Royal Match

4.7 (2.4M)
239.5 MB
Age rating
Current version
Dream Games
Last update
4 weeks ago
Version OS
12.0 or later
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User Reviews for Royal Match

4.68 out of 5
2.4M Ratings
5 months ago, jfdonnelly
Fun, but kind of misleading ads
First of all, this is a pleasant way to pass time and avoid work. That’s not to say that it’s easy; the puzzles rapidly become very difficult, and may take days to conquer. Also, it really is free and with no ads but if you get really frustrated, you can spend actual cash on things like more lives or more tools to help you get through tough levels. Unless you want to spend cash, you need to be really patient and persevere, five lives at a time until you get through a hard level. if you want, you can turn on hints, but I find they aren’t always useful. I prefer to solve the problem on my own. So it’s sort of misleading that you’ll never spend cash, but what’s really misleading is that you spend a lot of time saving the king. Those levels show up very very infrequently as others have pointed out. There are also very infrequent bonus levels where you can win extra coins to help you survive another day, but mostly there are increasingly difficult “ordinary” levels.
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5 months ago, JimCarm
Great game, but I’m quitting…
My adventures in Royal match! You will be treated like royalty! No?Why? Read on for my ONE BIG REASON TO QUIT BEFORE YOU START. I’d rather watch five 60 second adds than wait 20 minutes to play again after every lost round. I downloaded this, lost after ten minutes or so, first it told me to come back in a few minutes, so I waited, played, then waited and waited…….still waiting…….oh yeah okay, I’ll just put this in the background three or four screens over, one month later, I stumble on the game, play ten minutes, admire the graphics, Oooooops! Time’s up! Come back….ONE MONTH LATER…..Play 15 minutes. Ooooops, life got in the way….LEAVE TO PLAY A FUN GAME THAT IS INDEED WORKING! Royal is on the back burner AGAIN, THREE WEEKS LATER… ten minutes… it’s getting deleted for lack of use….I’m laughing my way to the bank, look at all I’ve saved not playing this! You gotta love it! I’m one who pays to play, but you lost my income, because of this huge game play flaw. Great graphics, great playing, all around fun. But you LOSE me. No play. No pay. Simple fact. I think I owe you an explanation. I simply will move on to something that is actually playable. I love watching adds if the reward is a great game as a afterward. But I don’t have the time or the patience to wait upwards of half an hour every ten minutes for a game, ANY game, no matter how fun it is. Such a shame. Great game…..not worth waiting for. Or paying for.
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11 months ago, Hate this game🤬
Not like the ads show
It's a pretty standard match 3 game like many others. Has some fun and interesting gameplay mechanics and so more frustrating ones that quickly get left behind after their section is over (thank goodness). Many of the more difficult levels are dependent on having powerups. The game is fairly generous with powerups and if you join a good team you shouldn't be lacking in them. However if you do run out you will be stuck on certain missions for ages. They make them just possible enough that they can be beaten without spending money but you have to get insanely lucky with the RNG. If you're willing to whip out your wallet then you're in luck! No matter how little or how much money you spend the game will reward you by making the levels trivially easy for a short time period. I was stuck on a "very hard" level for ages, attempting it at least 100 times with and without powerups, I purchased 1 USD worth of coins and my next attempt I beat it with more than half of my attempts left. For about an hour after that the game pretty much played itself, dropping combos in a cascade never seen before purchasing those coins. I would beat levels in 3 turns out of 30! Exact same scenario happened the next time I was stuck on a level and purchased 1 USD worth of coins. So if you're ever stuck just remember to whip out the old wallet and you'll be rewarded with free wins.
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1 month ago, Ggm12345
Get ready to have a fat pocket...
At the very beginning I really enjoyed the game, let's say that it's fun and engaging but as you level up get ready to pay for coins and extra tools if you really want to pass a level. I reached level 8401 and played the royal challenge and also won 1, but let me say this... to be able to reach that level I had to spend several dollars because even though I tried to level up without doing so, it was really hard to win. Always, and I mean always you are short of coins, you start with 900 coins, then 1900 and then 2900 and the coins sum up. I decided to stop playing, because I realized that even though I bought coins they never were enough... I understand that the developers increase the challenge in the game, it's fair but even having the power balls (when you get them) you lose them anyway at some point, I got anxious and the fun went to the gut along with it. I have to thank to my team, they are awesome and I really enjoyed to help them with lives, and they me (Black Knights) but my pocket and my fun just run out of money and interest in the game for this reason. I congratulate those who can level up without spending a penny, unfortunately it wasn't my experience with the game. In case one of my team mates is reading this my nick name in the game was goat, I wish them all the best of luck and hope they can reach to the top!!
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10 months ago, JuJu Bean 123479
The ads lie
The ads lie about everything. In the ads we can see King Robert getting himself into trouble all the time and needing us to rescue him. But in the actual game he is in no danger and the game is boring. The ads also say the game is addicting, but I get tired of it after like five minutes of playing. the ads say the game has great graphics, but the graphics are really not that great. They’re ok. If you really want a fun, addicting matching game, you should play project makeover. Project makeover has amazing graphics and has no ads (unless you watch an ad to get a free thing). Also, once you reach level 45, you can connect with your friends and join a clique a.k.a. a group. After playing a while, you will have your own character to dress up, your own room to decorate, and your own pet, too! Project makeover is actually addicting. All you have to do is reach level 45. Before that you’re just figuring out how the game works and learning with all the buttons do. I guarantee if you download project makeover, you won’t regret it! It doesn’t do you any harm so you might as well try it. I’m not being paid to say these things, and I don’t work for project makeover. I just really like the game and love to connect with my friends on there. royal match doesn’t let you connect with anyone on there. Project makeover is just better in my opinion. Thank you for reading my review. ❤️
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3 years ago, BRod22
Get your wallet out
I have been playing Royal Match for a few weeks now. I don’t play daily because I get very frustrated with the gameplay. Graphics and sound are too notch, however the game is basically rigged. The number of moves you have are limited and differ at every puzzle. If you choose a “booster” that you have saved the game does not allow you to choose when your booster is used. It gives you the booster at the very start of the level. The problem is that many times you are forced to activate your booster right away because using the booster is the only move you can make. You just wasted the booster. It did not improve your situation at all. Then as you run out of moves the game will give you 5 moves but it’ll cost you 900 coins. If you happen to need an additional move beyond the 5 given it will cost 1900 coins. It’s rigged to force you to spend money buying extra coins and lives. I understand every developer deserves to make money but the constant pressure to purchase lives or coins makes the game frustrating to play. As a previous reviewer stated, you can lose 20 attempts in a row, then decide you’ll spend a few bucks for more lives, only to find you’ve miraculously completed the level with a super simple move. Do you want to succeed ? If so you’d better get out some cash because you’re going to need it.
