Roulette VIP - Casino Games

4.6 (14.7K)
102.3 MB
Age rating
Current version
Inlogic Software s.r.o.
Last update
1 year ago
Version OS
12.0 or later
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User Reviews for Roulette VIP - Casino Games

4.58 out of 5
14.7K Ratings
1 year ago, Lasr1891
Best app for roulette
This app is by far the best for practicing. No nagging ads and chips lasts forever. It starts with 5k chips and after playing a while piggy bank is full and gives 25k chips. Chips lasts forever if I practice with $25 chips. Other apps force to buy chips, show nagging ads and too much animation etc. If you are a serious roulette player this one does the job. Thank you developer!
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2 months ago, xGERMx
Predictable spins
The game has some nice features but the spins are somewhat predictable, which makes winning big too easy. I can hit a straight up usually 1:20 odds most times. The trick is noticing the fact that the roulette wheel changes spin directions, each time alternating between clockwise and counterclockwise. Which numbers it lands on heavily depends on whether it’s spinning clockwise or counterclockwise, making straight up bets much much better odds. You just alternate your bets where you play around and bet and then spin the roulette wheel again without betting and then go back-and-forth which is how I got over 19 million in one session. Honestly, this should be reported as a bug and if it gets fixed, I’ll come back and play again
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3 years ago, Practice Gambler
Almost perfect roulette app
I really like this app. You can make bets on the table as you are able to in real life, the statistics window is good - especially being able to see the wheel numbers as you are betting - and the controls are easy. I am holding back a star because I wish that the chip denominations are more accurate to real casinos ($1-white, $5-red, $25-green, $100-black, $500-purple, $1000-yellow). (Never seen the bigger value chips - doesn’t mean they are not out there.) This would allow players to make bets like they would in real life. Overall, a very good app.
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1 year ago, Sanchez_lsx
Not random
Its a nice game, no advertising but it's definitely not random. They use the algorithm and guarantees you will lose all your coin so you ca purchase. I've tried it multiple times to play black or red and on each bet doubling and have gotten up to 18 reds while playing black or vice versa thus guaranteeing you will lose all your bank and the more you play a strategy or a pattern it will learn it and beat you. Yes it does let you win but not realistically. If this game was actually random it would be a 10 star game.
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4 years ago, concerned jd37
Total Scam.
Not a true Roulette. This game is designed to make you buy their coins at outrageous prices. At first it lets you win some, but then it starts scamming you without even pretending to be fair. It has nothing to do with chances, odds, or probabilities. When it decides to make you buy coins it suddenly starts hitting the same color, zeros, and numbers 10-20 times in a row until you lose all coins. For example, even if you cover all numbers except zeroes 10 times in a row, it will hit zero or double zero 10 times in a row until you lose all. DO NOT USE THIS APP TO TRY OR DEVELOP ANY STRATEGIES. If you do, you will definitely lose at the real casino.
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1 year ago, SGTJRob
The game is Broken
The game picks a random number on the 0 side of the wheel the alternates to to 00 side of the wheel. Bet literally half the wheel from 0 until just before 00. If it wins, bet $0 the next and then full. Just repeat and you’ll always win.
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3 months ago, MJMar10
The Joy of Playing is Gone
I am of the opinion that removing the free spin, free scratch card and free slot for cash has caused the app to lose a lot of its luster. Now, I suspect you’ve changed the algorithm because I seem to lose a lot more now than I have before playing the same systems. Uncanny how that works, but I’ve seen that trick before. I’d really hoped you wouldn’t be “managing” the wins like some engines will allow you to do. But it sure feels like it.
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1 year ago, Symbifi
Fun game to play but
I’ve played roulette for years and have developed as well as followed quite a few strategies but this one will work against you to keep you from higher winnings. I’ve never seen so many 0/00’s come up or consistent 1,2,3/3rds come up just when you have a good run. I’d like to think it’s all random but some just hit so inconsistently, it’s frustrating. They want you to buy chips for sure
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1 year ago, Dirtclod252
App is not working
I’ve had this app for years it’s great but it’s currently not working as soon as I open the app an add pops up for a blackjack game and after I close that pop up the app has no function and the screen stays in a dimmed mode
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2 years ago, Smash Chu Beezy
Dope practice
Honestly I have been playing this for about 6 months . It honestly feels super fair , for those who give it a negative review must be terrible players . Because honestly I started with 1k chips and went up all the way to 1.8 but then I lost it all 😂😂😂
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8 months ago, Dirkstaa
Great visualization and real life play
This game is awesome, I’m hooked! And I’m not even a gambler. Wish you started off with more money, perhaps 50k. No matter the amount the house always wins. Lots of real world action 10 out of 10 for me!
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3 years ago, khufuj
I just wanted to say I legitimately turned $6,000 (that came from the daily spin wheel in game) into $1,219,976,000!!! I wish I could do that in real life!
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3 years ago, Mayhem1234??????
Fun game
It seems pretty fair. Some casino games seem to rig the system. But to be transparent, I haven’t purchased any chips from this game I’m only play the free version.
