RRCU Mobile

4.7 (1.9K)
62.1 MB
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Red River Credit Union
Last update
4 months ago
Version OS
13.0 or later
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User Reviews for RRCU Mobile

4.66 out of 5
1.9K Ratings
3 months ago, marty401
On-line Banking
The nearest branch of the RRFCU is approximately 4.5 miles (one-way) from my home. Before technology was improved, I would drive the almost 10 miles to handle my banking chores. When this app was offered, I hesitated. When I finally accepted it, I found out how quickly and easily I could manage my account(s) and now I can do almost all my banking without ever leaving my home. I highly recommend this procedure.
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1 year ago, pattquad
Love the idea but NOT good if have 2 logins - one for each acct holder!
Absolutely love the concept of online access to accounts, bill pay, transfer monies, etc. BUT REALLY DISLIKE LOGIN-ACCOUNT INFO ISSUE! We have a shared account (and I have a personal account). The information available to share should be by ACCOUNT not login. Example: I use my login that allows access to both SHARED Acct and personal account and I set up a monthly auto bill pay on shared acct. The other account holder uses the login that only shows the shared account. The second login CAN NOT see the new bill pay (and has/may set up for pay which is now paying bill 2x month). IT SHOULD BE BY ACCOUNT NOT LOGIN! Regardless of who enters the info the other login should be able to see new payee on account and any other transactions associated with the account. At my work, we all have our own logins, but we can all see the same information on an account regardless of what login entered the info (just tells us who entered it). I also wish the fields would auto default to the appropriate characters required. Fields that require numbers, pull up number keypad, fields that require text, open alpha keyboard, etc. Frustrating to changing bt letters and numbers at each field entry. Also wish editing payees was easier than having to delete to put in new information Great idea and use online as much as can (even w frustrations) but few tweaks and it would be amazing!
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3 months ago, kruegerkween
Red River credit union is the most simple app on the earth to use and navigate.
I am happy we bank with the union, the union is exceptional when it comes to customer satisfaction and service management. The union will not ever allow money laundering or hacking the system is locked down by a security breach system that will send a message for proof of authentication or any information regarding your account.
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3 months ago, Mad about this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
App. Feature
The app is great, the only thing would change is allowing a way to turn card off if lost. When using the card especially with the tap you don’t have to put and PIN number in otherwise it’s great
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5 months ago, Starla0313
35 Years with RRCU
I’ve been with RRCU for 35 years. Always been happy with the service of all branches I’ve visited. Thanks for the Ashdown branch and letting me get a lot of my vehicles through your repo lot. Michelle Hutson has been great as my loan officer there. The front tellers are always nice, helpful and friendly. The 2015 Camry I got from the Summerhill branch has been hands down the best vehicle I’ve ever owned. Thanks again for all the years you’ve let me bank there. Sincerely, Kevin.
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4 years ago, Kseal25
Update Hides A lot
I have a auto loan with red river and before it would tell me my payoff amount... I started paying 500 a month which is more than my payment just to keep it simple and then I still would pay the interest just to keep the balance at an even number... In one month I paid 5 or 6 different amounts on interest which is absolutely insane... This new update hides that from happening... Has me wondering how many other people was seeing the same thing happening and makes me think I’m getting taken advantage of... Be aware of this bank before you switch...
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1 year ago, KLangidrik
This bank is good but the pending transaction and no lock or unlock the card
This app is good just wish that they have a lock and unlock to the card so they don’t use it so much, also the pending transactions is getting on my nerve, I paid the exact full amount but it shows on your account as pending transactions please fix that.
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1 year ago, Larry & Natalie
Really handy app!
I use this app every day and often multiple times. I check my personal and business accounts, transfer money and make deposits. Not that I dislike the tellers but I save a lot of time by not having to drive to a bank.
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3 months ago, Mya TT
Red River credit app review
This is one of the Best financial apps I have ever used. It’s always available and if not prior notice is given. My only concern is that occasionally it locks me out and I have to renter all information. I suppose this could be a safety feature.
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5 months ago, Bubbie00
Credit Union
I love this app!! I work a lot, and have a hard time getting to the bank during hours of operation. My app allows me to move money around check my account on the go. This has been the best thing for me!!!!
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2 months ago, Suzyqtex52
Transfer $
I like being able to transfer money to my kids, grandkids and great grandkids. My children were raised on the homer, and they are good with money. Easy to transfer money to me. If I get in a bind being on Social Security, it does happen.
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9 months ago, NanaKay5
Red River Credit Union
My husband and I have used RRCU for almost 20 years. Obviously, we love them! One of their best qualities is protecting their customers information and money. RRCU employees are professionals, however, they hire hometown people who love their customers. They are polite and friendly people!!
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5 months ago, Walter76t
Bank app
It is very convenient to use and to transfer money between accounts or make an online deposit
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8 months ago, forgetful_1
Good but irritating
The so is really easy to use but some features refuse to work. For example the Depozip keeps telling me to "use our app" when I'm already logged in on the app and it refuses to do anything else to work. The nearest bank is an hour away from me and because it won't work I have no choice but to make the drive.
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1 year ago, _TE11
App Opinion
The app has improved over the years; however, there still remains some issues such as messages appearing (and reappearing) as “unread” although you have already opened/read them. Sometimes it does this even for messages that came and have been read several months ago. Also, the credit card tab should be more detailed, showing transactions rather than merely the balance and available credit. Overall, it will function. I am just accustomed to a banking app that is far more technologically advanced to whereas you can create formulas, budgets, etc. & optimize the utilization of such an app. Thank you for all that you do! T
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1 year ago, 123nicknamedumbass321
The best of the best
Red River has helped me go from a credit score in the very low 400s to 751 in a two year period. They are great people and a wonderful place to do your banking. I only wish they had nation wide locations.