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10 months ago, DanniStories
I Feel Guilty When King Robert Dies
I mostly play Black Desert Mobile and Star Trek Timelines but I also like this game. Been playing only a couple weeks. The graphics are pleasing and gameplay is fun. But I hate that you are limited on moves and you can’t clear the board. And you can’t play long before you run out of lives. I have yet to get to saving King Robert. Which brings me to why I’m mentioning Star Trek. I’m often watching ads in it for freebies and the ads I see most are for Royal Match and every few it has a try me where I try to save King Robert. About half the time I fail and what really frustrates me is that the one with the pipe and water pops up iTunes Store in the middle of the tryme and it’s timed so poor King Robert is doomed! It wouldn’t be so bad if it was just that I wasn’t fast enough but it really kills me that this error kills him! Shame on you, Developers! Please fix this! After reading the comments I’m thinking about deleting but that won’t help me in Star Trek because I like the freebies. I’m 65 years old and I rarely have money for in game purchases so I’m just playing a bit and I put it aside rather than spending money on game currency. I’d be much more interested in game currency if you would quit with the ridiculous life limit.
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11 months ago, lolbombytuecreeper
Its a good game but
The game Royal match is pretty good but they’re saying like you get to play like fun puzzles and stuff and it’s really similar to homescapes or something like that and the only reason I downloaded this app is because it was bragging about no adds and really good quality and really fun like puzzles you can play, and I was like tired of adds then so I thought it would be nice to play a fun game that has no adds and stuff. And when I download it was expecting that you would start on like level one but instead I was come to my surprise any other game you mom or dad or grandma or grandpa would play then you would add to the castle and then when you done it would say “ Royal Match “ so the game is alright I'm not trying to be rude or anything but the game is kind of lying to you about the puzzles game I and I have never stumbled across a puzzle game and at first I was like just playing hoping a puzzle game would show up every once and a while and you would like have to watch an add for it (like any other game) but no you go on and on and on and on and on and on and on to each other game mode idk if its just me that’s not getting the games but I haven’t stumbled across any puzzles YET
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12 months ago, Maradee22
Hmmm something doesn’t seem right
Level 5390 and this has happened on many occasions throughout my time playing. It’s probably time to take another break from this game. I used a double bomb to explode the vine. It exploded right next to the vine, that only had the base of the vine left. I had already extended the game once for 900 just so that I wouldn’t lose my super ball and to move onto the next level. when it exploded the end of the vine it didn’t explode the vine or disappear. I had to purchase more lives at 1900 for 5 helicopters just to explode the darn thing. This makes me furious because for one thing, why is the first time we extend for 5 more moves @ 900 then for 5 more it goes up to 1900 instead of 1800 for 5 more moves. What is odd is at the end of the game when we have any helicopters, bombs or anything left we get a measly few coins. We should be getting the same amount you want us to purchase it for. This is crazy. I really enjoyed playing this game and as much time and money I have spent I should get a discount, especially when the game doesn’t do what it is supposed to do. I stopped playing the game for awhile last time because it was doing this very thing. I don’t know if it’s a glitch or what but I’m not too happy about it especially since I’m competitive and spend good money on this game and then for it to act up.
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6 months ago, Datrandombobakid1234
Ok, the 1st reason why I downloaded this game was because the graphics, they seemed movie-worthy! But I was disappointed to see the crappy animation that this game actually is, 2nd of all, the plot, I thought this would be a cool game, like saving the king from plunging into acid, and to help him build a path to escape a monstrous snake, but I was also SO disappointed to see this was just another knock-off candy crush with occasional “king’s nightmares”, where you have to kind of save the king, but it’s NOTHING like the ads. Then the groups, anyone can join any group, and for all you know, a little kid can join a group of sketchy people, one time, I accidentally joined a group of other people talking about rather inappropriate stuff, the app editors should THINK ABOUT THIS, there should be age requirements to join specific groups, then the profile pictures, I hate that you have only an ugly duck, a fat pig and a weird polar bear as your only options if you don’t have facebook! Another thing I don’t like is that if you run out of lives, you can’t play unless you play or you ask your teammates, who most likely will ignore you. Otherwise, this is a pretty good app for being free, no ads, and not needing internet. But if the game was to be what is shown in the ads, I would gladly play it.
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11 months ago, Tyria
Your ads backfired
I used to like this game and played it a lot. But the ads for this game that pop up in OTHER games are so annoying they made me dislike this game. Let me repeat: The advertisements had the opposite of their intended effect. They made me stop playing this game. That is seriously the only reason I stopped playing this game. The game itself is fine. However, I feel disgust at the thought of this game now. All because of how annoying its advertising is. Not the fact that the ads interrupt other games; pop up ads are a fact of life. It’s the content of the ads, and the fact that they have to be closed at least four times to get them to go away, but not before they exit you out of whatever game you’re playing and take you to the App Store. That’s just unnecessary. It’s a toss-up as to what’s most annoying, but possibly the D- list actors that act like I should know who they are and care about what they think are at the top of the list. I actually feel sorry for them. I have second hand embarrassment for them. Unfortunately deleting this game from my phone won’t get rid of the ads for it, so on the very slim chance that someone involved in the advertising for this game sees this review: your advertising is actively driving people AWAY from this game. Please come up with a different advertising strategy.
