under the impression this app does not discriminate against age or gender in determining you score but I guess I’m still too much of a liability to get affordable insurance. Now as I said this was months ago and I don’t write bad reviews because let’s be honest, who cares? You’ll download the app anyways. But for the one person who reads this.. please don’t waste your time.
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5 years ago, Pallaium
There are so many things I love about this app. Firstly I am 22 and decided to give this app a chance and take the “first steps of adulthood” and get my own insurance. I was told time and time again (even by insurance agencies I called for a quote) that I should stay on my parents insurance for as long as possible because it was going to be more expensive. I still went through the test drive and got an AMAZING quote that was half the price of being on my parents insurance! I was so happy! The next thing I love about this app is you do the test drive for around three weeks (which is the time it takes to form a habit) and practice keeping your phone away and driving a little bit more carefully than you normally would to get a good rate, and those habits have stuck with me! I (who treats their phone like an appendage) now have created a habit of starting up my music before I start driving and leaving my phone alone while I’m driving, which is something I am very happy about. Thank you root for saving me money and making me safer!
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4 years ago, blakbuda
Thought it was complete scam but hear me out
So I needed car insurance and quickly. I heard about root years ago. Finally get all my quotes from various other insures, gave root a shot as my last hope to not drain my pockets, quoted 80$ a month "I'll take that!!!" I send the money and get my policy only to find out after 30 days of driving it'd going to be readjusted to how well you drove within the 30 Day Test Dr. And I can either increase greatly or decrease greatly or stay about the same, I automatically regretted my decision to give route insurance a try and thought it would be impossible to hit a 10 out of 10 score and I would be paying $300 a month for insurance.I go with it anyway convincing myself that by the end of the driving course test. Even if I had a 10 out of 10 I will still have a car insurance quote well above $80 a month but I did my 10 out of 10 score and the rate dropped below $75 for the entire policy itself so if you’re skeptical about root insurance don’t be I was terrified. But they are trust worthy!!!
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5 years ago, ImPharaoh
Not worth the time
I’ve heard of root from a few other people who were tying it out. My past payments with State Farm wasn’t too bad, but who doesn’t want to save money even more on insurance payments right? Well I decided to try it out and even the app seemed easy and user friendly with a couple cool options. Anyway during the so called review I noticed that my driving progress to a 6 and said good for the majority of the 3-4weeks. I drive a lot to get to and back from work, and I’m very good. I don’t have any caused accidents on any of my past insurance records. The app always said I was in the “good” area but the gauge never seemed to move. Well today I see that Root has taken another payment out of my account without my say so. So I opened the app to see why that was, and kinda assumed it was because I was approved for that rate...well that wasn’t the case. I was told that they’re not a good fit for me and I had to cancel either now or in a couple of weeks, but either way they won’t insure me. But they sure still took that money out of my account before stating this. I emailed them to see if we can at least resolve this payment issue but of course was told that it may take up to 48hrs to get a response. Hopefully this review helps anyone considering switching insurance.
