Rose Gold Wallpapers

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2 years ago
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User Reviews for Rose Gold Wallpapers

4.33 out of 5
661 Ratings
3 years ago, Madison Lynd
I love this app, would recommend!!!
I love this app so much, very cute rose gold backgrounds, right now, it’s winter and I want some winter backgrounds, but when I go to the search nothing comes up, even when I type pink nothing comes up, but I can live with that, there’s a lot of being nice to yourself, and feel good quotes, I use those a lot; because who doesn’t wanna turn on there phone and see, “ I’m gonna make you so PROUD -Note to self.” Maybe it’s just me, but I love that one!!! One complaint, sometimes it can be pretty laggy, like it glitches, or it goes down WAYYYY to far, I still really love this and still would recommend, you should try it, you my be glued to your phone from now on!!!❤️
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2 years ago, zhxkzfjjsnfskfjg
The best
This is the best wallpaper app I could ever have I deleted it like a year ago cuz some of the pictures were just not my vibe or something like that but then I downloaded it again a few weeks ago and I was sister shook 🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯 I literally was obsessed 😍😍with almost every picture there also my bff literally downloaded the app too and told her friends which were my friends. They all downloaded the app too like it's soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo good and I'm glad y'all put new pictures maybe y'all can make another wallpaper app but I support everything you do 😚😚😚😊😊😊❤️❤️❤️❤️🫶🏽🫶🏽🫶🏽
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4 years ago, fishy546821
I love it! But...
Okay So I don’t have anything bad to say about this app except that there is a limited amount of wallpaper, not very much and I wish that they would add more wallpaper because it would just make it a lot better because then there’s more options. Even though that there’s 218 pictures, (all free btw) I still wish that there is more categories, more options, etc. Again thanks so much for this app I love that all of it is free not many wallpapers have that and it’s really nice but I wish that there was more options to choose from.
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4 years ago, CJ clemintine
Best one yet!!!!
I love this app! It has so many cool wallpapers that suit me perfectly. Some have inspirational quotes on them and some have what looks like instagram photos on them and som of them look like the backgrounds from the iPhone adds but there all really cute all the same. Also my mom likes the app to, and that very rarely happens. All the other wallpaper apps I have downloaded in the pass needed subscriptions or memberships that costed money to get the best ones but this app is completely free. Only one thing I would change is that maybe they could add a couple moving backgrounds. That would be so much cool! A really good app and I highly recommend.✌️✌️🙃😀☺️😛
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4 years ago, 🐚🥀🌺🌸🌼🌻
LOVIN IT💕🌸❤️👍🌺
I just exploded my head because of this game it’s the best well for girls it’s better for an iPhone than an iPad I just love it there are soooooo many wallpapers and the color Rose Gold is so pretty and perfecto I mean wow I love it and it downloaded in a blink I mean it’s probably the fasted game to download so good and the reason I got this is because I have horrible wallpapers either it was myself or a painting I did in color by number but when I got this app I’m like omg my wallpaper is perfect now I’m soooooo cool my fav is the one that says I’m not perfect but I’m limited edition and the one that has these goopy things that are violet, purple, and pink I DEMAND YOU TO GET THIS BEAUTIFUL APP👋🏻🌼❤️🦄💕
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1 year ago, Isjfisnfjfjfjjf
Okay.. to much ads
So the wallpapers are very cute I really like them but their is a slight problem. So I was just scrolling at I found a wallpaper I really liked so I tabbed on it and it showed me a white screen I thought it was a Glitch so I tried again. And it made me watch a add and then after the ad it showed me a white screen. AGAIN so I tried a new wallpaper and it should a white screen so I was trying it again and it made me watch so many ads and it wouldn’t let me screenshot and my friend said it was the same for her so I wouldn’t really recommend this app but the wallpapers are cute and it might work for you so still try. Have a good day ;)
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3 years ago, jc tigr
Rose 🌹 gold is the best
