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RootsMagic, Inc
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6 years ago
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9.0 or later
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User Reviews for RootsMagic

3.94 out of 5
228 Ratings
5 years ago, Michelle8888888
Great software, reader app
For anyone who wants to dabble in their family history or gets very serious about genealogy research, RootsMagic software is great. I particularly recommend it for anyone who cares about keeping their information on living individuals private, but still wants to collect that data while they can interview them personally. This app is really only for reading your data, making a portable so we can travel with you. You really need to be on your laptop, or at least a web browser, to enter your data.
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3 years ago, WithBenefits
Great Reader App Only
I am a long-time user of the RootsMagic software. While I generally enjoy desktop software applications that syncs both ways to mobile apps, I find this read-only app should be an exception to the rule. Due to the complexity of linking family relationships, I envision a far greater possibility of unforeseen software problems in trying to two-way sync desktop to a genealogy app—potentially corrupt data files and/or lose invaluable information that taken years to create or capture. I recognize a back-up file may save and allow recovery of a significant amount of genealogy data. As one ages, who would want to recall or recreate any data that were possibly lost. Therefore, it is appropriate Developers keep edit capability within the desktop software or web-based level only and keep this app as a read only capability. I am one user with one viewpoint. If the Developers desire to opt to execute or implement a two-way edit feature, then I will embrace their efforts and hopefully continue to use the product.
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5 years ago, Pip Longstocking
Just fine
While the computer software, Roots Magic, is outstanding, this app is merely serviceable. It's faults have persisted since I began using the app years ago and have never been corrected, which I find odd. The app's structure is not intuitive. Some windows have no back button, so navigation quickly becomes cumbersome. And perhaps most confusing, shared facts are listed not chronologically but at the end of the individual view, yet their dates are deferred to in the summary views. Difficult to explain in this review, because it is so illogical, but it means that one must truly open each individual view and search it even for births, marriage and death dates, instead of trusting the more accessible summary views. Why even have dates in the summaries if they are not correct? It would be nice to have a "favorites" tab, so we wouldn't have to search the entire database by surname, then again by first name, for ancestors we refer to often.
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4 years ago, xplorer3
Syncing problems
I spent hours trying to get this app on my iPhone to sync with the app on my iMac, including three contacts with the support people. First I tried syncing using iTunes, only to find that the RootsMagic instructions are out of date and it CAN’T be synced this way. Then I tried using Dropbox, following RootsMagic instructions. Here I ran into just wouldn’t work. The basic problem was that the instructions did not tell me where to find the data file, and I was mistakenly loading the entire app onto Dropbox. Finally I discovered that I had to go into Finder to locate the data file, and then load that file into Dropbox. This worked. If only the instructions had told me that, it would have saved me hours of frustration.
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2 years ago, Denny1967
RootsMagic 8 Compatible
To make this app work with RootsMagic 8, I changed the file extension on the file in Dropbox from “.rmtree” to “.rmgc”. The app then recognized it. I couldn’t get the RootMagic export to Dropbox function to work on my Mac. So I just copied the database file to the correct Dropbox folder and changed the file extension to “rmgc”. Seems to be working fine.
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2 years ago, ericthebikeman
Works okay for RM7 data RM8 not supported?
The app works fine for viewing data from Roots Magic 7.x when away from home. I have used it a few times to pull up information at family get togethers or phone calls. I probably wouldn’t use it to do much editing even on a larger phone like the iPhone 13 max. However quick updates of the data would probably be fine. As far as I can tell this doesn’t work with RM8 data since the database format changed. I couldn’t get the file to show up from my Dropbox account.
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3 months ago, Heimvision New User
Poor Install Instructions
The instructions within the RootsMagic app refer to features that no longer exist in iTunes. There isn’t an “apps” tab in iTunes and I cannot see RootsMagic in iTunes at all on my computer when my iPhone is connected to my computer. It’s also not clear whether I need a Dropbox account to use RootsMagic. If so, I will be deleting the iPhone RootsMagic app. I don’t need any additional accounts to track. There’s no reason I shouldn’t be able to just drag the RootsMagic file to my device. I’ve been using RootsMagic software on my Windows computers sine 2010. It’s been a good product. But this app so far isn’t working for me.