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4 years ago, Bridget2991
I switched to Root and it was way cheaper and better coverage for the first 6 months then after 6 months when it was renewal time I thought nothing of it cause no accidents no changes at all no tickets literally everything was the same from when I first signed up my driving report card was the same everything including my coverage i didn’t raise my coverage or lower it but somehow my rate tripled I called and asked and they said it was the government’s fault so I canceled and went back to Geico and the moment I did that then all the sudden I had a referral credit so I asked the person I referred when they tried out Root and they said they tried it out 3 months before right after I referred them so I feel like they held back my referral credit until I canceled cause they say it only takes after your referral finishes their test thing which only takes a month. So idk why my rate went up they told me they didn’t know and that they didn’t have underwriters so I asked who decides the rates and they said they do and said so someone has to be able to tell me why my rate went up and all I got in response was it’s because of the government and I asked what that meant and the rep said she didn’t know so I can’t recommend this company at all
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4 years ago, Static on the radio
Predatory Practices and Terrible Service
I joined Root just over a year ago as the first insurance I’d have for my car. The initial week I was careful to maintain a perfect scorecard for driving, literally 10/10. They then go and raise my rate up $40 from the initial quote, even though by all measure they gave I showed them a flawless report card. Then six months later, we are in the pandemic and they raise my rates another $20. I don’t mind much at the time as I know that rates change. Here we are 6 months after that and it has gone up another $20, now more that $80 more than what Root told me I would be paying monthly. Due to the pandemic I have lost my job in the food industry twice, and after the second increase I reached out over email to try to work something out and possibly lower my rate while I struggle to even pay rent. The responses over email I got essentially told me that they weren't going to do anything. This is of course after several emails of them not addressing my actual issues I came to them with. Terrible customer service. Deceptive and predatory. Absolute trash. Avoid Root insurance like the plague... or I guess to be more relevant, avoid it like your insane COVID denying relatives. If I could give 0 stars I would.
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4 years ago, ChrisGotScrewed
Artless Scam of an App
I cannot stress this enough: do not use this app’s driving safety assessment... Not only does this function track movements of your phone to determine distracted driving and hard braking to - they claim - reward safe drivers. It does so without explaining how it determines whether you are the driver or the passenger in a vehicle. As if that’s not enough of a rogering for consumers, as I neared the end of my 30 day assessment cycle, I happened to not drive that often. In checking my “results” that last week in preparation for paying my premium, I saw that one of the metrics they score jumped FOUR points after days of not driving. Even worse, in checking the last two days of my assessment period - again, days I did not drive - my overall score dropped a full point with no new input over those final two days. The end result was that the rate I had paid for my first month, which was already higher than my prior policy with the assurance that that was the worst case scenario and would drop to represent their savings claims, actually jumped about 20% after that mysterious drop in my score. If you want to get screwed, this is the place for you. If you expect a company’s advertising to contain a little corporate integrity...definitely try another company!
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5 years ago, c- breazy
Hands down, no doubt, Root is the best!
Root is awesome! I just saved $36 a month on the exact same coverage that I had with progressive. The only difference? Root has roadside assistance included! I couldn’t believe it I was shocked, I went from $86 down to $50. The only downside of this application is that it takes time to get your quote. The bad part about that is once you get your quote you are going to wish you had found Root sooner. The reasoning and great thing about it taking awhile is, that’s how you know your insurance is custom made to your specific driving profile and not grouped into a most people category. People should pay based on how they drive instead of being affected and reaping bad consequences for someone else’s driving profile or a populations average. Also people that claim to be good drivers can finally test to see if they really are good and bad drivers can see where they need improvement. Thank you Root, way to stick with the times, you’re are a modern day genius!😎👍
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5 years ago, lil figger
Cannot change payment frequency
With their app you cannot change your payment frequency from once every 6 months to monthly. I made the mistake of paying my entire policy the first time, since I had my tax refund available. I contacted them numerous times to change my payment frequency and they repeatedly told me I could do that myself in their app. There is nothing for me to click on the payment frequency tab. It only tells me my payment is due every 6 months! I checked my email this afternoon and, since I got paid Friday afternoon, they had emailed thanking me for my payment!!! They took out the entire 6 months which only left me with $38 in my account for my electric and water bill, groceries, gas to get to work, getting my car tagged, transferring my driver’s license, paying credit card and computer bills. Needlessly to say I am infuriated because I could NOT afford to make that entire payment!!! Others charge more but have more options and will work with you on making payments and make changing stuff easy. When I start making more money (hopefully next month) I will cancel my policy with them and never use or recommend them again! Also shortly before my renewal came due my score dropped from 10/10 to 6/10...... odd
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5 years ago, fillmytummy
Not as advertised
I’m giving this car insurance a bad review, because their integrity to what they advertise is questionable. They give you a low rate and just being with them a little over 6 months I’m experience an increase in my price. Being that your rate should be in correlation to your driving, my driving has being excellent with this company, a rating of 10 out of 10 and rather than being rewarded for my good driving, as they advertise, it is vice versa. When I reached out to them, regarding this concern and disagreement I had, I basically get “oh well, deal with it”. It was handled in an unreasonable and black and white manner. As pointed, their integrity does not stand by what they represent. I would like to add that they state there is many reasons ones rate can change. Apparently reasons have come to raise my rate and then when I ask why, there is no explanation to what those reasons are. They say they give you a customised rate, but raise the price for other reason which doesn’t adhere to this so called customised rate. This doesn’t feel like a good driver reward or a means to insure good drivers, so that one doesn’t have to pay for the accidents of bad drivers or whatever others mysterious reasons there could be. This doesn’t seem to stand by what is said.