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3 months ago, nermil68
Game is fun but.,,
I like the game but I find when you cannot win a level the amount of coins you have to pay just to play on with five extra lives is a ridiculous cost. When I first started playing it was 900 coins and now it’s up to 1500 coins and it’s not like they’re giving them that quickly and then that big of an amount to cover what you have to give so obviously they just want you to buy more and buy more and buy more. I feel like they just keep on making it harder for you to get out of things and make it to. You have to keep buying things from them and nobody has money to be spending like that. Plus, 900 coins is way too much to be asking for the few moves. They give you. It should be 100 coins per extra moves that you get instead of having to pay 900 every single time because that’s ridiculous. it’s gotten to the point where I won’t even bother to play on because they’re just trying to get you to do that so that you have to buy more and more from them and it is not fair to the consumer at all to have to do that. So I just use the time I get from them and I will not give them any more coins to keep doing that to me and I suggest everyone else do the same
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9 months ago, Tnaik01
Algorithm is designed for you to spend money
Over the past year I noticed the game is intended to cause you to lose in order to spend money. For instance if you watch the patterns the game will cause you to fail so much that you have no option but to use coins until you can't play anymore. It used to be if you failed a level you could play it until you passed. Now, after you fail the game they immediately do +5 ... up to +30 after EVERY game. It's no longer fun. Most boards are no-win or all-win boards. It's one thing if the game was genuinely created to operate on strategy but if the game senses you could win they intentionally change the board to make it unsolvable. Sometimes the game gives you a 100% winnable board, no matter how much you try to fail it gives you boosters in the right places to win. I wish the developers would go back to the initially honest algorithm. It's one thing to make money but to make it so miserable to play and intentionally make it unenjoyable. Absolutely do not put any money in the app because the game isn't about strategy like it used to be. It doesn't matter how many boosters you have the game is pre-determined to whether you will win or not. The pattern of playable boards vs unplayable boards is so repetitive that it's so obvious!!
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4 months ago, di o
Download homescapes instead of this, 10 minutes in and i deleted it. Why? Oh you will see... First of all you have No plot AT ALL. I was expecting the king to talk and go with the story with the butler. Did that happen? NO! Second of all the tasks are boring. The tasks are like “Sweep up” and “Get this and that” while homescapes speed things up rather them “Dust this and that” Was it exciting to see that happen? NO! Finally, their are to many ADS! No, not this game’s ADS...Your ADS! Every. Single. Time. I play one of my games an ad shows up and its always people saying “Dude you gotta come see this is the best game that i ever and it has no ADS, fun, smooth animations and its good” Really? I think those people are just actors you hired so that you can spread the word to your game. You got me at “Smooth animations”. (Edit) PLEASE stop using so many ads i know you need them for money but with 1 MILLION DOWNLOADS don’t you have enough? And stop false advertising on those minigames! People are going to say the same thing as me if you keep advertising something that is not even in the game. Overall get homescapes if you want another game like this thats actually fun! WHY 😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡 FALSE ADVERTISING TOO! YOUR ADS ARE DISALBING MY MUSIC AND SFX ON MY GAMES SO STOP! 💣🗯 😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡
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12 months ago, coke Kay
Challenging But needs A lot of work
I have download it a few times before and I’ve been playing it And I thought it was really bad at first but then I’ve been passing passing levels and I just think it’s really cool it’s really relaxing like if you’re so bored you could just download that game and start playing it it’s really interesting because my favorite part about it is The rooms are you unlocking it’s like your style in the rooms you have like three choices and you choose a choice a little and you have to pay for the stars tell me where you can get stars is like just play the puzzle game and anyway it’s really challenging challenging but you want to say if you never give up you might get itBut there is one thing the ads are super annoying I wish they had like West ads I want to match I know it has no words in it but there are ads about it everywhere I know it’s probablyThe number one game in the world but steel yet I wish you could start but I know do you want everybody to know about it about it and that’s good get even more popularBut it probably deserves like a one star because I don’t like There are no ads in it they need to put some ads in it because I’m getting mad about it because there’s so many ads and I just want it to stop so please put some ads in it and I want everybody to know about this
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1 year ago, electrofan07
Still a fun game
I enjoy playing the game and have gotten to advanced levels. There are not many bonus levels or Kings nightmare levels. Only maybe twice a week and I play daily. The higher levels are extremely difficult and will take many tries on each level to pass. This is where the game makes a ton of money. You get frustrated and end up paying for coins. The coins will be gone very fast though. I would advise not spending the money unless they have a really GOOD flash sale. They have a lot of so called flash sales but the rate is still high. You can join a high scoring team but the problem is the same. Everyone will hit a threshold and not be able to pass levels at a certain point. You all can still win the levels on your own but it takes a long time and that’s how the game makes so much money. I understand the payout must be huge in terms of what players might spend. Maybe the developers could compromise for those who don’t want to spend? Watching ads for coins? There is no way to get extra coins except by beating levels (which is hard to do without extra coins) or if your teammates happen to buy certain bundles you get a small coin bonus. Something to consider.
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7 months ago, teaching 1st grade
Watch out!
If you haven’t downloaded, don’t. There is a lot of psychology that goes into this game…limited time offers, sales, timed contests and mini games to earn prizes, teams you join and can help with free lives which builds a “team player” mindset, bright colors and engaging graphics, and on and on in order to manipulate a brain into becoming “addicted”. When I started playing, I recognized right away the game psychology embedded in its design, I should have deleted right away, but then I got hooked. I would never waste money gambling, yet here I am wasting money to play a silly game to buy the “Royal Passes”. What is wrong with me!?! Well, now they have upped the cost of game coins to 1900 in order to get 10 extra moves. It used to be 900 for 5 moves. The problem? You need to pass levels to earn coins. You can’t pass levels when you get stuck on a level because you don’t have enough game coins. You can’t get game coins because you are stuck on a level. And on and on it goes. Well, either people are going to pay real money for coins or they are going to finally get so irritated they will quit playing. I’m guessing the latter will happen. I quit playing Candy Crush years ago out of frustration at the game. I’m heading in that direction now with Royal Match. That’s one way to break game addiction!