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6 years ago, dead relative searcher
Perfect, easy-to-use tool for genealogists of all levels
I love Roots Magic and have been using it from the beginning. It has everything I need to keep my findings and research on track. I have over 46,000 people on my tree and it manages that amount of information easily. And great value for your money! A great product that I recommend to my classes.
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6 years ago, Pr WO
It does what it says
This app allows you to view your information from your device, but not change it. It would be helpful if it were more than a reader, but would allow corrections when visiting family across the country. Probably too much to ask.
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6 years ago, GKambitsch
Excellent Off-Line Roots Magic Reader
This app is designed to allow you to view your roots magic files off-line using your smart phone. It does a wonderful job. I love having all that information available in my pocket. I wish it could also edit those files, as I rarely sit at my computer.
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6 years ago, AllenOfPortland
Great for viewing but lacks edit ability
I can’t give it five stars only because it does not yet have the ability to edit or add new persons on IOS. But it’s fabulous to be able to navigate my tree on my iPhone and iPad!
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4 years ago, EricSquire
Only for storing and reviewing
I love the desktop RootsMagic program, but the app is a waste of time. All you can do is review the information from the desktop database! What good is that? You can’t add information or edit anything. I guess is you wanted to show someone your tree it’d be good, they couldn’t mess anything up, but without editing... I have helped them when they had new items to test and have mentioned the app, but still nothing. It’s a shame.
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2 years ago, Flockotiels
I wish I could try it
My tree files that I want to use are all on iCloud, but RootsMagic only offers the option of linking to DropBox (not possible, my DropBox space is used for other things and not enough room for these files) or connection to a pc with iTunes. If they'd allow iCloud instead of Dropbox that would be make it possible for me to look at this application.
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1 year ago, acorn5312
I need help
Hello I have a question I would like to know I entered my email in the app and I exited out on the subscription part and I didn’t add a card or anything would I be ok or how do I unsubscribe?
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6 years ago, SagamoreMan
The RootsMagic app is a handy tool
I use this app remotely whenever questions of family history come up with family or when doing research at FHL.
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2 years ago, CowBells
RM version 8.01
This app does not work with the newly released, improved version 8 software, yet.
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5 months ago, Maikataot4
Not as claimed
I just tried to use this app with my RM9 files, and it didn’t recognize the new RM9 file extension, so the claim that it doesn’t require a change isn’t valid. The app told me it had to be in .rmgc format.
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6 years ago, croldawg
Please make this editable on devices!!!!
This would be great to make edits on the go when meeting with family. Please make this happen.
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6 years ago, 2peachy!
Easy to use and fun too! That's why I've been using it and it's previous versions for years! Thanks Rootsmagic!
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3 years ago, Bran321
Desperately Update
incompetent handling of software development. Can you hire some Fiverr programmers to update the app as well as release a new desktop software; maybe the one destined to crawl out some time ago. Do not have anything to do with this software or company if you use a Mac, or care about software quality really.
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5 years ago, Snickshift
Not what I expected.
No instructions. No help file. Completely unresponsive. I just says “Choose a Database”, followed by “No Database on file”. How does one load a database before one has created it? I got the app in order to start building one. Like buying a a refrigerator that cannot be opened until it is full of food!
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3 years ago, nuthers
I have RootsMagic on my desktop pc and really like it. I wanted a more portable version to work with on my brand new iPad. I am very disappointed that I cannot edit or add information. Plus the app freezes often. I took it off my iPad as it is useless to me.
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8 months ago, REdgar66
As Usual
I have found that almost every free app related to genealogy searches is never works or at best crashes frequently. This all has not crashed but it also hasn’t worked. One more for the trash bin.