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2 years ago, RSD Games
Good insurance app but prices could be better
Overall rating 3.5/5 a 4 would be great and a 5 would be excellent. Root just doesn't make it that far up. App is good. Easy to use. Everything you need right there. Price: You should really shop around insurance though. Started small $120 a month then progressively got higher and higher over a 3 year period. My current plan is 189 and renewal went up to 216. Plan price was $900 for 6 months. I found Allstate with $554 for 6 months. Nearly half the cost for the same options. Just be aware. Claims: Not too terrible. I've dealt with worse insurance people. The claims folks are pretty hard to get ahold of. Also if you file a claim. Make sure you call the claim agent. I waited 4 hours for a call and they never called so you gotta do the calling. Potential fixes: Hire better quality claim reps. Some aren't good at customer service. Despite what going rates are and what other companies do, set the bar even higher and undercut the other insurance companies even more say $50 insurance and promises of insurance not being raised. I might come back then
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5 years ago, BillXuFromMD
It beats my previous premium
First of all, it does beat my previous insurance cost, and thus I ended up switching to Root. Good work for them! However, regarding to the test driving feature, I don’t really think it worked as well as customers expect. The biggest problem I had was that it couldn’t tell whether you’re the driver or passenger. Although Root claims that the app could tell the difference, but I really don’t believe it. You can claim points for each trip you drive, and that’s how I figured that out — it detected “trips” even when I parked and ride with public transportation, or ride in my coworkers’ car for lunch. But meanwhile, I don’t really think the test driving scores are making huge difference to you premium. Although I couldn’t prove that, but I believe this driving score is more of a marketing trick for Root. Unless you’re really driving horribly, I don’t think you will get a quote much higher than others, or even get denied, so don’t worry too much about it. One more thing, don’t count on them to cancel your old policy on time. Do it yourself.
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4 years ago, Carol DC
Saved my family and I in scary situation!!
I unexpectedly ran out of fuel when my vehicle’s gas gauge showed I had thirty miles left to drive and I had NONE. Well, I was in my car with my two sons under four years old and the car sputtered and jerked until I got us to a safe spot on the side of the road. Didn’t know what to do as I usually would’ve called AAA but I cancelled my membership when joining Root because Root said they offered roadside assistance. I definitely was thinking I had made the wrong decision but went into the Roof app to file a claim to get assistance. I never would’ve thought they’d have been so helpful but they went above and beyond and the sharp-thinking of the Root representative in the moment saved my family and I and I couldn’t be more grateful. I will recommend Root to anyone and everyone I meet. I hope they continue their great work because my family and I now feel 100% safe knowing they are the insurance company behind us. KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK, ROOT!!!
