Routinery : Routine & Planner

4.7 (10.8K)
100 MB
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Current version
Routinery Corp.
Last update
4 weeks ago
Version OS
12.1 or later
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User Reviews for Routinery : Routine & Planner

4.74 out of 5
10.8K Ratings
1 year ago, SammiLuv:)
Best Routine App!
Words aren’t adequate enough to describe how much I adore this app. I tried a bunch of productivity/routine apps, but this was the best one!! I used to struggle so much with getting ready in the morning and before bed, but this app has seriously fixed most of my problems with that. While I will admit it only lets you have two free routines, the free version of this app is actually still amazing!!! Even without premium, you can have your routines as long as you want and set exactly how long each task is. It also lets you rearrange things as you go if your routine doesn’t go as planned/needs to be altered. And one of the best features is how a voice reads out when your current task is finished and tells you what the next one is! It also warns you when you only have a minute left if the task is a longer one. Even when you don’t have the app pulled up on your phone, it continues to run in the background and sends you alerts throughout your routine! I recommend this for ANYONE who finds it hard to keep track of routines, especially if you’re neurodivergent like I am!!
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3 years ago, Wolf hugger33
Feels like a free trial
This apps interface is amazing and the flow of it really works. It has helped me to remember to do everything I need to. Though it really doesn’t feel like your getting the full experience without premium. I understand the need for a premium option, but the subscription just would not work for me. Others (especially Neurodivergent people) have complained about this as well because managing subscriptions can be really hard. I’ve come up with two solutions to fix this problem that hopefully isn’t too much trouble for the developers and I sincerely hope that they take some of my recommendations to heart. My first though would be to allow for 3 routines instead of two, and/or add a setting so you can toggle certain tasks depending on the day. They could also allow for something to show up in the feedback and individual analysis pages instead of them teasing what you would have for premium. Possibly a log of the information given to you after you finish a routine. The other option which would be appreciated though wouldn’t necessarily fix the initial problem would be to implement a one time purchase option in order to make premium more accessible. Again I love the app and thank you to the developers for the amazing things that you’ve done with it.
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2 years ago, brmthzn
A great app for me, despite the bugs
I have ADHD that I would say falls somewhere between “inconvenient” and “crippling.” Part of living with ADHD is figuring out what one is bad at, and personally I am bad at keeping lists of things in my head. So to keep things running at home, I have to-do routines that I do every morning. I used to use the Productive app for this, but the more cutesy that app got the more it distracted me. (I don’t need to be reminded to drink water, I need an app that yells at me until I do the dishes.) I searched around and found Routinery, and I think it’s very good at what it does. Its UI is simple, perhaps a little unconventional for an iOS app, but it does what it says on the tin, and that’s what matters. My only reservations about recommending this to others lie in the fact that the app is buggy on my 12” iPad. Sometimes it will spin forever while opening, and sometimes it will crash out of nowhere. However, the devs have been very good at ensuring my to-do list doesn’t lose progress, even if there is a crash. These are the kinds of failures that a dev can fix (I used to write apps, a long time ago) so I’m sure they will be fixed in the future. In the meantime, this app is very helpful in keeping me in sync with my chores and responsibilities.
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2 years ago, Mollyke
Almost perfect
This app could truly be life changing for people like me who really struggle with ADHD and task/goal completion. My only complaint is the bugs. I have this app downloaded on my iPhone, iPad and watch. I initially used the app on my watch but the app needs to stay open all the time to work and I use my phone constantly through the day and my routines would quit altogether in the background or I do not get notified about the timers unless the app is front and center. So then I decided to use my iPad since it can sit open with the app and I can use my phone. But the app doesn’t sync correctly between devices. If I have app/routine running on my iPad and I check my phone or watch, it does not show that any routine is running. I need to be able to login to one device and have it sync to all my devices. If I step away from my iPad, I should be able to utilize my watch or phone to keep up with the routine currently running. As it is, my iPad is currently running an active routine in another room and neither my watch or phone show that anything is running. Also, people need to be able to use their devices while these routines run in the background without closing or stopping.
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2 years ago, Jea~
Ummm so….. my phone died and I don’t know if I submitted my last review or not but whatever…. Anyway I normally don’t write a review unless the app is terrible or really good and in this case…. The app is AMAZING AWSOME I LOVE IT SO MUCH! Now every planner app has its subscriptions…. But out of the planner apps I tried this is the best one! You only get two planners before the subscription…. Which is fine in my opinion because the subscriptions are: one month- 3$/ 6 months- 15$/ A year- 22$! I haven’t got the subscription yet but totally going to for 3$ a month! You get A LOT more icons like- parenting, indoor activities, music, exercise, cook, pets, education, cleaning, electronics, skincare, yoga, workouts, drink, chores, etc. As you can tell there’s A LOT of categories and unlimited routine plans! This app also sets timers for each task and tells you when your overdo on one…. *Dings* you when your on your next task! I know this review is long but omg I can’t express enough on how much I love this app!! I’m really sad I could only rate it a 5 star because I would rate it infinity if I could! highly recommend! Best planner app ever!