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6 years ago, Ruabelk
The app that does it all
Switched from FTM and never looked back. Support and Facebook forum are the best.
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2 years ago, Rich22578
It looks fun but I need to tell mom to help me with this app
I need to build a royal family of Greece
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10 years ago, Bernfrin
No update for known issue
Since the last update in March, the program has not functioned properly. The app crashes frequently. For certain families, the data doesn't display (data is there but screen is blank). The developer has acknowledged that there are problems, but nothing is being done to correct those problems. This app should be removed from the App Store until the known problems have been corrected. An update has finally been released. This update fixes/corrects the problems that were introduced with the update in March. Hopefully, the developers can now move forward and introduce new features in the next update.
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5 years ago, VKarlosB
Difficult to use
Non-intuitive. Most of the “tools” don’t work. There is no obvious way to make search work. The relationship calculator is inscrutable. This app falls far short of the desktop version. Very disappointing.
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3 weeks ago, Eastside John
Mobile app information doesn’t work
I’m unable to access my database through the mobile app. The link for help is broken.
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3 months ago, Sue4587
Not able to upload from file on drop box
Not able to upload from file on drop box
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1 year ago, Zackyster
iPhones can not get an updated RootsMagic 8 app if they have had a previous older version of RootsMagic 7 or lower 😩😫and the new RootsMagic version file extension is different 😩😢
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4 years ago, mcochegrus
No update for 2 years?
No updates in 2 years??? RootsMagic needs an urgent makeover to work with current technologies in iOS!
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4 years ago, user7496
Please update app. I am new to RootsMagic, but so far I like the desktop version. I would pay $10+ dollars for iOS app if it has same capabilities as desktop version.
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2 years ago, Maximegalon
Won’t even run
Linked to Dropbox, but won’t let me continue “Select a database”. Ok, there is no option to do that.
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3 months ago, nwsounds
Constant Crashes on iPad
Crashes as soon as any database is accessed. Old and not updated. Developers clearly don’t care.
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6 years ago, Gjghjk
App is extremely difficult to use and not remotely user friendly
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5 years ago, crwinfla
RootsMagic iPad/iPhone App
Only thing that could make this app better is to be able to add information to the file.
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1 year ago, sleepyerin
Don’t bother
Old, outdated. Hasn’t been updated in over 5 years.
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4 years ago, Barbj1692
Worthless without iTunes
Can’t even use it now that Apple got rid of iTunes.
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4 years ago, Color me gone
tried using the dropbox method to no avail. will set up files on dropbox but will not seem to find my gedcom file to load it. whats the deal?
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1 year ago, reviewer3.0 aka your fan
How do I cancel subscription
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1 year ago, jlilsis
Can’t get to work. Sincerely, Jana Keesling
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7 years ago, HappyMomof3boys
Works just fine
For what this app is it works completely fine. Remember it is viewer, so you can take your tree with you. You cannot add to it or do research. I have found it handy to have when visiting relatives and needing to look up dates. You have to connect your tree and load the app to Dropbox through roots magic on the computer. There is an option for this in the drop down menu on roots magic. It is very easy to do and I have no idea what all these bad reviews are for. They must not be able to follow directions. I have not tried it through iTunes. I do wish that I could connect through OneDrive or Google Drive because I had to add another syncing service to my computer which I didn't want to do. But I understand about needing to load the database. Hopefully someday they will figure out how to get the app to just need the backup file or something.
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11 years ago, Rephaim
A good start but...