I just love Rose gold because it just gives you a variety of things to pick out of and since I’m a girl it’s perfect my lock screen is queen and my home screen is I am not perfect I’m limited edition and just when I look at it it’s me I love it it really describes like how much pink it’s like can be in all different shades and rose gold is one of them I love this app and that’s why I gave it a five star review I want to see how it goes for the rest of your day is that I have it and I’m gonna try out new rose gold filters and all that thank you Rose Gold for giving us this app
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2 years ago, Chelsea Dyer
I love this app, but. It is kinda girly for me, and there are no new wallpapers. I deleted for like a month and then I just put it back on, it looks no different than the last time. I really want some different stuff on there then maybe it’ll be worth 4 stars. Well, why won’t it be 5? Well, these people need their game stepped up. They need beach wallpapers, mountains, maybe diffrent bonfires, forests rivers. Not just Little Miss Princess. Although, my little sister kinda likes it, but even she finds it kinda girly. So, please do some thing with this old, boring app. TYSM. Btw, people on here. If you agree with me, put this. (#💎💎!). If not put nothing or this. (#💡!) byyyeeee
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2 years ago, Michaela'sZigZags
I love this app because there are so many cool wallpapers to use and there are beautiful scenes. If you like anime, they have wallpapers with anime in it. The wallpapers are mostly themed pink or light blue, and there are some adds, but not a lot. I think there’s a setting on the menu that you can turn off the adds. The only problem I have with this app is, how do you even put those pictures as wallpapers from the app itself? Because I save to my photos then do it from there or I take a screenshot and crop it. Great app though!! 😁
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4 years ago, amazingappsuperfin
🤯This is the best app ever!
Ok so I got this app because I wanted better wallpapers and well I got what I wanted because these wallpapers are so awesome!! I love this app it is the best because rose gold is so pretty and they have the best wallpapers for girls the only this is though and someone else said this and I have to agree with them that I really think there should be more wallpapers or backgrounds because they are so good and I wish that there were more of them! But other than that this app is probably the best app I have ever had! Ok so i just have one word for this app in the end AWESOME 😎🤩😎🤩😎🤩
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3 years ago, Bunnyfan12345678910
Love them!! ❤️❤️
I love this app!! I like the styles and these actually have space for the time for your Lock Screen! I just wish you could make it your wallpaper IN the app, because I’m running out of storage and I HAVE to save it. 😢 I also wish there where more wallpapers, it gets frustrating when you reach the end and you want more options! Besides those problems I would recommend this app to anyone who loves the color pink, flowers and glitter. 😂
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5 years ago, Jgrace best reveiws
Best app EVER!!! ❤️❤️
I LOVE the color rose gold so when I saw this I was like omg yasss! So I got the game, and it installed like in a blink. (I am SO not exaggerating when I say that). Then I opened up and with that I was in love. They have literally the BEST wallpaper ever. My fave is one that says I’m not perfect but I’m limited edition. ❤️❤️❤️💕 I don’t have mere words to express my love for this app. You can get a theme, look for different ones such as most liked most used and live ones..... get the app! If you like rose gold you will FREAK if you get the game (that’s what I did...🤣). Keep it up!!!!
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4 years ago, jaelyn guadalupe carbajal
Dear Rose Gold
Perfect thank you oh goddess u made my day great like in setting like the wallpapers are getting boring and like I wang something new I went on safari and looked for rose gold wallpapers and then screen shot it to make it big for no one can see that I searched it up. And i downloaded apps to make a wallpaper but I could not find any rose gold. I searched up rose gold wallpapers and thank you I found you know your the perfect app for wallpapers. And I gotta say I loveeeeee ROSE GOLD 😉.
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4 years ago, aw is awesome10242008
Best app ever ! Even my mom likes it! That is super rare. It shows the perfect wallpapers for me . On the little side bar you can choose “ most likes” or “most shared “ and that really helps. It shows a bunch of cute quotes and patterns which everyone likes.😃😃😁 They are all rose gold colored in different ways, this color is absolutely stunning! #rose gold! 😃😃😃😃😃😃I totally love the quote, “Don’t quit do it” If you are still wondering if you should get it totally do it!!!! You will fall in love right away ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️💕LOVE THIS APP!!!!!!