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2 years ago, selener 👁👄 —
Absolutely Life-Changing for ADHD
I have struggled with time my entire life. Waking up late, getting to places late, going to bed late, etc. This app seems almost too good to be true and has changed my life in a matter of 24 hours using it for my morning and night routine. Allowing myself to realize how much time everything will actually take and giving me an ETA of sorts that gets pushed back whenever I take longer on a task is just revolutionary for my severe lack of time concept. The ONLY thing that could make it better is if I could link a routine within a routine. For example, I usually shower in the morning, but not always, and I have curly hair with a multi-step shower routine. Therefore, I'd like to have a shower routine saved in the app as an individual routine for any time, and also be able to link it within my morning routine. If this would be possible, it would be virtually a perfect app in my mind. Thank you so much for creating it and promise me it'll always be this good because I can honestly see myself using it forever :)
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4 years ago, nextdoordoesntwork
Enjoy the app—please make some small changes!
Thank you for making this app. I am giving five stars in support, but I hope you will take my suggestions to improve. This morning I had a bug where the app would crash every time I tried to open it. It was only resolved by resetting my phone in the middle of my routine. I am not particularly bothered by this happening since it is only the first time, and the app has been reliable otherwise. However, my second problem came when I tried to send feedback through the app to let you know about this problem. It took me straight to the default mail app for iPhone, which I do not use. I could not send a feedback email without first signing in through the mail app! So now I am stuck writing a review to let you know of my problem. Please add another way to you send feedback/bug reports. Having the developer email that I could copy/paste would be a great start. I’ve had a few other suggestions that I cannot remember right now, and having a place I could share would be helpful. Keep up the good work!
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3 months ago, gsnow929
Amazing app for staying present, especially with ADHD
Ever since I started using this app, I feel so regulated and content. The timers help me focus on one task at a time and not get sidetracked, so I’m able to feel calmer and less overwhelmed by everything there is to do. I know that the app will tell me what to do next, so I don’t need to keep reminding myself of all the things I need to do. I never have to dig into my brain to make sure I remembered to do everything (and make sure I do everything in the right order, stay on track, remember what to do next, etc.). At first I thought the timers would stress me out, but they actually just force me to surrender and do the task at hand — and it gives me a sense of pride when I finish something early/on time. When I get ready for the day and unwind from the day, I can let go of all my thoughts, worries, and tension, and just be. This calmness and stability carries over to the rest of my day and to my night of sleep. Thank you for this beautiful app and I highly recommend to anyone <3
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2 years ago, ktbbabe
Changed my life
This app allows me to plan out my mornings ahead of time so I don’t have to think of all the steps to my routine in the moment when I’m groggy!! So many times it has saved me from forgetting to do something important. I love it because you can allot the amount of time that tasks take you (a best guess is fine bc you can see how much time that task usually takes you over a few weeks and adjust it accordingly so it’s accurate) and then seeing everything together, you know exactly when you will be finished with the routine, so you don’t have to be stressed like “oh I don’t have time to do all these things” because you know you have time for it! It takes so much mental load and energy off. I think there are some improvements that can be made, but it’s a really great product & if you’re like me and have been struggling with to-do lists and trying to keep track of all the steps of a routine, I highly recommend you try Routinery.
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5 months ago, Meli Hull
Please make this a one-time purchase instead of a subscription!
This would be a five-star review except that I will probably always be stuck using the free version (which limits you to two routines) because I am unwilling to pay a monthly fee for something that should be a one-time purchase. This app has been a game-changer for my ADHD, hugely helpful for getting me out the door to work mostly on time in the morning and helping me wind down for bedtime in a timely manner. I took a year off from using Routinery in 2023 because I had a baby and wasn’t working, and my routines kept changing as my baby grew. Now, in 2024, I’m going back to work (and also now having to get my daughter off to daycare!) so I’m back! I was disappointed to discover that, in addition to limiting the user to two routines, the free version now apparently has ads??? I would love to make a one-time purchase in order to unlock the premium features of this app, but really, really don’t want to pay $27 per year (or $95 per year at full price!)
