Roulette - Casino Style

4.8 (16K)
242.1 MB
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Current version
Rnf Technologies
Last update
2 months ago
Version OS
12.0 or later
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User Reviews for Roulette - Casino Style

4.83 out of 5
16K Ratings
6 years ago, Boggle Queen Gail
Great App
This is a really great app with a look and feel that is so authentic and a fair distribution of wins and losses that closely match a real casino experience. If you enjoy playing Roulette this is definitely an app you should download. This also shows the people will complain about anything. One of the reviewers said that the numbers come up way too many times in a row for to be a real casino experience. Obviously they haven’t played a lot of roulette on real tables because many times I’ve seen the same number come up three times in a row. In fact it’s happened to me more than once on a “real table”. I would recommend this app to anybody who enjoys playing Roulette. Keep up the great work!
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5 months ago, maddies got a big booty
Where To Start?
The thing is this game takes advantage of people with addiction. I work 40 hours a week to make ends meet. I have struggled with my gambling addiction in the past. I thought I overcame this addiction. This app proved that to be incorrect. This week was a long week for me. I was sick and my 3 children all had needs. My oldest being 8 just wanted to try karate. Kiss that dream goodbye now buddy. I had to gamble it all away on an app on my iPhone buddy. Do you know what it’s like to tell your 8 year old that? My younger daughter wanted to go to the zoo this week. Even with the discount from the public library it just won’t work. I can’t even drive to the zoo anymore. Not that I could afford public transport anyways. I sold my side mirrors for 8 bucks each to a friend of mine to use for coins on this app. The coins don’t give you anything. You should just bet all on green. Even though that wont hit. Sorry Stephanie but no zoo for awhile your father bet it all away on roulette. My younger boy just needed basic necessities. I sold his changing table on Facebook marketplace for 15 dollars. All I needed was 35,000 in game currency to double my losses. Unfortunately this game doesn’t allow that. I can’t even afford formula for him. Sorry buddy you’re just gonna have to drink your own tears for dinner. My gambling addiction has cost this gamily everything. My car. My job. My kids. My wife can’t take much more of this. Please help me recover my losses. I am desperate.
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9 months ago, SlickRick1999
Too many green lands
Trying new strategy. But it’s hard when it lands on green literally every 5 turns. When it should be 1 out of 37. Obviously there’s a chance but to have it land on green 0 or 00 literally 15 times in 20 minutes is not realistic. Obviously the algorithm makes you lose so the player can buy chips in the app. Tried the app one more time the following day and the same exact thing happened. To the guy who commented on my review, he for sure works for the app and trying to sound like a normal player. I swear to you it landed in green many times again. I understand it’s gambling, been playing roulette for 8 years consistently. Never have I ever played at a table two days in a row where the 0(00) hits literally every 4,5. To the guy who responded to me. You’re spreading lies. You obviously work for them and are responding ti my comment. No one in reviews responds to anymore, they go in there experience only. They make you lose so you have to buy chips, and that’s how they make money. I gave you guys a 2 star before but now it’s a zero. Trash app, NOT REALISTIC. Btw this my first review ever because it actually made me angry. Trying a strategy that should have 67 percent win rate, but just kept hitting green over a dozen times. I also see other reviews like mine. So yeah, I’d say they definitely scam you to lose, just so you can buy more chips. Don’t trust any of the positive reviews
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3 months ago, k.clarke75
Unrealistic odds at higher wagers
As many other reviewers have said here, the game seems to play out like the real deal, at least in the beginning with smaller bets. But as your pool of chips grows and as you begin betting more, the odds start changing dramatically. So much so that if you begin to double your bet after a loss, betting strictly on black or red, you are sure to lose 9 times in a row or more, until your chips are gone. I tested this by betting red only and doubling on a loss and naturally lost 9 times in a row. This was after using the same system but with much smaller bets, and much more random black/red ratios. The odds of black hitting nine times in a row is 0.195%. So while possible, it is extremely unlikely obviously. The developers clearly want you to purchase chips with real money, so they force you to lose your chips this way. Oh well, it was at least slightly fun with small bets. Guess it’s time to go back to the real casino next weekend.
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7 years ago, Winterwarlock21
Fun & Entertaining - As it Was Meant to Be!
Saw a review questioning all of the Five Star reviews, and not sure why... I downloaded this game to familiarize myself with the concepts of Roulette while entertaining myself, and it has served that function very well and I have no complaints. It's fun, I haven't had any technical issues, and I've gotten a feel for the game (although I do understand the dynamics of a Roulette,wheel differs per wheel.) I have no complaints - except to say to BEWARE: the game cheats! I've tested it by placing bets to cover all numbers except 0 & 00 - and guess where the ball landed? I've tried other scenarios, suspecting that the fix was in - and they too always came out with the most improbable of results. The cheating seems to have happened after I exceeded the $50,000 mark..and the game just will not let me approach that amount. It's kinda taken the fun out of it. But as an app, I'd still rate it a 5 star rating for the way it functions. But good thing real money isn't being waged here.