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2 years ago, Anti-Root
WORST insurance company ever
Have you been stranded in the side of the road on a cold night? You expect your insurance to send someone to help.. does ROOT.. NOPE . They let you stay stranded because they cannot find a reasonable price from a local tow company that they deal with.. they say. Sorry you can try to handle it meanwhile you sit in the cold at night in the highway… Better yet.. has someone crashed into your vehicle and you report a claim the same day.. you expect your insurance to call immediately or soon.. does ROOT do that? NOPE. The police had to call the tow company.. then after the day comes to an end there’s no contact just an email with a request of pictures… you get contacted the next day right!? You have to you have no vehicle , no update.. wait !! They don’t do that either.. So I call to see what’s going on.. oh they can’t answer because of a meeting. Next day! That’s 3rd day. Does ROOT CALL? Nope.. they want you to suffer… so you call again angry and frustrated because where is the insurance company you dump your money into?? Nowhere to be found. Just like to play roundabout games .. they are horrible and recommended everyone stay away . Unless you like to suffer
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4 years ago, brian scott curry
Partner options to share the same
I can’t say insurance has ever paid me on a claim pre-existing condition of my vehicle needing maintenance by the previous insurance given by Credit Acceptance. I am personally horrified by the loss of my previous insurance named Progressive. I personally need Commercial Auto insurance for my business called Bee Mobile LLC. The ability to see that returning to Parker Insurance for a refund Progressive even sent me to collections for stolen vehicles. I still should sue somebody for taking advantage of me being on disability. Maybe I should go check into a hospital everybody has used me. I know last night going to Walmart they have cameras that screwed me out of a phone card for 3 months of phone service. Though not relevant, root insurance did send the SR-22 paperwork that progressive didn’t so other than having the ability to pay by eft option or logging of your phone app. If someone else is driving while your in the vehicle it’s messing with your rating.
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4 years ago, AIRRIAH
It was good, at first.
I got this insurance as my first insurance company. At the time it was the cheapest option for me. At my renewal periods every time the price just kept going up until it was at 180$ for a older car and I’ve had no accidents and not tickets or anything! I couldn’t understand why it was going up. I emailed to ask why it went up the first time and it had to do with rates in my area. (nothing based on my driving like it says) there are many people in my area on root and theirs were going down while mine was going up which didn’t make sense. I stayed with root because i liked it. But, it went up again! This time I didn’t get a response from cs. Well, this month I got a new car, 2020, so I knew it was going to go up. They were charging me $213 I had no rental coverage and I had to lower a lot to pay the price that wouldn’t be to bad for me. Well, I did a quote with Geico and I actually have rental service now and I pay 154. I think that’s the lowest I have. I loved root at first but it just kept going up and didn’t work for me anymore. Keep that in mind!
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3 years ago, Ä.M.
Terrible customer service... among other things
I paid 440 dollars for 6 months of insurance on my Honda Civic and that was awesome to find insurance that cheap. Then it says it wants me to drive around and get data and it tells me that im going to be tracked all the time. Thats not going to happen... I have 2 different cars my daily civic and another that i take to the racetrack. I dont want them raising my rates because i drive my other car hard at the track. Once i figured out they were going to be tracking my every move, I immediately cancelled the policy. I cancelled it some time last week and still have not gotten my pro-rated refund. That refund should be close to the full amount because the car was insured for literally 15 minutes. I have contacted them multiple times about it the past week with no response. But then they send me an email that says something like “your driver score came back would you like to see the results”. That was AFTER i cancelled the policy. They are going to send me an email that says that but they wont reply to my previous emails. I am very disappointed, and i should have read the reviews. Dont get this insurance if you like good customer service.
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6 years ago, Frompatotx
Great app with an awesome concept.
Been using this app for maybe 2-3 weeks now. There are pros and cons but definitely a lot more pros than cons here with this app. Let's start with what I liked first and then what I did not like. Pros: Safety and driving score feature measuring Consistency, Time of Day (Safe Hours), Braking, and Turning. This all has helped me with my driving behaviors and with road awareness. Another thing I like a lot is how easy it is to enter information into the app to start up. Referral bucks are awesome too. The best perk? The potential savings on car insurance alone. Cons: I wished there was a way to signify that you are either a driver or a passenger so it doesn't affect your scores. My braking score got affected because of this alone. Like a switch would work or a popup asking if we are a driver or a passenger. Granted, there should be a two-factor authentication to prove that we are the passenger incase anyone tries to commit fraud. There are times where I think my scores aren't being measured properly too. Also, another thing is that the system glitched on me when I tried replacing my vehicle as I just got a new car. It would say my current VIN on my car would be the old car's model instead of the new one. Edit: Found out after driving for 3 weeks with a 10/10 score that I didn't qualify. Feels bad, man. Overall, an excellent addition and it is definitely a great innovation to the auto insurance game. Thanks, Root.