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2 years ago, jellybean3670
Just what I needed
Excellent for ADHD, time blindness and procrastination. I tend to make a list, do 1 or 2 out of 10 things, sit on the couch and then feel awful about myself later on. This app gives you a full customized visual schedule, audio reminders and a visual timer so that you are 100% on top of your day. The timer is really the life changing aspect, I put every single task in this app (eat, shower, etc) because as my fellow NDs know, you can procrastinate anything and everything for hours on end and not even notice the time. I enjoy picking the little icons out and organizing my routine so it provides some enjoyment which motivates me to open the app in the mornings. Very user friendly. I also like how I can build in new things I want to incorporate into my routine such as exercise. If I see a new task and a timer, I am more likely to try the new task because I set designated time aside for it, rather than looking at the new task and scratching it off my list.
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2 years ago, ginormousgiant
Great app, and here’s a suggestion
I already posted a 5 star review for this wonderful app, and I maintain my high regard. I would also like to make an additional suggestion: Would it be possible to add the option to make some routines play-as-needed rather than on repeat the same time everyday? For example, I’d like to set a routine for packing a bag to work remotely at the park. The items in the bag are consistent and Routinery would help me get it done quickly, not forgetting anything, but I don’t need this routine at a consistent time every week. The same goes for certain work out routines. I’m also a dog sitter and my routine changes when I’m getting up super early to walk dogs, but that only lasts for about a week at a time. The point is that temporary routines can be useful. I am already loving this app and I use it for my regular morning and evening routines. I just think adding the option to use certain routines at irregular times would make it even better.
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9 months ago, Stoborobo
This is the EFDD app you’re looking for
It’s hard to overstate how good this app is. The thing about routines is that they’re the basis of everything you do all day. Your to-do lists, play and rest are tethered to them and this app is the only one that seems to get how Variable a day can be. The fact that you can turn on and off notifications; skip tasks; reorder tasks; add or take away time to tasks; click a quick menu to see where your timeline matches with the clock; set up context notes with links to whatever you need to open; choose if a task moves automatically to next task or allows for overflow; check you monthly and weekly records of the tasks you do per routine — basically means you can have a good or bad day without ever having to leave the app. And that is so important. This app doesn’t orient itself around *should* but *is*. You can adjust everything mid routine OR NOT and because of this you can’t truly mess up your routine because the routine adjusts to you and your day. The learning curve isn’t steep and you can just download ones to start (like Bruce Lees!) Buy honestly the more you use this app the more you’re going to realize that your day is a series of routines. And the more you’re going to get done. Anyway I’ve tried a lot of EFDD/ADHD apps and this is the only one I’ve used everyday for years. It’s essential.
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1 year ago, channyfree
The app you can’t live without after trying
If you’ve ever read the book “what the most successful people do before breakfast,” then you’re aware of the concept of writing every task down that you want accomplished, about how long each task takes, and what time you want to have it completed. I went from “tracking” on a notepad to randomly finding this in the App Store one day looking for if there was a better way for me to do it. Gamechanger, life saver, I can’t get through my mornings without it. I thought making my bagel took me 1 minute- nope, about 2 minutes to toast, the time it takes to get the jam and a knife out, and to put said knife in the dishwasher- I’m looking at 5 minutes for a bagel. May be a dumb example, but this app not only holds you to the times set for yourself, it makes you well aware of how much time you ACTUALLY take to accomplish a task. My morning routine starts with simply get out of bed, make bed, bathroom, etc, etc, and ends with how long my route to work is. If I want to be at work by 730? Then guess what- I’m leaving at 717, not in shambles running out the door at 725 in hopes I make it on time. Nope, because I have a tracker that is keeping tabs on me and I’m therefore keeping tabs on myself. Get this app. Just do it. It will completely change the way you tackle your mornings and nights and days
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2 years ago, tftfvg
Hey sorry I can’t tell you the title but I can’t read
It is a great thing to have this app like it I have you set a timer for set to have a good day and you’re like oh how much minutes and how much how much will I need to do this not in the snap map well I downloaded this app me and my friend it and it changed our lives like I can make a bad tea the time I don’t have to rush back my last breakfast I could do all that thing app so amazing I wish I would just look into it if you don’t like it I understand some people are so beautiful do but me and my friend are just like surveys and I was like how scored a stupid app telling me what I need to do and how many minutes were actually exchanged raft I like did it for one day yoga everything I wanted to do it limited time tell me come on we have to move everything like that like what in the world I love this app and I hope y’all do too😃😄
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4 years ago, El Cochecito
Great interface, but gets stuck after 5 tasks
I really like the interface, but currently after the fifth task in my list, when I click “Done,” it changes the time, but doesn’t update what task I’m on. In my case, after my 5 minutes “Shower” task is done, it starts the timer for the next task, but still says “Shower” and shows the shower icon, instead of “Make coffee.” For me, that makes the app pretty much not worth using at this point. I also would love to be able to see the rest of the list as the timers are on, so that I could tell what’s coming up next. This isn’t a big drawback, as you’re likely to know what the next step in your morning routine is, but it’s a feature that I appreciated in a very simple app called Many Timer that I used long ago until the developer discontinued it and it became incompatible with my new phone. This app has a lot of potential, but there are some kinks to work out, and it would have to be a really great app to justify me paying a monthly subscription rather than a one-time purchase cost.