On my iPhone 4, when I opened the app it had a On Device screen with microprint. I can't zoom in nor rotate the screen to make it more readable. I finally figured out that it wanted me to use iTunes and link my desktop's RootMagic data file to the app then sync my iPhone which copied the data file to the iPhone. Next was to touch Files, select On Device and then the data file. Touching View displayed my Pedigree view similar to what I see in RootsMagic. But it's only 6 people high by 2 wide with navigation arrows on each side making it rather difficult to navigate. It'd be nice if I could zoom and rotate the display. There are other views; Family, Descendents, and Individual. Details such as Facts and family are available too. There's no password to view your data and everything in your RM data file is viewable. If you don't want certain data such as on living people, private facts, etc. you'd have to create a new data file in RM without these items. (Export a GEDCOM without the items then import it back to create a new RM file.) It's probably much more useful on an iPad assuming your see more information on its larger screen.
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10 years ago, Bengal cat cool
Great app.
I have both legacy and roots magic on my iPad. The roots magic is a lot more user friendly. The format of the charts is great for looking up things real quick. I have the app on my home computer as well. It is great for taking to the library otherwise I would have to haul huge binders especially if I am doing a lot of research. I haven't had any glitches on my app. I love the program I use it the majority of the time. In rare occasions i do use the legacy but not very often. The formatting is just not user friendly.
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7 years ago, jlamarca
Total Waste - Don't bother
I'm highly experienced at genealogy researcher with decades of experience and am quite computer literate. Although RootsMagic for Windows is an excellent program, trying to share that information with other devices is essentially impossible. I am able to see some data on my iPhone but it is IMPOSSIBLE to connect to the data on my iPad. The fact that the people at RootsMagic refuse to all devices to share on ANY cloud storage system is beyond comprehension. RM REQUIRES that data be share ONLY with Dropbox is outlandish; however, even then I can't connect with anything other than my phone. They claim that iTunes may also be used but that can oly occur if All devices are Apple products. Really. REALLY! Don't bother with this app and don't believe RM when they claim you can use other devices to see your data.
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11 years ago, ScarletSparkle
Love having my database at my fingertips
Looks wonderful. Nice interface. A snap to load and sync. Completely fine that it's just a viewer; I don't need to update my database via my phone. I love having my database at my fingertips. Some issues: In individual view, any shared facts are listed at the bottom, even if the facts do have dates. I am not able to see research notes on sources, and that's a bigger issue--on the go I'm less interested in seeing the source citation than I am in seeing my detail notes and comments, etc.. The surname search function doesn't always work. The app is glitchy, but I'm confident it'll be ironed out soon.
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8 years ago, Jazapp
Looking forward to more functionality
I was annoyed by the set-up steps at first, too, but iTunes is only one option- Dropbox is another, and it only took a few minutes. How else is your tree going to get from your computer to your phone or iPad? Remember, your RootsMagic tree isn't online. You have to transmit the tree by following the steps, of course. That said, its functionality is a big disappointment. I scan source documents with my phone and iPad and hoped to be able to upload them to my tree through this app like I could on Ancestry's app, but it looks like all you can do is SEE your tree with this app.
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10 years ago, Wbb360
Update instructions please
I downloaded this app but can't establish the device database because the instructions don't match what I see on current version of ITunes. It says connect the device and click on the app feature. My iTunes does not have anything that says app unless I go to the iTunes Store. It also says to click on the device. When I connect I see the iPad listed but when I click on the iPad as directed the iPad device disappears from the iTunes screen. I think new iTunes revisions have made the instructions impossible to follow.
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10 years ago, TexasMan39
Great Product
I use it on my iPad & iPhone. It reads my data file which is in Dropbox. No problems! Lots of enhancements could be done. Until Mac version of RM is available, it would really be nice to be able to add and edit data. Of course, would then require being able to sync data back. If done properly, no syncing would be required. Can hardly wait to get my hands on the Mac version of RootsMagic.
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11 years ago, slackdaddy65
Excellent Addition
Wow! I'be been waiting for this! Exactly what I wanted as an addition to the desktop version. Allows me to carry my genealogy files in a concise way. I can't find how to pull up source images but sure this will be added in future. BTW, Free. To the person who rated as 1 star since you can't edit - buy the desktop app and don't complain about free add-on enhancements. Great addition to the RootsMagic Ecosystem.
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