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6 years ago, Dullyrauf
Excellent Insurance Company (Recommend)
I had a hard time because of few incidences I had on my driving record. I was paying $315 from my previous insurance and they said thats the best they could do 🙄. But my driving is good. My friend recommended this insurance to me and I downloaded the app thinking that it will be a scam like the others drove it for couple weeks and baam I had my quote yesterday and I am paying a little over half of what i was paying before. I was so amazed because The previous insurance made me think that i would be paying that much for rest of my policy no matter what insurance i will have. I still cant believe i am paying this low it made my life SO MUCH EASY thank you Root .I hope nothing changes and its true like it is. And by the way Root need to be advertised more a lot of people in Canton dont know about This insurance. I mean i told friends and family but its not enough i feel like there should be more advertising on this insurance
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6 years ago, evanlang
Great insurance
I have never ever written a review for anything. I had to write this review as I am very satisfied with my experience with root insurance. As a 20 year old male insurance can be quite expensive. Modern insurance companies mainly quote you on your age, credit score, gender, and marital status. Not Root, root actually quotes you more so on how you actually drive. I started my test drive with root insurance and after a few days I received my first score and it was a 10/10. I was surprised as I didn’t think I was that great of a driver but I knew I wasn’t bad. About 2 weeks later I received my quote and was very satisfied with I received. To put it into perspective I was using progressive and had basic liability and a $500 deductible for comprehensive and all my other coverages were basic as basic could be for the state of KY. I was paying $190 a month for basic insurance! With Root I am now paying $167 for almost entirely the max coverage you can get. I have $100 deductibles and max coverage. I even have the rental car coverage. For $167 a month for a 20 year old male? That unbeatable. I went from paying $190 a month for legal minimum coverage to $167 for almost max coverage. Liability was about $100 a month but I wanted more. I am very happy with Root and will be forever a long happy customer with them. I am so relieved to actually have great car insurance at such a great rate. I will be referring Root to everyone. Thank you so much Root!
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4 years ago, ydhjhfbf
I don’t have the best driving history due to some bad luck. I was getting quoted as high as $800 plus a month for insurance..obviously I can’t afford that! Prior to Root and, I’m ashamed to admit it, I drove un insured. But root analyzed my driving and gave me a monthly of $130! That I can work with!!! I’ve had to sue there includes road side assistance 3 times and it was an absolute breeze with the app, they do all the back end and you just click a couple buttons on what’s going on (flat tire/ dead battery/ out of gas) and they send someone straight to you usually within a hour. And anyone who’s had to get a tow before knows how many hours you can potentially sit there waiting for them to get around to you. I’ve also had to fail a claim for a fender bender where I was backed into and they had my back every step of the way. I’m sold, this is definitely a great insurance company! I’d tell anyone give it a try, it’s free and see what they can offer you!
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6 years ago, VietnamBoi
Waste of time
Getting started was super easy. Used it for the first week or 2 not bad. But there is a couple of unfair thing that I would like to mention. When it come to braking that easy, but when there’s other rude driver requiring you to brake like crazy, just ruins your braking score. The more safe I try to be the more my score drops. Secondly I drive with my phone next to the cup holder with tend to moved around often but mostly sits still. And when I’m riding with someone it’s in my pocket which does the exact same, so it thinks I’m driving. And lastly false advertisement, because they said they will cover “good” driver. My score was around a 6 & 7 with they said is good. After finishing my test they said it’s best if I look for another provider. So if you expect me driving safer than a uber driver and sometime extra safe with my newborn brother in the car would be cover by root, don’t bother. But if you do, think of how drivers are in your city or state and if you have friend or family that drives unsafe and you know you’ll be riding with them. But if your city has good drivers and only you’ll be in a car driver then go for it.
