Roulette Royale - Grand Casino

4.5 (2.6K)
39.8 MB
Age rating
Current version
Last update
3 months ago
Version OS
12.0 or later
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User Reviews for Roulette Royale - Grand Casino

4.53 out of 5
2.6K Ratings
8 months ago, drtigran
Adds on this app are very annoying
This app uses ads as most do but lately they post ads that are 30 sec in length. And some ads have no close button so you end up staring for minutes trying to find what to press to get back to your play. Often I just close the app to get back to roulette which loses your play data. Hope they can check what ads they post and make it user friendly. Also hope they can have an option to pay reasonable annual fee for ads free use. After I made a $4.99 purchase ads free now. Thanks
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2 years ago, uraddssuc
I have been playing this game for years and today I lost 2 billion dollars in ten minutes? How can red/odd roll up 18 times in a row?? Then any few times I change up my bets are the only times you change your routine?? Too Coincidental for me for it to just be bad luck. I may give you another chance but if you just keep taking my money(points) I will be looking for a fairer app to play.
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6 years ago, SOlschanski
Grain of Salt
I downloaded this to test out strategies and different bet placements to use when I go to casinos. One particular strategy calls for accounting for all but 8 numbers on the table. When I did this, the ball landed on the unaccounted for numbers 8 times in a row. A variation of this happened multiple times while using that strategy. While possible in real life, you get a sense that the app knows what numbers you aren’t playing, so take it with a grain of salt. For more fair play, play the live mode. Overall though, the layout is visually appealing and it’s still fun to play.
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8 months ago, yufukme
Don’t waste your time
This is the most rigged roulette in history is only sole purpose is to cheat and asked for money what a joke To the developer Don’t tell me about my strategy when they’re are multiple ppl commenting, that the same thing is happening on your app. PS stop writing reviews for yourself LOTS is getting played out in every review posted back to your app It’s all about getting money your app doesn’t even use basic probability correctly Your app will have less than 30% chance to hit and it will hit 10 times in a row I have (screenshots to prove)and you tell me your apps not rigged it’s not hard to understand probability oh wait, you only understand profitable
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5 years ago, Bambass
Well, testing out strategies is very hard using this app., because it finds the way to beat you.. On the other hand, you can develop a skill of patience. This game is beatable for sure. It’s just, you have to stay focused and not bet too much, thinking “I have enough of bankroll “. In other words, great game to learn about negative progressions and how you can deal with it.. Once you master this game, you more likely be able take it to casino or play online casino.. I’ve deleted this game x amount of times totally frustrated, but the reality is. If you can’t handle a game, you’re not gonna succeed using real money! Roulette is a game of patience! Enjoy!!
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6 years ago, Todd white
Good but
I always like to test out certain strategies in this game, it’s just too bad that online games like this one, especially this site chooses to manipulate where the ball lands based on where you place your bet rather than letting it land randomly. So rather than serving as a tool of education, because of this feature of this game, I simply play it for fun and don’t really care if I win or lose. Maybe someday they will actually use it as a educational tool rather than some silly manipulated game.
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2 weeks ago, NF.Smokeater
Use to practice real roulette
I’ve been playing real roulette in the casino for over 20yrs, and this app lately, well always, is not realistic. First you’ll have a dozen or column not hit for 10-15 or more times, than after that you’ll have 15 odds in a row, and just after that you’ll have 20 black in a row. I know that happens in a real casino, but this seems to happen a lot more and consistently on this app. If a 12 hits, lot of times you’ll than have another red/even number hit 2-4times in a row. Or vice versa, 3 or 9 hit, than you’ll have a few red/odd hit. Please make this organic, real.
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1 year ago, The Or'er
Great layout
I wish there was as a way to stop the pop up ads from ruining my play though. Charge a buck or two for a pro version. Also the patterns repeat too often, it can go on and repeat again and again, and doesn’t mimic true casino play. Lastly, I wish there were a $25 chip since that’s often played. I would give this a 5 star if these changes are made because it’s the best of the apps but needs an update.