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4 years ago, Film less Soundtracks
Totally addicting! The real deal!
No other app make’s my heart beat go up and I close my eyes to see if I got lucky. The game is totally fair and so realistic that if I have a win, I have a happier day. If I lose, I literally get depressed. I play and play and play and for the life of me, I can never understand a system. Hope I get lucky next time and every time I play! 5 stars because no other game effects my nerves and state of well being. Not so great for a man who live’s with an autoimmune disease that causes chronic pain. However, the best medicine for chronic pain is Distraction. Playing this game, I am totally distracted. Good luck! 💰
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2 months ago, GBCReviewsYT
Bring back the original buy-in for roulette
This is a great game & I’m glad you added more options to play but you took away the original roulette buy-in/pay. The whole reason I originally downloaded this game was for the roulette that had a realistic buy-in for my budget because I liked to practice & put it to use at the casino but now all the buy-ins are extremely unrealistic to me. Keep everything that was added but can you please add the original $1-$1000 buy-in/pay back as an option as well?
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11 months ago, CF202307
Great fun app
I just wish I could bank some money. I’d like to practice some strategies and only use amounts that I’d have in real life. If I could play with $100 - $500 at a time and see how that bankroll would play out. I’d like this app even more. Same with the craps apps I see. I just want to bank the money and play with specific amounts.
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5 years ago, WTS66
Doesn’t let you win when you try to bet big
I get up 30-40k and then I start to increase my bets to 5k on black and red always comes out or vice versa. I can lose 30k in two or three minutes. Makes me sick because I like the app but when you get aggressive in your bets once you’re up a little the game makes you lose. Gimme a break developers. No one can lose multiple spins on same color. Ridiculous! Update after developer response. I was up over 2 million bucks so decided to bet big. I bet 200k on Red. Lost. Doubled that to 400k also on Res. Lost. Bet another 200k on Red. Lost. Bet 500k on Red again. Lost. 5 consecutive spins where I bet large on Red and lost all of them. I have never seen Black come out 5 times in a row in the history of playing this game. Random number generation my foot. This games is fixed!!!
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4 years ago, Marty Martingale
Fun enough at first.
This app was OK at first. Then as my bankroll got bigger and my bets got bigger I began to notice that the odds were coming out against me. Every time I would place a large “go for broke“ bet the algorithm built into the game would rob me. This happened over and over and over again even when the odds were nearly impossible for this to happen. I noticed that when I used smaller beds the odds would run about as you would expect. But the minute I went for a large bet, you could count on getting stomped out. After about the fourth or fifth time that I lost a very large bank roll I decided to delete the app and look for a better one.
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6 years ago, suejesterart
This is a fun app but not realistic. After playing for quite awhile I have witnessed the same number come up in a row way too many times to count. So much so that I started betting the numbers that come up and without fail I win. Also the long string of runs of black and red are unrealistic and there are too many of them. Again, I adjusted my play to it and it became a good strategy. So the problem is, when I go to play real roulette it will probably mess up my game. Also when I got to $50,000. (Just like someone else mentioned) the game made me lose until all my chips were gone. If you just want to pass time great but know this game is rigged because they are in the business of selling chips. :/
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4 years ago, Rad412
Fun but..
The game feels like it’s random until you bet large. I cannot prove it but it just doesn’t have the truly random feel of the real deal. Also the interface needs to display more information as this is electronic roulette. I play at casinos and having just got back from Vegas I feel some elements need to be implemented as they’re actually on your screen in real casinos: -Payout amounts on the bet. We don’t need to know how much we put down. -Hot and cold numbers and history (maybe last 75 spins) -Timer between rounds. IRL you get about a minute before bets close. Makes the game faster paced. -No mandatory bet. Allow game to continue playing even if no bets placed(tuner expires). Having said that it just doesn’t have a truly random feel. I believe the game is rigged to encourage viewing ads and encouraging micro transactions. I watched red hit seven times in a row last week in Vegas so I know it’s possible but some of the odds on the outside bets raise my suspicions...
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3 years ago, Mr.J4240
Decent could be better
I would rate this app five stars but it has one major flaw if you hit a single number on inside it doesn’t credit you back your original bet on that number for example if you bet 5 dollars on 0 and hit you win 180 so it applies that amount to your total but does not credit you back the original 5 back to your total so instead of your total saying 185 it says 180 major flaw needs to be fixed besides that not too bad
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5 years ago, jackmehoff12369mikehunt
This game is just amazing. I cannot stop winning. I can’t wait to take the money out and put it in my bank account finally. It is really addicting which I love. I always bet on my birthday and I win thousands every time. I have always had a gambling problem and this is a place where I can win real money!!!!!!