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2 years ago, PattyPieDoodle
It’s amazing you guys haven’t been sued yet or taken off the App Store. Forcing people to pay to “level up”. I’ve beaten super hard levels with less “moves” & less “power ups” yet I can’t get passed a hard level even with many power ups, extra moves, nothing. So when all of my coins are gone, all my power ups are gone, what you expect me to pay for more for you to just make me waste them again? Because you literally force us to use so many moves to get “little matches” of three or four that do nothing? Then by the time we make a dent we’re out of moves. How is that fair game? Want us to compete in the “competitions” but then purposely block us from succeeding in fair participation. I spent $.99 on a little booster pack or whatever & if I thought worth it I’d have demanded my whole less than a dollar back because it did nothing for me at the time then either. Worthless. It’s amazing how stuck on a level then come back a day or more later an then WHOOPS get passed that level magically like a fart in the wind. Never again will I play these types of unfair games. You get so many levels ahead then get blocked from moving forward. If you can’t help but purposely stop people from advancing then why even bother letting them play to begin with making them think they have a chance? Oh right. Greed & money.
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11 months ago, boibdoi
False advertising, Candy Crush knockoff.
Alright, with quite a bit of gaming experience, I know whether a game is good or not. This game is definitely on the lower part of the spectrum. For the false advertising, let’s start with the this that they got right. First, the game is something where you swipe little blocks and match them up. Another correct thing they got right was the no ads thing. There are in fact no advertisements. However, the ads show the king in life-threatening situations like being in a room with acid, being in a room with lava flowing in, or freezing to death. In the game, this never happens. I wanted to see the king in danger to give me some sort of motivation to go faster. But like I said, the king is never shown to be in any life-threatening situations. Finally, for the Candy Crush knock-off part, it’s pretty self explanatory. For one, the premise is to swipe blocks into a shape, making them disappear. That’s literally candy crush. Second, the blocks are the same thing compared to candy crush being that they need to be all broken in order to complete the level. Finally, even the power up’s are copies. For example, the sphere with colored sprinkles/ lights around it is one of the them. I don’t have the energy to write a fitting conclusion to this, but use this knowledge to not get this game.
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11 months ago, Xanthusbob
UPDATE: no interest in game anymore
This game was good at first but the higher you go the more I’m seeing the same crap that made me lose interest in Candy Crush. Power ups aren’t created when they should be, funny business with what SHOULD happen when you make a move (moves opposite direction). Never happened in lower levels. But they count on you thinking oh I must have done something wrong. Ok so after enjoying playing for a long time I may have to quit because the billing is often wrong. I request the 1.99 stuff twice and it shows up billed as 2.99. NOT COOL!!!! I am in the mid 3500 level but will have to delete game because of this. SO DISAPPOINTED !!! I have noticed that the game does NOT create the expected power ups when it should. Mostly with the ones created with 5 in a row but also the rockets. What’s up with this? I am currently on level 1071 A game that is fun and not frustrating! At first it seemed like it was going to be too easy but it has been getting more challenging. Good graphics and not slow. And enough extras to keep it interesting. And NO ADS! Thank you! BTW, what level do I have to get to before I get my castle with areas completed built for real? :-)
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12 months ago, nepateria
I really enjoy this game , but I just believe 900 coins is to much you buy coins it doesn’t last long because you spend so many, also y ya ou get a lot of arrows but not the other power ups you always get just one it so hard to get but you constantly spending money to keep coins that are very high and hardly no power ups don’t get me wrong the game is a lot of fun , and it’s free it’s just so expensive! You all also have the lighting ball but you have beat so many levels to get once u get it , u play the game u lose ! And have to start all over that’s wrong , I feel if you beat the levels to get a lighting ball you should start my game with one if I win I win if I lose I lose, don’t start the puzzle with out one , cause you work very hard to beat these levels to get one so unfair , I really enjoy the game but coins are high I constantly need to buy more it is so expensive!!!!! I can’t get my treasure from the team treasure I always buy coins they have the nerve to tell me no team contribution I can’t get my items I am about to delete this game I always play , it is already hard to get power ups cause it is expensive!!!!
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2 years ago, xxsmills
Watch out - This game punishes you if you don’t pay money!
If you don’t use power ups or coins to complete the level the game punishes you by giving you crappy things for the next 10 lives that you use even though the level is not a hard level. And, many of the regular levels that do not specifically say it’s a hard level end up being impossible to finish until it finally starts giving you something you can play with. So, if I choose not to waste my 900 coins on a level that shouldn’t be too hard to complete I can’t make any matches but threes in order to get power ups to complete the level. Seriously, they must’ve added an algorithm that keeps you from getting anything you need to pass the level if you don’t pay any money or use all your coins. This game is just a time waster. I like the teams and challenges sometimes, but the game really makes me mad because you have to continue the level even if you know it’s a lost cause. I wish I could quit the level early and restart it when I know it’s a lost cause. Also, the game is rigged to try to make you spend cash or all your coins! I don’t like that! I like the game but I don’t like that it’s rigged!
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5 months ago, Hood.Angel
No ads = must pay
They have to make money, that’s expected. However, without ads….. that money comes from you! If you want to continue to play, eventually you’ll HAVE to spend money. Even if you can get all the free-play you can handle, you’ll never advance or win. They sabotage you to lose. It’s extremely frustrating. Moves or combinations that would benefit you, coincidentally no longer work. Moves that were able to destroy an object, conveniently are no longer able to do so. When you slide an object, it may go the opposite direction than you intend. It’s frustrating and presumably, people give in and make a purchase. It’s manipulation on their part. It’s really unfortunate because it’s a fun game. That’s completely lacking any kind of integrity whatsoever. Play fair and have ads to garner money if that’s what it takes. But don’t make it impossible to win and heavily advertise no ads, just to cheat the person after they’re immersed in the game. I imagine, the farther you get into the game, the more likely you’re expected to pay if you want to keep going. It’s a loose-loose for the player if they continue. I know they have to make money, as they should!! But I don’t think cheating the consumer is the way to do it. It makes money……. but It’s certainly not ethical. Shameful really!