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2 years ago, dandiego69
Not very random and need more statistics
Your app is not very random and it appears that it is rigged to go against the player. I played 34 numbers out of 38 on American roulette and the four numbers I did not pick hit 4 times in a row. Also, the same number hit consecutively. I have tried this several times and it happens often. It looks as if the same numbers hit over and over. I do enjoy the lay out and function of the game. I would like to see more expanded statistics. Such as column and dozen statistics. Maybe even a wheel that highlights what numbers have been picked.
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6 days ago, Social Dropout
When playing I will often hit re-bet button so I don’t have to manually enter my bet each time. For some reason, the button will put my bets in place for a time but eventually will stop working. Even though that button says “re-bet” it will not place the units on the board. I will then have to manually place all my units on the board. After some spins the button stops working again. Site note: annoying number of ads
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11 months ago, aallison77
Need fine tuning
Selling coin is a downer. Has no value to player. Players will eventually move onto from your site if asked to buy chips. Couple of suggestions: 1. Charge a reasonable fee to remove ads… like Awe Craps. 2. Allow the player to reset and their own bank amount free of charge. 3. Display the total amount of bet in play on the number rather than the the value of the last chip on top. Thanks.
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7 months ago, Dart_GT
Great Simulator
This is by far the best simulator out there. It keeps track of the session profits the way it makes it easy for you to see what your wins our compared to others. The betting options start at $1 and go up from there where as a lot of other simulators start at $10.
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3 months ago, Ripleyfrisco
Won’t let you win too much
Was on a good run with a system and then it’s as if the algorithm figures it out and runs against you no matter what you try. Other roulette apps have more fair play than this one. But I keep coming back for the nice interface and score keeping.
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8 months ago, sd619guy
Fun App but would like to see some improvements
This is a really fun app to play, but I would like to see some improvements to mimic the real video roulette games I play at the casinos. 1) Ability to memorize/recall a variety of bets, not just the last one. 2) Expansion of the stats, my stats have been stuck at 47%/47% for several months now. I do recommend this app, it’s fun and I like playing with others around the world.
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3 years ago, rollninthewind
36red or Even, easy baby
If you want to learn how to play, this version keeps track of your bets the numbers the percentages and makes it real easy to figure out strategies and that type of thing super game well done it is definitely the best one I have yet come across
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5 months ago, Baggerui
The Game Cheats
I actually bought some chips after I downloaded the game because I didn’t like what I started with. After doing very well, suddenly I could not win to save my life. I started playing the 2 to 1 games. I was betting on black and red came up a total of 15 times. The odds of this happening in a lifetime are phenomenal. Mine is the second review saying it happened. I wouldn’t care if I didn’t actually pay for my chips that were misappropriated.
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2 years ago, bunca
Game bias
This is a great game to practice on as long as you keep the number you think is coming to yourself; otherwise, the game shows some bias on bets made when you're about to bankrupt or you have a hefty bankroll. The programmers display a sadistic tendency all too often and show no shame when preventing a particular number from being hit. When I consider how this game is manipulated with minuscule financial gain at stake, I shudder to think how casinos take our money!
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2 months ago, Retired RJay
Roulette Royals
This game is great I almost all ways however I do find myself forgetting my previous bet as it goes away before making the next bet. That is the only improvement I could hope for.
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3 months ago, CaptnDunsel
Seems accurate
I enjoy trying out stratagies with the app. I limit myself to a pre-determined number of spins/time in a casino, it would be very helpful to have a per-session spin counter in the app. This would give a more realistic estimate of how long one would be at a real table when implementing a strategy.
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3 years ago, GolfToys
Best Roulette App
Best roulette app as apps go. However after playing it for years I’m very curious about them being legitimate. When you start buying chips instead of playing for free with their chips the wheel starts to act differently. It’s like they see you’re willing to spend money so they all of a sudden start winning every hand, so you’ll buy more chips.
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2 months ago, the empectable golf player
The game give a real experience for players to practice strategies by using real world chips and give the player the ability to keep track of wins and losses with stats. The tournament version is also a fun way to see how the community plays as well. Great game
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4 months ago, Billlllllsssssasa
PLEASE ADD 25 dollar chips
Great game , but not having a 25 dollar chips is killing me. 25 dollar chips are a must. We have fat fingers and trying to add 5 dollar chips 5 x on a split or number is really hard. Plus if wanna play with others there is a time limit. Thanks in advance.