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4 years ago, puppy_luvvvvver
Amazing app! Adorable wallpaper!🤩🤩
This app is great! The wallpaper is so cute! I like the ones that say things like, “I’m not perfect but I’m limited edition” and the ones like that. The wallpapers are gorgeous and I love them so much! I’m actually having trouble deciding which one I want because they’re so cute! The wallpapers are so pretty! I honestly think everyone should get this app but it’s my opinion. But it’s amazing! I don’t get why some people don’t like this app! 🤩🤩
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2 years ago, maddie kh
Really nice but one thing
I ❤️this app and I love all the wallpapers and the new ones! But there is one thing that I don’t get is why there is a space bar to search up wallpaper , but it doesn’t even work but that’s ok for me sometimes but I would like to be able to search up a wallpaper real quick. Thank you for the great pics and I hope y’all still have fun making cool and cute for wallpapers.💙❤️💜💚💖
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4 years ago, SeaShell🦋
I love this app but one thing..
You see I love rose gold! Like the color is just so beautiful! The wallpapers on this app is gorgeous. But one thing I would suggest to have this app some Aprovment,is to add new wallpapers every week! Like you know. Just by keeping the old wallpapers there is kinda boring. So would I recommend this app? Yes definitely! If you like rose gold or pink shiny stuff then YES!❤️🌺 𝑩𝒖𝒕 𝒕𝒉𝒊𝒔 𝒊𝒔 𝒋𝒖𝒔𝒕 𝒂 𝒔𝒖𝒈𝒈𝒆𝒔𝒕𝒊𝒐𝒏.. thank you for your time reading this review and hopefully it will have some what of an approvment💫✨💕🍭
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2 years ago, Jack+Arcee
It’s ok
The wallpapers are really cute and everything (I love the anime ones they just added😎) although not too many options, and it doesn’t take very long to scroll to the bottom. Plus like you can’t search anything even tho there’s a search bar. And there’s ads, which are super annoying. But I have used tons of the wallpapers and they all look good so overall 4 stars✨
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3 years ago, 😰😐😑😓👍🥺👮🏽‍♀️
Oh my gosh I’ve been looking for a free background app for ever! I was kind of concerned when I got the app I opened it up and it had all of the backgrounds that are so cute and rose gold. When I was done looking I changed it to my background wallpapers and it looked adorable boys I’m sorry if this is not your favorite color but these are really cool sayings and they just make you want to keep living your life this is one of the best apps I’ve ever opened. Thank you!
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4 years ago, loveitamazingawesome
I only got this app because of the reviews I depend on them and this app is just so amazing and my favorite is ALL OF THEM. This is a really great app I think you should get to and I have no service where i am AND IT DOWNLOADS I thought it was go to take forever and I was wrong I soon as I saw only 7 pictures I thought to myself why is this sooooooooo AMAZING AWESOME AND OTHER THINGS If you get this I bet you will say the same thing
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3 years ago, KittyPumkin37
Yasssss OMG
This is the best (non-live) wallpaper app ever. I can never decide which of these amazing wallpapers to choose to use. Because of this٫ I think you should add a feature so you can have wallpapers scheduled to be added so you dont have to do it manually. Please add something like this to make this app more enjoyable. But this is just a suggestion I think this app is wonderful!
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4 years ago, Chopper**
Sweet but..
Okay so this app is awesome it’s got beautiful backgrounds and cool quotes but this defiantly not for guys and it is not for girls who don’t like bright gold and pink colors and they are cute but they are all so bright and colorful they also on it’s just so many to choose from and not all of them makes sense but they are so cute and I definitely recommend this for like the girls who really like bright colors overall this is a really good app definitely not for boys though.
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4 years ago, 🤔😑😲✌🏻👍🏼👎🏻
Best wall paper app ever!
I Love this app! First of all, the reason I gave the app only 5 stars because when you are trying to look at a wallpaper a ad pops up and won’t let you X out of it till it’s over and it’s literally one minute and 30 seconds so if they take out the very long ads then I’ll give them 5 stars but if they would just shorten the ads then I will give 5 stars
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4 years ago, Wolfiestar2000
Amazing!😍😍 I love it
Honestly this is one of the greatest things it’s so amazing it’s so perfect I just love it I love all the pineapples I love all the heart shapes they’re just so amazing honestly one of the best wallpapers I’ve got what I wanted this is so amazing I love it it’s so beautiful so amazing I love it so much it’s the best app ever the best wallpaper app it’s so amazing I’m keeping this no matter what!! It’s just so so amazing I can’t it has the right colors
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3 years ago, affhdjyghjfg
WONDERFUL app so cute!!!!!😅☺️🥰😍
The app is like so wonderful I love it so much I love the many cute wallpapers and so many cute quotes but like the one that says I’m not perfect but I am limited edition its so nice 👍 I literally fell in love with it SO NICE nicely done ✅ my last review was I can’t put the wallpaper but then my mom took a screenshot and then IT WORKED it’s so cool you should get it the developer did a AMAZING job have a wonderful day.