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11 months ago, ShadowKnight🗡️
Saving progress and switching devices horrible
Too easy to lose your account when switching to another device. If you’re using IOS, and want to keep your account you need to make sure that you use both the sign in credentials you used before and you need to make sure you use the same Apple ID to access the same iCloud which you must have enabled and backing up. You also need to make sure you are always signed in with your credentials each and every time you play. The reason why? Because the software manager of the development team allowed the save progress button to also be used as a login button at the same time. It’s amazing how so against the norm this is. When you install on a new device, make sure to first start up your game on your old device. Then on your old device, make sure you are logged in. Then switch to your new device and start the game. It’ll force you to do the tutorial upon start up. Exit the tutorial and then go to settings and click on the save progress button and then sign into your account. You should then see your account hopefully with your previous levels saved and then you can say goodbye to your old device. I was level 3000+ . Well it’s my time to say goodbye to this game. Hopefully this helps one of you out there.
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2 years ago, ttsweettea😛😝$$
3-5 stars
the game is frustrating there is a couple of levels i cant even get through without 3 hearts or boosters. Depending on ur level thats how hard it is, i currently haven’t played in months over a i just started playing again and i’m still struggling. the game is not to bad its just i don’t really like it (thats an opinion btw) and some people are good and some are bad like me, When I first got the game I was very happy until a level i couldn’t pass. i got really mad, disappointed, and sad over a level. Im looking forward to get better at this game but sometimes the levels are challenging to the point where it takes 2-5 hearts/lives, And thats really annoying i have to keep using boosters for little levels that u can pass really easily and I don’t wanna keep doing that. So please when new people join can u give 5 free boosters because some levels are difficult to the point where u just give up and want to restart the whole game. Thats also not an option, All of your progress saves and i thought it didn’t because when u delete a app it says “all your data will be removed” i’ve never left a bad review on anything but i’m really annoyed and disappointed.
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8 months ago, Strawberry lover5
Fun but not like the ads
I kept seeing adds pop up everywhere for this game so I got it. It’s really fun but there are a few things that aren’t the best. For one, all the adds show fun games where you have to rescue the king and nothing else. On the actual game, you can only do those like, every 20 or so games. The real games you do are just matching 3 in a row like all those other ones you see. Another thing is that they advertise it as “not pay to win” though it certainly is. They don’t force you to buy stuff, but if you’re stuck on a level, you have to chose between giving up which results in you loosing a life and if you do this 5 times, you can’t play for half an hour or so unless you pay for more lives, or using your coins to get more moves, but again, if you use them all up, you have to pay for more. One thing I do really appreciate though, is that there aren’t adds. On most games I have adds pop up every 10 seconds and it drives me crazy, so again, thanks to the creators for not including them. In all though, Royal match is a great game I would totally recommend to everyone!
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1 year ago, Jenn13495
Love this game BUT
I LOVE this game, it's kinda addicting, BUT there are a few things I have issues with. #1 and my biggest issue is the cost to get more moves.. 900 coins for 5 moves is a an astronomical amount! Especially when you only need 1 move. I think 100 coins PER extra move is more than enough. With the cost of power ups being between 1 and 3 thousand coins it just doesn't seem right to have moves be just as expensive. #2 is the game play from the ads, I didn't get a kings nightmare that played like the ads until over lvl 2000, that is very disappointing, those types of gameplay are fun and challenging! It's what made me WANT to play the game! #3 I also agree with other comments about the difficulty lvl ESPECIALLY when you have unlimited lives. Get through 1 or 2 lvls and then you are stuck until time runs out no matter what difficulty that lvl is. Other than that I do LOVE the game and I do pay real money to play "longer" which I don't mind, I just wish the gameplay was like the ads for the game and the unfairness of the cost for extra moves. I hope you will take that into consideration and maybe change the price of extra moves. Thank you in advance
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9 months ago, lils e!:)@@@$$##
Not the same as the ads
They always say don’t judge a book by its cover. That’s what I did, and I thought would be a great game because you could enter all of these things and then when I download it oh boy, I don’t even know where to start. It’s fun until it gets boring. You can run out of points really fast especially on the super high level levels like 132 that one’s hard also decorating the rooms are pretty boring didn’t really give me any motivation. But I thought you could like choose when you’re high Kings nightmares or when he was trapped inside like a water cage but you can’t it just chooses when to do it. I like how it doesn’t have ads like a lot of other games but yeah. I would recommend if you like on a car ride but when you’re sitting at home on your board, it’s not really fun there’s not really any motivation behind it or anything to get at Laurel crest are fun but they’re super hard harder than the other one goes that’s what I dislike any you should change this. I just hate how you run out of coins that you can play with really fast and it cost 900 coins to do it again and then 1900 to play it again it is such a annoying thing.
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1 year ago, Tngrl1989
Like many others I decided to try this game based on the save the king screens they use as a come on. Like many others, I have seen a save the king screen rarely. The obstacles are difficult to clear and frequently I need one or two moves, at most, to clear the screen, but find that 900 coins is simply too hard to come by so I start the screen over. I don’t mind a challenge, but this is actually more stressful than challenging. Yes, the sense of accomplishment when you FINALLY clear a screen is nice, but it comes so infrequently that I’m not sure it’s worth the effort. I am considering removing the game and hunting for a game that isn’t set up to require purchasing anything to move ahead, or at least rewards more coins for a win or requires fewer coins for additional moves. I appreciate the lack of ads and understand that they have to get money some way, but by making it so obviously designed to cost the player, it becomes a bit one way, and that way is against the player. I don’t play games to challenge myself, I play games to unwind from the challenges of daily life. Why would I continue to play any game that causes more frustration, more stress?
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4 months ago, Mikecross1973
Good game but will costs a lot to play.
This is a fun game, and there is no ads. The problem is that at times levels are unwinnable, or at the very least unnecessarily hard. I believe it’s like this so you will spend money playing. For example, it’s common to get stuck on a level and you’ll never get the power ups you need to pass it. Then, as soon as you buy coins, you pass the level quickly because all of a sudden the power ups are coming available. These aren’t things you buy either, they come naturally (supposedly) in the game. I have enjoyed this game and have willingly spent more money on it than I ever have spent on a game before. That being said….its the constant cost to keep advancing which is making me play it less and less. I’m fairly certain a week or two from now I won’t be playing at all. Of course games should have challenges to them. But the way this is set it up, it’s like it’s designed to keep you paying to play. Just my opinion. So all in all, it’s fun, it’s ad free, but be prepared to drop money on a fairly regular basis, or else you won’t get far in the game.