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4 months ago, Loo425
Good but not great
Very good app overall, but the wheel still needs to be running not only to the left all the times but to the right as well, one and one, you know, like any other pro roulette, after fixing this, this app will be perfect. I hope for an update crossing my fingers :) Thanks for this very good app 👍
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8 months ago, Jacob161
Another problem
My Wifi is good, I am sending this review by my Wifi. But I cannot use my WiFi to get into Millionaires Rank list. It always says no connection. Please check thanks.
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2 years ago, Justicejen
Good free roulette game!
This is a great free game for you to test out your roulette strategies. The only annoying thing is that It won’t let you pull down a bet, you have to hit the undo button a few times to get to a number you don’t want anymore. Wish I could reset the bankroll, but not a big deal.
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6 months ago, jkerfroisbcidwweeiwondli
Should have max bid like casinos
How does my photos and videos assist with functionality of this app??? How can I erase what you have stolen? Will deleting the app delete the data you have taken? I should have read the fine print. I do not wish you well in the future! I hope you are inundated with lawsuits. Why can’t you just build an app and sell chips and advertisements. Why must you take personal information from our devices? PIGS,,,,,THAT IS WHAT YOU ARE. ALL of You!
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6 years ago, Tuco Juan-Ramirez
Addictive game, great for learning roulette
I used this game to increase my roulette skills for a Las Vegas trip. I did really well on the tables there! Eventually blew my winnings on slot machines, but that’s Vegas, I guess. One great thing about this game is the tournament mode. You can compete with other roulette players online, and learn some different styles of playing from others. My only beef with the game is that sometimes their servers crash at inopportune moments. You get a little message that their servers crashed, and you lose your buy-in money. If you’re looking to improve your skills for a real gambling trip, this is a great educational tool.
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4 months ago, Davris’s House
It’s pretty good I would like it if it could display the marker on the board after the spin like you do in a real roulette game also on the iPad version it doesn’t display the winning and winning percentages because it so zoomed out for the iPad that the statistics are cut off. Other than that pretty good just a little tweaking needed.
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6 years ago, tdm123
Fun game, works smoothly.
Best roulette game I have found. Seems to have realistic outcomes. Some would hit a number or two over and over all the time. Which could happen but not likely as often as those apps displayed.
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1 year ago, Crackermush
Great App!!
Love that you have so many choices of bet denominations!! Only suggestion I have is to figure how not to have the “loud annoying ads” that make me NOT want to play. Overall great game play though!!
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4 years ago, ecgthhu
You can do it
Use a strategy to double your winnings Play the right side of the wheel for three spins and developed your own strategy.... playing in the tournament is good also..... When you win big play small on next play .....
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8 months ago, Zombieguy95
Not sure if you guys know this, but there’s a chip glitch in your app. From this, I got 10k chips to like 15 trillion in a day. Not sure if this is part of it but just letting you guys know this so you guys can fix it. Trying to help you guys out and fix the app with the chips. I’ve seen a ton of people with trillions, or even 100 times more than that.
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3 years ago, KINGGGDD
Now rigged
Haven’t played in a few years!!! Had 24 B Started playing and kept going after my numbers I play as usual and hit a good amount When I started playing with Billions on red/black I played 8x switching back and forth and everytime would land on the opposite color just to take my money and the ball would start rolling in the center then come back to the other side and hit in a color it wanted to!!!! DO NOT DOWNLOAD
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4 years ago, hen-bone
Play on the app, but not at the casino
If you see electronic roulette at any casino, run for your life. It is a rip off. This game is designed to hit numbers you don’t have I hope you keep playing to purchase tokens. This is the same software they use on electronic games at casinos. You will notice there is rarely anyone winning and if so not for long. Can’t believe they allow this software.