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11 months ago, sr112989
Fun but seems off
I’ve played about 5000 spins on this game. It definitely even but the algo makes it run streaky. Much more so than any other live roulette wheel I’ve ever seen. Every time I play this app I see same color runs of 10-12. Today it ran 2/17 on colors each way. To put this in perspective losing 6 in a row is roughly 1% chance. When the odds are heavily against the game it just keeps spinning against you.
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7 years ago, Nicholas blanchette
Please read me
It’s so addictiiiinngg I actually went to the casino and played all night i took a loss but it’s all good my wife and kid are happier being sold into slavery in Bosnia no big deal though even though homeless and had to sell my car to pay the casino back i had great time
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7 months ago, Desuetude08
Algorithm is trash
It definitely is not random. If you pick the fist 12, then it will constantly hit in the other 2 sets of 12. Also, the same if you put it in one of the others. Its designed to make you lose, so you’ll buy more chips with your real money. I spent days testing it. It wasn’t just a one off and I’m not complaining because I lost. I just folks to realize they’re just after your money.
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2 weeks ago, No694
Most unrealistic bounces
I play at a casino every day and I love roulette. I was playing 247Roulette and thought about getting an app. The ball will be on the opposite side of the wheel then float to 0. So many ridiculous bounces that’s legitimately impossible on a real wheel. If the algorithm knows what each number will be, then make it realistic. Otherwise it’s just infuriating because it’ll bet on black, it lands in black, then “bounces” to a red on the other side of the wheel. Gonna stick with the free 247Roulette website.
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7 years ago, Lenny Martinez
Previous Numbers fix
Great fix! The game is so much better now!!! This is the best roulette app in the App Store. 1 last thing, could you have it bet different increments throughout all the tables? It's hard to play the 50 table and be stuck to just the amount you have there. I would like to be able to bet 1 or 5 chips. Thank you !
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4 years ago, Rockitmiller
I’ve tried every roulette game out there and this is the best so far. It still has a long way to go to become a great version. There is no double up, hot or cold numbers etc but at least it works, which I can’t say for most of them out there.
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5 years ago, Biglug1959
Love the game!
The price of chips is way to high! For $50 you only get $12million in chips on my Texas Hold’em app for $50 you get $300 million in chips! The game would be more fun if your chip to dollar ratio was higher so we could make larger bets and not worry about running out of chips so fast.
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6 years ago, Gumpsht
Daily Spin
Ghetto! Every day for 4 years straight, the free spin daily bonus rolls the same --- 100 credits. Never mind about all the other higher options. My hopes are crushed again every day. Your programmers should just delete the bogus spin wheel all together. Instead increase the daily bonus by 50,000 credits and progressively higher each month.
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5 years ago, MalarkeyJoe
Who ever said the game looks authentic is clearly wears glasses, has a depth perception issues, among other issues. Cause the way the ball rolls and lands it skips a beat and that’s mainly what turns me off on this game. The fact that it’s ugly. And when it’s ugly and you lose you feel cheated 🤷🏼‍♂️
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5 years ago, J.B. Shores
I’ve had this app for years and it’s fun...keeps me from spending money at the actual table. I play odds and it works, but not all the time which is good. I’m no expert, but I suppose it’s random enough. If I had to nitpick though, I’d love to see more history/stats and more customization. PS... and music off, not the sound effects...l
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1 month ago, 2deepN
Great free app!
Great simulator for testing strategies! Very accurate just like a real casino machine! It gives you plenty of free play daily, havent run out yet! Just wish it had a rapid stop feature and a $10 denomination.
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3 weeks ago, Ngray22
I liked this better the way it was before. I would use the app to test strategies because the dollar amounts were real amounts like 5,25,50…all the way to 500$ chips and it played like real roulette. Now the denoms start at 10k with a 100k limit at base. If you put 100k on the outside, you can’t play the inside. The original version was much better.
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4 years ago, 12688999 teebabi
Roulette is my favorite game to play as I live in Vegas and always in the casino roulette is my go to do to the virus and all casinos shutting down I downloaded this app it’s true to the real game and helps me pass time also without loosing real money lol I give 5 stars ⭐️😍
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5 years ago, Cantfindnickname24
I’m calling BS
So I download this app and play for about 30 minutes. I multiplied my money by well over 100x. I max bet on an individual number 3 times in a row and it hit every single time. I think the payout is 18-1 on that. Seems fishy... I’m just calling BS
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8 months ago, Nahgash
I like the play HATE all the commercials
Nice game helps you get a feel for the real game. Just way too many in game commercials every time you go to the home page
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6 years ago, mhc95
Very rigged game.