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8 months ago, EbertofGames
Be Ready to Pay…Eventually
The game is fun and it is as advertised. Anyone saying otherwise has a chip on their shoulder. Obviously, not every level will be the King’s Nightmare. That’s a special bonus that you get after achieving certain milestones. You can replay it as many times as it takes to win without losing a life. The problem I have with this app is that the level difficulty jumps around from boringly easy to super hard without warning. In the early stages, they give you plenty of opportunities to get free power-ups. You WILL need to use the power-ups as some levels are simply impossible to beat without them. Eventually, you will have to pay a lot of money to keep having fun. This disgusting business model needs to end. Someday, developers will realize that most people would rather pay upfront for an app they love than get nickel & dimed to death for power ups that don’t even work that well. Consider making an app with a free trial period of about 10 days, then charge a small fee or subscription. I’d be much happier spending a nominal $1.99 per month than spend $2.99 on power ups once and then deleting the app for trying to hustle me.
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9 months ago, rwt1138
Good game, needs a couple of tweaks
I enjoy this game, but find some levels to be exasperating, and some are simply a matter of playing the level until the right powerups form; there’s no way to win them without sheer luck. A couple of things that would be useful: a final stats display of f what was left when asking if you want to play on or try the level over if you didn’t catch what goals are left before your final move, it’s difficult to make an informed decision whether the 5, 15, 30 moves they’re offering are worth the effort. Also, it’s easy to mis-swipe, so a rollback-last-move option would be helpful (Water Sort does this well, where you have 5 free rollbacks and Then watch an ad if you want 5 more). Also, if the cube drop could be adjusted to favor more powerup-generating drops on levels designated “super hard,” That would be useful. The “super hard” levels are basically—make that literally—impossible to win without the right powerups. It’s a good game overall, and strikes a decent balance with ads versus gameplay. I recommend it, even without the suggestions I have for it.
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4 months ago, Victoria Grand
Great, but a few small complaints
I’ve had Royal Match for a while and I love it. It’s fun for car rides or if you just have a boring minute to pass. It’s definitely not exactly like the ads but I mean it’s probably better than the ads anyway so I’ll let that slide. I do have a few complaints though. Sometimes I’ll sit down for just a minute or two of play time, and then I’ll get a reward for, say, 30 minutes of free hearts, and then I’m annoyed because I don’t want to waste that reward but I don’t want to play for that long. For example, in the Book of Treasure thing and in, like, the Hidden Temple event, if you get a prize you don’t have to option to save it for later. I think it would be great if you at least made it so we can collect the rewards when we want to instead of shoving them in our faces, forcing us to play more or basically waste the reward. I would love this game so much more if you implemented that into the game and I’d give it 5 stars. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ for now though. Again, great game, true to its word about no ads, definitely a good game for an idle minute or car ride.
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11 months ago, Kennkenn1309
It’s nice but not totally as advertised
Sooo I’ve been playing this game for about 2 months and here is the real… When I first got the game I was hoping it would be more like the adds with saving the kind from snakes and lava but it isn’t really like that like yes you get levels like that which are called “kings nightmares” but you only get those like every so often and every other level is just combining like color matches. Once you have got over the fact that the game isn’t as seems then it gets alittle more fun, you play levels to collect stars to complete the tasks for finishing the rooms in the kings castle like putting globes in his study. Then you can have teams which are very nice because they can help you if your hearts are low and vis versa then when they buy package deals the rest of the team gets coins and other prizes! This game really isn’t a bad game and has so many levels so you won’t be finished for awhile. As far as graphics and runnings it is very nice and does have smooth graphics and gameplay. As well as no adds as advertised!!! -I hope this review helps:)
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2 years ago, blondemomee
Not As Ad, Duh
I’m deleting this as of today but decided common courtesy dictates that I at least let the devs know why. I’ve yet had the opportunity to save the king whereas all of the limitless ads shown in other games shows many different ways to save the king and not this “Candy Crush” knockoff it still hasn’t given me the chance, so, here we are. I wouldn’t mind the match game so much if it at least gave me the chance occasionally to save the king but I’ve seen nothing and from a lot of other reviews on here I’m not alone. I had hoped that this would be the first game that didn’t use deceptive ads to get me to play but unfortunately it mirrors what seems to be the status quo. I don’t understand why game devs resort to this to get people to dl their games, stand by your game, be proud of it and not make people thinks it’s one thing when it is patently obvious it is not. It would have been nice to play the game I was misled into believing it was because it really looked to be a fun and playable game. I did per the devs response on other reviews dl the latest update my game is fully up to the current date and I have not once been given the chance to save the king or anything like it, it’s been nothing but a match game every single day. So with that being said, I’m deleting now.
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2 years ago, yjfubs
Awesome and free game! But some improvements would make it better :)
Can you please enable the option to remove members from the page that shows how much shield points they contributed during the tournaments? This will be very helpful because it’s easier to remove the correct players. For example if you have duplicate names, it can sometimes be tricky to look at the points screen and then go to the member info. Being able to remove from the point screen would be life changing! Thank you. Also, wow, it feels like as soon as you enter King’s Cup the game is over for you. Instead of feeling like wow, I made it! It feels like wow, I’m done!!! You give only 1 shield point for most of the levels even though they can be insanely difficult!!! Please help. Reward shields accordingly and don’t make it so difficult:( we want to spend our limited free time with you but we need to feel welcome and appreciated, or at least not feel tortured. Thank you!!! Your game is great, but as in everything else in life, it can be improved :)
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3 years ago, LJWellborn
Loved it until inflation hit!
I’ve really enjoyed playing this game and had it installed on both of my phones. I didn’t mind making occasional in-app purchases for extra coins so I could add 5 extra moves to a hard level or refill my lives when I wanted longer playing time until today. Today I noticed that the price and content of their in-app purchases are the same BUT they’ve increased the amount of coins needed for adding moves or refilling lives from 900 to 1,000 coins. So we’re paying and getting the same amount as before BUT getting less game play. I would’ve been a lot less annoyed about the coin increase if they had been transparent and notified players of the change BEFORE players made an in-app purchase. The failure of this company to disclose the coin increase and wait for players to discover the decreased value of their purchase is underhanded and sneaky. Unless I discover that coins are more easily attained through game play making in app purchases unnecessary, once the coins I purchased are gone I’ll find a new game made by a different developer and delete the app. I’ve only been playing a few months so I don’t know how often they pull this but for anyone considering downloading, BEWARE of making any in-app purchases!