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3 years ago, PeanutButter1219
Wonderful for us with ADHD!
This app has been such a blessing to me! A lot of us that suffer from ADHD have time blindness. We have no true concept of how much time a task actually takes us. This app gives me the independence to make my own schedule but gives me the accountability I need to actually see how much time it really takes me to do things and how I can adjust. For example, I’ve been using it the most on work days. Before Routinery, I was chronically late 10-15 mins for work. In my head, my morning routine takes 30 minutes. After Routinery, I learned it actually takes me an hour and 5 minutes to get ready for the day and leave on time. My mornings used to be so scattered (even on medication) and now it’s smooth sailing. I can even make time to sit on my couch, catch up on the local news, and drink my coffee. Thank you for this wonderful app!
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1 year ago, FourthShark
Great app- needs calendar integration
I’ve been using this app for 7 days, and my self esteem has improved so much. I usually get kind of down on myself for focusing too much on one task and not seeing the bigger picture of what I need to accomplish for the day. This helps me stay focused to complete 80% of what I set out to, instead of 30-40%. The UI and functionality is great- I love how you have to complete the routine or you receive notifications, and I love the reminders to stay on target to finish a task. I use it with my toddler son for his bedtime routine. I schedule my whole day with it. I feel like a super person now. I wish there was a google calendar integration that would turn events into routine items. If an event is added, its duration and start time come preset, and any routine items can be added around the fixed time items.
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2 years ago, Jen Gen
I need checklists
Almost perfect! I love the nagging reminders. Helps me manage my ADHD. However I sometimes find super granular, linear steps to be too rigid. I prefer being able to have a step contain a collection of smaller tasks, like Oral Care having flossing, brushing, and mouthwashing. I can add the text for that in the step’s Context area, but I would much prefer being able to mark them off in the order I complete them in a nice list. Tiimo does this checklist feature so well and even with Apple Watch, but misses the mark on the manual start and nagging reminders that this app excels at. I will keep looking for an app that does all those things (will happy pay for it) until this app incorporates checklists. Unfortunately the developer’s app update release notes don’t appear to include details on what was edited in the app, just general comments to the user base, so I’m unsure if this app is continuing to develop or is just in stasis.
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3 years ago, Cre8tv
Bugs, crashes, and extremely overpriced
In trying and comparing this with other apps that are either one-time purchases or subscription models, this one comes out overpriced on both accounts, especially since users recently complain of various bugs. Very frustrating. I would have purchased this one immediately because of liking the visual if the developer had made this fall in the same price range as other apps, some of which offer more functionality. Thankfully I noticed the bugs before purchasing. ALSO note how the version history has duplicate items as “upgrades.” It almost looks like this developer is trying to look like he’s releasing improvements and squashing bugs more often than he actually is. Gotta get ready for everyone who is wanting a New Year’s resolution app, I guess. Noted bugs and issues in first 10 minutes of setup: 1. Scrolling through icons boots me out of the icons. 2. Crash when adding items I entered to the routine. 3. After crash, most of my items are no longer on the list, though they remain in the routine.
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2 years ago, Sunowl maw
Great concept, but very laggy and frustrating
This is a great asset for anyone who needs a lite help with routines in life. However, the app's performance lags often during basic functions. I'm not sure why, as the app surely can't be resource intensive and is the only app that I have had this problem with. Examples include 4-5 second delays when starting the next activity, erroneous notifications for activities you already moved on from (drives me pretty nuts), and being unable to edit your routine finishing times. This last one breaks the "average time" stat because often forget to complete the last activity in a routine. In a gym app like Strong, for example, forgetting to close out the session is no problem because you can edit the end time. I am not sure why these kinds of basic features are missing, but they are really frustrating and marr an otherwise great app in my experience. I appreciate the work that has been done so far though.