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4 years ago, Coolguyjones
Random increase in bill and terrible costumer service.
Root was able to save me about 20$ a month so I switched over but it was a huge mistake. In the 6 months I have had root I have attempted to contact costumer service 3 times and have not been able to get to a real person or get real responses the entire time. The very rare occasion you actually hear back from them all you get is an email with a response directly copied and pasted from the FAQ. And if you try to respond to that email to get more information they won’t respond. It’s very annoying. Also after 6 months they increased my bill from $90 to $150. I have been attempting to get into contact with them for the last month to ask why and have gotten no response. Almost every other insurance company is lowering rates during this pandemic because accidents are way down and people are driving way less but root increased by $60 and refused to tell me why. I was hopeful for this tech startup but it looks like they are way out of their league. I would never want to have to depend on this company if I was in a accident. I wouldn’t recommend root to anyone and have actively talked people out of switching.
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4 years ago, Katherina1919
Demanded payment during COVID-19
When COVID-19 happened my husband lost his job and I was not working due to being temporarily disabled ( so no unemployment for me). Root insurance differed our payment until all of the sudden (July 1) I received the email saying that from now one we will have to start paying our bill. I called Root insurance and their representatives told me that we have to start paying for the insurance because our state went to the next state of reopening. I explained that because the state has reopened doesn’t mean that everyone got their job back ( in fact non of our friends got their job back). My husband doesn’t have a job since March 17 and we still didn’t get our unemployment for 15 weeks already but root insurance didn’t want to hear any of that, they demand that we pay our bill or we don’t have insurance anymore even when I told them that every month we don’t have car insurance DMV charged us 250$, they didn’t care!!! So much for help to people who already struggling!!! Non of our other bills emailed us and demanded payment during this hard times, tells you a lot about how much a company cares about their customers. Shame on you Root Insurance!!!
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4 years ago, Brandt89
Worst Service EVER!
I was first excited to do the test drive, patiently waited and my test drive took longer than normal. Literally almost a full 30 days. After completing the drive it said something went wrong and to call support. I did so. Customer service said I had an old account from 2017. While true root was new at the time and service was not available in my area. So I deleted the app. Well due to that Ild account they told me I would need to create a whole new account, new email and all. Ummm...couldn’t have told me something was wrong earlier. To boot when I had issues and emailed support they NEVER got back to me till an automated email was sent and I replied to to automated email asking if my issue was resolved. It most certainly was not beside you never got back to me. When someone finally did they sent a generic copy and pauses answer, as if they didn’t even read my email so my question wasn’t answered. I’m not going to test a company with my car if they can’t even respond to me in a timely manner. What if I was in an accident!? You trust you would help in a timely fashion then when you can’t respond to simple matters? I think not! Worse service possible.
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6 months ago, zenmasterdu50
Dishonest and lack of communication
Horrible horrible insurance. I get into an accident the day after I switched to them (my luck). Was going to just stick with them until our car had the software updates required for GEICO’s insurance. Worst insurance I’ve ever dealt with. My car is still in the towing company because they have not done their part, even it was confirmed on more than one occasion that I would be owed nothing to get my car. When I get there they said the insurance still had not paid, and that the balance was 1,200$ to get it back with only a few days left until they scrap my car!! On top of that, they have caused the bill to accrue that high since they told me I was unable to remove it since they were waiting on the attorney to look at it to help determine liability. So now I’m on the verge of having my car scraped by towing company because they still have not paid, and am left with a bill of over 1,000$ because they told me I was unable to get my car to preserve the evidence. The fact that they rarely answer their phone and close at 4 just makes it more frustrating to resolve the matter
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