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3 years ago, go go lu dog
Just simple
Ok so I know no one will read my review but if you do here’s what I’ll say rose gold wallpapers is just simple you don’t have to pay 💰 for anything which is nice because I’m always looking at app reviews trying to find out if you have to pay but I like this app cause it’s just simple
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3 years ago, idk......... 😕
AMAZING WALLPAPERS, but one thing…(Please read!)
This app is AMAZING! There are such cute wallpapers! But there is one thing — I have a friend who has an iPad and this app, but I think I see more wallpapers on hers than mine (I have a phone btw). I’m not sure if this is just me, but that’s what I think. Other than that, this app is great, and this is the best wallpaper app I’ve seen! 🤩😍🤩😍
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4 years ago, simbastar109
Dabomb!!! 👍🏻😍😍
Omg!!!!! This app is the best!! I was looking through wallpaper apps on my phone and found this one. I really like rose gold so this is a win win for me. I wanted to install it so I read the reviews. I usually download bad apps because i don’t read the reviews. I read these reviews and they were so cool!! The pictures are the best. The quality is the best. I LOVE THIS APP!!!!😍😍🥰🤩🥳😁😃😻👍🏻👍🏻💋
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2 years ago, besssttt evvveeerrr
Ok but not 👍👎
I definitely will recommend it but still not the best app, the app is great and all but it won’t ever load it will not pop up things every time I look up something or click the popular or favorites button, and if the app creator is reading this: PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE make it so you can use this app without WiFi
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3 years ago, Easybreezy36
Great! Just a small suggestion!
Rose gold is a great wallpaper app! I recommend it to you all. Some other wallpaper apps try to make me pay just to search for a wallpaper! All the wallpapers are girly though and I think both genders should be able to enjoy this app. Thanks for such a great app -A 10 year old girl
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4 years ago, whywhtme
I love this app
I love this wallpaper app!!!!! I have been looking for a wallpaper app but they would all cost money but when I saw this app I was not so confident I thought there was going to be one or two wallpapers but it has way more I have recommended this to all of my friends and they love it just like I do!!!!! You should really get this app!!!
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2 years ago, it is the one and only me
I love this app
I’ve had this app since June of2021 and this app is way better for background than on safari when I first got the app I got like everything but now when I get sick of my background I delete the picture and go on gold rose I love this app
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4 years ago, sushi stealer
Love the wallpaper! Just one little thing...
No ads,BEAUTIFUL wallpaper,nice name, umm... Ok this a REALLY nice app just a minor laggy ness. I don’t know where in the under world it came from but, it would be nice if you can fix the tiny lag cause, bother me. (it okay if you can’t.) OR is the lag is from my slow internet 😐 I don’t know where from as I said ->-
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2 years ago, #stargirl450
Love how aesthetic it is!!
I love the newer wallpapers, I absolutely love aesthetic stuff, so if you do as well, this is the app for you, the thing is it’s all like pink, which is the name of the app, so I can’t complain about it ahaha, it’s a lovely wallpaper app tho, I get adds every once in a while but not to often. Hope this was helpful. Bye ✌🏻
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3 years ago, About my roblox
How AMAZING it is.
When I first got it, my first wallpaper was the pink diamond heart. It is a diamond that is pink and heart shaped. And I have an older brother that gives me permission to download stuff and I was like “Hey can I get this?” And he looked at it and he said yes so I downloaded it and I saw these amazing wallpapers. I am never deleting Rose Gold Wallpapers.
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3 years ago, Allyison
Great! But one thing.