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1 year ago, Flatbedder88
Fun but costs too much to win.
It was fun but like how most have stated you will either spend days or weeks on a level because you haven’t gotten lucky or have to spend way too much money. I spent way to much to get to only level 327 but got tired of spending money to uninstalled. Was fun but not worth the money or spending days or weeks on the same level because I won’t spend anymore money and haven’t gotten “lucky”. You might enjoy it but will quickly find that you need to bring out the credit card. Update: anyone who has played this game longer than a day knows that it is a pay to win. They say you can win without spending money that is a lie and simply not true. You will either spend a very very long time on a the same level or have to spend a lot of money. The developers are absolutely worthless. Their support does however (just as equally worthless) do respond 5 hours later so that is a plus. Game is crap plain and simple. It a pay to win game or spend days and hope they let you get lucky to beat a level. They’re worthless but they are not dumb they know how to get ppl to spend money is very clever too bad the game is garbage like the people who designed it. But oh well you’ll still play it and give them money.
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1 month ago, _p3stil3nc3_
I don’t play sim-settlement games, but I love watching the ads and seeing how many different ways the dev kills the king. I’m the ads, the king is always in trouble, about to perish in some room he “got himself into” and is either about to drown, burn, be poisoned, etc. and the devs will 100% of the time fail at a puzzle in an cheap attempt at pulling the consumers strings into downloading the game and doing a better job than the dummy, whomever, that programmed the ads. So, if you guys want some advice for future ads, you could have the king in a room full of zombies (I don’t know if you covered that bandwagon, or not), or, better yet!!.. have the king sitting in an electric chair, so we (the viewers/consumers) can see some different ways of watching the dummy die, as you obviously don’t care to try and push people to beat a high score, instead of how many ways to fail! If you’re going to try and pitch ways to sell games to consumers, stick to the old skool rules of gaming. High scores!! Nobody cares if they can do better than the dumbest guy in the room, but anyone with a competitive bone wants to see if they can smoke the high score(s) of other people. C’mon, y’all!!.. I thought you were better than that??
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1 month ago, Ncadmin
Good but I have a new suggestion
Can you add a way for team leaders (and maybe others) to see who on your team, hasn’t played in 3-6 months, or who hasn’t asked for help in 3-6 months or who hasn’t helped others in 3-6 months? OR, If they haven’t played in a certain time frame, they can be automatically removed from the team? What I wrote previously: I think that there should be challenges where you bet some of your power ups or coins on a head to head game with someone else. If you win, you get their coins that the game is worth, figure challenges should be worth 250 coins or 2 power ups. You can only play a challenge if you have enough coins or power ups. The challenges would be for 2 people playing the same exact level. You can play over and over until someone wins the board. No pre-game power ups or other power ups would be allowed in the head to head challenges to make them fair, making it skill instead of pure luck (there is always some luck of the draw.)
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3 years ago, Boggs0009
Same as the other reviews
As others have stated, the game can be fun - addictive even. But it is definitely rigged to make you spend money, and way too frequently. I miss the days where if a game or app did cost money, you had two options. Either a trial/limited version where you only got to use it for “X” amount of days before you purchased it, or a partially functional app that would fully unlock after purchase. Either way, it was a one time purchase, or at most a two-three tier purchase package with better features/ higher cost on each tier. Now you have to pay for subscriptions, deal with ads, and constantly make in-app purchases to even play the game. In-app purchases should solely be used for the purposes of extra customization: skins, character upgrades, additional themes, etc. we should never have to spend money just to advance within a reasonable amount of time. I understand that programming is a tedious skill, but these developers need to stop being greedy and slick. If you wanna make some serious money off of programming, how about you build alternate operating systems, or something of the sort. Stop trying to get rich off of simple time-passing games. Sheesh.
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2 weeks ago, creamy_cloudz<333
Royal match more like royal rage
At first royal match was my favorite game because it was actually easy at first and fun. All of a sudden it went downhill once I reached a higher level, I was losing money, my lives, and I always had to wait to get more lives or I had to pay and I’m not trying to waste my money on some stupid game that needs fixing. And when your playing the little quest where you have to move the things you run out of moves and you lose easily. The game is dilapidated so if the creator sees this but probably won’t since there’s millions of reviews that also have a point please fix your game that you made so that you don’t end up with a 1 star game. So thank you for reading this and hopefully it gets fixed to become a better game and for the reviews to have positive words in them. Oh and one more thing (this is for the creator) if you want people to play your game because of an add make the game exactly like the add because in the add it looks so much fun but when you actually play it, it’s the opposite, I think the only nice thing about it is that there’s no adds and you don’t need WiFI to play. And once again please I’m asking you pleaseeeeeee fix your game.
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2 years ago, bentleymrk
Pay to play
After seeing this ad at least 1,000 times while playing other games, I gave up and decided to try it. At first I was pleased. No ads! And while the gameplay shown in the ads -- save the king from some awful fate in a short period of time -- is actually quite rare, as in 30 seconds once a day, some of the other puzzles were intriguing. But, after a couple of days you reach levels that aren't just challenging, they're impossible. Such as 171, that requires at least a dozen powerups to even have a chance at completing it. After blowing through most of the other puzzles rarely using any power ups at all, I hit 193, used every one of them, and after 250 tries deleted the game. It's a shame, they have a nice setup, but they lure you in for a bit and then make it clear it's just another Pay-to-play. I really wish these developers would just sell the game for a few bucks up front but I guess that model is dead. * edit Revised score from 3 stars to 1 after developer replied with a flat out lie that all levels can be beaten without boosters. This an unmitigated lie. Better to just ignore the less than favorable reviews than to lie to your customers — terrible PR decision, and whoever is handling these responses should be fired.