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3 months ago, jaivjrncjabcjqfodkajivke
Every Update Brings More Bugs
Since the 3.22.0 update I can't rearrange the tasks in either of my routines. Trying to drag and drop just jumps the task around randomly on the page, which will now only scroll up but not down, and eventually drops the task somewhere random regardless of where my finger is on the page. At this point the screen freezes for a second, and then the task I just moved unsuccessfully suddenly teleports to another random place in the list all by itself. This happens the same way in the regular list view, in the actual edit mode, and on the change order screen while the routine is in progress. I rearrange my routines often (thanks ADHD!) so this bug has almost completely stopped me using the app for over a month where I previously had a streak of well over a year. The dev team always responds quickly to these things though (once I get around to reporting them... thanks again ADHD!), so I have hope :')
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10 months ago, Levent Lover
It went downhill
I was looking for a good app where I could write down routines and got this app. It was great, I made a morning and evening routine and I use them. I tried to make another routine, but then it told me that I had reached to limit and to subscribe and pay $30 yearly to make more. I thought it was so messed up. This is supposed to help me not make me irritated! So I guess I will only get two routines because I am not going to pay $30 every year for this app. Any app that helps you get organized and makes you feel less stressed and anxious or whatever you have going on should NOT have to ask for money. Creators, I hope you take this into account. Anyways besides that it is good, another thing about the subscription you have to subscribe to have all of the emojis (which makes absolutely no sense, they are literally emojis). I guess it is a good game but it is kind of sad and frustrating how I can only make 2 routines before having to pay.
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3 years ago, CdrSpock
Seems nice, but the pricing is an obstacle for me
I’ve used an app like this in the past, but I’ve been looking for a replacement because the old app doesn’t get updated anymore. This app seems like a good fit for me, but I’m put off by the fact that it’s only available as a subscription. Maybe I’m just old-school, but I really, really do not like subscription-based software. Trying to keep track of the various companies that want to automatically take my money at regular intervals is stressful and irritating. I don’t want money to leave my wallet until I press a button and make it happen myself. I would be happy to pay more with a one-time purchase option, and the FAQ says that one may be added in the future, so I’m hopeful that will happen soon. If that happens, I would also be happy to support continued development with a “tip jar” type of option in the app, on top of the one-time payment.
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2 years ago, greenberrytree984
Great on my iphone and my iPad mini
I enjoy the features of the app. It's great that I can add notes (like my focuses for a task) and after I can also leave myself feedback (ex: what I did during my workout). It helps me to visually and to systematically separate my day and goals/habits. I recently purchased the annual subscription, I thought it'd be a great idea to use it with my iPad so I don't have to rely on always being on my phone. The app completely crashes on my iPad, thus I have never been able to open it on that device. I've reset the device and tried my other apps; there is only an issue with this app, despite the app features saying it is compatible with my device, the crashing black screen shows otherwise :(. **they've released an update! It works wonderfully on my two devices now :) Highly recommend.
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3 years ago, dbjsjfkrmf
Thank you for listening to feedback!!
I’ve tried out a lot of apps like this and am a picky user. Routinery is the best one, hands down. The interface and features easily best the alternatives. The app now has the ability to mark off a task as done even after your routine is completed, which was the one thing keeping this amazing app from being perfect for me. I wrote in about this a few months ago and they said it was on the way, and it really is here! The other improvements, like being able to rearrange tasks DURING your routine have also been a great addition. I am not a naturally organized or routine person and years of health issues has made it worse - this app makes such a difference for me. A must have if you’re easily distracted or struggle to remember routines. Thank you so much for this app!
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2 years ago, 702MG
❤️ Routinery!
I love Routinery! I originally saw it on TikTok where a girl was struggling to get back into her routine and flow. Even small things were hard showering, brushing her teeth, brushing her hair, etc. I could really relate to that ever since summer started this year. Immediately Routinery helped. There are no fees no subscriptions its all free because getting your life in line shouldn’t come with a price. The only set back is there is no alarm for when the step is finished. I found my self getting side tracked and letting the timer go for 5 10 minutes after I was supposed to be done. If you figure it out great job! This is probably the only set back other then that you have to go premium to get most the cute icons for a task but it is amazing other then those two things. So easy to set up to! I have gotten lots of friends and family to download it because it is so so amazing.
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2 years ago, shayfairy7
Wow. Just wow!
I downloaded this app to help with executive function issues related to ADHD and anxiety. It’s been only a few days but it has changed my life for the better! I couldn’t get things done in a timely manner and I found myself very overwhelmed. I’ve been using this app for about 4 days and I feel like a different person. I’ve taken care of myself, cleaned my house, meal prepped, and even exercised. And it was all because this app let me do things in order without me having to worry about remembering to do this thing or the other. For me, the process of remembering each and every task and step causes me to not be able to turn off my thoughts while doing a given task. With Routinery, I know the app is going to tell me what to do next so I can focus on the task at hand. Wow. Just wow!
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2 years ago, Illumma NoodleZ
Life changing
This app has been incredibly beneficial for me. Usually I sleep 12 hours a day and would start things and never finish them. This app keeps me mindful of my time. My main struggle is forgetfulness and this app solves that completely. You can make variations for different days that have different schedules. This app will help you stay on track for all your goals. One of the best things about this app is focusing on the small things like making your bed. Making your bed is such a insignificant thing that people like me forget over and over to do it. Through this app though I remember every single day to do the simple things. The pricing is so cheap for how much this app can change your life. With all the sincerity thank you 🙏 😊 developer for creating this wonderful app.