This is the most rigged game I have ever played in my life. I stick to a simple strategy sticking to red or black if I lose then I will double my bet on the same color if I lose again I will double again so on and so forth. With that being said If I bet on red and stick to my method and it will literally give me 8 blacks in a row which the probability to that is very very low. Vice versa if I decide to bet on Black it will be give me a ridiculous amount of red rolls.
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6 years ago, brenn-jc21
Love it!!
Very fun. Exactly like the real game. Except no other players on the table. Great for getting some experience and getting familiar on how the game goes. Definitely recommend if your getting ready for casino night.
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6 years ago, bw2054
Overall, a pretty fun app. However, while I have gotten up close to $200,000, it seems very strange how I will be winning consistently with a specific pattern betting on colors, and then all of a sudden, the colors that start popping are exactly the opposite of the exact pattern I’m using, even when I switch it around. Coincidence? I think not.
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7 years ago, Dr. Larry D. George
Great Entertainment App
I really like this game in this app format. It can easily draw you into the world of roulette, a world of intrigue and mystery. I strongly recommend it to all ages, even babies, if the law doesn't say otherwise, obey the law or find yourself playing Russian roulette!
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4 years ago, Me-3.14159
Needs $10 $25 chips!
All good things, but I would appreciate a few extra chip denominations. And a way to “move”’chips instead of just undo would be appreciated.
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5 years ago, chrisahawk
Fun way to enjoy roulette. If you want, you can buy chips but you can wait a bit and they give you more virtual money to play with so you don’t have to spend your own.
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2 years ago, Public transportation commuter
Too many repeating numbers
I noticed that when i fill the whole board or most of the board, the ball will always find the losing numbers multiple times in a span of 6 spins. Seeing the same losing numbers is unrealistic. To be exact, this happens most often when I rush and spam the spin
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7 years ago, Miss004
Works fine but rigged
Take what you want from this, within the first 5 mins of downloading this app I placed $500 bet on black 8 times in a row, 6 times it was red. I might have had very bad luck too though. but the game itself is fine.
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7 years ago, Brians0423
Good practice
Pretty good way to practice betting. My strategy is to pick a portion of the wheel and bet the most on that section. Then I hedge my betting by placing bets on the columns so no matter what, except for 0 and 00, I should get at least a small payout.
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2 years ago, Not To. Old
Music Change. !!!!
There should be an “option” in regard to the music background, !!!
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2 years ago, need to be more honest
The game needs to be retuned
You can literally bet on all but 2 numbers regardless of what they are and guaranteed it hits them or zero double zero at least 20 times in a row. Betting is fine but it’s not realistic. Play roulette pretty consistently but use apps for different strategies. The app works but not at all realistic in terms of betting
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1 year ago, limited.
David Change the music
To do that in the middle of the game isn’t that intelligent but do you want to Miss a minute I’ll submit it it’s not bad strong and stand how do you win money on it it’s easy but real moneyReal money
Show more
1 year ago, Quarter 120
Great app with one flaw
Had to delete it because of the alert to clear my bet. Cant toggle it off and cant bet quickly with that pop up every time. Gonna have to find another app
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4 weeks ago, hendrixg117
Good for casual play
Good to play casually but not for trying out different strategies, it’s pretty obvious it has an algorithm that chooses losing numbers, with only 5 whacks I hit all 5 in a row and with 2 of the five being 0’s it’s pretty unlikely without some help from an algorithm
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6 years ago, Vmass69
Just learning and it’s fun
Just started playing in Vegas and looking to win. Wish I could play with others. But maybe I can Just don’t know how to yet.
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4 years ago, Fr. Christian
Fun Game
This is an excellent game. If you want a game to learn how to play, this is it. There has been no cliches and is easy friendly. I recommend this game to everyone who wants to learn and be ready for Las Vegas tables. Enjoy:)
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5 years ago, werewolfinsandiego
It’s fun. Didn’t know what i was doing in Vegas but made a few bucks. I found this, so next time I’m at the tables, I’ll have a better idea of how much im betting. With screen grabs, i can kinda guestimate loss vs gains
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4 years ago, USA today on line
This is a fun app with fair distribution of winning and losing. The graphics are top notch and the sound is great also. Probably will be playing this quite a bit.
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7 years ago, Rowsdowermobile
Swanky casual fun!
I go to Vegas for work but never have the money or guts to do anything but blow a $20 on the slots. The tables are intimidating. This game gives me the chance to relax and hone my skills for the day I do wander to the wheel!
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6 years ago, MJMon
Fun, but doesn't show board and wheel at same time
Fun but doesn't show wheel and board at same time. It would be nice if it showed the payout for each bet as it would be on the board.
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7 years ago, Damanraj
Amazing should play
I learn many thing from this game .. and earn a lot in real life .. before I have small car now I have big car ..
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