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2 years ago, BrandoCuh
Naaaa scam
What a lame app that is designed for you to lose even when using a fully proven system. Lmaoo
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8 months ago, williamlohrman
Doesn help practice
I’m using a strategy that should only have a 10% chance of losing but it loses 2 to 3 out of 5 times. I cover 1st and middle and then 5 numbers only leaves about 10% of the board exposed but it fails and hits one of the numbers I don’t cover nearly every time.
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10 months ago, King Jungle J
Love this App
I’ve been using this app for years. It is wonderful. It is great to practice all kinds of strategies.
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2 years ago, D-Harb
Nice straight forward simulator
I live in Vegas and I use this game to test out different strategies. I wish this game had $5 chips though since $1s and $5s are the most common.
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4 years ago, MKE Michael
Can’t bet on “00” on the American wheel??
Not sure what the glitch is but can’t place a bet on “00” when playing the American-style wheel. It lights up when touched, but no bet placed.
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5 years ago, Hidden Ajenduh
I love how simple it is to earn chips again if you go broke. And if you’re like me that’s a lot in the beginning. Love it!
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2 years ago, FKNBNR
My son and I play against each other
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2 months ago, Trashetf
Best roulette out there. But for Christ sake why is there no 1/5 chips! The game basically limits your strategy by not having all the chips.
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1 year ago, paul7362
Crashing after you force people to download their blackjack game. even after you download the blackjack just so you can play roulette, it still crashes. Fix your push notifications at log in!
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10 months ago, marcojac82
Great game to kill time!
Awesome and adding I have been sitting in a waiting playing to the point I forgot why I was waiting!
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12 months ago, Overlysensitive
Just like Las Vegas
It’s 4: am and what am I doing? Just playing the most addictive game ever!
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5 years ago, Dace2day
Stopped working
It was cool until it stopped letting you spin and the only the advertisements worked. I know it’s free but seems shady that they stop your play and force adds on you and then it won’t even work. Guys need to fix this!!!
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6 months ago, Smurm
Don’t waste your time
Only five minutes in and the thing is asking me to read it every spin. And why do all casino simulators assume you want bonus chips? We just want to test our strategies without all the fluff.
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2 years ago, gianna nicola
Gift card
Gift card
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2 years ago, mackydox
not fair or bad RNG or biased.
I bet all the numbers except 2, but the ball always hit that 2 all the time especially if you bet more than $1,000. this thing won’t let you win, they just grabbed your money on daylight.
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1 year ago, dchaaaa
They try to make you buy
Totally rigged. Spins do are not random. Pick out two rows or section and switch back and forth. You will notice it choosing the side that isn’t chosen more often.
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1 year ago, staring cat
I would bet on 18, 0, 00. It lands on 18 but than it says that I bet on 15 but I didn’t. This has happened many times.
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5 months ago, Stevebrahhh
Authentic feel but rigged
I’ve played this in multiple instances. This is rigged to get you to buy chips. Statistical impossibilities occur. Algorithm designed to force you to pay for chips. Would not recommend.
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2 years ago, angrylady69
Good time when you are winning!
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1 year ago, Thumbisdumb
Computer ripoff machine
If you like a game that isn’t realistic at all and is programmed to take all of your chicks no matter what, then this is the game for you. Betting big bets on black, the game rigs to draw red over 10 times in a row. Total scam.
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2 weeks ago, Sikikel143_YT
My McDonald’s order
Hello may I lease have a 10 piece chicken nugget meal with fries and a drink
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1 year ago, Play to lose to win!!
Excellent app n way of learning roulette n nice soothing music as well
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2 years ago, rolex1724
Easy to learn and play
I love this game
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1 year ago, Revtony33
Rigged app
Played 2/3 of board for thousands of spins and hit less than 40%. 1-12 hit at an astronomical 60%.Number should be at least 60%. I know RNG are hard to win but at least use fair play odds!
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1 year ago, Old Nike App user
Make a global leaderboard to show the richest people that have played this game. Give it a sense of competition 🙂
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3 days ago, Doccuc
Great game
Perfect for practice with no adds🙌 Thanks
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1 month ago, slotface687543215678
Love it
Offering strategies is awesome 😊 thank you
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1 month ago, Leggismaximus
Not worth trying to practice on if you can’t split the 0-00 without having to include the 2.
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2 years ago, someone who is dissapointes
Not a fair game
The app controlled the outcome based on your numbers!!
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11 months ago, the dark nigth
I love your games
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3 months ago, Micheal Hunte
Fibonacci doesn’t work
Fibonacci should start 1,1,3,5,8,13,21,34,55,89 The app starts the strategy at the end.. and I can’t place it on the dozens …
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5 years ago, Can't even give nickname
No spin allowed
Same here. After a short time the app locks up. Delete and reload fixes it but all winnings are lost. Don’t bother.
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5 years ago, aggie kitty
The app freezes
After tons of fun for a month, the app freezes and won’t allow you to spin.
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3 years ago, rasorsedge
No nickel or dollar chips what most people play with on inside
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2 years ago, Devinzworld
This game tries to force you to buy chips. I cover all the 20’s, 8, 10, 12, and 2. The game avoided 20’s for 15 spins. The probability of that is low.
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2 years ago, Young_NHL_Whiteboy
Stop Asking For Feedback Every Spin
You want a suggestion. There you go.
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8 months ago, Pubsteve
Chip sales center
Chips on 30 numbers and it hit the other 6 numbers 8 times in a row. Scum bags.
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