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3 years ago, E_diaz80
It gets boring after a while
When I downloaded this game, it was fun for a while. But you will come to a point where the game kinda force you to spend real money to be able to pass a level. That’s where i decided to delete the game because although i have spent money on this game a few times, I didn’t know its a regular thing to do to constantly spend real money to pass a level and thats not cool, that’s actually insulting. They out you on a very hard level with not a decent amount of moves. They purposely give you a little bit of moves so you get stuck and have to spend money. The only other way to pass some of those levels without spending real money is if you are with a team that constantly wins between 1st and 3rd place. You can win up to 6000 coins which are very helpful to win some levels that you get stuck for a while. This is the only way to pass a level when you’re stuck, either with spending real money or sit an wait to see if your team wins which its not often considering there’s probably thousands of teams. I have to say, im very disappointed at this game for their greediness.
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1 year ago, Bot!!!!!!!!!
W Game!!!!!!!!!!!!
This game is so bad. I can’t believe all of the ads for this game. Your main point is that this game has no ads. We get it. I don’t need your ads anymore.! I just want to be able to use them for my own business and not have to pay for them to be able to do it for me and my business is not a business I don’t want my business to go bankrupt and I have no choice I just need to be able to yeotueieuroeur and pay for it and then I will get my business done again I am a millionaire I have to be rich and have money to live my dream of living in my own life I am not a billionaire I have to pay for everything that is worth living and living and living and living on the same amount I want my family and my kids are living and living with me I’m a millionaire and I have a lot more money and I’m going out and I’m going into my own life and I’m just trying not having to pay for my kids and I am not going to be able to afford to live in a house that I am not going to be a billionaire and I’m going
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4 months ago, mamamick98
Done playing.
I’ve played for over a year now, level 5000+. Now I never bought the coin packs or anything until about level 3000 when I saw a deal for a good amount of coins and thought why not? I had the extra cash on my card and wanted to have extra coins. But slowly I went from winning levels within one try or three to having to play through ALL my lives and request more. More and more and more time went on I ended up buying more packs. Only to realize once I stopped buying packs the levels got unbeatable. Not the hard levels or super hard levels, even the normal levels were being matched to lose so I would be forced to buy more coins to proceed. I stopped buying packs all together and now the minute I get the super ball I lose the very next level even if I have ever power up being used. Whatever you do, if you like playing this game don’t use your money, because once you do they will take it as an opportunity to get more. I’m deleting the app after this review, I will not be redownloading because I gave it time to see if I was just being crazy but no, now that I’ve stopped spending money any level I get is almost impossible but it was never an issue before I spent money on it.
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1 year ago, Aaron 🔥🔥
Decent game but…
Like the game isn’t exactly like the ads I’ve seen but it does make enough money to run it’s ads in other people’s games so I guess it’s a win not having “in-game” ads but still, it’s pay to win like literally 100%. They make levels easy until the algorithm decides to throw you super hard or hard levels where you need a lot of power up’s to make it through and that means “micro transactions” to buy coins to buy these power ups or spend lots of coins to “keep going” after you run out of moves. It’s a lose, lose and pointless to keep the app at that point because you’ll be stuck on a level unless you choose to spend your hard earned money to pay to beat it. It’s quite sad really. Not as sad as hiring actors through “cameo” to illegitimately promote this game and you crop out the logo like we don’t know. Like stop doing that. These actors aren’t playing this game, it makes you look desperate for downloads and it’s goofy and repetitive. I’m tired of seeing the same actors pretending like this game is “so amazing”. Graphics are fire and the concept is fire but it’s pay to win. Don’t over hype it. Thank you :D
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3 years ago, megs2676
I enjoy playing this game, but am really frustrated by how few lives you get and how much it costs in coins to either get more lives or continue playing a game you’re close to winning. It makes no sense to me that it costs 900 coins to get 5 more lives, & costs the same 900 coins to only get 5 extra moves on a level. A lot of other games let you watch ads to gain lives or moves in a game. I find myself out of lives & unable to play a lot. I know this is y’all hoping I’ll pay$, but nah. I’m happy to watch ads or whatever, but that’s it. It’s also super easy to accidentally hit continue (gain 5 moves) & lose 900 coins on a level you meant to restart. It’s in the area where the play button usually is. It feels like you’re trying to trick people into wasting coins, in order to get the spending actual money. Seems shady. I’d think 100 or so coins, or watching an ad should be enough to get a few extra moves. There’s a Christmas match 3 game that’s similar to play & does things much better as far as gaining lives & extra moves are concerned. If it stays this way I’ll probably delete the app, even though I genuinely enjoy playing the actual game itself. Bummer.
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4 months ago, Gillynfdl39
Not enough
Having a very hard time collecting power balls to grow the dragon!!! This is the 2nd time around with trying… it seems like if i play extra games, (dragons, plane race, lava) I am stuck on 1 board for an hour, I hit the next board same thing… no one likes to lose all the time and no one wants to win all the time… HOWEVER it would me nice to win a couple in a row… and if you put out extra games please put power ups for that game. One ball for a win and two for the hard board and 3 for super hard are not enough…. And when you chose a team if that other person is inactive there should be a chance to switch that person out if they are not contributing… I was using this game to cope with the deviation in my life… it was calming and it was just plain fun at times… it helps me in the grieving process… I have no money to contribute sadly… so thankful you made this game for people who have no money… thank you for all the hard work and crazy amount of time you lovingly put into this game…
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2 years ago, isabelle.warby
Very good game
Edit: I have made it to level 1000 and still have plenty of coins and power ups. I have never felt like I was truly stuck on a level and I have never felt like I needed to spend money in order to progress in the game. The challenges are fun, easy, and give you plenty of rewards like coins and power ups. I have not spent a penny on this game but honestly I wouldn’t mind either way, because like I said I don’t feel like I need to in order to progress. The best part: still NO ADS. If you’re looking for something casual I definitely recommend this game. I’m on level 151, which I realize is only like 2% of the levels but this game is a top tier mobile game. First and foremost, there are no ads, absolutely none. Not even ads to gain a reward. Second, earning coins, power ups, and other rewards is so easy. I have yet to get frustrated or stuck on a level because the amount of coins you earn versus the amount you spend is amazing. I can get lost in this game for hours. Highly recommend.
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