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2 years ago, adhdreviews
I love it in theory but…
So I have ADHD and thought this would be amazing and it’s definitely really good for when I’m not working however this app operates as if you have a normal schedule on set days which I realize a lot of people do but I’m a flight attendant and when I start and end my day on any given day varies GREATLY because my schedule does. I would absolutely love to use this app if it gave you the option to create a routine with no designated time and it could sync up with the sleep schedule function on the iPhone so it knows when you’re up and when you’re going to bed and prompt you with picking one (ex: work day or regular day morning routine) when the time comes. Or if that’s not possible, maybe the app could have its own sleep schedule function? As it stands with my schedule unfortunately it’s not as helpful as it could be.
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4 years ago, Momomo122811
Great App
I’ve been looking for an app like this for a long time! It works perfectly for my purposes. I love that it shows an updated completion time as I finish tasks early (or late). I can also see what’s coming up ahead on my task list. I love the reminders when I press pause on a task, because I really do need them. Also, scrolling through the suggestions from months past, and looking at the app features now, it seems that the developers really have listened and added features that people have requested. I’m only disappointed in the fact that there’s no way to buy the “premium” version outright - only a subscription. I would gladly pay a one-time fee, but don’t pay for subscriptions on apps like this. I hope the developers will reconsider this payment model.
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6 months ago, Alex Tylos
I need a ‘dumb” mode where a timer isn’t trying to direct me
I’m finding it hard to grapple with these timer based apps that try to direct me. I wasn’t to complete things in my own time but need checklists to keep myself on track. I understand the philosophy of routines that build habits like this but I need to also be able to check things off my todo list without starting a timer and going through things in sequence. I need more flexibility. A dumb mode where I can just check off what I’ve already done and look over what’s left etc very quickly. I’m not a robot I do things at different times, for different durations and in different orders but I still need something to keep me on track with daily repeating todos and reminders. I find myself wrestling with this app. Would work if I could just add tasks without durations and complete them without starting the timer.
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4 months ago, CalvinationStation
Need to rely on my phone less to use Routinery
This app has been extremely helpful in keeping me on track during my morning/evening routines. I also prefer to use it primarily on my Apple Watch instead of my iPhone. But in the morning, especially, I really don’t like having to pull up the app on my phone first in order to use it on my watch. It kind of defeats the purpose of keeping the first couple hours of my morning phone-free. I would love it if, in a future update, you could work in the ability to start the routine timers in the watch app without having to open the phone app first. And if that isn’t feasible - are there any plans to introduce a Lock Screen widget in a future update? That could at least help avoid the risk of getting distracted and not opening Routinery when I unlock my phone.
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11 months ago, omghowaboutthisone
Couple big problems
I absolutely love this app. I’ve tried an unbelievable number of other apps and I always end up coming back to this one. I’ve used it for years and it’s the only one that really helps me to get everything done. However, unfortunately, and with great reluctance, I had to stop using it because it drains and overheats my phone battery like crazy. It also, for some reason I can’t figure out, makes all my notifications uncomfortably loud while I’m using the app, no matter what I do. I could probably put up with the loud notifications but I can’t ruin my phone’s battery over an app. I continue to eagerly check for updates hoping each time that it will be the one to fix these problems but so far, no luck. I’m still holding out hope and the day they get this app working better is the day I start using it exclusively again, sing its praises, and give it a 5 star review.
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1 year ago, Kikxmarie
More like a free trial, decent features but marketing is a scam
I’ve used this app as both a free and paid user. As a free user I used to have access to two routines which I thought was fair, a morning and night one. As a paid user the feedback and summary wasn’t useful to me, only being able to have more than one routine available without deactivating or reactivating them . Now that I went back to free I can only have one routine which isn’t practical at all. Then there’s no lifetime purchase option either as the company wants you beholden to their subscription to even though no significant new features have been released. I use the structured app for my schedule which has way more features and they only charge $1.50 a month with a lifetime purchase option. You’re better of using your reminders to create a list and timer to limit yourself unless you want to be scammed indefinitely.
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12 months ago, javkieeee
Routine app
This is the best routine app I’ve ever played ever since I stared playing this I felt like a bug when It finds food so happy! Before I played this game my house was a mess my room was a mess everywhere and everything was a mess! After I used this app I felt so much better my house and my room is cleaner then a baby’s bottom you should try this app out if I were you this is the best app ever if you don’t want to do that you do you but for people who want to. All you have to do is put your age your name and your gender and then you can get logged. I recommend to use this app. And share it to all your friends. So they can be clean just like you and if you really love this game you should give them a 5 stars have the best experience ever!