This app is great but the thing is every time I go back out of a picture it gives me ads every single time. But if you’re reading this I would suggest that you should pick this app if you want cute, stylish, and great wallpapers and backgrounds.
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5 years ago, Syd is awesome
I love this app! It doesn’t cost any money(like every other wallpaper game does)and it has LOTS of great pictures. The only thing that I don’t like about this app is that it has only one category, so that’s something that you guys could work on but other than that, love it!! Please respond to this!! 🤪❤️👋
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4 years ago, iZzY_8456
Ok so I have been through like many wallpaper apps and this one is by far the best. Some of them have good quotes such as she believed she could so she did, and that spreads a good message. All the wallpapers are very cute and creative. Also this app downloads in a heartbeat! Very amazing. I would recommend this app to you a billion times.
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3 years ago, T slim X2
I love this app bc it has so many different options for all girl task no money required completely free this app is the full package it has wallpapers that it what you download this app for right? Week you got it all in this app Wallpapers No money Wallpapers for all task (except boys obviously) 😍😍😍🌻🦥
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3 years ago, Boingboing653
OMG BUY IT ❤️❤️❤️
Omg I love this app it gives you a lot of free wallpapers you pick your favorite picture and a click of a button it goes into your photos you don’t need to buy anything else and the pics are ADORABLE your going to love it trust me omg BUY IT
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5 years ago, kawaii kween
Dear vannaha
How you get them is once you download them to photos go to settings and press wallpaper press change wallpaper go to all photos and select the wallpaper you want then set to home screen or lock screen
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5 years ago, analeigh lindquist
Not too good
I am not impressed with this app when I when to the categories I literally regretted getting the app because I saw all the stupidity, anyway I looked and it said rose gold! Like who does that? It was really dumb and stupid. I think that the name of this app does not match the app cause it has wallpapers that don’t even have any rose gold in them, I have seen better from you guys! I hope you can improve this app.
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2 years ago, Cute Cat356
Rose Gold has lots of cute wallpapers and they are all free you don’t have to pay! And there is no premium where you have to pay! I love this app so much ! There are lots of wallpapers that are SUPER pretty! That’s my review 😁 please download and rate 5 stars☺️☺️😊😊
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2 years ago, pandamagic1
I love this app! It’s a keeper
I love this app it’s so a keeper because it has AMAZING features and AMAZING wallpapers and it’s ALL free it’s a free-dream! I give y’all ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ stars this is amazing if y’all hate this app then y’all got problems! Does anyone agree? Well this app is on my phone forever!♥️
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4 years ago, this is my opion on the app
So good but
This app is the best no joke so so so so so so so so so so good (if you think this is bad review it’s not) ok so I have nerves written a review I thought that this was needed so I love it totally recommend it the review is more for the developers . So I just had one little think and a idea (idea is bad) So some pictures were a little blurry And I thought that you could add something were people could add pictures to it but the bad part about that is people might do inappropriate and not related to app But yeah 100% recommended
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2 years ago, Leisel Runyan
I love it! All the wallpapers are beautiful! I personally love Rose gold. The wallpapers are super easy to download. Just click on one you like and press the download button and it goes straight to your photos!
Show more
5 years ago, love🌲🥰
Rose gold wallpapers
When I first saw these wallpapers I was like wow I did not now what to pick it was the best wallpapers ever they have a lot of choices and if I could I would definitely rate them a higher number you should get this app and it is free
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3 years ago, hatstypxohxgsshcpyxtoxtod
I LOVE this app
The app is really amazing there are so many cute and nice wallpapers for free. There are some adds but it is worth it. I would totally recommend I have been on this app downloading and favorite wallpapers for like 15 mins. Definitely recommend!!!
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5 years ago, 👍😻🤘
Want it? Well get it!!!
This app is completely free and has super cute wallpapers. A lot of these wallpapers have really nice messages on them, and when you see them it gives you a boost of confidence. I love this app and I hope you will too!!!!😜😜😜
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5 years ago, vanannh
Do not know how to.
I love all of the wallpaper! 🥰 so cute!! I just don’t know how to get the wallpaper on to the front of my phone. So can you please tell me how to do that?? Please????? I tried everything I could see . I just don’t know how!! Please ! Please! Please! So tell me!!
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