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2 days ago, Lis2457
These app is fabulous I can set everything here and check on my account whenever I want and don’t have to go to the bank and ask theme. About my account ❤️
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3 months ago, William Pass
User Friendly Banking App
Red River Employees Credit Union’s App makes everyday banking easy and efficient. I particularly like the graphic-user interface and its usefulness in making internal and external transfers, communications, and managing linked accounts.
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1 month ago, Jgrc15
Very convenient
So easy to pay car note Transfer money You can see all transactions and plus more options.
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10 months ago, SpicyShrimpLord
Very simple
It's easy to log in and do what I need to without having to call the bank, though I wish it would show the full account number so if I needed it for direct deposit I could access it easily.
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1 year ago, Kendras107
I love red river! The app is easy and convenient. Purchases updates promptly, instant transfers, and I love that I can electronically deposit checks when I can’t make it to the bank. My only issue is that the Face ID to log in only works occasionally! Once this is fixed I will update to 5 stars
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10 months ago, Knich07kelly
User friendly
The app is very easy and convenient to use. I haven’t had any problems so far like I have with other bank apps so that makes me happy!
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1 year ago, tgn2131
Bank card
I love this app. Very easy to maneuver around. The only thing I would change is being able to move money to other banks.
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2 years ago, Estrellita#1
Easy to Use
Easy to transfer money to different accounts as well as check my credit card statements.
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6 months ago, Reeshea894
This is a wonderful bank and they have excellent customer service. They can help you with any loan you need. They really take care of there customers!
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2 years ago, superdavef150
Was not sure about it at first but after a couple of times I got the hang of it, it is faster and easier than the last one.
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5 months ago, JJ TXK
Good app
Always works well. Good colors design, can see multiple accounts at once. Can hide accounts that you don’t wish to see. (IE family members)
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2 days ago, My girlfriend is pregnant
My opinion
The app is great other than the updates. I’m never quite sure what I’ve got until it’s to late and I’m overdrawn. Other than that I’m happy with the rrfcu app.😊
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3 months ago, Brnsugar19
Banking made easy
I have enjoyed using this app for my banking personal matters It’s a great convenience when you need to check on your account at anytime
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2 years ago, Madison20000
Very nice
I use this app pretty often to check up on my account and it works well. Kinda slow sometimes but it’s a bank app so I don’t really care.
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2 months ago, Cilla56
Easy to navigate.
I like having an app where I can monitor my account and make sure all transactions are correct and mine. It brings me peace of mind.
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2 months ago, Big Peedee07
Apps on this website
I still not able to view/print my monthly statement which I need to handle business even though IT was supposed to fix it a month ago which causes me to have to go to branch to get printed out if I don’t save it.
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3 months ago, Dinkle bamp
Highly recommend this app
Always fast, everything you need, and easy to use :)
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2 months ago, FRAZIERMD
Works Great!
I love the App it so convenient and works like a charm for moving money from bank to bank without any problems whatsoever. Nice work keep it up!!! Happy customer😊
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2 years ago, halo plenty
Love it
All your money in one place to do what you will with it no complaints here I would recommend to anyone credit unions are truly the best by a long shot
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1 year ago, Prissy2375
Love the Update!
The new App Update is fantastic. Love being able to transfer funds to my different accounts and pay my Mortgage.
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2 years ago, jennifer.cap
Good and simple 🤙🏻
It’s super easy and simple to use nothing hard about it and shows up all the information you need to know
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2 years ago, bellahcreekphoto
People Oriented
Always friendly and kind no matter the situation. Easy to get answer to any question big or small.
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2 years ago, Markag91
Easy and informative
This app is very intuitive and quickly provides the information I am looking for.
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3 months ago, Palen789
Easy to use
Loads fast and is set up similar to the website which makes it familiar to use.
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3 months ago, rivertwin2
Been using this app for the past 5 years and Bank for many more. No complaints… all positive feedback.
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5 months ago, 2405@856
Very simple to read account activity
Easy log on and easy navigation
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11 months ago, Fubarman
Awesome app ,keeps you in touch with your day to day business and there’s no driving and finding a ATM to check your balance , it’s all at your finger tips
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8 months ago, Tai Shenron
Simple and convenient
Straight forward and easy to use. Could have a few more things that it used to have tho.
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2 years ago, BALLAJAMAL
Wish the payments would get taken out faster
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4 weeks ago, She3po
Such a Pleasure
To be able to take care of my banking needs from home with my fingertips.
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3 months ago, jaxpg35
User friendly for sure
I like how easy it is to navigate and find the area you need in 2 clicks or less. Keep it up RRCU! Thank you
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3 months ago, Jacolby 1
Red River Credit Union
I just wish they add Zelle to keep from using cash app and then they’ll be definitely the top credit union in Shreveport hands down especially with staying open to 7pm M-Sat!!! Add Zelle Add Zelle Add Zelle
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10 months ago, jamesleon
Excellent App
Been using the app for several years now… Never had any issues and simple to use.
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2 years ago, Kdmurra
Easy to navigate!!
App is very easy to navigate! More improvements should come soon but it always is room for improvement. Still seems sorta beta on iOS
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