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8 months ago, fair_sophia
Routines are great, Premium not so much
The routine creation and interface are very functional from a user perspective. However, the restriction on the number of routines for free users is almost ridiculous considering the apps subscription based premium access. There is zero desire from a user perspective to continuously pay for access to more routines, as there is no guarantee that the prices won’t increase over time, and the overall shift towards subscription based services is already too much. A one time payment for premium is justifiable - but not a subscription. Users deserve to own premium rather than pay for access to it. I have had the app for more than a year and will never buy premium if it continues to be a subscription service. If it were available as a one time purchase, I would buy premium immediately.
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2 years ago, Cassaie3
Buggy & Poor English
I used to love this app when it worked seamlessly however now every time I use it it is extremely buggy. Sometimes it will crash, sometimes when i start a routine all of my steps will be out of order until i restart the app and then they will be in the correct order again. About the English, they added a new section where it recommends routines for you however it says things like “thinking to do well today” “imagine being excited” “sleep time check” “appreciate today” which are either poor english or plain old infantilizing. In another section it says to grab your charger, “airpod”, mask, and… “clock”? I know they mean watch, but yikes. Because of these things, I may delete my once favorite app. I’m not sure if the developers have changed but I’m so sad it doesn’t meet expectations anymore.
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3 years ago, Jengirlmama
Great app
This works well for my ADHD. I also like the habit suggestions with the brief explanation underneath. Meditation is good. I know Isaac from Genesis was meditating back in 1700's BC and us Catholics began meditation while counting scripture recitation with stones in the 3rd century. We have been meditating for many many centuries. You may recognize it in one form known as a rosary. We don't sit all cross legged and make circles with our fingers. Instead of focusing on ourselves we focus on a higher power called God the creator or his son Jesus and his mercy and dying for our sins while reciting prayers. AA recognizes the need to focus on a power higher than ourselves that can help us. It is very calming and restorative. Thank you for reminding people, even Christians about the need to meditate. There are many ways to meditate.
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4 years ago, FlyconJaz
Great app for post-pandemic habit building
I’d been struggling to find my pre-pandemic routines, so I figured let’s start new ones. With all that’s going on in the world it’s hard to stay focused. Let alone stay on tasks. I’ve been able to accurately figure out just how much motivation I have during this time to accomplish tasks and to use that time wisely. I have “Routineries” for everything now. Morning, Bedtime, Cleaning, Study, Cooking, Exercise,etc. I’ve been able to be consistent again or even to access whether certain habits serve me or whether it’s time to spice it up with addendums. I think this is a great app for “Getting your life together”. The hardest part of starting a new routine is remembering what you said you were going to do. And this app is my accountability partner and does just that!
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3 years ago, PORJIMMY
Really Helpful!
I’m totally the type of person to set up a routine, fully fleshed out and all, and then as soon as I’m done with one step take two hours off to relax and watch a movie. Routinery keeps you honest and accountable. You’re constantly having to press okay to go to the next step of your routine and you even get reminders if you start to stray from the plan and take too long! Routinery took something like an hour off of my morning routine (and makes sure I finish it every day), and I’m totally gonna set it up and start using it for my going to bed routine and my prepping for night shifts routine. If you’re like me and have trouble following through with plans and routines, I totally recommend this app.
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1 year ago, I ❤️ journalism
Almost great
The user interface is great. I love the simple design. I love how as you complete the tasks, the time that you will finish the routine updates. That, for the time blind is a game changer. I love that it’s customizable to the users needs. But it is soooooo buggy. Going to the settings page crashes the app. Sometimes it switches to the next task automatically and sometimes it waits for you to check it off and I can’t figure out why. When I tried to use it this morning it froze 5 times. It’s great that you can run the routine at anytime but it still gives me updates/ reminders from the time it is programmed to run. So I get double reminders of different things at the same time which is confusing and breaks my flow because I want to open the app and fix it but can’t. I also tried to set it up with shortcuts but the app does not show up in my shortcut options? The design is awesome I just wish it actually worked. It would also be great if it had a widget that could run the routine without having to open or close the app. Other productivity routine apps have this and it makes the app worth paying for. So much is right with the design and soooo much is wrong with how it actually works. Is the developer planning on fixing these issues? If so I would happily pay for it. But not now.
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1 year ago, TheeKeyy
This by far has been my favorite habit/routine builder/tracker. I like the fact that it allows you to place time limits for each task that you place on your your routine. With this feature it allows you make a realistic well timed routine. I also love the feature that tells you how much time has gone by since you ended the previous task if you don’t immediately move to the next task because there is a pause feature which is great if your a busy mom like me and need to pause for any reason. Then the reminder feature will remind you how much time has gone by which is great because sometimes I’ll forget what I’m doing when I have to stop and tend to my kiddos or my husband.