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1 year ago, poacher804
Charge issue
Was charged 4x the posted amount I bought 15mil and was supposed to be $9.99 but my card just flashed on the screen for 4 times that amount😫
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5 months ago, double00aught
Paid for Chips and still get ads
Over all decent but the player can not drag and drop chips. Also I paid for chips to remove ads and still get them. Over all save your money and play for free since you still get ads.
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6 months ago, Cokha
Horrible Garbage app
Useless. The layout is painful. The wheel is horrible, the randomness is completely stupid, like it switches between red and black back to back for 20 times just to exhaust your money. Knuckleheads running the app expecting that you will go buy more chips. Just stay away. The software after a few turns picks the number based on least bets and wipes your bankroll. Find another app..
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3 years ago, Mr. Colonel
Roulette Royale Review.
This is a wonderful “APP,” which allows me to experiment new “Roulette Tricks” in order to see if they would prove profitable, before I get to use those same trucks at the land based Casino using real money.
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5 days ago, Nike244
Not realistic
The algorithm of this game makes it unrealistic. I’ve tried many different betting strategies, and somehow it always seems to find the four to six numbers that I don’t put money on. In one session, I had six numbers that would whack me, and in 10 spins it always hit one of those six numbers. It’s a great game i guess but very unrealistic.
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4 years ago, Sting63
Using for some time
It’s really quite good. Very realistic and fun...normally play as a single user but joined with the a world game and it’s actually has the feel of being there, except for not having to deal with the smoke.
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2 weeks ago, Dtang81
Defies the odds every time
I downloaded the app to practice roulette strategy. Works alright if you place small bets, but seems to overwhelming lose whenever you risk more. Even when all but 4 numbers are set to be a positive win, those 4 losing numbers always come up consistently. No way it’s random. Just designed for you to get frustrated and purchase fake tokens with real money.
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8 months ago, Doctroy99
Works great but WAY too many ads!
I understand u make $$ off ads but the amount of stoppage to watch same ads over and over is to the point im ready to look for different app. And, some of the ads never go away and nowhere to exit them! Literally have to restart phone to go back to play. Unreal!
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1 year ago, Mr. Lakeland
Really enjoy playing it be it on my phone or at a casino, this app is one of the better ones to have
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6 years ago, Daniel. 1
I have over 1 million chips
I have over 1 million chips and now I can’t even place a bit can you tell me why that is when this thing used to work all the time I would just wait and save up my chips and then plate but now all of a sudden I mean I got a brand new iPhone 8 Plus smart phone I got no Wi-Fi and it still won’t let me put a bid on how come it’s not let me place a bet please check it out and make it work again
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1 month ago, Jackweeds
Don’t get this app
The reason why I gave this app one is because the algorithm on your wins to losses aren’t based on statistics so if I have a 65% chance of getting a win, this game will literally only give you a win 35% of the time. It’s totally backwards and it’s not based on real statistics! People would like to use these apps so they can get factual data statistics to take with them into the casino.
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2 months ago, Holdenjr2470
A great simulation
Pretty realistic, however there is a bug. Very often when you clear the bet, it didn’t clear completely. You have to close down and re open, which is frustrating.
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8 months ago, PapoHits
I win more at the actual casino than i do in this game. I cover all but 8 numbers and those will hit about 6/10 times. Its obvious the game knows exactly what you don’t bet on as those numbers hit many times and sometimes twice in a row. The developers desperately want players to buy chips.
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5 months ago, CU Tigerman
Good but?
For some reason, when playing a multi-bet system where roughly 50% of the #’s are covered, it inevitably seems to only hit 25-27% of the time. 40% I could see, but that is ridiculous.
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6 months ago, GoBeavs19
So NOT random numbers generated
Good just to test systems for payout and get familiar. But don’t expect this to give you real world results. The developer makes money if you buy coins. Pick any 2 dozens or columns and bet and spin 100 times. Always the uncovered dozen will have a hit % of 50% or better. Same if you cover a bunch of inside numbers. Uncovered numbers will have a much higher hit %.
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6 months ago, Craig_AM
Mr. Craig Mac
Great app, I play this game almost everyday and have never had a problem. The closest to playing in the casino that I ever played. I recommend this app to anyone who loves playing roulette.
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