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2 years ago, Joldeneye
Updated Review
I wrote a review yesterday as I was creating my first routine, and I need to amend it. I had a lot of questions about how to use the app due to the lack of instructions. After using it all day today, I realize that I shouldn’t have rated less than 5 stars based on that problem. Either way, it has significantly improved my life in a VERY short time. I suspect the developers had this incredible idea and they took it live before it was really complete, which is exactly what most of us with ADHD would do! I have reached out to them for help and hopefully they’ll get back to me with answers to some of my specific questions. So basically, it’s a really great app with room for improvement.
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1 year ago, #1Doodler!!!
App does my routine out of order
Developers, please fix whatever is going wrong with the app or instruct me how to do so. I just downloaded Routinery last week, and it would be an awesome app if it actually worked. I created a morning routine with several steps and for the past week (almost every time I have used the app except for the first two days) when I press play to start my routine it starts me at a random step instead of from the beginning. It usually starts me on the second to last or last step of the routine. The only way to get past this so I can start my routine from the top is to press the check to “complete” each of the last steps and then start the routine over. However when I do this, it then doesn’t give me those last steps on my routine, it thinks I have finished the routine I guess because I already marked them complete earlier. If this can’t be fixed then the app is basically useless.
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3 years ago, uhfvfjerkjbjh
This app is amazing!
I was trying a lot of routine apps throughout a few weeks and this has been the best one! Now I am not naming any names but some of the apps make you pay to do really anything... I know that you still have to pay for this app but you can make 2 routines and you can put as many habits as you want! I also love the fact that it gives you a time estimate on how long it will take you to complete your routine and some apps don't do that... With those apps, I was late without the time estimate so I love this app so much that I deleted all of my other routine apps right then and there I have became more organized and punctual 😊 thank you routinery thank you so much
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1 year ago, MochiFam
Really good but there is one BIG issue
I’ve been using this app for a while and overall it is really good. I love how I can make as many routines as possible and the little notification at the top when you are done. But I still see some issues within this app that I want to go over right now. 1) No option to see notes when doing task. For example, I have a specific exercise routine whenever it pops up for half an hour, but I can’t see what to do specifically when it pops up. So what even is the point of it being there when I can’t see it? 2) No dark mode - not much of an issue it’s just that I have a night time and evening routine and with the interface blinding my eyes it just doesn’t set the mood 3) not loud enough There needs to be some sort of option so I can have this app practically yelling at me to get my stuff together for the day. I am awful at following things with a list which is why I am trying to better myself with this app. It would help a ton if this app could be louder with notifications and just more aggressive with sounds. That’s all I have to say. If you are reading this and considering downloading the app, you really should you won’t regret it. ❤️
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2 years ago, whitnia
Perfect for neurodivergent people!
I love that the free version gave me a good chance to test out all the features before subscribing. I like that it has pre-set routines you can try or adjust to create your own. This is so helpful in structuring my day and keeping me from being overwhelmed. I struggle with “getting going” and this is so helpful and I love the simple design. I use the “context” to list sub-tasks for bigger tasks. Sometimes the Apple Watch app closes even though I’d like it to stay on the screen, but I’m not sure if that’s an app issue or a watch issue. The only thing I’d change would be the ability to search the icons when picking one for the task!
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2 years ago, Isha Marie
love the app but only when
i loved this app when i first started using it. was an absolute game changer for my mornings. i still love the concept but lately there have been more and more issues. for awhile it would keep telling me “X amount of time has passed since X task” but i had not gotten to that task yet. i tried restarting the app, deleting, redownloading, etc. it still kept happening. then finally it went away. today, i went to use the routine i do for mornings but the start button wasn’t there. i deleted the app and reinstalled and now it’s there. these aren’t the worst issues there can be but for someone who has adhd, it adds another hurdle. i hope that the functionality will go back to how it was at the beginning. i really want to LOVE this app again.
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3 years ago, Orcashark
Watch app is unusable
I just started using this app, and while the concept is great, I was looking forward to using it in conjunction with my apple watch so I don't have to be constantly looking at and tapping at my phone screen to track, start & end routines. However, the watch app won't open half the time. I tap on it and it acts like it's opening but it doesn't. When I do get it to open it's only when I have a routine actively running, and it will act like the routine is still running even after I've stopped it on my phone. I've tried uninstalling & reinstalling, restarting my watch and the phone app etc but nothing has fixed it yet. On top of that, the app does not seem to have even a basic complication to add to a watch face. That's more of an inconvenience next to the app not working at all, however.
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